My Destiny: Full Episode 1

Excuse me, are you okay? Thank you. You’re a very kind young man You’re welcome Let me look at your palm Huh? I said, let me look at your palm On your 21st birthday, you will meet ‘her.’ Who? The girl who is destined for you You mean my future girlfriend? Wow! On that day, you will see a tall building and you will go to the rooftop In there, you’ll watch the setting of the sun Before it gets dark, you will see her there The girl who will be your true love Thank you so much! You’re welcome Please take care~ Hello bro? We’re finished. Where are you? You two! Stop it! Behave yourselves. We’re here Come on Grace Come here Grace. Joy! Come here! Why are you spanking me? Why? It was Joy’s fault! Here. There you go Look at you. You always start a ruckus, and to think that you’re the oldest What did I tell you? Do not take your doll out You’re so hardheaded, you still did it! Now look at the two of you! You both look untidy. And to think that we’re visiting your grandmother today! Go fix yourselves! -Agnes! -Go and get your bags in the car! Agnes, stop scolding your children Why? Do you want me to just watch the two of them wrestle each other? Do you want me to just let them be? That’s not what I meant Hey, you two! You better stop fighting, okay? Mother! Mother! I don’t think she’s home -Mother! -Arnold? -Arnold! -Mother! Oh, my! My son is here! Wait up, I’ll go and open the gates for you! Oh, my -Arnold, my son! -Mother! (laughs) I’m really glad you came to visit me -Come, in! -Good afternoon, mother God bless you, dear -Oh my~ -Wait -Yes, open the gate Yep, so we can bring our bags inside Where are the kids? Hello, mother! Agnes, my dear. Oh, there they are! Come, pay your respect to your grandma God bless you both, sweeties. Call me “nanay*” okay? —– *mom/mommy Come, let’s go inside Boss Manny had a building made here in Mandaluyong. He delegated me to head the admin Then… who will be the one to mind over your house there in Palawan? It’s my in-law’s house anyway. Besides, we’re just renting at their place -Agnes, you’re still very beautiful! -Oh, of course mother Although I gained a little bit No, not really Did you two have a fight? Who started it? She took my doll and broke it!

It’s you who pushed me away and even pulled at my dress! Well, you pulled my hair! I was just borrowing your doll! Say sorry to one another Why should I be the one to apologise? Well, I won’t apologise either! Come here, you two. Come. Stand up Hurry up. Hurry Kneel down in front of the altar And you’re going to read all the prayers in this book Continue to read it and you can’t stand up unless you both reconcile with one another Go on Mother’s right -That will discipline the two of them -Read it aloud together “The declaration of faith.” (Continues to read passage in the book) I told you so You’re going to come back home You didn’t want to believe me then I was just thinking of you too, mother. You don’t have anyone with you -Mother? -Hmm? -You closed your convenient store? Yeah; I don’t have a caretaker for it anymore And I can’t I can’t cook anymore What about your recipes, mother? I use them for when I cook and everyone likes it! Especially your version of tapa, tocino, and longganisa! I can’t hear the two of you from here! Sister…? Let’s not fight anymore My knees are hurting already The only reason you want to reconcile with me is because you’re tired, right? What about you? Aren’t you tired? My knees are already hurting Yeah… my knees are already hurting too! Sister, I’m sorry Sorry for pulling your hair I’m also sorry for pinching you Sorry! You two, listen very well, okay? The next time you two fight again I will not ask whose fault it was anymore Or who started the fight Instead, I will punish you both Understood? Grace? Joy? Yes, grandma! Very good. You can stand up What are you waiting for? Come to nanay~ Okay. Good girls! It is indeed a festive day! Wow! Look at those! The balloons are so pretty! Nanay, you owe me something I do? I was able to pull out 50 white hairs from you -Is that so? -Nanay, please buy us some balloons -Please? Please? -Oh alright -Yehey! -Okay. Come on Come on, sis! Be careful, you two. You might have a fall! Hello kids! Are you going to buy some balloons? -How much per balloon? -15php per balloon, ma’am -I want the red one! -It’s too expensive. It’s only air anyway That’s really the price of one balloon, ma’am Okay, I’ll buy two. One for each of them Here you go, kiddos Thank you! Come, let’s go home -Thank you, nanay! -You’re welcome (laughs) -Arnold! -Boss! Happy fiesta! Come in, come in Agnes! Agnes! Boss Manny is here! -Coming! -Bring out the snacks Agnes! We already started Good afternoon, sir Manny! Good afternoon Is this the tapa? Yes, sir. I’m glad you came today This is what I came for – the snacks you make You know what, you can make a business out of this! That’s a great idea! Wow! What are you writing? I wish I’ll be crowned as the “Little Miss Barangay” What about you, sis? I hope you win the “Little Miss Barangay” contest tomorrow!

Then, share some of your prize money with me, ‘kay? Aww… love you, sis! Okay, I’ll give half of it to you Love you! Wow, my dear grandchildren are so kind! When you’re finished writing Fold it Tie it on the balloon Then let it go and let it fly up in the sky So that your wish will come true! That way, your prayers will reach heaven faster -There you go -Go! Fly higher! More! More! Beautiful! -Grandma? -Yes? -Will God really be able to read our wishes? Of course, dear! God will read them! And now ladies and gentlemen: the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Who will be the first ever “Little Miss Barangay of 2003”? Lord Please, please, please God I hope Joy wins. I hope she wins And I now have the results Our first runner up is I hope Joy wins. Please God! I hope she wins Letlet Batumbakal! And our winner is Miss Joy dela Rosa! That’s my daughter! Yey! Our balloons are effective! Yehey!!! Nanay? -Yes? -I really thought Letlet would win Her declamation was so good! I knew you were going to win from the very beginning How did you know? Because you both prayed Plus, I felt it too -You felt it? -Yes! Sis, according to papa nanay is good at foreseeing the future Really? That was before It’s been a while since I last used my skill Nanay, please have a go with what my future is going to be like Grace Nanay please? Love you! (laughs) You’re really something. Oh, alright! Let me see your palm, dear Do you see something? Grace, I’m not yet blind There’s a man destined in your life A male? Ew! Shh! Be quiet! This man will be the one you’ll love for a lifetime And he He will love you for a lifetime too Really? Is he handsome? When will I meet him? -Sis is so eager. Mama! -Joy! You don’t need to look for him He will come into your life Do mine too! (laughs) Oh, alright then Come here Yehey! Grandma is going to look at my future! Let me see What’s wrong? Nanay, what’s wrong? Joy I’m sorry, dear Nanay is tired Please take me back to my room Okay, nanay Be careful Nanay Nanay! …Nanay? Papa! Here you go Dear, you’re a few coins short Can’t you just sell it to us at a cheaper price? It’s bad for my business, dearies Please? We’re just going to pray for our grandmother Then we will tie it to the balloons -So that our grandmother will recover quickly -Please!

This sir is very kind, plus he’s very handsome! Stop sugarcoating your words~ -You’re just pulling at my leg -Sir, can I please buy one balloon? -What colour, dear? 12php each Run!!! Hey! Give my balloons back! Thieves! The balloons! Give them back! Where do you think you’re going… thieves? Don’t meddle, Letlet You’re not suitable to be a “Little Miss Barangay” because you’re a criminal! Hey Letlet! The title isn’t befitting for you even more -Because you’re mean! You’re very mean! -And you have bad breath too! -Is that so?! -Ouch! Ouch! Hey! Let go of my sister! Tell me! Whose idea was it to steal those balloons? Huh?! Who?! What? Are you just going to look at one another? You’ll cover up for one another? Is that it? You’ll both be punished! -Speak up! -Mama I’m sorry It was my idea to buy the balloons But we didn’t have enough money -Oh? -No, it’s not true It was my fault Just spank me instead Mama Just spank me instead Because it was my fault No It was my idea Just spank me instead What’s going on? Nanay! -Nanay! -My sweethearts -Look at them! What happened? You’re okay now? Yes my dear. Yes -Nanay we missed you -Me too Nanay, Joy and I were supposed to buy balloons -Really? -We wanted to wish for your speedy recovery You don’t have to. I’m already old Both of you listen to me very well It’s just the two of you, so you should love one another okay? -Protect one another, okay? -Yes nanay! Come here Nanay? Are you okay? Joy Could you please get me a glass of water? -Okay nanay -Please Grace The man that I saw on your palm You will meet each other at the right time On a wedding day That’s where you will first meet But You will go through a lot of things Your sister… Joy Take care of her, okay? -I will -I saw on her palm that someday You will be the one who will save her Why is that? Nanay! Nanay! Nanay Nanay -Nanay, wake up! -Nanay…? What happened to nanay? -Nanay? -Nanay Mama! Mama! Papa! Mother? Mother! Wait, wait! Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother, I’ll take you back to the hospital! Agnes call for a taxi! Hurry! Mother! Mother!

Mother… mother… mother! Mother! Sis I miss nanay Me too I wonder where she is now? She’s in heaven Sis? Is there a tea in heaven? That’s nanay’s favourite There’s an abundance of everything in heaven Sis, do you think grandma misses us too? Of course! Even I miss her I’ve got an idea! Let’s write to her! You’re right! Come on! Let’s write to her! Dearest nanay, How are you? Is there someone who makes your tea there in heaven? Joy and I miss you very much Especially when you used to take us with you to church And when we used to pull out white hairs from you I hope that even though you’re probably happy in heaven now You will always remember us I hope you’ll be able to read this soon, nanay So that you won’t feel lonely when you miss us One… Two… Three! I hope that even though you’re probably happy in heaven now, you will always remember us I hope you’ll be able to read it soon… nanay WE MISS YOU NANAY! Hi! Elk! Thieves! She doesn’t deserve the crown As if she’s the one we’re saying “hi” to. Hi Felix! -Hey Grace! -Look at your outfit today! A while ago, I thought you were a priest Excuse me! Felix! Come on, we’re going to be late Let’s go -Is she your girlfriend? -What happened? Is she really your girlfriend? Girlfriend?! What did you eat? Have you had your breakfast, Felix? -What happened? -You’re really kind. You don’t have an ounce of being judgmental in you You love a person even though she’s really mean and ugly What did you say?! Why are you stopping my sister? This is your girlfriend Stop it, stop it! Why did you have a fight with Letlet again? Do you want to be reported to the office again? -Ma, her issue goes a long wayback -It’s been years and she still couldn’t get over Little Miss Barangay Maybe you said something that triggered her Ma, she suddenly pulled our hair Is that okay with you? Well… Letlet really likes Felix but it’s so obvious that she’s not his type He’s just really kind The question is Which one of you does Felix like? I always see him. He’s always coming here He’s always with Grace, so I guess she is his type! We’re just really close I’m not convinced I’m really not convinced! Come on, sis! This is your chance to finally have a boyfriend -Felix is cute anyway and he’s kind -Hey, hey Joy! You’re such a bad influence to your older sister; stop asking her to have a boyfriend

Stop it But didn’t you tell us before that as long as our school grades are fine, you won’t interfere with our love lives. Right? -I said that? -Yes of course! I testify to that. You also said that to me before I don’t remember Go and get our stuff ready. Your father is waiting for us Yes, ma It’s your fault; stop pushing me to Felix He doesn’t like me But is he your type? Wow! It’s so beautiful, papa Is this for mama? No, no. That’s for papa’s other woman -It’s so beautiful -Papa, can I have a look? That’s my gift For your mother on our wedding anniversary Keep it a secret okay? Of course! Wow! This is so beautiful! Thank you husband! Oh, come on Agnes! Oh my. It’s so beautiful! She likes it though Oh Agnes That was supposed to be my surprise for you on– -Whoops -Surprise? You’ll lose it and you wouldn’t know where you kept it, then you’ll just ask me to look for it anyway Umm… ma, pa… which place are we going for you guys to exchange your “wedding vows”? -Joy and I will talk to the head of the church -I already spoke to boss Manny He will let us use the rooftop of the building that I’m managing -Umm -Let’s just use that place for our celebration. It’s for free That building’s rooftop is very huge! Do we have a lot of guests? Well, of course it’s just the four of us plus maybe some of our close friends as well You two. Make your mom a dress Make sure that it’s nice, okay? I want your mother to be very beautiful On our wedding. On our civil wedding Then, spray a lot of perfume on her She might smell like longganisa at the altar Look who’s talking. And what about you? All day you’re dealing with cements. What will you smell like? Sand! Short-tempered! I’m super duper surprised! She even came back I want your mother to look very beautiful Come have a seat. Quick! On our civil wedding With this reaffirmation ceremony We pray that your lives together will continue to be blessed You may now give your pledges to one another You go first I’m I extend my thanks to God because He gave you to me, Agnes My other half who gave me Two very beautiful and very kind daughters Even though it took us quite a while before finally having a child Agnes, you know that I love you You’re the only one for me Wait up. It’s my turn Are you crying? Aren’t you glad? Despite the many broken families out there, ours is still together You have a point Well, at least even though they constantly bicker they’re still together Their wedding anniversary is so beautiful I hope someday I’ll also get to celebrate my own wedding anniversary like that

Why are you telling us that? Even though sometimes we bicker That’s just normal in marriage, right? Right? Even though last week you wanted to… you know Well uh… I had a headache then Oh my. What am I saying? Look at me, I’m starting to tear up! My wife is usually like this You know When she’s fighting with me, she tends to say a lot of things but on occasions like this, she’s rendered speechless You may now kiss the bride -Happy silver wedding anniversary, papa! -Happy silver wedding anniversary! Thank you. Thank you dear! -Congratulations papa, mama -Thank you, dear -Let’s take a photo! -Come on, come on! -Selfie! -Smile! -Congratulations! -Wait, it’s on video. Let’s gather up! On your 21st birthday You will meet ‘her.’ Who? The girl who is destined for you My future girlfriend? Wow! On that day, you will see a tall building and you will go to the rooftop In there, you’ll watch the setting of the sun Before it gets dark you will see her there The girl who will be your true love Happy birthday! I uh got you these -Aw, thank you. It’s your birthday and I’m the one receiving something -That’s okay Thank you Wait. You did all this? -Yes. It’s your birthday -Wow, you’ve put in so much effort -Uh, Janine. Can I ask you a question? -Yeah sure What’s on your building’s rooftop? You know what For me, I won’t just settle for a silver wedding anniversary I’d go for a golden wedding anniversary! Wow! Why don’t you get a boyfriend first before you think about your wedding anniversary? -You’re 21 years old today -I am Happy birthday -To me To you Is it possible to view the sunset from this building’s rooftop? I guess You know what Lucas… you’ve been curious about our rooftop since a while ago What’s going on? Uh… nothing… umm I just remembered something Okay…? What was it that you remembered? Okay. But it’s gonna sound weird, so

-Please just bear with me -Okay But uh… I was still young back then I met an old woman at the church and I helped her -Don’t you remember what grandma told me before? -Oh my god You still believe in that? Grandma once told me that I don’t need to look for him Because my soulmate would come someday What if it’s Felix? Well… I don’t know… he’s not even courting me I don’t know! What if he courts you? Wait You really don’t believe in true love? How’s that possible? I believe in sex and compatibility -Oh? -Wait You’re imagining that you will meet another girl at the rooftop? What? No, no, no, no! No… no Janine… no Who knows You might be that girl You are just about to know her, right? That’s what you said I’m gonna make it easy for you, birthday boy I’m gonna give you… two choices One You stay here with me and we can celebrate your birthday all night long naked Or two You can go to the rooftop But don’t come back to me Ever Grace! Joy! Hurry up; you’re mom and I are still going to book into a hotel! Oh is that so? Come on! Hurry! Okay. Nevermind. We’re not going to take these home Go ahead. I still have to clean up here Go. Felix, you better come back here okay? I might suddenly have another sibling Stupid Whoever you are, I hope you can come into my life soon I promise to love you forever and ever