Tea Time: Soda and Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

Hey everybody welcome back to Tea Time with me I’m Dr. Smith and Heather Heather’s from Free State Nutrition if you’re new to us and I am from Accomplished Health and Wellness and we’re both here in Lawrence Kansas and today we are going to be talking about soda right so that is and all of the not so many health benefits at all soda yes I know and we should say sugar sweetened beverages also yeah cuz they’re kind of like intertwined yes linked in there. we do have our tea it’s gold chicas it’s hot here today I don’t know what the deal is with our weather but it was yeah then we matching works yeah we yeah it it’s like peach oh it’s that PageMaker thing but mainly I taste it just smells good yeah you know what um it’s interesting I put this actually in the frigerator and steeped it uh-huh I was like oh I want it to me and I couldn’t remember which that’s what we need to talk about – I couldn’t remember if we were doing Tuesday or Wednesday today so I’m just and put it in there and then I’ll be done so this month are we doing all Wednesday yeah like really through December 13. oh okay so through the rest of the year everyone it’s Wednesday okay sorry okay now we all know so now on to our soda and sugar sweetened beverages mmm so what do you want well let’s first I mean I think we know what soda is that’s pretty clear yeah but you know there’s different slightly different there’s our sodas and light sodas and they affect you differently so that we should you know distinguish as well yeah and then sugar sweetened beverages right so that’s so much broader topic and those are things like sweetened teas or juice fruit well not juice itself like not a hundred centures but all the like juice drinks yeah no juice in juice other person yes yes and then but there’s there’s lemonade of course and there’s like fruit punch and there’s anything that says drink oh okay like drink that’s what you’re looking for that’s a good sign that it’s not a hundred some juice and that means that they’ve added sugar am i reducing their but they’ve added sugar and then there’s well we’re not talking about juice no Kenny are not talking about you’re talking about things that have sugar added okay and like coffee drinks okay so maybe not coffee I’m like uh-huh well no not as a wrestle but like those lattes yeah that’s right so it could just be like any of the terms coffee it could just be Gagliano I’ll be black if it’s like a mocha or a Frappuccino anything right there like frilly stuff on the ha yes that is talking about that dessert and then I chocolate energy right energy drinks and there’s sports drinks oh yeah and there’s you know there’s other things so there’s like Flay there’s sugar sleeper water yeah yeah you can’t even trust us this water like vitamin water oh my gosh FG water drink is that stuff in brain I don’t want invited in lighter water still like a rain handymen yeah I’m so angry about vitamin water yeah because when I first came out everyone was like that is man they were like love you tonight good they’re so good yes and that is a really important point here is that the people who developed all of these products are really smart and they’re good at selling it very good they have used this all these combinations of things maybe it’s caffeine it’s sugar in one carbonation it’s their proprietary blend of whatever flavors and right couple vitamin thrown in there and it tastes really good yeah and they want you to drink it yes and so you know it’s not your fault if you like soda it’s not you know then make it to where you’re gonna drink more right it’s like potato chips I mean this is all about potato chips we can’t eat just one I mean they’re not designed just like the Oreo do remember that with the Oreo how they had that study that came out in like the Oreo cookie was lighting up the exact same places as like cocaine haha that’s how that’s how they get you people they know what it where it’s going in your brain you’re very smart

yeah that’s scientists we never ever again I know we’re not talking about like artificial sweeteners and stuff today we’re gonna add that to our list but but though was even faked out your metabolism huh yes that’s a whole other topic that I don’t have to get into yeah so that’s what I wanted to say like a zit before we even start like it is not your fault I’m not here to like that great so I know we just were – soda yeah just so we’re hoping that maybe you will think twice but it’s hard to get off of that stuff it is very hard oh yeah you in withdrawal from sugar pressure once I went off with sugar because I was like oh my god the brownie bite is getting bigger and bigger every day and I was like I have to get off of this and so I stopped eating it Oh like anything with added sugar only like apples and stuff I but anything other than and I’m not kidding you for the first two weeks or so I was dreaming about sugar sandwiches like like bread to be the bread with sugar in it I actually have that dream that’s terrible yeah so now we’re gonna help you guys to hopefully not have to do it right so we were gonna talk about like you know what are the pros and cons of drinking soda like there are no problem there’s rose they just I didn’t find any of it they taste good yeah but it doesn’t do anything good for you nothing so we’ll just move on yeah but we can talk about some things later about the dangers mmm dangers of it yeah so one of the things I thought was interesting was like the list of things on the ingredient label that means sugar right like you know you think oh Claire I know sugar that are high participants here but Jane out like they’re coming around sure the name sugar cane sugar could be course here it will be textures to be fructose could be glucose could be honey this could be matzo and maltose could be yep sucrose raw sugar molasses all those things gonna sugar chirping yes and since it’s on the ingredients with funding thing added it yes and did you know that in your ingredients list right that when you’re reading your ingredients list it starts from the largest volume in there to the weight but whatever you know yes composition the largest composition starts at the beginning and then it moves out to the lower yeah so so if sugar is in the beginning of the list so yeah now we know what we’re looking for what are what are some fake sugar I mean like your standard like diet soda is gonna have a scale which I don’t think we use it in any other way but I don’t know yeah thank you migraine because of that it’s the art yeah they’re artificial sweeteners but then in couple hours you may have no like noticed that like in the last several years there have been like all these like new formulations of products like oh what’s this one’s gonna yeah and yeah this was gonna you know yeah sugar whatever you know most of those things I don’t really keep up on it so I don’t know for sure I bet none of the murse so around like years later here but but are there so I don’t know but this maybe that’s I don’t know but I think that stevia has so many different forms you don’t really know what you’re getting if it’s like real truth yeah that’s true or if it’s the alternative ones yeah you don’t know right but the thing about all these sodas is that you know sort of the tried and true versions like your basic diet coke Diet Pepsi and your classic Coke and Pepsi those are like those are the ones that people have the most loyalty to mm-hmm because they’d been tested all these years and try and turn around and cone and whatever magical this goes on in there that people just they like I can’t get enough and they usually make more than one Canada yeah so um we should talk about when it does yes let’s talk about their research I mean it’s almost hard to find reason you definitely

you’re not gonna find a lot of like research thing about it but it’s hard to find even like the danger is because it’s like assume right well you know I was actually reading about that okay that it’s really hard to find like hard core data that says this does this you know and if you look at it it’s um there’s a lot of it has to do with the soda companies yeah because any article that comes out that talks about what happens or what might happen those science they actually will attack those research articles and say well this is what’s wrong with that one and this is what’s wrong with that one and this is what’s wrong and so then it ends up getting just dismissed mm-hmm but really there is some good data out there uncertainty mm-hmm and there are some really big studies out there I mean we’re talking there was one study I was reading it had like 70,000 Wow that they followed for a while but then conditionally like association yes I was like a clinical trial that’s just no they weren’t like here you drink one can of soda and you’re gonna drink too and your graduate three and then we’re gonna see how quickly each of you die ready go yeah they were like that there we are it was like a retro speculators and it’s hard to separate it out a lot of times because of all the other other dollars yeah you know it’s not like you have these people that are similar healthy doing all the good stuff or they only drink the soda right yeah yeah but they do try to like take and look at diet and exercise and I think they try to control for that as much as oh like they do okay all these people happy dance but and then we can look at them and how much soda but even bats mm-hmm it really relies on you know what you remember but we do see a link with type 2 diabetes which that just makes him hello yeah so but what they found was one to two cans or more and you have a 26 percent greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes one to two cans or more informally really none like one can 26 percent greater risk you’re also at an increased risk of metabolic syndrome which that goes along and then also this is the best one you’re also at an increased risk of having trouble controlling your Sugar’s chuckin right um so that one’s a given but um and they found that keep that people that drink more soda tended to be more overweight yes right I mean the thing about it is and I’ve gotten away from this but what I used to call it is bonus calories sure because they don’t register like a huge no not only are they update that’s true but they don’t register they don’t you know you drink them the same feeling that you get as drinking water or something with no calories like it doesn’t fill you up right those are brain the Greeks more right and sometimes it kind of backfires if you drink the diet and you get that sweet you know but you don’t get the actual sugar and then your body is like what are you doing it yeah I just don’t know so you know it it just it ends up going those calories are on top of your food they do not displace the other again the other one was heart disease that’s not a shocker either so there’s a 20% increased risk of having a heart attack or dying from a heart attack and then in women is actually 40% Wow yeah so like now when you look at your soda you can just call it a heart attack in a can right it’s like drink only half cuz the other half is gonna give you a heart notice me yes but really you should drink any of it I mean if you it’s not meant to be daily but let’s see that’s the thing it’s um there’s like all these different exercise and nutrition and get bit a little you know messages no trends no encouragement whatever and they’re backed by it’s all the coke company yes

and they say stuff like it’s okay in moderation you know that makes you feel okay but then that one a week turns into right and the thing is it’s true like it is okay in moderation it’s just really really hard to do I have a friend I know one person who drinks soda in moderation actually you know what I’m have to admit you know – yes because in the summer I will like once or twice in the summer we hear flow and that in and okay and this is the other thing if I cannot find any caffeine when I have a migraine I will take two swings of a Coca Cola because of the caffeine but other than that I don’t drink it right um if I do drink soda sometimes I can do but I always go for the light-colored sodas like right or Sierra Mist or something like that but right ginger ale that’s mine and I’m just I try to find ones that actually have ginger in them but I usually use that just for an upset someone right so you do know more than one it is possible it is possible and and I had to you know when I was growing up we were it was always there you know at the end of your softball game somebody had the orange soda like my mom just always had soda so we always had I had to break that relationship because that was something that you know was difficult and I remember actually when I was 16 my no I was younger than that I was like 14 14 I think and my cross-country coach was said if you want to be a good runner you cannot drink soda and that was the merits I think wow so then when I got into college I was like it’s probably okay here and there I just can’t drink it every single day and that root beer float sounds good and so now I occasionally will have one and I like cream soda but again do you I just no I just never care for it when I was pregnant I drink ginger ale yeah it was great I mean it was probably just to see both that yeah whatever I was doing it yes yeah but I don’t yeah mine is like five times a year but I think it’s really important to recognize you know not only like the people that make it are really smart and like know what they’re doing to make this stuff so delicious that you want it every day and you cream it and you think but also there’s the association you know I was down the shore which is we were but we would on the boat we’re gonna go so other things women specifically women who drink soda regularly have a 75% increase of risk of gout whoa seventy-five okay so if you don’t want to think about your coke as your heart attack you can just think about it as your toe pain because that’s your gout that’s that’s like crazy seventy-five percent if you drink regularly and you have a joint that hurts every so often usually your big toe but it can be your knees your elbows or shoulders and then under fingers classic it’s your big toe but lots of people have it other places that’s going right so there you go about our teeth yeah nominees yeah Brenda K and all that stuff yeah so for like kids this is really sad like one to five years old consumption of sugar and soft drinks associated with an eighty to a hundred percent increased

risk of dental caries like basically my kids that age would not get dental caries no otherwise but so don’t you know it’s like at the grocery store – they’re all on the of course why they’re putting them there taken then I have to blame my knees and that’s Maddie’s right now you’re not for you what else um asthma in non obese kids I hear rates of asthma and none of these people teachers here’s to ya and then and then for obesity for kids well each 12 ounce soft drink per day consume increases the odds of becoming obese by 60% 60% oh that’s me but that’s actually an easy way to cut it out then so just stop buying it right I used to kind of love when people were drinking soda because I was like oh honey like this is like something really concrete not easy but silently yes like simple if you can cut it out oh my gosh all the calories yeah and you know the other thing is awesome person you know anyone that there is definitely a bone challenge with wrong sodas especially dark so yeah and and they have actually looked at this in dark sodas versus light sodas and they don’t find that trend in like sodas like they do in dark sodas and there’s a few different theories behind it but one of the series is that the phosphoric acid actually the body tries to neutralize that and what it does is it forces the body to draw a substantial amount of outland alkalinizing calcium from the bones and so basically your phosphoric acid in your soda is leeching the calcium out of your bones yeah yeah um no and then the other thing is that it contains caffeine and so caffeine increases the amount of calcium that your body is excreting to okay so that’s another theory and then there’s also the replacement theory yes that you like because you’re basically if you’re drinking that you’re not drinking other calcium rich drinks like milk you know orange juice you know the real juice stuff and so you’re you’re not drinking that other stuff right so it could be a triple whammy yeah and and so what they say is three or more um dark sodas and you are linked with a four percent decrease in bone density which may not sound like a lot but now actually compared with people that drink the same amount of clear soda well though it’s definitely linked to the normal so does the other one is and this one has this one’s out there and there’s a link but they don’t have like and oh yeah this is a hundred percent type of thing but they’re looking at it and it’s definitely a link there because to pancreatic cancer when you drink two or more drinks per week you there’s a link to pancreatic cancer and the thought is that your because of the sugar you’re releasing your pancreas is releasing awful a lot more insulin and to deal with this sugar and so it’s actually the insulin release that’s doing it that’s causing the tumor production in the pancreatic cells nuts yeah so that’s the that’s the right now the theory behind it but you know that’s not theirs that is all in preliminary studies that I have just started to come out there’s also a link with like pancreatitis as well but that makes sense you know one of the things we always tell people when they have pancreatitis is to cut out the sodas and then the sugary beverages and yeah I like that yeah so you know nothing good here to say today

so right except to say like if you can master moderation you’re fine like you don’t need to worry about all these things if you have an occasional soda yeah okay but we are worried about people who drink it every day or a drink multiple every day like it is not a daily food type of thing like that is not it’s not water I mean okay okay hydration but it will comes at a huge cost yes to your body not like just one part of your body by your low body so you know you just do what you can to make a change you know if it’s going down getting from 20 ounce bottles to can just like go that room yeah you know whenever I buy soda at the house the we only buy only buy those as little a yeah yeah yeah and then I actually usually you know like I said that little coke lighting to school swings and I throw the rest out just cuz I just need that that can be right and that’s better than four mm-hmm so anyways you can yeah and they make those and pretty much all of this so yeah more like if you need the soda switch over to the clear soda mm-hmm nothing I’m going to fix not everything what it’s a started to start yeah and then maybe you’ll have an easier time coming down right maybe you could switch over it’s all some type of day like me down about like salsa water so carbonated yeah or maybe better maybe you’re at it you go to diet I mean if you have diabetes like this is pretty serious and you should you know I don’t think diet soda is health food per se but I do think any of diabetes it is way better than and then they stepwise from there you take whatever steps again reduce or swap it out or whatever so you just do what you can like there’s no one way to do this to get off of soda but we do know it’s urgent notice everybody is getting yeah that scene alert emergency great we all got it no they’re all tested early forms yeah so yeah so come down slowly you all in moderation and anywhere of the caffeine if you’re drinking the stuff of caffeine like go slow that’s gonna be terrible to cut out yeah and and also just remember that they are good at selling you this product not murder no yeah yes all right okay yeah we’re transgender thirty minute where we are we’re doing good somewhat so next time I mean if we kind of make sense person should do their social Susan I think we should do them so next week we’re gonna do artificial sweeteners everyone so hopefully you will tune in to us again next week and yeah presidential alert that’s what about it um we’ve been alerted and um so artificial sweeteners right next week yes and if you have any questions like always please don’t hesitate to ask and we will get back to you yeah and or let us know how you got off soda yeah I mean you know you hear all of the stuff we talked about so definitely if you had a good way to encourage other people to stop that would be awesome and then and then have a good rest of your week everybody know hopefully we all will have some cooler weather oh my gosh yes supposed to be it’s supposed to be much nicer towards the inlet so serene so but we need the rain to three regions so anyways we will see you all next yes thank you Sarah for that we will see you all next week and be talking about that artificial sweetener so make sure to tune in have a good day guys bye