THROUGH THE LENSES – PIMAX 5K XR vs Pimax 5K+ vs Pimax 8K Comparison

hey guys started here so welcome back to another true talents this video and this time we’re gonna compare the biggest line up over there in terms of fov and we’re talking about the PI max 5k with an LCD display with a resolution of 2560 by 1440 each guy with the PI max 5k all edited is the one that just arrived with the same resolution of 2560 by 1440 each eye by this time all at display with pentile pixel arrangement with the time max 8k a the highest resolution on the market width and displayed with a whopping resolution of 3840 by 2160 each eye that is impressive so with all these numbers with all these resolutions let’s see together which one is the best sticking a camera in front of the lenses we’re gonna see the usual applications so you’re gonna be able to also compare it with all the videos that we did in the past with their Odyssey plus with the vipro the rift or the roof test and everything everything is gonna be there for you and I’m gonna leave a pool over here so you can vote for which one is the best for you and then we can see the results all together let me know in the comment below which one do you prefer and there’s always guys this is not a science because these lenses these headsets are made for your eyes and not for the lenses of a camera so take your own conclusion see what you wanna see and for now enjoy the pie max line up through the lenses let’s get to it

and here you have it guys let me know in the comment below which one do you prefer which one do you think it’s the best out there of the pie max lineup I’m gonna follow up with the video also doing a comparison about everything to decide together which one is better to buy also considering the price of course so subscribe for that and subscribe for more comparison like this one and as always if you liked the video like and it will be super appreciated because this videos takes a long time if you didn’t like the video dislike it’s fine to subscribe to the channel for more of the attack and they see you guys in next video thanks for watching ciao