Yildizlar Sahidim Episode 1 English Subtitles (CC)

Always write your name in their song, beloved We all know what you did to me We all heard about your betrayal Even God will not forgive you It is just a dream. It is over Father? What happened? Listen to me to be careful child. I want to hear an explanation from your mouth What explanation? So early in the morning? What happened? Listen kid. You are a man. Pay attention to your surroundings. You are still young, and of course you are at the top But never in your life to not be associated with a woman, so you will forget about yourself Father, how do you do it come only at this time? Women only make you worry, women will destroy you. Don’t lose your mind with a woman I want you to hear my words Alright, good father, you want an explanation from me? I will not fall in love with anyone. Closed Good morning

Good morning, my dear Good morning my baby How are you? Did you get permission from your mother? We are going to go right at night for the Aras concert? Are you getting ready? Ajj Asu! Calm down, calm down It is in the morning, I just just opened my eyes I haven’t been able to convince him for now, but I will find a way aaa good, and what marriage will you come? Wedding? Geez, marriage I overslept and forgot about it. Elmus will definitely kill me, of course it will have long been done Hurry up, we will be late! Haziran! He called me again, hung up the phone, then we’ll talk again. Kiss from me I’m coming, ma’am! Haziran! Haziran, hurry up! We will be late for the wedding Father! Kubi! The marriage has begun and will soon be over, and we haven’t even left home! Come on, don’t make me hoarse keep calling you guys Hazi … ah Good morning mom! Good morning son! sit at the table, quickly eat Yeah! Yeah! Daddy, I’m calling you! Don’t leave first Where is this crazy person? He is still upstairs Kubi! Hurry up later I get angry Stop screaming Already there. – Good just need a little more Were you talking to me? What the heck is this? Are you really forcing your grandfather to wait? Well, I’ll leave, I’ll come down later Hurry up, don’t talk too much Yes, I’ll come down later I love you, too I didn’t really want to go to the wedding, but you forced me How can my dear father say so Don’t call me that What is wrong with you? They are our friends, after all Day II we ate very little! There isn’t even tea At the wedding there will be lots of lemonade, don’t complain Who does a wedding this early in the morning? Geez Nowadays, it is cheaper to arrange a wedding. Don’t you know that? So it was not their fault that they had a marriage like this morning, it was a matter of renting a hall I will not give gold, I have no money Hazi !! You come? Take this, come on Listen, last night came to me this song. I came here to work on music

I performed this song at a concert. What do you think? I do not understand this. Go inside and sing Life wants to hear firsthand Oh, God What child? You can’t sing, or what? Do you have a problem before the concert? Stage fright before the concert? Stage fever, don’t you realize who you’re talking to, I’m 17 years old, with 18 years accustomed to it, and with 19 I started singing And my age at 20, started living in this business And now? Now? Come on Rusin, come on And I looked everywhere Arasa. You have to do the fitting What did you do in the studio on the day of the concert? Mr. Aras has introduced a new amendment. We analyze that Wouldn’t it be better if he rested, so that his voice was not spared from Fikret? There’s not much left to show That’s why I did it, encouraging him to compete with him This is not just your star. This also concerns your child. Do not forget it I know. Come on let’s go Let me tell you something This marriage seems cheap. The singer is just ordinary Come on, you better sing Oh, no my grandfather will kill me later Let him sing a song! What? Let the girl sing a song! You can’t! Crazy girl? We don’t like it like that Okay, I won’t sing But may I get permission to come to the concert? What?! Concert! Calm down, leave it to me Hazi, Hazi … Hazi Where are you? Hazi !! Where are you now? Look, look, the groom gives the impression that Hazi is singing a song Can you sing something funny? Do you think I can? I don’t want to hear anything from that song

very high risk. It’s a song with a music video. Millions have seen something like that, everything is there We need to create something new. Think of something that never existed Father, I want this song Apart from that, you like it. do not like? I sing bad? You are like a king’s child King’s son? This is a prince. In this case also mixed? What’s up, kid? you don’t like me Father, being your child is the best thing that can happen to me You say these words, which in the worst moments of the heart warm How about you? No, nie..nie like me. So is Do not stop. I know who you are talking about, but I’m not at all am like her mother -Dziennikarze Where are they from? Tell the bodyguards, the Aras out through the back door Aras, you can leave, no longer Please answer us a few questions! Well, my dear, well, please ask one question. -Please Mr. Fikret, your child for a month does not pay attention to us, if he does not go anywhere? My child does not have when I go out, when he works He doesn’t live a social life? No, no one can even visit it You might call it a lonely life Meaning? Aras lives his own life, friends. You think, dreams don’t need victims? Not. For dreams also have to sacrifice. Aras will be happy to do it Do you think Aras is unhappy? Never. Aras is very happy through music I will give you advice so that you are not interested in Arasa’s life, but his songs. The rest should concern only him and me Mr. Fikret king Fikret, what do you think of Leela? What competition? I do not understand? I’m talking about Yawuzie fractal. Just talk about it – that night released a new album Truly? Mr. Yawuz can record songs from all artists at once, no problem. We do not operate in the same environment Stop Arasa, I have to say something Mr. Fikret changed his mind. This concert will be held in the old mode. What should I say your father? Okay, you don’t tell him, he will give him the right answer, you go Where? A concert hall, right? No, there will be a concert, you go We went where we were not long … Where father would not be able to find me How many times have we talked about this Haziran? What will happen if you let me sing? What will happen? Forgive corciano, but grandfather won’t allow it. He said – “My granddaughter won’t sing” – what can I do? You can convince him, Mom, but you yourself do not want Haziran! Do you want to hurt me? Bring cry in front of everyone? I said that I could not do anything! Well, well, I will not sing! Let me tell you something. In the evening you were aunty. In our group singing their songs, maybe? In the evening? At night, I can not Why not? In the evening Where is uncle? My uncle wants to say something Leave now uncle. What should tonight? In the evening there will be a concert

Mom, I’m begging you! I beg! Listen to me This is the first concert. We at Asu waited so long for him to go for it Tickets are not so easy to buy! Corciano Mom I beg! I beg! Can i go? Please! Well, leave! Go! But grandfather he will ask permission! As if you do not know, who will not let me, if you do not ask Haziran, enough! Enough! I’m tired of being in between two fires! I came for a wedding and already regret it! Tired I’ve had this for your concert, song. Where did you train for this one? Haziran! Moved brother Haziran Girl, where are you going? Haziran! Haziran! Where are you? My god Where are you? No, nothing …. It’s not here yet. I really like this place Can you remember the name of the road? European bison Road European bison – good I found it! It’s not enough here, but the streets above What does it mean that we change modes? This matter What happened here at the last minute. Explain it to me please The Kywancza Yawuz album released midnight to the network. Together with us. Not the time for risk

Well, of course, Mr. Fikret doesn’t want to be defeated by Arasa’s opponents, right? Let them work, why? This is in genes. Whose kid? Let me remind you Fikret then you forget. In it flows mad mother’s blood He not only has your genes What I’m saying? Fiko I do not know at the scene! I will not leave! The woman brought me to this dump, mixed behind my back! Yeah of course! I will not sing! Listen to me! Behind the scenes, you see! that scene sometimes ?! Take a look! He wants me to wear a dress like that! He wants to outshine me! He only envies you Do something later! Any! Zeyno! but you sing, right? We’ll see Zeyno! First, you tell. What will you do? What will you do to remove it from the scene ?! It’s been a while, please. One song, you don’t want to sing? I go out – you sing You will sing this song !! I paid so much money !! We will! Let me go, let me go! You give me money! Let me go! Get it off I’m saying! Get off! Bravo !!!! Again! Again! again! Again! Thank you very much! I’m Zeyno Zeyno! Arasa was sent home So, how? What did the chief say? What happened? What happened to you? Come here What happened? Are you very sick? They beat me So that it will never happen again Now a thing of the past Because they kiss? Just because I take the boss is what The chief is aware of what it is. But spodobałaś him Swear

It is us? It is us? Yes! Is that really us? It is true Now you will not be behind. Aydan, now it will be the same, the same My god! This works, so Fiko It worked, Zeyno succeeded. I quickly built this business. Soon an album, Zeyno album will come! I will give the album, which has never seen this city. You will be proud of me! What album? Urządźmy marriage. A what? When we get married, we don’t have lira. Tylko only registers Urządźmy wesele.Niech truest everyone will see a bride. We bought a big ring No, no, let them be diamonds But the money is in your album What is Fiko’s money? I always find that money, but like you, I find I can’t I did not find you like Zeyno. I did not find like you But I can’t arrange a marriage Why? I give my words, Zeyno. First, I will give this to your album, what you will not say You know I want to put on the diamond ring finger? But what can I do? No longer. There is But if you want to take this soul, which costs nothing, so be it for you Take me home Zeyno, beloved wife Say Mebruke We can’t find Arasa Mr. Fikret What do you mean, you can’t find it? How much time to get started? Go, call the concert hall I swear, I called. Is there any or not. Mr. Fikret like you with his girlfriend nothing happened? Mebruke, get out of here quickly and find me Arasa. Quick Where is the child? Where is your baby? Where are you now looking at? The little one? What are you doing here? My mother did not give permission Uncle I could not go to the concert That is the problem Why this event is so important to you. I do not understand? And what’s the difference, Uncle? In this life, how many times have you asked for something? But I do everything you want Go to this school, Haziran good your father died, he will not come back. Don’t ask, Haziran good Cancel their dreams good Do you remember, I have a dream uncle? I want to be a singer Good. This topic is closed. They forget the above I more times I will not move tematu.Być can here in this district grow old with you OK, fine. Me and words will not say uncle. But send me to the concert, Uncle Please cię.Namów mother. You can Good. Good. Oh, God. You make me cry You will be at a concert. What if I don’t get the show? Come here. He is still crying Aras he coming? He is not coming sir Kerem Kerem, where are you? Mr. Fikret? Where is Aras? Aras? An hour ago, he said. But he hasn’t arrived, sir. He is not with you? What do you think? Well, sir, I’m calling We called, but didn’t answer Mr. Fikret, future fans who won the photo session We promised them photos signed by Mr. Arasa But we can’t get past him, what to do? Take them on the spot. Aras is coming soon Gulcin, Aras is wrong with you? There is I do not know. As anywhere it is not?

A so. As if he fell to the ground Little concert Thank you, Gulcin. I do not know. Also, it reminds. thank you Fikret how do we behave? When you are angry, we land anger on the other side, right? Next, take a breath OK, fine. Sorry Good. You don’t worry. Now I will go and find him. Well? good I mean, our pop-star Aras is lost? Say: “Look for him.” And I found it in two minutes Give Gulcin No Gulcin and sister Can my Kursat celebrate and see Arasa? I will go and find him Sit down for two minutki. After all, only you come Why again Aras? I am your brother, him. I do not understand Not rodzonym, but Aras is my son From Mr. Fikret hopes for a marriage, but is he not interested? Do not ask. “Marriage” – forbidden word. Even I’m not allowed to talk about it Only I want to zapytać.Wy about it for so long you together. Why isn’t this person married? Because he was married once. He is burning. That is why Zeyno walked away and disappeared somewhere. Not yet appeared in our lives At first he said a little about him. And now you don’t even remember the name But what has changed? There is no. Nothing has changed We cannot get through this woman. Love, you see it But wait Many years have experienced. There is a sense of my patience God, what do we do? Aras never acts. How will Aras is something wrong. I was starting to get scared You don’t need to be afraid of you, Kerem And who? I’m talking about Yawuzie Pylak. Today at midnight, the label must release a new album Where is boss ?! Wait a minute Mr. Current Fikret, Mr. Fikret one minute! Like Yawuz things? You forced me to boredom. Something you can not see I’ll get tea, good What happened? I don’t usually come here? Are there any problems with you. Telling you If I have a problem, why come here? I came here because I created a problem And that I was tired. Let me though something tears Do not say zaplątałeś się.Ty apparently, heard about the album Kywanca Yawuz, why, when I’m talking to you, can’t I go to public opinion? Let me die a person who doesn’t like competition! But of course, if everything will be according to the rules But if you press down on the belt, I’m angry, and if you get angry What will you do? You stop being like a big businessman? Stop Fikret, what are you talking about? If you have problems tell me like a normal person I understand. I will not be here again. To see Instead you are not me Even God will not forgive I mean, in Germany, you are a producer, Mr. Alper? Please. I listen to you

Your wife can be a star, Mr. Fikriet My wife is a star We, as a company, “Gross star”, we want to be a manufacturer We will, of course, record the album. In Berlin In Berlin? not I do not understand my answer is – no. We have a son, Mr. Alper. Zeyno’s place next to his family Produced mine, come on, lay here. I will meet someone. Then we go home. Well? I will meet and we will leave. Take Bob How much time should I say, Yawuz? Do not come więcej.Nie Then backstage Don’t come to me występy.Nie come I have a son, I have a husband. For God’s sake, delete it already. I wish you all the best Do you know a man named Stefan? I do not know. Who is that? Didn’t you say that you have a husband. You know, what is important tonight is handled with your husband? Stop They are ….. Aras Fiko how can you refuse them not to talk to me Do not you record an album. Next will be better. What is missing?! These people came from Germany and found mnie.Jeżeli would accept such a possibility, if you did not take advantage of it? If you won’t, you don’t use it Fikriet, who said that we would not be together? Aren’t I going to take you there? Will you take me? I take? Who made you a star? What makes you famous? So this is Fikret? good Zeyno is good good I will go where you want to, okay? Not in this case. Understand now For you, I believe. You say: “Leave it to me,” and I believe you I love you. I gave you a child When you want to say I’m scandalous, stubborn, crazy But after one day or after you don’t lie. Can you say the same about yourself? Very scared, Zeyno. Very scared, believe me. Which does not come back They are gone forever. I am very afraid More do not need to be afraid to love What? I finally? You throw me? First, I will go get a job. Then we will talk No Zeyno. You can not iść.Ja can not pozwolę.Nie You do not listen to me If you leave. More you do not come back. I will not take you home. You will not see my face You are trying to prevent my future. You lied to me. Now, you threaten me? I threaten you. Select do not do it I say choose. Either this job or … Please choose Zeyno Zeyno Aras Aras ……

Wake up, my sheep. Mother leaves Where? I have to go to work. Far. In Germany Will you forget about me when you leave? You do not know? What? I have a heart of a secret place. Look, now I will show I put you into your heart. Now, even if you and I want, I can’t zapomnieć.Zawsze I love you And in the hearts of children is a secret place? I do not know, look there is I put you into your heart. Even if I want, I cannot forget you. Me too I will always love you Mama.Bardzo I love you, Mother. You come back, right? what is the question? Of course I’ll be back I will get my things and come back soon. Nothing can distract me from you come here Sleep. Well? Close your eyes I fell asleep, I closed my eyes and counted to 10, returned immediately. Well? Well honey. When I return, I will take you with powrotem.Dobrze? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Mom Mom What are you doing, boy? What are you doing here? there is no I think what do you think? Where do you think he is now? If you are going to be here, what will our life be like? If you will be here, he will reach you by ear and be dragged to the concert But it is not, never will be At times he could not even cross the threshold of the house Father, powiedziełeś he died. He will not come back? Sonny said you for years You and ja.Zawsze so, and will I know, I know But with one difference Listen, Dad. To this day I always listen to you I do everything you say. You do it knowing me. I have not forgotten about it But In front of you no longer a child, I forgot about my mother If you are king. This is me star And I will perform at the concert of this song that I want. That is all father Agree? Please, please, please help my child have grown. Well, child. You know how to proceed I do not stop bothering Father promise I promised objecuję, father’s promise Come here. my lion Sister, maybe we harmed Haziran How are you from? Sister doesn’t pretend not to know. But you know everything

his voice is sweet to the ear What do we do sister? Shut up, Haziran. Don’t sing Haziran Don’t go to the Haziran concert. What is this? You can? We have a Kubi father. He will not allow it I’m talking about. The problem is my father. I think maybe you have a part in it I’m guilty? No, my sister, you are not. I am not talking about that You are innocent. Winny is my brother in law. Sister-in-law That’s why he ran with the singer nightclub, now we are enemies of all the singers, brother? About this I say brother Little sister girls don’t blame. For example for a concert. Look, I give up hope, don’t cry anymore Come on, say “yes” – yes Come on, suppose that Well, let him go Honey, I’ll eat you! Nah, stop it! I will eat you Mr. Arasi need something? Brother, can we speed up time? I want to quickly go on stage Yes! Where is the concert organizer ?! Next, honey! Show your hands Come on, come on, young man, family Mr. Arasi expects many admirers Of course. we go already Girls, one who czekałyście came Aaaaaaaaaaaras !! Aras !! I love you so much! really, really? I really really love you too! Where is my room Aaron? here So let’s see! How is it there? good Nations, stars of future stars come here Where have you been? Where? Team ready. We will not do the test? Hurry, will do the test Nation tonight. Everyone is invited No further dru dryno, show yourself! I salute, I salute But I do not believe that I got permission So how do I see? Nienajlepiej As if missing the point. What is that? You are a ‘ball on the fence’! Yeah, I’m ready Asu, good, what are you doing? You scared me Pretty crazy girl! terrible color Very colorful Ancient If anything You are very beautiful Come on, kruszynka, we’re gone, we’re late Why do you look at yourself in the mirror and laugh? Do you think it will be interesting to Arasowi?

There is no Asu Nobody understands, even though you understand Between me and Aras something As if a bond With Aras? Yes. I can feel it. I swear As if we have long been aware of each other That is, as if I knew him It seems to me that that night he saw me I can’t explain, you know what I mean I understand I do not want to worry you But think about how many people will be on this event Have you ever thought about who will come there? In still, the concert was in uproar throughout this When he saw you? How to start this relationship sister? You could not know before Maybe a miracle? Pray You might be reconciled. But even though he could ever call me How can that not disappear after being told me? You can? Come Gulcin. Don’t you know how much I think of you? This is not related to you Brother in law! Please, Mr. Kursat, after all, you don’t go to concerts Something brother, I will pass like that? Good. We will leave. We watch together No, thank you. I have an important guest. We will be on VIP Good. Hello Odprowadźcie him for the VIP area. In a few moments I will come Brother, I have news for you Say what you hear? your ex, Mrs. Zeyno What happened to Zeyno? His sentence ends tonight Aras did not know about all this? Why he can’t come back. He can come back and tell me everything You know, now he can get on a plane and fly? Arrived? What are you Kursat? How were you contacted? More precisely? Who pays the penalty for you? Kursat if I ever start talking about it, I look more Gulcin, you know Brother, calmer. Quieter. It’s no use arguing Reply enough. Will this woman create problems for us or not? Zeynep doesn’t have. Been in the past. Do you understand? Stick to the word. Forget about everything, that’s enough. Let’s go We need to get to the next place Asu, I’m very sick. With anxious heart as soon as I pop out In the stomach something happened. I feel that something is happening Gas, gas. Come on Excuse me. We leave, sorry. Excuse me Sorry I am very happy Aras Aras Aras Aras Aras Aras [Or at the store, or in the kitchen.] [I’ll get water from the fridge.] I drink it quietly You are diablico Me. Many things Comb your hair brightly Do not shoot the eye Come on Everyone has gone through these numbers These numbers are old The world has changed a long time ago As you can see, all for you First, see your strength Learn even its value Watch every step Almighty stealing Homeland No, no, no. Don’t you dare, don’t you dare Do not live the future. This is a common mistake No, no, no. Don’t you dare, don’t you dare You don’t need to listen. This is a common mistake This song is sung lightly. For the future, I will tell you young

Supreme is made of love. And I love you in that regard This song is sung lightly. For the future, I will tell you young Supreme is made of love. And I love you in that regard Can you hear me? …………… Hi everyone! -You can go? – I wonder if we can move forward? You can What is that? Why did you scream? And why are you screaming? Listen to me We did not see What can I do, you have come before And what? Well, for beginners I invite to stage one of you. I sing a song together -What does that mean? -Odejdź here! -Do not go! Wait, wait, what’s happening here ?! -Wynoś Get out of here! -I leave you now … you are very big Who wants the most? I want to see your hand! You dog! Ha ha! Mother! Yes ma’am I?! Gentlemen, I take a girl on stage? We ask for applause? We sing only 2 verses. If you are nervous, say your step down Well? Good Well, you let go of your hand? Are you ready? meet love There is one hope inside Understand, understand this love will never end We calmly live Star-I’m a witness Even if the heart breaks into 1,000 pieces of love for life We will go one way our dreams are in our hands It’s hard … Even if I’m sure to ask Is it hard to say love? Hold again for my heart Who is this girl? Love for life will go one way our dreams are in our hands Difficult … Even if I’m sure, just ask Is it hard to say love? Hold again for my heart Mustafa, take the girl from the scene, quickly

Let’s go, ma’am Ma’am What is your name? Haziran I did not hear How do you play? Here we go! Here, but quickly. please convey Is that true? A moment ago I was on the stage? Right yes But you cannot be here. Go -Hazi … -Asu. -My dear Do you see, I go on stage! He talked to me All I filmed. That is love! Przeżywaliście’s love on stage! Love! -I have something that belongs to him. -What is that? -It Arasa? -Yes. -How are you right? He dropped it -Popatrz It! You left at home? You have to leave at the box office. -Asu didn’t leave. I give back -How are you back? -He dropped the bracelet, and I saw how, stupid, just took it This happy bracelet Arasa, we have to pay him, let’s go I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I just walked out of here, you remember? You just walk out of here, even two minutes do not pass Well, Mr. Aras has ochroniarza. Nice boy, slim boy. Can you request it. He knows me Brother, do good deeds, nothing. Please, this is very important Let him be happy with you, almighty I also want to see -Welcome, I’m Haziran, I’m on stage, you take me there. Yes, what is that? -I have to give. -Give it. -No Falls, I have to give back. This is very important for Arasa, I can’t entrust someone -Zróbmy So. God will show you a place, and I will be there waiting, I will quietly stand up, please. -Well, let’s go, follow me Only one person. You stand here -see here, and I’ll just … which means I’ll … -Asu, please, because he won’t let me. Please Let’s go, hurry up a little Well, leave, you go Open the door Sok! And what am I a terrorist? I will kill Arasa? Yes, dear? I’m kidding, but you take everything seriously. I look like a girl? Oh, God! Come here. Hakan, waiting at the door Come, you wait here. Move faster, pass My dear. You are great! Beautiful! And how do you like it?

-Przyjacielu, you gave a stone. You kidnapped the audience, my friend. -in Raitingu national’re in the first place -Harun, come on, please. -Listen, Brother -Dziewczyna He was invited on stage … -It’s the one singing the song? This girl …. -Find that girl What if we find this girl? You just came out with the most important concert of your career. Our record: within 5 minutach- 20,000 sprzedaży.Zamiast asks that you ask about this girl Friends, go out already, right? Yes Don’t press the boy, just finished the concert -Well, what, dad? What happened again? After all, you promised that today you will not enter into me And you promised me something. You said you were not in love Father, do you realize what you want from me? So, you are obsessed with this girl? You already rejected me, her father There is no obsession. I saw it one time and was only interested. What is that? This is also prohibited? -So leave. Exit! Daddy! Go now. Look for this girl Search, whichever you want. I forgot his father Already you are talking nonsense Boy -Listen, in our environment is a saying. “The scene is unstable, you have to be careful” Or be a good child and not oppose the father who raised you to that status Or raise the flag of rebellion and forget about his father. Do you understand? I do not understand! I am very curious, Dad Why are you so scared? This is not you giving up. I’m not like my mother -Rozmawiaj Right, son! -I won’t! I’m not a doll! I am your child, son, forget for sure! You do not force me to do everything you want! Get out on stage and sing instead of me if you want! Enough! Aras! Aras! Aras, I say! Aras, where are you going? Aras, try to get out of this building, try it! I did not go out! I will not go, I’m here! Everything you want! I did not go out! You Hi I’m looking for you in the sky -Szukałeś Me? Me? Who are you? -Haziran. -Haziran

We have seen before? That is, for tonight? I know you Do you know me? You only know this person, who is on the poster. This is not the real me Mr. Fikret … -What do you want? -Dziewczyna … -Don’t tell me anything about this girl! Mr. Fikret, he is in the room, who came Aras. -What?! -Fikret! And the big difference? -Aras, open the door! -Fikret, Please! Do not do it Believe me, do not know how much of a big difference -Calm Up a little. -Leave me from it! -Aras, Open the door, because if not then it will be very bad! Aras, open, I say !! -Don’t worry, soon the door will be balanced -Don’t do this …….. they will do? -Zrobią -Fikret, please, please. -Odejdź, Don’t mess up Do you want to say something? -I see you I see you -Zabierzcie Girl fast! -All come your way, Dad? Are you happy? -Yes, you are fired Get out of here! Exit! -Brothers, Brothers, all right? -Mówiłeś About the event, now it’s time and go there Good night -Zapłaciłyśmy Crazy money, poor them! -Zapomniałam Give the bracelet. Of course, you forgot, this man is crazy! -Aras Is so angry. When I see him as completely forgotten. -Chłopak fight with his father We call them famous. And they also have families and disputes tend, but they can make peace. Still a father and child Asu, I hear with my own ears. He said he was looking for me in the sky, and was found on the ground. He said so What did I say, Asu? “I feel that tonight something happened.” Precisely as you say -I said .. I’m very happy -Come on, I’m tired. tomorrow we will talk I’m afraid Why do not you sleep?

-We don’t sleep until their children return home, Haziran. Everything is alright? -Even imagine you can’t, Mom. -And you are happy? -Very happy -So, and I’m very happy. My daughter, my kochana.Maleńka Brother, and where are you? Outside are reporters Mr. Aras. You spend the night alone? Why did you go out the back door? Go up, Drive. Don’t lose it! -Brothers, Already exceeded speed, nothing happened? -Pluć On it, he is drunk behind the wheel if you can it lose? -She was very fast he went, I hope that will not happen Dear viewers, now utrwaliliśmy extraordinary accident! An extraordinary accident recently happened! Our famous singer, popular celebrity, just had an accident Now I go to him, but first I want to say one thing, what you see now will not forget for years! Previously I warned I hope that you Arasowi nothing happens. Mr. Aras okay? You have an accident. Ambulance is on the way It seems you are a little drunk. Are you honored to release an album? -Chwileczkę. Are you filming? Yes, film. -Podejdź, Come closer -Gdyby Not this, do not uwierzyłabym.Wszystko this we survived? Very well you do, God! Wait, I will send -Wcale don’t want to watch. Honey, come back already! How about you, what happened ?! -Wczoraj Night I dream of nightmares, Asuman. I have to have to give this bracelet -What about a bracelet. -Czyżbyś Can’t see, he always got him, stole his talisman -Z Because you took the bracelet, even though nothing will happen to him. Keep calm -Asu What are you doing, what’s the gossip? You talking about a man Haziran? -Who? Who is my girlfriend? -This Aras. the situation. What happened to Aras. -Ignorantka -Wujku, tell me what happened? Really everything is wrong with you, but I’m not so stupid like you. Because I read all the news in the morning, that’s what I know Look at this. Sorry

-Wciąż Even sleep, porażko? Wake up, wake up! -What happened father? What? Once again, we are in dispute? Come here! Wake up! Come here! You and me … Lost? You and I … Come here. my lion I haven’t forgotten my father, either So forget the injury. We will celebrate and then again offend What are we going to celebrate? Record? We beat the record? -And what do you think? -Super! Of course, that’s great! You are Dumo’s father! Now I am calm. But father, I really stopped. Go and make yourself a cup of coffee, and I will take a shower, and then to properly celebrate No, no. Do you not remember? Come on Come and sit on the side. Let me show you something. You will be very happy -Was they posted? Take and see My stars, we can not get satisfaction from życia.Dlaczego? By my beloved father More specifically, that king Fiko is happy Wait, not finished yet Are you filming? Come on I will say something else Wait, now the most interesting. Especially for father Daddy, listen Everything as you wish. Only works. And nothing else Look at me! Look at me, I’m saying! Say: “Father, I made a mistake.” For years, that’s a lie. All difficulties for nothing Speak !!!! Speak! I have to hear it. Speak out I made a mistake, Father. No need you have worked for me Throughout my life I was very disappointing Even your mother Berlin – Germany / Dear viewers, now we have witnessed a pleasant accident … / -Well, I will add this song to their repertoire. – I’m working on another, God forbid I can do it, as you taught me / Our famous singer Aras had an accident, walking to him now / -Siostro, this is not your child? -Piosenkarz Aras has an accident Nanny!

Uncle, wait! Uncle, I have to make a place soon – What happened again? -This is very important! -Stój, you stop! Do not go to God! -What’s the problem, say? -Bransoleta Arasa me, I must ask him -Give me this bracelet Well, see You know how much it sells? -Wujku! God, god -Well, well, come on, you have a headache uncle, come on -A girl you go inside, it’s cold outside -Wujku. -Don’t make up -Wujku. -Don’t make up. go Get in the car. God Waiting for God. Once again I will see Kursat, for God’s sake, give it to me! Don’t laugh, please, he can die I do not want to laugh. Don’t panic, once act like a man Yes, only big Do you know what we survived? He can’t even make sauce. My father would not let even take him to bed. He rages! They left him at home and left -Was now with him? Yes, but I did not take. Who knows what he did to him I am Aras Talking Brother in law! Sitting What happened, Fikret? What did you do? -Porozmawiałem with him. He does not pamięta.Teraz we will release a statement He will submit a complaint to the reporter? Yesterday was threatened … And if something Aras will happen ?! I would do anything, not think about it. Go now for better Arasa -Well. I want to go. I will see you at the office. -Well baby -Znajdziesz This reporter and did it, he hoped he was born. Do you understand? -Obrażasz Me -Odbierzesz The type of position, and not a trace must be followed. Done with him, but that your sister is not learned -Well brother, you insulted me. Do you know about our other things? -Not good. Immediately work out, then come to the office. -Well Don’t even think about my father, I fix everything Even if I don’t finish – you have me a beautiful car Thank you, Gulcin what would I do without you? Do not rub, my makeup Good morning! AAHA, very good day Aras. Your father has prepared texts for reporters I will tell you. Do not fear anything about this sensation but … this girl at the concert, very nice. I did not forget them What is the name? God. Everyone asks about his name. I do not know the name! By the way, a woman is coming, waiting for you outside Who? How do I know who? Take it don’t see who that is

What? Sonny I watched the news Have you come to punish me? Not. I have come to be with you You come to my place You remind ourselves of 15 latachch? Zeyno ?! What? Are you waiting for me to call you mom? By the way, why did you come? Did your career in Berlin fail You run out of money? Look, if so, tell me. I will write a check. 50 thousand. or 100, just tell me Not. Niczgo is unnecessary This is enough for me for years And you your kocerty report I watched it many times Beautiful In this case you can be proud of yourself Meaning? I will tell you Mama Aras. Aras, child Where are you? If you are here to get out I found you. everywhere you look for my child. Come here Why don’t you leave the scene. Something someone said? Are you afraid to No, I’m not afraid Why do not you leave They do not like me God, how are you from, son? I don’t even love myself, why should they love? Do you really think this is my child? my eagle. I really love you Really left, he left me if he loved me? Do you want you not only mom but still and 100 thousand. love people? Yes 500 thousand so million? so I will make you a star that we all fall in love with you. They love you so much that they will spend the night at your door They will be prepared in your drawing house. They will panic to hug you Not one person but for millions of people like you, child Now my child will not leave, will not be able to stop. Do you want that? so But there is one condition. You will always listen to me. You will do what I say. You promised?

I promised father Come here, we embrace. My Lewku, how you smell wonderful So I came today And now you are very happy, right? Thanks to her father? That’s why you were in a situation like yesterday? When you are not ashamed, can conscience blame someone? Because it is something you do not know Enough! What did I not know ?! You have received a good offer and left Do you think that all this ?! Your father did not tell me what happened then! Therefore, he could not say. To me for this answer! What? Mr. Fikret, Aras had a fight with blondes, he called him son Zeyno Fiko the king himself. What did you do to my child? Rose Zeyno their homeland Do you think that you can still call him son? Come here. Look me in the eyes and say Don’t you dare, right? But I have Forgotten who am I? I’m not like a doll painted beside you I want? You say something baby? Do you think you are too ordinary to talk with you? No darling, you cannot talk We will go to you Want to know why I came? I would say. I came back to be with my child Come with me At first explain to me …!

What is this? !! You oczerniłeś child soul! He had an accident, a miracle he did not die. I do not know how I fly by plane I’m wrong number. This will not happen again How do you know? How? Because I raised him! Sam You see! Not without reason crashes on the streets He entered you. crazy Don’t you have brought it to madness? Zeyno enough Enough already Now tell the truth Why did you come? Aras needs me Our child is a Zeyno star. Has everything. All of Turkey to chase him My child is at the top. He does not need you That’s where I need it, at the top. I saw with my own eyes Fiko. There is only level There is a way. I cannot let you live. For nothing What are you afraid of? Look me in the eye. Why are you afraid that I will? Why are you afraid that I will? Do not be afraid. I will not say why in 15 years I cannot return from Germany won’t know it’s you we split I have not hung a mother with her child Zeyno Why can’t you look me in the eyes, then? You ran away from Fiko’s answer Don’t be afraid, don’t know if you are human. He has lost his mother, I will not take his father And what will you do? What do you want to do? I will get love from a child, I will be with him, but I do not know Can I work in an office I will do what you do What will you do? I made a star, Zeyno, gwiazdy.To be very difficult Give me one month If the same lowlands do not raise stars to heaven, my name is not Zeyno If you are unsuccessful, you are the same day you leave. promise I no longer have anything to fear you Gulcin, left me many years ago and now remember that she is mother? Mother, is it simple? Well, don’t worry, Fikret send where you need to Who sent it, baby? I encourage protection Order any girl. screams of hunger stomach Excuse me? You only learn words Sorry and I’m sorry, I’m sorry and I’m sorry It is possible that once you kierowałaś this. It is possible that we all jumped around you But let me tell you something. The past does not return, Mrs. Zeynep You are born, fine But when Aras grows

Not you, and me next Do what you want, but you are not here, I am me Sorry. I am very afraid Get the fuck! What will you drink? Having fun Soon father will come and you will bring You’re talking about Fiko? About the person who gave me a hand and let it be? It is a lie! When I see the news on TV I don’t think for a second That’s why your father doesn’t know, but me I know very well what it’s like to fall in a child Dont worry Your mother is here now I don’t know what you have done to convince his father. But in my life there is no place for a woman who for 15 years cannot remember, that is mother And there will be no place If you still want to be, consider this Zeyno Good morning, I want to see Lord Aras Do you promise for a meeting? No, but I have to give him something very important Sorry, I can’t leave you without an appointment Well, don’t let it, but can you call her? I have something that belongs to him. It will be very happy Please Your name? Haziran Brother, I ask you, or say that he will come back, or make trouble for us. What do you say? Don’t pull the cat’s tail, Kursat What if he starts returning to the past? And if all we sail? What are we doing? Enough! If I say that it’s none of your business, I mean, that’s the case. I am responsible for Zeyno. Now out! Brother, I know this woman, and you know it well. He is crazy. I just said that it would create more problems for us By the way. If you and I do something, I do it for your request, don’t forget You threaten me? A ?! A ?! Exit! Let’s get out! But you do not listen to me! I ask you! Mr. forced us to Mrs. led. -I went through a trip like this, I’m asking you! What’s going on here? Two thugs pulled the girl, aren’t you ashamed? Come on, come to your assignment! And you go out pięknotko, do not force me to cross the border Ms. misunderstand I want to give … this is very important for Arasa Where did you find this bracelet? How this can be. How can you let this woman into our lives? Shhhh … Calm down, child. I let nothing. You do not know your mother

Yeah, well I know his father I do not want him to see here You do not understand me. If I forbid him he will not stop. It is unknown what that means and the method to come running Why do you agree? For no agreement. I just assumed that he found talent and made him a star. Thoughts that come to him easily Say it again I tell the truth. He lost it at the concert. Together we sing. I have a video I was there Pause for a moment What is your name? Haziran We love Arasa? Where did you learn to sing Haziran? Mana, I sing to myself Good. Are you thinking of professionals taking care of this? Ms. You’re kidding? If you want, I can make a big star No kidding I am very serious I am Zeyno … Mom Arasa Come on Mrs. Zeyno What? Zeyno’s mother is a beautiful, trusted proposition. I do not know what to say … But I have to ask my mother Girl, you fly bird of happiness, what mother? Yes, of course. But I have something that I do without question OK, fine. I will take his approval. You will now not sign. Only you know If you don’t want to see your case Aras Aras will be there? Yes. I will direct you to him. Sam you give him a bracelet What?. You came to say that I changed my mind? It is a difficult task to find a star And what are you thinking about? It’s harder to find an hour Where you are in an hour, you will find I will show Come here … come on! Before you my new star experience Aras Haziran