Yo-kai Watch 3 – Part 6: TERROR TIME! (100% Walkthrough)

Welcome back everyone. It’s Abdallah here with another exciting episode of yokai. Watch 3. Uh Nintendo 3ds, we’re gonna continue on with our awesome Let’s play the game thing you guys so much for watching. Thanks for entering our giveaway And of course, thanks for answering our comment question the day, what’s your favorite cat? Yokai. Oh, that’s a good one There’s too many cat. Yokai out there Uses somebody shuts him up and I can’t practice there unless someone does that. Ok, unless someone does it so Where Why not should be in the delivery bay behind the sunset mall? There’s three of them to deal with I’ll be at the Springdale underground area All right, so we’re gonna go beat up some of these dudes and we’re gonna hopefully go get a bike. All right I’m out of here, man. Yo you the moment you said bike I’m all down cuz I do not like running around with this little stamina meter All right, let’s go it’s bike time so we know exactly where to go this is chapter 3 on inaho or this is chapter 3 on inaho or A lien of course. Oh, wait a second. Hold on Yokai, here is a yokai spot or is this just a regular old? Yokai Who’s this a Babel on a Babylon sitting on a chair? What are you doing over here, man? What are gonna tell me? What info do you have today? Babylon proper Lao are it’s a bit of Babylon. Come here Oh, can you see me? Yep? Yep. Yep amateur. Okay my token you heard how about it tell me something good You know what you’re doing give you some good info and you okay battle they lose HP If you’re not placing a recover, but it’s not easy recovered by your own power or putting your yokai You can use healing techniques. Come on, man But there’s only a few yokai you can use healing techniques telling your names. All right, that’s it wiggling and stepa They’re floating down the beach. Then there’s sanma tugging Tungus. They’re always in there. So that’s pretty great Thanks, buddy, I guess you gave me the the whereabouts of sanma and Tungus Tungus is good. I don’t have any complaints about Tongass. So, you know what since we’re here. Let’s go to the store We’re gonna go to the store and I’m gonna start selling some stuff What’s up, staff member? I got some stuff for you buddy. Here we go. Check this out

I don’t need a stamina alpha which is five bucks really good. That’s good money. I Don’t need getaway plush. You could take three of those for three bucks iron dollars three bucks. But here we go We got a couple of them bronzed all 10 bucks a black syrup lottery ticket music cart Alright, I can I can sell those at another time Okay, so I don’t need to sell anything else. I’m sorry. I got milk I mean I really have a lot of money right now 35 bucks So I could spend it on shrimp rice ball for 6 bucks. You never know when you’re gonna need it So that’s like the best tier of the rice balls why Cola doughnut Not ramen getaway cup. Yeah, I don’t have any of these things. So I’ll be okay I’ll be okay. Thank you for your patronage. Let’s go So now that we’ve gone there let’s go exploring around. I want to go get this bike. Ooh, no startled for me I want to go get the bike or at least talk to this youkai that wants help And then they’re gonna ask us to go and set this the downtown area. So it’s here. You know what? Kinda I have it active right now, right? So there’s nothing else I need to do It says why not in the delivery Bay behind Sunset mall, so I’m just gonna I’m gonna trust this When I trust this arrow is gonna take me there if it’s gonna take me somewhere else Then we’re out of here because this Uptown Springdale guys. It’s not anywhere where we need to go Okay. So the navigator is navigating us to that. The school is just a stone throw away. Yeehaw my first day at school All right. So that’s fine. The Navigator is allowing us to do that. I wish there was another way Yokai pad a radar It says that we could have navigated that oh My holy moly. I Guess that’s a thing and you can take a look at the bottom screen there There’s got to be a way of navigating to that like if you go over to a quest or something Fancy that magazine like we’re on Chapter three right now, which is cool. But like I don’t really care about that I want to get his bike So I thought there was a way of navigating with it I Don’t know Whatever, you’re just gonna have to figure it out okay, so sunset Mall is Where the heck is a sense at law? There’s a tunnel. Oh, yeah Here’s the sunset mall right over this way and then the shipping bay behind sunset mall I may be it’s gonna be like this little alley or something Okay, so this is the delivery Bay and here’s an on Dena a Wine unde let’s go beat up a why not and see if this one would count. There’s a yeah, there’s three of them here Perfect. Perfect. Knock them out fast forward they’re gonna die in like one hit anyway from we SAP guns firepower. So this is great 67 shots just you don’t even have to worry about anything. Okay? None to not eatin that bread so now we beat up all three of them and I’m going to take a look at my Chi net to see if it shows How many I need left? Okay Now to the Springdale underground area. Okay, so there’s three of them to deal with we got them and Then we’re gonna go to Springdale underground area and we’re gonna go meet our buddy So delivery Bay, there’s really there’s an item over there. Yeah, I guess I could go turn around grab that So let’s go grab that item. Let’s not get seen by nah, why not? Let’s go. Oh, it’s simple badge. That’s pretty good as simple as like for defense, right? Okay, here we go. You wish anything Oh Little angel heels. Alright, that’s pretty cool. Sorry. Oh, come on. I Mean, I don’t need this baby experience. So it’s just kind of a waste of time at this point. Well beat up there’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll beat them but We have zero healers on our team So treater is actually getting treated right now Simply because he cannot treat er cannot take magical attacks. He’s got nothing. He isn’t just a physical. He’s a physical wall I’ll take those hits but that’s what really it Yeah, he’s totally getting treated right now, all right Let’s go to the Springdale underground area We can do that through this area here if I jump down a and I did see that one item over that way I don’t really care about it. I’ll be fine. So this is the tunnel and This is the underground area Springdale underground parking lot is not where we need to be. No go-cart out of the way, man I got to get this bike Alright so the only yokai that I got worried about is NaN Why not? No go kart, like I’m gonna be this physical tank. I’m gonna take all these hits for now Come on run over and grab that health. No, all right Okay, okay

Okie dokie who do just ran right into him. That’s fine aim for none Why not? Why not first? Yo treater Treater has no health so I better find an eye PO or something for him He’s really not the best of tanks and once we get mine, yon We’re gonna be all set. Didn’t mind yawns gonna be really fun Okay, spring tail underground area now where could he be There’s an exclamation mark over here wasn’t there. Oh, you just sit down it’s great All right. So he says that he is at now you learn some I’ll be at Springdale underground area I’m in Springdale underground area. Where are you? Oh, there you are Huh? Huh. Did you manage to drive that why not character out from the back out? I did You bet you won’t be quizzing you with nonsense questions anytime soon. You did brilliant. Thank you so much Okay, hoppy period What’swhat’s hoppy period What’s his name again What experience a chicken curry that’s fine we’ll bonus whatever I don’t care about it. I’m not ever gonna get a serious life so Iron doll or dancing star great Now I can finally hit the road again. Oh no This bicycle is too tall. My feet won’t reach the pedals. Sorry to sound like why not. But why did you buy it then? Dagnabbit? Well, I just really want it. That was all. Oh I see you’re an impulse buyer. Sounds like me and spark appleís No, one turn aged on the point of buying a bicycle when you can’t even ride Yeah, yeah, I know here. I’ll let you have it Fresh lime Yeah, we got that fresh lime bite. Oh Really psyche. I’ve always wanted a bike for ages. Thanks a lot. No problem I’m just glad to find someone who’ll take it off my hands Well, I ain’t never met anyone so fickle but thank you. Kindly you look at a bike. I’m excited about that Let’s go to school. I’ll show off our new bike over at the elementary I’m actually really happy about that because in yokai watch 1 I Remember or like you know? Even you look I watch – you don’t get a bike for a long time and it’s just like alright, come on design elements Let’s go. Give me a bike really quick so I can go where I want to go Hey, hey, oh my knee mo. You’re are you even worth it? I Wish bikes had the ability to like do tricks on them. That’d be really fun Come on miny moe, come on Lea Dhoni. His name is Lea Dhoni. I Wonder what you’ll get Lea Dhoni your arm is gigantic Whoa, yokai jumped out what come on Better be a rerio guy Okay, it’s just what just nice knowing you buddy I Better go hide treat her behind your sappy on over here All right, there’s one down so I got it oh, yeah, I can purify that’s a thing right And you get even more experience for doing so that’s cool, yeah our yokai I really really need a healer So, I don’t know if I should go to mount wild wouldn’t get Tungus or or try some new ones. But Babylon was Doing a good job Babylon was telling us what’s up? Okay, so that was interesting a good waste of time let’s uh, let’s just get that time back here we go. Oh We’re going so fast now, so there’s probably an AI PO nearby. Yeah written the bank there’s a typo So I’m gonna jump in here. We’re in heal up Doo doo doo doo doo doo and Look at that you can sprint on the bike too. So good So moving on going all the way up to Springdale Elementary and we’re gonna advance the story a little bit here Bringing back memories of yokai. Watch to you. Ok. Watch one check this out. Nope, no startled for me At least not yet we don’t have we don’t have what’s his name the little garlic kid snitch it oh

Hey there Eric Your head looks like a rice ball, oh Hey What’s made your mood chip malfunction summer vacation? It’s such a pain. How what are you talking about? Summer vacation is our break from pain not if you got a taste for the cafeteria, it’s not to buy the cafeteria Can’t just they open all year round, huh? You Springdale folks sure are backwards. They don’t have that problem in bvq. Good for BB q Anyway, I’ll go to third floor library, I guess You know, that’s not a thing here, I don’t know what they’re talking about at least not in like Chicago when I was growing up Schools don’t stay open year-round use go there and eat in the cafeteria. That’s not a thing That’d be awesome prepare yourselves books for i/o right library. Sorry, sorry What a weird little one How is that Ashley over there hey Ashley what you’re reading there Nothing that would interest you She’s frosty err than a penguin in winter Well, she does come on. She does come off kind of cold, but she’s really okay if you say so Say what’s this on Ashley’s bag? Oh Whoa, its champion aka sapiens a long-lost twin That is not my long-lost twin. The face are identical. Could it be they modeled champion a SAP gun? Maybe I should call you a champion. No, that’s lame who’s sappy I’m just gonna go backwards you varmint Nice dodges dang, she’s pretty nimble. Look at that. Whoa. Whoa. Sorry, I’ll shut up So feeling better now anyway back to detective studies you never even started dating grab it Blah blah analysis observation theorem. Here we go outfit obviously the most important thing for any detective is a costume that means I need to get me one of those fancy coats with a Mantle you’re being all hat. No cattle. Oh, yeah. I should totally get a hat too No, I mean you’re only focusing on the style instead of the substance Study session over time to head to spar Kapil is for a detective outfit. Hold your horses first I want you to see the cranky guy. It’s not too far from round here Cranky guy. I like the sound of that. We’ve got the coins for it. Now. We just need to get there. I Checked out the crank akai. What oh The order of operations. I don’t know if I have any cranks. I just went there dude I’m gonna way ahead of myself here All right. Let’s get you up now that I got a bike. It’s gonna be super easy to check out that crank, huh? I’m at Wildwood. Shrine should be right behind the elementary school. Cranky KY is by the sacred tree Did you forget what and miss the chance to find a yokai? That’s actually charming oh, why you all perfect I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that a Yokai, that’s actually charming. Well, good luck My cranky Chi lock is utter garbage nonsense. So with that being said We’ll do our best but the fact that we got our bike really early on is just super cool Yeah, oh man you can I think you can go with the entire way of those stairs without getting off your bike Oh Without further ado. Let’s crank the crank akai. Hold the phone didn’t we get some other coins darn tune? We did all fit further crank akai Okay. Got a green coin cool. Hey, this coin is different code from the person. What’s the deal? Uh, whatever new yokai come to mama Where’s my select a coin man? Oh Dang wait just a moment You there did you just crank the crank? Okay, who me? Yeah you did you crank it Well, I was gonna but then this old a weirdo kind of gotta know man. Oh, wait a second. Mr mustache dude, you can see yokai that Is but a triviality what matters is my timing and that was a close one. You almost suffered a great loss Did I if you say so Yes, you almost missed out on the chance to earn more cranky guy turns Unsatisfied with three cranks that’s where the dartboard comes in slide up the wheel and Spin the throw the dart your score equals a crank limit for the day Some cranky guys will let you get up to two more first prize markers on the board You can get up to 30 cranks with just a single creak if you’re unlucky

If you don’t feel like it then it’s three cranks a day, by the way Your cranks are tied to your save data. You can shoot darts only once per day. Good luck Well, who would have thought the cranky Cairo’s would be so complex Well the phone does that mean I almost lost my chance at 30 turns indeed So considers of lucky I’ve arrived in the nick of time. We’ll do it. Thanks mister. We’re old mustache guy Well, you’re here. You’re way more helpful than you SAP you on He didn’t tell me a thing about this how in tarnation I was supposed to know Let me say it once more you only get one shot per day at the dartboard And the number of turns you are allowed are one per save data. Okay, I Got what you mean and with that I bid you farewell Mr. He’s not gonna fart or anything come on that was like his best thing He may be an old crackpot, but he sure seems to know his stuff So what anyway though the dark dark already. Once you’ve done that you can use that coinage Okay, I’ll do that while you look out for more random interruptions. I Could have sworn we cranked on a previous episode but anyway take aim and fire want more spins. Try your luck on the dartboard Yeah, let’s go. You must save your game before playing darts. Cool So again, you can’t save scum. You can’t do that. Let’s play some darts All right, I’m gonna press the a button to throw and what do you know we got three cranks Wow Nice dance buddy You can spend the cranky guy three times Well, here’s one, give me a good healer Yo, you got an T heart first prize and then I don’t even know who that is on second prize, but hook it up Dang it, I’m telling you. My crank akai luck is terrible a medium x4. It’s a free gift that costed me the coin. Oh My gosh, this is a good one, it’s a paean one more come on into the coin Thank God no more. You have to get those yourself. Ah Useless No coins. No knowledge about darts. Hey Whatever, I guess I’ll work with what I’ve got that since we’re done here. Let’s hit spark awfulest first We need to get the train from Springdale Central Station. Oh great. Oh Great, we got trains. So now that we’re here. We’re gonna go into inventory. I’m gonna use that medium X board and then we’re gonna give it to SAP Beyond and There we go. 500 experience points. That’s an easy level up. Good job level 17 now you guys might be wondering Hey Abdallah, you should really start going and leveling up your yokai evenly throughout that. No, dude. Let me play my game How about that? You play your game? I’ll play mine No, but seriously What you want to do is, uh you want you’re not gonna be taking the other yokai to endgame You’re gonna be taking yourself in and game. That’s for sure So keep that in mind when there is X Forbes, it’s like a limited resource You don’t want to use it just all willy-nilly and like have this little notion in your head that says Oh blaze Eon You know, I don’t want him to feel sad so I better give him the export nah, dude Just give it to a SAP gun. And then once you find some s ranks then start working those guys All right. So where exactly are we going now? I’m too busy off on a tangent I’ll get off my soapbox and we’ll we’ll continue on So moving on with the radar it looks like we’re going to downtown Springdale Yeah, here we go. Here’s the florist, you know, we never did get to go inside the florist shop It’s just always been like that landmark in all the generations of yokai watch Has always just been a landmark and you couldn’t ever go inside it But like why even make it a landmark? Okay, so mmm forgive the quick cut We’re now finding that that it’s raining outside, it’s pretty interesting. So let’s head on over and let’s see what we can see. I’m excited It looks like we need to what train time So my day pass expired so I may have to purchase another one of these things so I’m gonna buy a day pass for 350 And we’re gonna head on over to spar Coppola. S’ spar coppa list is I got the hiccups for some reason Spark op Alyssa’s right next door if you guys take a look over here, it is directly the Green Street, so ya pay attention and I have the hiccups. It’s not cool. I Got to drink some water and dying Okay, not bad This is the train you want to take Pickups will not go away At all, all right. Hmm, so we’re going to Green Streets Park Coppola station You can absolutely take any of these trains to any locations But for right now what you really want to focus on is going to Green Street

Dude Is there a youkai that in spirits you to allow you to have the hiccups like non-stop? There should be There should be a yokai that insulin in spirits. Yeah, I Said yes, right a Defaults to yes Oh coke on. I Thought a defaults the yes, so now I’m gonna have to get off on this one And take the next train back. I’m too busy with these hiccups. It’s bad Why wouldn’t it default to yes, uh Default say yes with the a button default to no with the Biba Hey Leanne, it’s raining Set central line to spring station. Yeah, let’s go okay So this is the one we’re gonna go back to Green Street, and then we’re gonna be all set Do not miss your train and that’s the thing too. It’s like mister. Oh my gosh, can I just not do this? Can I just not have hiccups right now, I’m gonna try to hold my breath Uh-uh, okay. No hiccups. No, it’s just gonna happen. I’m gonna get out right over here and the show must go on Regardless of if there’s a yokai inspiriting me with hiccups Okay, so now that we’re out here let’s leave and we can go do our thing that we need to do On that Note what kind of store would even be selling a detective costume since it’s a specialist costume own thing in anime. Chum There are plenty of big detective series. So I’m sure they’ll have some costumes That’s the place where I sold the UFO UFO Kai watch. Yeah, they just sold the last limit edition figure So I got that instead, huh? Hold on a moment Could it be that you were the one who made off with that last figure uh-huh guilty as charged? You mean to tell me all that was part of your plan. You beast of no virtue That’s fine there’s nothing wrong that we ended up getting it anyway Right you sappy on bribed us with it in order to help him find the doctor it’s ours, what are you mad about Halt sights set on Detective costume analyzing price tag How much is it going? For more than my allowance permit, even if I save it for like a year how in tarnation can anyone afford that? Oh, well not to get a technical office, but that’s gonna be so much harder to find Exit anim Chum Oh Yeah, whoa, okay, okay. I remember this from my Japanese version So this is scary and this took me out quite a while to do Well, oh My gosh, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Haley Thomas This is no time for pleasantries. See you’re confusing gar. Gross Bra, you you don’t get it. This is Tara time You walk in the street you get random Tara time You want to skip Tara time you find door you get spotted by gar grows an Oni friend We not stop chasing you. You see what only a friend can see on touchscreen, but you not escape Get it now. I Charge you terrified you run away Before that. Mr. Kargh arrows, could you hold that face? You’re making I got to get a photo of it I Swear if he could see it you would laugh Then grab it laughs Gras and use your really booked a dentist appointment your teeth are so crooked ha ha ha

Well, we were talking about that before. I know it may seem scary. But seriously you need braces You’re kidding oh boy, uh speaking of appointments, I think I’m late for one gotta run Okay, well we’re here I have to pick up the ten Oni orbs in order that will unlock the Oni door It’s interesting Oh Gosh girls is right there. I’m stuck What oh And I get caught on that, okay, what the heck No, I can’t win Oh That was weird, I must have dreamt it jumped up what now nothing. Come on Um, okay, so We got to do this we’re forced to do this and it’s hard It’s hard man and garden roses going right in my area too. Like what the heck? And you can’t skip this part either so that’s kind of annoying I gotta collect all those Oni orbs and hit the door dude. This is so rough I’m still having flashbacks to my JP version of this Well, it looks like the oneor respond in different places, which is kind of good I Need to somehow wait for this guy then go behind him No way Where does this guy move? Oh gosh hurry. This guy’s coming right my way. It’s over. It’s it’s over Wow, I don’t know how I didn’t get spotted right there that’s ridiculous I Just stood and like prayed hahaha hoping and praying man. Ok So I got 2 out of 10 There’s one here, but it’s on that top ledge and I want to make sure that I can get it by sneaking behind this dude The one there alright? Okay, so I can hide over here I want to be able to see where this guy goes what’s his pattern Oh, he’s coming right back. That’s not good. So Since he’s doing that I’m gonna I’m gonna go this way And I think I could sprint over and grab this and go. Yep Hmm. Okay. So then these guys patterns there’s three down there like this is a hotbed I guess I could have snuck behind them. But better safe than sorry. Just gather this data, dude. We need the data Hmm oh

Gosh I’m stuck right here. I’m gonna get seen Like I want to sneak across the street but it’s like it’s too risky carga roses over there Mm-hmm. Everyone’s here. Oh gosh He’s coming right for me. Oh Man wool. That’s scary dude, that’s real scary One fear oh gosh. Oh gosh. Oh gosh. Oh gosh. Oh gosh. She’s coming right at me stop Okay, so now I can go behind this guy oh My goodness, all right Second time’s a charm we got this So I only need three left if push comes to shove I could sprint right through there and grab them and then go home But this guy’s oh gosh. This guy’s coming straight at me Maybe I’ll just take the oh wait, he’s turning around Yeah, he’s turning around I’m gonna sneak right behind this guy Hmm This guy’s guarding that one pretty well I can go across and go behind him Okay, then there’s a guy all the way across there and he’s he’s literally doing the crosswalk and I don’t know What his patterns are? Oh Gosh it’s over. Oh gosh, go go go It looks like there’s a safe zone right there a purple safe zone I didn’t even know that was a thing I Won’t open what it’s locked Well wouldn’t Sam hell are we supposed to do now get the key the keys around here somewhere. You have to go find it Okay, the only way out of nightmare is through the door, but it’s locked So before – the door, you need to find the key successful us up Okay, just spin the crank akai The more oneiros you collect them better the rewards but you got guts crab as many orders as you can before heading for the exit What are you talking about? Where’s the key yet? quick What the heck I Thought I just had to collect the Oni orbs not with a dumb key Turn Oh Go Help girls Oh Get in get in get in get in I’m done with this all no No No You had to hold the a button to open it that’s stupid Okay, here we go so yeah, this is gonna be another attempt

So what we have to do is we have to make sure that we trigger this to get the key and then we can get Out of here. That’s really it. You don’t have to collect the Oni orbs at all if you want to collect them you can But it’s not necessary by any means. So all we literally have to do for this one is run up over here Grab the key and Get the heck out of here You can get the ten Oni orbs, which is gonna make your like Oni crank a little bit better But all we needed was that stinking key dude, it’s not you don’t have to do anything And look I’ll go I’ll go pick up this Oni or because right here I Kinda wanna go collect them, but I’m not about to waste any more time. Let’s go Mmm, good seems you got the key now. You can make your escape like I asked before whose darn voice Is that under my let’s just hightail it out of here. So long that mr. Gar girl. See you soon It takes two seconds to do like you don’t ever have to collect the Oni orbs, it’s not blasters that’s frustrating though Cool All right, like I was gonna get anything else like I was honestly gonna get anything else in my cranky guy luck didn’t matter oh You made it out safely Wow, mr. Timers and more. Oh, he’s the one who told us about the key. Yep That was me. You can see me what in tarnation who are you? Oh, I’m just plain old. Mr Good site owners of timers and more timer is amor. Yeah the watch shop and blossom Heights and As I suspected you seem to be the owner of a yokai watch You know about the yokai watch of course and it would do you good to come visit my watch shop Sure enough that fella seems to know things I’m fixin to know myself. Well, we must investigate further to blossom heights watch shop Okay, that’s pretty cool, this is our this is our area this is where we’re gonna have our thing locked ello cked That’s where our our detective agency is gonna be okay anyway Music card, we got to go to blossom Heights now and we’re gonna continue on wow, that was rough guys Oh my gosh, I got oh And a snart. Oh, hey Lee. You gotta follow traffic rules. Oh, My gosh, that was our first time messing around with that so let’s go to timers and more and let’s see we got The old man There’s no warpin two-timers and more anyway I had to take the train back there I Saw something sparkling over there, too Next train is going to be central line to spring station. That’s exactly where we have to go which is perfect So we’re gonna hop on this train and then we’re going to hopefully just finish off this I don’t know. What else is gonna happen. Are we gonna get a new watch or something? Shoot Yeah, so I’m really curious how many you guys are gonna be trying to get those 10 Oni orbs again those 1000 new orbs and Then going inside the terrier time door Feel free do it guys. I’m just I’m not about to do that. I said, yes I said, yes, right. I’m getting off here. I Didn’t do it I missed it again I missed the train station. I’m talking to you guys and I missed the train Stop Abdallah. Well, hey, you know what spring station maybe there’s a guy over there that I could get the stamp the stamp card Hmm arriving at spring station, but see it’s just like it’s just like trains in real life

Like if you’re not paying attention, you’re gonna miss your stop and that’s what it’s gonna be You give my sticker Welcome to spring station. Okay. What about you? Nope nothing for me in here Uh-huh. No one’s giving me the thing Stop talking me. I gotta catch the train Maybe it appears later on. I don’t know. So we’re gonna go back to Springdale central. We’re not gonna miss this train anymore I promise you guys I’m gonna I’m gonna pay attention to when it says that and then I’m gonna like I’m gonna click Because usually me I’m just like Tapani a button like alright, let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go All right blossom Heights we’re gonna go find mr. Good site And he’s gonna he’s gonna hook us up with some I don’t know what he’s gonna do But that’s gonna be a fun one. Here we go. Here we go. I Guess I can go the north exit. No, it’s not a Pipe oh here Yeah north exit climb. I got a bike. Well, we’ll be there in a jiffy check us out That’d be awesome if you can jump with the bike and then jump down the stairs that Would be so cool that way you don’t to get on and off of it, but that’s okay Okay, not the correct area the bakery is still here oh My gosh that was almost a startled appearance Okay, so here we go Springdale Blossom Heights looking good Correct blossom i’ts timers amor should be nearby Yes, it should remember when we walked Katie this way and you’ll come watch blasters We walked Katie over here and was pretty cool and we were protecting her from all the all sorts of yokai. Oh You made it so then should I take a look at your yokai watch just as I thought your rank is a little low Okay. Yep. Basically you get to power up your rank Let’s raise it and then he’s gonna be able to do that But I got to do some sort of thing for him of a small request a request Something strange has been going on with the wayfarer manors landlord lately strange I was hoping you can find out why if you can sort that out with him. Maybe we’ll see about raising your watch rank Okay, so that’s like right across the street. We don’t have to worry about that. So the wayfarer manner is landlord this is going to introduce it as StreetPass functionality within the game and Will be sat StreetPass in for pandan oak. Oh, yeah, right. Yeah, right No one’s gonna have pandan oka on this game Alright, which door am I just gonna go into any one of these doors or maybe the VIP room door? Room 105 Panda Areas, I sleep in a panda. No, it goes like VIP chair. Okay This guy the landlord wait is even a lie, of course is alive. He snores are so loud that they can make Zee signs He’s obviously just asleep and dummy if that’s the case and you should really be should you be really yelling that quite so loud? You’re the one who went and raised your voice in the first place Say shouldn’t all our hollering have woke him up by now Suspicious very suspicious and my suspicion says it’s a yokai is doing do you have to chew the scenery like that? And the culprit is nearby right under our noses in fact Okay, search around the landlord Oh who’s here Bach way okay way not Baku Found a yokai. All right. What’s he doing here? Well, who are you all oh so you’re the culprit that there be why yokai who gives people sweet dreams How dare he give people sweet dreams, I’ll never forgive such. Wait, is that even a bad thing? That sounds kind of nice Yeah, I am nice. I give people good dream, so they could sleep peacefully hmmm Well, sorry about that Oh sappy on let’s grovel and go now wait, I just got a dog gone minute She still causing trouble dummy. All right, I guess she is. Hey wait, can you knock off the inspiriting thing with the landlord? I’m healing his fatigue. I insist you do not interrupt me

Seems like asking won’t work. Looks like we have to battle Well, that’s cool that we learned a little bit about Paper and like papers personality. I never knew that way aloud 4:35 drain you’re done dude get to the back and you can come over here and we’re in a Sultanate. Oh Man cancel cancel. I’m just gonna fire this on to nothing Okay, wait for strong guys Wow That was a slightly tough battle slightly But those drain things that he was doing in order to get his health back He was completely draining out our or treater man. Our treater was getting treated Whoa far out I must have crashed for like five days. I wonder how many youkai wandered through here in the mean time What a bummer See, you know what? I know you meant well, but your antics were causing problems I was simply trying to help I never meant to cause trouble I reckon and someday you’ll be able to help someone I’d be happy to assist in any way I can if only someone would ask me Okay, then we’ll ask you come work for a detective agency. I could use some good dreams right now The agency is a dream. We ain’t got no office or nothing a detective agency sounds fantastic Please do. Let me join you. I will be my pleasure wiper. Ah, thank you. I’ll do my very best That’s a good yokai Yeah, absolutely Way per man. Come on. Welcome to the team asleep. Good ha ha whack you white and Munchie asleep Good ha ha ha ha ha good Sleep good. Wha all right. We’re totally gonna bring you on the team. I hope you’re a healer I hope you do some sort of feeling other than like draining. I don’t know what that waiver does. I never really used that All right, so we got a new yokai How are you oh thanks for giving me that wake-up call here’s something for your trouble ooh Fancy that issue 5 nice Oh a copy of fancy that thanks landlord guy don’t mention it. Lots of yokai tend to drop here So be cool if you swing again, okay Story Lang switched to Abdallah to activate story link. Yeah, we could do that. This place is open to any and all wondering yokai They drop in via StreetPass. That’s right. Great. Awesome I’m using my european 3ds. So there’s no way I’m gonna get a street pass legendary wandering yokai may crash Win battles and fill up your stamp card collect enough stamps and earn some far-out cranky guy coins Most impressive opponents and fights give more stamps right on get your groove on and stock up on stamps We’re already hooked up to my brother’s pad in the BB Q. So who knows you may get a yokai from bbq’s Diana? Okay, so that’s interesting. I like the concept It’s it’s rewarding you for getting street passes rather than just the 1% chance of beep and inoko. So I think that that’s amazing I love that. I love if I’ve kind of listened to feedback about all of that and made it even more engaging That’s it. So I’m actually gonna I don’t think I can yet I’ll go take a look at the nearest I po and we’ll get way per on the team cuz I don’t know Our tweeter or treater dude, he’s just not doing solo. Ok, so we saw the landlord. He’s fine now my apologies It was all because I was in spiriting him. I’m truly sorry. Sorry. I think that can be forgiven You learn your lesson, didn’t you? Yes, that was some fun work you too, and waiver won’t go doing that again So as promised let’s raise that watch rank That’s awesome. Whoo seconds got a yoke ipad2 And a backflip, you’re a rank D watch good good Okay rank is the letter somewhere as the power of your yokai watch you surely find some mighty strong Yokai, when your watch rank Rises you need to rank up past the watch locks that seal off certain areas You’ll have to complete a quest each time. You want to upgrade increasing your watch rank will allow you to explore new areas We talked about them junk or not Battle. Whoa. Thanks. Mr. Good site This will really help our detective work detective work Yeah, indeed. You see the truth is? AHA I see sounds like what the venture speaking of investigations lately

There’s been talk of some strange phenomenon occurring in spark appleís strange phenomenon Yeah, it seems anime characters have been coming to life there or something come in a life. That’s just unbelievable Seriously are you sure it’s not just cosplayers far Kabbalists is a fandom hub cosplay What what is that? Anyway, I wonder if it’s related to you falling into terror time. I see All right, then we’ll accept your request Now that I said that I guess we’ve got to gather information leave it to older SAP beyond all rudl around the KY net Okay continued with Abdallah to pick up some new hints, okay continue to Abdullah’s story All right, so I guess this is a very good stopping point The game is saying all right. Look continue to Abdallah story and we’ll we’ll get it going. So why don’t we do that? We’re gonna save over here it made for a great episode. We experienced terror time for the first time I collected all the Oni orbs But then I lost them Due to not really knowing exactly how the door opens up and you have to press and hold on it But that’s okay. We got some pretty cool. Yokai friends. I can’t wait to see you guys on the next episode It’s gonna be a really fun one. So make sure that you guys are all there and On board with it, right? Okay. So answer a comment question a what? What’s your favorite cat? Yokai I’m excited to read all of those Tommy on Tom. Yan is gonna be really really cool. I can’t wait He’s definitely one of my favorites and – and shogun, yan. And just there’s so many good neons out there Anyway, thanks for being here. Make sure you guys are all on top of watching a playlist. It’s on screen night right now So go check that out newest video on the channel their recommendations there. Make sure you guys are subscribed and turn on your notifications So your alert all the latest and greatest. Yokai watch content on youtube right here right now Thanks for doing that. We’ll see in the next one. Take care