Leaky Tub And Shower Faucet Repair | How To Plumbing

in this video to day we are going to going to were going to replace the seats I had a video actually was the same and I changed the washers out but Its starting to leak again were going to go back in The are probably turn are scratched Usually when the washers are torn and wore out this fast that’s what happens ok here we have our six-way screwdriver all the sides that we need philipe strait edg this is the seat wrench that were going to use here those right there are the tub wrench sockets and this is the handler puller just in case we have a handle that hard to pull off this will make it a lot easier and of course the blue channel lock plyers Ok were outside and were going to cut the water off to the house because behind that wall there is not separate cut off to cut the tub off so were going to cut it off to the house were opening it right here to relieve some of the pressure ok now were back inside and coarse we are going to start by removing the handles and you do notice towel down on the tub so that when I’m stapping in and out I don’t scare up the bottom too much I know it is a older tub and it could be use a re-glazed see these handles are not really only really tight me I mean there on tight but not to the point were you have to fight to get off so what we’re going to use it anyway just she how it works those guys out there that are watching that are car mechanics you’re probably familiar with this prosses because same the prosses they used to remove your steering wheel of car when they need to replace your steering wheel or do some work under dash Once we get this in place we start cranking down on it And we just cranking down util it pulls the handle right off like that another purpose for the towel down in the tub to prevent any thing from falling down into the drain We want to try and cover the drain as much as we can its easy to drop and screw and it will drop ok we just remove the escutions there called escutions these are the decorative part of the faucet and now here were using the tub wrenches which are like sockets and were going to find the right one to fit this one with socket wrench you don’t have to worry about trying to reach in there with with a regular wrench trying to get this off socket wrench makes this a lot easier you can see that washer that washer looks pretty good and they’re still water coming out here let me put this in minute give it a chase to drain down some

ok you see that washer looks good so the only thing left is a bad seat ok were going to open it up and realess some pressure and drain here in the tub the next time we pull the stem off we wont want so have much water coming out yeah we want to get as much water out to the line as we can and what I had to do is come into the year garage area turning off water heater because the hot water side siphon out of the water heater into the house so it can’t come out from the spout about right there you see that washer looks good no were going to shine a light up into the hole and lets see if we can see that stem and I do apologize for this this video because this is a new camera working with and I’m trying to learn my focuse on it pull the seat out and you can see what im talking about I need to give you the view I wanted to give you but this is the seat wrench and turn the seat seat ok lets see what we can see on the hot side and for you all out there that don’t know hot is always on the left and cold is always on the right

now looking at the seat I know you can not see it the way I see it there are some scare marks on the top of it and this is the problem with the leakage have marks and it’s scared up on the seats it will leak thru and prematurely ware you washers out here I want the store of course “The Home Depot” one of my favorite and every one ells this good this is a good screwdriver to get its a 6 way screwdriver and you seen the price right there and here are the channel lock plyers of been using you can see the price right there $13.97 dollar one and now we’re into the year section where the faucet parts are and were going the pick out a kit a repair kit that matches what we have in there and so happen to have a Pricfister faucet and these are the books they have stores and you need to match up your stem if you need new stem you just go thru the book and find the stem that looks like yours and just match it up and that all you need to do I mean you can always ask assistant but if you can find anyone at least you have the opportunity to check it out your self now I’m not going to replace this stem its pretty good I’m just showing you how i go to the store and you can match them up and get the one we want its just what we need now if you don’t know the name brand faucet that’s ok because once you match it up here your going to see it says price pfister this particular one and way that one was pretty close there we go right there, see that matches up so what were going to do is were going to get that one if we were going to get a stem and that is they I guess it looks like this stem can be use for hot are cold some faucet have different stem one stem only for hot and one only for cold okay now trying a new handle you can always store and they have this little tools were you can size it up and see fits your stem that you have on there that’s going to match up with your handle and once you get the right one take that letter which there’s going to be a letter on there and then you just go find it right on the side there I think this one here turn out to be but of course i don’t need any new faucets handles so I think it was a H I’m not sure but we’re gonna go to the handle section and here are you have universal handles I really wouldn’t recommend those they ware out to quick recommend that you get the close to the original faucet handles you can see that letter C ir we hand if we had match up with C that’s what we would want so I’m just kind of looking around trying to find the handle that would match the one that I have

I think I see something the ones to the right right here they look just about just like they exact same handle that I do have and now were going to something els the airator this airator here was pulled off the kitchen faucet and this is the way to match up your ariator if you need to change your airiator out bring it to the store here and they have a chart here and you find the one that fits and you just go buy the letter or number and match them up and now were over into the tool section there is the handler puller $10.48 just in case you need one me here is the seat wrench $6.87 in case you need one this is another type of seat wrench and of course right here you see the tub wranches $19.97 Ok now were back to the job site lets start putty this stuff back together news seat you can see the big differents now you can see now you can see the other seats kind of scared up at the front part there they match up really good now some are you up there if you don’t have a tub a shower faucet similar to this you’re probably going to be lucky because this one here has some long handles and there kind of in the way of the seat wrench but we will get it in there any way we just have to take our time now you can see how seat seats up in there that’s a better view now that I’ve got it started I’m going to go head and get this all the way up in there and make sure did you do get the right seat i mean because those also come in different sizes different brands if you get the the wrong she you can get one it’s a little too small to large its going to fit in there and if it is to large it will trip anything out and then you will really have problems if its to small its not going to hold any water it will leak

make sure that when you put the stems back in that the valve is all the way open and wouldn’t losening here is the this is the packing nut I’m going to change that out also if you every have a leak that’s right behind your faucet handle have you every notice that coming from up under the escution part usually its due to to this right here this packing stem some times it will get loose or it just needs to be repacked were going to put some new ones on were going to put new packing in here that came with the faucet repair kit and when I’m speaker packing and just talking about it similar to having a washer ok what I’m doing here I’m pulling the stem back out this will make it easy to put the new packing in that packing nut what it does in compress down on the down on the packing itself and once it pack’s down on the packs down it kind of squash together and that’s what keeps keep it seal from water leaking out thu and behind your handles and escution if you ever have a mysterious leak behind the wall check this first net little plastic piece I took of is just more are less a guide and a way of holding the ecscution into place you can also buy those separate if you need any the thing to this one were putting new packing in hot side we just want to be kind of gentle when when we go to a line this up and trying to screw this in there because we don’t want it to cocked in there and cross thread it or anything like that once we fill comfortably and its going good then well just go for it a tighten it up Packing nut right there sled off

right there you see the new packing right here on the stem that rubbery tier looking piece of rubbery piece right there now were sliding it back and it slides up and were going to squeeze up it that hole with a screwdriver I guess you can see why they call it packing because we have to pack it pack it back in there now we will take our packing nut and go head and tighten it up and again this packing prevents water from leaking coming up stem on the backside escution or handle again if you see water coming out the back end of the escution are handle this it the cause it the packing ether loss or needs to be repacked and again if there is a mysteries water leak coming out the wall from the back side of your tub it’s usually do. packing when the water is rolling to the back to the back side were you can’t see it now were going to turn the water back on so were going to start with the water heater so when we turn the water on we want to do it slowly just don’t want to turn on immediately rightly all full pressure and what I done before I turn the water back on. There is another tub in this house end there fore end of the house so what I did is turn on the water at that tub at that tub that full pressure coming into the house would strait thru the system and out thru the farther side of the house cleaning out the line to wash out any possible stoppage on any of the other sinks when debris comes thru and starts starts to clog up your aerators and it’s not blood just a little rust from pulling the stems out one thing about packing when you do backing don’t put it back to tight if you do you can have a hard time and turning your handles turn water of and on You just want to adjust it just right were its comfortable enough to turn the the handle even know him the they had to pack in and out still holding water back because we have brand new packing is really packed tight up in there after years of constante ware those packing will tend to ware out I’m done and I’ve checked everything with the handle first before I put the escution back on once everything checks out we just start putting everything back together