Lets Talk Geek Episode 51: Antimatter captured iMaverick

welcome to let’s duel geek episode 51 in the show we’re talking about antimatter I maverick and the our cloud thank you for listening welcome to let’s talk each episode 51 with us today we have Johan else mixing and Cecilia who’s joining mere SAR case because paul stewart is I think what the cold I had last week and Yun formula is at a blackberry event I’m sure you’ll give us feedback next week on well we’ll ki will keep him to that mm-hm definitely right let’s go into what’s happening in around upcoming dates and stuff okay something that apparently well it’s been coming for thing about 13 14 years Duke Nukem is supposed to be coming out the next week I think it’s 14th of June it really is first be released I will believe it when it happens like if it’s not going to happen by now that would have said something yeah but I mean okay fair you can download the demo can you yeah suppose along the waves that look like you could okay I’ll have a look later tonight definitely but you are giving Cecilia bit of history of what actually Duke Nukem is and why we all keep going it’s about 13 years ago we were all playing this game was awesome they slightly I think it night of the Dead all it was a very be great what what is it is a role-playing game shooter first-person shooter game yes and in his time it was quite it was was just well done this the storyline was quite good it was clever and then you know okay now the big hop artists are gonna bring on a sequel mm-hmm then the deadline for sequel one slipped a bit and then slipped a bit more then it got canceled then no no another set of people going to take it over then they even got to the point where you could actually pre-order it and so they do you have to prepay for the pre-orders so fun and then people got paid back when some of them got payback but i think they eventually went through this is now the third time you can pre-order fourth time you can pre-order but it really does look like it’s coming out this time then tell me are people actually bothering to pre-order aren’t they saying i will believe it when we see it I think it’s at that point now it’s like really okay we’ve got into this it’s really going to happen I think to the point i was looking at the website earlier you can actually get a demo version now now this is unlike previously also previously there is a dimmer a shot of a demo version applying apparently was purely mocked up all done you know CGR not actually with the game’s engine nothing but snow that was written but everybody thought I can all their shyness that must be real but they never gave you one you could actually play and this one you can actually download as far as so it could see and you can actually play on your pc so by now whatever kind of mac it might actually i don’t know my regulation of what made you come the game to play years ago was the fact that you had adult content in the game yeah so they were stripper not really at all not such a bit like a leisurely she should know it was more hinted it ok and the language was slightly more risque yeah but it wasn’t played blatant to the point where you know it would get banned all the PG ratings but it was there mmm so now so you’re a lot of us are looking forward I mean just as a thinking back to our younger years on what the old Duke Nukem was about I must say I don’t think they can capture it’s too gone to too long now it’s gonna be look I look to the website in the website look pretty cool well their trailer they’re running on the website is not too bad I’m sure we can’t share it in this show so I’m not even going to try but trailer doesn’t look too bad ok anyway head over to their website check it out if you really can you can pre-order it by now I think it is in the stores the stores must have a to deliver and all the rest of it so you would have heard something if it wasn’t going to be delivered I see a jog and in the chat room says is actually a South African launch party scheduled for it oh cool wait he’s pasted the link here in the IRC ok and you want it’s only want to quickly open at link and just just confirm but apparently its editors yes it is ok um that that would suit you newcomb that that is what you can do is about you up this there’s the strip club in the regional game was fantastic or is it well in the other news if you don’t want to go to the hooters you can strip club party it is the 0 X coffee the Saturday it’s basically a bunch of hackers gosh from za khan and the basic trying to do it or they are doing a monthly coffee meetup where they talk about what’s

happening in the security did you did you say which coffee shop it is wolves unfortunately don’t have time to look up the exact details of it but it’s it’s wolves in Janice book and in a way that is I have no idea but I know they’re doing it monthly if you get into the zurich on IRC and our cigars they they’ll give you all the details apparently it’s so to grow but we’re going to get Dominic white on in I think two weeks and he’s going to chat about it and tell us what what he’s doing or so having said that Zi Connor busy asking for papers so if you wanting to source of many papers for if you don’t want Sarah Connors it’s basically a locally done security conference noncommercial you know there’s no fees or anything like that so the guys can just rock up I think their money but might actually had sponsored coffee last year it’s already done at the University of Johannesburg and that’s actually quite interesting but that’s going to be on the eighth of October but obviously they need people to come and present mm-hmm and it’s quite quite a fun thing we were they last year and I know so you get some quite involved is really got ideas for printing out badges full of thing but will chair bit more when Dominic white is here and see ya one of your things caltrain is one year old yes yeah so happy birthday to the heart rain they’ve been running for a year now I remember last year I was one of the crazy determined people who said i will be on the very first car train that leaves sandton station and ER last year today a year ago that first car train that left at five 25 from sandton was packed I remember there were people standing in the hot rain and and just as we left the station because nowadays the train driver doesn’t really speak to the passengers but as the train departed and picked up speed the driver actually came online and said something to the effect of welcome aboard for the very first how train ride ladies gentlemen you are now traveling at 160 kilometers and and you know and obviously everybody on board then cheered and you all keep your pants on yes we all kicked off but he adds other hosts from lists all possibility was involved in that yes but yeah it’s just um time flies I mean this time last year the heart rate only opened up we were getting ready for the world cup o nuts now hard train it’s almost become a way of life now people are starting to nag and say ok when can we travel from jo’burg to Pretoria soon apparently this they said early July but we still waiting for exact dates yeah I’m hoping there was a rumor while go they’ll be about the 22nd 20th of june now I’m really hoping so but but we’ll see what happens but the heart rain did tweet the other day that they will announce the official date soon and so I think we must just watch the twitter feed and see what’s happening cool all right also anything else if you want to check out for any of that as you put them all into stardates 20 today so it’s ww stardates WCCO today also if you have any events coming out please email us in you no date set list or geek or dates at stardates dot 0 0 and we’ll be happy to add them in for you Tim just like for the record store day titular there doesn’t work Google is starting to terminate root demands I saw that yeah cool though yeah anyway everybody ever wanted to ice the website really look at Google I’m having lots of fun store data size that on google app so i said if they’re if they ran wordpress and i could find a way of adding it to do our block arm our mp3 upload so now for our feelings about definitely do it then just not quite the it it’s slightly more static but i can see there sorry to EDD program in java scripting in the background so yeah sure they are looking towards that I if I had time I would write something if I just the moment let scott know it’s tiffany worthwhile if you if you want to stop playing now it’s free there’s there’s nothing better than free and it’s incredibly powerful and they take care of the bandwidth but doesn’t come see how secure is a very secure okay as secure as anywhere slack don’t you stick up not sure no we’ll stick up your hand until the be the world that you won’t get hacked and you will get oh yeah don’t stick up your head what that is that what Sony that sounds a bit so you know those sony upset people because they went to attacked one of the guys done if you know about what what’s his name I want to say hot soup but it’s not hot soup cuando me but there was a guy basically he reverse engineered the PlayStation 3 originally with the PlayStation 3 you you could run linux on it and then they lock their functionality out and this upset a couple guards so they went after they reverse engineered it basically got the keys art worked on how to install

the stuff so soon he sued him Sony to the individual yeah basically they settled out of court and basically from Argo they didn’t have to pay anything but basically here to pull all his information off the web and all the rest of it so it then proving they’re not like trying to get these guys thrown in jail so that’s a major improvement but this upset a whole bunch of people so basically that’s where the whole the guy started hacking Sony and now i think it’s just gone but beyond that it’s just now well they can we join in the fun it’s better look it’s not the best way to get back at sony i think but at the same time that elicits at the same time you’ve got all these people going and feeling powerless hmm no these big corporations that you know can see you and what you do you can’t fight them so at the same time it’s a way of them getting the balance but also this can go quite out of balance and these guys can start maliciously and going a bit overboard and and the people they’re actually attacking in other user names it’s not Sony Sony’s name that’s getting dragged through the mud but the credit cards are real people that they’re getting on them and it’s also not good so it’s one of those very gray areas that I’m not sure whether I should be pro or gains so we’ll just leave it at that and we’ll take it like that yeah all right and something else that we didn’t quite mission in the calendar but bartha we will talk is one of our topics it’s welcome to ipv6 day hmm I know you hun knows where this Cecilia you you not I’m not quite there but I you have given me a little bit of a brief so I sort of understand what it’s about well she’s giving you some more background we’ve all heard of ipv4 that runs basically what’s an IP on everything and basically runs the whole the internet and it’s it’s the the protocols and the numbering behind it now the prom with that is back in the day when their creators they never saw the amount of pieces we need so that only had a when I say limited amount of numbers it’s quite a huge number its 22 the 32 I think that’s a lot yeah solution of it what the founders we’re running out of ip’s in Africa we still got plenty so we’re not running out of them anytime soon but through the rest of all that are running out and but the people from saw this quite a while ago and they created the next version which ipv6 and I think it’s got its this is now 22 the 128 hmm so it is scarily huge amount of numbers but the problem is it’s nobody’s started migrating to it yet so and the reason for that is it’s going to be quite hard this love changes they’re going to need to occur and to be expensive and until people need to they’re not going to so but because you’re now running out people saying to look at it it’s owing to play with it and Google a couple the large organizations set aside a day and said okay well it’s on this day we will make sure that we can all and run ipv6 not so much my great we can assist it remaining it and make a day of it so people just talk about it and that all the people can go on it i know we are migrated our sites so that it also are available on ipv6 and even through that i can see the things are there but it’s not quite there turn tools you know your ways of how do you test it how do you find out that it’s working you’re going to find people and i can now put ipv4 and ipv6 harder make my promise how do i force it to go down an ipv6 route and i had to also work out like I found out with DNS is like your hand was talking saudade dot Sierra today on those root domains how do you set up your DNS server to actually resolve when I’m asking it an ipv6 that it gives me the RPV address all this stuff is available I’ve worked hard to do it so Z but it’s testing but I would say is still a couple of years away viewer layman and you’re not involved in this don’t worry believe the fear and down to the riesling somebody else will take care of it for you and it’s not gonna happen what a wood says if he’s going to be buying a root in the next year or so stop start looking if it’s got ipv6 schedule approaching is wrong totally I mean let’s pull another Raptor a rapture so let’s tell everybody art date you please sell all the things we’ll take care of that money until the world comes to knee because of ipv4 I don’t you got approaches I hang on that’s what Harold Camping was actually predicting the end of ipv4 ego everything will stop now what’s gonna happen is we’re gonna run our fu for so somebody’s gonna come down take up all the IP numbers hey there we go yeah and then we’re gonna move to the new land which is ipv6 there we go okay I get it but any anybody have a lot of funds lying around will gladly or use it to actually advance as shown and and give you some more content on the show so please if you go to the dough will gladly hold on to it while you wait for the world to actually utilize it will

will do good if it’s in your name too yes boy that’s ours in trouble over there if you know if you an idea start looking at ipv6 it’s not gonna be here for another two years but now’s when you want to start educating yourself and working in how it works and starting to find the problems with it it doesn’t quite work the same way as ipv4 I’m not going to go into my rent with harlot irritates me in certain ways because there’s certain functionality you can see it’s done a very pure away it’s done by dicing office going well if it could work this is all beautiful and they stop looking at real hard real organizations work like they don’t there’s no private Rangers yeah like the ten range or the 190 range will 172 range and they go but you don’t need it we have enough IPS you don’t need I’m going but a private organization wants to set up a network internally and run that now to do that don’t have to go to every Nick or one of the others and buy a Range although get a range from less a telecom but as soon as I move from talking to Neotel or however they’ve got to give up that range that means like what a gun renumber the entire network yeah you mentioned it’s little things like that that anyway will go off from that but i think the phone is going to be at the moment is very easy to remember the IP address I mean Google’s DNS servers I point I put happen right in v6 they are going to be what the inside got AF dot C V dot Wow yeah it’s four digits so and each of those dishes can be 82 f that’s four digits and then they are remember how many of its it’s more than six sorry right I think it’s eight so yeah good luck remembering in your piece and see how their the reliance on DNA service are going to become a reality but which all cars are not going to be available I guess more complicated Matt because in the second half you can use things where you can use your mac address in the mouth plausible it just it gets confusing we actually is no way you’re going to remember these numbers DNS is TNS is cool next all right okay we’re going to talk next wing is in everyone knows what’s been happening in Japan with all the tsunamis anything going on and of course they had all the damage to the nuclear power stations and obviously you’ve got all the people they’re busy trying to salvage some work in the past stations and there’s a limit amount of time they can do that but they say even with that they’re going to get radiation poisoning and you know in 30 years time and stuff they can have problems cedar you do you read a bit further all no actually sorry I didn’t get a chance to over there so what they actually finding now is that they’re basically some older people in Japan have come forward and said well you know you saying that these poor people all youngsters to them that are working here in 30 years will have cancer well why don’t you send us in you know we volunteering in 30 years we you know all the statistics say we aren’t being alive so we won’t have time to get cancer secondly because they older the cells are dividing in a slower rate so the propagation of cancer or anything is much slower so that if they do get it sounds like a damaged like that the chances it would take far longer for for cancer to appear so nevermind 30 years it’s going to be 40 years or whatever so they sound with prime people and we volunteering we want to rather go there than sending these people who are then you know eventually going to die from the answer now that’s interesting but do you do you honestly believe it’s purely out of humanitarian perceptions that they are volunteering because for example I know that the Japanese economy is actually a bit almost want to say top-heavy they’ve got more elderly citizens as opposed to young ones actually in the workforce and and there was talk that it’s the the fact that it’s so skewed it’s starting to put strain on the young ones going into the workforce because then I have to work longer pay more taxes in order to support those who are on government pension and so don’t you perhaps think it’s also and these elderly citizens who are saying look we actually know that we’re putting strain on the government’s because there’s more of us that fewer people now have two and fewer people are supporting us and so is in this what I suppose it’s also it’s dorian that’s sorta ristic them yeah them saying okay well I’m gonna risk myself yeah to help other people you know what your reasons are I think there’s always good it’s still interesting I quickly scanned through the article and it’s according to this website more than 200 retirees volunteered and so that’s nice quite interesting that’s quite interesting take on the problems and how to circumvent them yeah so it’s using what you have in the advantage of old age they all I’d wanted you know cancer

directly and looking at it there’s a slightly different angle which always like it’s just interesting for me how selfless some people actually are I suppose that’s a very soft a second is very cool looks like most of these people are actually retired engineers you would have to have some technical background to go and work you know you can’t just send someone who doesn’t know because it is certain things that they need to do in there to fix it so you can’t just same you know someone who is uneducated in um sorry yeah I apologize for not having done my homework beforehand but I see here I’m interesting enough there’s a little sentence at the bottom that says all that these people are volunteering but it actually hasn’t been allowed yet the Japanese government is apparently still debating or deciding whether this is a good idea or not still there are having said it’s normal government it takes a while wheels turn and they need to look at the political implications all the risks sure but you know hopefully it does go forward because you know it will save some of the younger people and you know these are people who want to help all right into okay and she wanted something more interesting things we came across and it’s basically it’s quite a very interesting story called members baffling discovery can hot water freeze before cold it’s basically a story about a child in Africa who basically is talking about how they’re they make these little ice cream things by taking hot milk and their boilers and then they basically wait for it to cool and then they put in the freezer with a stick and that comes out to make themselves a little ice cream and ice lollies with it and unfortunately because there’s a quite a big it was in a boarding house and now boarding is quite rowdy you know if you don’t get your Malkin first you don’t get to get your ice cream so what he did is the one time he got then you boiled his milk and you saw somebody else going for the fridge I thought well I don’t have time to you know wait to cool down because I was I’m not going to give my place so basically took his bald monk put in the fridge and it froze before the room temperature milk and he they went to science teacher and said you know look at this in the science issues go away you’re lying you’ve made a mistake and mocked him all but but I but it didn’t give up and he kept him talkin and eventually they had a professor there was visiting from somewhere else and he told the professor and the professor City naturally wanted to also go and no this is wrong but you say they’ve been taught they’re wanting to you know if somebody’s questioning things rather help them go look at experian bit more to supplies scientific method listen to it perhaps understand don’t give up you know if you’ve got a question mind encourage it go look maybe you’re wrong but least do some experiments test it and from that you can learn stuff so when you got back to use University you got one of you scratches so I did this police car chest so guy went back tested it guess what it worked ok so just clarify so you boiled Kim side ok let’s say well liquid if you turn on boiling point straight into the fridge versus the same liquid a true 30 degrees room temperature into the fridge and the bald one freezes before yes the room too yeah so this and this effect has now been dubbed after the students who observed it and it’s a Tanzanian student and it’s now called the member effect after the student erest remember and the professor who assisted him as professor Osborne from darussalam but apparently this effect was already observed in the 13th century so it’s not quite that new but I suppose it’s never really been documented property before and where is now maybe well maybe people looked at it Encino readers are that wrong side to fig method they misdiagnosis you know freezing in those days they may be using wrong methods and if we just keep some missing because it isn’t quite logical you can work like that but also this is the story I think what I found quite interesting it’s someone who notice an effect that everybody said well no that can’t be like that and said no no but I saw it and went back and looked again and then try to tell someone and get it out there and that is typical you know it’s very good scientific thing it’s what we want we want people to do and it shows you that you know even if the guys Albright doesn’t mean that they’re right yeah and I suppose the moral of the story is to never stop questioning and asking why or how and even if you if you do question go back recheck you might be and the fact of checking you learn things from that and you might be right they do go into a couple reasons why it might work and it’s got to do with somewhere is that the board will water they have known as if there’s no gas in

it freezes quicker so by boiling it maybe you get all the oxygen gas and nitrogen out and at room temperature is more there’s another thing where they say I talked about super freezing where Susan liquids you actually need to drop below zero temperature before freeze and what they say is that for some reason when you go from room can push it down you can actually go to much colder temperature before four freeze there’s a couple other ones that’s in the link will put it into the wiki of course so you can go through all the different reasons look they don’t actually know for certain yet they still proposing and a minor should be a combination or all the different reasons but it’s all shows you that you know counter to anything I would’ve thought boil water sharing the fridge and room temperature if you want a freeze water quickly boil it so from now on boiling water in your ice cubes for all your ice trays for ice fall you’ll be all right bit ly you need to take the time that you boil it might actually make it longer but Oh see it you see now that’s interesting you can actually do a speed test to see how fast a dream you will be which will work better cool all right and okay the next story is exponentially one that’s a local story and I’m every got all it was announced announced today and so for those who follow South African news and like a bit of an alternative opinion and the daily maverick is an online newspaper and they announced a new product coming soon it’s an ipad application which allows you to subscribe to the I maverick which will be a daily iPad publication of the news and along with the subscription is the ipad / cost of the ipad is included or general ishq you some background what the daily maverick is and what it has been before is it’s basically online website and they’ve been releasing you get a you can subscribe to email from them once a day don’t answer scram to annecy subscribe to and is quite interesting it covers you know the new stories from around the world and with some local things and then on the site they normally have opinion pieces on what’s going on now what they seem to be trying to do is sort of a daily newspaper / magazine and that’s what the daily of the I maverick will be from our together and what’s quite interesting as to see you are same as this with your subscription these two flavors there’s one for 401 for I think it’s 500 round that you can either get a ipad 2 16 gig for the 400 or a and that’s just the Wi-Fi version or for the 500 you can get the 32 gig with 3g my recommendation is get the 3g one i have a non 3g ipad it’s limiting the main reason is nothing else is the battery type of my ipad so if you think you know run your Wi-Fi or everything through your phone i’ve tried that my phone will go flat before my ipad will and you’ll be stuck without internet I’m just scanning through this I’m every website that they’ve already put up for the pre-orders so I mean is this a I mean I’ve this is a quality of the magazine as it’s going to be on the iPad they say that that’s what they’re playing on doing because this looks really like yeah it looks like a printed media yeah and if i look at it this looks like it’s going to be world-class media and it should be quite interesting we did do some more see listing some maths you want to bring up what you and statute it well I just it’s a bit controversial and I suppose it’s just my thumb sucker figures that’s why I’m not really keen on quoting them but basically a you must remember that along with this you are subscribing to the I maverick app and so that’s included in your monthly fees so obviously you’re paying off the purchase of an iPad plus your subscription cost to I maverick but it’s it’s a bit of a pricey deal if you just go buy an ipad 2 and if you’re looking at the 16 gig Wi-Fi it’s roughly 4400 random a once-off and if you buy the 32 gig 3g model it’s roughly about 6,600 r and that you pay whereas if you go look at the i never expand thony subscription costs and you look over because the subscription is for two years then you almost play paying double the amount that you would pop back pay sorry and if you just had to buy the ipad so it is a bit of a pricey deal but I’m a big fan of the daily maverick and their publications and their columns so i would i would go for it also i don’t have an iPad so I home quite tempted

bite yes it was one thing every day of getting it today yes um I did briefly discuss it with the daily maverick team and if you go and sign up or register to it because it’s not quite a lucky draw but it’s on a first-come not also not quite a first-come first-served basis i’m not actually quite sure how they will decide who gets it because there’s limited ipad to stock so that’s why you have to a go and apply and you might be lucky and you know be given it or not however that website that you fill in to me it didn’t look secure and if the website asks a whole bunch of personal details like your birthday your ID number your residential address your telephone number your income and because obviously if it’s a monthly subscription they want to be sure that you can afford to pay it and yeah like I said the website didn’t look secure to me so I asked them and sorry let’s just go into what we even being mean but secure if you go into your bank so they said Oh https if you look at your browser as it is on the screen now you must have some sort of a lock at least up there some way and i don’t see any security this saturday’s yeah exactly what cecilia saying is I mean it’s asking for initials first name name marital status what does that got to do that ID number the reason is your missoni app will like a cell phone contract and the cell phone people also ask for these details so the fact they asking for these details we done a problem with no it was all very much I and I mean I was happy was he filling it in until I came to the income question which slightly put me off and then something in the back of my head just said hang on you’re filling in your personal details here without really checking how secure is this website and yeah like your hand now said there’s no little lock there’s no HTTPS and so I then immediately stopped and said okay this is a very sweet deal but I’m not willing to risk my personnel from saying that we were slightly paranoid because we’ve seen what can go wrong and for this to actually work you would need some way to intercept you but no but this is not paranoia i mean the basis says you do not give your ID number on a site that doesn’t it leaves that as security yeah that’s that’s not hardware that’s just common seats well either way and i did manage to make contact with i’m not sure if he’s the sub editor or editor either way I spoke to fill up the vet and he said they are not running SSL and they don’t consider ID numbers sensitive and so therefore they’re not asking for information that would enable ID theft either way he did say that if there is any concerns we’re more than welcome to contact him personally I’m sorry I’m gonna have to I’ll gladly contact him but you’ve asked me for our physical address our full names mi re number last your income for me that’s that’s aa mining with most of these ones these are the questions that a bank will ask to verify your who you a society now phones me with these details and go well you know we have your whatever and here’s your information and I basically can string off a whole bunch of thing from that they can get people think to give them that last piece of information or they can go to bank and go look I’m this person hears all this information it’s not something I want okay I’ll give you a song publicly over the Internet I’ll give you a good example if I had your ID number you can log into telecoms website and get detailed statements with just the ID number you need the phone number an ID number and they like give you any odds that here again oh when did you last go you can register as a user I need your ID number and your full name and once at a time I went you actually also need the idea the number on top of your slip they’ve been answered an ad debt they’ve added that show so yeah just just too I get sauce originally you should be arches that but now ok I would say yeah sorry dad but having said that we great thing and I think it’s be very cool yes and one thing that some I haven’t been able to verify it but it’s definitely the first daily online newspaper subscription in South Africa and I don’t actually am not sure if there are many other iPad applications that it was one daily done by rupert murdoch that they were trying to do something like this but it wasn’t quite the same this one i think it will work out a lot better yeah but still it’s fantastic that is that it’s a South African product I need you spoke to my plans to expand to android yes yes it’s in the part were like Barry android tablets and it’s no fee fee fee and you on as my co-host that’s all T Afrikaans you’ll be happy to know that I

maverick will be available in Afrikaans as well snow that all support yeah there we go not too savvy still get me to buy a thing from steve jobs but but what they say hello when it comes out of my head soon they go into policing where you can just buy the app okay then so I’m gonna wait for that and do it that way because I really have one roxbury sake how many apps have you bought now a couple actually yeah it’s actually been fun now Google eventually decided to give us some bad air but i’ll buy from more from ipad thing I while we’re talking about Apple products can we talk about the iCloud I’m into energies WWDC on that point I’ll take a break it’s not so bad you all said there’s lots of pro things you know they’re going to get this new revolution thing called a cloud storage no wait ah and notifications we where you pull it down to see your notifications at some four million euro you’re under I heard about that yesterday on the keynote the other port st mas it was like I wasn’t yesterday was a Monday yeah sorry Monday night they were streaming somebody in the in the event was actually streaming out i think on justin and they were turning it around on to it until they get caught I think they went through the whole show yes everybody got all excited your pull the top of the screen down and you get all this information yeah I think I sweat on Android but you know I’m actually pro this I want best the breeds I want to I don’t want either one to one I want both to fight otten innovate and create a new feature that won’t go away that’s cool let’s take that and at the end of the day you going to land up with two very awesomely incredible however okay that’s one thing that’s one thing for the iphone and i’m an iphone user and okay that’s cool i’m not sure if it will really make much difference to my life maybe it will I don’t know I’ll see what I have the feature however with the iCloud which is cloud computing or storage or something my main concern is because i have a mac will that now lock me in to using a mac so let’s decide in future that I decide I rather want to try out the latest HP then well how do i access my daughter that’s not end so I’m sorry to steve jobs but you know me as an Apple user I’m not going to use your I clapping okay let’s be fair I mean Microsoft is doing the same thing with these think soft way and Google is doing okay you can’t really blame google because you can use async on any platform exactly and that’s why I still stick to Google I’m putting everything into google because i know that’s cross-platform with this and with microsoft ah because there’s that uncertainty I’d rather not risk good well that’s things I see what you’re saying is if you going to store your contacts okay maybe you will use the iCloud because it will sing better but then you going to use google on top of that yes also you going to use Dropbox agree because you know the files you’re dropping their you can pick up in your windows client you can put in your Lonnie’s clients you can pick up an android phone it’s not limited generally works nicely on onyx probably what’s even better which was my far we were playing around with is this a I come online interface to it yes no really listen you’ll go look at carefully inside right yeah I know Dropbox online X is actually Paul scripts a look at it gives a bunch of bull scripts is hitting the API on the back end so theoretically you can do whatever you want it’s look I use it on our server because obviously we also distribute this ipod course on torrents so if you want you can also get it from a pirate bay and somewhere else which i’m not going to mention which we allow to legally do because it’s our content but in other people that not following us at the moment and we pumping the product called Dropbox it’s free for two gigs and when you do referrals you can get lock me up to 10 gigs I’ve got the maximum on referrals and it’s absolutely it’s incredible it’s well worth it it’s worth it I know this guy’s going around about sugarsync the problem of sugarsync is you’ve got to buy the client so your storage is free but you got an empire to have your pc klein you got a bar to have your android client or whatever this is all free I’m sorry this one’s and it works it’s just something it’s just beautiful it is it’s the way you wanted to I could put this on my parents pc and it would work I’ve done it now adversely it would just work I wouldn’t need to think about anything I could share stuff with them it is it is that something and some of the suppliers that I deal with and when it comes to transferring large files yesterday i sat in a meeting where the one supplier said to me you know what can’t i just send your dropbox link and i’ll see to him of course you can by all means so it’s beautiful but anyway coming back to the iCloud I I as an Apple user I’m sitting here with my Mac and my iphone is lying here next to me I’m just a moment of silence for Cecilia well I’m not sure if this year could be

worse you could be running Windows tree so any we have windows lock and SLE and meka today so good point you’re actually good point John sitting by on over I’m saying my wishes mashina and tim is sitting on a boon to yep 10 04 11 her for you got I sorry lemon I for 911 it the 11 10 which is not yet 11 are for the latest the innate natty narwhal yeah I’m running it I except I’m not running their unity the unity interface because it’s not gonna go into why but it now we can we got a couple of minutes to kill ya I mean I had I had one of my junior technicians at the office stormy damn ago have you tried the new interface for unit for bid to it’s absolutely bad I said y’all have you ever used windows 7 it’s exactly the same as the whole thing about not finding your icon it’s like bringing up the ball and just type what you want to do it will bring up the icon for you then it actually works well do you know what I don’t actually a problem with it that I’m actually happy with if unity worked my project unity it’s too slow so I will drag to the left to pull up the side bowl and I’ll wait for two seconds well also all my tear bars are gone now now I tend to work in with two screens and I’ve normally God but for applications i’m switching between so to me do i need to be able to switch quickly so if i I’ll tab it must I must either be able to scroll down and click and so yeah there’s a tab the bottom well I need to be all tempted now if our tab it takes half a second or second and it just explodes you down so it wasn’t physically the way the redesign the interface is more than the smoothness of the interface there was any speed up a lot now isn’t that directly linked to your process in graphic squad running geforce graphics card accelerated go and go better than that within video card things in there what they what i have heard is actually could be a possible problem that i’m running dual monitor and they haven’t quite worked out the bug with dual monitors yet so it could be an ex ex problem actually not an interface prob no apparent because gnome works beautifully and it’s quick and snappy apparently it’s a unity problems and quite worked out you okay well look i’m waiting for the next release and then i will put myself through hell like i haven’t lost all this user’s because of this bad release good at you can downgrade i know but but default the installs unity yeah yeah so i hope that’s not going to kill them and well we’ll see but i mean we know at least not like the rest of the more we don’t have to wait for waiver for the next version Eric coming back to WWE DC one thing that I could see that look for for me is very cool and on the ipad is we’re now going to get you could run multiple windows on the ipad but now it’s going to be tabbed and they’ve watched with this in your browser in the browser and it’s going to work like your normal browser does with the tabs and the reason why is this currently now if you in the art pen you open the browser and you open one website and it’s taking a while to download and you are let me quickly open another thing that you know let’s do some multitasking it stops downloading the website and loads the next one and when you go back and then starts unloading that one again yes it and it irritates oh you want to learn you wait for the whole thing to download and then you switch and what the sales with the tab ones is and also the switching mechanism is it say you click open up a new interface then click the window which opens it it’s a two-step process to get to the next tab with this one it’s going to be a single click to get the next tab and they say because of the the new I hope that they theorizing the way because of this is that the tabs will basically multi toss and be able to be pulling in the background to load simultaneously well from a programming perspective it still just another thread so if they weren’t allowing the next six and second 32 run in the background when you look at Chrome or Internet Explorer all of them when you open a new tab it’s a new thread of the browser just like for firefox this is linking back they’re all running in one thread on firefox runs 13 or used to they started to get multi threaded so yeah it’s going to be about how do they prioritize the threads and which one’s going to get to top I do think I don’t mind if they switch between the two threads or let the one finish but this one it’s just it will stop if I still on that second web page the first web page will never load and so I have it active in front of me just be a mind from their point of view I mean multitasking is being a long debate in the mobile station because the battery life all right yeah so if you’ve not opened up by accident the website in the background that keeps on doing something i refresh or whatever and it keeps on sitting there it’s going to kill the battery so it makes actually make sense for them to stop the processing of a page of the background following your logic if I have that page up in front of me doing something all the time you’re going to know as I was saying you’re going to know the page is doing something is not going to sit in the background showing

up unknown battery life your I would have approached two different in just because it’s only met attacks you can actually pause I mean the refresh you can pause the javascript thing you can pause all that stuff so still download the whole thing but just don’t process anything on the page well let’s see it’s one of my bug bears with it and put puppet they’re getting because there is some slight multitasking there so I’m hoping that will fix it I might just say for the record after all of that that’s the low on an iPad if I wouldn’t want for my broadband yes it’s not like I’m gonna give it away but still don’t make me buy ipad sorry you’ll give it to your wife I’ll do that job all right Oh on that sorry this has come up a couple of weeks I just quickly want to say it’s empty and find me today stock will be in stores of the HTC flyer and of the Y slim will be on friday oh cool also my brother you know yeah is it acer a sev also got a tablet nah yes my brother got it and he loves it he says you can watch all these movies off of it it is running honeycomb as far as i know it just plugs in his USB Drive so at some point I must have done ask him or came to send me some pictures okay because he’s in England now but he says it’s it’s very very cool well I also just got old after she was on a freak again this week about the folio 100 they pulled and they got back to me and said no it’s been delayed again because they are waiting for honeycomb to be released by Google so I didn’t want to go into her first fight about why’s all the other suppliers getting it until she was battling so y’all don’t expect anything from Toshiba on that front in the very near future all right okay into the next one silly you will talk about this this is the yes um scientists at CERN are doing various experiments and one of them is trying to trap the antimatter and study its properties now previously they were successful in trapping antimatter but I think it was something like 40 seconds or I don’t know something ridiculously short and now finally they’ve managed to trap and or strap the credits generator generates I suppose basically they use the large hadron collider yes correct and but so they’ve managed to contain anti hydrogen which is the antimatter version of hydrogen for 16 minutes and now why do we care if we care because there’s this seems to be an imbalance of things according to one physicist here from the University of California there he’s saying that we live in a universe that is full of matter and he’s saying clearly this asymmetry some way so they’re trying to understand an Tomatoes properties and perhaps determine where where is it I know one of the things is they they looking for it in the universe and they can’t find it well no no no no no well no it’s not enough of it in the universe know that what they saying is we for some other reason the universe settled in matter not antimatter so by trying to study an Tomatoes properties maybe they can figure out why the universe or our observable universe stabilized in the matter field and lots which expected the entities with water than that what they’re theorizing is actually for every matter particle there should be an antimatter they should be and they can’t find it so they’re trying to work out why or maybe yes but maybe it’s not quite as simple as that maybe there isn’t maybe antimatter doesn’t exist but then they’re trying to figure out why why is the stable equilibrium matter and not antimatter so there’s they are various some theories and the reason for this is when you’re the antimatter in the meta meet the basic cancel each other out okay yeah just to go in a bit more or some other interesting fact with the 15 minutes it’s 5,000 times longer than they’ve been taught to do it before yes yeah but you also to me like some of the things I want to test is discovery work the same way correct yeah because and you know we obviously are observable universe is matter and so we have laws describing how matter behaves and now if you’ve got antimatter what laws will now apply to its behavior so well antimatter’s still be pulled towards the Earth well laws of gravity still apply so that kind of thing then are hoping to investigate further and also just another what was interesting is I see you hon speeding us up and let’s made me

lose my thought is oh that’s okay but anyway there’s there’s a lovely article published in Scientific American on the slatest trapping of antihydrogen and it’s worth reading up cool go check it out three very interesting what they’re doing and they can run the test and yeah all right I just got a little tipsy i came across quickly they want to add if you add file create a file basically named dash I this and Linux inside a directory it stops you from deleting it accidentally okay I saw your show notes on this so if you create a file inside of a directory- I lets it go to directly that’s actually quite important and you run RM minus RF Asterix okay number one for the line excuse or non lon excuses out they don’t ever go do it on somebody’s machine that’s not funny any kind exam is going format c and now it’s worse because this will run at all files formats he will stop at some point for saying you’re some operating it’s not necessarily awesome my friend who did it because trying to get small space and his pc the other day nobody was running non TI to something the new operates this then windows 7 will actually not people tell you the volume is mounted and went formatted but because lanix is they assume you hope all you know you what you’re doing so when you run this command and the same applies to an mac just for interest like if you run or en- it cecilia you’re going to get the same result but what I just wanted to ask is this if you’ve got a sub sub directory well it’s not delete the race and actually stop I think for Maya SMS it will in everything that in that directory will be safe very interesting as far as I know basically i think the dash i gets picked up with the remove command and it doesn’t i haven’t tasted this so i take it with a pinch of salt pinch of salt and tested but if it works because i have done things like this accidentally when our thought i was in other directories or on other pcs and i have burned myself so i’m going to be doing this to some of my dreams for anybody that missed that little piece of sarcasm about soldiers watch please watch a show last week yeah well in left a discussion about salting passwords please refer back to that show alright and then into our final story which is actually just a cool video some guys have basically got together and built a tire wheel which is effectively I’m sure you’ve seen them it’s two wheels with where you sit inside i’m sure i’m showing for the video to come up I’ve got it I’ve got it don’t worry on it here we go I’ll try for me my I’m just going to play a chair so those people watching on the laugh of the video stream you can see the Darwin download version and basically these are some I think they’re mechanical engineers who got together a couple students thank our through that what makes this one unique I’m trying to open the link which is not working with me at the moment it’s basically they’ve done a lot of stabilizing and stuff like that they in the nation but they go through all the problems you actually have with dials and the thing is that keeping you sane to this very problematic because you sway backwards and forwards likely thing now in the video yeah also there’s a thing once they get up to speed that they wobble backwards from side to side left and right especially when you turning and basically they’ve now gone and put stabilization control systems and to keep you centered and to also then take here as you turning quickly to keep you from wobbling in these things they’re also to the point where that even get it that you can see even they takes you upside down you can also draw this thing upside down and it’ll keep upright so you believe well the amazing thing for me is this guy’s driving a little joystick is driving this all system and this would be so much fun now of the thing is stuff like this is actually not about the dial it’s the control systems that built into it that are very cool where did you say there which students was us from where I can’t open that link sarkhan read okay either way this is amazing i have a look got you in the show notes got a link to the website there’s some very nice cool pictures about the system it’s um australia’s university of adelaide okay don’t go and look at it it’s australia with no comments cultic always support call to take I don’t keywords from support cool tech cool watching with that we’re going to end I just want to thank see ya for a mouthful coming in I’m filling in for Stewart get betters do it yeah hon else for mixing first once again it’s so much we need to it always a pleasure and i also want to please tune in tomorrow for the LT of record show your please join us tomorrow not a security guard from blocks university lozito you’ll be joining us tomorrow not he runs a blocks universe is a lego site he done online sales of Lego and he’s going to bring us some

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