What is the WORST PlayStation?

– Hello and welcome to This Is, today we’re gonna look at the best PlayStation devices or I guess all the PlayStation devices, but first awesome, let me say that is a wonderful, wonderful shirt you’re wearing – I’m not doing it, I’m not plugging your merch You made me wear it, you very kindly gave it to me on MYSTERY TECH I’m not plugging your merch – Who said anything about plugging merch I was just complimenting your sense of fashion – Anyway, to start out the tier list, we have the Sony PSP – I loved the PSP so much, the day that my family got their very first HDTV, my PSP broke because we put the seat down to get the TV in the car And my PSP was wedged in the seat and it cracked the PSP in half – What, like entirely in half – Yeah, it got stuck in the hinge mechanism – I have a lot of fond memories of the PSP So up until that point, I had been a Game Boy kid, but the PSP really opened my eyes to the idea that gaming could be more than just sort of very simple Sprite Based stuff, right? I mean, a lot of PSP games were really on par with the PlayStation 2 of the day And that was incredible in a handheld Yeah sure, UMDs were a little bit silly but as far as I’m concerned Oh God, where do we place the PSP? It’s gotta be on the A tier, B tier, A tier – The only reason I wouldn’t give it S tier, would be because, like you say a lot of them were actually like, full console closed games, but then there’s a good handful of them I think it was like Mafia I or II or whatever that I got in, which was, I was really excited to be playing this game on PSP It was just like a turn-based game And I was so devastated when I got that, but that’s the only reason I wouldn’t give it S tiers ’cause of games like that – Honestly there were so many great games on the PSP It’s easy to look back now and say, not only was it on point as far as design goes, but really it was ahead of its time and really move the mobile gaming industry forward I mean, a lot of games, even what, 15 years later are only just now hitting the same kinda production values, a lot of PSP titles had – Totally agree, I’m going A tier, – A tier it is – So next up we have the PSP Go, which to be honest, I think this is what the PSP should have been from day one I don’t know how technically feasible that was, but, as much as I love the PSP, I hated UMD and having it all digital on the handheld system to me was such a game changer – It was so ahead of its time, so you look today, right? We see the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition or the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, right? They’re just now starting in a lot of cases to move away, to even just give you an option to not have to buy physical media and go completely digital, – So I was a very early adopter of MiniDisc, which was Sony’s, CD replacement, which was basically UMD, except it came in a square packaging I don’t know, like shell And then I got super excited when the PSP was announced and I’m like, oh, I have all these MiniDisc can I play it on the PSP Can I have like an all in one media system? And then PSP is like, no, but the reason I’m giving it the low rank is because Sony insisted on still using their proprietary media for saves And that was so expensive – So the PSP Go came out in 2009 and at that point, smartphones had really well and truly taken over And mobile gaming is really starting to become popular The PSP Go was absolutely a correct call It was the way that the market was moving The problem was, it was about five years too early So as much as I like to PSP Go, I feel like it’s gotta be C tier It just was a little bit too early The PSP wasn’t quite ambitious enough to really take advantage of an all digital edition – Yup, I’ll agree with you – Next up, why don’t we make a little bit old school and go back to the original PlayStation 1 Now I have a lot of fond memories of what was really my first home game console Now, not only was this a huge leap forward and really sort of popularizing the idea of 3D gaming But ultimately it was the very first PlayStation Sony had spent a lot of time working in collaboration with Nintendo But really the Nintendo PlayStation fell apart and Sony was like, you know what, we’re just gonna make our own console And they did and it took over the world – It’s gotta be S tier right? Like, I mean, it changed it like revolutionized so many things – I mean, look, I don’t think there’s a lot of debate on this one The original PlayStation was slam dunk one of the most important concepts of all time S tier as far as I’m concerned – 100% in agreement, but on the same side of that, the PS 1, one of the most forgettable, in my opinion, – There were some interesting things about the PS1 So when we talk about it, it really was the first real slim console, obviously that Sony had made, but it really sort of solidified the idea that you buy the console when it comes out a few years later as sort of technology shrinks as sort of processes get more advanced and things get more power efficient, that you can make a smaller version of the console And generally speaking, sell it for less

Now, the PS1 was very a, shall we say conservative approach here? And that literally just took the PlayStation 1 design, shrunk it down, rounded it off a little bit and pretty much called it a day But that being said, you take that original PS1 and put it up next to the literally any console of all time As far as in the actual home space, it’s still is pretty impressive – I’m gonna give this one a C tier as well – Okay, C tier it is, why don’t we fast forward a little bit and talk about the PlayStation 3 So the PlayStation 3 was an interesting console in a lot of ways, because really, if you look back over sort of the last 20, 25 years of consoles, I would say that the PlayStation 3 was the most technically ambitious console of all time – Now I have to kind of take my hat out of this one, because I pretty much missed the entire PS3 generations, – It’s easy to forget how many things the PlayStation 3 sort of brought into the market It was one of the very first Blu-ray players, right? It really sort of revolutionized in an entirely new format A lot of people bought PS3s just purely to use as Blu-ray players And obviously, especially those early models had full support for things like CompactFlash and Memory Stick and you had a lot of capabilities to play all kinds of media So it really was sort of a media center machine, but that being said that first PlayStation 3 was not a success for Sony, it was so expensive It really put them behind and it took them years to have slim and super slim revisions, which we’ll talk about later to really try to catch up to the Xbox 360 I struggled to place this one, ’cause I think you could make a real argument for a very high rank and for a sort of medium of the road rank middle of the road – I would say the B seems like the fair compromise there – If it was a little bit cheaper, I think I would be A, almost bordering on S, but I think, yeah, I can go for the fat PS3 I can go B tier So Matt naturally we have to move on to the PlayStation 3 Slim, this in my eye is a good example of how Sony for several generations PS1, PS2 or PS3 did a very good job of taking what was good with the original console and making the much needed improvements to go into the slim model So first and foremost is absolutely the price cut The slim PlayStation 3 was significantly less expensive than even the discounted versions of the original fat PS3 And it did it with far fewer reliability issues It ran cooler, it ran a little bit quieter It was physically smaller I struggled though again, ’cause it’s like, how do we rank a slim versus an original console? ‘Cause obviously the original console has all the added benefit built in with the fact that it has all these new features A slim console always has sort of a bit of a higher ceiling on it – I mean, if we’re given B to the original and then the slim is just nothing but improvements logically, I would say A – If the slim launched the beginning with that kind of price, A, easy it would be like much, much higher But I think because it still did have pretty major limitations coming from the fat PS3, I feel like it belongs a B tier alongside it’s fatter older brother – All right I’ll take your word for this one I mean, lastly we have if we’re gonna continue to PS3, we have the PS3 Super Slim – So Matt at this point in the video, I usually give some witty remark about blah, blah, blah It’s not so bad, blah, blah, blah, D tier – I mean, I just hate that it looks like a freaking George Foreman grill – I got one of these for my dad for his birthday back when they were new I remember I got it for him And I remember I did a video on it too And then I opened up the disc drives I was like, oh, oh, this is terrible, like, I’m sorry dad Next up around that same time we had the wonderful PlayStation Vita So the Vita was an interesting evolution of the original PSP It was a very similar looking design and essentially they incorporate an OLED display It was very high resolution and it looked great And it was a touchscreen There was a lot going for that first PS Vita – I in general, like handheld a lot You talked about like the touch pads on the back I hated them Like I just felt that they weren’t super functional And so like, there’s some of the cool features that I had, like being able to do like PS4 Link and stuff like that But then how many games you couldn’t actually play on the Vita because of the touch pad being your L2, R2 – The problem with the Vita for me was that the PSP was really, obviously Sony’s first real attempt at a handheld console And as far as I’m concerned, they really knocked it out of the park Sure it didn’t beat the DS in sales, but it actually did do really quite well The Vita, I don’t think had that same level of like success because it really wasn’t a major overhaul They took the PSP, they tweaked the design, they added some new features like a touchscreen and whatnot They got rid of the UMD drive in favor of Sony Memory Cards, – Like the Vita Card right now, still to this day are like $50 for like a 16 gig, it’s absurd – As far as I’m concerned, it’s C tier – Yeah, I’m going with you on C tier on this

I think it could have been amazing and they just didn’t do it, but you know what’s amazing, the PS Vita TV – But look man, if we’re talking about like weird slim editions and kind of weird upgrades that Sony has done the PS Vita TV or the PlayStation TV as it was known was bizarre So essentially they took the guts of a PS Vita slapped it into a plastic shell, gave it an HDMI port shipped it with I think, with a Dualshock 3, if I remember right and that was it You had your PS Vita TV Now this was basically capable of playing all the same games that the standard Vita was, except for all the games that required touchscreen support And that was not a ton of them, but a lot of them did at least have that as an option – It was great at doing again like PS4 Link So if you’re, say your PlayStation was in your living room, but you wanna play your PS4 games in your bedroom for a hundred bucks, you could get that, stream it to the Vita TV And again, because you’re using an actual Dualshock 3, which has all the full buttons you’re able to play PS4 games just fine – So I remember with the Vita TV, it was nice to be able to play Vita games and PSP games and PS1 games on your TV But the thing that always kind of struck me was while it was cheap, it seemed like they didn’t really give any effort at all, right Essentially it ran the exact same operating system from the PS Vita, which was very much sort of touch focused And it didn’t really have a lot of optimizations for the TV Like it didn’t take a lot, at least in my opinion, I don’t think it would have taken a lot to sort of make some very minor tweaks to make a little bit more TV friendly, which would’ve made it a much sort of better console You were running PS Vita games that had like huge bubbly interfaces and stuff on your TV I liked the PlayStation TV I think it was good for what it was at the time I don’t think it deserves to be very high on this list though I think when you look at how it compares to all of these other PlayStations, it’s a minor footnote in Sony history I don’t think it’s something which really merits being alongside the PS2 or the PSP or something – Yeah, I agree, so then what C tier? – I feel like it’s D – That’s fair okay yup, D tier – I just realized that we’ve put this Super Slim PS3 and the PS Vita TV in the same tier, I feel like one of these is slightly worse (laughs) Maybe we should have done F for the Super Slim – That’s what I’m saying, man I think we’re too nice on these – All right, we’re gonna move the Super Slim down to F tier executive decision – Of course we can’t be making this list without talking about the absolutely legendary PS2, which right off the bat, I got to say S tier – I’m gonna have to be a little bit contrary on this one The PS2 had a lot going for it Just like the PS3, it had sort of factor that it was really revolutionizing the DVD side of things So again, this is a lot of people’s very first DVD player But the problem with PS2 was that the first model was big and ugly – What are you talking about? – The fat PS2 was ugly, right? It was not cool, the slim was cool – I’m sorry, what’s it like to be so wrong? The PS2 was a piece of art all right It looked modern, like standing it up vertically looked so good, it was so cool to have a side loading disc like that – The thing with the PS2 is that it was a very good console I’m not arguing that it is supposed to be B tiers, C tier or something, but as far as I’m concerned, I don’t think the PlayStation 2 deserves S tier, I think it’s an A tier It’s a very good console, it was a very important console But it didn’t completely change the game the way the first PlayStation did I do think it deserves A tier, but I don’t think it was excellent I think it was just a decent step up from the PlayStation 1 It had a few new features It was a little bit more powerful, a lot more powerful, but that was it, I don’t think it deserves a huge S ties status People may disagree with me, but I think A tier is very fair for the PlayStation 2 – For me, it’s S tier man It’s like these tearless you usually can convince me, you cannot convince me otherwise on this one – All right Matt, I will go with you on this I still think A tier is more applicable, but if you really firmly feel like it’s S tier, I will agree I’m wearing your shirt after all I can’t really disagree with you right now So Matt, we of course have to talk about the PlayStation 2 Slim Now I actually really liked the PS2 Slim for a lot of the same reasons I liked the original PS1, in that it was a very unique way of doing a slung console This thing was tiny – It looked like a book, it looked like a paperback book It had a built in Ethernet Jack, which was a problem for the fat PS2 but was later solved – So for me, I think Slim PS2 is C tier – Yeah I mean, like is fine (mumbles) A console that I don’t think it added anything other than the price – PS2 Slim C tier it is, the PlayStation 4 was I think one of Sony’s best console’s of all time

with the PS4, they went lean and mean with things, right? When, especially when you get to compare it to the Xbox One, which had absolutely destroyed at launch the PS4 had sure some of the basic media features some of the things that you would expect out of a console, but first and foremost, it was a game machine and it did that well, I think it is very hard, I’ll just throw my cards on the table right now it’s hard for me to imagine the PS4 not being A tier – So I’ll give you the A tier for that, but then I got a question, where do we go from here with A tier? – Well let’s start with slim So with the PS4, going from the original launch, PS4 to the Slim, I would say was actually an incredibly minor change, but realistically the PS4 Slim was just a cheaper version of the PS4 to me as good as the PS4 was the PS4 Slim, I’m like C tier, maybe D tier It just didn’t do anything for me – It’s not like it’s still the same footprint as the regular PS4 I think it just should have gone from the PS4 to the PS4 Pro – So why don’t we talk about the PS4 Pro this was the very first time in all of Sony’s history and really in a lot of, sort of the console space dating back to like the Sega 32X or something where we saw a real mid cycle refresh Really the PS4 Pro was a very much 1.5 generation update, which especially when you compare it to a lot of the slim consults on this list, I don’t think it’s even close – You talked about like the price for it Like, I mean, that might be the biggest deterrent for people is that it’s more expensive but like, in my case, when I bought the Spider-Man version of it, like you got a copy of the game for free, and then also include like the season pass of the game, which pretty much completely offset the cost of going from a Pro versus like a Slim – Yeah and that’s another thing I think that really is a big point in the Pros favor, the PlayStation 4 Pro pretty much since it came out has been priced at around $400 Whereas the PS4 Slim was at $300 I would say that for another 100 bucks, you’re getting a significantly better console on the PS4 Pro, which again makes that PS4 Slim look stupid I think the PS4 Pro deserves A tier right alongside the original PS4 I think it was a major step forward – I’ll agree with you, I like my PS4 Pro I like it, so I’ll give it A tier – Now, we’re gonna talk about PlayStation 5, so I will say as we are recording this in a time before the PlayStation 5 is actually out, I don’t think we can give this a completely fair rating, but why don’t we give it a try anyway – All right, so I’ll take the controversial stance at the moment without having seen the console and playing it and I’m going B tier – Okay, why do you, so low expectations is the way I read that – There a lot of things that have come out that disappoint me So the things that excite me are like the hard drive, how fast that SSD is and the potential that can have But then on the flip side of that, it’s limited to 825 gigabytes And again, that’s pre operating system So realistically we’re probably gonna have what, like nine, I mean, 750, 775 of usable storage – The things, I guess, if I were gonna start with the negatives, the things that are going against it, it’s very large, right? I mean, you look at the size of a PS5 Very, very significantly large than something like, even a fat PS3 You also have a lot of huge question marks as far as where it comes in on price, how it compares to Series X I think that ultimately could sort of shift things back and forth, especially if it is as expensive or more expensive than what Xbox is gonna sell the series X at – That’s why I say the things I like and things I don’t like, because again, I’m someone who likes to go back and replay games, to not be able to play some of my favorite older games on that, that’s a negative – We’re gonna look at this video two years from now and probably strongly disagree with a lot of the points we’re bring up I think a lot of the answers will be much more clear in my opinion, where the PlayStation 5 is here today right now in 2020 prelaunch, I’m gonna give it a tentative A tier – I agreed, I think it’s gonna sell really well I mean, it’s PlayStation I will say that I find it super ugly I don’t want that displayed on my console stand or something like that I hate the way the controller looks I don’t like the two tone My ranking of a B is again, mostly aesthetics I look at it and I say, I don’t like the way it looks I do fully think that’s a very powerful machine and I’m sure it will sell well, but like compared to other consoles, I just don’t like the way this thing looks I think it looks dumb Thank you for watching our PlayStation 5 tier list

What do you think of our rankings? Are we full of crap? Is Phil Spencer foaming at the mouth for how good he’s gonna do? Or just, are we completely off base? I don’t know, you tell us if you like the video, like it, subscribe, share it, do all those things that you do on YouTube and we’ll see you next time, thanks bye (upbeat music)