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he’s a review for the 2020 Lexus UX 250 H I love this car I’ll see you on the other side let’s get into it so it’s been one year since this UX has come to the US market it is a brand new vehicle in segments for Lexus still and it is doing really really well a year later this car is crushing it in Europe its sales have actually done really really well is here in the United States which is a little bit surprising because it is such a small car and as Americans tend to like as big as possible but this UX provides a lot of features a lot of value for the money there are some updates for the 2020 model I will go over those but in terms of the styling nothing has changed the pink color you are looking at right now is atomic silver it always impresses me at any time of the day it really doesn’t matter at night it’ll look more gray during this day time you can see it looks gold but let’s get into the styling of the UX this thing when it came out it sported some things that were unique to this vehicle we’ll start with the grille now although the spindle grille isn’t new for the UX this particular pattern was when it came out a year ago now that the 2020 Rx is out and the 2020 GX is out this spindle grille pattern really I guess was the forerunner for Lexus with its styling now it’s bigger siblings the RX and the GX have taken after it and they look just as good as this one the headlights they look super sharp they look just as sharp as any other Lexus headlight now when this vehicle came out a year ago this daytime running light the check mark right there was unique for this vehicle and it still kind of isn’t quite a few ways if I get close for you guys there are a little I don’t know what you call them little lashes inside there that’s the best way to put those little eyelashes in that night they catch the light and they illuminate so it looks really really sharp now these are not the optional headlights these are what we call the the buy LED headlights you can’t have this with the triple beams but I actually have not seen it outside of training here in the States you pretty much have to custom order it to receive a vehicle with the triple beams but man they do look good and on you guys in Europe if you’re watching this you probably have the triple beams on most of your vehicles down below there’s a little slot where the fog lamps should go well Lexus is typically building this vehicle for a price here in the States and they’re not including fog lights unless you get the F Sport package but just walking around this car I just love how it looks it still looks very futuristic sharp angles everywhere and it’s just an absolutely beautiful beautiful car now one of the things that’s new for 2020 are not these wheels but it can be had with an additional optional 18 inch wheel I have no issues with these five spoke wheels they’re not my favorite coloring I’m not a huge fan of the machine finished by color wheels I’d like it better if it was just you know one solid gray color but I think they look pretty good I can’t really complain but the new one coming out is gonna look gorgeous put a picture of what those new wheels are gonna look like they can be had on this UX stepping back you can just see how compact this vehicle is but like I said from a every angle this car is sharp and this paint color atomic silver really highlights the hard body edges and the hard lines on this vehicle coming around the back this design language with these rear taillights would be nice to see on more of their vehicles the lights are actually on right now and you have about a hundred and fifty LEDs that go from the right side to the left side and a nice beautiful strip at nighttime they’re absolutely gorgeous and they still look good even in the daylight and this should give you a good idea of what atomic silver looks like in the shade it looks it looks stunning from all angles underneath the hood is the same 2-liter Hybrid Synergy Drive that we see in only the UX right now this is the only vehicle in America that has this type of hybrid setup it is only available with all-wheel drive here in the US which is a nice thing here in the Midwest with our brutally frigid I mean people are ice fishing for car now I do you see that I see that go down there ice fishing that’s that’s why we need all-wheel drive because in days like these it’s better to be safe than sorry now this vehicle gets you 40 miles a gallon all-wheel drive and it gets you 181 horsepower which is a step up from the base model with around 169 horsepower so this is the model to get if you want a little bit more performance and of course all-wheel

drive for you guys in these lovely climates and we’re in the 20 20 UX I love this car as you guys probably could tell from the intro everything about this car is of the highest quality now you might say the doors might be a little a little plain I’m okay I’m okay with the minimal doors the seats though the seats are exquisite that’s the first thing you notice when you get in this car you expect the seats to be smaller maybe a little bit harder but no they’re every bit is comfortable as let’s say the es every bit is accommodating and they seem to be bigger seats more comfortable seats than its bigger brother the NX now this washy dashboard washy is a paper that’s used in Japanese origami and other arts and crafts and other household items and it is of course awesome to see here I just love the texture of it it’s super soft you don’t really see this pattern in anything any other Lexus vehicles I hope they bring it into more with a beautiful start button and then all of these lights you see this off the front vent as well as like the mirror inside vent those are all lights they turn off as a car turns off so I’ll turn the car off that’ll turns off so when people get in this car for the first time and they’ve never been in it before a lot of the time they ask well what what are all these switches for where all these buttons do like well it’s hard to explain unless I turn the car on turn the car on they pop on right away I’ll give you guys the starting screens pretty neat starting screen if you ask me and how we’re seeing this vehicle equipped at least here in the Midwest is that the hybrid version comes with heated and ventilated seats it has a heated steering wheel and of course those are all automatic as well this is gonna have the newest safety systems from Lexus so this is a 2.0 it’s going to have Lane tracing roadside assistance low light pedestrian detection bicyclist detection and those are all on top of the existing features like radar cruise control lane keep assist etc this is equipped with blind spot monitor there’s a little indicator at the edge of each mirror awesome feature that we love to see on every single Lexus vehicle but it is not standard on this model we do have a few base models front-wheel drive models that do not have that feature now this particular model is not equipped with the navigation package however it does have the most up-to-date software so this does support apple carplay and android auto previously for 2019 it just supported apple carplay Android auto like me I’m an Android user I really really appreciate having that feature on the 20/20 UX and this my friends that is a wireless charger that’s the first time I’ve seen it on the UX they’re probably started going to be including that more and more often on this 2020 model right next to is your traditional 12 volt it comes up ever so slowly but you can plug in your accessories through there the touchpad is unchanged which is no problem I love the touchpad the way it is it is perfect it’s very snappy very easy to use when you have things like apple carplay and android auto up on your screen this does take some getting used to so over here on your heating and cooling options there are no radio buttons anywhere close they’re all located right here so you can you can do your presets or here you can switch through am/fm XM you can turn it on and off this is how you go through media so your Bluetooth with your CD player your USB Drive like I said this is how you go through your presets this dials in or tunes in for your AM FM stations as well as satellite and then this volume button it slides as well so that’s how you control the volume now it’s a very nice central location for the passenger to be able to use over here on the steering wheel which I love this steering wheel super high quality you can also control the volume of your radio right here and then your am/fm XM as well as your presets the screen back here is unchanged for 2020 now with this directional pad here it controls all of this information screen most people will probably keep it in a hybrid I like to keep it on the miles per gallon now this car has been sitting in place a lot so the miles per gallon are not of course the 40 miles per gallon rated but in a 2019 model for a city run I got over 50 miles per gallon now you’ve got to be driving like an old grandpa to be get that high but it’s very rewarding and very fun and a hybrid to do up top are gonna be all of your sunroof controls large sunroof for the size of this vehicle now you do not have a panoramic sunroof option for this vehicle that’s okay considering the size of it I’m okay with it but I know a lot of its competitors like the BMW and the Volvo do have that nice panoramic sunroof so over on the door here or all of your windows they are all automatic all the way up and all the way down now this does not have auto folding mirrors it is an option on this car unlike the 2020s

where it’s standard now all these empty spots well what could you put here well this car is not equipped or even available with the panoramic camera system but I would expect it to be coming sometime in the future so you could probably put the panoramic camera system button somewhere around here and then also you would be able to put the heads-up display button over here as well and maybe active sound control for the F Sport models if you guys have any idea what else could go in these button slots let me know and put it in the comments below sitting in the back of the UX it’s still very comfortable now you do set up very upright if you’re really tall something most comfortable but the seat quality is exquisite the comfort of the seats themselves is good the positioning is a little upright for my liking now this seat in front of me is setup for for myself which I’m 6-1 and you can see my knees go into the seat but that’s not an issue because the seat deforms just a little bit to allow my knees to pass through now if I was sitting back here like a normal person my legs would be out to the side here assuming that you don’t have someone in the middle seat this does support five passengers but I would never recommend it unless there are little kids you do have quick charging ports down here at the bottom which is great to see Lexus is incorporating in all of their newest updated models now you don’t have climate control control you don’t have control for the climate here in the back seat but you do have this vent switch as well as directional for each individual side oh and I just love the detail and the quality this is just armrests just saw armrests no big deal and I just love how that looks here even in the backseat I can appreciate all the materials of this beautiful UX and we’re off and the 20 20 Lexus you ax guys this is one of my favorite Lexus vehicles I just enjoy driving it so much it handles great it has good throttle response it’s super comfortable it has the highest technology or the most updated technology I should say of all the Lexus IS with the 2020 RX and it’s just super smooth it’s the typical Lexus smooth that I love and enjoy oh so much it’s very quiet just like every Lexus should be but it is for such a budget vehicle now this it is very quiet but what is the price of this vehicle well the sticker price is around 39,000 and that’s how we typically see these hybrids built for our area they’re around 39 thousand dollars for this sticker now there’s of course dealer discounts and lexus incentives on top of that but this vehicle does allow people to get into their first Lexus or the first luxury vehicle for the first time which is exciting if you’re moving up from let’s say the toy Toyota lineup and this is one of the best done hybrids I’ve ever driven what do I mean by that well just the seamless transition from electric to gas you hardly notice it in this car you almost have to be looking at the e V button at the bottom left of the input information cluster to know if the gasoline engine turns on it just turned on a gesture I had no idea that the gas motor even turned on only because that button or that light that says evey turned off that’s the only way that I know that the gas motor is on it’s just so smooth so seamless of a transition from electric to to petrol or gasoline whatever you guys want to call it now the brakes on this vehicle are very touchy they get that take some getting used to and it’s not a bad thing right every car has a different brake feel different accelerator for a different steering wheel feel the brakes on this car do take some getting used to they bite really hard or really fast and that might help with the regenerative properties of the hybrid system but I would like it in my preference would be a little bit duller in the initial bite and then a little bit more progressive it’s almost like an on/off now it’s far better then not having a strong brakefield all but at the same time there’s not that that typical natural progression that we see on most other Lexus vehicles now what is the biggest weakness of the UX we know it does a lot of things really really well well the weakness is especially in this particular variant of the car the hybrid version its Achilles heel is interior space now you saw wallows in the backseat there’s not a lot in terior space you wouldn’t want to take long road trips with adults in the back you know a half an hour to an hour would probably be just fine but the hybrid battery in this car does take up a more room than the non hybrid version which is unfortunate to see because they’re able to engineer the newest es so it doesn’t have any space reduction in the hybrid this vehicle is not the case you do lose several square feet of storage space in the back compartment compared to the non hybrid yes you can still fold down the seats this vehicle is going to be perfect for couples maybe one child I wouldn’t want to have several several

kids in this vehicle but if this is just gonna be for you 99% the time either one or two people and a kid here or there or an extra couple here and here and there this vehicle will be enough for you you can fold down those seats you do get plenty of space even in the hybrid as long as you’re able to fold down those seats dude this Jimmy John’s guy behind me is rocking out so hard to the song I mean his hands around his I mean he is rocking out hard that just made my day other than reviewing this car I mean this car is so awesome I have to turn the heated steering wheel off and I rarely have to do that in any Lexus vehicle this has to be the best heated steering wheel in any lexus I’ve driven I don’t know why maybe it’s fully leather but this seems to be the best heated steering wheel that I’ve ever tested in a Lexus and this is the cheapest new Lexus you can possibly buy as well so right now I’m cruising at 40-plus miles an hour I’m in full electric mode the gas motor just turned on and I had to be watching it because it almost feels like hitting a bump in a road or just a small bump that’s that’s all that the car communicates to you that the gas motor had just turned off and I didn’t know so it’s just so seamless so freakin seamless this is the future of hybrids for Lexus Toyota everyone is starting to you know get into fully electric vehicles Toyota’s not sold on it yet they will get there I know a lot of you guys are worried about it they have the means and the technology they know how electric vehicles work but they also are the best no one even comes close when it comes to hybrids and this is in my opinion the best implementation of hybrid technology that I’ve ever driven in a Lexus and that’s saying a lot because I love the RX 450h but I was getting an Rx I’d get the hybrid every single time the es is tough because you get so much more power in the v6 compared to the hybrid system but that hybrid system is so smooth in this car it’s the best it is the best implementation just for my from driving from the lake to this position right here I’m at forty seven and a half miles a gallon now what about engine noise well I’ll push it for you guys here in just a little bit so you guys can hear how loud the engine gets three two one and floor that’s about it I think it has enough power for this little vehicle now you might be saying well Kirk this has the weakest motor in this sub compact SUV class in this luxury class that is super hot right now yeah but none of the other vehicles are that fast anyways and this vehicle can get you well over 40 miles per gallon if you don’t have a wet foot so after even after Florida flooring it I’m still getting over 40 miles a gallon it’s not like I can go much faster than the speed limit in this residential area anyway so I’m always a big fan of efficiency over power because 99% of the time you’re going to appreciate that efficiency more than the power now is it enough to get you up to speed on the freeway of course it is it is much quicker than let’s say a Prius is it gonna be as fuel-efficient as a Prius no but this is a much better looking car than the Prius it comes standard with all-wheel-drive in the hybrid and the interior quality and the overall quietness of this vehicle is not going to be even close in any other Toyota counterpart unless you get a Lexus sibling that’s not going to get quite as good gas mileage unless it’s the ES or something but the es doesn’t have all-wheel drive if you do not need the extra interior space this is arguably one of the best if not the best commuting Lexus vehicle you can buy and the reason is not because of pure miles per gallon because the es Hybrid gets better but it’s because it offers so much it gives you all wheel drive it gives you a decent amount of power not as much as you yes it gives you great efficiency and if you know how to drive these hybrids for efficiency you’re gonna be super happy and very very intrigued by how awesome the system is it’s so seamless so seamless so smooth from gas electric and they just work in perfect harmony and although this vehicle is pint-sized I’m not a small guy I’m not a huge guy either I’m 6:1 about 180 and I can just lounge out I don’t have I don’t feel like I’m in a cardboard box or anything like that it’s very very spacious I can see out of the rear window perfect even though that window is not that big this rearview mirror is massive so I can see the rearview mirror as well as the passenger headrest so I could be having a conversation with the people in the back seat and see the vehicles behind me it handles the bumps pretty well now it does have run-flat tires and that might be a con for some of you there is no spare tire in this vehicle and that may result in the ride being a

little bit harsher than it would be if it had normal tires even so it is still perfectly acceptable riding and driving experience for the price point it’s not nearly as smooth let’s say is the rx or even the es so for 2020 the UX 250 H hybrid isn’t excellent buy if you’re looking to get into the subcompact luxury market it’s also a great car for people who are looking to downsize or don’t need anything super super big for their commute and the added features for 2020 like some additional optional wheels as well as Android auto is awesome to see Lexus slowly and continually improving these models year after year again special thanks to Lexus of Omaha for providing this vehicle it is an absolute joy and pleasure to drive this UX but I will see you guys in the next video click that subscribe button and like for more lexus reviews news and toyota news for that matter and i’ll catch you guys in the next video until next time thanks for joining me peace out you