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The worse thing about loving someone the longer you are unable to destroy what you feel the longer the pain remains Because of the rising coronavirus disease cases in the country, the President approved the extension of the Enhanced Community Quarantine in Luzon until April 30th, 2020 This is in line with the recommendation of the Inter-agency Task Force for the management of emerging infectious diseases Cabinet Secretary and IATF spokesperson Carlo Nograles mentioned that the guidelines of IATF will still follow through Medical front liners and services are still exempted Hey, you’re ruining something important I know that that’s why I tried to salvage it even just the friendship Friendship? What are you talking about? You are destroying the box! Don’t you need that when you sell that thing? Shit! Real Shit! What’s up with you?! Babe! Be careful! You almost hurt me Sorry, I don’t want to hurt anyone it’s just What? What’s that babe? Huh? Sorry! Babe, you brought extra clothes right? Just change, please Yeah, I do have extra clothes I’ll right, I’ll change into a new one I’ll be upstairs if you need me Sorry, babe It’s okay What’s up with you Ben? Babe, they’re here Hi, guys! – Hi, Yana! – Hi, Ben! Hi! What are you guys doing? I’m helping Ben with the stuff he needs to sell Oh! Babe, come over here! Quick! Hi, Jim! Hi! Ben, say hi to Jim Alright guys, I’ll go upstairs Jim ripped my dress Alright, go ahead He’s been zoning out since this morning Actually, my friend here too Really? Yes! Alright, I’ll go ahead Bye Yana Sorry, babe It’s okay. I’ll go ahead Anyway, I’ll bring these inside Help me set up later for my vlog, okay? Fix that box Ben Ben! Dad arranged a flight for me Supposedly I’m leaving when ECQ is lifted But it was extended But Dad really wanted me to go back to Davao

And I have unfinished business at my shop Okay, safe travel How is this done? Babe, do you know how this is done? Let’s try this! Come on! This is fun Just step, one two One, two Come on! Okay. How do I do this? Like this? -Yes – There -And then this -Okay -There -Nice -Okay, okay -Now turn around Done. Wait, Let’s see how it looks Let’s watch it -I didn’t mess it up -Really? Let’s see Wow. You’re a dancer And you still have the moves until now The music is good. It’s so catchy I think I wanna do this again I want to do this again I think we’ll get it better on the second take What hap– Hi, Sir Ben! Is this everything? Yes! There Careful they fell a while ago There You want water? Yes, please Wait Here You’re so sweet today I knew it you will finally fall for me Hey, please be careful Were you doing it intentionally? Sorry, was it obvious? The ball bounced hard from the ring Hey, you’re soaked I’ll get a shirt for you Okay Hey You’re staring at my hot and sexy body May I have the shirt now? Here Also can you pass my ball back? It might bounce back there again Here What a lousy pass I’m gonna fight him back

No, ignore that Go on with your deliveries My shirt is wet now That’s okay. Go on Hey, Flo Drop by later, let’s have a drink Is this real? The struggling student seller who’s preoccupied with business is asking me to have a drink? Wait, are you broken hearted? No! Why? Are the only ones allowed to drink the broken-hearted? In your case, yes You only drink when you’re broken-hearted Wait, is this about Jim? Last week that I was there, you were awkward No What do you mean no? I know you too well You’re jealous of Yana, aren’t you? You hoped for a chance, and there was none Miss girlfriend suddenly arrived Stop eating those fortune cakes See! You’re caught Alright, then I’ll buy the drinks Thank you Are we killing each other? Why did you ask me to buy tons of liquor? And what is this? Why is it that it looks like we are setting up a party? I thought this is just a heart to heart wine night And who is this? That’s my friend Olan And what are you saying? Aren’t we always like this when we drink here? This is too extra Spill it Alright… okay Yana invited me to have dinner at their house But I don’t want to be the third party to the two of them That’s why I told her I have my own event here in the house There you go! So it’s a contest You don’t want to go to Yana’s event, because you know that it’s awkward and you’re the torn between them And because you don’t want to go there, you don’t want to look pathetic here either So you organized your own event I like the spirit, very competitive Hey Benny What’s your final answer? Is it really a no? I told my mom I have a new friend come over Sorry… next time Okay Babe, let’s go! Babe, Ben really can’t make it They have this mini party going on here That’s okay. Let them be For sure it will be more fun at the dinner at your house Okay. Bye Ben! Bye guys! Bye! Olan, you go first One truth, two lies Yes, you go first Okay, alright -It’s hard to think, guys -That’s true! Go on, you first! Fine First, when it comes to love I am loyal and honest Second I never had a fling or short-term relationship And third I am still a virgin It seems all of it were lies [Jim: Are you still drinking?] Hey, what do you think of me? [Jim: Who else is there?] Is that how bad you perceive me? It’s not like that. But all of it were lies Hey, Flo do you believe what he’s saying? What did he say? What are you talking about? [Jim: It’s boring here. We’ll go there now.] What are you doing? You seem busy No It’s because the “love of your” life messaged me They want to join us here Wait, what? Love of his life? You didn’t tell me you have a boyfriend? No. Flo’s just kidding It’s what I call Jim Jim was Ben’s first love Actually, even now You know what, just stop bothering them Okay? That’s right. Let’s not bother them Jim might punch me if he’s here Why would he punch you? Because he is very jealous of me And he’ll see that I am making moves on Ben Wait, wait. Please elaborate that

Not now. Just tell us your one truth and two lies Okay. Uhmm -Hi guys! -Hi! Can we join you? Babe, keeps on asking me to go here, because he’s getting bored But we brought food and drinks -That’s cool! – I thought Jim said it will be fun where you’ll go Wow! Couple shirts? It’s not like that More like a best friend’s shirt Ah, wait. I’ll change Why? Don’t bother. No malice at all Unless you’re putting malice on it Guys, stop that already Let’s just drink. Right? -Let’s just enjoy the night -Right, Yes Let’s just drink it out Oh, so what are you guys playing One truth, two lies. You know that? I know that game. Okay, my turn So, my truths are First truth, I have a tattoo What else? -Second truth -Ben, I love egg whites. Can I have them? They’re really my favorite I have four pet Babe, don’t be clumsy The fork fell on the ground Sorry Bro, why are you still here? It’s already late. There’s a curfew Bro, I have a quarantine pass And if it’s late, I can sleepover, right Ben? Why is he the only one you’re asking? – I’m still here – Yeah, right I know there’s curfew. But let’s not think about it Let’s just enjoy the night Let’s just relax and enjoy the night. Right? -Right? -Yes! Guys, cheers There. Yes! Yes! Okay, now that Yana is done. Your turn now, Jim One truth and two lies Let’s stop it already. Let’s play a different game Wait, it’s still my turn Why? Don’t you want me to give my answers? Okay Okay, uhm One the person that I love most is right here, right now Two I love that person so much That person doesn’t know how much I love him deeply. I can’t show it that much And three it’s my underwear’s second day That’s cute babe It seems like all of those are true Babe, I know that you love me so much, and you never fail to let me feel it Hey, hey, hey! Get a room please Don’t make me envious here Why is it that I look like a fifth wheel here You both are pairs of couple Wait they’re together? Uhm you know what, this is enough Let’s just put the videoke on, Flo Set up the laptop and the portable mic Wait, you haven’t had your turn yet All of us had our turn, except you That’s unfair for us. It’s your turn Okay, fine One I’m a good online seller Two I’m not good at baking Three I skipped lunch this afternoon

That’s it? That’s boring! Correct. Those are so mundane I agree. Share something deeper You want me to tell for you? Since out of everyone here I’m the one closest to you And we have been together for so long as friends No need, let me do it Okay First I am hoping that the day would come that my first love will love me back I still believe it Wait, who’s your first love? Save the follow-up questions for later Second though I get hurt a thousand times over, I will never get tired of waiting for true love and third I know in myself that in six months I will prove myself to my parents That’s really heavy That’s why I told you guys, let’s just sing with the videoke Yes, sure, let’s go! Let Jim sing first Do you guys know he sings so well I know that! That’s his talent when we were younger Really? Babe, I don’t want to You know for a fact that I only sing for you Babe, please, do it Just one song, please – Babe, my songs are exclusively for you – Please! Okay so, Jim, what are you gonna sing? No, really. I don’t want to Thank you Babe, sing a song that’s close to your heart You told us a while ago that you can’t show to your love how much you love her Well, now’s your chance Sing one song, I’ll listen If you don’t want to, let me do it No, okay. I’ll do it Okay, you 🎵 I know you have your dreams I have my stories… 🎵 🎵 I know that we’re both far from yesterday. 🎵 🎵 I don’t wanna grow apart and worry. 🎵 🎵 Cause I know you and I feel the same way. 🎵 🎵 I’ve loved you for so long 🎵 🎵 still I wanna love you more. 🎵 🎵 Every time I look up in the sky above 🎵 🎵 the stars align for us. 🎵 🎵 And every time I see your eyes 🎵 🎵 I fall in love again. 🎵 🎵 Every time I look up in the sky above 🎵 🎵 a promise shines for us. 🎵 🎵 And every time I see you 🎵 🎵 you make me wanna dream 🎵 🎵 that we can fall in love tonight. 🎵 🎵 I miss the times we had when 🎵 🎵 we were younger. 🎵 🎵 I miss the way you look me in the eyes. 🎵 🎵 I hope that this time we both can be braver 🎵

🎵 to choose the love that’s in our hearts tonight. 🎵 🎵 I know it won’t be easy. 🎵 🎵 I know it’s not so simple. 🎵 🎵 But I know we have a reason 🎵 🎵 to fall in love… 🎵 🎵 to fall in love 🎵 🎵 Every time I look up in the sky above 🎵 🎵 the stars align for us. 🎵 🎵 And every time I see your eyes 🎵 🎵 I fall in love again. 🎵 🎵 Every time I look up in the sky above 🎵 🎵 a promise shines for us. 🎵 🎵 And every time I see you 🎵 🎵 you make me wanna dream 🎵 🎵 that we can fall in love tonight. 🎵 🎵 We can fall in love tonight. 🎵 Babe, you really sing so well I told you guys, he sings so well No that much Guys I would like to tell you something Now that you are all complete All of the people close to him are here Perhaps you always see me as someone who is never serious always laughing around And I’m not like you rich and affluent But there’s only one thing I am proud of When I love someone I will fight for it Guys I would like to ask for your blessing most of all from you Ben I would like to court you I will do it until you say yes I will take care of you, and protect you I will do everything for you Because Ben I really, really like you Oh my god! That’s so sweet! So much love in this night Definitely a night to remember, guys! Sorry. I think I’ll throw up And the answer is yes, Olan! You definitely have our approval as Ben’s closes friends You know what, at the beginning, we had a falling out But I see that you’re a really good guy And I think anyone would be lucky to have you Congratulations, you guys! I’m so happy for you Babe?! Babe are you okay? Uhm… yeah I’m okay I’m just dizzy I hit my head on the door Stop drinking already Here, let me carry you No, I’m okay Go back to them Go back Hey!

Where are you going? Oh my god You startled me What are you doing here? Uhm I’m heading home Jim’s in a bad mood Well, we fought actually I don’t wanna stay here for the night How about you? Well Ben doesn’t want me to stay here He says my family might look for me But, I think he’s just awkward with what I did tonight Aw… still I’m happy for you both Thank you Yet, I’m here Outsider Both of us are Outsider Outsiders, with ‘S’ there’s two of us So, what now? Let me take you home Are you crazy? Back riding isn’t allowed We’re frontliners When we get caught, you can pay the five thousand bail You’re really crazy I don’t want to, you might get me into an accident I’ll be careful this time Promise I will avoid checkpoints, and I’ll bring you home safe So what? Let’s go. It’s already late Promise? Promise I promise I’ll drive safely You’re here Ben, I destroyed the restroom door I’ll just fix it tomorrow Ben My reaction was wrong when you said that you love me? I am not like Olan he’s brave Unlike me I can’t even tell you that I love you too not just as a friend I love you, Ben And even if I’m unsure I will gamble This is all new to me

Don’t ever hurt me Don’t look at others You’re mine Promise Please don’t ever go away Promise me I promise I want you to stay away from him, even text or call Especially to go see him He’s a dangerous guy Promise me, you won’t see him again Yes, I promise Leo?