RIP Bandit Boy 😭💔😭

Oh [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] but they shine slow down oops this is one of those videos that there’s no like easy way or way to film it and I keep trying to wait until I can get through this video without crying and and so I’m not blubbering the whole time but it’s like it’s never gonna stop hurting and I know a lot of you are like

wondering if this is real and it is and it died that is the first time I said it we wanted to make sure that we were being responsible and and telling you guys accurate information and so we we wanted to be able to give you guys an clear answer we’ve spent a lot of energy and a lot of money trying to find answers and where we’re at at this point and those of you that have ever been through something like this understand how long it takes to get answers and how long it takes to maybe get no answer and so when we had a necropsy done we had all the tests we possibly could have done that we could afford and we’re about not that it’s about money but were about three thousand dollars in and Counting trying to get answers and being told that most likely we will get any and we lost him while we were traveling and we took him to a certified avian veterinarian but at the time because it was emergency we ended up seeing an emergency vet that was a reptile vet that was new but did all the procedures she started the day before and so she did what she thought was best and there was no there was no saving her there’s a couple things that make it really really difficult and also has a special side of it is that Pressey mimics everything he says yeah smoke you hear it you think he’s there at the same time it’s kind of nice to have a recording of him the other thing that makes it really difficult for us in this position is that everything is so public you look having to relive it by explaining and telling you guys it’s really painful and also we have a responsibility to share with you whatever we do learn what if we do learn so that if there’s mistakes we made you guys can learn from it and the frustrating part but the nice part is we don’t know yeah and we’ve done every test you can and it was nothing contagious it was nothing they could tell us all the things it wasn’t they just couldn’t tell us what it was and basically it came down to some sort of toxin that only he got into and the reason that we have our time wrapping our heads around that is because he was never by himself he was never oh the only one exposed something we have a flock so they were all in those they were all in those enclosures they were all traveling or they were all like our life is just so varied that there was never something where it was just him was nothing for us to isolate be able to discover that that okay this cage had something wrong with it that we could have prevented it wasn’t like that we’ve gone through everything with a fine-tooth comb so all we can do from this and literally one of the vets was so sweet because we ended up consulting with probably more than we should have because none of them agreed which made it even more confusing for us but one of them said like keep doing what you’re doing sometimes this stuff in life just happens and it can’t be explained and it’s nothing you did or didn’t do

and so we’re looking at everything that we currently do and I’m looking at can it be better and so things were I see where we could improve and maybe we don’t know everything and we never will but maybe we can always do better and I’m trying to go through and make sure that we do better by him because I don’t want it to happen for nothing one of the things that came into question was the sand in our aviaries and so we sent the actual sand out for testing to make sure it didn’t have any pesticides in it or anything I went back to all the places that we buy the sand from and asked them if there was anything in the sand that I should know about before putting in aviaries which is something I did before we ever used sand and aviaries it was something I asked veterinarians about before we ever implemented it in aviaries and him was never told that anything was wrong with doing it however it’s one of those things where it was one of the first things I questioned and it’s something that I’m looking at and going I never want to question anything again in this situation if I lose an animal I don’t want to I don’t want to look at things and question them I want to be 100% sure and so one of the things that we’ve immediately changed is all our outdoor aviaries are going to have cement it’s actually our tripod right now so that is one of the things that that we’re doing the testing for our sand came back really high in iron which we literally had vets arguing over whether or not iron was a problem half of avian certified vet said that iron was not a problem the other half said it could be a problem over the long term as a way to avoid the debate and avoid the conflict and all the questions that came up we’re just going to avoid using sand okay look at all the cement you got we moved all of this you know it’s gonna be hard to see but there’s a ton of it and it’s going to be and they couldn’t deliver it it had to go pick it up 3,300 pounds cement that we moved so now we got it install it yeah so we don’t have confirmation that it was this and we don’t have confirmation that it was anything his organs were in good shape yeah I’m sorry I just makes it really real to talk about is my body like that you know I went through it and for our indoor aviaries I took all the sand out I started steam cleaning everything all day and we actually came up with a really cool idea for how to make those aviaries better and by mounting them on some powder coated steel and having them on wheels where I can get them in and out of the garage easier and move them and clean better and I just don’t want I don’t I don’t want his death to be in vain so I want it to better the lives of the birds that I have and that I care for and that I hope in the future and so I feel like his death has made us take a closer look at what we’re doing and and make it better one of the things that I’ve learned in this process that I didn’t know and wasn’t aware of was that you could send things for testing to the Louisiana State University and how easy it is and relatively affordable and it was 111 dollars to send this and for testing and the veterinarian who tested it said that it was incredibly low but it did still have zinc and let in it and it was a very low amounts of three parts per million which is it’s kids sand that they play in so you know naturally that seems like a pretty safe thing by industry standards that it should be safe and both the vets had said that that was they basically said that it fit yeah so a normal number of like lead paint would be 200 parts per million and this was at 3 so it was very very

incredibly low all the vets confirmed that it was very low amounts and they said possibly over a long period of time the problem is is that with metal toxicity you would see certain organs affected and his organs weren’t and so it was like even though that was a possibility the cause of death was undetermined and so we don’t have a clear answer and so we can all we can do is speculate and question everything we do and even though the vet says to just keep doing what we’re doing I have a hard time not picking everything apart and trying to find fault I’m trying to find fault with everything and so I just want to do better and I want this video to serve more so as a celebration of his life that he lived then a tragedy of losing him because I want really good to come out of it one of the really special things that came out of this is we had reconnected with one of my friends who was in Moab and filmed all that footage that you saw he came out to Vegas to spend some time on our free flight trip he had all this old footage of these personal moments with bandit they almost felt like secrets like moments where it’s just really special that we had all the time with him where he would whisper to us and maybe he would try to roll uphill and he would shun me there’s so many times where he would be my best buddy and then I’d call him and he’d stay with Dave and he would hurt my feelings feelings too but you know there’s those different sides of him that are really really special and so we wanted to share in this video our favorite moments of having bandit and hopefully you guys can share your favorite moments of him in the comments one of the really special things that took place is that we were contacted by a free flight student who got a baby cool off that was a boy and she did this because of my videos with bandit and it was really special timing because I felt like the world lost a free flyer but then it gained one too so it was really special to get a new go ah free flying a crazy little baby boy fits so well who did awesome you know a lot of people don’t know this because I wasn’t able to document as much of banna as a baby on the channel as publicly but when he was really young he was really gray and he kind of had bug eyes everybody made fun of him for having bug eyes and I used to defend him even though I knew he had bug eyes too and he was just so funny and so Lively but nobody gave him as much attention because because they thought he was funny looking and he ended up just being the coolest bird and everybody fall in love with him eventually we toured with him on the hall in America of the n’dam ship up in Alaska when we first had him and he was a baby he was growing into his bug eyes and he this videos on our channel and he was trying to roll around and film as he hit the ground and one of my other favorite moments was when we were flying we were on tour and we stopped in Waynesboro Virginia to fly we’d love the Verge’s out for the entire day just to play and it was strutting across his rooftop talking and chattering and he got too close to where the gutters went down it’s like a storm kind of a drainpipe and he heard his own voice startle them so he continued to talk to himself because he get here is that go yeah he threw his head down the drainpipe and would just talk and then lift it up and then talk and it was the funniest funniest reaction and it landed on the drainpipe and now he’s all excited [Applause] I still remember one of my favorite

times free flying him was in Florida and we took we went to the schoolyard while there was no school in session we thought this will be fun well fly him in the school yard and of course he ditched the school yard and he flew up and landed on the stoplight post busy street in Orlando Street in Orlando and I freaked out and he just started strutting across the street and we joked that he was like directing traffic directing traffic and he was just strutting and dancing and having the best time and I was so mad at him and I was just like get down here right now I’m scared for your life and he was he was leaving yeah and he just loved it and it was one of those like I know I talk crap about cockatoos and it’s because of moments like that where where they’re so frustrating and you’re just concerned for them and their safety but it’s so endearing of a quality at the same time and that’s what really like hooks you with the species it’s like you know my first reaction when we lost him was just utter shock like I realized that I I felt like my flocks invincible I felt like he’s supposed to outlive me and I was angry it was almost like his lifespan wasn’t promised and I think we need to remember that our birds aren’t invincible and it can be really hard and that they’re fragile and even the vets we’re sharing stories where they lost their own birds and it just sounded like a normal person without all the knowledge and the background and the schooling just losing an animal because they didn’t see it because the animal is really good at hiding it and I think what was frustrating for me as I know those things I know that they’re good at that and I thought that I didn’t think it would happen to me last my last favorite moments with him was on 4th of July we’re lighting off all the fireworks and just prior to that we we thought it’d be fun to play with the birds so he took up all night and banned it and just got to enjoy just got to enjoy than being out and man it would get tossed in the air and he would tuck as long as he could until he had to open his wings and this has always been a really special place for us to be and I think felt right to have him here and know that he’ll always be here the fourth of July was really special and in the videos from fourth of July or literally a week before we lost him it’s so I understand that in this video with that video and show you guys our last probably favorite most amazing moments with him that were really special to us [Laughter] you ain’t your mama’s just amazing I’m

going to come over to you dirty did breathing man I’m just bringing in breathin in bandage doing a CD what is he looking at we have a hawk up there yeah come over here baby love you to make sure there was a hunting just like waiting is just sitting on a pen [Laughter] yeah sometimes I want to thank those of you that are closest to me that I’ve reached out with the nicest of words to say in condolences and for those of you that knew when I was going through this one of my friends sent me the following poem by an author unknown and I want to share it with everybody because it really helped me find a place to heal I read it over and over and over again in the hopes of understanding so here it is I’ll lend you for a little while a bird of mine he said for you to love while he lives and more and when he is dead it may be six or seven years or maybe 23 but will you till I call him back take care of him for me he’ll bring his charms to gladden you and shall his day be brief you’ll have his lovely memories as solace for your grief I cannot promise he will stay as all from Earth return but there are lessons taught down there I want this bird to learn I’ve looked the whole world over in my search for teachers true and from the throngs that crowd life’s wings I have selected you now will you give him all your love not think this labor vain nor hate me when I come to call to take him back again I fancied that I heard them say dear Lord thy will be done for all the joy this bird shall bring the risk of grief will run will shower him with tenderness and love while we may and for happiness we’ve known forever grateful stay and should the Angels call for him much sooner than we planned will brave the bitter grief that comes and tried to understand if by your love you’ve managed my wishes to achieve in memory of him you’ve loved be thankful do not grieve cherish every moment of your feathered charge he filled your home with songs of joy the time he was alive let not his passing take from you those memories to enjoy I will lend to you a bird God said and teach you all you have to do and when I call him back to heaven you will know he loved you too