African Love birds | Thrissur | ആഫ്രിക്കയിൽ നിന്നൊരു സുന്ദരി പക്ഷി | Part 1

Namaskaram..welcome to another episode of Organic Keralam This time a new field of hobby based business is going to be introduced They are African Love Birds We are now in Iringalakkuda in Trichur district We are going to meet Mr. Jithuraj He will explain us about how the bird nurture is being done This is absolutely new field for the organic keralam team So we could get to know more on this interesting breeding business Hence we are taking this video in two parts as we did earlier In the first part we are going to make known about these wonderful creatures In the second part we are going to get to know about how he nurtures these beautiful birds When we notice this rearing carefully, we could understand that there are a lot of things have to be needed to adopt on this business As I told u they are so attractive birds and they really need lot of care In these two episodes we could get a lot of information regarding this bird nurture Again I request my viewers for your esteemed support, And ask for the subscription of our channel Don’t forget to press the bell button for notifications of new videos Our videos are popularizing only because of the support you all are giving We expect this in the future also Let us meet Mr. jithu and ask about his birds What was the reason that brought you to this business? There was a shed in our compound that was fully abandoned I felt to renew the shed with some nurture Firstly I had a thought to breed pigeons, hence I visited many pigeon breeding sites All hinted about the birds’ wastage and dust Hence I bought some parrots at once I saw them in the nursery As a beginning I had bought 4 parrots then I think you had entered in to this breeding before years, right? Since childhood I had a craze for birds What about the business? That also going well I have seen the nurture of pigeons, parrots and love birds But I still doubt about how these new African love birds can adjust with our climate? No they can adapt with our climate very well Our climate is most suitable for them for breeding How you breed them? Can you explain? if I have enough birds, I will sustain otherwise I will buy birds from outside farms They sell in 2..3 birds, we cannot determine their sex when we first bring them Then I allow them for natural mating, there they can find the pair, Otherwise they will be undergone for DNA testing After determining their sex, we can make them pairs and put in to single cages They will be matured in 9 months for breeding How many strains of birds you have here? I have 90 breeds of birds with me All are of different variety All are of different types? Mostly they are. Fischer, Mask, Peech like that So they are different in appearance, right? Apparently they are looking as same There will be no difference in their shape But we can find changes in their body color, beak and head color That change is called mutation I have different kind of birds which have distinctive mutations Could you please introduce the birds? Viewers are waiting to know about the nature of these birds, their price, and after that their food etc Brother, which breed is this? One is Lutino Orange faced and the other is Lutino Orange faced Pallid So they are not two kinds of breeds, brother? No they are same mutation bird Their colors are alike, still there is a slight difference in their tail and wings When we make them pair, we could get normal orange faced and the pallid also What is the price of this breed?

Their price will be 8500 rupees for pair Which is the next type of bird to be introduced brother? That is Lutino opaline pied What is the price of it? The price will be 6000 rupees onwards for pairs Is it a demanded one? Yes of course Which are the next? They are Luttino opaline and Orange Luttino opaline One is Red and the other is Orange What is the rate of these birds? The rate will be 5000 rupees for a pair Which breed is this? This is Olive Peach pied All we saw were Peach- Faced strain It has 9 mutations What is its rate? The price will be 4000 for a pair Which breed is this? This is Peach Orange-faced We had seen already Lutino Orange-faced This bird also resembles that Lutino Orange is a bird of orange shade in yellow body But this bird is of orange shade in green body What is its rate? 3000 rupees per pair Which strain is this? This is albino Peach and violet peach in peach strain What is the rate of these birds brother? The rate of Albino peach in full white will be 21000 rupees The violet peach has the rate from 10000 to 15000 in accordance with their color Do people buy these costly birds for nurture? Yes of course, people don’t care about the price, In fact they are craze on costly birds Aren’t they so beautiful in their appearance, Full white, no any marks Both these male and female birds are of Albino Peach strain What will be the rate? As I told you the rate is 21000 The next is Blue pied and chicks I have put chicks from other strain in this cage I used to interchange eggs from one cage to another There are chicks of Blue pied, Eno pallid, Mao Fischer peid etc All these are Peach-faced mutations What is the rate of this bird? The rate is 5000 rupees The next is Mao Oplain and Blue Oplain What is the rate of these pair? Rate will be 6000 per pair Which are these birds? These are Violet Opaline pied and Violet Opaline What is the rate of this breed? The Rate is 6000 rupees Which breed is this? They are Mao peach and Violet pied From Peach faced What is the rate of this? The rate is 2500 rupees for the Mao peach If it is violet then the rate will raise I could get costly chicks like Albino and Violet birds out of this strain The next is Violet marble peach and Blue Pallid It’s a split strain of violet marble We could get marble chicks out of these pairs What is the rate of these birds?

The rate will be 25000 per pair Now it can be got in 20000 rupees as the color varies in every bird One of the qualities is their color The next is Lutino peach, these are the birds that are nurtured mostly The rate of this pair is 2500 rupees These are commonly sold in every bird shops Which strain is the next? They are Peach pied , All pied birds have markings on their tail and wings What is the cost of this bird? It costly 2000 per bird as they have this beautiful green shade on their wings Hence 4000 per pair The next is Blue Pallido Plein Edge of the tail has some colorful shades What is the rate of it? The rate will be 12000 per pair So it’s a profitable bird Which one is next? One is Violet Opaline and the other is Violet Opaline Pallid Opaline strain is found full white head What is the rate of these birds brother? 6000 rupees for the Violet Opaline and 15000 for Violet Opaline Pallid Till now we saw only the Peach Faced mutation birds Let us see the Fischer variety birds now You can find rings around their eyes This is their distinctive feature Which type are they? One is Violet Fischer and the other is Parblue What is the rate of these birds? The Violet Fischers are sold in 20000 per pair The rate of Parblue starts from 15000 and are sold up to 20000 rupees per bird So the rate of one pair is 30000 rupees Which strain are they? One is Violet Fischer and the other is Mao Fischer The rate of Mao Fischer is 7000 to 8000 per pair So the black Mao Fischer is of low rate The Violet has good rate What will be their rate? As I told you, these are sold for 20000 per pair on the basis of their color The next is Mao Fischer Pied and Violet Fischer The violet Fischer has variation in their color Light violet is called single factor Dark color is called double factor What will be the cost of Mao Fischer pied? The rate will be 15000 per pair Violet Fischer in double factor are sold in 20000 per pair But single factor are sold in 10000 per pair This is the next item. One is Green Fischer and Green Fischer Pied What is the rate of this? 15000 for Fischer Pied per pair and normal Green Fischer is only 2500-3000 per pair Which breed are these? One is Violet Fischer pied This is not fully violet, it is pied strain The one near to that is Parblue What will be their cost? Parblue has the value of 20000 to 25000 rupees And we will get 15000 to 20000 for the Violet Fischer Pied in accordance with their color Which is the next? These are Fischer Opaline

It is a costly bird, according to their quality it will go on a rate from 35000 up to 50000 Which breed is this? One is Lutino Fischer and the other is Lutino Fischer Split One has red eyes and the other has black eyes If we put both birds in red eye strain for breeding, then the chicks would be weak or dead The red eyed mutations are weak in nature Hence we have to make mate both red and black eyed together Then we could get both red and black eyed birds We call the black eye as Lutino Fischer split Red eye costs high when compared to the black The rate of the red eye is 10000 per pair and black eye for 5000 per pair Which are they? These are Albino Fischer One is red eyed and other is black eyed What is the rate of it? If it is Red-eyed, then the rate will be 12000 per pair and the black eyed Albino costs 6000 per pair We have acquaintance with Peach faced and Fischer breed, Now we are going to see the Mask breed Which are they? They are Violet mask and Violet Mask pied What is the cost of these birds? Violet mask has the rate of 12000 per pair according to their color Violet Mask also have single and double factor The rate of Mask Pied starts from 10000 and are sold up to the rate of 15000 rupees per bird Which mutation is much demanding from the customers? That is Peach –faced strain The next breed is Blue Mask What is the cost of these birds? These birds cost only 2500 per pair These are much moving as they are affordable in price The next strain is Cobalt mask What is the cost of these birds? The same cost like of Blue mask, Rs: 2500 per pair Which breed are these? One is single factor Violet Mask and the other is Mao Mask What is the cost of it? The cost of Mao mask is only 2500 to 3000 per pair Which strain are these? They are Wild mask Are they new arrival? Yes they are So attractive, what is their cost? They are imported breed, their rate is 25000 per pair From where did you import these birds? I imported this breed from Bangalore even though I had a pair with me Now we have seen three mutations of these African Love birds Now we are going to acquaint with a new one Nayasa So you only have one pair of it, right? Yes I have only one pair with me now There are a number of varities in Nayasa strain But I have only a green Nayasa with me There are blue series and green series in this breed, They come in lot of variety color Why don’t you bring more Nayasa breed in your farm? They are not affordable in price, they are really costly birds in this mutation They are the smallest of these four mutation of bird strain They are not much in prevalence People have just started to buy this strain I am also doing this business to flourish by step by step The rate of the green Nayasa is 15000 per pair There are Yellow Nayasa and Pastol Nayasa in the market Now we have completed watching this video He has described vividly about all species of this bird in our first part of the video If you have any doubt you can contact him I have posted his number inside the box

In the second part he will describe us how he maintains the birds Ok viewers please support us watching our video and share it to your friends That will help him to flourish his business If you like to buy these birds you can come to his home These are the most quality birds And watch the second part too viewers Thank you so much all