Baazikar | বাজিকর | Bengali Movie | English Subtitle | Siddhanta, Varsha Priyadarshini

Hello, Mr. Mohan What brings you all together? Any problem? – Regarding bonus, we You will get a bonus Actually, he is a new join in our company He is? – Mr. Bhavesh, machine incharge Greetings. Okay He says, bonus is usually distributed only during ‘Durga Puja’ That’s the practice all companies follow generally You know the practice followed by our company Our boss declares the bonus on his son’s birthday, every year That’s his sentiments He is here to confirm that Has there been a single year when you have not got a bonus? – No, sir Good morning, sir – Good morning What’s the discussion about? Is it regarding bonus? – Yes, sir Alright. I give you one month’s salary as bonus, every year But this year, you will get 1.5 months’ salary as a bonus You did not ask me why I’m giving you this raise. – Why, sir? I’ll tell you My son is returning from London, after a span of 5 long years Today is also his birthday I’m giving you this bonus to celebrate his return. Not only that there’s a party at my place, this evening. You all are invited Okay? Mohan, the flight is at 3pm I won’t be there in office You keep this locker key and distribute their bonus I’ll take the key back, when you come for the party, tonight Parvati Anju Where have they disappeared? Where… – What’s it? Why are you so late? The flight must have already arrived Your clock seems to be running fast since your son is arriving My watch is showing me the right time By my watch there’s 3 more hours for his flight to land So, what? There are possibilities of the flight landing, before time You may say what you want I can see it very clearly Himanshu’s flight has landed He has taken a cab and the cab has entered our gate The cab just stopped in front of our house There are 3 more hours for the flight to land and she sees her son has already reached. – You may believe it or not I can see, he is here Fatso! – Brother! God bless you Mom, I’m hungry Give me something to eat Go, give him something to eat Sir, the cab driver is asking for Rs 100 Here’s Rs 100 for the cab and Rs 5 for you Take it – You pay me salary, every month You also take care of other overheads Why do you keep giving me Rs 5 every now and then? – Keep it

You might need it in future Spend when you really need it And think of me – Alright Really, you haven’t changed a bit Do you think you’ve changed? Despite being in London for 5 years, you haven’t changed either You’re still a cry baby Ladies and Gentlemen, my son Himanshu has completed his studies and is back from London after 5 years Today is his birthday I want to introduce him to you, on this auspicious occasion Please meet my son, Himanshu the future chairman of Choudhury group of industries Himanshu, come out Come out, please Cut the cake – Sure Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you Ladies and gentlemen, on this auspicious occasion I want to gift something to Himanshu It’s the honour and pride of our family heritage And it’s a token of our love This violin is 50 years old My father played it, first Then I played it Now, I’m giving it to the heir of my family my son, Himanshu Himanshu is not only a good violinist, but also a good singer Today, on this occasion I want him to sing a song for you “We are happy, today.” “We are so happy, today.” “Our happiness knows no bounds.” “We are so happy, today.” “We are so happy, today.” “Our happiness knows no bounds.” “The stars and planets twinkling in the sky…” “..have gifted us all this happiness.” “We are so happy, today.” “Whose tune does this universe dance to?” “Who runs the show, tell me?” “He is the Almighty Lord, we owe our life to Him.” “He is the one who runs the show.” “We’re so happy, today.”

“Whose tune does this universe dance to?” “Who runs the show, tell me?” “He is the Almighty Lord, we owe our life to Him.” “He is the one who runs the show.” “We fail to understand.” “His acts and plays.” “Whatever He has in store for us, be it happiness or sorrow..” “..we will have to accept it.” “We’re so happy, today” “Joys and sorrows are a part of our life.” “Life is like a dream, it’s an illusion.” “It’s like a toy, if we do not handle it with care..” “ will be over.” “We’re so happy, today.” “Joys and sorrows are a part of our life.” “Life is like a dream, it’s an illusion.” “It’s like a toy, if we do not handle it with care..” “ will be over.” “We’re so happy, today.” “Our happiness knows no bounds.” “Even the full moon has to face an eclipse.” “How can we get away from sorrows?” “We’re so happy, today.” “We’re so happy, today.” “Our happiness knows no bounds.” “We’re so happy, today.” “Our happiness knows no bounds.” “We’re so happy, today.” “Our happiness knows no bounds.” What should I do, Kashi? – You will have to arrange for the money Her life is in danger We have very less time If something untoward happens – Please don’t say that I will have to arrange for the money, somehow But how? I’ll be back ‘Try later.’ I cannot get through the mobile number or landline “We’re so happy, today.” “We’re so happy…” Who did this? Who did this? Now that everyone has a mobile phone, no one values the landline What, if someone tries to get in touch with sir for some emergency? God! Whom do I blame, for this? Mohan!

Mohan, what is going on? Sir, I took the money – Rascal! Inspector, he is my employee and he has stolen my money He is trying to escape Arrest him! – No, sir Believe me, I did not steal it I need it very badly I need – If you needed money you could’ve just asked me for it – I didn’t get the chance I have no time to argue Please have mercy on me Two lives are in danger Please have mercy, sir You want me to have mercy on you! I can tolerate anything, but not deceit I cannot forgive the one, who deceives me. Arrest him! Sir, I did not steal the money Let me go! Sir, please listen to me Give me an hour I’ll remit this money and surrender myself to the police. Please, sir Two lives are in danger It will be too late, to save them Please have mercy Do you want me to have mercy on you? I trusted you so much and this is what you gave me in return I will never forgive you for this crime Inspector, arrest him Sir! I did not steal! Catch him! Let go of my leg – Doctor No. – As long as you don’t deposit Rs 30000 I can’t help you. Please let me go Let me go Doctor! I’m here! – Move! Anjana! You didn’t do the right thing You should’ve at least found out the reason why he took the money Had he not stolen the money, why did he snatch it from me and run? By the way, who is Mohan? He is the cashier of my company He has been working for us, since ten years He also helps in our household work, if necessary I’ve heard so many times from your dad it’s difficult to find someone as trustworthy as Mohan It’s because of his trustworthiness he is the cashier of such a huge company But he has broken my trust I never imagined that greed could mislead a man to this extent It’s not greed, dad Not everyone steals because one is greedy He must have been in need He must’ve not found any other way I won’t compromise in this, no matter what A thief is always a thief Listen, now that you’ve got your money back why do you want him to be in jail? The complaint is not registered So, please get him released No! Please – Dad, please It’s a request from all of us Please fulfill our wish Okay, I’ll call the inspector He’ll release him But I won’t take him back to work, in my office Mohan Yes, Kashi How is Anjana? Is it a boy or a girl? Tell me Tell me what is it Why are you quiet? You didn’t return with the money And hence, they did not operate her Before she could give birth to her baby, she passed away The baby died too – No! Mohan, Mr. Rudra has withdrawn his case Okay, I’ll see to it You?! Why did you come here? How dare you stepped into my house! Sir, forgive me The circumstances made me commit such a mistake I’ve already been punished for it – Punished?! You got away from the punishment For the crime you did, I should’ve peeled off your skin Even that would not be an apt punishment I released you from jail because my family pleaded me Get out of my sight! I don’t want to see you Sir, I’ll die starving, if you don’t forgive me This job is my only support Job! Do you still expect me to take you back? I trusted you so much You’ve broken my trust If I trust you again, it will mean, inviting a big trouble Go and beg on the roads or cheat someone to earn your living Get out! – Sir Madam, have mercy on me Please have some mercy – What are you doing? Get up I really had no intention to steal My wife was in hospital, for her delivery, that day Her condition was very worse

The doctor told me, they’d have to operate her There was no blood in her body She’d also need blood. So, he asked me to arrange Rs 30000 Where could I have arranged the huge amount from, at night? Is that why you stole? – No, sir. I didn’t steal I didn’t steal the money I tried calling boss so many times, to tell him about my need I tried so many times But the line was always engaged Everyone was busy in your birthday party Sir your birthday celebration was going on here And at the same time, my wife was in labor pain I did not know what to do My brain stopped working That’s why I committed the blunder I thought, I’d come later and confess everything to boss But before that, he caught me And I was labelled a thief Is it a boy or a girl? Is the mother and baby, fine? What’s wrong? Why are you quiet? My child died before she could give birth to it And during the delivery process my wife died too Why didn’t you tell us about it? I would have convinced Rudra that you were not a thief I lost my wife and my child I lost my job as well What will I tell boss? He has passed his verdict he doesn’t want to see me again He has asked me to go back home Alright, may God bless you all I’ll starve to death And you will see that He’ll definitely give you a second chance. – Impossible! It’s not possible to retain him Dad, please Now you know what actually happened You are still adamant that you don’t want him in office Himanshu he does not deserve the job Every employee of our company know about his deeds now If I retain him in the company it will set a bad precedence Other employees will muster the courage to do the same No! It’s not possible – It’s possible For my sake, dad Please consider his case Else, everyone will say that my dad is heartless and rude I know my dad is not heartless Please, dad Himanshu I got him released from jail just because you all insisted I’ll do as you say, for your sake He may resume his duty but make sure he never comes in front of me Because I cannot tolerate him Okay? – Dad Listen, dad. How will he avoid facing you if he is working Listen You wanted to go to a hilly area, right? Take him along Be with him for a few days and study his character. Okay? “You’re the queen of my dreams.” He is Be careful You rogue! You broke our earthen pots what are you thanking them for? They were abusing you, in their language Were they? – Yes This is why I love India What do you mean? There are flowers, everywhere Women’s heart is as delicate as a flower The sun looks like a flower and so does the moon Flowers everywhere I see flowers everywhere Do you like to grow a garden? No I am in the company of a perfect fool Perfect fool?! What do you mean? “She doesn’t come in front of me, I want to see her smiling face.”

“I’ve been wandering in her search, but she doesn’t seem to give in.” “She comes in my dreams, but vanish as I open my eyes.” “She doesn’t reveal herself to me.” “I know she’ll be mine, I know, I’ll find her some day.” “She doesn’t come in front of me, I want to see her smiling face.” “Her youth is captivating, she is so enchanting.” “I want her to walk with me, through the ups and downs of life.” “I want to know the woman..” “..for whom my heart skips a beat.” “Her lips are as delicate as a flower, her eyes do all the talking.” “She comes in my dreams, but she doesn’t confide in me.” “She doesn’t reveal herself to me.” “I know she will be mine, I know I’ll find her some day.” “She doesn’t come in front of me, I want to see her smiling face.” “The breeze makes the cloud hide the sun.” “The breeze makes the cloud hide the sun.” “I want to live with her, for the rest of my life.” “She is like the lightening that strikes and gets lost in the sky.” “When will I find her? When will I reach my destination?” “O beautiful maiden..” “..please come to me.” “She keeps running away from me She doesn’t come closer.” “She doesn’t reveal herself to me.” “I know she’ll be mine, I know I’ll find her some day.” “She will be yours, you’ll find her some day.” “She’ll be mine, I know I’ll find her some day.” Hold my hand! Careful! C’mon! Mohan! What happened? What happened to you? The news of your accident scared me to death Don’t get worked up, mom. I’m fine There’s a small cut on my head Mohan is responsible for this He drives so carelessly I wonder what speed he was driving at! No, dad All thanks to Mohan, I am alive

Else, I would’ve fallen off the bus and died What?! – Yes, dad You fired him from his job because you thought he was a betrayer You called him a cheat No, dad He endangered his life to save your son If you don’t believe it, come with me His right leg is damaged We can’t assure you if he’ll be fine after the surgery I’ll take your leave Mohan – Madam Mohan, had you not been with my son I would have lost him No, ma’am. Please don’t say that I didn’t do anything great It’s God’s will – What are you saying? You got your leg damaged while saving my son’s life Not even one’s own brother gives such sacrifice I failed to understand you, Mohan Please forgive me – No, sir Please don’t say that I’m your employee You have given me my bread and butter I just did my duty – Mohan you will be treated as Himanshu’s elder brother and my son from now Look at this – Her teeth is so bad Her lips are not good either I didn’t like her There are more photographs Look at these See this one She has kept her face tilted And her eyes are closed too. No! Do you want me to get a princess? You’re rejecting all of the photos Will Himanshu ever get married? Everything is fixed. You need not worry at all. It’s finalised What have you finalised? – I’ve found a girl for Himanshu We’ll go to see her, in a week’s time The agent was saying that she is beautiful, but has a dark complexion You mean, she is dark! No I don’t want my daughter-in-law to be dark She is talking as if she is fair You’re dark too The one whose marriage is being fixed, is nowhere around We’re getting worried for him Sir, let him come I don’t know you Come, let’s go C’mon “The sound of your anklets give me sleepless nights…” “The melody of…” Whose anklet could it be? I don’t know What do you mean? Did it fall from the sky? I just found it somewhere – I see, it’s a serious matter It’s quite serious Tell me something Did you only find the anklet or you found something else too? I wanted to find out many things Her name, address and everything about her But I could find nothing Mohan I’ve travelled to different places in London, in the past 5 years But I found the girl of my dreams, here amidst these mountains She is beyond my imaginations Now that you have fallen for her, we will have to give it a try Let’s give one chance Let’s try to find her whereabouts Where do we start from? Who is she? Where she stays? I know nothing about her Are you serious? 100%? – Yes, cent percent Purabi

Purabi! Purabi So, her name is Purabi My Purabi What happened? – Mohan Purabi is the name of a beautiful ‘Raga’ How will I know that? You’re a violinist. You know better You do something – What? Practise to play the ‘raga purabi’ on your violin Yes. Mohan, listen to me Please tell me more about her Who is she? What does her parents do? How many siblings she has? Tell me everything Have some patience. I’ll tell you What’s wrong? Tell me. – There’s nothing to describe. She is a poor girl who lost her parents at a very young age and she has a younger brother What’s wrong? Why did you become serious? What’s the matter? – Mohan, I was wondering if my parents will agree to my marriage with her That’s a big problem I didn’t think of it Well, do you consent to marry her? What do you mean? I can’t even think of any girl other than Purabi Really? – Yes, Mohan In that case, leave the rest to me Mohan, you are great! It’s my responsibility to convince your dad I’ll convince him – Do you mean it? You really mean it? – Are you happy, now? Now listen to me carefully You arrange to buy bangles, vermilion and anklets for Purabi “Your anklets are making too much of noise, today.” “You will consent to marry me, although you deny now.” “My anklets are making too much of noise, today.” “My heart is still not convinced to marry you.” “Let me pamper you, let me adorn you.” “It’s my final word, you will consent to be my bride.” “How do I tell you, you have my consent?” “How do I tell you, you have my consent?” “After you came into my life, my heart is weaving dreams.” “Let me tell you, your dreams will never come true.” “You promised me, “I shall follow my heart.” “It’s my final word, you will be my bride.” “How do I tell you, you have my consent?” “How do I tell you, you have my consent?” “My heart craves for your love.”

“My heart is on fire, too.” “I’ll hang myself to death if you don’t be mine.” “I want to see how brave you are.” “I’ll come all decked up.” “I’ll come with my friends and relatives to make you mine.” “I’ll see you again, on our wedding night.” “I’ll see you again, on our wedding night.” “Your anklets are making too much of noise, today.” “You will consent to marry me, although you deny now.” “My anklets are making too much of noise, today.” “My heart is still not convinced to marry you.” “Let me pamper you, let me adorn you.” “It’s my final word, you will consent to be my bride.” “I shall adorn myself for you, I consent to be your bride.” “I shall adorn myself for you, I consent to be your bride.” Hold on Wow! Your eyes are What will you compare them to radiance of a full moon or the deep blue ocean? It’s beyond any comparison If I talk about the moon, it has stains in it too And not all oceans are blue in color This is a gift from me to my beloved What are you thinking? I’m wondering if this is a dream – No, it is not It’s true Purabi – No This is not the right time – What do you mean? You won’t understand the feelings of a woman I’m your better half, Purabi I’m your husband You’re my husband I know that – What do you want to tell me? I have a small request Will you fulfil it? – Definitely Actually, I had taken an oath in the temple in my village that I won’t have any physical contacts with you for a year Purabi – Won’t you help me fulfil my oath? It’s only a matter of 1 year Time will fly No one else will know about it We’ll live like husband and wife, together Tell me, if you’ll abide by my condition Is that all? I have no issues For your sake I’m ready to face bigger problems Sweets for breakfast! What am I seeing? Have I never prepared sweets for you? Of course, you had But that’s history now I mean, once upon a time, Mrs. Choudhury used to prepare sweets for us Times have changed now We’ve been compromising with toast bread and omlette every day Anju, how dare you tease mom! I’ll beat you – Let her taunt me I’ll see what she does once she gets married Your dad and sister talk alike

You took care of us But your daughter-in-law has taken charge of your house in 24 hours Mohan! When did you come? – Hello, sir I just came Yes, we did – Our company has bagged it Are you serious? – Yes, sir We’ve bagged the tender for 5 lacs! Wow! There was tough competition I never expected, we’d bag this Parvati! Come here Come quick! – What’s the matter? Why are you screaming? Come here – Hello, ma’am I told you about the 5 lacs tender, didn’t I? We’ve bagged the tender All thanks to our daughter-in-law Since the day she stepped into our house everything is happening for the good. – You’re right, sir It’s your responsibility to grow a garden there, too Sir! Sir, what should I do? What’s the matter? – My brother-in-law called me to inform my sister’s health condition is very critical What shall I do? – Calm down You go to your village. If you feel, her condition is worse bring her here We’ll get her treated in the city I really want to go, but Ms Purabi is new to our house She will have to do all chores I’m confused Hari, I’ll manage everything Please go. Things will be fine Life is so unpredictable I don’t know what it holds for me I wonder if I’ll come back – It’s alright You give him Rs 5000. Let him go to his village. – I’ll give him Mom, please don’t bother I’ll give him the money Hari, come here Take Rs 5 – But you gave me in the morning You just said how unpredictable life is God knows, if I’ll be alive, till you come back I don’t like to hear you talk about death! I can’t bear it at all You keep talking nonsense! I’ll take your leave, now Wake up The alarm has stopped ringing Get up! Today is ‘Shivratri’ We’ve to go to the temple. Get up Sweetheart, you go to the temple alone. I won’t come No! We’ll go together We’ll go and that’s final I don’t want to go to the temple Won’t you? – No Mom! Do you know what your son said? On the occasion of ‘Shivratri’, he doesn’t want to come to the temple Please tell him – What’s this? Won’t you go to the temple? Mom, I won’t go – Don’t be an atheist You’ll be blessed with a happy married life if you go together Can we go to the temple, next year? Why, next year? Why can’t you go, today? You won’t understand that A couple takes at least a year, to start living like husband and wife Only after they understand each other, they become husband and wife In short, you won’t go – No, I won’t Won’t you go? – I told you, I won’t go Rudra, are you listening? No! Rudra, listen – What’s it? Do you hear me? – Yes, tell me what is it Did you hear what your son said? What did he say? He is saying, he won’t go to the temple with Purabi. – What? Come here Why won’t you go to the temple? Do you think you’ve outgrown your dad? Why don’t you go, dad? Why don’t you understand? I feel giddy, up there The temple is on top of a mountain Listen to me That’s our ancestral temple My grandfather built it The tradition is that only after we offer our prayers, the villagers do My father used to offer his prayers Your mom and I have been offering our prayers all these years Now, it’s your turn to offer your prayers, with your wife No, I mean… – I don’t want any excuses. This is an order! Okay. Yes, my Lord! “It’s time to go…”

“…to see the Almighty Lord.” “He has called us…” “ his abode.” “Hi devotees are rushing to offer their prayers with utmost devotion.” “Lord Shiva, bless us all.” “Bless your devotees.” “Fulfil their wishes.” “You’re the benefactor, the supreme power!” “Salutations to thee, Lord Shiva.” “Salutations to thee, Lord Shiva.” “Salutations to thee, Lord Shiva.” “Salutations to thee, Lord Shiva.” “Hail Lord Shiva.” “Hail Lord Shiva.” “Hail Lord Shiva.” “Hail Lord Shiva.” “I’m ignorant of what’s good or bad..” “..I find myself stranded, I have lost my way.” “I’m ignorant of what’s good or bad..” “..I find myself stranded, I have lost my way.” “We’ll break all mountains and make our way to reach the Lord.” “He understands our pain.” “He is the Supreme power, Shiv.” “He is the Supreme power, Shiv.” “He is the Supreme power, Shiv.” “Hail Lord Shiva.” “Chant His name.” “Chant His name.” “I have lit a lamp and am here to offer you flowers.” “Accept my offerings, O merciful God.” “Worship Him and sing His hymns.” “All your sorrows will fade away by His grace.” “I’ve come so far with great hopes.” “Only God knows if He will fulfil my wish.” “He gives sight to the blind, he makes the mute speak.” “His acts are miraculous.” “He is the Supreme power, Shiv.” “He is the Supreme power, Shiv.” “He is the Supreme power, Shiv.” “Hail Lord Shiva.” – Hail Lord Shiva.” “Chant His name.” “Chant His name.” “Hail Lord Shiva.” “Hail Lord Shiva.” “Hail Lord Shiva.” “Hail Lord Shiva.” “Chant His name.” “Chant His name.” “Chant His name.” “Chant His name.” “Chant His name.” “Chant His name.” “Chant His name.” “Chant His name.” Why are you lagging behind?

It’s impossible even for God to read a woman’s mind After all, I’m only a human being – Shut up! You behave so differently with everyone Mom and dad pamper you so much You have drowned me in an ocean of sorrows “You haven’t come to me as yet.” “Why haven’t you come to my embrace?” – In the temple, I felt giddy and also very uneasy – Is it? God! Today is no moon night There’s no sign of the moon But on this no moon night I’ll show you the moon Everything that you have known about me till today will prove false, today Look at the vast sky, above us I’ll show you ‘Purabi!’ Hold my hand tight Purabi, pull me up Hold me Save me Purabi Purabi, pull me up! Why are you going out constantly? Where did they go, in this dark night? Why are you so worried? They are not children Sir! Mohan! – Purabi! What happened? – What’s wrong with her? Sir – Disaster! What happened to her? Why is she in this state? She is not talking – Where’s Himanshu? Purabi – Sir She is not talking I don’t know what happened Where is Himanshu? He is gone – Where’s Himanshu? Tell me where is he! Sir, on this dark night, we were walking on the mountain path Suddenly, I slipped as it was dark I don’t know what happened I realised Himanshu fell too He slipped and fell off the cliff and he shattered into pieces He is no more! No! Don’t cry Nothing happened to him Himanshu! – Sir Sir – Dad, what’s happening to you? Dad, speak up. Where is it hurting? Dad, tell me what happened – Anju, call the doctor Sir – Rudra Brace yourself Go with sir to the hospital Ma’am, please go with sir He might need you the father will also go to his son All All thanks to you – I followed all your instructions to the point

I put up this act of being a wife, a daughter-in-law I applied vermilion on my forehead, every day and today, I killed my husband I did everything as you said Now, please give my brother back I’ll go away with him Where will you go to? If you go away who will complete my drama? Do you still want to continue this drama? – Yes, I want to The drama has to go on till I destroy Choudhury family completely I lost my leg to gain their trust and confidence Had I not planned all this, Himanshu would’ve died long ago Why didn’t you let him die, then? No, Purabi I won’t let the curtains of the drama fall, so easily No. I have no enemity with Himanshu My target is Rudra Choudhury Rudra Choudhury sent you to jail for theft For this simple reason, you destroyed the entire family! A woman dreamt of becoming a mother, for 10 months Her dreams were shattered when she succumbed to death Is this a simple reason? A baby died in its mother’s womb Is this a simple reason? For a meagre amount of Rs 30,000, a loyal employee was put behind bars Is this a simple reason? People who only heard the story won’t find it reason enough but the one who suffered and endured all the pain can never forgive Well, if you think that’s a big reason you may do as you wish But please set me free Give my brother back Purabi, the game has just begun Rudra Choudhury has not seen his daughter-in-law as a widow The Choudhury group of industries’ sign board hasn’t been thrown away The Choudhury family has still not become homeless No, Purabi I can neither set you nor your brother free. – Mohan Bhattacharjee If you don’t set us free I will expose you to everyone If you try to double cross me, I’ll get you hanged to death Do you know how? I had a camera with me, when you killed Himanshu And I clicked a photograph of you killing your husband No! – Yes So, do as I say Just dance to my tunes I won’t be able to do this I cannot pretend anymore Please return my brother I’ll go away from this place I’ll go away – No, dear It’s of no use crying, here Go to the hospital and cry in front of your father-in-law Let the Choudhury family see, how beautifully their daughter-in-law can cry. Go How are you feeling, today? – Not just today I’m never going to recover Please don’t say that You’re better, today It’s up to you to feel fit Let me make it very clear to all of you Rudra had got a heart attack for the second time So, make sure no one irritates him or makes him feel excited Hello, sir – What’s going on? Sir, this is an urgent file Tomorrow is our salary day I need to withdraw cash from the bank for which I need his signatures – No! Why do you want to trouble him? But there’s no other option He will have to do this It’s okay, doctor I was relying on my son, but he left me midway Who else will take this responsibility, now? Give it to me, I’ll sign Sir, please read it once before you sign Why? Is it related to my death? I’m going through a physical and mental trauma I will have to trust someone In this situation, there’s none other than you whom I can trust Here Hello. No, sir is unwell

I cannot give him Urgent. Sir, the call is for you Give me Hello. Yes, I’m speaking You need to talk to me?! What are you saying? Do you know who you are talking to? Look, I might be down, but I am not out. What did you say? Have I met you before? What work do you have with me?- Mr. Rudra! Mohan, come out with me Mohan – Yes, doctor Mr. Rudra’s heart is very weak A little excitement can put his life in danger But if he continues to get involved in business matters his health will be affected I understand what you say What can be done? He is the chairman of the company He takes all major decisions For at least some days can’t the responsibility be given to someone else? I don’t know how to handle this Well… What, if sir gives the power of attorney to someone? Who shall I entrust the responsibility on? Whom do I give the power of attorney to? Parvati, shall I give you the rights? I’m not in a balanced mental state Please excuse me I won’t be able to manage Whom do I hand the responsibility to? Anju is still too young Purabi, shall I give you the power of attorney? You didn’t answer me – No, dad I won’t be able to handle such a big responsibility You’re an advocate You suggest me whom I should give the power of attorney to Think over it and come to a conclusion, collectively Whom should I hand this responsibility to? He is the only trustworthy person He didn’t care for his life, while he saved Himanshu He became handicapped for life, while saving him He is like a son to me You give him the power of attorney Mohan, I’ll give you the power of attorney. – No, sir That will be very unfair For a meagre amount of Rs 30,000 I had to pass an ordeal You got me out of jail, then This is a huge responsibility Don’t punish me like this, sir Mohan if you want to see me alive for a few more days give me a break from this responsibility Take charge Sir, I owe you my life It’s my duty to serve you But it’s a big responsibility I’m really afraid I mean, I cannot muster courage But since you’re insisting I’ll take the responsibility For the next 3 months you will be the whole and soul of Choudhury Industries Within these 3 months you can take any decisions related to the business If needed, you have the right to even sell the business Mr. Toshi, explain it to me Elaborate it in detail The health condition of Mr. Rudra is deteriorating He does not have a heir to his property and so, there’s no one to inherit the business As you hold the power of attorney given by Mr. Choudhury you can sell off Choudhury Industries to the owner of Mohan Industries Mr. Mohan Bhattacharjee Post that, Choudhury Group of Industries will become Mohan Group of Industries No! – What’s wrong with you?

Why did you scream? Why are you in a shock? – Dad Rub his legs – Let me check him Doctor What’s wrong with him, doctor? Doctor, what happened to him? Doctor – I’m sorry He is no more! – Dad! Boss has asked me not to allow you to enter the house He is your boss Who else are you talking about? – It’s me! Mohan! Yes, it’s me You’re stopping me from entering my own house This is not your house, Ms Parvati Choudhury You’re blinded in the grief of your husband’s death Open your eyes and read carefully The name plate doesn’t say ‘Choudhury Nivas’ anymore It’s ‘Mohan Nivas’ Don’t be disheartened, Ms Parvati I’ve done you a favor Rudra Choudhury was struggling for life in the hospital I did not take anyone’s help to sell your house – You betrayer! You better not talk about betrayal and trust I trusted you I trusted Rudra Choudhury Only because I trusted you all, you sent me to jail My wife and child died When I was in jail, I cried for one last time I’ve taken my revenge, Ms Parvati Choudhury I took an oath that day I lost my son because of Rudra And hence, I’d deprive him of his son, too I fulfilled my oath Himanshu did not fall off the cliff He was pushed Yes, I killed Himanshu Did you hear that, Purabi? The one I trusted so much, killed my son In fact, I have better news You think your daughter-in-law is committed and loving You feel sad, she became a widow at such a young age She is the one who pushed your son off the cliff, on my instructions Purabi! Is this true? Did you hear that? You treated Mohan like your son He destroyed us He has made us homeless. He is not allowing us to enter our house Thank me for allowing you to enter the premises Don’t create a scene, here Take his dead body and leave! Security, throw the body out! No! I request you, Mohan Please allow me to cremate my husband in his own house No, Ms Parvati. This does not belong to your husband All this belongs to Mohan Bhattacharjee. Go away! Cremate him, bury him in a graveyard or throw his body in a river Take this money to perform his final rites Mohan! Remember those days! You wandered on streets in search of a job You sat outside this gate, for so many days You begged in front of me to get you a job in sir’s company You could not afford even one meal I saved you, then I requested sir to hire you Today, you usurped all his wealth Aren’t you ashamed… – You!

You are the loyal servant of the Choudhury family That’s why, you’re talking to me like this Yes, you’re right I’m loyal towards Choudhury family I have sang their praises But you You’re a betrayer, a cheat who – Mind your tongue, Hari! Do not utter a word more! I’ve given you money. Take his body and perform his rites Money! I don’t need your money! I won’t perform sir’s final rites with your money I won’t take your money I’ll perform his final rites Money that’s a token of his love and affection I’ll utilise that for his final rites I have lots of money I’ll use that to do his final rites I’ll perform his rites. Everyone will see and so will you! – Out! You will see! – Get out See to your yourself! It’s a token of his love Sir! Sir ‘You gave me Rs 5 in the morning.’ ‘You just said life is unpredictable.’ ‘Who knows if…’ ‘I will live till you return.’ Is this why, you gave me all this money? You really left us Madam, please don’t cry I have money It’s sir’s money. Kind hearted men won’t be deprived of their right I’ll perform his rituals with his money Please don’t worry Hari is always with you Let’s go, ma’am Sir’s soul won’t forgive us, if we keep his body here for long Let’s go, ma’am Come – Mohan! Let me tell you you will have to pay for this, some day “Whose tune does..” “..the universe dance to?” “Who runs the show, tell me?” “He is the Almighty Lord.” “We are his puppets.” “He is the one who runs the show.” “We fail to understand.” “His acts and plays.” “Whatever He has in store for us..” “..we have to accept it, be it happiness or sorrow.” China, what’s wrong? – Madam, the patient in room no. 5 who was in coma for so long, has regained his consciousness I saw him – Really? Where’s dad? Everything is over Bottle, you’re empty too No. I want to drink some more I’ll drink more. I want more! I’ve brought it for you Sir, I’ve brought alcohol for you – China I’ve brought it, sir China, you are like God to me You read my mind and get me what I want – You call me your God And madam says, I’m a devil Why? – Because I give you liquor, stealthily Why, stealthily? I don’t want to hide it from anyone Liquor is my need and I fulfil it. That’s all You’re right, sir Now, let us go Where? – What do you mean?

The patient in room no. 5 has regained his consciousness The one whom the fishermen brought to us Is it? – The bottle is full I know it is full The news you gave me is so good that I want to fill the entire sea with liquor Kajol You have made the impossible, possible by curing that patient He had nothing but his heart His body was in a bad shape His respiratory system was damaged His face was smashed It looked like, his face would fall off any time But at present, except for his face, he is out of danger And I think, within one week, he will be perfectly alright Anyone can be cured, but not this old man And your old patient is, Dr Dayanidhi Das Yes. Tell me something, dad How many people here, know that you’re a renowned doctor? And how many know that you are one of the best plastic surgeons in the world? You run this charitable hospital Do people know about it? One accident changed your entire life To overcome the pain you’re destroying your talent This is how life is, Dr Kajol Rai Such is life Man is known after he is born Even after his death, he leaves his imprints Hello, good morning Good morning Relax You were found in a fish net How did you fall in the sea? I wonder how… I Okay, you rest for a while I’ll be back What’s wrong, dad? You have made the impossible, possible But the sad part is not only has he lost his face, but he has also lost his memories. I mean, his name, whereabouts he remembers nothing – What do you mean? Right now, he is a patient of Amnesia Dad, did I do injustice to him by saving his life? Tell me, dad. How will he survive? What will be his identity? When he’ll see his own face in the mirror a shiver will run down his spine The day I saw his face for the first time I got frightened too With this ugly face, how can one survive? It would’ve been better, had he died In that case, what can we do, now? We still can save him Only you can do it You will have to give him a new face Yes, dad Using plastic surgery you can give him a new face You may not be able to give him his old face but you can at least make him look like a human Yes, dad Give him a human being’s face Else, when he regains his memory he’ll be shocked to see his own face Dad, I’ve heard many people saying that you’re not a mere surgeon, but a wonderful artist You have replaced many ugly faces with a beautiful face Dad, please do something Okay, my dear I will try my level best No more bonus will be given to anyone Despite knowing this, if someone claims for bonus he is free to quit his job with Mohan Industries. Okay? Did you hear what boss said? – Yes. Wait and see what happens “You are mine, forever.”

“I am yours till eternity.” “I am here…” “..for you.” “And you’re here..” “..only for me…” – China! Where’s dad? He worked so hard and performed the surgery on the patient Won’t he see the result of it? Where would he be? He must be sitting at the sea shore Should I call him, madam? – No, that’s not required Madam, let’s unfold his bandage – Okay Shashank! Dad! Dad What have you done, dad? Why? What’s wrong? His face is He looks like Shashank, doesn’t he? He looks exactly like Shashank Why did you do this, dad? What have you done? What else could I have done? How would I know, how he looked earlier? After looking at his damaged face I tried to carve his actual face, but you know what? For the last 5 years, I’ve been able to visualise nothing but Shashank’s face While I went to sleep, while I sat down to relax in whatever I did, I could only think of his face You have given him Shashank’s face but that won’t make him your son, Shashank. – You Have you been able to overcome Shashank? How can I forget him, dad? As our marriage date was fixed I was so happy to accept him as my husband I was counting the days for his return but he could not make it In a plane crash, all my hopes and dreams were shattered, too No, dad. Shashank will never return – He has returned! Is he back? – Yes, Kajol He is Shashank I agree, he has got Shashank’s face But his mind Mind is like a paper He is an Amnesia patient He has forgotten his past Whatever you wish, you may convince him that I shall also mark a new beginning Come. Be seated What’s wrong with you? Why are you so quiet? Who am I? Shashank You are Shashank Das I see – Any doubt? I don’t know But I feel as if I have lost something I need to look for it Nothing, son You have lost nothing Your dad Dr Dayanidhi Das is sitting next to you And your girl friend, Kajol Rai is with you as well Kajol Rai?! – Yes Kajol Rai

Do you know to play a violin? I feel restless What has happened to me I don’t know He has completely forgotten his past As a doctor, you know it well this is clear cut case of Amnesia But I don’t understand how to treat him Do you want to help him regain his memory? Yes, I want to Because, a person cannot live with a false identity for the rest of his life What do you want? – As soon as possible I want him to regain his memory – He will need your help for that How can I help him? You will have to be with him always to keep his mind calm “The heart is familiar to me..” “ is his face.” “His lips, his eyes..” “..everything is the same.” “His familiar face…” “The heart is familiar to me, so is his face.” “The heart is familiar to me, so is his face.” “His lips, his eyes, everything is the same.” “What is it that’s different in you, today?” “You love me, but you don’t let me come closer.” “You love me, but you don’t let me come closer.” “The heart is familiar to me, so is his face.” “You have been ruling my heart forever.” “Why is my heart getting carried away in someone else’s love, today? “I don’t understand the different colors of love.” “It’s so delicate, it’s so confused.”

“Within the blink of an eye, it separates me from you.” “I have seen my sweetheart, after ages today.” “I have seen my sweetheart, after ages today.” “I don’t know why my mind…” “..does not follow my heart.” “What is it that’s different in you, today?” “You love me, but you don’t let me come closer.” “You love me, but you don’t let me come closer.” “The heart is familiar to me, so is his face.” What brought you here, so early this morning? This temple – Madam, good morning China, what is it? – Look at this Please check if this is a medicinal herb Yes, it is Where did you find it? Shashank What’s wrong with you? This temple seems very familiar to me I’ve heard, the temple was built by the Choudhury family Tomorrow, there’s a festival in the temple. I’ll take you They celebrate it with great pomp Okay? Now, let’s go Shashank! Why did you come here? I – What happened? My head is It’s – Let’s go Who is this? Who are you? – I’m Himanshu Choudhury How can I be Shashank? My head My head I can’t bear the pain – You need rest You need some sleep Behind a beautiful face

many such scary stories exist, Shashank. – No I’m not Shashank I’m Himanshu – No You’re Shashank, my son After Purabi pushed you off the cliff Kajol gave you a new life I changed your face and gave you a new birth From today, for me and this society you’re no more Himanshu but my son, Shashank – How can I forget my past? How will I know what state my dad, mom and sister are in? Purabi must be pretending to be a widow She must’ve tried to harm my family too Before she does any more harm, you will have to go there her evil intentions Don’t waste anymore time If you come across any problem, you’re free to come back Shashank Charitable hospital doors are always open for you Are you looking for someone? – No, I am not Open the gate. I want to go inside I can’t open the gate without my boss’s permission Tell me who you are – Is Mr. Rudra Choudhury, home? He is not here Where did he go? – His only son fell off the mountain and passed away In that shock, Mr. Rudra passed away too Are you here to see him? What about his wife and daughter? After Mr. Choudhury’s demise, I don’t know where they went What about this house? – It belongs to Mohan Bhattacharjee Mohan Bhattacharjee! Now, please go Sir is coming The factory and office belonged to Mr. Rudra Choudhury Presently, it is owned by Mr. Mohan Bhattacharjee Mr. Rudra passed away I’ve never seen his wife or daughter after I came here I heard, they stay somewhere near the temple Sorry Leave it. Walk carefully Hari… He is Hari! Anju, take this – Yes Take this money Here It’s my fate, Hari Not all days are alike I have accepted the bad times Here’s Rs 300 – What will I do with it? Did you forget? Tomorrow is the due date to pay the installment of the sewing machine Oh! Yes. – Pay this, on your way to work, tomorrow Keep it with you Give it to me in the morning Okay, I’ll take it Now, serve me dinner I’m hungry. – Come Who is that? What is it? What’s the matter? We don’t even know you and you’re barging into our house! I’m talking to you You’re really strange! Anju – Your voice is so familiar But I don’t recollect who you are This voice reminds you My brother is dead You’re someone else You cannot be my brother. Go away! Anju – Listen! I understand such dirty tactics There are lot of thugs in this city You’re here to woo her and trap her in your love Get out of here If that was my intention I would not have introduced myself as her brother, Hari So, you even know my name! I’m warning you! Get out or you’ll see my true color I’ll beat you black and blue C’mon, out! What happened? Why are you still here? Hari, you don’t believe that I’m Himanshu It’s not your fault Destiny has been very cruel to Rudraprasad Choudhury and family We lost the game long ago Today, people know me as Shashank and not Himanshu Not only you, but also I was shocked at the sight of my face, after I regained my memory Will you go out? Enough of your antics! Get out! – Hari, I’ll leave You don’t believe I’m Himanshu, but I want to give you something What do you want to give me? Rs 5 coin?! – Dad always gave you a Rs 5 coin for every work you did

Dad is no more but I’m his heir and all I can give you is this coin Sir?! – Yes But why is your face – It’s changed, isn’t it? We were returning from the temple, that day The incident that followed is dreadful He has been away for so long There’s no news of him He has our phone numbers He could’ve at least called us He has gone there with an unstable mind and a new face Anything can happen What makes you laugh? It feels good to know, you care for Shashank No, it’s nothing of that sort Don’t lie to yourself, Kajol Clear your mind After Shashank left, a vacuum filled your life Haven’t you always been waiting for someone to take Shashank’s place? The incidents that followed, turned me to Shashank from Himanshu You know everything now, Hari Now, I am not Himanshu Choudhury, but Shashank Das Dr Dayanidhi Das’s son, Shashank who died in a plane crash This is my story Where is mom? You want to see mom? Come with me. – Yes Mom! Himanshu! My son! Why are you so late? Everyone returned from the temple Why did you take so long? Did Lord Shiva stop you from coming to me? After hearing a mother’s cries, no God can stop her son Mom Look at him carefully, ma’am Is he Mr. Himanshu? – Of course, he is I need not look at his face A mother identifies her son, not by his looks but by his touch, his smell Otherwise, how would a blind woman recognise her son? – Mom! Himanshu! Himanshu My son Where were you, my son? Where were you? Your game is over, Mohan Bhattacharjee! Today, you will have to pay for your crime Himanshu Choudhury won’t spare you! You destroyed our family You will have to pay for it And now! – Sir! – Himanshu! Sir! – Don’t go, Himanshu Himanshu, listen! – Sir Is this the house of the renowned Choudhury family? So many days passed You didn’t even inform us where you are and what state you are in? I’ve become the victim of a very big plot, Kajol Why did you save me? Dad, why did you give me your son’s face? And if you gave me his face why didn’t you wipe off the memories of Himanshu Choudhury? I would have forgotten my past Today, I would not have had to see my mom and sister in this state Now that I’m here you need not worry about anything Are you loading the pistol? Yes, only 2 bullets One for Mohan Bhattacharjee and the other

for Purabi Choudhury You will kill 2 people with these bullets But will you end the lives of such dangerous culprits, so easily? Kajol, you don’t understand the state of my mind Himanshu, here’s tea Thank you Your mom should’ve been the lady of the house The person who is responsible for your downfall So, what should I do? They made you homeless Turn him into a beggar When they’ll be tired of playing your game they’ll fall at your feet and beg you to kill them They’ll say, ‘Kill us, Shashank!’ Dad is right The decision is yours, but even I want you to teach them a lesson Shashank, I have changed your face Maybe, it was God’s will Utilise it. Please! Understand that your face is a blessing in disguise for you The game has begun and my first target is Purabi Choudhury! Hello Hello! Answer me Hello… What’s it? Hello Who is it? Why don’t you come in front of me? Who is it? Who is it? No one called you here Why did you come suddenly? If someone’s dream is interrupted suddenly and one sees a woman in front of him he’ll get frightened thinking she is a witch But I wasn’t dreaming You appeared suddenly You?! – I’m Shashank Shashank Das What are you here for? – I’m here for Purabi How do you know my name? I’m not talking about your name Purabi is the name of a ‘Raga’ Purabi! But I have heard someone else playing the same ‘Raga’ on his violin It’s a classical note Anyone can play it, if he rehearses

Really? Is it possible for two different people to play the same ‘Raga’ in the same style? – Maybe, I’m not a stranger to you I might be the same person, with a different face It’s lightening It’s about to rain You will get wet Take this Before it starts raining, go home I want to tell you something The red stole on your face, makes you look more beautiful Good morning Just before it started raining, yesterday at midnight did you see something in the woods? Did you hear someone talk? You didn’t replay to my question – No, I did not Did you see someone? – I not only saw but also heard something There was a man I saw him He was playing violin I heard it There was also a woman with him She looked exactly like you Did you see properly? – From my window it’s at a little distance So, I saw her from a distance Your window gives a better and closer view Didn’t you see them? Maybe, only you could see them both Very smart! You will have to sign an affidavit What is it for? Although you are acting but people believe, you are Himanshu’s widow You will have to give a declaration to the court that your father-in-law was in his senses when he transferred all his establishments in my name You will have to say, he transferred all his property and assets to me And you will never claim for the property I never claimed for it Then why do you want an affidavit? Mohan Bhattacharjee doesn’t like to give a chance to his enemies What, if I don’t? You will lose your brother. I’ll get you hanged for killing your husband You are short of time And there are too many problems You know there’s a litigation regarding the land of my new factory I’m leaving I know you will try to act smart But it will lead you nowhere Bye, my fortune! Who are you? – You want to build a factory on our land. Beat him! Let me go! I’m coming! No! This is not fair I think you’re alright Thank you for saving my life – It’s not a big deal

A lame person… I’m sorry I couldn’t bear to see 7-8 men, beating up a lame man Good You’re a good man What’s your name? Shashank Das Where do you live? What do you do for a living? I’m looking for a job and so, am homeless right now I’ll find a home once I find a job Well said Please come Thank you This is my business empire “Don’t ever lie to anyone…” – It’s my empire! “You have to face God after death…” I’m the owner. I’m the king “No vehicle or chariot will take you to God…” “You will have to go walking, there” – Brave man, come with me Sir, how will you manage to limp up to there? You must not be joking I’m sorry, sir Okay, it’s alright I want to help you, brave man You have done me a great favor, today Once I told my father ‘Dad, a person has wronged me.’ He asked me ‘Did you do him a favor?’ No, brave man You can trust me I will never harm you I’ll give you a job and also a house to stay Come. You can come any day Thank you, sir. But before that, please do me a favour Arrange to send your driver to the hospital Yes I’ll take your leave now Interesting! “Don’t ever lie…” His voice is Purabi, open your eyes Shashank! – Only your outer appearance reflects in a mirror It doesn’t reflect your mind Is that why you cannot read my mind? I cannot read your mind But did you even think once, how you are going to fulfil your wish? I have been waiting for you Why don’t you stop coming in my dreams and come for real? In that case, apply the red dot on your forehead How do I look, now? Very pretty Are you really in front of me? I thought, it’s a dream. – That means, you’ve started dreaming about me In my dreams you appear out of the blue and disappear suddenly A ‘touch me not’ plant shrinks when someone touches it And a snail curbs into its shell, when someone touches it Similarly, when a man touches a woman she becomes complete The day I met you for the first time, I realised I’m a woman Whatever I did till today was only a pretence – Forget about it I don’t care what you did in your past I believe living in present He is? – My He is the reason behind my misfortune Time and circumstances made me his wife But now, I’m not his wife Where did he go? He died in an accident I’m sorry But I don’t feel sorry about it I was playing a game in which he was my husband The game is over, now This violin

He used to play it I’m sure, he had a name Himanshu Choudhury Please don’t play the violin – Why, not? What’s wrong? Nothing Do you love me? I’m in love with you “I have found the one…” “I was waiting for him, all this while.” “I feel scared when he is not with me.” “I cannot live without him anymore.” “I have found the one who I was waiting for, all this while.” “A strange mystery surrounds her.” “Her eyes are so mesmerising, I get carried away.” “I have found the one…” “I was waiting for him, all this while.” “I have found the one who I was waiting for, all this while.” “How can I live without you? You’re near me, but still not with me.” “Today, I will catch you for sure.” “You won’t be able to deceive me anymore.” “At one sight of him..” “..I lost myself forever.” “I have found the one who I was waiting for, all this while.” “I have found the one…” “..I was waiting for him all this while.” “I have won the heart of my beloved.” “It’s for her that I have come back.”

“Why do you stay away from me?” “Tell me what harm have I done to you.” “You’re not at fault.” “It’s just that I feel helpless.” “I have found the one…” “I was waiting for him, all this while.” “I feel scared when he is not with me.” “I cannot live without him anymore.” “I have found the one who I was…” “..waiting for, all this while.” “A strange mystery surrounds her.” “Her eyes are so mesmerising, I get carried away.” Mom, here’s our ancestral violin I’ve brought it back to us Just like this, one after the other, I’ll win back everything that we have lost It’s my responsibility to win everything back Shashank, how far have you reached? Purabi’s heart – Good You have won the game, in just two days Purabi has fallen for me No! No, my dear child Only if you know how to handle everything will you win the game An ordinary man can hurt someone, with a knife But with the same knife, a doctor saves someone’s life Shashank, we’ve succeeded in our first move Now, we are ready to make our second move Shashank I think I’ll make you my finance manager Will it be okay? – I don’t mind, sir I have left the option to you I just needed a job And I wanted to be under your guidance Thank you – I also I need to gain some experience Trust builds in one’s confidence and confidence brings in new plans Do you have a plan on mind? Right now, nothing is on my mind As time and situation demands, I shall come out with some plan May I come in, sir? – Yes I need your signature on a cheque – Yes, sure 5 lakhs?! – This month’s rent for the trucks It’s irritating! We hire few trucks, twice a month Number of trucks remain the same but the rent has increased from 1 lakh to 5 lakhs If this continues, our company will be bankrupt. – No, sir How many trucks do you require for transportation? 15 trucks daily, on an average We’re spending around 5 lakhs per month towards its rent which totals to Rs 60,00,000 per annum. – What can we do? We have no option – There is an option But no one thinks about it If we can deposit Rs 60,00,000 in a safe deposit scheme in bank we can easily buy these trucks Sir, if we pay Rs 250,000 as a monthly installment After that, the trucks will belong to us. – Wow! You’re absolutely right I never thought of it That’s why, I need an intelligent and trustworthy person for my help I’m your finance manager – Yes, of course Anyway, thank you very much for your brilliant idea Understand your work and responsibilities from Shyamal Also take a look at your cabin Okay, sir. – Okay Thank you very much. I’m going out You made a mistake, Mohan Bhattacharjee

You showed me my cabin Very soon, you will learn the true colors of… Shashank Das You’re here? Who are you? – Who Did I wake you from your sleep, or from your dream? Who are you? – You will get the shock of your life if I tell you that No, do not disconnect I haven’t finished as yet What do you want to tell me? Who are you? – Himanshu Choudhury! No! Himanshu is dead Dead people cannot make phone calls Neither do they play violin Can’t you listen to my violin’s tune? No, that’s Shashank Himanshu! – I don’t want to listen to you He is Shashank! Today’s scene number one might reach its climax Shashank! – No! I’m not Shashank I’m Himanshu Choudhury You cannot be Himanshu Choudhury You are lying Am I lying? Didn’t you hear his voice over the telephone, few minutes back? Don’t you recognise Himanshu Choudhury’s voice? Can’t you make out? – No I won’t believe even if you scream – I am not Shashank, Purabi I am Himanshu Choudhury No, you are not Himanshu You cannot be Himanshu I won’t believe you at all Why can’t you believe me? Is it because I look different? What about the ‘Purabi raga’ I play? What about my childhood hobby? – No! Nothing will make me believe, you’re Himanshu Do you want more proof? On our wedding night you told me we shall not have any physical contact for a year I know that because, I am Himanshu Choudhury No! I will still say that you are not Himanshu Choudhury I have more proof This bangle You are lying! You cannot be Himanshu You will have to believe me – You’re not Himanshu I’m telling you, I’m Himanshu – No, you are not! Yes, I am Himanshu Choudhury – No! No! You are not Himanshu! Why, not? – Because I killed him! How could you kill your husband? – I am not his wife I pretended to be his wife, so that I could kill him Mohan Bhattacharjee made me do it After my parents died I have no one but my younger brother To make me dance to his tunes he kidnapped my brother I don’t know where he has kept my brother Even today, I’m a puppet in his hands You may be Himanshu or Shashank but no one is dearer to me than my younger brother It is up to you to believe or not, if I am Himanshu Choudhury I promise you your brother will be with you, by tomorrow night To take revenge from Mohan Bhattacharjee we will need Purabi on our side Why do we need her help? Not only Purabi, but we need to detach everyone who is close to Mohan But I don’t want to involve Purabi at any cost

Kajol Enemy’s enemy is a friend According to that formula, Purabi is our friend In that case, there was no need to give Himanshu, the face of Shashank Why did Kajol react She is not a doctor right now Like any other woman, she is also a victim of jealousy and envy It’s a woman’s nature So… One thing Hereafter, you may send all files related to finance, through our finance manager, Shashank What about the confidential ones? – No problem! He is the most trustworthy person in my company I don’t trust anyone else He will take all decisions. Okay? Okay, sir I’ll take your leave now Hello. Am I speaking to Mr. Mohan Bhattacharjee? Yes. Who is on the line? It’s not important to know who I am What I am talking about that’s more important – Alright What do you want to tell me? The one whom you have kept under your custody, to win this game he is now, under my custody Who are you talking about? – Purabi Choudhury’s brother You’re mistaken, my friend You’re lying. He is in my custody I met him yesterday In between yesterday and today, there were 24 hours If you don’t believe me, check for yourself Hey! Did anyone come here? – No No one? – No If someone comes make sure, he doesn’t go back – Okay, boss And keep a watch on him – Alright C’mon, play. It’s your turn Yes, that’s better Here I go He is running with the child – Catch him! Where did he go? – This side! Sister! Bablu! – Sister! Bablu! Sister! – My brother! Sister! The evil men troubled you so much! Bablu I kept my promise I got your brother released from Mohan’s goons What will you do next? I want Choudhury family’s assets back from him Alright I will stand by you, in this game But your brother will have to stay with me for now Because if Mohan finds him again

our plans will go down the drain Okay – Purabi! Why are you screaming? Where’s your brother? Where’s my brother?! I’m surprised, You sound as if you have lost my brother Who freed him? Who took him away? I won’t be able to say that now But I’m sure, he is free now So am I Hey! Mohan Bhattacharjee is not a novice in this game I don’t rely on one plan I have ten plans on mind, at a time If one fails, I’ll come out with another plan You forgot, you killed your husband I have clicked your photograph while you did that And I still have the photograph with me You know what it means, don’t you? So, you will have to dance to my tunes. Do you understand? Mohan Bhattacharjee the way my brother slipped off your hands the photograph might also fade away some day The game you began will reach its conclusion, without much delay You don’t know me as yet You don’t know who Mohan Bhattacharjee is If you think, your brother is free from my clutches now you’re seriously mistaken Listen! If I want I can find your brother, this very minute. And if I fail to do so you may not only whistle but also play the bugle Do you understand? Kajol, are you avoiding me? No, I’m not avoiding you But you know, what? After you came here, you and dad are busy plotting I have no part to play in it Shashank I’ve decided not to be a part of it I’m going back to the hospital That’s not done, Kajol The game I have begun without you and dad, I won’t be able to finish it After everything ends, only you and me will stay together There will be no one else Why did you applaud? – I liked the scene I couldn’t stop myself I should have done this, long ago Shashank, don’t forget that you are on a mission I’m always ready, dad You just tell me the plan I shall follow – Shyamal, what are you saying? Yes, sir We’re in a dangerous situation Workers haven’t got bonus for the past two years Labor have called for a strike Income tax and Sales tax departments have sent us notice We need 90 lakhs in all If we don’t pay them, they’ll seize our company. – Give them money We don’t have so much money – Good morning, sir Shashank, give me a minute There’s a crisis We need to arrange 90 lakhs, within two days Mr. Shyamal – Sir Sir, we have 15 lakhs in our bank account For the remaining amount – 15 lakhs! Okay. Please come This crisis has come up, all of a sudden You find this a crisis You’re a bigshot! For you, 90 lakhs should not be a huge amount Actually No… I’m not poor but Hello, Mohan Bhattacharjee speaking Are you planning to sell ‘Mohan Nivas’? No. Who gave you this information? I’m ready to give you Rs 50,00,000 – No, I don’t want to sell it 70 lakhs! – I said, no 90? 1 crore! – Crore! Are you willing to pay Rs 1 crore? – Agree to it, sir Sell it to him Just hold. Please I understand your problem

Your bungalow hardly costs around 15 lakhs And this idiot is ready to pay you 1 crore It’s a good deal Sir, we have 15 lakhs in our bank He is paying us one crore Our liabilities total to 90 lakhs We’ll still be left with 25 lakhs 25 lakhs is quite a good amount Give your consent to him, sir Agree to it Hello, I agree for the deal You will get the money at 5 pm My agent will be there to take your signatures Sir, why are you getting restless? Shashank, it’s 5 pm The person has not yet come I think your watch is running ahead of time By my watch, it’s only 4:55 Your clock shows the same time Sorry sir. 3 more minutes left By selling off this house you’ve taken a good decision – Shashank Actually, I can say that it’s a reward for my revenge One more minute left – Do you know the meaning of the word, ‘ruins’? This entire place is called ‘ruins’ The owner of this house! His entire family is over! I have no heirs, either After my death, this house will turn into ruins Good evening, gentlemen Yes? Are you Mr. Mohan Bhattacharjee? No, Sir. I’m Shashank Das. My boss is waiting for you. Please come in Sir, he is my boss, Mr. Mohan Bhattacharjee. – Hello I’m Dr Dayanidhi Das from USA China, keep the bag there There’s one crore in this suitcase You may count them – No, I have counted enough money I don’t count anymore You are so punctual You reached on time I can make out how genuine you are China, give him the file – Yes, sir We need his signature Here By the way, what are you specialised in, doctor? Plastic surgery – I see After returning from America I’ve performed one successful surgery A man fell off the mountain and his face got completely damaged I performed plastic surgery on him and changed his looks completely Do you know whose face I gave him? – Whose? I changed his face and made him look like my son – Really? Wow! You’re next to God, in your profession China, let’s make a move Yes – One thing Could you please grant me a month’s time to vacate? You may take 3 months if you want I’ll take your leave Thank you. Bye – Bye Don’t forget my face I’m a chinese Funny! Sir, a big problem is sorted Yes Shashank, here’s the vault key Keep the money safely The land for our new factory is still under litigation It has been the same for long now And you’re telling me now Litigation! Okay. Where there’s no problem, how can Mohan Bhattacharjee be there? But what have you been doing about it? What can we do, sir? The land owners are adamant, they won’t give us the land

No – We thrashed few of them and sent them to hospital The police intervened and seized the land – Don’t give me excuses! I’ve given them enough money Why are they still not willing? Sir, we heard that someone is helping the villagers. – Who is he? We haven’t seen him We’ve only heard his name Himanshu Choudhury is his name Who is speaking? – Himanshu Choudhury Which Himanshu are you talking about? I’m Rudra Choudhury’s son, Himanshu That’s impossible! It’s possible, Mohan Bhattacharjee By God’s grace, I survived the accident Himanshu Choudhury is alive You are not Himanshu. – You’ve spent quite some time with me Don’t you recognise my voice? Listen, I have no time for your rubbish talks There’s an issue with the land for your new factory. Wait and see Nonsense! In the game of chess, you’ve lost Just wait and watch, what happens next Purabi, Mohan Bhattacharjee won’t give up so easily He knows how to handle his pawns and make his moves And my trump card happens to be you I’m a free bird, now My brother is no more in your custody So, I have no more commitments Now that Himanshu is alive, the photograph you have, is of no use If I leave your house, you will be exposed You won’t expose me Do you understand? You’re talking to Mohan Bhattacharjee You cannot leave this house What do you mean? – Take her away! Lock her in a room, upstairs Don’t let her go! – C’mon! Sir! What’s it? – The workers have gone on strike The labors are sitting in front of your gate. – What?! They will start working only after they get bonus I told them, I’ll give bonus – If we fail to complete the order of 15 crores that we got from the Government in 15 days our company will be black listed If they don’t stop the strike, we’ll be ruined Today is the last date to pay income tax and sales tax They’ll seize our company if we don’t pay them. – Distribute bonus now Tell them to resume duty I’ll handle the tax department I’ll give you the money No! Shankar! Shankar! There’ no money in the vault! There was 1 crore in it What are you saying? – Yes, I’m not joking Who could have done this? Who is speaking? – Himanshu Choudhury Did you check your vault? Isn’t that empty? Where will you get so much money from? If you don’t give bonus, your factory will be shut You won’t be able to supply your order on time Sales tax and income tax are on their way to seal your factory You are in deep trouble, Mohan! Hello! Hello It was my imagination! – What’s wrong, sir? Nothing No… Nothing I mean – What shall we do now? The factory is shut Should we give them bonus? No, Shashank We won’t be able to give them bonus – They won’t stop the strike We have to supply the order in 15 days We won’t be able to fulfil it What shall we do? I don’t know what to do Shashank, I’ve never faced such a situation Sir, had it been state Government, I would’ve handled But this is Government of India You suggest me a way out The only solution to it is that you go to Delhi, request and get the time extended. – Right Shashank, why don’t you go, immediately? I mean, go to Delhi today – That won’t help us in any way The agreement is in your name You’re the chairman The rights you hold, to talk to them I don’t have the same rights – Don’t bother Shashank In this situation, I cannot move from here Police is involved in the land issue Factory is shut! 1 crore is stolen! No… – I won’t be able to solve the issue in Delhi, sir You will have all the rights that I have. – What do you mean? I will give you the power of attorney to talk on my behalf Shashi, make a power of attorney in the name of my finance manager, Shashank Das Send the papers to me for my signature He needs to go to Delhi today Get up! Just as you gave him the powers to sell Choudhury industries to himself

make an agreement to sell Mohan industry to Choudhury industry The owner of the industry will be Himanshu Choudhury C’mon! Hari – I’ll kill them! Security, open the gate – You’re not allowed to go inside Who will stop me? – Our current owner, Mr. Himanshu Choudhury Himanshu Choudhury! Where is he? – He is waiting at your residence Where is Himanshu Choudhury? Who is Himanshu Choudhury? I want to know! Who is Himanshu Choudhury? – He is the owner of this house The owner of this house! But I told you earlier I need a month’s time to vacate the house But the owner of the house has refused to give you time You may leave, now Go elsewhere You want me to leave! Are you mad? Call Himanshu Choudhury I want to have a glance of that fool. Call him, now You plotted to destroy our family You fell in the same trap, Mohan Bhattacharjee Shashank, is that you? – I’m not Shashank, but Himanshu You may not be Shashank, but you’re definitely not Himanshu If you fail to recognise her son, try to recognise her You rascal! Look at her She is my mother! Of course, I know you I know you well I got cheated by Shashank! I made a mistake by trusting him Only a thorn can remove another thorn Rudra Choudhury trusted you She is my mother She treated you like her son And Himanshu Choudhury treated you like a brother, a friend What did you give them in return? If I don’t take revenge my dad’s soul won’t rest in peace – No! You are not Himanshu. You’re a thug, a cheater! – Do you have an evidence? Will Himanshu become Shashank, just because he looks like him? With plastic surgery, I changed his face I’ll give my statement in court Your partner in crime, Purabi Choudhury will also be our witness, in court Purabi?! – Yes, me! My brother is with me, today I am witness to all your crimes I will expose you in court No, my dear Your brother is with you But the photograph is with me You killed your husband You’re making a mistake again Himanshu Choudhury is alive You can’t blackmail her anymore Here is your baggage – You’ve got your luggage Now, get out of my house! I met you when you had only one set of clothes You’re lucky enough, you have so much luggage Get lost! Mohan, get out of here! – Shut up! Shut your mouth and get out! Hari was there to carry his boss’s dead body No one will come to carry your body! Get out! Mom! Help! Please save me, mom! Let her go! Let Anju go! Himanshu! Shashank or Himanshu! – Move! I don’t know who you are Get one thing clear I am the winner of this game. If you want your sister alive, stay away! I’m the winner! I won this game! I won this game You better understand Even if Himanshu’s father, Rudra comes back I will still win the game I am the winner! You have already lost, you cheat! His face has changed, but God has given my son back To punish you and put an end to your crime Himanshu will come He surely will! See, my son is here! Your son is destined to see you die

He has fought enough I have no time to see your stunts But I will see you fight only after you sign the papers – Shashi! Get the agreement Sign on it. C’mon! I’ll kill your mom if you don’t sign C’mon, sign Mohan, drop the gun! I am sure to die I will kill you too That would be my repentance Sister Himanshu – Purabi Purabi – Look after… my brother My Kajol Sister

Purabi – Kajol Purabi! Purabi! “Who runs the show?” “Tell me who is the winner.”