How to install Fiberglass tub surround…Easy !!!

ok today we’re going to transform this bathroom I know it has a marble walls and a shower base we’re going to turn it into a Delta 400 classic bath tub shower combo and then you’ll be able to see the before and after and this is the way the project looks as I’m coming into it just got here a couple minutes ago hey once you’ve taken out the old unit it looked like this you know you know y’all cleaned up get up a level on it both directions and there should grow normally level if it’s not level which I don’t know this one anyway anyway once you’ve got to take it all this old one taken out and look like this can’t really get into the window area because it blocks the light but it looked like that and you want to double check that your all your other fits dry fit everything but your tub in dry fit and see how it goes put your walls in dry for them see how that goes and get everything set up exactly what you wanted if you got a notch it out for the window so be it if you don’t have a window then it goes right in just got a notch out the drywall for example if it needs to go a little higher you know or a little wider you just cut out a little bit then so everything is dry fit and they’re perfectly you have backing you know an important thing is that backing to where your you know edge is going to go there’s a little edge around the entire perimeter you want me to show you got backing there you don’t need backing up on here you’ve got every so often there’s a stud you throw a screw into those but you need full backing on those edges ok so this edge and this edge here you fullback in there but all the way around you don’t need full backing you just use the studs that are there and your nail to them ok alright so anyway that’s the next step we’ll go ahead and dry fit the tub see how it goes ok when you’re getting ready to dry fit the tub I already checked the level without a level on doing both directions follow it’s all coming towards towards this direction so I know the level of gotta be changed in some way we’ll do that in a minute but then I go to dry-fit the tub and I put in paper you know so hard paper I craft paper or a little paper bag whatever whatever you got that you can write on without it breaking and then you can get dimensions once you set the dry fit tub in there you can go through the holes and mark down where it lines up at then you can get accurate dimensions from the wood when you go to preset your plumbing that way to line up exactly when you go to make your tub you know I’ll go ahead and show you that in a bit one month okay on mine you can see it’s on top of the tile okay so it doesn’t go there I got cut the tile out so we dry fit and you can see there so you would make a mark went through the paper on both sides so you can see where your holes are gonna line up and you go ahead and mark the top of the flange while you’re here you can see I’ve marked the top of the flange right there so you can see you know everything’s going to go what you pull this thing out here you want to be putting it in and out 15 times so I just pull it out of there one I put it in once do all the measurement you need so the flange is marked the holes are marked through the paper so know approximately where they go according to the flange how high they are and we’ll go for the whole thing so anyway I can’t really mark anything on this site because it’s sitting up on top of tile once they get the tile cut out of there will double check one more time because the tile those are so an extra bit of work once I get the tile and then I got to I fit it one more time but anyway then we’ll get double check all marks it’ll be fine and we’ll go from there okay go off the paper here I have I marked down 12 inches right there over to the point so that’s the center point of my hole I have a squared off of the framing and I’ll take Alex AJ yeah I got a picture of that so I know where to put the square next time to get my plumbing lined up all know exactly what this thing goes okay yeah I’m gonna go ahead and Mark it on my square also but I do have a dimension here just in case okay bill put a little dot right there in the square where the dye there dot is and I’ll know that when I set this thing up like that that’ll be the center line of the hole for the tablet okay all right Twiggy goes okaythat’s go ahead and walk you through this if I can I’m going to do this with one hand here but anyway when you know a lot of people having problems with these they’re saying that there’s problems and there’s not really they just think there are so it’s all it’s all the Installer it’s not the equipment for whatever reason let’s take you over here real quick they’re saying that this when you have this black piece of plastic stuck on to the bottom of this thing it becomes two separate pieces you can see the white piece there underneath which is the

white from the tub and so the two separate pieces that are not glued together enough and and so somehow a problem it’s not it doesn’t do anything they’re stable enough it was if I can touch it with oh they’re stable there’s nothing there it moves the Flex the hair who cares and doesn’t mean anything we have threads to work with here so if there’s an issue with it it’s you it’s not the equipment this thing’s built awesome man I mean it’s the best piece of equipment just thing here it’s just a engineering marvel okay and follow the directions you just can’t get it wrong so anyways far as this is concerned is it gonna hook up just like a normal bathroom any bath have you’ve ever done in your life if you haven’t this is normal I can’t just have that and have two pieces so what if they’re two peas look there are ten pieces the point is there’s only two and they clamp together fine with the clamp of the tool so as you come back over here we can see this is normal here this is just a black for schedule 40 black ABS unit that’s going to go on that tub and I get a home depot for 25 bucks or whatever it up very much it has nice chrome pieces that go on the outside of it and so anyway you take the dissect this thing dissect aside take it they unscrew it don’t leave it together maybe that’s people’s problem they just screw this thing I think decibels to do it somehow it don’t what you do is you take this you’re going to put this on that that goes there that goes to the black part that goes underneath the tub and right to the black part then this is going to go through the top of the tub okay it goes right into it you’re going to use that they want you to use DAP 3.0 that’s a fine product let me know it’s eight bucks a tube so cares it lasts forever it does a good job you take that you put that around the edge right here sorry to do this one hand but anyway put it on there like putty and slip it on once you slip it through there and you screw it on you can’t really do it now but when you screw it on there and you seat it then you use the proper tool you which is a tool like this you stick it in there and you screw it tight okay it tight and that seals it then what’s the NAP 3.0 is dry then that’s it wasn’t it locked in the DAP 3.0 the DAP 3.0 is gonna seal this thing to the tub it’s the you just screwed it in tight it can’t go anywhere when the water runs over water runs a little tabby runs often over this lip and down into this hole he goes down it follows the tube goes away it never leaks between there’s no leaking between these people who are gonna worry about this just don’t know what they’re doing so anyway that’s the system got it it’s real simple dissect this thing taking it apart take it out of there take this part put the down 3.0 on it and I’ll show you how to do that in a little bit but anyway I put it on there use the tool to properly screw it in tight and once the screw to tighten it allow to dry that’s there for a life you will have to cut that out with a sawzall to get it out it’s never gonna leak it’s never going to go anywhere if it leaks its you didn’t do what I just told you to do this rubber piece goes on the bottom goes underneath the black thing so this goes underneath the tub let’s say in it so when you’re looking down through the tub and from inside the tub you’re gonna look down you’re gonna see just the white of the tub you won’t see this black thing it’ll just be hidden there and then you’re going to stick this down through it and screw it on tight tighten it up and you’re done okay I think I’ve beat that dead horse to the max now if there any questions put them down below but this is a real easy simple system it works perfectly if it doesn’t work it’s you so make it work okay okay this arm here the big long arm you’re seeing I’m just like you I wish I could hold it a show you bet this arm right here it needs to be replaced it’s too short the one that comes in the package by an inch and a half so I’ll make it an inch and a half longer drive in it and double-check it like I just did and you’ll know it’s perfect so make an inch and a half longer just a regular piece age and a half abs just replace the piece they give you and you’re back in business everything else works fine okay okay as you can see the seal is tight it was not up against the black thing it’s all tightened down with the tool which correct all sitting real pretty again all dry fit first and then go ahead and put it together and ready to rock and roll so it works perfectly like I said to make an inch and a half longer for this big piece here it’s just regular right engine fabs replaced the other inch and half abs they had there it’s just too short hinge enough longer is perfect works out perfect again if there’s a top seal and if we go to the other side see here but

anyway it’s just a perfect seal yeah there’s a DAP 3.0 in there I mean it doesn’t matter it’s a seal it is DAP 3.0 in there but what does it really matter I mean water brushes over that right into the tube and goes down there’s no waking a leak it’s impossible to leak so they always have the problem with it it’s the person not the not the equipment okay okay when you go to put your tub in if you’re floating on a level you got to level it and you see these two legs here there’s two legs one right here and one right here okay you’re clearly saying when you buy it and have it in front of you there’s two legs are about an inch and a half thick this way I mentioned a half this way and they’re about you know 10 inches apart whatever those do things they’ve got to be absolutely solid ground okay and they gotta be on solid ground here you can’t place shims on on we can’t do anything like that they have to be solidly touching the ground all the way up point A to point B they ends right here they actually blend right into the right into the base right there so they go all the way up and then go all the way down you can see how thick they are at the bottom which gives it a nice flow to drain the water towards that hole so anyway bitchin design totally awesome and but they have to be taught to this it’s not solid ground so you know the number of ways to do it after all these years I’ve decided shimmy was the best long as a solid shimming to get to be absolutely level and I’ll show you what I mean in a second but that’s the point you want those two things right there to be sitting on solid ground there’s other parts you know here don’t matter there they’re down deep there’s a recessed and don’t matter but those two legs have got to be absolutely on solid ground the rest of is designed as a honeycomb to support it okay so if you get those things solid the rest will be solvent that’s the point now when you come into here you can see it’s on the ground and that line is that line that here is 10 inches in and I got 13 inches teller the drain starts but you can actually see the drain there so I don’t matter but it right there from there to the drain all the way back to where it ends at 36 inches 36 inches long and 10 inches from this edge because this one here is already perfectly level all right as one sitting on solid ground I checked the level this way it was all level then I checked it this direction and it was off about an eighth of an inch so I put the anything I kind of met in the eighth inch thick so there’s regular shims I just cut them down the eighth inch mark to the eighth inch thick all the way across and then staple them all in super tight and now that that leg second leg that one leg will be sitting right here on solid ground and the next leg will be sitting right there on solid shimmy okay so that’s how you do it it’ll be absolutely perfect that way you get a nice level tub okay what we have here is the perfect installation job for the plumbing able to follow that direction if you can get to that point okay I just went down further though it was two inches set up for a shower before so I dropped it to inch and a half with an adapter right there went over to a trap and brought it back up remember we had already dry fit this we know exactly how it felt you know I went to the tub so we do that and then wherever we mark that out okay we had centerline that so that center line with that line it is Center lined with that line so you can see the two lines line up perfectly and so now we know when we put the tub back on we put the hole marks on the paper that was the marks we had okay and then line up exactly perfectly so we’ve got to put the toughie it’ll be absolutely dead nuts everything will line up perfect all the way to there and this is perfect so like I said everything’s gonna just go according to plan so we just love when a plan comes together again when you put this one in when you put this thing in you just gotta slip it on there I never glue it and once it’s in place it doesn’t fall out or anything you know it’s really just set to make the thing more stable it has this little block of foam in there comes with leave that in there it makes it more solid but then you put this thing on to it just just solidifies it a little bit solid so anyway I slip it on there and just put it in there just like that okay and you’d be fine okay okay so when I dry fit this tub in here I notice that that’s where the leg goes might do he right there here it’s why I put in a board a backer board the original studs weren’t going to do it so I just put it a new board all the way up and that’ll take care of my edge you can see that cutout right there in the

purple that’s where the piece is going to go go right to there and today down so I’ve worked out perfectly it’ll be a nice nailer and then it’ll fill the rest of it wood drywall mud and stuff all finished I’ll show you how to do that a little bit but anyway so occasionally you might de put in a piece of wood to have solid backing for your nailer okay then again you don’t need nothing up here just wherever it touches a little touch there to the left it’ll go over here to the right and catch over the end that’ll be plenty for at the top okay now when you come to this side here one side of the other you have to leave open to where you can slide the edge on a corner okay so in other words your your tub square and your head needs to have room to move in so it’s going to be able to move in right here along this edge when I put it in on an angle it’ll slide and Bend right along this edge here they flip back out and be open so I need actually me just stud right here because this is too far over for my backer but I don’t want to put it in first I’ll put it in after I get the tub in because if I put it in first I won’t be able to slide the tub in okay so there’s no big deal I’ll show you how to do it so you’ve got to leave that open so you can slide it in though and I can’t really show you how to do it because only got it one hands oh that’s it I’m missing to tell you right now I’m gonna walk in here with the tab I’m gonna stick this side in first at an angle it’ll look like this it’s like my camera is I’m going to stick it in poop like that and then drop it down to this side over here it’ll slide right along that stud right there to the left and that’s stead up that’s good right there it’ll slide right along here that corner part look either it’ll pop out when they get it laid out flat okay so anyway I hope that helps if there’s any more questions let me know but I that’s about all I can do I can’t really show you how to put it in because I have nobody else taking a picture again that’s the way it looks and that’s what it’s gonna look for you when you’re all set up here and then I take the thing you just bought a stainless putty it just like regular plumber’s putty just called stainless and for marvelous stuff but anyway it worked great for this too and just slip it right on there again if you use the tool it’s perfect I’ll show you that in a second that’s the way you put it on just being a little bead around the thing on the base there and slip it in there screw it on tighten it up and I’ll show you how to do yeah so anyway after your things setup get you know such where your flange will meet going down and then I just bought another piece whatever you need to put in you know I really only need it for this you know for the flange that’s where the flange lights up you can see right there at the bottom can’t go any further because the sums in the way here but I do have a few minutes but anyway the finance is right there you can see at the bottom as it goes down it attaches all those new flange for the side wall will go right there you’re all set okay as you can see here when the walls are on square and stuff they’re not level and things like that you gotta just do what you gotta do I put a block behind there in the far back you can see and I put a piece of shim across the top that gives me the right connection when you put them together then it’s all nice and solid when you’re doing framing you just gotta simply do it he’s looking at it see what it needs to done handle it here I had to bring it out on this thing here I had to bring it out about 3/8 of an inch so if you can see in there there’s a shim so he’s again it’s almost touching the outside the drywall even it’ll still work fine but you got to do it you got to do and the walls are out on the level and that elec okay so you can see up like I said I put a block behind the back there and then I put a shim onto it you know all the way over the next stud with the shim it goes from 3/8 inch to zero and which marks not perfect is this I was already perfect over here so even at work good three eight zero and you know duty I knew okay just make everything right we can all the corners arriving square and it’ll turn out perfect okay thank you see how absolutely gorgeous that turned out I mean the the line is perfect on top reveal is the same all the way down it’s absolutely perfect everything lines up dead nuts it’s all perfect so that’s what you’re that’s what you’re looking for right there and I have the drug cut not just a note to my dad fit there and then I’ll just add more drywall and all the way down here or some kind of something I can put down as backing for the drywall mud and as you can see it all turned out great I mean look at that reveal on that thing dead nuts lined up perfectly and so anyway that’s it keep going over there as you guys are do great okay so here’s the finished supply and I just took the existing and added

onto with shark bites or tektites either one there’s a couple name brands and I’ve brought it up to where it was originally I just made sure as a sign of our whole there she wouldn’t get caught on the rim show you that wouldn’t get caught right here in this room we’ll have it a little bit below that and then same thing on the bottom you know whether you caught on that part which is right there if I hit you in a half lip so I have about three inches you know and he’s gonna have at least a minimum eight is drop for that maximum 18 inch drop but at minimum 18 is drop for your tub spout anyway that’s it and that’s the whole thing put it two by four again if it’s a 2×4 wall but 2×4 flat screw it to that and that’s perfect set okay you go back into their half inch but there’s you know there’s no wood that’s one inch so you know you’re gonna do my four spine six out of half-inch was totally acceptable it’s within the realm you’ll see that when I finish it so anyway that’s the whole thing that’s great we’ll try and continue with the next okay all under full pressure and no leaks Oh elves are perfect site just Ramses the whole thing gets you no water here just read to the whole thing I’ll just [Applause] okay when you go to do your texture you want to mask everything I mean literally mask everything because it takes a little while well thanks a lot longer to mass into spray but the point is if you don’t mass you please clean it for hours okay so I do a good job masking and it’ll be a lot less work with it over spring it’s everywhere okay so you can follow the instructions I got here this gives us a max off so it’ll look like it was built in originally when the house was built home look like an add-on hold it like a you know look anything other than perfect okay okay if you have any questions put them down below I mask everything mask mask mask okay let me go ahead and out the window there and then we’ll eventually wait a clock out the whole thing but I’m starting with the window there since I’m still painting I got a paint around the perimeter the owners gonna pay the rest but I’ll get my whole perimeter dozen uh look perfect and they can put in whatever color they want when they decide what color to paint their bathroom anyway now you only want to use the DAP 3.0 kitchen bathroom plumbing it’s the only stuff they want you to use they recommend you know just this because so it’ll really stick to this acrylic so they don’t want to use 100% pure silicone once you just use this I believe this is what Evers if your cell company have it designed in such a way that it sticks to the stuff anyway so go to town this is the stuff to get yeah I get that it’s really hard to see because the lights on outside you this daylight so you don’t really tell a lot but that’s again how you can wrap this thing a window in it and work out good okay just got about happy to reveal over the bottoms here right here right there you see Annika happen to reveal there anymore better picture for you but it’s hard to see anyway it takes out a life so just blends perfectly and works out great so anyway it’s hard to see I guess add but you get the general gist nothing you do we go okay this is the way it’s finished up now yeah looks really great the owners one-eye taking time to figure out what kind of paint they want to use so has made everything white so they could paint it over anything whatever color they want it’s a nice backdrop but everything else is perfect it looks

absolutely gorgeous great job all the way through if you have any questions put them down below I love these Delta classic 406 is a really nice product