Shower body handle won't turn: part 1

something’s wrong with my shower a middle of it wouldn’t turn anymore I don’t know why first things first I need to tell you about that not to see why it’s frozen so to do mean is screwdriver it means a flathead to pop the middle Kapow it’s nothing I can’t I think with some reason that bolt behind it there’s a little too tight so this thing can’t spin foam is I can’t get to it I don’t know if any my flowers gonna fit in there look what I fell in I found my baby to it okay Sookie love them I can’t get to this because my tools are too big to go underneath a small other guys it makes my picking hand but still kinda in there what this means is that you can take the towel just just no telling skills how do we do first step is taking the hub’s off to take the crab off the tools you’re gonna need it oh good listening first one take your bag and put up what with the dream you don’t want any other grab for Valentine’s because it can cause more issues later I don’t wanna do this so once I start I gotta finish got movers they got a pullout pressure you I all that piece off goats on botany one of these because I beat the hell out of it and I don’t think it’s gonna be good going forward so what that means do the harvest or