What Should You Paint First? DIY Painting Ceiling, Walls, Or Trim?

you you this is Chris the Idaho painter bringing you another how-to video to make a job go a little smoother easier and like a professional did it and when this video is over don’t forget to like us share us and also subscribe to our channel it sure helps keeping those videos coming this is Chris the Idaho painter I get quite a few comments in questions about whether we paint walls ceilings or trim first and in this video we’re going to go about addressing some of those issues and trying to answer those questions for you and there’s a lot of different scenarios that determine whether we paint the ceilings walls or trim first and whether we spray or roll them and we’re in a house right now that was a house it’s a fire restoration house that had a had a fire in the pantry and customers that have actually moved out and they’re at a hotel so there’s no customers living in this home and that’s the first thing that we do in and determine whether we’re going to spray inside of a house and what we’re gonna do first if the customers live in the home we try to minimize the spraying that we’re going to do inside of a house because of the silica dust created by the sprayers and if we’re ever dealing with trim inside of Mohammed were to actually paint the trim and the woodwork and it’s painted any doors we always spray the trim on an interior of a home we only spray it because that way it’s gonna look more professional to not to leave brush strokes or roping and so we here at B and K painting we never actually brush trim we always spray it so whether the customer lives in the home or not we always spray in this case the customer is not living in here everything’s actually been moved out into storage facilities by a disaster maintenance company and so there’s nothing inside the home that we need to worry about dust – if there’s personal belongings inside the house if there’s beds furniture stuff like that you always got to consider the silica dust created by the spraying of ia-32 walls ceilings a trim and you got there and sometimes that can be more cumbersome than actually just rolling but this is going to be a full interior repaint nobody’s living in it and there’s no belongings in the house so we’re gonna try to spray as much as we can to make the job go a lot faster and then this job there was multiple colors in the house and that’s another determining factor whether they’re gonna roll or spray the walls all the ceilings are different color than the walls so we’ve got to take that in consideration too so in this scenario nobody’s living in the house there’s no furniture no personal belongings we have at least seven colors on the walls throughout the house so it’s not going to be efficient or faster to actually spray the walls so we’re gonna roll the walls the trim we always spread the trim we never rolled a trim and now the ceilings are all a different color than all the walls in the house throughout so we’re gonna want to spread the ceilings and we only use a flat on our ceilings because if the walls and ceilings are a different color and you actually spray like a satin on the walls then you could get absolutely flashing on the walls we use a product from Sir Williams called eminence and it’s flat and when you actually spray the the ceiling it hides imperfections better doesn’t show flashing and doesn’t show map marks so in this house we started off we decided because of all the multiple walls multiple colors it was gonna be faster to roll the walls so we started off the process by actually spraying dart spraying all of our ceilings first and we sprayed our ceilings first and this eminence creates a lot of downfall dust and if you spray your trim first then you’re out the mask off all your trim because of all the downfall dust that would go on to your brand-new spring spring trim so we went around the whole house sprayed all the ceilings our light color and then we began masking to spray our trim then we put around sprayed all of our trim and we’re actually careful or we’ve asked our ceilings throw some paper up top so now overspray will go up into our freshly sprayed ceilings the ceiling and walls were fairly the same color so you don’t have a whole lot to worry about but we also you can either mask or shield it and what we were actually spraying this trim we actually just held cardboard shields up with a shield holder and straight our trim without masking the ceilings so now we sprayed our ceilings first went back sprayed our trim and now we’re going back and rolling all of our walls in almost every single room in the house is a different

color so we’re extremely fast doing cut ends with a brush and so we’re rolling it you can spray walls but it’s not wherever that we’ve actually kind of the ceilings with a brush and roller wave fostered we can do masking it and spray on the walls so now another scenario would be all the walls for the same color and the ceilings were the same color and the trim was one color so if the people who have got of the house and you only got two colors trim and walls and you’re not concerned about the dust silica pass and stuff because there’s no personal belongings in the house then we actually spray everything we’re gonna spread our trim first mask off our trim and then we’re gonna shoot our walls and ceilings one Sheen in one color and the thing that we I don’t necessarily like about doing that is now your ceilings become a satin because we always use a sap on the walls you’re gonna be spraying a SAP on the ceiling and so you can get flashing on your ceiling and you gotta be really good spraying your ceilings using the large tip I like at 12:21 tip but I’m actually spraying the ceilings so I’m less likely to get flashing on the ceilings so that’s another scenario where you have just two color walls and ceilings now the people live in the house and they got personal belongings in the house then you gotta take that in consider we never ever spray walls if somebody lives in the home we always just rule our walls and in new construction that’s a completely different thing because there’s no flooring in there it’s all wood our new construction processes we always spray our trim person a new construction it’s always one color we spray trim first and then walls and ceilings are sprayed second and those are some of the scenarios that we run into it I’ll discuss a few more scenarios here so now we have another scenario that we’ll discuss with you and if nobody lives in the house and say it’s a rental you’re spraying rentals quickly trying to make money fast we like to actually spray nobody lives in the house the floorings going to be replaced so there’s no flooring in it no carpet this is a scenario we’ve got into party bed remodels rentals and where somebody’s repainting and going to be moving in somebody moved out somebody’s would be moving in replacing carpets and they want the ceilings a different color than the walls and the trim all one color and in that case there’s nothing in the house we don’t need to worry about dust silica dust overspray we’re gonna spray all of our trim and then we’re going to mask off our trim and then we’re gonna spray all of our walls and then we actually opted walls are dry will mask our ceilings we’re gonna run plastic this we called nine by four hundred classic and we tack about six inches from the top of the ceiling the plastic will drop to the floor and then we’ll ride nine inch paper with one inch tape around the ceiling and that will cover our ceiling and it’ll stop any downfall from spraying the ceilings to drop it on the wall because you’ll get dust that will fall down so to explain that process again if we’re our ceilings are different color than our walls and a different than the trim and nobody lives in the house we’re gonna spray it all for the start by spraying our trim we use a product a semi-gloss latex enamel spray all of our trim then we’re gonna mask off all of our trim we’re gonna spray our walls as soon as the walls are done we pull up all I’m asking off the trim while it’s still wet and then we’re gonna mask the walls after the walls dry with 19 by 400 plastic drop it to the floor and then cover the top which will overlap the 9 by 400 plastic with your 9 inch paper 1 inch stain then we’re gonna spray the ceilings and it’s before that guys you’re gonna pull all the masking off right down to the floor and your job is complete there’s one more scenario we’ll discuss and that’s in the structure itself the home if we’re not spraying any trim work or any woodwork and we’re just doing walls and ceilings or just walls we never actually break out a sprayer because we don’t want to create any dust and we don’t want to create liability for our company so we’re gonna roll we’re gonna roll with everything and so if the the trims not is not being painted what we like to do is we actually roll our ceilings first we always roll our ceilings first you’ll roll your ceilings and bring it down onto your wall about just about a half inch and the product we use from Sherwin’s is a flat paint called eminence that stuff dries extremely fast and with about two hours you can go begin doing your walls and cutting in your ceilings and we always do the ceilings first and drop it down onto

the wall because that way now you’re coming in looking up if you do your walls first and then your ceilings now you’ve actually got to do your Cotton’s looking up at the ceiling in working this way and it’s a lot harder to do your cut ends a lot harder to get a straight line if you do your ceilings last if you’re rolling your walls and your ceilings now the ceilings and walls are all one color then we just one inch tape around everything put on Rothfuss down and roll it all but if we’re ceilings are different color than our walls we always do our ceilings first bring it down and then do our walls our cuttings are much faster and much easier this is Chris the i/o painter going over our painting process what we like to do first walls ceilings trim this is Chris the Idaho painter for more painting tips you can find us on Facebook at the Idaho painter or you could also find us at Tamarack painters and when you’re done watching our videos don’t forget to like us share us and subscribe to our Channel