Ehd e Wafa Episode 10 | English Sub | Digitally Presented by Master Paints HUM TV Drama 24 Nov 2019

Father, Malik Allah Yar did not support us in the previous elections I would have been an MNA if he would have done so Not even a single person from his territory voted for us and you are thinking to get your daughter married to his Grandson Whatever I am thinking is right I will give my daughter to get your bag filled with votes Have faith in my politics my son This relationship will soon take you to the assembly in Islamabad by God’s will Welcome Mr. Malik Welcome, welcome Please come in Welcome my son Welcome Welcome Come in my dear Yes Rani Madam! The guests have arrived Why are you smiling? Go from here I am coming Rani said that we came to your house and had dinner and now we are not inviting you over to our house Secondly she has passed her F.A examination too So we wanted to celebrate with you So she has passed I would have been more than happy even if she would have failed Where is Rani? There she is, hiding behind the door I was not hiding I was just fixing my stole Greetings Mian ji Greetings May God bless you my dear I have heard that you have great passion for education Not that much Mian ji I just study to pass some time Can’t you do anything else to pass your time my dear I mean the hair start to fall

and the brain also becomes dry What else do you do other than studying? She plays cricket Keep quiet Shazaib You are not supposed to talk like this in front of elders dear You are obsessed with cricket Quiet I have an idea to keep him quiet What? Cricket Let’s go outside and play You guys carry on We both will come back after a 20/20 match Let’s go I will give you a battery operated car if you win and nothing if you lose Forget about winning and losing Give me a car first and then only I will plan something for you What plan? The same plan which I made for brother earlier I will do it for you today You will not be able to meet him without my will Do you agree? Mr. Chaudry I believe that matches and horses are made in heaven We the earthlings stand no chance to interfere in his affairs No matter how hard you try in a race but only that horse will win which is blessed by God Similarly only those matches are successful in life which are blessed by God and elders So Chaudry Meher Deen this is the reason we have come at your doorstep to… Brother! Come quick It is a matter of prestige Sister Rani is hitting sixes back to back She is taking the advantage of home ground I will not be able to face anyone if I lose People will say that Malik Shahzaib lost against a girl Yes my dear, go, feel at home You will get to see the house too Go! So what were you saying Mr. Malik? I was saying something important This kid broke the entire tempo Go and play your world cup for which you are here I don’t know how did this Miandad born to the Malik’s? What was I saying? You were talking about horses and matches That I have already said Mr. Chaudry Yes, I was saying that we have come to your house to ask for Rani’s proposal Come out Rani sister I have brought my lion Now let’s see if you can win I think she must have gone inside You wait here, I will just call her No, no, there is no need to do that It is good that she did not come I don’t want to play with her No brother, I will not let her runaway You wait here, I will just call her Where are you going? I am here Shahzaib I thought it is Shahzaib I will go and call him Listen! What now? You have already refused to play with me Agreed that I am under 19 and not a player of your level but you don’t have any right to insult me You have brought tears in my eyes No, actually I was telling Shazaib that I don’t want to play with him but still if you are hurt then I am sorry There is no sorry and no thank you in the relationship our parents want to tie us in So you don’t need to apologize I did not mind anything you said in fact I did not mind when you rejected me in our first meeting I have no hard feelings for you You were hiding your face in our first meeting and you are still hiding your face

Can’t we talk to each other while facing each other? I feel shy Ok, no issues We will talk later No We can talk to each other while facing each other How are you? I am fine How are you? I am good, I mean I am fine Congratulations! Congratulations to you too What? What for? I was congratulating you on passing your F.A examination I was also congratulating you on passing my examination Congratulations that I am close to you Come on guys let’s go You have been cleaned bold Rani sister’s Father has accepted the proposal Come on my lion Ok gentlemen, hope everybody is fine Yes sir How is the moral? High sir Ok gentlemen, today you have very important training event that is cross country Total distance is 5 miles and the qualified time is 42 minutes Gentlemen! Now I will tell you about your route This is your start point Polo Ground 4C round about, Quaid Gate, Shabbir Shareef road, Ordinance round about, PMA road, again Quaid gate, 2 mile track, Jungi Track, Jungi Gate, Polo ground and your finish point is short range Is it clear? Yes sir Ok now I will go back to this small mount When I will say go and the staff will throw his red flag you will make a shoot Is it fine? Yes sir Gentlemen! Put up a good show and best of luck Ready! Go! Don’t worry Jujji The MS has signed the report already and put a confirmed stamp too and has sent it to the court too You can come out easily and do whatever you want to But send a bigger pot this time God bless you Jujji Thank you very much What is this? It is a postmortem report, what else That boy was killed in front of me Jujji stabbed him in the stomach in front of me and you have made an accident report He crashed into a loaded truck of iron rods and he died because an iron rod pierced his stomach Easy boy, easy We can talk in peace too Sit down I am not here to sit Answer me Who are you? Are you a relative of the deceased? No, I am a journalist Show me your card if you are a journalist Don’t try to twist things You are the one twisting things up and not me If you are truly a journalist then show your card You are a liar and your report is fake Jujji has bribed you and you all have ganged up, this hospital, the lawyer and the media also Shame on you It is a crime to threat a government official and cursing him in a government hospital I can get you arrested you fake journalist

You! You will get me arrested because I threatened you What will you do if I slap you? Will you get me hanged? The victim is already dead Why are you acting like a crime reporter? You left the job that you got after so much effort and you even slapped the doctor He is not a doctor but a technician And when do the doctors go near the dead bodies They leave everything over to these technicians Whatever papers they give, they sign it and we think that the doctor has done the postmortem The entire system needs a postmortem Listen! Neither are you technician nor a doctor So hold your breaks You have quit your job Now do you want your sister to get fired too? Why would they fire her? What has she got to do with all this? You should thank God that nobody recognized you there or otherwise an inquiry would have started against your sister that her brother came to the hospital and created a fuss and slapped the technician too And thank God that you did not face your sister or otherwise she would have beaten you up in front of the entire hospital It was not possible because she took a day off today What are you looking at? Staff Muslim! Platoon! Stand still Greetings sir Greetings You have only paid attention on a loud greeting and not over the platoon’s drill There is a drill competition tomorrow and you have not fixed your platoon’s marching yet You said that your platoon will stand first this time Your platoon will definitely score a position with such a drill but let me tell you that it would be the last position And I will not let that happen And take your platoon out of the drill square Sir! And I will check your platoon’s complete rehearsal after classes Staff hurry up Greetings sir Greetings Platoon! About turn Platoon! Quick march Stretch your leg You have already got me insulted Is everything ok? You have taken a day off today Are you feeling alright? Yes Mother, I am fine Mother actually, I am expecting a guest today at our house Who is it? I had to talk to you and Shariq about it I want you guys to meet someone He works at my hospital He is a very good person Is he a very good person? Is he a good person or do you like him? Shut up Let me say this today sister It is such a happy moment Ok tell me who is he? Ask him yourself when he comes here And don’t try to act so jolly in front of him He is a very sober person and he does not like such jokes Oh my God, sober person! What is his salary? Mother for God’s sake don’t ask him about this thing Ok, ok, I will not ask him You ask him and let me know for my satisfaction Did I say something wrong? You are absolutely wrong by God’s grace My sweet Mother, my sister would have married long time back if it was about money She has finally liked someone and I am sure he is a good person I will bring tea for you Have this You have it She will bring it for me Don’t tease your sister May God glorify her fate By God’s will Concentrate on your spellings, there are a lot of mistakes Brother I am memorizing but still I make mistakes You do not have to memorize only, you have to write also. Write a word many times, you will not forget it your entire life Show me, how much did you do? I have done this Have you done this?

Tea Both of you are off now, go I will take the tenses test tomorrow You have to learn it Maryam, send Masooma on your way back Ok fine Are you here to take care of everyone or to study? Making a cup of tea is not a big deal Do what you are here to do Whenever I see you, either you are helping Mother or you are washing clothes Then you are serving food to Amna and Maryam Sometimes you are cleaning up like servants Is this you are here for? I do that only when I am free Rest of the time I am studying How is your college going? Everything is fine so far Let me know if there is any issue Sure There is no need of taking care of me Today I am saying this politely, next time I am going to be strict I do not like all this Yes, what is up? Tell me when is Saad coming? it is not confirmed yet Is everything ok? I am getting engaged and I want the 3 of you to be a part of this historic event and become immortal Track him Well done When is this historic event? Only when Saad will come I will plan it during his holidays Ok I will track him But I do not have a lead on Shariq I am going to Lahore next week I will find him He is my responsibility and Saad is your responsibility Done In fact do one thing, send me his number I will try it myself as well I will send you his number Ok Ok bye You are still here You do not like all this, but I like it I do not consider myself as a servant of this house, in fact I consider it my own house Where are you taking it? I did not even take a sip yet It is not hot anymore Let me refresh it Where did you bring this from? From Raza’s lounge Are we going to make the guest sit on a plastic chair? Do not worry I will return this once the guests leave Let’s go Where are you going now? To bring a table Will everyone hold the plates in their hands only? Bring the table from upstairs They are just 15 to 20 minutes away They are about to reach Come on let’s go We do not have much time Where have you reached? In my beloved’s street Do I have the permission to come? Yes All these things should have been done before the guests had arrived You are doing all these preparations when he is standing outside Mother it is almost done Hurry up Come on keep it there Make it quick Sister! You receive him I will just get ready and come It is ok Greetings Greetings Mother Greetings, God bless you son Come have a seat I hope you are fine Yes Mother I am absolutely fine Did you find the house easily? Yes Mother Why are you standing? Sit down Where is Shariq? Shariq! Coming Mother Come on Greetings Shariq!

What happened partner? You are not taking revenge from food today Is everything ok? Nothing is ok Our drill is going really bad All of us are putting our best Should we kill ourselves? If we were doing our best then the S.M would not have been so harsh He would not have been so harsh with our staff The poor guy was so upset He was only upset What about our painful feet and knees that we have been banging on the concrete? We are doing whatever we could do Our staff is very weak He does not have that spark If he had that spark, he would have made us do something Did you see how he was screaming after the S.M left, as if it is our fault and not his Do not talk nonsense He was giving his 110% He has taught us everything from fixing our buttons to tying the laces of our boots He use to tie it himself sometimes If our platoon does not win then it is not his fault, it is our fault You are absolutely right but what can we do now? The competition is tomorrow What can we do in just one night? If we want, a lot can happen The thing that we could not do in 5 months, how can we do it at the end of the term in just one night? Just one night is more than enough for winning You have your whole life to loose Wow! You have awakened my dead conscience I swear up on God, I did not understand anything but the pressure that you have put in to say it, I can feel that it is something important I am with you But what do we have to do? Practice on the battalion road No brother no, I will not come You are backing off being a Pathan You should be ashamed We just get 4 hours of sleep and this merciless man is asking us to give up on those 4 hours as well No brother no I want to sleep Me too Ok You cannot sleep, isn’t it? Yes Why? Because we have a heavy heart Like we have left our brothers in the battle field alone Like we are selfish Like we are ungenerous Ungenerous and shameless as well Gentlemen we have just witnessed elementary drill competition

displayed a good standard of turn out We performed some very coordinated drill movements Gentlemen! The aim of the drill academy is to instill soldierly pride in the cadets Best drill instructor staff Muslim The runner up platoon is Tipu platoon And the winner of elementary drill competition is Ubaida platoon Is he not back yet? He will come back Mother Let him come back once I will give him 2, 3 spanks and I will ask him that nobody shows such an attitude even towards an enemy who comes to your house which he has shown to that guest Let him come back once Mother what if he does not come home? His phone is also turned off Even Jawad does not know where he is He will come, he will Do not worry He will not leave his Mother and sister alone God knows where did he spend the night? Where would he spend the night? He must be with one of his friends who are useless like him Where else would he go? Anyways he will be back by evening And for how long someone will offer him a free lunch He is here His friend must have thrown him out without feeding him breakfast by the grace of God Do you know where Shariq is? No sister We came to pick up the sofas for Raza’s lounge Greetings Aunty Greetings We were not running away that you have come to pick up this dead body so early in the morning Where is Shariq? I do not know aunty You know everything You are his real Mother It is written on your face that you know everything Ask this liar to swear upon the Holy Quran Jawad! Ask Shariq to talk to me once And tell him that if he did not return home, I will leave this house forever Ok He is a Bastard He trades dead bodies He sells shrouds How would she know about him? She knows everything This poor girl knows everything She works in the same hospital There is no chance that she does not know Yes I know about what he does What? You know it When you know it then why did you let him enter our house? Speak up He is my husband