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me in English honey is from Great Britain from England she will explain that in a minute and she’s also my girlfriend the full disclosure and she will talk a bit about the same things that I just talked about except she’ll be talking from personal experience she and she used to work for a refrig she could service in the nineties anything away okay thank you very much fat and just a quick question to kick off how many of you will admit to having watched and enjoyed spooks yeah made us fat that’s pretty assoc brave what about James Bond and all our tomato almost of them yeah enjoy well I’m going to freak that off it’s nothing like that when you go into the spire cooks of course of course the basic role when you’re employed as an intelligence officer for mi5 is you run operations you basically identify what is a threat to the country to national security and then you have this array of different techniques by which you can investigate the threat you can run agents into groups obviously you can bug their telephones their internet and put bugs in their collapse and homes and eavesdrop on them you can use satellites spy on you know all the techie stuff but the problem is there is no real oversight to these agencies there is no effective outside they are a law unto themselves and they are running amok at the moment so I just wanted to run you through some of the stuff that I saw when I was working on the inside which will explain why I ended up as a whistleblower against my car after all the ransom across Europe and also put it in some more current context which is touching on some of the issues that i was talking about for but my story starts sell quite a long time ago now i was recruited back in nineteen ninety to be an intelligence officer for mi5 and at that point they were trying to reinvent themselves in the UK we have three agencies we have mi5 that protects the country we have a six which is sort of James Bond organization goes out and gathers intelligence abroad and we have GCHQ which eavesdrops that’s the technical side where they listen to our telephone conversation is amis so am I fire a group that approach me now I don’t know why I predict Matt looking down from the University and suddenly had a letter in the post on Ministry of Defense no papers think we may have other jobs you would find more interesting and my initial gut innocent was its mi5 and I was really frightened I’d never even conceived will have an interest in being a spy unfortunately my father isn’t rude me when I opened the letter only more did but he it was a complete spikey he just loved things formed Donna Karan and David all things he said often going to pls remark CBDs mi5 so after about ten months of recruitment then era was walking into their HQ in London to learn to be spy now 1990 was an interesting year for though because of course the Berlin Wall come down here before the cold war was over so their whole raison d’etre pretty much get banished by that point they were there to stop Soviet espionage and they were there to investigate political activism in the UK so suddenly that whole thing that disappears they also the first time in there being put on a legal footing so from nineteen oh nine to nineteen eighty nine none of the spy agency’s officially existed they were completely off the radar are democratically elected representatives cannot ask questions about them their whole existence was deniable and that of course meant they could work completely outside the law as well because nobody knew what we got up to that changed in 1989 they were put on the legal footing and suddenly they were expected to adhere basic democratic Lord so for example if they wanted to break into your house plant o’clock which would otherwise be a crime housebreaking they had to get permission from mathematical masters and also as I said the Cold War is over so they were looking for some new work and they were a repositioning themselves its counterterrorism prenylation so when I was be included they went to great pains say of course know it the bad old days investigating Reds under the bed we’re over they no longer investigated let me finish lactalis they were counterterrorism organization they had to obey the law and they wanted a new generation of intelligence officer do the counterterrorism work does RK fine there is a 10-month treatment process went after a long long time stage after stage after stage of intensive exercises and examinations will rest of it and of course because it’s mi5 you think they know everything about you so you’re 110% honest when you’re answering the questions no sort of gliding over little holes in your curriculum vitae or anything and I still get getting through a surprise all the way through it’s about time I got there I thought working and perhaps I must be right for this job perhaps there are as they describe

themselves now they’re no longer some evil strike breaking political organization so it’s good of surprise when I was my first posting to me I’ve sent a little section called f2 which was the hangover from the cold war which was there to investigate political activism the UK and I was assigned to look at left wing extremist groups I have to say my fence I did spend those two years trying to shut down investigations because I could not see how my crew groups with trotskyist politics would actually affect our national security but it gave me quite interesting insight into your work that they have a lot too because I saw a lot of the old files there are about a million files held on people in the UK UK citizens purely for their political beliefs and amar so is grown umber of people who had political aspirations who went on after the 1997 general election to become Labour government ministers sir mi5 had files on people from Tony Blair down anyone who has been anyone your British politics for the last decade pretty much had never fly far usually for some sort of student activism they’ve done in their radical youth it’s terribly embarrassing from now to be reminded that they had some sort of radical youth but anyway that’s the case and I think is a real problem for democracy where you have spies for the exhibit information on the people who are supposed to be running their political master the people who are thirsty ordeal into account and I think every time in the UK where we see a Labour government throwing more money more staff more powers at the spies to fight war on terror it’s worth bearing that in back of our minds I don’t know how the system works in this country run willing to bet it’s pretty much the same that your own spices we looked at practice and we’ll be looking political activists I think about six years ago five and have two postings them so splitter stuff then I’ve got two EPs Irish terrorism and this is pretty much at the height of the IRA you came campaign with opening bombs down wilt on UK streets and then I had worked in the international terrorism section now the Irish side was interesting and looks like rewarding we did have some good results you know stopping solid facts but there was a serve a story of incompetents where terrorists are allowed to roam free and where they were exploding bombs pretty much at will as I said including at one of the most notorious cases which was the bombing of the city of london in 1993 and this is where a lorry bombs driven apart in an area of Bishopsgate and it was about a time of homemade explosive and it just detonated killed one person injured many more and also cost about 350 million pounds worth of damage which was way more than of you cause in the Hall of the Civil whoring of the island itself after that date but crucially the terrorists who detonated that bomb should have been arrested six months six months earlier he was actually caught red-handed tending another lorry bomb which was parked up in industrial car park in north of London and mi5 on the police knew it was full combing explosive they knew that they could go in and the Restless car over how to get the order from the head of counterterrorism branch in the Metropolitan Police and crucially that I was not contactable that like this is pre mobile phones we had you did have pager but he couldn’t be contact contacted there are rumors went round in life I’ve had interactions with his mistress that night which is why I had everything switched off but we still hope nurses dead but anyway the sky his name was Cyril Jimmy McGuinness the IRA terrorist went head Ted so you have to wonder does it just up or whatever I think probably was up in this typical change and as I said I also worked on the international side of things that was my final hosting mi5 section called G branch and this is when al-qaeda was becoming to be no at least within the intelligence community as the new big threat my partner ex-partner David Scher who was also an officer of mi5 was working in that section for time as well he was the head of the Libyan section so he was tasked with investigating Libyan terrorist the Libyan regime within the country what they were getting up to against Libyan distance in London and we saw a number of things going wrong in that section that led us to decide to leave to resign from mi5 and also to blow the whistle which is first step in UK for legal reasons but just in a nutshell there are three cases that really worried is the first of all was an illegal phone tapping operation hey Matthew Molly probably do that all the time well yes they do but this has got a high performer we’re a very prominent UK journalist called Victoria breaking he was the deputy editor of the deputy foreign editor to Guardian newspaper was targeted for six months and they went in and they bugged her telephone of cost

value about 34 million pounds without any intelligence to do so they just basically thought branches left lefty it’s like the good old days we can investigate left-wing journalists wasted all this money and crucially they did not carry out the basic checks to that required to make that phone tap legal under all these new laws that they had to operate with me in fact what she was doing was fighting illegal libel case on behalf of someone who had links to the Libyan regime that was there was no more hardcore terrorists intelligence round school for the two big cases that Mesa quit were two cases of false flag terrorist attacks the first one was the bombing of the Israeli embassy in london in 1994 now in this case a car bomb a very sophisticated device was driven he parked outside the Israeli embassy row as it’s loaded now it was very sophisticated because it was built so that consumed itself and very few organizations can do that even the IRA which is again a very very developed terrorist organization not build bonds that would actually consume itself and get rid of most of the forensics this did also nobody fortunately was killed there were few minor injuries but yeah it was an interesting case because all the senior diplomats and israeli embassy were out that day against all regulations rules within their embassy and it turned out in the assessment of a senior 95 officer who’s james bond to the number was g 9 110 years turned out that in his assessment having seen all the evidence around this case and all the intelligence which crucially is not necessarily admissible in court he reckoned that Mossad had carried out the bombing itself against its own embassy in london now here at that on the internet we think that’s a wild conspiracy theory but he’s thinking was twofold the israeli government was always pressuring an hour 52 up the threat level to its interest in London that kept you know you follow Palestinian terrorists about attackers one day and mi5 kept turning around and saying well there’s no evidence that they are going to try and attack you we are not upping the threat level from moderate call settle our control and sophisticated explosion immediately ramped up the threat but the main thing I think and this is Jean I want assessment was that there were some Palestinians in London who are causing problem they test the political network to send aid and raise awareness about applies to Palestinians and the West Bank in the Gaza Strip and this was an operation designed to shatter that network because number of people involved in that mr. Network were rounded up and arrested and two of those people were charged put on trial and convicted of conspiracy to cause those attacks so of course that network just shattered ran for hills and to this day has not got back on his feet so if Jean I’m on was accurate and correct about this of course they were they actually achieved a good political aim as far as most outwardly concerned to get rid of an irritant in London now those two people still in prison despite the fact that this information came out in the late 1990s despite the fact that under all due processes the law they should be given and Peele they’ve proclaim their innocence ever since they were convicted that they are both serving 20 20 year sentences and they’re still looking prison to this day it’s just disgraceful but the final case I just want a brush over is the case room that made Shayla and I quit and as I said the head of the Libyan section and I thought and he unusually had a good working relationship with the Libyan with his counterparts in mi6 this is what James own room normally two groups hate each other to organizations loathe each other because they’re competing for power sources its status and they do not work well together but i’ll usually he developed a good working relationships so come late nineteen ninety-five he went across to an hour sixes HQ you know that’s a cigarette building your resume box by thorns and was briefed officially about an unfolding plot in libya now in this case there was a volunteer walking as they’re known it was a Libyan military intelligence officer has gone to see British Embassy in Tunis to find the local mi6 officer they’re all facing in embassy so it’s ready to buy on and he said he had a cunning plan he wanted to talk to him I six because he had quote a group of ragtag Islamic extremists in Libya who were prepared to try and affect a coup against Colonel Gaddafi they have people in place and happy the contacts as well throughout the establishment but they needed funding to try and carry out this tag number six and it just thoughtless hook line sinker they cater very few checks a nice car turned out he was a Libyan military intelligence officer he was code named Tom worth by and I five and

they started shoveling money at this guy they met him on about three different occasions in different locations around Europe L on each occasion gave you about forty thousand dollars so we looking up in a quest sizable amount of taxpayers money going to this organization that was trying to carry terrorist attack in Libya anyway show you was briefed on is officially all the way through plot but he sort of thought you wouldn’t happen mi6 words coming out we sort of crackpot schemes they wanted to play it mean James Bond they very rarely exited the world for effectively so who’s quite surprised when in early nineteen ninety-six he started seeing intelligence reports coming across death which said they had indeed been an attack Colonel Qaddafi open at the Libyans people live in people’s congress inserting in Libya he was driving back a cavalcade cars an explosion has occurred under one of those cars the wrong one obviously with this good office now they manifest alia Lida now the new best friend who always some leaders but innocent people were killed in that car and also more people were killed bystanders cheering on their leader in the ensuing security shootout it’s rapin that I think 11 innocent people lost their lives that day because the explosion was funded by mi6 so what we’re looking at is Britain and its intelligence agencies becoming a state sponsor of terrorism and blaming it on an Islamic extremist cell we’re also look using an illegal operation because under the 1994 Intelligence Service Act in the UK the one thing that is true about the James Bond films is the license to kill it’s a bit of a bomb but if an mi6 officer gets the written permission before doing it before doing something for what would otherwise be an illegal acts abroad he gets legal immunity in the UK so that includes up to and including murder and mi6 officer if he has the written permission from the Foreign Secretary Methodist for master can go and do whatever he wants abroad and not face prosecution that’s that’s what should happen in this case but in fact it turned out that mi6 has not got that primary permission so we’re looking at something which you know is immoral it’s unethical is highly reckless in a very volatile part of the world and it murdered innocent but it’s an equal under UK law as well and that’s why Shay and I resigned to my life I’ve and we decided to blow the whistle and I probably think of anything more heinous that aspires to get up to and you would think that the government would want to take evidence that there and I you can you be any way we left in 1996 and in the UK we have this video’s piece of law called the Official Secrets Act which is put in place to shut up whistle blows there’s already other laws to protect real secrets to prosecute traitors but in 1989 whistle all came into it basically said that anyone who’s a serving or former intelligence officer can never say anything to anyone about the work they’ve done in their five or six otherwise they face an unlimited fine and/or up to two years in prison we knew this we also knew the what we were talking about was manifest in public interest which is no defense on the law do you think you get a fair hearing at least because people would want to get to the truth such a step the left and we decided to glenn russell and we went to the newspapers that was the only way to guarantee they’ll be publicity it would have be brushed onto the carpet we also did not want to sit around waiting to be arrested in the UK so we set the story in motion the newspaper decided to run with it and gave us three days warning that our lives are about to turn upside down we decided you know we don’t just get arrested and thrown in prison have to wait for a trial that year down the line so we went on run in fact we fused Holland sorry the Netherlands reproducing we yell flew the Netherlands it was about the last flight out of the UK at weekends this is North 1907 because it reserve bank holiday weekend and it once fleeing the country and landed now sit down and went on the run around the Netherlands moving from hotel to hotel for nique as the story broke and then after a week and doing a couple more interviews here we decided to get far and as fast as far away as fast as we could which meant getting from I think it was behave all the way down to buy on which isn’t far southwest of France by training the day and the whole thing just went bonkers I mean it’s a long time ago now 1997 but this story created worldwide headlines and we had to move fast because we knew that mi5 is more hot on our trailer and we did manage to hide out where long time the first month was literally on the run moving around night after night different hotels always looking over our shoulders we thought we’d be trapped a couple of times by the surveillance branch and will literally prepared just a flare hotel go across the border to run head of them and of course it’s quite interesting because we were sort of gamekeeper turn phone show we knew roughly how to send the radar at that time stay one step ahead if that was actually much more like being real spy at that point than it was when we were

working there after about a month actually during that phase as well what had happened is they decided to raid our home London and they sent in the Special Branch which is the sort of secret police in the UK and they ground down the door and did a counterterrorism to start search my flat they have worried to do this that only to take material which related to mi5 course there’s nothing in a flap that related to mi5 but that didn’t stop them ripping it apart they pulled out the carpets they’ve all got Phil boards they ripped the bath apart they smashed up furniture they even went into the pipes down barfing pattern if they’re looking for my peripheral or something’s chopped up the pipes but they really rip the place apart they also as well authorities didn’t need your reaction they took out an injunction media against any further disclosures which gagged Chaillot me and it also gags the national media in the UK now needless to say a few is on the line they dropped the injunction gets the national media because that could lead to big nasty trials and the court hearings but i think the injunction still in place against shayla so he’s a band person anyway so after month literally on the run and I knew that I had to go back to the UK up until that point I’ve just been sort of the girlfriend I haven’t talked about my working on my five at that point so even think actually i haven’t broken the law i should be able to freely around my country but of course i was arrested as i came into the country mytouch have picked up at the immigration desk and they support me off to a counterterrorism style interview sweet and the central london police station where they pull me for about six hours and um it was quite intensive it was a weird experience those of reading out letters in things like that trying to call on the psychological pressure that they didn’t using thumbscrews it’s quite good at that point anyway they let me get free and I was never charged with anything but they kept me on what they call police sale which means I kept having to go back to police station to answer the sale for a period of about six months and I went back to try and pack up the wreckage of our flat and as I said it’s quite something you know it was completely ripped apart but they’d also had loved fun I mean these were special branch offices people have worked with new leading bothering my underwear drawer and things you know in there was quite freaky during that time as well they try to pile on the pressure because it wasn’t me who is arrested shameless brother was arrested two to his best friends in coordinated dawn raids on up charges and again they never charged with anything but they were kept on police bail to try and keep show under control in a sort of leverage on him also during this case we saw a number of burma supporters arrested and hassled and journalists in some cases they were charged and convicted because they dared to cover from these stories it was nothing miss you know you’re trying to get the truth out about criminality with inspire gypsies and it’s all the people around you you get all through the cords anyway after packing the flat I decided to rejoin David in Europe and that this point he pulled up in very remote little farmhouse which belong to a friend of a friend I was right in middle of thumb a France due south of paris by about 200 miles and it was very impressive of course it was miles away from any shot we had to walk everywhere we couldn’t have a car because that would have been traceable and no heating very little money it was very very primitive it’s like going back to the 19th century the only access we have the outside world was a very cumbersome laptop at least about point we could watch some BBC news on its we have a rough idea what’s going on in the outside world and we stayed there for 10 months during that time we tried to talk to the government say that we’ve got all this evidence can you please take evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors going on in the spy agency plus the fact you know we know they’ve got files on you you aren’t you a bit concerned about that Layton sees like that anyway the first music reports had been about the lower level stuff things like wild and government ministers illegal phone taps more have you the newspapers didn’t have walls to cover the Qaddafi plot in Michigan and David kept trying to get them to do this and also to pressure out the government to investigate this to take the evidence and look at it and it is refused they strung along so after about ten months and hiding in desperation you sell them a website called Shana calm as well but if you look for it now I think it’s been turned into some russian porn sites the way of all flesh it was kind of good websites and course hosted it in America because at that point America still had a constitution basic democratic rights and the government actually had the gall to write to the California web server that was hosting it probably was hosting it and said actually does an injunction against mr. shaded you might take miss down because the cavalry company just start to things up and said do you not remember 1776 you’ve got no jurisdiction

in this country for my dog’s back then this is now you know from you Manhattan that way anyway lots of ten months get some website game begins to phase going to put the water clock detailed up there and also goes back to the newspapers and said right come on let’s color this now you know enough times gone by go with a story so in the end of July 1998 we got Paris we start meeting adjourned let’s do the story that got all the details and the British government sides after 10 months of ignoring us that now is the time when we’re on an urgent threat and the issue an extradition request for shayla to the French in French course to do they have to apply this so a saying this paris hotel if that we moved hotels because I don’t know our hackles work we thought something was wrong institute of both and they still practice down and he was hauled away and thrown into prison and he was there fat for months awaiting extradition hearing but for most of that time he was ever seeing anybody but his lawyer his family I wasn’t laughing I wasn’t allowed to him because the British allies the French and said he was on tracer selling secrets in half now when the French got paperwork they realized although dealing with it was a whistle blown case and the French lesson do not extradite people for whistleblowing they say that it is manifestly a political action and they’re not going to extradite people for political at fiddler’s collections I think also they took great pleasure in pissing off the British double the French indeed yes so shameless fellow free man but you stuck in France that point because we even tried to go to any of the European country the British would have tried the same old trick to an extra thousand couldn’t guarantee that other countries at that point the necessary a whole is freedom so he sent another two years literally he was stuck in exile in France hauling up there in a lovely glass and today if you ever want to go on the run go to Paris it’s beautiful definitely context loot and we took it as far as occurred I mean we did a lot of campaigning wrong in there and I used to spend most of my time going back to forward Paris to London trying to lobby with the MPs and journalists and deal with a lawyer and raise the profile of the case and during this time other information emerged typically around the Gaddafi plot and I think it was march two thousand elite document from mi6 appeared on the internet and this proved the dark plot I think it’s still out there somewhere was mirrored wall over satellite tryptone at the time basically saying that didn’t happened as as Shane remember school so it was a huge huge scandal in the British media at that time huge cult as well from them finally they were Saints government inquiry this is just looks like it’s true and this is murder on Claud men are six and yet the government’s still managed to riddle its way out of this they match to spin their way out they said all shades of can’t assist you know we don’t that we’re not adding or subtracting with more previous comments about this case he’s just making it up so then still sustain never been– fiery into murder by mi6 mi6 officers conspiring to commit murder and becoming state sponsors of terrorism it’s just quite astonishing quite astonishing and yet during this time as well student activists said were come over sometimes to interview David and things like that and lick her back and they would be arrested there was one infamous case at Yahoo include Julia Davis who was sitting in her lecture 30 at University and suddenly all these several branch offices appeared in horror as a lecture theatre and charged her under the treachery rules in the UK they are think thought she might have something to do with the Gaddafi plot document that year I don’t in their walk mine anyway she’s suing the answers of them wrongful arrest at loans is going to the court so we took it as fraud occurred when were in Paris we have three years in total in France but in two thousand later in two thousand we went back to the UK and shayla knew that he would be put on trial and for reaches the Official Secrets Act but you wanted his day in court because at that point he thought would be the only way you could get evidence about the Qaddafi locked and the other stuff out in the open in war and he was only have charged with a very early stuff we know files on politicians in equal femme types they never charged my books with anything serious stuff talking about the gaddafi talking about the Israeli embassy talking about the IRA bombs because they didn’t want those ventilated in courtroom and you would have thought well okay they’re going to do that six months down the line will be in the or Bailey in the dog in front of a jury of his peers and you will at least have his say didn’t quite work out that way it was over two years before he had a strong and in those two years the government in short that he was lockdown lockdown and locked down from what he could say what he could do in the courtroom and they did a whole series of pretrial hearings to gather the silver so when we finally got to the courtroom

we had a situation where he couldn’t freely cross examine his accusers all his questions of the other mi5 officers for example were vetted by the prosecution in the judge and crossed out he was not allowed to say why we done will be done and when it came to the verdict the judge ordered the jury to convict which is against all legal procedure in the UK you have a right for jury can say well okay someone’s guilty under the law but in the interest of Justice we’re going to say they’re not guilty it’s called the first verdict is something that we’ve prided ourselves on in Britain for 300 years people fall for our lives and it just got shredded in that case so of course he was found guilty and here sentence he got six months actually in the end but the first thing is something I think which is an enduring theme is assume media serving the UK because for judgment at the end of the case said that he accepted that show no reacting the public interest which others the judge accepted it was public interest except there was no financial motivation and he accepted that no lives had ever been put at risk by August alone and you know all the Janice’s sitting there writing it down so you know look at the papers the next day or headlines shell convicted share themselves agent lives down the river for money that’s what the newspaper said it was the entire opposite of what was so important I don’t know how that well I do know how that I don’t know why the newspapers to be quite so close I don’t think it’s the journalists either the editors or in a prostitute ever the government’s spin machine and the intelligence spin machine really kicked into action at that point now the Labor Government’s been very very notorious for its spin she you know the dark arts promulgated by Bradford Alastair Campbell who’s a soda pop mas management Flair but what’s less well known is the control that the intelligence agencies have over the national media mainstream media there’s a whole series of ways you can control it where they invite journalists into this charm surfer when they get secret information they get scoops and where the SS is a wined and dined by the heads of the agencies and also where they have to self-regulate in the UK which is made up of journalists who go native and start spreading the word for spooks the most vicious basis the whole cycle is a section in mi6 called information operations I ops and in this department they specifically manipulate the media they will plant four stories for their game for political gain or they will spin negative stories about spies in order to make me sound positive so it’s something very mind again of course and have a trust the mainstream media but every time you see something about you know terrorism legislation or Wars or intelligence whatever always wonder who’s actually releasing that information who’s spinning it hurts being spun anyway that’s such a personal background of a confirmed often number of campaigns and activism since they’re also written a book which I have submit to mi5 for clearance to get it published because of course otherwise i wouldn’t anything cool something official secrets act as a former intelligence officer and i wrote it for a carefully because I mean having worked on the inside I knew what could really damage national security I strike stuff all the time you know that went out to government seasoning so I knew it didn’t damage national security but it did tell it like it happened and yet it took 15 months to vet the bloody thing it just went on and on all the way through the Iraq war and dr. David Kelly’s death and the hut inquire in the butter inquiry all these various I would love to be able to contribute to as an informed con tater couldn’t at awake this book to be cleared and when it came back they take they want to doing a few things taking out so I left him in the book of course but blacked out so people see having senses and one of the things one of the things was just for little letters which they objected to me including because they said it was a highly sensitive investigative technique so I feel pretty tonight CCTV no media never heard of that coarse fishing UK where we have over 4 million things we are the most amazing party in Western Europe anyway so that’s that’s take naps book can i did a blackboard says we were sad story really and I think you know control themes out of it which is the fact that the spies in the government can just ride roughshod over the laws of the land where they’re not held accountable but they can get away with it true you’ve murder and where there is no transparency and of course the whistleblower always takes the fall for goes on but then of course we’ll move on now to how those seams just come macro and it’s something that are you able to talk about earlier as well things like in about the rock wall where we saw faint intelligence being used to justify going to the RAF you know Tony Blair made the deal with George Bush UK into the Coalition of the Willing so they had to fix the policy of intelligence in

fact my policy at the leech dynasty promo showed in this case we’re talking about fake intelligence that ni 16 yes look its justification Saddam Hussein is trying to buy uranium from Niger he wasn’t as a lie where weapons of mass destruction could be deployed by Saddam Hussein against the British within 45 minutes that famous claim 45 minutes from Armageddon with the national headlines across all the front pages of papers the day before Aram took the vote of whether to go to war then welcome why they voted yet it’s just crazy the whole thing and it’s again the spies line and getting away with it if there was transparency we’re having to drop state Kelly who paid the ultimate price we would never have known that they sexed up the case for war it’s just crazy it’s just crazy so as we go from here I mean the spies are still getting away with it they are literally getting away with murder and they are doing worse and worse things I mean if you look now what’s goin on we’ve been taken into this nebulous war on terror you notice or faceless enemy we never really know who’s going to do what when we’ve been taken into these illegal wars and they’re fake intelligence I’m also looking to erosion of our freedoms as well in the UK and across all Western democracies and again some of this has touched on previous tall the setup involved in a number of civil liberties campaigns recently having seen on the inside quite hard to control these people can be and it’s frightening I mean we have in the UK people being locked up now with no charge no evidence presented in the court against them just on a safe zone of Julian tell junior intelligence officers in mi5 and mi6 this is in tournament without trial the first time ever in the UK’s history a private on war people just thrown into a high-security prisons like Bell much because the spikes say so we’re also looking as well at the UK airports being used for extra rendition flights where are tortured lights a landing and taking off now believe that happens in this country to be proven and again no Sun beg was mentioned the last talked this is a man who I have a pleasure of meeting last year went to interview him and he’s British man he’s a Muslim and he gone if to Pakistan with his wife and small child was to at the time to help build a hospital and he was snatched by the Americans and he told me that he was in his flat with his family and the dog just saw me smashed in and they put it in cuffed him shackled him and dragged him off in front of his screaming wife and screaming daughter and that’s the last I saw her food three years he was held initially at Bagram Air Base where they tortured him he was there for 18 months and he said it’s well the worst thing about all of that was that there was a woman in the cell next door screaming and they kept telling him it was his wife he said that was the love sanely that point it didn’t wear what they did to him he just couldn’t their what they were doing to her and then they transfer him over to Funtown obey we spend another 18 months he said he was relieved to get there because the conditions were so much better I mean how sick is that and yet the worst thing as well my perspective said she sends shivers down my spine it’s the fact that many of the Guantanamo victims the British ones are now pursuing in my 5963 courts in the UK but because they’re saying they heard British accents during interrogations they say that mi5 officers were mi6 officers were involved in those torture session and I sort of thing God are some of those people I you know they could empty place to work with people I would have counted as friends when a trip sleep have dinner with and I still wonder how they made that more journey from being ideal of idealistic 20-somethings so people who would collude in torture which lot of human beings suffer like that I know I couldn’t and yet that seems to be going on we have a whole range of other things going wrong in the UK as well cuz despise get away with it and because this fake perception of terrorism is fear of terrorism is being ramped up on a daily base the mainstream media colludes in this we look at things like the holding of terror suspects when they arrested they hold them without charge for 28 days now they want to up it to 42 days they even wanted to uh get to 90 days being held without charge while the police interrogate them now after said I works against the IRA in the 19th when they’re putting bombs down pretty much at will and at that point you could hold a terrorist suspect for seven days and that was going to be enough so why this extended period because it can we’ve had a whole slew of other legislation come in but the other thing about on 28 days thing as well is them are ex-commissioner of Metropolitan Police sorry and Blair who is the the most senior police officer in the UK until very recently got bitched at Russian was caught lined Parliament about the needs

to extending substantially route 42 days he basically said all you have had a hysteric lot since ur the London bombings in 2005 which foil 12 of them will know they haven’t actually they’ve been five and this was established because someone blew the whistle on is from the intelligence agencies to the universe Sir Ian Blair but he was lying there face Lee for political and police gave empowerment he had to apologize for him unwittingly misleading was nobody ever lies not too long beating leading the parliamentary committee we’ve had a whole slew of other laws as well we have something called a serious organised crime and police act which is banned or creative expression in a kilometer radius around our house of parliament we have to get priority permission to protest against anything in the UK I’m also horse like the Terrorism Act two thousand section 44 has become notorious because this is used against everyone on strengths batik in London particular activists and young men in was in community where that says you can be stopped and questioned and you can be arrested pure lead acetate identity if you’ve refused to give you details and this is being used I think that there are 10,000 cases of this reported last year mainly young male Muslims but it’s increasingly being used against activists you want to protest and this combined for the softer legislation is really angry young campaign is in UK fact post with the Gaza situation have been huge demonstrations London in the last few weeks with about a hundred thousand demonstrating last weekend we can pull us in London and I’m friends on that demonstration said they were actually corralled by the police and lined up batches of 10 and then the police are go down that line with cameras with and demands that they say who they were what my name was where they lived all their identified detail were recorded and if they didn’t give those details they’d be carried off and put on an arrest and this is for protesting genocide in from compression crazy and there are the laws swirl around feeding time couple more we have something solid came in in 2005 for the civil contingency act we shall spend behind you know said protective and this effectively is something where a government ministers can sign a document that declares a state of national emergency another lap state of national emergency they can corentinus they can stop us moving freely around the UK they can stop us having political meetings they can even sees our homes and punish them and not pay compensation and then all this is all done in the name of national security just to protect us the thing is this law went in completely unafraid nobody the media reported it I know believe me I tried all my articles got spite and lonely in Parliament is get it to it it’s just went through the whip system is a supply mention controlling reckon it’s not literal but there’s pushed you harmed and nobody knows that even in the UK and now slip on final one which really shows the intentions where our government wants to go in UK and this is called the redken or a legislative and regulatory reform act and that’s part in 2006 and it’s not so bad now but when the government proposed it in 2005 it became nicknamed the ablution pollen tax because under this again anything administer could just sign a document to abolish any previously passed law so any order to ever be passed by a house upon in the last seven hundred years could just be overturned by a government minister by signing a document 700 years of democracy was almost just calm and there was an outcry and that’s why it was watered down when it’s past that original taken out but that outcry did not come from the press it didn’t come from over and pee it came from that well-known bastion of democracy the house of lords then once I’ve got rid of that vision but we know that the government again is looking to sort of change that act and update it and put something similar back in so in the UK at least we are looking at a situation where all right so shredded are traditional freezing to go and we’re all being treated as potential threats to come true and we can be you know arrested with no reason that’s quite frightening and there is a beginning of resistance so because the police again so heavy-handed and how they’re applying from these lungs but people are more concerned in UK about getting fined for having their bins overfill for example for dropping in strong street but that in that is beginning to make the feeling there’s undo surveillance they don’t want to bath bath there’s not on as well another world for the regulation of Investigatory Powers Act that came in in two thousand and this is an update on how they could intercept our communications this was to bring your laws in interline wig internet age with more water catch up but this means that not only can they use security services and customs police bargarh phones and look at our email traffic up to 8 i’m

almost 800 public authorities can do so and this goes right down to things like town councils can actually use these counterterrorism tools to snoop on us and they are doing so in record numbers in the UK and that’s and written people as long those folks case lost last year when we went to pick shellfish of the beach the south coast of the UK will put under surveillance in case they were poaching very roughly and be shellfish people are having their addresses checked up their communications check just take they live where they say they live or whether they’re trying to get the children to a nice smooth that’s crazy the whole thing has become almost like 1984 that book that’s television a people are beginning to tweet to this but the movement the sort of democratic fight back is very slow in quite old-fashioned this is why we wanted to come talk to you tonight the elite youth you don’t realize quite what you do quite how much power you have to help preserve systems with their flight back the security services particular particularly are actually quite slow on the uptake when it comes to IT well you probably get that because i’m not using any and that’s my background they try to develop their own systems and never do the earth fare they would just go wrong so when i was there in that 296 they bought windows 95 off the shelf to use their admin sister mi5 and i hope you believe that they’re still using windows and they just keep putting security patches on to keep it safe now putting aside the obvious happy opportunity it’s not like ever encourage able to do anything it is a bit of an issue draw national security in the UK because the most back directly entrances from these sort of things why do I stuff from America that the Americans can have sneak peek through in an agency is supposed to protect our country but there is strong at take you probably getting that message now so you know you are at the vanguard you you have this of knowledge and the skills that can really help other emerging of social campaigns to the liberties campaign the new wave not be altered of peace movement is quite slow bureaucratic and everything but people want to protest against things like soccer against what’s going on in the Middle East at moment you know we and they want to come every media and cut off to leave a film star from use videos and whole thing to spread message but they’re not very good on using this internet effectively and securely as well so please you know do get involved and spread your awareness spread your knowledge and help these people to on the fight back so I think things probably getting just as bad in this country if they are in money care i just want to finish with them a few lines from so on and these lines have sent me when shale is imprisoned in France they look like the exercises and imprisoned in the UK and someone sent me a letter and they were saying oh don’t give up hope and remember the words of a man called pastor Martin niemoller her feet which start with the line sir it’s from Nazi Germany the look to Nazi Germany where he said them first they came to the Communists and I was not a communist so I did not be cut then they came for the trade unionists and absolutely trade unionist so I did not speak up then it came to the Jews and I was into June so I did not speak up and then they came for me and there was no unless be cut for me so please do get involved and active with social things as well as they’re asking wonderful geek wad thank you very much yes God demonstrated for clean n neg of innocence it’s early I guess well the bar please stay CID you cannot protest in the Netherlands without pyramids are more than one person and getting a permit get it getting a permit takes two weeks and it can be refused without

giving the reason for refusal okay the police be trying to stop people from honey leaflets around this or no pains and they say oh it’s about literally prefatory saliva tests digital religious in something like having at work but yeah not overtake not abilities not just trying to push a personal mission in NZ soft zone rather hunt for long axis now do a one-man demonstration so you don’t need to get commission so quite often they will group of people go down and demonstrate that one aspects of the campaign divorced and stripped out it’s all different individually but it it’s a bit of picture and that’s what quite well quite fun super one group mathis another that was it someone that can later was a lot easier to go on runs I say we’re talking decade ago so you know there was no CCTV the technology to intercept phone calls for so primitive but if me ram into one of our family members for example in their first of all they couldn’t trace where the incoming calls coming from they can trace where the hangman’s rang out they weren’t allowed to they were never allowed to relax enough on us although I think thank you are covered and that’s how they trapped us the last month or so because then vegas brother got pissed 19 and just I didn’t wanted to wring don’t laugh and say how are you doing my love you bro that seems to be having practice because checkers so they’ll have to stop relatives if you’re IAM but there I was fun easy because you it’s the obvious things you don’t just credit card to that use the ATM machines or if you do use it the city and then you immediately leave that for us to pass out of country use paper ID yes pretty easy i watch the movie scripts for you describe and we’re not movie has been allowed to make a movie about it some people are did approaches and ropes treatments and things people within careful connections with things like BBC channel 4 have ish and Sanjay were always stopped names were crushed and great height and that one guy who was script writers for big bill was actually told if he did this story he would not get any working ok again he was right off that amazing plotted the turns injunction was taken up with so draconian that even works fiction your band and that is the ritual of the publishers in London the same sets up space you’ll be done do mr. security publish it and that’s how draconian course you know it’s not to stay over at all six or so this sort of connections from old school ties in fact that you cannot stunned into silence that’d be really nice