How to Re-marry Your PS3 Blueray Drive []

hey guys today I wanted to show you how to remarry a blu-ray drive on a ps3 now to do this you’re gonna need to have a ps3 that’s already been jailbroken it doesn’t matter what custom firmware it’s running preferably cex custom firmware but DX does work as well I personally haven’t tried DX so I suggest you switch to cex if you’re able to now slim ps3 s there’s a few different models there’s the two zero zero two zero zero one a and B those are typically the ones that you need to remarry the drive looks like this you can see that this is just the top casing but it looks like this now the other models of slims are the 2 5 xxx and whatever those have these types of drives as you can tell this has the this yellow sticker at the top these drives you never need to remarry so if your ps3 is a CC h – 5 X xx whatever numbers you can just buy one of these drives and just put it in and it’ll work right away the – 5 X X X series Sony actually implemented them the the blu-ray drive board into the actual ps3 motherboards so it’s always it always has a married drive the CC h200 ones or to100 or anything like that actually has a board inside the drive so typically you can just buy a replacement drive like this or like this one back here and then take apart your old drive take this whole board out right here and there’s the laser ribbon cable and then you just replace this more into the new drive and it’ll work right away now sometimes for whatever reason this board actually dies and that’s when remarrying comes in handy because then you can buy a new replacement drive put it in with a board that’s not married and remarry it this will also work for fat ps3s you have to make sure that the drive that you put into your fat ps3 is compatible with your ps3 there is a few different models let me grab one really quick so here’s a couple of fat ps3 blu-ray drives this one here I believe is for a CC H P series as you can tell it has a tiny ribbon cable over here and then the power cable and then there’s these other ones that are used for CC h k CC h LS and a couple of other ones i don’t quote me exactly on which models because i can’t remember there’s a list that I’ll have in the description but you can tell this one has a big ribbon cable so obviously this Drive wouldn’t fit on a console that had this Drive with a small ribbon so yeah just make sure you you buy the right blu-ray drive they may look the same but internally they’re not the same at all anyways to continue with this what you’re going to need to do this is computer as always pretty much you need a computer for any sort of tutorial that I’d create a USB flash drive which is

gonna have all the remarry files you also need a jig a jig is a device that you use to put your ps3 into factory service mode now there’s a few different options that you have I personally use this graphing calculator that I got way back in high school it works just fine for me you can also use a PSP if you have one but probably the easiest way to do it is to just buy a jig that’s already made to do this specifically and I’ll have a link in the description to where you can buy one of those if you have one of these calculators you should already know how to use it and how to install programs so I’m not gonna go over that but I will show you how to use this if you do have one of these anyways let’s go ahead and get started here first off you’ll want to go over to your computer and download the files that we need alright so over on your computer go to this URL and will be posted in the video’s description as always and download this file here just download that to your desktop all right after that’s done downloading go ahead and extract the contents using 7-zip or WinRAR I’ll have a link in the description for 7-zip that’s personally what I like to use if you want to use it go ahead and do so so just extract here and it’ll extract into this folder here now go ahead and plug in your flash drive and format it as fat32 so right click on it format fat32 after that’s done go ahead and open that up and then open up this ps3 BD or remarry folder and just copy everything over to the flash drive alright so after that’s transferred go ahead and close this out you won’t need it again go into the ps3 folder and then the update folder this is on your flash drive and rename this ps3 upda T underscore 3.55 Rogero down greater RSO D to just ps3 upda TP u P and now we can go ahead and eject the flash drive and we’ll go over to the ps3 alright so we’ll go ahead and plug in your controller turn on the console and then plug in your flash drive that we just created on the computer this is gonna contain the rogue arrow three point five five down grader go ahead and do a system update on your console via storage media if you’re on the XMB screen or you can hold down the power button until your console beeps twice and then you’ll be on the recovery menu and you can do a system update there now remember this has to be on a jailbroken console or you could have original firmware running 3.55 that will work as well so go ahead and get that installed this does take a few minutes so be patient I’ll go ahead and stop recording right now and then I’ll start recording once the update has completed alright so here we go we’re back on the XMB screen now if you go into your system settings and system info it should show as version 3.55 now the next thing we need to do is put the console into factory service mode in the USB that we just created there are a couple of packaged files here that may or may not work for you this one here is for cex consoles and this one is for de X consoles so you’re

welcome to go ahead and install it and see if it works for you I personally haven’t had any luck with it but you can try it out and if it works for you then you won’t need a jig now for me it’s never worked before so I’m gonna help go ahead and use my calculator here as a jig and remember if you don’t have a calculator like mine you can look in the description and there will be a link to a jig that you can purchase on Amazon so I’ll go ahead and just record this part on my camera since there isn’t any sort of video that I can capture all right so to get your to get your console into factory service mode with one of these you need to go to apps and you should have a ps3 jailbreak app now in here you can just press one and just connect this to your ps3 that’s just connected via this USB cable that was connected to the controller go ahead and unplug any flash drives or any other accessories turn the console off and now pay attention to the light over here what you need to do is press the power button and then press the eject button right after now if your jig works the console should not turn on it should just turn off and then the next time you turn it on it’ll be a completely different screen now as you can tell right now it didn’t work so I’ll try it again if it doesn’t work the first time you might want to unplug the power and then you also might want to switch the pour that you’re using over to the rightmost port so we’ll try it again again that’s power and eject right away and your console should just turn off should have a green light and then it should just go red now you can go ahead and unplug your calculator or your jig and turn the console on like you would normally just to make sure you’re in factory service mode now as you can tell factory service mode is this gray screen and you’ll have this giant factory service mode square at the bottom right it doesn’t matter where you go on the XMB screen they’ll always be there so once you’ve got that done go ahead actually just to prove that the console is not married I’ll go ahead and put in a kiss now as you can tell here it’s not reading the game at all but this is a perfectly working drive so I’ll take the

disc out and then turn the console off now go ahead and plug in your flash drive again onto the rightmost USB port and then press the power button your console will turn on to this screen you need to make sure that drive I NIT trends of blue and flashes blue very quickly if it flashes yellow or it gives you an error code and then we need to try again and and hope that it works if for some reason it doesn’t work then either you don’t have the blu-ray drive plugged in all the way or the board on the blu-ray drive is faulty so go ahead and unplug your flash drive now and then turn the console on like you would normally now you’ll get the same screen again now while you’re at this screen it’s recommended that you get a blu-ray movie like this this is Batman Begins the newer the movie the better apparently there are certain files on the blu-ray disc that actually need to be copied over into the drive and this can only happen while the console is in factory service mode so go ahead and put in the disc and just let it run for a minute or two so after you’ve started the movie and everything’s playing everything’s fine go ahead and quit out go ahead and eject the the disk and now we need to go back to the computer and rename a few files all right so here on your computer go ahead and plug in your flash drive and then in the flash drive you can go ahead and delete all this stuff if you’re going to reuse it again just put it in a different folder so all this stuff except for the pkg files so it should look something like that now go into the ps3 folder first go in the update folder and then rename this one to Ruggiero 3.55 down grader and rename this kme aw three point five five to just ps3 u p dat pu p and go back and then go into this get out of FSM folder and copy this file and go back and paste

it here and then rename it to just lv 2 diag dot self now you can go ahead and eject the flash drive and we’ll go back to the ps3 alright so back on the ps3 first off go ahead and turn it off now go ahead and plug in your flash drive to the right most USB port make sure there’s no other accessories plugged in and press the power button your console shouldn’t show any picture but pay attention to the power button here it should go green and then turn off should flash yellow a couple of times and then turn green and then the console will turn on so here we’re back on Rogero 3.55 down grader and this PKG file you can go ahead and delete that now you want to test your drive and make sure that you are able to play games now so here’s a ps3 disk I’ll go ahead and put that in there make sure it actually reads games now so there we go we’ve got a working drive and it’s remarried now so now that we’ve confirmed that go ahead and exit out to the XMB again take the disc out and now go into install package files and install toggle QA now go ahead and run toggle QA your console will shut off and beep three times after the console was back on go over to settings and network settings and while hovering over this press r1 r2 l1 l2 both thumbsticks and down on the d-pad at the same time and you’ll get these you’ll get these debug settings going through the into the debug settings and go down to system update debug and turn that on I’ll go ahead and just turn off your console they’re turning the console back on now go over to settings system update and update via storage media this should show version three point five five this is kme a double use three point five five custom firmware go ahead and install that and once again this takes a few minutes so I’ll cut the video here and then show you again once it’s back on all right so

here we are back on the XMB screen this is on kme aw three point five five you can go ahead and delete the toggle QA package file and then at this point you can go ahead and install any custom firmware that you’d like to so personally I suggest rebug four point seven point one it’s what I use on all my consoles but you can go ahead and install Rogero or ABI or whatever other custom firmware you’d like to but yeah that’s it for my blu-ray remarrying tutorial if you found that video helpful or informative please remember like comment favorite or share this video if you enjoy my videos you may want to subscribe as well I know I haven’t been as active as I have before but hopefully that will change here in the near future and I can make more tutorials so if you have any ideas suggestions or requests leave a comment down below and I’ll do my best to fulfill those requests anyways as always thanks for watching