Kashf Episode 2 | English Subtitles | HUM TV Drama 14 April 2020

What happened? Is there some problem? Look at me, what is it? I have dreamt… That we are about to get married? That Shumaila’s in-laws have gone back and she has been left crying What kind of strange dreams do you have? We are dead She saw us and heard everything also It’s good that she found out Now all of them will sit and decide that these two who meet on the rooftop secretly, we should get them married What happened? Don’t cry please Aunty will get upset, she will tell dad and dad will… Nothing will happen I will just go to mom and stop her that she doesn’t tell anything to uncle You don’t worry. Don’t you cry okay? I am going Here you go, your breakfast Okay khuda hafiz you two Khuda hafiz Oh no.. if only you could bring me a paratha or fry me an egg someday the same old breakfast every time The ghee has finished, be thankful you got to have this at least Whining all the time What happened? What is your mother saying? Dad Kashf was only telling me her dream Who is she to have such a dream about my Shumaila? Mom, she is my fiancée, she is your daughter in law to be Look at him, he hasn’t even gotten married to her yet and he’s defending her from now only When she’ll come then he’ll kick us out of this house What happened? What are you saying? I never said that I only said she’s your daughter in law to be Daughter in laws to be don’t say such things about their sister in laws Mom, why don’t you say that you don’t like Kashf clearly? You don’t want us to get married Really? As if you’ll get convinced if I don’t want that? No Are you going to go call Imtiaz or should I go to Dilshad? What do you want to talk to them about? I’ll ask Dilshad to make her daughter understand Matters involving daughters are critical Imagine if Shumaila’s in laws found out somehow then would have the groom’s wedding procession come? Absolutely not! Your mother is right

People can twist this however they like Anyways, you don’t need to go there. I’ll talk to Imtiaz myself Mom, should I bring breakfast for you? No Can I have breakfast now? Kashf What is it? Look at me, is something wrong? Dilshad! Dilshad! Coming! I’ll be back in one minute Dilshad! Yes, yes I’m here. Asalam o alikum Call Kashf What happened? Kashf! Is everything okay? No, everything is not okay. Call her What has happened? I hope all is well Kashf Rashida.. when did you come? I just came Then sit down I haven’t come to sit. Call Kashf Kashf! Kashf! Yes, coming My heart is sinking.. At least tell me what has happened? You call her Did you not tell your mother about the dream you had about Shumaila? What dream? She has told Wajdan that the groom’s wedding procession will return, that Shumaila won’t get married Why did you say that? Mom, I had only seen a dream, I was only stating that And it didn’t occur to you if this reaches her in laws then what will happen? The marriage would have broken not tomorrow but today What happened? Why are you so angry? Come Imtiaz, you also come. Listen to your daughter’s doing I am telling you, if any problem comes in between my daughter’s marriage then I will not make this girl my daughter in law! What happened? What did you say? What did she do? She’s just finding reasons to break off the marriage proposal When people become wealthy they don’t look back Please park the vehicle somewhere What happened? Park it. I need to attend my phone Who is it? Hello? Hello, it’s Wajdan speaking Yes, how are you? I’m fine. Are you out somewhere? I am just reaching home in a while Okay. I’ll call you once you reach home Okay bye Who was on the phone? It was someone. Let’s go quickly Tell me I’ll tell you. Why are you in such a rush? I told my sister to talk to you but she clearly refused Why? What can I say? Why, was anyone around her? Not really. She was totally alone Okay You tell me? How is your job going? It’s going fine Rashida insulted me

I’ll talk to Rashida I don’t care about my insult I just want Shumaila to get married without any problem otherwise Otherwise? Otherwise Kashf and Wajdan won’t be able to get married Who told you this? Rashida? She was saying if any problem occurs in Shumaila’s marriage then Kashf won’t become the daughter in law of that family Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Inshallah Ashi? Hm? Do me one favor What? Take her to the scholar Muzzamil, tell him to pray on her She dreams about odd things This is god’s special gift to her He doesn’t just bless everyone with such a gift Just be careful about one thing, don’t discuss your dreams with anyone People are immature, they won’t understand Keep remembering God, no doubt god is capable of everything No doubt Just remember that Should I drop you? Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! What happened? Let’s just go Let’s go What happened? Nothing Who was it? I couldn’t even imagine you doing this What did I do wrong by doing it? You insulted them in their own house, you even threatened them that you’ll break of the marriage proposal. Is that not wrong? Do one thing, give me poison, why don’t you guys just kill me? There is no value of my word in this house! What is this? What is going on? Ask your son! The whole neighborhood can hear you What happened? Ask mom What did Kashf even say? Kashf! Come out! Tell me what had happened? Why are you even asking Kashf? If you want to ask someone then ask Rashida

who doesn’t like Wajdan meeting Kashf Then she’s right Why does she meet Wajdan? He comes to meet her Fine then They won’t meet each other until they get married That’s it! I mean just wow! Look at that, he has also come Why have you come or are you here to insult us just like your mother No no granny there is nothing like that In fact we all are very embarrassed Mom made an issue out of such a small matter. I have come to apologize for that it wasn’t even Kashf’s fault, it was my fault for which mom punished Kashf Please forgive me Did you hear that mom? One sows, another reaps If Rashida cared so much then why did say those things in the first place? What are you saying Imtiaz? You’re too much! The child is apologizing What’s the point of prolonging the matter? Let it go Dilshad is right Imtiaz Let go of what happened and besides Rashida is mad Come here my son Thank you granny God bless you my son. Stay happy Thank you granny I should be leaving now. Khuda hafiz Khuda hafiz All you’ll do is keep standing, you won’t even serve me a cup of tea Wajdan, do you have two thousand rupees? Kashf has asked me for some clothes and my payment hasn’t come yet God bless you. I’ll return them No no… What are you saying? Does an elder look nice borrowing money from children? I’ll defiantly return them Whatever you say God bless you Khuda hafiz Be happy! Stay fulfilled! What happened Kash, aren’t you sleepy? I’m trying to sleep Mom, we have picked the 21st of this month for Shumaila’s wedding Mashallah. Congratulations brother Congratulations brother Fayaz To you too Congratulations Rashida Rashida! Dilshad is congratulating you! To you too You picked the date so secretly You could’ve called a few people, it could have been a celebration What would have been the big deal? Mom, we had told the groom’s family Then? That we should keep a function then our relatives can also join us but Faisal’s father was saying that we feel embarrassed, we have already pressured you enough They’re such great people brother! They’re very nice people Trust me I have never seen such empathetic people in my life Wow That is fine. Dilshad, go call Kashf. Tell her that her in laws are here

Sure mom, I’ll go call her You’re calling her because I said so, don’t you have any sense yourself? She has the same whining face all the time Mom you’re too much, you start whenever and wherever Erum, go bring Kashf You could have at least not said anything in front of us She has a habit of getting scolded She can’t do anything if she doesn’t get scolded Oh wait, where are you going? Aunty has come It’s not Aunty, your mother-in-law has come and that’s how you go to meet your mother-in-law? Sit What are you doing? Let me open your hair She has seen me like this since I was a child It was different when you were a child, is that how you should go in front of you mother-in-law? Wait let me put lipstick on you Erum I don’t put lipstick Put it please. This color will look nice You two haven’t gotten ready yet Aunty has come since so long. I’ll go Assalamualaikum, Assalamualaikum Live long Walikum assalam Asslamualaikum Live long Assalamualaikum aunty Walikum assalam Listen, give that Here, give it yourself Mother, you give this Bismillah. Here Kashf, all these are for you Now wear them on Shumaila’s wedding Thank you Bhabhi, keep some money What are you looking at me for? Just take it. Otherwise where will you get it from? Well you didn’t have to bhai jaan… Bhabhi, you keep it And listen now all of you dress up nicely and go You shouldn’t get Fayyaz embarrassed there Listen Erum, I will wear this suit. Look Leave this Why? Have you gone mad? Kashf’s in-laws have given it to her Why does everyone say Kashf’s in-laws, Kashf’s in-laws all the time? They are our uncle and aunty also That they were When new relations are made the importance of old relations decreases So then I’ll talk to Tayi, she won’t refuse You won’t do anything like that Zoya She is already bearing the expenses for all of us for Shumaila’s wedding Okay then I’ll talk to Wajdan Why are you looking at me like that? How many times have told you, call him Wajdan brother I have always been calling him Wajdan, how do I start calling him Wajdan brother suddenly? Whatever I am making you understand, understand it clearly Zoya Otherwise I will tell mom Tell her Kashf, Shumaila has come When did you come? Come sit I am upset with you What have I done now? My wedding date got fixed and you didn’t even come to wish me? How could I have come? You know everything. Now I get very scared You could at least call Kashf you know I dreamt about something two days back What? Granny died Kashf you know I dreamt about something two days back What? Granny died Now it’s not my fault It’s a dream, I don’t have control over it I wish our elders would understand these things too Shumaila, today you relieved my burden Then will you listen to me? What? Meet Wajdan. He really wants to meet you He goes to the roof top every day, waits for you but you don’t come I can’t meet him, you know that Come with me, I’ll take you

No won’t fulfill my last wish before the wedding? I have my life for you Shumaila but I can’t meet Wajdan. Forgive me Shumaila? She is not coming Who is it? You? What are you doing here? Nothing I was looking for my glasses Glasses or the money that Fayyaz bhai gave me? Yes, where is that money? That money has been given to be spent for Shumaila’s wedding, that’s where they will be spent Give them for two days, I will return them in two days When have you ever returned them before? You sold all my jewelry, Ashi’s divorce money moreover you didn’t even spare the girls’ tuition money This time I will double the amount and give you You have always said these things and fooled me It’s my brother’s earning not your father’s If your brother had trusted you he would have kept the money in your hand So you won’t give me the money? No Come. Come here. Kashf baji come Where is Shumaila? You come. Come here You? I have called you This is not right And what you have done, is that right? Not meeting me is one thing, you have stopped answering my calls also You have stopped saying your prayers in the open area You have taken away my right to look at you secretly also? You know my concern Yes I know your concern Elders have said that you shouldn’t meet your fiancé like this on the roof top If this relationship is a barrier to our meeting then why don’t we end this engagement? What are you saying? I am saying the right thing and you have forced me to say this It hurt you right? I get restless like this for you, everyday too And I also know that you can’t be happy without meeting me too Let’s just make a promise, no matter what happens we have to meet every day Kashf, We have to put henna on Shumaila. Everyone is looking for you I am coming Girls! Are you ready or not?

Five minutes granny The groom’s family must be on their way and you are not ready yet Carry on, I am going with Wajdan then Granny, take me with you Wait, who will help me get ready? Oh God! Oh Kashf, are you ready? Alright then you come with me. Come And girls tell Dilshaad that Kashf has gone with me Okay Granny If we wait for them, we won’t even be able to greet the groom’s family What has happened to you? Go yourself, I don’t want to go to the wedding now Why? Now I don’t feel like it Have you lost your mind? I’ll just go tell mom The groom’s car has got into an accident I am going, you handle everything here. I’ll just go find out I’ll go with you No no Hello, yes? What? What happened Wajdan? Alright, Thank you What happened? The boy passed away What? What happened? I will talk to mom Did you hear? What? The boy got into an accident How? I don’t know how? One second, is everything okay Fayyaz bhai? Is the groom fine? When are they coming? The groom passed away What? They won’t come Mom, Son what’s the news of the groom’s family? When will they reach? Mom, now they won’t come what? Oh God, why won’t they come? What are you saying? The boy has passed away in the accident Oh God! Bhabhi, Bhabhi Bhabhi be strong Bhabhi Oh please someone get me some poison, I won’t be able to face Shumaila, I won’t be able to see her sad face I am telling you, if any problem comes in between my daughter’s marriage then I will not make this girl my daughter in law! No bhabhi, be patient I should be patient? The groom passes away at the day of Shumaila’s wedding and you are saying I should be patient? And all this has happen because of your ill-omened daughter Oh bhabhi what are you saying? I am saying what is true. People couldn’t bear my girl’s happiness But Rashda bhabhi how is this Kashf’s fault? My happy home turned into a place of mourning because of her ill-omened tongue My girl’s life got destroyed and you are saying what her fault is? Bhabhi whatever happened was just an accident Kashf’s only fault was that whatever was going to happen she found out before time in her dream bhabhi Mom aunty is right, this is just an accident. How can it be because of Kashf? Oh instead of being there for Rashda you people are siding with Kashf? She is right, why did even Kashf say such things for Shumaila that such a disaster fell Ama stop it and Rashda you be quiet too Go check on Shumaila I won’t go in front of her It is all because of her ill-omened tongue! I will kill her today

Bhabhi what has happened to you? I will choke her! Fayyaz bhai stop her Rashda! Come to your senses I am in my senses, it is you who should come to your senses today When I had said that I don’t want to get my son married in this family you refused to me and when she dreamt about Shumaila then also I created a scene but all of you said it’s just a dream Mom why are you blaming Kashf again and again? Please sit, sit He has no grief of his brother-in-law’s demise, he is still after Kashf Oh Son, have some sense Because he doesn’t know that this mother and daughter are jealous of Shumaila But bhabhi, why will we do this? Mom what are you saying? Be quiet please Bhabhi for God’s sake, Whatever had to happen with my Shumaila has happened but I will never make this girl my daughter-in-law Today, right now in front of everyone I end this engagement and that’s it!