Connection, Friendship, and Love are SO important

hello my dearest friends my dearest beautiful co-creator souls of love and light this is known re princess of the sea coming to you with a new video there are so many things in my heart right now that I felt to share with you I’m going to start with kind of encapsulating something that occurred yesterday because it ties in with today for those of you who follow me on Facebook or our friends with me on Facebook you saw my post yesterday related to this yet there’s more because there’s things that unfolded today as well yesterday and into today was and is the three month anniversary for me of my death my transition Valentine’s Day this year into the 15th of the month was when I went through all that I went through those of you who have watched my videos read my posts on Facebook and whatnot you know what occurred for me and my death and I thought it very interesting that yesterday are actually the day before yesterday I had connected with the UU church the Universalist Church that’s here and I had gone to a few services when I first moved back here but really i think it was in january was the last time i had gone just before I got really sick in January and then subsequently everything that happened with my death transition and februari so I haven’t in all these months obviously being able to get back first of all I don’t have a car so I don’t have a means to get there because it’s quite a ways away it’s down the island so I couldn’t even walk it if I wanted to in my most healthy condition my little scooter wouldn’t go that far and so and I really haven’t had any major connections here as many of you know and so I haven’t been able to go to services now i just recently connected with a small services group that is actually here in town and i started to go to them i went to them once did not go last weekend Mother’s Day weekend is kind of hard for me and then today I ended up going to the UU church so when I retouched base with through the newsletter had seen about a potluck and been a coffee gathering of people to get together here on the north end of the island and then also for services I was trying to reach out you know to be able to come to services and I connected with the gentleman who proceeded to tell me that oh by the way tomorrow which would have been yesterday we are having a meeting you know to get together you know people in the congregation and it is at would be General Hospital the cafeteria and upon reading it I i SAT and irony with it because I was like oh my god that’s the very hospital that you know I tied in and was life-flighted from to Providence Hospital in everett exactly three months you know the meeting was yesterday was exactly three months ago so yesterday upon going there it was a bit of an eerie experience for me and I had a lot of emotions that came up with it I thought it was ironic and then somebody on facebook who I’m friends with had posted you know it was full circle and very much it was bringing it back full circle I was sitting with it for you know okay why did this happen why of all places because they need at various places in fact what was it a month or two ago when i had considered trying to go i think it was about a month ago they were meeting at the Chinese restaurant literally right down the road from my place here and I didn’t make it due to the weather and I really wasn’t feeling up to it I didn’t have enough strength so they meet at various places and of all places of all times on that specific day you know it was like what is the universe saying to me what is sourcing to me and someone who I mentor and is the front on Facebook had said you know maybe it’s because you’re meant to help those people in hospital my immune system is compromised so that’s a consideration for me I can can go but probably on a limited basis to volunteer because if I catch another virus or whatever even being in you know normal human contact like going to the UU church and what have I you know run the risk of picking something up but being

in an environment in hospital where disease if you will is prevalent and viruses are prevalent more so than any other place it’s probably something that you know I may have to consider another method and hyping time with the idea and I’ve already received inspiration many of you know that I have two books that I’m getting ready to publish and come out with because after this death so many people came to me and said you have so much wisdom you’ve posted on Facebook you’ve helped me your videos have helped me you know I really like to have you know your wisdom in an actual book so I haven’t i’ve written several books and i have several books in process but I haven’t really published a book in any years now and so not only is it one book it’s now two books it’s going to be a two-volume set and I’m hoping to release that for the full moon next week for the way sab full moon and yet I’ve also felt that calling to write a book about this new this near-death or this death experience and to call it either you’re never alone or you’re not alone and receive that wisdom through source and ironically also through Wayne Dyer in my connection with him when I was on the other side of the veil during this death among other things that I received and it was very interesting because going back to the hospital yesterday it both felt theory but also felt light I had seen a woman there who I absolutely love and you’ll see if you ever see this video god bless you she was one who I connected with at the UU church when I first went there and she had told me which was right around the time of when I went and had my death I transitioned and came back that she was going to be out of town she was going I think out of the country and um I had forgotten where she said she was going but that she wouldn’t you know see me for a few months and ironically I didn’t end up seeing her for a few months because of what happened and so she was there at the gathering there was probably about close to 30 of us I think there we took up most of the cafeteria actually and even one of the workers had come in and joined in on the fun and SAT with us and conversed with us and everyone there was so welcoming and Chelsea didn’t know and everybody didn’t really know about what had happened and why hadn’t been back and when I shared with them Chelsea hugged me she blessed me she said you know I’m so glad you’re here I’m so glad you came back and everybody was blessing me and saying you know I’m glad you’re back obviously you came back for a reason and that was very deep and touching to me because one of the things I really haven’t had here or in general since everything that happened to me two and a half years ago when I lost my home and my soul family and everything that I had in Canada and having to come back here was that sense of connection that sense of camaraderie that sense of companionship that sense of friendship and it felt really good and I’m deeply appreciative and grateful to everyone in the congregation for welcoming me back and for the love and support and the fun we had yesterday and so it worked out that this gentleman who had being able to take me to the meeting also was able to take me to services this morning and I had felt called and compelled it’s something that it calls me rather than me calling it or rather than me feeling like I have to do this in the sense of like trying to make something happen so I kept getting visions and I didn’t sleep much last night about how I was supposed to go up there and speak today because there’s a point in the service where we are asked to share our joys and our sorrows and to light a candle just as the unity flame is lit you know for the service and so I knew I was going to go and speak and I didn’t know why I was being told by source God’s Spirit that you know I meant wasn’t it to speak but I needed to go and say something share with people so ironically and I’m going to forgive me I have to put all my readers what happens with age the service actually was called come on up to the house and if any of you know that song by Tom

Waits the service was about that and it was a beautiful rendition of it than by a gentleman named Ken and a daughter of another member of the congregation and she played the violin and he played the guitar and it was quite poignant Lee beautiful the rendition that they did and i have heard Willie Nelson’s version of it that the minister talked about in her talk today and other versions as well and if any of you know the lyrics and the content of what her talk was about touched me very deeply because before I even knew what she was going to say we have this opportunity to come up and speak and I came up and I shared about what happened to me three months ago and how this is the three month anniversary and how what little support system that I had here had crumbled and how I was very much alone now I know I’ve had all of you in facebook landing on the internet and everything else and you’ve been wonderful but as you well know I have had very little physical contact in terms of support and many of you know that I ended up having to do this all alone from not being able to walk pretty much after 11 days in hospital with all of this that I would really came back to living alone and had nobody here to make meals for me nobody to help me you know I wasn’t in any shape to really to anything and yet I had end up doing all of this on my own and so I shared a little bit of both pet and then shared my joy about I was it being you know the rebirth that I’m going through and the Wellness Fair that I’m creating in the books that I’m now coming out with and things of that nature and then the minister uh you know we had other things in the service but then when it came time for the minister to speak she spoke about the lyrics of the song and as many of you know song is my heart music is my heart and for so many ways and in so many reasons and so in those reasons in ways it touched me very deeply the things she said and she came to a point where she spoke about how she had remembered that the group that she had been talking with about talking about loneliness and yes I understand the higher spiritual perspective that were never alone and that’s actually you know the title of the book i’m going to write about this most recent experience at some point yet from a physical standpoint earthly standpoint i went through a point where I was physically very much alone and I do live alone and I you know I have felt very alone through much of this process the last three months and even though you’ve been wonderful online and there being other people you know who you know here and there I have from a physical standpoint felt moments of being very alone and she talked about loneliness and she talked about this the lyrics to the song is like you know come on up to the house that sense of friendship that sense of compassion that sense of people reaching out to how may I serve which many of you know I say that all the time in what I right and you know what I live would I be you know what I share with you is how may I help how may I serve she made a distinction between the difference between what she felt was helping what she felt was serving and I liked her distinction she spoke about how when we help someone we feel like there’s that they’re less than we are we’re serving is that we’re meeting on equal footing and we see someone as an equal and so I did like that however to me help help and serving or the same thing I don’t see anyone is less than me when I’m helping them nor do I feel like I’m less than if somebody is helping me I feel that sense of equality you know we’re meeting on equal level were equals and we’re all here to help each other and each of us have special unique is when she talked about that sense of friendship that sense of come on up to the house it hit me and I started to cry because I realized I really haven’t had that I haven’t had that from a physical standpoint of somebody here who said

come on up to the house and when I started to have that that’s when all of this happened with me with me being sick and you know that support left and so um it really touched me very deeply and then what happened after service completely floored me I had i don’t know how many i lost count of the congregation there was quite a lot of us there the church was pretty full and i don’t know how to church holds but I had many that came to me saying and blessing any others that weren’t there at the meeting yesterday you know thank you for coming back here I’m so glad you came back you know to this earth I’m so glad you’re doing okay you know bless you for coming back and I also connected with two gentlemen whose partners actually brought them to me and both of them had had near doubts and the one had his wife who had transitioned and I could sell incense in feeling his heart just in the things that he was saying and listening to the message behind the message of his heart that even though he was standing there with his partner the pain of his wife’s passing transitioning from an earthly perspective I recognize that pain very well because of what happened to my original twin soul and the process of breathing that I ate took 20 years to complete and it will be almost 30 years that you know he’s been gone and I could see that pain in had be in five years for him he said and we made a very deep connection something that I was looking for and we you know I gave him my contact information and let him know to contact me and whatnot and then I ended up talking with a woman who brought her partner over who had in your death and he said well you know do you know about ions and I do know about lions it’s I think it’s I ANS i believe it is and it’s a near-death experience group and there i believe their worldwide if i remember correctly and I’ve heard of them I don’t know them in depth or anything but I have heard of them and he said you know there’s a meeting in Seattle and it happens once a month and of course my first thought in my head is you know I don’t have a car I don’t have any way to get there and they offered to take me and for the June meeting and they’re like he’s like you’ll be around people who get it and get you and um that understand this and he said to me he said you know you did come back here for a reason and just know it’s going to be okay and this was after I told him about what it was that my life was like and how hard it was for me to come back to it because I live well below poverty level um I’m so grateful and appreciate it for appreciative for what I have yet at the same moment from basic living standards you know I don’t live at that level and so it you know has been a struggle for me in any way is being back here on this earth and when he said that to me and when the other gentleman blessed me and he said you know it took a lot of courage for you to go up there and say what you said today and I know how hard it must have been for you to share something so personal and I just told him I said I don’t know it wasn’t me I felt so compelled it was source through me as the only way I can explain it if it were my personal preference i wouldn’t have gotten up instead anything I wouldn’t be doing this video it was very hard for me to do that video when I had just gone on App hospital what two days when I looked so deathly sick that many of you have seen that video I did um but it was like something was pulling me that vision was pulling me that call was pulling Nia it wasn’t really me I can’t really explain it any other anything other than that and what these gentlemen shared for with me touched me very deeply especially coming from the diwali masculine um because i have a lot of women who come to me i have a lot of divine feminine who come to me i do have a lot of divine masculine who come to me you know for mentoring and stuff like that as well but to hear from a personal standpoint on a friendship camaraderie compassionate thesis like that really touched me deeply and so I’m very appreciative of that and so I’m sharing

all of this with you because three months after this even though I still struggle in processing everything and the one gentleman said you know look mine was in 1988 and I’d still up there still things you know I process through that said this overwhelming sense of love and friendship and companionship that I felt in the last two days is something that I really appreciate and then just before I did this video a person who lives here in town she messaged me saying you know oh I would love to go to the UU church / house maybe you could come with me thank you that means a lot to me um i have not had that sense of connection and so it’s ironic because it’s the very core of my teachings you know Wayne Dyer said that he had all of these things happening to him because he came here and was told by source or spirit that he came here to teach self-reliance and for the majority of my life I’ve always had end up doing things on my own and I started a wonder on the way back here today I was like well you know G way and I’m I like you am I supposed to be teaching self-reliance and you know I could hear him very clearly saying to me what he said to me when I was on the other side of the veil three months ago today and I talked with him which was you know no you’re not here to tell teach self-reliance that was my job I did that that was my life purpose when I was here your life purpose is at each fell connection and I teach how what the minister talked about today in her talk which was how generally and she was speaking in generalizations that we as a collective humanity consciousness have forgotten about that sense of friendship forgotten about that sense of camaraderie and companionship and you know reaching out to people were so either self-absorbed or she didn’t use those words but this was you know the general context of what she’s talking about that we forgotten about that and I could hear Wayne Dyer really saying to me you know that’s what you’re here to teach that’s why you stepped forward today and spoke even though it was very hard for you to get there that’s why you’re doing this video right now that’s why you do the things that you do in the lives that you’ve touched all over the globe all over the world is because you’re teaching people about how to reconnect not only with themselves but to reconnect in love with love each other and to remember compassion and to remember compassionate listening and loving kindness and and kindness speech and and that sense of friendship and the come on up to the house I’m that way with people my entire life I’ve always been that way and it’s you know even regardless that they’ve been that way to me and so I want to share with you that i know i am here for a reason and for those of you whose lives I’ve touch someone who i mentor kim maria who’s posted on Facebook several things um lady tequila you know who you are all of you you know who you are lady lian-li Patricia in Scotland there’s so many of you who have come to me shovel in Egypt Frank I think here are maybe in the dominican republic or something all of you who have come to me and countless others and I’m sorry I’m forgetting if I’m forgetting your names might have come to me and said I touched your life in some form or fashion thank you for seeing me and thank you for that connection and how long I ronik that I had posted about the difference between internet connection and and personal one-on-one connection last night not even knowing what this I knew the song of course you know come on up to the house but I didn’t know that that was also the sermon I didn’t really read the newsletter in that sense Friday to see that that’s what it was about and of course i had no idea like everybody else I had no idea what she was going to share so I am sharing all of the with you to remind you for those who are closest to you in your life and all the way out to even what this Minister spoke of in her talk today the homeless person I’ve lived through that I was homeless for a better part of the last two out of the two and a half years I was homeless and the homeless person at the all the way out to people that you know we

considered strangers which were not strange to do each other because we’re all one we’re all connected remember that sense of compassion that sense of loving kindness that sense of reaching out to help or how may I serve because we are all equal we are a one and really deep down all of us including me no matter how spiritual we are we’re here in human form to experience this experience we came here we chose this soul agreement to be here even it’s sometimes we forget that soul agreement is or why and the humanists of experience we’re to have just as much as the spiritual we are spiritual beings having a human experience and through that human being experienced remember the spiritual being that we are we rest in it remember embrace and soulfully treasure and in that soulfully treasuring it’s about connection online and offline feeling the love telepathically energetically with people but at the same moment holding someone being there for them reaching out to help friendship compassion connection so maybe this friendship connection compassion and all the attributes of love i love you all and thank you for being a beautiful presence in my life on or offline or both because it is both and i love you all and I appreciate you all thank you i love you estaba you