okay we’re going to LA this morning okay team is always the hottest together bed believe it or not he seems like he is yeah let’s say that – anger for my toes Oh me hi guys so I am here in LA I can’t believe it this is a little room Alex and Cena picked us up from the airport and so lovely they helps us with our bikes and Alex put it on the roof and he had orange and carrot juice waiting for instance car and now at the house and it’s just really sorry beautiful here like what 2:00 a.m. in Australia meaning I would be fast asleep right now so bear with me with the rest of this vlog I seen I just went to a meeting so we came home and dropped off her stuff and now we’re going to go meet her for some lunch I’m gonna try and stay awake because I need to reset my body clock so that we can wake up tomorrow and we’re not too jet-lagged got a fast car I got a plan to get us out of here Ben the complete story managed to save just a little bit of money won’t ever try too far just across the border into city you and I can finally see what it means to be yeah

together again so tired I’m serious and my eyes are watering I had like a slightly early start and I’m really tired yeah I won’t want to play anything ours or anything alright say this like I did get a belly to come pick you up outside I’m like bruh having fled in like 40 hours I’m like I’m pretty exhausted very nice to have you yeah so we’re happy to be like it’s so good it’s like no time has passed bill decreased in Thailand then we want but now we’re in like a completely opposite part of the world I mean it’s a tough life I measure cash myself like it just goes to show you know how important it is to like work on yourself and create the right kind of energies that you want to have in your life because when you really start like focusing on yourself and trying to make yourself a better person try and make a lotta better person these opportunities that come to you exactly put yourself out there cuz that’s how like these things happen yeah what do you want like constantly work on that and be open about that yeah keep it in like secretly like wanna be this person beat up beat up yeah be that person be it openly yeah exactly be proud yeah and you know even if the people like that you’ll leave at the moment don’t love that don’t like appreciate that then that’s okay because you will find people that will and like I would I wouldn’t have like found passionate vegan awesome cool down to earth real girls I didn’t put some of that online yeah side by side actually this Alex you wanna come here enough the famous sex so am I gonna fit in look to my right and I see the Hollywood everybody seems so famous on the radio and the song is on Oh No like yeah I completely forgot to film dinner for you guys but we had like burritos with rice and beans and it was really good I’m sorry Thai and I can’t even think I’ll talk so my friend escena she’s like no one special thing we’re doing snapchat Q&A and I was really so ready I did not think I hope my snapchats frozen