Cherry UHC – Season 1 Episode 1

I 25 years ago okay so maybe not two seconds felt like I’m in it ok so and we’ll clear inventory is a second bill teleports are 60 tix apart that’s three seconds each three seconds between teleports okay we’re going out one at a time did I eat the pufferfish I can’t not hungry you have purposes yes bike bike a 6mm n/mi digital last I’m the last person I say we’re in a desert when I will have your run on coal my renters on far there’s no fault as well what the heck just hit me you’re in the ground I lost half a heart I don’t even know what hit me I don’t know that’s not fair I will be fine did you all see any trees anywhere ya go yeah okay come on ur God these cactuses grab any reads you see nope don’t take fall damage try not to take any fold image right hey lor hey hmm Savannah trees don’t crop apples okay at least we’ll get tools oh yeah 30 nightclub oh do that one second don’t hit me I want if we see a swamp where a roofed forest we need to try to get symmetries there is those little droplets of they have more chance to apples that’s what I heard yeah i just used to have more leaves so all right I crafting bench I if don’t try out to open your inventory before you get wood and then you won’t start the achievement pain I’ve already done it okay i don’t think i have them so if any of us so if i get diamonds then it won’t kill you keep me okay get some weed seeds okay y’all need tools yeah i have an axe I haven’t made anything yet I have nothing really yeah alright dealer the crafting table is so up on the I’m up on the top oh there’s some pigs here up here I’ll give everybody picks dad shu pork there’s a village by the other pic OH we’re in the desert to left I see it lets go what did we think a village bubala there’s a lot of pigs here hey OSI apart hey where are you you need to pick I do Claire let’s head to

the village I got eight pieces of more everything oh hey don’t fall all over it started of arrows so arrows just attacked me did they yeah there might be a skeleton in the shade of a tree walk out by now in the vote except blacksmith has since we since it was turning eyes you started out there might be a skeleton somewhere that bunk aid gallon potatoes and carrots are wheat bill any food producing mops you see um do they have bookshelves no nut bookshelves your torch um bread their blacksmith no no blacksmith make all the wheat and potatoes and everything we did okay are you checking the village f for trades planted those oh the try to multiply the potatoes there’s nothing up here oh yeah Delta in this cave here okay walk out it’s near the back in the Savannah the lava cave there are skeletons sitting back in there yes stay away alright i have 44 tops and I how did we find out somebody I am losing a lot of food um yeah I’m down to three is there a furnace no furnace or anything no let’s dig down and get a furnace or take out this well cuz i have um take pics for me yeah I won’t be you’re gonna pick free thank you there you go there’s two more farms over there I had 22 pieces of potatoes eight pieces of pork hey I have 42 pork you don’t have any coal I think we should start digging down for a cave right some of this cooks up I’m gonna go chop some work trees I’m out of wood now so just guys oh you’re burning block yeah I’m bring wood I’m gonna take one more of these that I’m gonna go get us some more planks Oh fine watch out doing through the desert nope so get suffocated I have some quite salt put them in here that tree we chopped down at the beginning give us any apples uh I don’t have any the villagers butter wow they’re mine well this is gravel well these are occasion do we have a couple tools yet not yet no but after we do save your wooden tools you can use him to cook stuff in furnaces you can use a wooden tool to cook yeah very cool I can’t watch I’ve watched too much minecrack UHC so I know these things that’s awesome well let’s go son full it’s like new there I’m gonna run this way I see if I can see another biome alright for cave I will I’m going to steal these fences okay never know when fences will be useful we don’t have to waste would you you burn fences I don’t know yes

lots of people have taken damage already Wow I think what the only ones all at 100 still that’s cuz we got lucky I’m sorry but you guys can’t deny that we got what this desert goes to the wall on the side too okay I tried really hard to not look at the map while I was making it yeah yeah I’m gonna replant wheat while we’re reading yeah that’s I planted what I had to all of them Hopkins free carefully damn coming back I just have to dig down in the desert or we can dig down starting in a savanna here okay yeah we’re running out of daylight too yeah we get underground okay did you go underneath near the furnace I’m gonna I’m gonna go down away from the wall right on the edge of death careful remember the skeletons over there Ben you might have one what’s your coordinates um 1554 X and 1717 wow you’re quick ways away from us already know I’m right at the he’s right dude oh oh ok see you so we’re gonna go down over there yeah it’d be easier since I well thank you and falling on me I’m gonna bring the furnace that in crafting table all right hey if you want to dig out a little rude yeah bold like 10 blocks below the surface for all that might be good okay that’s it over there um if we go over there will we still be able to get will the food still grow yeah yeah I shed chunks are a vertical bedrock the sky where’s your entrance down yeah over here something just fell out of the tree Oh SAT by me yep all right let’s head down when I here in single file if you if you can dig out a little room something that dirt for cover up this whole I can go get there all right cut off the whole so they don’t know that we’re down here how did you go on a pic bottler thank you we will have me is the crafting bench so over here or they know make sure cooled you’ll find cool uh we made uh we just use wood planks alright we get two people digging off in by directions alright I’ll go I’ll go this way then I’m gonna be in the village trying to manage resource did you take them honest yeah I set the friends here next to the crafting table in the stir hurry back it’s almost dark yeah when it turns night try to get back in here don’t take unnecessary damage earning night so the first one did reach a cave will go that way yeah okay doesn’t need cold yeah um how do we make charcoal uh burn wood burn logs I don’t have any logs I knew if you cook along with planks to get charcoal didn’t even know here we come working on torches I have eight torches go cruces what our truce is love no fortune oh Claire yeah oh thank you I have more Lana I’m good now I guess I’d now she will make some fool I found nothing so far I have a wooden sword all

my songs done wrong okay i’m at level 16 i’ve seen nothing okay cool or iron or anything that’s not good I’m just holding on to stuff because if I go down there I’ll die so alright that’s fine 23 torches and I’m working on it I pick just broke i’m coming back up hey I need some tortas this is completely dark hey I have a stone pics but Tony gave me that I don’t have a choice for quite at this moment try try to get another tunnel in different directions if we can one that’s not even gone hmm not gonna be good we can only go three ways before we hit that wall oh yeah good point oh you took my I found coal I’m sorry here I took two of them I’m making a certain pic I find some coal ok I’ll start making charcoal put the meat back in that but we could use that you need the coal I got 11 piece no more more in love pieces all right good I found diamonds awesome yeah maybe having the iron know the irony of it all first thing I find it’s nice it’s just straight down my tunnel and red Sun Sun iron I go knees coal I got some coal i made some more touches on myself that i got cold um we do cuz we only have 15 points left a storm eager to come and die I need cool i’m out of torches and I oh there’s the call pick up this iron i just found i just transpired awesome they’re like in mind these diamonds i don’t know how many there are I tits on the floor it looks like a mecha sonic died hopefully we get five I’m that guy yep well they they found each other already or are they on the same down the same team he was killed by first can you need torches yes I do I’m a couple more furnaces like they were on the same team yeah it was probably that well I mean how much health did he have I don’t know I mean do you have do you have any cool I get some cool briefing was really cold I’m gonna make port fourchon wait ok I can I can cook this with what i can do this is would have someone on me I’m just chunky DS dead too what while people are buying fast digest your skeleton okay here skeleton set outside I don’t have a weapon so that’s what i think is I think it’s a is probably up on top okay I must have enough iron for pic sounds for coal oh good we need that all right I have an iron pick so I’m gonna go get those diamonds I ran into a cave awesome cuz I well the potatoes something much more put than one as well oh I’ll come bring in once again I’m gonna finish my name is I erik Cole all right I’m gonna get these diamonds here hopefully there’s more than one okay I found gold we got four or it would be for what are they calling fair unfair I just I just got the achievement diamonds oh I’m putting the potatoes on the box hey as long as we’re more coal yeah I’ll bake him I’m gonna make a staircase down to the gold and start torching up the tunnel now my job or iron for diamonds how much iron did yet um I have seven and i think i have three more up there reading it i spelled below wrong in the dang region thing darn it this is your

blow I did not do I just noticed that yeah you’re blowing whistle people are gonna rouse on me oh I here bats alright this is a rather large cavern in this cave okay be careful to try to block off everywhere Thank you’re not doing you can hear coming down okay oh gotta make stairs here and handle resources so we got one more diamond we have enough to make an encampment table we don’t ask me we have before iron ingots okay mid try to make I think we could get armor for everyone first it’s a dive obtained all right all right I found Gould yep I saw that careful i haven’t torched up in their arrows making stare down i have 47 quarter I don’t see any mobs I’m going all the way okay before I start doing anything is to make sure we have no mobs alright and era back an eager to Twitter it goes back down again alright this is a pretty big cave I’m gonna block it off right here all right I’m gonna go the other direction that you went them all right are we supposed to tell what a thing huh we look carefully on our whole you okay if there’s lots of cool lots of iron i passed on the way up here so they make everyone armor first then swords i found a lot of pool bar cold over here okay how come down and get that and I make a bucket here yeah yes make a bucket make a bucket first I found a redstone but that’s loveless we now have a bucket good redstone awesome use redstone for XP if we make em campina this side of the cave ends alright this site does not it goes into a big cavern that branches off into a few sides the gold um is i will i’ll show you oh yes come down i’m grabbin iron as I come i’m at the first gold we don’t need sand right guys over over here what actually that might be the same thing i just saw it from the bottom i’ll go ahead and make sense on if you’d like I’m gonna get this call I check have powerful damage oh that’s fine have hearts not bad I could have waited it though alright so I have eight gold that’s enough for one Apple awesome