Second Undergraduate Conference on Anglo-American Literature: "Gender and Sexuality"

vision of our conference this panel is entitled gender and other structures of college our first presenter is made fun with a student that they kept University the Department of English language and literature his topics of interest include gender studies historical novel and contemporary British fiction he is currently working on the translation of that progress to regeneration into Turkish his failures in times of birth in the last women portrayed by students of epic lost human in our first three novels thank you I also would like to thank all the fat all of you for coming so I start working class women portrait Barker’s depiction of working-class women in her first three novels as one of the most influential and prolific contemporary British writers paid Barker continues to explore the pets untrodden the issues ignored and the characters overlooked in her novels blessed with the ability of creating powerful dialogues as it is making use of her unique sense of humor she is more than able to portray the lives of lower-class people and she does this not with an essentialist anticipation about their future or a patronizing sense of pity for the present conditions of existence but she does this with an acute realism which even cause some to consider her novels called true real to be read unquote after beginning her literary endeavors unsuccessfully with writing a middle class novel she turned her attention to the working class and her seemingly feminist concerns in her first novel which named Union Street brought her the desert acclaim an accomplishment this novel was accepted by the feminist publisher named – viago and was followed by two other novels which still continue to concentrate mainly on the women question but each from different perspectives her second novel below house-town gained even more positive reactions from the reading public her description of the lives of sex workers was unique with its realism and questions it was her turn Eliza’s England which published in the United States as centuries daughter covered a long period of time which brought many difficulty especially for women at different times and after the publication of her third novel she had already had the name beyond England and the subjects she had chosen addressed those interested in gender sexuality Pullman question feminism social realism and so on the central argument of this paper is that Barker not only describes the lives of working-class people and especially women but she also addresses our long-established views on women question by Carol is creatively handling the subject letter of contradictory nature and the discharge of subject matters she explores the modern experience of womanhood in terms of all the aspects of it this attitude is all the more explicit in our first three novels since code after the centuries daughters also named lies as England she turned from an obviously woman centered perspective to exploring masculine subjectivities in the complex context of private and large-scale conflict and aggression uncle here’s the critic of Barker talks about the degeneration trilogy which brought her much Fame rather than analyzing collision containing her tree nose I will go on subject by subject and explore how in every instance she tries and reveals the ignored and or hidden aspects of womanhood within this framework issues of rape sex work and silence of the woman will be examined so I would like to begin with rape or the story of killed ground in Union Street Kelly brown is the youngest character in Union Street and she has a story that is mostly defined by ignorance and abuse she lives with her mother and her sister Linda her loneliness is conveyed through the beginning of the novel we’re the two sisters fight a usual instance as we learn to live no her loneliness is doubled by the indifference of her mother’s and her teachers at school code her mother’s Linda the teachers at school merely glanced at her and then with indifference or haste passed on uncle this indifference to her problems and her identity all together creates a certain void in our identities put by John Brannigan and lack of paternal affections because of the loss of her father results in our filling up this gap by befriending an older male who

rapes our after they say after their second meeting their meeting is very much a result of the above-mentioned gap in Kelly’s identity since this man behaves her very nicely code this man stared at her as if every pore in our skin mattered his eyes created her and so she had to go with him she could not help herself she had to go Concorde Kelly’s inability to resist the temptation to be with this man is emphasized by describing her endeavors to choose not to go since after all she is quite enough knowledge to judge that men are dangerous there is not this assumption she cannot completely erase her original distrust but her tendency to accompany this man is not a result of her feeling sexually attracted although she is level but her considering this man is a substitute for her lost father while watching the girls playing with their father is at the Lakeside she simply feels jealous and this jealousy disappears as she is helped by the man when she plays with the birds she feels as if called her father had come back uncle this dreamlike Association of the man with her lost father does not last very long the man deceives and rapes her and the second stage of Kelly’s tragedy unfolds the actual scene of the rape is particularly important not only because of its openness and directness but also because of its setting the Mandrake’s Carrie Brown in the dreams of an old factory and remember at this point that the story said in the 1980s when the deindustrialization United Kingdom took place although without being officially declared this process results in the demolishing of all factory buildings and the creation of an inclination towards service economy unlike industry despite the horrible rates of exploitation at factories quite paradoxically the factory actually defines the working-class is a social layer it brings them together more or less feeds them helps to create a certain sense of working-class cultures and this makes exploitation easier to induce or overcome the loss of the factory itself is therefore I should say the loss of this culture and the sense of Union as he called in the title of the novel Chile one of the members of the working class is raped in the very environment that no longer offers any considerable living possibilities the portrayal of a character’s rape even very openly is not what makes Barker’s fiction distinctive when it comes to the woman question but can the ground experiences after her rape summarizes the situation especially the poor woman had to face if they are if they were raped quite ironically despite some empathy and pity on the side of the people around after all Kelly’s had guilty for her for her own rape she’s accused of loitering with a man alone at the time of the day called but then what was she doing wandering around at the time of night when she had been thought to come home the police had blamed her for it non-code being played from one’s own rate must be one of the biggest dramas of rape Parker’s description of this shocking experience touches upon one of the taboo subjects of our contemporary culture it also forces us to revisit our considerations about being raped by telling the story of an 11 year old child it even serves as a protest against ideas that normalize the issues afraid it is one of the common problems that women face resulting in a double jeopardy they are not only the victims of rape but they are also convict perhaps one here subconsciously pays attention to the etymological affinity between the words convict and so I’d like to move on to the issue of sex work as portrayed in Barker’s second novel the troubles of the woman question however are not limited to labour of course within the framework of being raped there’s a certain sense of pity for the victim and it is probably this pity and sadly nothing more than a pity that leaves almost no toleration for the rapist a rapist is likely to be excluded and isolated regardless of the subsequent misfortune of the victim in other words reaction towards women may change and might include blaming her as wellis as well however a rapist is sure to lose all possibilities of being respected in a community nevertheless within the sex work debate things get more complicated there are various approaches toward sex work also called by some prostitution but the dominant one of course advises the isolation of sex workers even from the working class in below your house down her second novel Parker takes a few sex workers as her protagonist and this itself is a radical step or the right of a writer publishing her second novel darling the story is about a serial killer who

picks out sex workers one by one before being killed by a lover of one of the killed sex workers Miranda the main protagonist and her friends do not fit into the stereotypes of sex workers and the story basically levels all the prejudices related to sex workers sex is not the center of their lives at least not more than in a certain job of a given worker they have a family life as others do and they are not always without the choice a considerable number of sex workers choose this profession at their own will in fact it stands it is a more profitable option for some cutting from people to prostitutes in Barker’s nulls are perceived as ordinary working-class women whose job is compared implicitly to the only other employment a woman like Brenda the first of these three protagonists Brenda could easily find in the area packing at local factory whose front gates are Brenda’s nighttime beat Glenda Audrey Carol Kat Maureen and John a relatively low level hookers with basic skills working the cars at five pounds ago and it’s pure assembly line get it up get it off up off up off and wait still the factory worker I was this cutting headless chicken after headless chicken waiting in entrails and the hours and the page are worse blow your house down is distinctive in its ability to portray women as they see themselves in other words it offers a perspective that is unlikely to be found in a story narrated by a third person sows revelations of the characters add more to Barker’s the ability to deconstruct the stereotypical gender roles code what got her was the hypocrisy of it all they went on about being married but when you got when you got right down to it what they really thought was if you are getting on your back for a fella he ought to pay you might just as well be standing on a street corner in Balad in Northgate at least it would be honest perhaps we should at this point make a reference to Barker’s third novel flies as England to observe the same or similar method of deconstructing the gender roles one of the traditional unacceptable situations related to gender is homosexuality the fact that there is against social worker in the novel again in the case that what Parkers mainly deals with is the gender loss Stephan has many difficulties because of his sexual orientation he is not approved by his parents especially by his father of course when his father talks to Stefan about how he used to go and watch the schoolgirls the summary of the conversation between the two Stefan things is but one unspoken sentence called you can’t afford to judge me on code his father thinks Stefan could or should not criticize his father’s sexual desires because he’s a gay himself he also has to respect others but this shows the disapproval of his father about Stefan’s homosexuality picking up the novel a tent it wouldn’t be far fish to say that the problems that says sex workers face as portrayed in the novel are likely to be underestimated the risk of being killed by a client is almost always prevalent Barker’s by making use of her distinctive character driven fiction as Sharon Tate puts it he’s able to portray these risks as well as the hardships of the working conditions the openness of the description of the scenes as we have seen in Union Street can also be observed here caught she braces herself against the wall it would have to be an Evo blur she was damned if she was gonna lie down in all that muck anchored with the exploration of yet another taboo subject Parker again forces us to question the credibility of our existing prejudices her high called the ability to depict her characters in an increasingly realistic way paves the way for reevaluating our understanding of the human question and lastly I want to talk about silence of women as seen in her last turkey novel last novel in this essay which was named implies as England silence or speechlessness is another feature that defines the women question in general and Barker’s third novel Liza’s England is very much concerned with the issue of silence by this England’s recite recites the story of an 84 year old woman whose neighborhood is about to be demolished due to the reconstruction of the area Liza the protagonist is resisting moving from her house because of the memories she has her old life has been spent in this house and she would not have let her house be blown down without her being dead first in this novel Parker makes use of the memories of an octogenarian to elaborate on the experiences of human throughout 20th century pet Parker is a

historian herself and her interest in especially the First World War is quite notable in this novel the historical references and their specific implications are portrayed with an eloquence code she chronicles the life of an elderly woman born into a large impoverished family who now lives in a decaying house due for demolition by the council like most of Barker’s work Liza England has a strong historical perspective she links not only woman’s past and present but the poverty of the early part of the century with the recession and unemployment in Britain in the 1980s the presence and criticism of gender roles and gender based expectations are of course obvious but there are also effects of the gender roles on individuals which are also found in Liza’s England trouble with the most expected behavior from a woman is to keep quiet and not question her condition especially if she belongs to the working class throughout this novel to read the experiences that the females and from time to time males as well regardless of their social standing are forced to keep silent code there were a lot of things you couldn’t ask either because the words didn’t come or because you knew already without being told that there were no answers none code so the point is you should ask for and get no privileges or changes to need to keep quiet is again revealed when Liza is thought about Edwards dead code lies event with her Lucy since she could not be allowed to go alone but she went in silence absolute disbelief unquote there are also many moments when the female characters are not able to speak or when the words don’t come out or when they made no sound for example Lewis’s legs are in a very bad condition and after all the years she has suffered so her bandages need to be changed daily this give this gives are a great pain and when she sees Liza approaching with the bandages she called would go white but she made no sound just later with her black burning and her clenched smart that had never in sickness in weariness in childbirth in pain in grief had never let out a single cry uncle so all of these indicate a hardship of being a woman and being not able to try to change their life raise their voice or question their established standards since after all speaking he’s not expected from that’s not that’s all for now of course with questions to be made continue thanks mr. Wilson Chong who is supportive yes isn’t it Istanbul University she is also a 38 under criticism of the department of international relations at the University open Education Committee she graduated with honors from the typical Italian high supporting service she has been working as an interim translator and interpreter at Jon translation company for two years her fields of interest are translation feminism process actually structural and postmodern theories as her future profession she’s planning to combine two undergraduate programs that she’s attending at the moment and specialize in the field of international relations her paper is entitled turning a blind eye to the patriarchy hello I’m wrong firstly I want to give my special thanks to becomes university for gathering us under the heading of this magnificent conference I’m going to analyze Joseph Karl’s heart of darkness in my presentation and heart of darkness spiders of currents we are introduced to half the more powerful masculine word manipulates the female but asserting authority in every aspect of life tree art novella only the male perspective is given to the ridaz and presented as if it is the objective and the only alternative none of the female characters and the novella speak for themselves they own they are only two the three male characters and each time they need the recognition of a male to be able to exist in the text why all these are happening throughout the text we may just we are made so accustomed to the Disco’s and pitaka definitions that we do not even realize how much film inflected spider at one side of narration and turned a blind eye to party ARCIC all the female characters and attacks are described wouldn’t of social frames or the collisions and predefined rules which create a social

barrier for the disadvantages sacks are ascribed to them and they are given no place to stop ahead of the invisible barriers quoting from Turin Moya patty akka in other words wants us to believe that there is such an a sense of femaleness called femininity uncaught about this comments on patty akka societies classifying the two taxes and the certain way it’s clear that gender is actually a social construct it is own leader to make the female and male serve the present masculine social order its third decide certain qualities for both male and female so that the pitaka will be say kept safe and sound however we are not careful enough to notice that it is not the biological separation that’s Christ this huge gap between the two success but it is the society that separates them and causes this injustice as pointed out in toys criticism but see akka is taking us and makes us think that there is femaleness which makes a female feminine this means that as long as you’re feminine you’re a female and if you’re not then you’re not a female at all but at this point there was a logical question how can a society be authoritative enough to take your femaleness when you’re already born as a female this sounds fantastic but this course creates feminine out of biological females and they can exist only within these artificial feminine qualities this is also emphasis in toys si s coat party RK has developed a series of feminine qualities so witness modesty subservience humility etc unquote coat first from its early publications courts work has seemed to be the province of men especially including the male critics and male editors encode in terms of this reality and criticism of the novella it’s clear that the whole text is encircled by Patsy acapella and language but sooner I see voices of the text are also men the women are silenced by this powerful marry to voices and their own the trace and the gaps of the tax or even if they speak they’re either not understood or they themselves become the spokespersons of party rock itself when cast missus was waving to him together with the crowd she shot something but her what sauce swallowed by the crowd and turned into just meaningless little pieces of utterance up not being able to understood them when she was spoken Marnell direct the question to Kurtz if he had understood and coach gives an ironical answer says could do I not encode this response shows how party akka has turned males into ignorance Apes towards the female it’s clear that follow the Santos ISM does not give the female the chance to be understood follow the scent racism colluding logo Center system proof giving privilege to follows as the symbol and source of power crates full of asceticism and oppress women coat not being Marlow but writing Marlow caught Konrad suggests that cruise the structure and of this complex tale that if women are out of it this is because there are caps out of its ankles here full of asceticism keeping the female out of the text turn them into the passive members without giving them any space to speak for themselves or claim for their own rights sadly this is Don Shiva woman sadly this is done by men cups thus internalized ideology becomes cultural practice the way believe in our code this patriarchal ideology has been penetrated by the society become the daily lenguage itself and has begun to lead our lives in accordance with is with old rules and many parts of the know Velma the success of party akka ideology is the pictured sauce clearly when Kirsten Turner talks about coaster utters coat you know what was plans he had any of them – I could not perhaps understood unquote here she behaves as if she has already accepted on infuriating and they’ll being the second sucks however this is not the internal speaking this is the internalized party archit speaking for her name here she turns out to be another embodiment of patriarchy but nothing else furthermore when she gets to the end of the tags we cannot even talk about any hope to break the chains of patriarchy in the feature the internal says has words will remain this means and the

future the language of party akka will maintain its Dominion and the female will accept its authority because they are so blinded by the ideology the suppression of women does not let them to use their potentials on the contrary it’s disables them to discover their capabilities and the case of course missus while the craft gets afraid of the whistle of the ship and spread thoughts she is the only one who remains here cannot indirectly shops the potential of devising and have been more courageous than the all other male members throughout the novella the way the women are described openly shows that half the females are degraded by the male’s the language of the narrator the theme for this was the female is a physicality and associated some with evil magic sinister and even that coat the limited depiction of female characters and Joseph comes heart of darkness and the way in which the freak the three female characters are the future by Marlow the Flex malos weave of women as inferior Marlo’s opinion of moon manifests the typical 19th centuries of human unquote each time Marlow comes across with a female character who regards them as only physical things or the pics Thomas bizarre creatures belonging to channel the plummets while describing the chief women at the office Marlow emphasizes day in knitting and the caps on the woman’s love here knitting is a very famous self-expression because they cannot explain themselves in the data dangle and there is no vocabulary for them to speak for themselves they look for other ways of expression the cat is also there to represent the connection which being the female and the word honest nature as well as the rational side of human being another symbol included in the description is the glasses that even worse the glass system is thought to be a to to highlight the violence witness it also implies that the female cannot directly connect with the words however this is not stay witness this is the patriarchy itself that puts this barrier that is also associated with women in these descriptions upon seeing the women netting Blackwall Marlow utters coat monetary loss solitons on coat which means those who are going to die salutes you in English here the implication of that is my dear women after detailing the barbers animals she wears Marlon concludes that she must have had the value of several elephant tusks the woman’s father is here commodified become malate a thing on which value is displayed the missus is not even regarded as a human being but just an object of value thus materialistic approach to was the female is another dimension of patriarchy rosen from the conditions of 19th century’s economical developments this is the 19th century when the female is seen as inferior being and possession which is the idea basically rising from the Pyrrhus changing economical conditions and the novela female scan the identity on the tree emmaus existence we are never introduced to a female character as an individual adversely each time they take a place in the tax there is males presence which enables them to take the very that place that’s why the female is that as long as the minister and the absence of the male without doubt means the absence of the female therefore the excessive mourning for the intendant’s is not only the loss of her lover’s stats but also the loss of her own identity when she commands some cuts that tomorrow she cries coat mother lost me to us unquote for her this is not only his lowest at but this is a lot of a man through whom society recognizes her hence this loss has another water dimension from her own perspective to support this idea when she asks Marlow about curse loss words he says excuse me she says coat I want something something to leave it unquote then curse has taken from her own life die remains nothing for her to maintain her life and she needs the slots were to claim for her all on existence even after his death but because of this lack of identity for women it creates an tendencies missus a new which there is always a maze puzzles hidden party our cake does not left even to be so the women with us loving them

as such we do not know these women’s names this is emphasis as curse this goes as well he gives us the word my when he went shirts in tendons after all this is the putty awkward and he’ll meals can possess females coat was she alive before coats no no character her of her own as presence here she is totally devote of all on being and coat this indicates that we cannot talk about any female existence if you remove the male figure from their lives females cannot contribute help contributing the patriarchal system by these silences not asking questions or being happy with the answers they always fail to step out of the conventions obeying the rules asserted by patriarchy they just become an adult its immediate of its path er covers its own way subconsciously well its are blinding ideology we don’t accept this oppression and injustice the subconscious mentality as in is visible and male characters as well during his speech and deliberately mario utters coat men women and shoulder anchored this artificial ordering is also another product of this patriarchal society society puts certain volunteer success as labeling them masculine feminine creating the social term gender out of the biological success we immediately see how this traditional roles impairs by the society affect its members and their relationships upon learning the account stating and active women to the domestic jobs mario calls this a success this Way’s have a powerful all the social norms play in individuals because there is not a spring of questioning in this I blinding society thus objectives of party akka is not even a pointer for discussion yet Marlow being the presentative of patio key has still not to be an unreliable narrator at the end of the novella when he lies to the Intendant of Oscars last words till this lie is other live on a personal level from a larger point of view this light belongs to the party arc itself being constructed open complete artificial well use but Trk is also an illusion and not so different from Marlowe sly the society Christus loosen to make its members leave and serve it without directing any custom this illusion makes the members readily to accept whatever the society puts forward we can easily say that Marlowe sly as a law of patriarchy at the end of this lie the whole novella is turned upside down and proves Pataki to be nothing but nonces and trustingly enough there is an accepted arity about among the male characters all through the text well the Russian traitor and Maul of moves the product calcification after his thoughts heyday attitudes can be explained with the fact that the patriarchy has told its male members that they are only power not to be destroyed and the face of fun events therefore these two sexes these two male characters being the very product of this ideology consciously or subconsciously just practice another thing imposed on down by the society based on this we can easily conclude that it’s not only the female but also the male who are blinded and manipulated by the I blinding pantiagua nose looking at the whole tax on a larger scale Africa turns out to be the female while Britain is the male in terms of asserting papa over Africa exploding the area in her own interests all the negative qualities per defined for the female are reflected upon Africa by Britain versus colonial discourse with us releasing Africa Tyvek bizarre creatures which are ideologically attributed to women bizarre most of the pitaka discourse and this discourse created by male dominance ideology shapes the reality and blanks the human beings in order to manipulate them easily according to its own interests as long as this manipulation continues on different levels victimization on the part of both male and female will be inescapable thanks for your listening from our last visitor of the station is tomorrow with eternity on the rigid student of physics at the University from the Department of

English language and literature she was born on the 25th of November in 1990 she is from Ankara Turkey she graduated from three interfere in the role of a school in Ankara her research interests include medieval English literature literature criticism and translation she believes the presence of her verbs into conferences well because reverse the other at first it is SD international conference she is also going to attend a conference system Edna Marcin an University and Florence offensive the new conference 2012 shall be a mechanic in the field of cultural studies her represent title attendees of the medieval times chose to swap apart in the Canterbury Tales good afternoon first of all I would like to thank you for your coming Geoffrey Chaucer is one of the most important literary figures of Tamila lights he is a special famous for his work Canterbury Tales in which he tells the tales of pilgrims on their way to Canterbury the work with the collection of stories consists of characters from all classes of the time Chaucer’s characters take part in storytelling contests while going on the pilgrimage among them the Wife of Bath is an outstanding women who seems not to be a typical figure in the medieval times the wife is an experienced female who has five husbands and dementia Matthew Rhys openly more aware she compares herself with men who are superior in the society while defending herself she appears as a living example of aunt feministic tradition as she has all the qualities that a woman should not have according to the patriarchal discourse on the one hand the outspoken woman tries to justify her life with her open and forward speeches on the other hand she questions the general teaching of the church and the society while the wife of Pat ignores Authority and defends her rights and even deconstruct the Christian doctrine in her prologue and tail she is able to drive our discourses and portrays herself as a dominant figure the major aim of this paper is to analyze the Wife of Bath’s prologue and tale in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales from the feminist perspective as the character questions and deconstruct the grand narratives of the medieval times the Canterbury Tales is I made ballistas society in which also used started problems including himself as characters from the different social classes of time in April the problem stop at subroutine where Chaucer attends them the host offers them a storytelling contest in which each pilgrim is supposed to tell true stories on their way to Canterbury and two more on the way back Chaucer aims to write 120 stories but only 22 of them are completed although they are not original total origin stories there is a link between the narrator’s and their tales more aware the characters clothes words and works represent the social rank and moral conditions the Wife of Bath is probably the most careful pilgrim in Chaucer’s work in the middle of the general prologue she is introduced as a Good Wife from that who is deaf she is described as coach bold was her face and hair and read avi uncle there are gaps between her teeth and she wears red stockings she is said to have had five husbands and she’s a frequent pilgrim as the wife has been to Jerusalem three times she knows a lot about wandering because she has been a trampoline and some other places her prologue is like an autobiography and she direct the points out that experiences authoritative beginning of the prologue although about authority and experiences belong to the patriarch this power is given to a female by Chaucer accordingly she’s an experienced women with five husbands and she first married at age of 12 Mary she openly indicates that she is in search of her six husbands in order to justify her intentions she prefers using the biblical teaching for her sake and course Christ sentences that code though you have have had five husbands coati and that it men which that now healthy is not dying husband uncle in addition she openly says that code welcomed the six wonders ever he shall encode the wife of parties obviously against Salveson demands furniture arrives unlike the religious doctrine she forwards that code cut pay us for 2x and multiply that gentle sex can i well understood anchored in [ __ ] she uses the Christian doctrine and deconstructs down coach when she called scriptural passages she instinctively and automatically adjusts or interprets them to serve her own needs uncle she even compares herself with son on saying that coach I do he Solomon had

wives more than one as would God it were left alone to me to be refreshed also as of SC uncle she acted the favorites marriage by claiming that many holy men such as Jacob and Abram had more than more wife in our compression she also finds herself acute to that Marianne to marry again and again furthermore she questions the Christian doctrine about Rajan T in her were stats mussawi in any manner age that I got defended marriage by expressed word I pray now telling me or were I command were commanded he virginity the Y from X marks that virginity is not commanded but advice with a reference to st. Paul though she admits that virgin C is called the ideal state it is not her ideal uncle she also gives her the power and freedom of speech even to reject the charge teachings before the Pardoner interrupts her speech she gives an interesting example from christ in which she exactly deconstruct his action she says that I know and we know virginity let them be rid of pure white seeds and lettuce wives it’s available it and yet with barely britman tell can our Lord Jesus refresh many Emma she claims that she is not an ideal women but God created people differently in her example of wheat and barley she’s a barley and Christ feed some people with it in addition she uses another religious teaching from the Apostle that man should dare should love their wives by neglecting to part in which the wires are say to obey their husbands in order to stranger idols – she contains with her five marriages and how she handles her husband’s in this way she explains the relationship between husband and wife through her experiences by putting all doctrines aside she describes three or four husbands as good reach and old while so of them are bad the good ones give her the control of their land and money marriage is a good profit for her as well as called the key to survival and coach Dale loved her and she caught going them so well uncle’s she creates however she creates paying for them by accusing them of the things they did not do she finds her false witnesses but her fourth husband is different from them he is the revealer who is a mistress he is young while she is old as a result wife suffers from pain and jealousy his that comes after her return from Jerusalem at the age of 40 she marries a 20 year old clerk she is in such a lot that she gives our estate to him however junky his name forces Alison to look at mirror and understand what she looks like furthermore he has a bad habit of reading stories of weeks women this habit comes to an end with a fight between them one day the wife takes the book and tears it the clerk is so angry that he hits her on the year this is the reason why she becomes tough it was such a women experiences the violence of the patriarchy but she is witty and sly she pretends to be dead and the clerk regrets for his acts then she wants she wants him to burn his book after this event they do not have any queries upon this event however she criticized the anti-feminist ik approach she shares her idea dots for trust well it’s an impossible that any clerk shall speak good of wives but if it be of holy saints lives none of noon otherwise never do moon who painted the lion tell me who my god if women had written stories as clerks within her arteries they will tear it of man more wickedness than all the mark of Adam may redress the Wife of Bath’s refers to the supreme fable in which code the lion complains of a picture showing a man killing a lion and suggests that if a lion had painted it the result would have been different anchored in the same manner she defends the idea that if women had been given the authority and freedoms right the wickedness of man would have been revealed although she is a figure of fun with her attitudes she touched upon Suri’s material feminism the lack of freedom of speech causes women leveled with inferior adjectives as well as their service and obedience to the male figures after the wife called utters her ideas just as just they come into her hat and coat she’s starts her tail it’s the romance which takes place in the archer in court however her she will Akira is a bit different from the typical ones as see his Colt coat alas the bachelor uncle Mara where doramas turns out to be a fairy tale in the tailed Knight rapes a maiden and sentenced to die but he can be saved only if he finds the answer of the queen of tales question code what to think is it that women most desire encode in a year in a day some people said that the women want richness why some say honor others claim with the more pleasure but tonight cannot find the proper

answer I see is in a desperate condition a hack promises him to tell the answer if he marries in law sir Danny goes to the court and gives to us whereas women desire to have sovereignty as well over her husband and as over her love and for to be in mastery about him a bow this is the most desire though you kill me dot as you list I’m here at your will his answer is appropriate ink in a happy marriage according to the wife of past speech she defends the idea that wives should rule their husbands and she has the control over her husband’s in the marriages the key in a marriage is the woman’s mastery if women are given the authority there will be no problems for board partners which is the thing that the wife supports as an expert at marriages in the rest of the tale the knight is forced married hack on their marriage nights at the marriage night he complains about her age and ugliness and cold she offers him a choice he may have her ugly and know that she is faithful or he may have her young and beautiful and take his chances and code the husband leaves the choice choice to his wife and gives authority to her in and she wins mastery and control over her husband’s she decides to be good and beautiful at the same time the wife of Pat is generally accused of being an example of anti feminism that Coates refers to those writings which revenged himself upon woman’s failure to confirm my specifications by presenting them presenting here as a nagging Polly and every cheese [ __ ] encode her defense of marriage and meta rights as well as her attack on the Christian teachings seem to support the discourse of tanta feministic tradition however Chaucer gives a voice to a female figure in the medieval age when women are silenced by the patriarchy as priority and authority her equation is given as a wife as use always a wife in her life her job however tends to be used ironically in the Canterbury Tales although the wife is fond of her sexuality within her speeches she in fact reflects the feminist consciousness against the powerful hegemony of the time she uses the religious discourse on her stake and questions the place of a woman in marriage the wife is able to take your take advantage of the gaps of the Texas and deconstruct them or she sometimes needlessly neglects at anti-feminist ik parts of them in her comic caricatures she leaves the established teachings behind and declares herself as the authority in accordance with her experiences she argues that women should be given the right to rule over her husband in a marriage in her sermon about marriage she openness openly utters her ideas and trust of the fant down with her references and examples Allison is also a women who feels herself free to talk openly intervals along wherever she wishes under the name of the wife necessity of hearing woman’s voice in the society is emphasized she is not a submissive female figure in the medieval age she conceals her own rules and does not mind the sources and party article and enforcement’s man all things are considered Chaucer’s well-known character the wife of Pat in Canterbury Tales can be called as the feminist of the Middle Ages since she’s an independent figure who resist against the hegemony of the patriarchy patriarchy with our lifestyle and ideas thank you for your patience our presenters 14 spine papers now given to us of questions they’d be happy to answer them all thank you for me in these taxes positive because Chaucer also returns and receiver which is an antagonistic story in which she is transitional but in this context context the word uttered sir iris opening and she also gives awards to her although she can be seen as a bad character because she’s fond of her sexuality in fact innocent eyes open sales matters she defends the idea that women should be given more rights to write and speak in society in this respect I find positive

and in manage which over which questions it has great power so if a woman talks like that that’s what gives if you man see this and let’s watch it and I not respect but generally manage their respective position for agreements but I received from us herself freer in marriage formalities and the idea that in she always takes the control on when her husband’s I think isn’t an important although Chaucer’s a good-sized or most people see these criterias coming I think because of her some speeches and tests of the size matters she should be a poster character on my yes at this time it’s not possible to other you know we can call the women guilty for not speaking on what’s being understood yes I will do we complain anyway pointless we can play with ideology for this may be the guilt is on the power of the party of liability because it creates this subversiveness of women and in this ideology in this fiscal spirit can’t find this city macabre for themselves to speak and claim for the own rights and feelings and expressions there are just restricted in this discourse and and I sat in my presentation in Italy I took the repeating the thing is another way of expression because in the sisters they can discuss themselves and what L we are becomes the way of expression this is a pity on part of human motmot they give us all I’m lonely if it’s a male with yeah accident I mean that could make difference but living being female makes the difference here because I constantly talk about double jeopardy in my paper so yes this will result and certain problems are a result of is being offered me all but the problems are not limited to college they are so support support enhanced by I not a is normally Community College but I say that in the affect the yes I agree to that even if the characters were added male that would result of his being silenced but I mean everyone this and women has experienced is silent the topics of yeah the Japanese thought

by war is world peace also can avoid be subjective in terms of defining yourself giving an ting from the starting point but yaki is protected so the child is also born into subjective discourse so he cannot define himself but he can define yourself in terms of the subjective Pisco so it is subjective from the beginning to be honest and this subjectiveness doesn’t start even be and doesn’t matter even creating all females objectives this is main subject to this this is the party our case objectives but most female subjectiveness everything is subjective so you can say anything this is the subjective this is the only alternative this is not possible but as if it is shown just that end of the party are we discuss is the objective one while they’re hunting a subjective point of view okay we won’t have their own individual individuality as well but they have expresses our meanness are they correct that everyone has they believe me guilty but they appreciate it they have to create it according to the news and also means in the same thing so individuality is always ha has always diners and cannot express and openly but they have to be adopted always so no certain individual is expressed undecidable to me with the male and female members of the society this is not the victimization of female and also the mail every site and if we see that the Solidarity man when I talked about it of this scenario supreme party okay she’s my question yes I talked about my kid Sanchez economical development sons British colonial mission is very impressive on this female possession issue they see the female as something to display value and this is the effect of this industrialization and brettly’s social and economical status at that time we can easily say yes the first first of all I thought about my rose feel about tea mrs. she besides she has the value of Samuel – talks with this they just put a price and spirit they just see as soon as this is the interest effects on and this is the post-colonial Texan and they usually approach by post-colonial theories but through Thomas ones of uses lots of them the position still them in this book what mail economy avatar has to say and I appreciate the reading of work as I have to go on with my friends were quickly about choose to have this satirical voice of animation so yes right that does not fit this very cool student women who was chastened who only matters what but there’s what she was a bit the stereotypical image of the nurse sexually out of control who at the same time she’s sexually aroused and she knows she wants them absolute spirit right but he is actually criticizing this practically and you’re a right on this point because she is given and sometimes their consensus to the prostitution but in my text what you regard her as a feminist cause of some of her speeches about antagonistic reports of the matter although Chaucer touched upon these problems at those days I would like to regard her as a

feminist and on these points and of course at the time prostitution is criticized 7li this figure microfiber does not reach further north of the Christianity and north of society at that time yes he criticized the work in these aspects but also I think he gives some voices to important issues at the time types would be a wrong comment because she is a spermicide no way general creating of religion so he does not only get worse what to criticize the region so there was even increased in the story and he moves Christianity through the priest Musa so actually we cannot say that Chaucer meets the woman who told like a baby mascius and this how he criticizes Christian to a woman at is much Christian ever Institute also it increases Christianity because disastrous charity to please criticized for religion and religion is an institution so I have to clarify this point and furthermore what Joseph does is actually as we mentioned like combining two stereotypes of creating original less objective because she’s not a type anymore she’s a character see her changing to the negative so actually what applause is not a simple as she seems or like you can at Canterbury Tales the characters are not respected like starting-point of feminism is to meet who regard women as human like stripping of them them of their gender and their sexual orientation so what we see in formal parties that she can express herself openly and when she she’s only fugitive is crowd so she is not honest and even like to live in dominated crowd si so I’m glad that Vincent medieval social satire of course Chaucer aims to satirize the characters and not all characters so in addition to their negative aspects they also have some points that they different from each other and that although a wider part can be regarded as approach to because of her homosexuality she is in fact she lacks the ellipse consciousness as well

at this point I hope nonsense that’s why was it called you’re a prostitute and I’m not saying that she was feminist time today really appreciate reading about it very much because I never and it was very between in my opinion I was just saying that it was only the luncheon that chose I had the same every time and this was the wrong path was not the obedience at time there were looking like her and chose was criticized of them because they were using religion given the institutional strategy just do this way to kind of sneak away and slow I also can comment on to Barbara’s paper if I’m quitting your paper you mentioned that the institution of marriage is considered eloquently for PMS or maybe this because that’s why today some critics are considered constituted sizes and type and it’s positive about that of course I mean at that time and many disease reporting women otherwise they choose to a started as a prostitute or they should be sent to the memory and so in this respect only protects herself under the shelter of the minute but I wish she also openly lattice that and criticize the church teaching staff that such movement like ticket and around our maybe and they’re not criticized after the questions doctor because of the fact that as a she is made she should be blamed for not any more questions ladies and gentlemen okay when the session is over thank you all for your patience and frustration about