(SUB) 민스윗 첫 번째 Q&A | 나이 학교 키 여자친구? 재수 반수? 공부 슬럼프? | MinSweet's first Q&A

Hi everyone I’m finally shooting my first Q&A video Originally, I was going to upload a Q&A in October to celebrate 10k subscribers The exam period was too busy I was so busy that I had to upload it a month late In the meantime, I’ve had over 25k subscribers I’m going to thank my subscribers and answer more questions Hope you enjoy it 🙂 Q. What’s your name and how old are you? My name is ‘Kim dongmin’ and I’m 23 years old in international age Q. Which school are you attending? and what is your major? I am attending University of seoul and majoring in mechanical information engineering Q. What made you start YouTube? Actually, I didn’t mean to start YouTube My friends recommended me a lot So I thought, “Should I try YouTube?” I have a strong drive. So when I started thinking about it, I specifically planned and started YouTube Q. What is your dream? This is a question that I’ve been thinking about myself a lot I don’t have a goal of getting a job in a particular company The dream I want to achieve when I was a college student is to do what I want to do One of them is running a YouTube channel I want to start a business And after graduate, I’ll work harder on what I’m doing I want to start a business or become an entrepreneur Q. I want to know how to spin a pen You guys asked me this lot, so I uploaded them on my last Vlog If you’re curious, you can go check it out Q. Do you have a part-time job? Yes, I do part-time job What I’m doing right now is First, I’m an university student Second, I’m an youtuber Third, I am a math tutor Last, I am a teacher who teaches math online I’m actually really busy just doing college and YouTubers I was sooo busy doing part-time jobs and tutoring The college entrance exam is December anyway, so tutoring ends this month And I wanted to focus on my studies and YouTube channel, I’m working part-time until this month I’ll be busy until November I think I can post more fun videos from December Just wait a little while until then Q. How much do you study a day? I’ve been doing my assignments all day long these days I’m focusing on my assignments and studying for exams I don’t think there’s any point in time It’s just that I do everything I have to do To tell you about my exam days(for entering university), I studied by myself at least eight hours a day I studied every day I’ve been studying since I woke up until I went to bed At first, I measured the time to see if I was doing a good job Since then, it has become so natural to study all day long I haven’t timed it since So to summarize, I study all day long Q. How have you been during quarantine? Like I just said, I’m so busy doing my assignments assignments, tests, assignments, tests,,, (sigh) Q. How tall and weight are you? My height is 182 cm And my weight is 66~67kg Q. What is your favorite snack? I like oreo Q. How do you motivate your studies? I have a lot to talk about motivation I’ve given myself a lot of motivation But none of the motivations lasted more than three days The answer I got after a long time was, I’m doing what I choose, after all

I’m not only studying but also doing YouTube channel because I want to I got into college because I wanted to It was my choice to continue my exam for entering univ years It’s my choice, but there’s no reason not to work hard I was thinking a little more mature What I do with my choice is good for me if it goes well If I fail this, I’m responsible for myself So I thought it was only natural to work hard at what I chose These days, I’m working hard on everything with that thought Q. When is your birthday? I was born in agust 6, 1997 Q. Do you collect anything? I don’t have a hobby of collecting But there are things I don’t throw away I don’t throw away the shoe box I don’t collect boxes to resell them The box is strong and pretty So I’m using it for storage Q. What is your favorite food? tteokbokki? omg sushi!! Q. Do you have any plans to produce study-related content? I’m making study with me, a video about studying I want to produce other contents, too But there are many smarter people than me There’s a lot of great people running YouTube channels I’m not good enough to teach you the academic stuff Instead, I’ve been a test-taker several times Not only in middle school and high school, but also in adulthood I’ve been through all the hardships that ordinary Korean students can experience I think I can produce content about teaching directions I don’t have any specific plans yet, but if I have the chance, I’ll take a shot Q. Which YouTube channel do you like? I like IT stuff really Like smart phones, cars and computers I like ‘Itsub” I like “UNDERkg” And I like “Techmong” I watch almost all IT YouTube channels in Korea So I’m watching foreign channels, too I like the channel “mkbhd” I like his channel so I watch his video everyday Q. Who is your favorite singer? What kind of songs do you think I like? My friends told me a lot that I look like a ballad songs But on the contrary, I like hip-hop So I like ‘beenzino’ very much. (which is korean hiphop star) Q. Do you have plans to produce other YouTube content in the future? Yeah, I have a lot of thoughts about making videos of different content So far, I’ve uploaded videos of Vlogs and Study With Me I want to shoot a Mukbang I want to try various interesting contents If there’s anything you want to see, I’d like you to leave a comment #Show me your childhood pictures I’ll find some childhood pictures and show them to you here Tada Q. Are you an only child? I’m the eldest son I have a little brother My brother and I are three years apart Q. Do you want to be a celebrity? First of all, thank you so much for asking I’m not good, I’m not talented So I don’t want to be a celebrity Instead, my brother’s an actor trainee And my brother will officially debut as an actor soon In the meantime, he often filmed commercials and appeared in dramas If he officially appears in the drama, I’ll show you in the video Q. What is your nickname? dong-chung ee…? My name is dongmin, and My friends told me ” you put out an air of ingenuous beauty ” So they call me often “dong chung EE” I don’t think I have any other nicknames Q. How much can you drink? When I first started drinking, I drank a lot But I don’t know why I drink because I don’t know why So I rarely drink

I’m trying to drink a little if I have to I think a cup of beer would be good enough #grape is delicious Q. What do you do for fun? I like watching a Netflix I tend to read books on my smartphone Especially, I like to read novels But I haven’t been able to read these days because I don’t have time I can’t wait to have some time Q. What is your favorite book or book that you enjoy reading these days? I’ve been wanting to study about money lately So I read books about money I like novels, especially SF novel I recommend Higashino Keigo’s ‘Masked Cattle Murder’ If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend you read it I’ll recommend you another book Alain de Botton’s “on love” This book is really hard But I was very impressed with this book So I want to recommend to you this book Q. What is the secret to having many overseas subscribers? I don’t have any secret… but special thanks to my subscribers I always try to make English subtitles Maybe it helped a little bit And in the beginning, my Taiwanese friends and Turkish friends- They made subtitles in Chinese and Turkish I think they helped But Youtube’s algorithm is mysterious Someday, I want that my vieos will be riding an algorithm in Korea I hope there will be more Korean subscribers Q. What camera do you use and which editing program do you use? I use canon camera ‘g7x mark 3’ I’m using the Premier pro for editing I used the ‘davinci revolve’ when I first made the video I use Adobe’s premier pro now Q. Which country have you traveled? I have been to Japan a few times when I was young And I’ve been to Australia and Taiwan And I went to America with my friend two years ago I’ve traveled west to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas I want to go to New York, too I went to Taiwan when I was a high school student I visited a high school in Taiwan on a school program I’m still in touch with my Taiwanese friends Q. Which country do you want to travel in the future? Like I just said, I want to go to the eastern part of the United States I want to go to Taiwan again and meet my friends Actually, there’s no place I don’t want to go. I want to travel around the world Q. Do you play any musical instruments? I played the guitar until I was in high school I don’t have many songs that I remember right now I’ll practice and film that playing the guitar Q. What kind of movie do you like? I like mystery novels So I like mysterious movies I like Christopher Nolan’s movies I like “Inceptions” I like “Memento” And I like “Tenet” Oh ofcourse, I like ‘interstellar’ Did I told you ?! Q. Why did you take the CSAT several times? First, I will tell you about my entrance exam I wanted to go to science high school when I was in middle school So I studied hard and graduated middle school with almost perfect score By the way, I failed the application for science high school entrance exam So I used my middle school grades to enter another high school But because of my memory of being dropped from the papers, I only prepared regular decision(CSAT), not early decision Eventually, I didn’t do well on the CSAT, so I took the exam again I studied alone in the library I studied hard, but I didn’t do well because I was nervous on the day of the college entrance exam

But it was so hard for me to take the exam again So I decided to go to college and take the CSAT one more time, if I don’t do well After all, I didn’t do well on the CSAT even when I took the exam again I entered university, but I wanted to take the college entrance exam one more time So I took only one semester off and started studying for the CSAT And finally, I entered University of Seoul Actually, I could have invested that time in doing other things But I wanted to succeed by studying hard for the college entrance exam University is a place to learn, but I also think university is self-satisfaction I took the CSAT several times for my own satisfaction Q. Advise the examinees The CSAT is 25 days away at the time I’m filming This is what I always say to my students Taking care of your condition is the most important thing from now on The 25 days from now is the 25 days for just one day of the college entrance exam What I really want to say is not to eat ramen and chicken The food makes you tired and sleepy Second, you need to adjust your condition to fit the timetable for the CSAT I was always very hungry when I took the second period exam So I thought I should eat bread after the first period If you eat bread all of a sudden on exam day, you might get an upset stomach So I ate the same bread every day for a month at the same time The fact that “I ate bread” is not the point For the CSAT day, I’ve been preparing my body for a month I think that much desperation and effort are necessary Q. What kind of exercise do you do? I don’t have a regular sport These days, I went to the gym But I couldn’t go because I was busy during the exam period So I try to work out steadily at the gym now on Q. Do you have a favorite brand of shoes? I don’t have a special brand that I like I wear a lot of convergence these days I like Newbalance shoes And also I like Nike shoes Q. Tell me how to hold my mind when I study I’m trying to relate this to a slump You know, in other words, a slump is “I don’t want to study.” How I got over it was I’ve got a timetable I have all the study time schedules from Monday to Sunday I highly recommend this method Because no matter how I feel and how my condition is, You just have to study on the timetable If you don’t know what to do and your body is tired, But if it’s time to study English, It’s simple. You should study English So I studied according to the timetable Thanks to that method, I was able to spend my exam days without a big slump Q. Were you popular in school? I had a lot of friends. But I wasn’t very popular I didn’t think girls liked me or anything Q. What is your MBTI? I don’t remember what I was Maybe EN….TJ…? I’ll show you in the video Q. Do you have a girlfriend? I’m sure the subscribers who watched my video from the beginning know I have a girlfriend She’s helping me run a YouTube channel Subscribers have asked me a lot if I’m planning to shoot a couple Vlog But she doesn’t want to be exposed in the video But I’m gonna try to get her a voice and film it together #It’s not a question, but you have a great voice I like the compliment that my voice is better than any other compliment When I was a kid, my voice was very weird, so it was a complex My friends told me a lot about my voice getting better at some point

Thank you for saying so 🙂 #You look like a celebrity First of all, I’m just thankful to hear that I look like celebrities They’re much more handsome and amazing than me I’d be happy if I looked like a celebrity for a second Q. Can I say hello when I meet you at school? Of course, I’d be honored if you recognized me But can you see me at school? I go to school almost like a ghost But if you recognize me, I’ll say hello Q. Do you have any other SNS account besides Youtube channel? I have IG account I’ll give you the account on the caption, so come follow me That’s all I’ve got for you today Thank you so much for waiting so long I don’t think I’m running a channel ‘Min Sweet’ alone Because I make the video But the people who leave comments are you, subscribers The people who watch the video are also you, subscribers I think this channel is being created with me and my subscribers I will make various fun videos from now on I think we can grow into a better channel if you love our subscribers a lot. Thank you a lot Q. If you get 100K subscribers, are you going to shoot a video of biting the silver button? I want to try this, too, so if I can, I’ll make sure to take it So, thank you a lot See you next time. bye ~