(09/12/2019) "Nervous Nikki – Lets Get Tough | NoPixel | !insta !discord"

Eddie1225: Eddie1225 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 10 months! it me 🙂 Eddie1225: Eddie1225’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! Stanislav_Kus: Pogey ZeroX711: hello MaronKun: what is this Scameme: wtf early stream AmandaPlease: Pog Early stream Thunderstrum: early stream Pog Karny: POGGIES MaronKun: is this true? Kimberly_Galarza: hi mortiiboii: PagChomp xoxobrxnda: wtf early stream? POG scadooodle: Whoa MaronKun: or am i asleep LUL mallratderek: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv DesireeNbc00: DesireeNbc00 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 8 months! ashlynnLuvv MainVato: :ashlynng Sheiela: Ashlynnn! DesireeNbc00: DesireeNbc00’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! ChantelErin: ayyye Eddie1225: !motto Nightbot: We Rehabilitate Motherfuckers, Sir! ashlynn7 Brawlings: saabH saabH saabH saabH phrmxs: preg? mskhloe2u: heyy scadooodle: This is crazy pogg Karny: monkaS glitch_ness: Pog early stream batmaniscoll: very early stream sal15: ashlynnPog ashlynnPog ashlynnPog ashlynnPog Karny: MARRIED saltanny: Hiii RonCadena92: saabH saabH saabH Unlimax: Yo ashlynn 😀 Eddie1225: nervous KEKW KawaiiWeeb_: Pog Tropical_ron: Early streammm whatttt Kimberly_Galarza: you got this Unlimax: early strum PauseChamp RonCadena92: Jail RP Pog Kimberly_Galarza: is funny xoxobrxnda: saabW ScourgeNL: ashlynnCrack ashlynnCrack ashlynnCrack Eddie1225: you have andrews to bully you today its fine KEKW dullmemes: Pog Nervous Nikki time Gub713: ashlynnInda ashlynnInda ashlynnInda Rhalim2020: vadeHi vadeHi vadeHi writes123: early strum Pog xoxobrxnda: morning?? ma’am its 3 pm writes123: she studied monkaHmm Eddie1225: today we get tough writes123: bc she is actually nervous Painfu1Me1ody: morning Ash Eddie1225: maybe a fight with bovice will help Kappa pina_colorado: hi chat 🙂 EchebKeso: o_O KaridonKaar: No 🙂 damdamdedama: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv dullmemes: @pina_colorado HeyGuys <3 sal15: ashlynnSquish ashlynnSquish ashlynnSquish ashlynnSquish Eddie1225: PogU Kimberly_Galarza: she looks good Eddie1225: should have spawned at PD Tropical_ron: ashlynnSquish ashlynnSquish ashlynnSquish ashlynnSquish ashlynnSquish ashlynnSquish Thunderstrum: not bad Asarena: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ZeroX711: yes writes123: err thats some tight slacks Eddie1225: you prob would have to wear a hat at work tho ExTahZee: saabHi ScourgeNL: ashlynnScuff ashlynnScuff ashlynnScuff ashlynnScuff Eddie1225: yea Kimberly_Galarza: how long you took to change her ExTahZee: yes Thunderstrum: yes there is KaridonKaar: you can vnicole621: you can xoxobrxnda: betchSHRUG betchSHRUG writes123: is that latex? lol writes123: its so glossy xxpops: Yes Eddie1225: just wear a beanie EZ Clap KaridonKaar: use the taze xoxobrxnda: betchSHRUG johanswe96: ashlynnPog ashlynnPog EU time!! Nightbot: Check your Twitch Prime and consider using your free sub on Ashlynn MaronKun: you can change anywhere @ashlynn MaronKun: five0 said that writes123: sure sure Stanislav_Kus: wow you made her really hot Eddie1225: beanbags for everyone Pog mrchainsaw13: pOG U LIVE? writes123: nighttime but wearing sunglasses monkaHmm xxpops: You can change when on duty mrchainsaw13: wow caps kek writes123: nah its a vod replay Kappa MaronKun: sa a DOC char, you can change anywhere but make sure change where it actually “Rp” @ashlynn Stanislav_Kus: ashlynnNice KaridonKaar: spice it up for bovice Martin6421: early stream? u good @ashlynn? KEKW writes123: bc u played offline Kappa Jacey15: Jacey15 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 4 months! 3:45 pm EST Ashlynn stream? Pog :) Jacey15: Jacey15's Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! Thunderstrum: stream offstream? monkaHmm

writes123: stream offstream btw mrchainsaw13: hotpants HiggsyPigsy: !roll writes123: no oxymoron Nightbot: HiggsyPigsy rolled: 9 Eddie1225: yes Stanislav_Kus: @ashlynn I saw you on GTAWiseGuy’s stream, when you arrived at the prison, that was 10/10 parking Kappa mrchainsaw13: PepeLaugh ScourgeNL: “Stream off stream” KEKW xoxobrxnda: stream offstream mhmm FerdEven: 🙂 bigdan235: how has your day been Eddie1225: what is the motto at boiling brooke? 🙂 narcberry: You’re going a way writes123: to rehabilitate a mfer mudkip420swag: waddup b-cakers!!! Kimberly_Galarza: yes mrchainsaw13: yes Eddie1225: yout good ViMint: you are carlooooo: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ExTahZee: yes KaridonKaar: yes Kappa writes123: hwat pina_colorado: see you all in 2 hours chat ashlynn7 writes123: typical nikki choco_senpai: ashlynnLuvv Stanislav_Kus: bye pina Kimberly_Galarza: what mrchainsaw13: kidnapped ExTahZee: kidnapped Kimberly_Galarza: lol ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Thunderstrum: pepeLaugh bleeding_gums_murphy: kiki showed up scorpiomundie17: scorpiomundie17 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 8 months, currently on a 8 month streak! OMG it’s so early!!! ashlynnGasp ashlynnWoww ashlynnHeart scorpiomundie17: scorpiomundie17’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! KaridonKaar: KEKW choco_senpai: KEKW mr_mooncat: NO WAY writes123: sound sinnocent enough mrchainsaw13: KEKW dullmemes: KEKW EchebKeso: cheerwhal100 YAY EARLY 😀 Rough08: <3 sal15: LUL Nightbot: LUL Shrewkiller_: @writes123 you forgot the sir at the end mudkip420swag: Is that BSDM Wonder Woman? Eddie1225: oh KEKW antoinetta: omg ASH, you so early <3 drpumpernickel: drpumpernickel subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 8 months! writes123: nah, nikki is a rebel like that drpumpernickel: drpumpernickel's Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! Rough08: alexiaLove writes123: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa Eddie1225: man said Oh KEKW mrchainsaw13: OO SHE HOT ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: LULW xoxobrxnda: KappaClaus mrchainsaw13: i gotta delete my caps button johanswe96: ashlynnGasp Kimberly_Galarza: lol writes123: err that some eyeshadow there Eddie1225: sign on duty in visitation KEKW eSpartyMP: KEKW dullmemes: Oh shit, Nikki looks cute Pog darkaxz: early ashlynn stream, am i dreaming? POGGERS Ssaab: Damn who is girl cya Brenda I’m coming for north mr_mooncat: <3 choco_senpai: KEKW Thunderstrum: KEKW vnicole621: KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW writes123: lol saab legitlegacy101: !uptime Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 7 minutes 23 seconds Stray2k: KEKW ExTahZee: fking saab Iriixx: KEKW Stitched83: ?? xoxobrxnda: @ssaab saabKEK darkaxz: "who is girl" crazyerazer: ok brenda sal15: ashlynnRee ashlynnRee ashlynnRee Eddie1225: saab she's just gonna keep bean bagging you Nyzzz: nice posture Eddie1225: KEKW RonCadena92: @Ssaab saabKEK Thunderstrum: saab this is brenda wtf Thunderstrum: just cop ZeldaAdventuress: won't be quite tonight Nightbot: KEKW Unlimax: LULW Rough08: zelingLove Kimberly_Galarza: off to a great start writes123: gotta learn the lingo Kappa TooQuick: She’s a 7.5 @ssaab KEKW Rough08: zelingLl9 FreshPrinceofWhere: someones nervous writes123: shes a slow learner darkaxz: ????????? antoinetta: Where's Nikki face before :( darkaxz: BLELELE ExTahZee: ????????? Eddie1225: calm down brenda Thunderstrum: ??????????? Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Sadiii_: ????????? linogaming209: ????? sal15: ashlynnCool ashlynnCool ashlynnCool Rough08: xcoldnLol Thunderstrum: see? Iriixx: 7.5 POG Eddie1225: Pog vnicole621: Pog Kimberly_Galarza: ashlynn7 ashlynn7 writes123: oh this gonna be so good Kappa Rough08: alexiaHey alexiaHey alexiaHey sal15: ashlynn7 ashlynn7 ashlynn7 KaridonKaar: Pogey theycallmezip: blablablablabl linogaming209: HahaSweat HahaShrugRight Madforbooks: ashlynn7 Eddie1225: ashlynn7 xbigbeardx: ashlynn7 ashlynn7 ashlynn7 Thunderstrum: ashlynn7 Stanislav_Kus: ashlynn7 Lewislemitar: rooBall2 rooFight writes123: !tweet Nightbot: Share the stream by tweeting ashlynnPog http://bit.ly/2UVyaKP Kimberly_Galarza: lmao xoxobrxnda: ashlynn7 Rough08: alexiaFail Manchurain: Not my Trinity betchHOW johanswe96: ashlynnCool darkaxz: our streamer is such a dork chat PepeHands Kimberly_Galarza: noice Eddie1225: cheat codes Pog EchebKeso: NICE Navos: Pog writes123: what a noob throwabae: hello what_is_twitchprime: hacks Pog Thunderstrum: radio from thin air Pog KaridonKaar: HAX Pog Eddie1225: shift P Rough08: iaraLove writes123: cheats activated Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn Stanislav_Kus: my immersion ashlynnNah Navos: YESTERDAY? FreshPrinceofWhere: is this Jessica Jones lol Eddie1225: PogU dullmemes: oh, of course LUL ScourgeNL: we missed a kidnapping dammit thatshibainu: radio straight up manifested Kimberly_Galarza: that walk ..lol Rough08: palmGive writes123: so a radio is loose on the streets monkaHmm darkaxz: oh my Stanislav_Kus: I think her thighs are a bit too slim Rough08: HahaShrugMiddle HahaSnowhal writes123: monkaS

Stitched83: Thats why they hired you. To look in women’s orifices theycallmezip: searching cavaties is nikki’s specialty! She’s a part time dentist! raebae318: raebae318 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 5 months! raebae318: raebae318’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! writes123: shes lookin forward to in monkaHmm writes123: *it dullmemes: @Stanislav_Kus I aint complaining Kreygasm xoxobrxnda: saabW Eddie1225: no trinity anymore darkcreeperzeroo: what’s going on? RoboGeoff: Did she get the DOC job? darkaxz: she did kind of look like trinity san_x0: wait… what??!! early stream Pog writes123: u got the trinity pants Rough08: PrideTake PrideGive oscvrdestroys: ashlynnBooty ashlynnBooty ashlynnBooty darkaxz: BLELELE Sadiii_: Fish bowl life is hard KEKW ExTahZee: BLELELE kord76: should play matrix music when she’s online writes123: can be oretty distracting EchebKeso: you’d be a terrible drummer XD mudkip420swag: la la bamba ZeldaAdventuress: you can then the radio clicks off on the phone phillmamula_: You can turn down the beeps on your phone. Will help us viewers 🙂 ZeldaAdventuress: low* Rough08: HahaThink Kimberly_Galarza: her thighs are too tigh thats why she walking like that ..lol al1v1a: It’s so loud Eddie1225: KEKW antoinetta: Why did you change her face? just curious Nightbot: KEKW EchebKeso: oh aye the phone settings tab has a volume thingy for beepos RJ_Whitlock: pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL Stanislav_Kus: you will have to probably ignore chat when in a situation or you will get overwhelmed SevenMike_: SevenMike_ subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 7 months, currently on a 7 month streak! lucky number slevin SevenMike_: SevenMike_’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! writes123: ashlynn ignoring chat…. nice j Falcon954: hope you get to interact with new people since you’re on so early san_x0: is that wiseguy Sadiii_: 10 bucks says she dies within the first hour KEKW johanswe96: !roll Nightbot: johanswe96 rolled: 18 writes123: sounds like wiseguy Thunderstrum: it is wiseguy johanswe96: 18….! Sadiii_: It is Wiseguy throwabae: it kind of looks like the leather is too tight LUL johanswe96: ashlynnGun Iriixx: @ssaab saabH JusticeMarie: wheres nickis boyfriend bovice darkaxz: very what? Stanislav_Kus: wiseguy’s DOC is pretty dope how he handles the prisoners darkaxz: raah? writes123: very chill? san_x0: BLELELE what_is_twitchprime: LUL Nightbot: LUL TKsaysHowdy: he’s very *Ashlynn sound effect* chirsg: dag mah, nikki? more like thiccy nakkiLewd Eddie1225: 10-4 ashlynn7 Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW xbigbeardx: ashlynn7 what_is_twitchprime: KEKW Thunderstrum: KEKW writes123: that face…. thats gonna take gettin used to sal15: ashlynn7 ashlynn7 ashlynn7 san_x0: KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW Sadiii_: No need to say “going for”. 704, 10-7, 5 mics, 704, 10-8 ez pz writes123: hahahaha writes123: he went there justaboveyou: OMG what is that noise Eddie1225: trinity is back PogU ahoylimbi: @ashlynn are you still brenda in the hospital reception ? san_x0: POG writes123: her other charcter is theycallmezip: ohhh it’s churro time Eddie1225: LMAO Martin6421: Trinity Pog ExTahZee: KEKW darkaxz: WutFace Nightbot: KEKW Sadiii_: saabNice vnicole621: KEKW crazyerazer: TKsaysHowdy: KEKW writes123: free food? Pog san_x0: KEKW Eddie1225: nice Sadiii_: saabNice saabNice saabNice MainVato: LOL ExTahZee: Good job Pepega oscvrdestroys: KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW Thunderstrum: KEKW Stanislav_Kus: did you not save the new one? choco_senpai: KEKW JusticeMarie: KEKW EchebKeso: ashlynnClap ashlynnClap RJ_Whitlock: pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL writes123: hahahhaha Stanislav_Kus: LMAO KEKW johanswe96: ashlynnClap ashlynnClap ashlynnClap ashlynnClap xbigbeardx: ashlynnClap ashlynnClap ashlynnClap Rough08: LUL Nightbot: LUL dullmemes: KEKW it begins writes123: 2 hr outfit change incoming NicRaeMae: saabFail chirsg: Donuts, crack for cops writes123: she dont need more sugar darkaxz: wow xoxobrxnda: saabNice Eddie1225: LULW Painfu1Me1ody: you had one job lol chatcast: Does that change the facial features? Eddie1225: beanbagges ready vnicole621: on your phone EchebKeso: in phone settings tab Sadiii_: On your phone Falcon954: on the phone? Eddie1225: on the phone justaboveyou: BEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP writes123: thats some firepower tabbytab: on ur phone crazyerazer: settings on your phone justaboveyou: BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP ZeldaAdventuress: kidnapped 2 inc justaboveyou: BBEEEEEEEEEEEEPP RoboGeoff: beep chhh beepp exlegender: you’re doing great so far vanilleux: can you turn the radio beeps down theyre so damn loud Resurrex: Phone, bottom right app. @ashlynn vnicole621: no its an app on the phone Eddie1225: studying PogU writes123: hahahah this walkie rn darkaxz: it means you’re old Sadiii_: En route rebornintomusic: We gonna see Bovice? nakkiNF ZeldaAdventuress: setting app on phone Sadiii_: Do you want the chart, Ash? Stanislav_Kus: 76? it means you play Fallout 76 Kappa Scorpio_SW: hello ms north Gub713: I miss the Elizabeth Olsen look you had saabW NicRaeMae: 76 to your 20 saabList got it

Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn justaboveyou: Pog @Sadiii_ xoxobrxnda: i miss the shrek look toonyFEELS writes123: so much lingo and codes monkaS FlickCM: !uptime Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 15 minutes 25 seconds darkaxz: not rp san_x0: LUL Nightbot: LUL Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW justaboveyou: KEKW Kimberly_Galarza: KEKW RJ_Whitlock: pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL justaboveyou: That’s cute! Unlimax: LULW FlickCM: wow streaming early! xoxobrxnda: my brain too small to memorize all these codes asapfab_xxv: Lol darkaxz: ashlynn lore taraquest: Macys DoC, same thing ExTahZee: @xoxobrxnda Pepega Painfu1Me1ody: what could possibly go wrong FreshPrinceofWhere: learning types of jeans is hard XD Thunderstrum: went from Macy’s to DoC Kimberly_Galarza: lol Eddie1225: LOL Thunderstrum: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW san_x0: not rp LUL mudkip420swag: From Macy’s jean folder to DOC, its the same thing during holiday sales to be honest xoxobrxnda: @extahzee toonyFEELS writes123: not rp btw RJ_Whitlock: pentawMonka pentawMonka pentawMonka Wallen89: Wallen89 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 7 months! Im off to work but this Prison guard arc is gonna be awesome 🙂 ExTahZee: @xoxobrxnda im just picking saabH Wallen89: Wallen89’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! what_is_twitchprime: LUL Nightbot: LUL itsOrangeSoda: Bwenda ashlynnSee exlegender: failrp darkaxz: monkaS jaiyu: Pog Nikki Pog what_is_twitchprime: monkaS elagunas2: ashlynnOop mudkip420swag: did jean just fart writes123: ppl still go to macys? ExTahZee: KEKW Awkwardgamer1: LMFAOO Nightbot: KEKW EchebKeso: D: exlegender: lol Eddie1225: KEKW writes123: hahahhah Stanislav_Kus: is Jean around? san_x0: she stinky FlickCM: lmao kevcoder: Are you on the wrong radio? @ashlynn RJ_Whitlock: pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL writes123: he doesnt get it xoxobrxnda: @extahzee saabA ExTahZee: @xoxobrxnda KEKW dullmemes: @kevcoder Nah, she changed it writes123: boeing 737 max writes123: cant mulittask monkaHmm Stanislav_Kus: saaame RJ_Whitlock: pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL writes123: chewing and walkinga t the same time is rough writes123: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa darkaxz: that’s us 🙂 AJVM_: !uptime Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 18 minutes 1 second what_is_twitchprime: thots in your brain KEKW AJVM_: I never got notification ashlynnHyper 4li3n: trinity KEKW writes123: make sure u have notifcatiosn tunred on ajvm mudkip420swag: Bunky Bucky AJVM_: I do bigboy663: Hey trinity Eddie1225: LMAO ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: get brenda out KEKW writes123: gettin them gains Thunderstrum: channel your inner Brenda justaboveyou: It’s just Brenda in a different outfit @ashlynn KEKW Stanislav_Kus: bunky? RJ_Whitlock: pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL darkaxz: such a troll LUL Sadiii_: It is writes123: hahahahha writes123: u troll Sadiii_: It’s literally Brenda with a different face darkaxz: brenda is just ashlynn in a different outfit chat mudkip420swag: Dystopian future Brenda justaboveyou: lol very much so Nightbot: Check your Twitch Prime and consider using your free sub on Ashlynn writes123: thats every chjarcter Martin6421: @sadiii_ true KEKW xoxobrxnda: pog doc brenda highgr4de: Brenda KEKW justaboveyou: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa darkaxz: Kappa JJOkochaJJ: Kappa Stanislav_Kus: Brenda as a DOC so he can watch over Saab while he’s there KEKW Falcon954: Why isn’t Nikki at the desk Kapp san_x0: Kappa jmui: Kappa spacecowboy227: Kappa MillenniumLad21: Why do we need fences? If there’s anyone we can trust to follow the rules it’s criminals chelsey_xoxo: Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Stanislav_Kus: NOT A YELLER KEKW kord76: Brenikkindessica AranHur: Kappa ghosthag1: Kappa chirsg: Kappa Eddie1225: ashlynn gonna be shooting down people by the end KEKW johanswe96: Kappa Sadiii_: Nikki has none of the power Tropical_ron: Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa writes123: be more agressive. b-e agressive! FlickCM: nikki meeting Brian knight would be perfect thatshibainu: Kappa

bigboy663: saabKEK saabKEK saabKEK MaronKun: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW eva_unit01: Kappa Eddie1225: LULW darkaxz: hababababa xoxobrxnda: KappaClaus ExTahZee: lolol Nightbot: Don’t forget to drink water, get up, stretch, and walk around. Hope you are enjoying the stream ashlynnLuv crazyerazer: nikez Pog Sadiii_: She is not ready KEKW SpooneyUncle97 : Pepega AmbulanceParty: Pog quick scopes justaboveyou: ahbhabhbabahbhabhabhabhabhabha KEKW Wallen89: That guy is Too swedish xD darkaxz: BLELELE writes123: she gonna friendly fire for sure san_x0: BLELELE crazyerazer: oh no no no KEKW Eddie1225: the swedish brothers are the best lol Thunderstrum: Katya jsbhfkjshksf mudkip420swag: lala bamba exlegender: katya zamolo Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW bigboy663: KappaClaus KappaClaus Kappa justaboveyou: dsgfkdsfhdszopifghdghpdioj lol johanswe96: ashlynnKek DesireeNbc00: LMAO Eddie1225: hobbits DA vnicole621: it’s hobbits da character Eddie1225: KEKW poopypants123: hobbit KEKW darkaxz: monkaS cass_plums: BLELELE mudkip420swag: uhh was that a drag race reference AmbulanceParty: hobbit6Noway elagunas2: bogaB bogaB Thunderstrum: more lore pog MaronKun: hobbit LUL societyslies: hobbit6Noway Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ jmui: kyliebAyaya Sadiii_: annyeonghaseyoo RJBEntertainment: I don’t get how so many people think ashlynn sound like hobbit LUL darkaxz: LOL chelsey_xoxo: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek justaboveyou: lol san_x0: LOL jaiyu: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Unlimax: LUL itsOrangeSoda: LUL Nightbot: LUL choco_senpai: KEKW cultLeader_: LUL Sokol80: fail darkaxz: hi writes123: lol RJ_Whitlock: pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL mudkip420swag: heyyo writes123: so slow Stanislav_Kus: see? it’s Brenda justaboveyou: Annyeonghaseyoo Eddie1225: ooo we can teach prisoners Korean PogU writes123: u purposely murdering it AJVM_: So Brenda lewdcharizard: ahn ye sah dude Kiitzu: DOC Brenda Pog itsOrangeSoda: ashlynn7 Eddie1225: KEKW mudkip420swag: onion heyyo ages977: time for language classes for the inmates san_x0: LOLL johanswe96: ashlynnKek dullmemes: KEKW tdangertera: anyon l6_echo: !uptime Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 21 minutes 56 seconds what_is_twitchprime: ONION KEKW justaboveyou: ONIONNNNN Sokol80: haseyo jmui: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ludona_: “a young” darkaxz: onion HeyGuys MainVato: ashlynnCozyy justaboveyou: OOOOOO NUOOON Eddie1225: this is DoC work lot of good banter Eddie1225: its fun darkaxz: i’ll take a burger, no annyeong writes123: !tweet Nightbot: Share the stream by tweeting ashlynnPog http://bit.ly/2UVyaKP Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn FlickCM: Trinity the onion lover RJ_Whitlock: Brenda as DoC, someones going to die pentawLuL san_x0: LOOL ludona_: LUL darkaxz: WutFace Nightbot: LUL Eddie1225: LULW justaboveyou: YA BOI xoxobrxnda: ashlynnHey Nightbot: Annyeong haseyo Kinghaye1: Another character that speaks Korean must be a Coincidence Kappa Stanislav_Kus: WutFace MainVato: wut Eddie1225: MonkaW justaboveyou: YA BOI ? l6_echo: D: CutBxck: Ashlynn and 2 devs darkaxz: “i don’t yell” Eddie1225: LMAO justaboveyou: Did you just scream YABOI ? ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Thunderstrum: KEKW acearch: not a shouter btw KEKW justaboveyou: LOL justaboveyou: I don’t shout btw justaboveyou: KEKW RJ_Whitlock: pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL chelsey_xoxo: ashlynnKek crazyerazer: KEKW Dokubeki: thats a fuckin war cry dude Eddie1225: KEKW Sokol80: Hey Ash glad to see you early tikki166: first time here, this shit is too funny itsOrangeSoda: KEKW writes123: axtually tweeting out the stream monkaHmm darkaxz: ram BLELELE Eddie1225: ramee KEKW Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn Eddie1225: are you serious right now writes123: u think this is hilarious wait till u meet seesa rey111eli: hello Ash!😄 RJ_Whitlock: pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL Eddie1225: !motto Nightbot: We Rehabilitate Motherfuckers, Sir! ashlynn7 itsOrangeSoda: LUL LUL LUL LUL Nightbot: LUL MI7AD_: Has Nikki met Wes Wilson yet? xoxobrxnda: !quote 45 Falcon954: Are you going to Denzels court case tonight? Nightbot: 45. “finna stay strapped, cuh”- brenda 2019 Nightbot: Get closer to the community by joining the Famlynn™ Discord https://discord.gg/ashlynn johanswe96: ashlynnKek Sadiii_: Well, at least you admit it Kimberly_Galarza: lol Sokol80: Beat them RJ_Whitlock: pentawLuL choco_senpai: lol AZV56: HI MOM writes123: !tweet Nightbot: Share the stream by tweeting ashlynnPog http://bit.ly/2UVyaKP paultyler92: So how is your day my day’s been going pretty good enjoying my days off from work itsOrangeSoda: ashlynnSass justaboveyou: its a bug i think darkaxz: bug/exploit 4li3n: give them the stick gachiBASS

Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias t3r0: t3r0Hmm Sadiii_: It’s not a bug, they’re just trying to resist xstarky151x: lul koil put it in, it’s not a bug or exploit Nightbot: LUL sahgress: not a bug, its meant to be like that writes123: hi t3r0 Sadiii_: it’s /revive antoinetta: LMAO his swedish accent coming through darkaxz: oh did he do it intentionally? hille666: IN SVEEEDEN xstarky151x: yes paultyler92: Thank you just type in revive Smitty2NC: Smitty2NC subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 8 months, currently on a 8 month streak! ashlynn7 Smitty2NC: Smitty2NC’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! Sadiii_: It’s to give crims opportunity to resist arrest johanswe96: yehhh lol AZV56: BLELELE darkaxz: BLELELE Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW 4li3n: forsenE in sveeden Eddie1225: LMAOOO darkaxz: LUL Nightbot: LUL ExTahZee: KEKW ElmerPhunk: m RJ_Whitlock: pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL Sokol80: have you seen the LB cell? johanswe96: ashlynnCool ashlynnKek ashlynnKek t3r0: darkaxz: the saaaaas Eddie1225: LAMO Sadiii_: Brenda is new DoC? Pog Bewby: Bewby subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 9 months! 9 months of wonderful insanity, <3 Hawk_Moth: LUL Bewby: Bewby's Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW darkaxz: PepeHands san_x0: Thanks for the HahaCat @bewby Eddie1225: PepeHands Eddie1225: Kapp ExTahZee: Kapp darkaxz: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa vnicole621: Kappa KwapSquared: KAPPA chirsg: Kappa ghosthag1: Kappa xRELLIKx: Kapp what_is_twitchprime: Kappa mudkip420swag: Are the inmates the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park? wtf Stanislav_Kus: big stick ashlynnNice johanswe96: ashlynnSass Eddie1225: LULW darkaxz: D: ExTahZee: KEKW Thunderstrum: D: Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAOO Eddie1225: what darkaxz: caterpillar wing???? RJ_Whitlock: pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL Hawk_Moth: hahahaha ExTahZee: wtf Sokol80: LUL 4li3n: KEKW Nightbot: LUL what_is_twitchprime: ??? ExTahZee: KEKW Bewby: waterpillar wing? Bewby: lolol thekeylimeguy99: uhnKek justaboveyou: uhnKek Hawk_Moth: stay in yo crysalis, biiihhh ahmedshaltout: wow u actually became a cop for real? itsOrangeSoda: LUL mudkip420swag: listen to thor Nightbot: look darkaxz: madge? ahmedshaltout: i had to sleep the other day Sokol80: Madge Eddie1225: KEKW san_x0: madge? Nightbot: KEKW Kimberly_Galarza: lol crazyerazer: madge monkaW Stanislav_Kus: Madge Pog justaboveyou: HEY YO exlegender: lol Eddie1225: LMAOOOO xstarky151x: you should see his interaction with Eugene darkaxz: D: insomnii4c: LMAOO xRELLIKx: KEKW vnicole621: KEKW ExTahZee: D: NotTooShabby_408: KEKW what_is_twitchprime: KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW Bewby: LOL justaboveyou: Don't diss BRENDA YA BITCH antoinetta: KEKW Thunderstrum: KEKW chirsg: LUL Nightbot: LUL ExTahZee: ???????// san_x0: LOOL Eddie1225: LULW what_is_twitchprime: ??????? itsOrangeSoda: ??????? Eddie1225: dark humor KEKW justaboveyou: Yoke what_is_twitchprime: dark yolk Pog Unlimax: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW t3r0: if the yoke is dark, don't eat it SpirosJordan23: KEKW t3r0: KEKW justaboveyou: It's male Kandyland Eddie1225: LMAOOOO darkaxz: oh smokebu: finally in Yale xstarky151x: epstein t3r0: ffs mudkip420swag: wow her bovice impression is really on point t3r0: she does justaboveyou: ???? Eddie1225: KEKW Hawk_Moth: ooooff r41ndawg: monkaW darkaxz: hee hee taraquest: omg Thunderstrum: KEKW ahmedshaltout: lol yes xRELLIKx: TOTALLY DOES Sokol80: no justaboveyou: OMG Eddie1225: gunnar glasses KEKW Unlimax: HYYY HEEE johanswe96: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek darkaxz: actually a bit ExTahZee: you do dullmemes: KEKW El_Superbeastoo: YOU DO KEKW eMKay16: omggg ExTahZee: KEKW LAOPE: LUL Nightbot: LUL eMKay16: she does justaboveyou: I SEE IT NOW ZeldaAdventuress: toonyMonkaS toonyMonkaS mudkip420swag: oh no lmao mr_mooncat: ruined The_Elekid: Lol t3r0: Wait till the next time Ducky sees Nikki justaboveyou: I CAN"T UNSEE IT DesireeNbc00: OMG U DO PolarInferno_: oh god 4li3n: omg he is right KEKW Martin6421: You do lmao justaboveyou: JESUS jk5834: Oh god, she does justaboveyou: CHANGE IT t3r0: I can't unsee it now r41ndawg: saabW saabW saabW AlBQuerky: OH GOD LUL itsyaboynell: Holy fuck buddha5Head ahmedshaltout: yesss san_x0: trinity to michael jackson LUL DesireeNbc00: HEE HEE damdamdedama: ashlynnKek taraquest: I can't not see that now justaboveyou: I can't unsee it . oomg Eddie1225: damn it nikez KEKW jk5834: I will never not see michael jackson now Hawk_Moth: time to get a tan now? LUL darkaxz: moon walk reb_ekh01: how do i use my amazon prime subscription? kord76: ms Jackson if you're nasty AlBQuerky: HEE HEE Eddie1225: LMAOOOO mudkip420swag: lmao I thought he was kidding but he's right itsyaboynell: HEEEHEEEE iampipoy: the aviator glasses is spot on lol ExTahZee: LULW justaboveyou: lol Martin6421: Trinity Jackson ahmedshaltout: do a moonwalk Stanislav_Kus: discount MJ The_Elekid: ashlynnHungo ZeldaAdventuress: change the color hair CitizenStef: gonna make a chaaaange El_Superbeastoo: BUDJET, HE'S SO SWEDISH KEKW KaridonKaar: boojet san_x0: LOL t3r0: BmJ goldenknight22: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW xstarky151x: boojet michael jackson DavidDragonMaster: vgf Fusoluna: that may give you some extra street cred RJ_Whitlock: pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL ExTahZee: KEKW johanswe96: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek Stanislav_Kus: more like 75 cents cuz woman Kappa darkaxz: wat Eddie1225: what Eddie1225: KEKW El_Superbeastoo: KEKW darkaxz: swedes in chat? justaboveyou: ??? Syllie__: the sunglasses make it worse Eddie1225: LMAOOO ExTahZee: LULW exlegender: translate stan johanswe96: Hahha I love jim mudkip420swag: that's what my furniture from IKEA is called r41ndawg: roger that Hawk_Moth: lmaooo iampipoy: he's speaking elvish

El_Superbeastoo: I love this guy johanswe96: him Eddie1225: LULW exlegender: translate johan notluck9: sweet childs have many names sort off johanswe96: no itsOrangeSoda: This guy LUL johanswe96: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek chirsg: cyrSayit Sokol80: ha see LUL Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW darkaxz: LUL faestbrems: lol Nightbot: LUL J0hanAndersson: nikezHaha nikezHaha nikezHaha johanswe96: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek justaboveyou: Chef babababaa itsyaboynell: He needs to BEAT IT curvySmoke curvyChichi bashayer0: LUL LUL johanswe96: Hahahah darkaxz: D: Stanislav_Kus: Ashlynn banned from entering Sweden forever KEKW Eddie1225: LOL xoxobrxnda: onion hasso Gizshot: KEKW san_x0: LOL Hawk_Moth: HAHAAH RJ_Whitlock: pentawPow pentawPow pentawPow BigDaftCripple: hahahaha mudkip420swag: “so anyways-” justaboveyou: oof ScourgeNL: LUL he needs to just beat it dullmemes: LUL DesireeNbc00: HAHAHA johanswe96: So goog i understand all what he says exlegender: divorced? Soggydwarf: “a loved child has many names” a poor translation but that’s basically it 😛 Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Sokol80: KEKW o_Gonzo_o: kärt barn har många namn Manchurain: A dear child has many names patgms: he is English, we can barely speak our own language darkaxz: LUL Nightbot: LUL johanswe96: ashlynnKek Eddie1225: LULW goldenknight22: KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW deaglethebaldeagle: uhnKek itsyaboynell: buddha5Head buddha5Head buddha5Head darkaxz: @o_Gonzo_o what does it mean Hawk_Moth: i am excited for you, this is great RJ_Whitlock: pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL darkaxz: o nvm jamie_gene_k: Hiii ashlynnLuvv minteacoco: KEKW ExTahZee: LULW Nightbot: KEKW RJ_Whitlock: pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL chubbymexiquesadilla: ashlynnO itsOrangeSoda: qtcTree qtcTree qtcTree Dokubeki: LUL Nightbot: LUL williewonkers2: LUL johanswe96: ashlynnCool RoboGeoff: you’re not supposed to enjoy work this much RJ_Whitlock: pentawWeirdj Eddie1225: LULW datduckhs: aaw itsyaboynell: LUL Eddie1225: monkaW DavidDragonMaster: i think my cat sent a message lol xKittenzz: pentawWeirdj justaboveyou: pentawJ SERIOUS COP RJ_Whitlock: pentawUhOh pentawUhOh pentawUhOh Eddie1225: LMAO societyslies: pentawWeirdj bruto: !rt Nightbot: Retweet and Like ashlynnHeart https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias/status/1204144991397974021 ScourgeNL: id love this xKittenzz: pentawWeirdj its SRS SZN act like it damnit Eddie1225: LULW darkaxz: D: itsyaboynell: He likes him a Dirty Diana RJ_Whitlock: pentawFlashlight pentawJ justaboveyou: pentawWeirdj JUSTICE Martin6421: lol darkaxz: KappaPride Stanislav_Kus: what Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW r41ndawg: it makes you more aerodynamic when you fight Kappa Bewby: creepy af itsyaboynell: This is going to be a Thriller curvySmoke curvyChichi curvySmoke2 Eddie1225: LOL RJ_Whitlock: pentawLuL Stanislav_Kus: WHAT PeevedEve: !uptime justaboveyou: Practice make perfect CHAT Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 33 minutes 47 seconds AJVM_: Pog 100% itsOrangeSoda: KEKW RJ_Whitlock: pentawEvil pentawEvil pentawEvil pentawEvil Eddie1225: MonkaW itsyaboynell: LUL LUL LUL LUL Nightbot: LUL Va1iantN7: anneLurk Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias Eddie1225: LOL Bewby: LOL RJ_Whitlock: pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW vnicole621: KEKW san_x0: oh no williewonkers2: KEKW Qu0tile5masher: !followage AJVM_: KEKW justaboveyou: pentawLurk @Va1iantN7 Eddie1225: LMAOOOO Nightbot: Qu0tile5masher has been following ashlynn for 7 months, 4 weeks, 1 day, 18 hours, 4 minutes, 4 seconds Sokol80: LUL Nightbot: LUL Qu0tile5masher: 😮 Stanislav_Kus: channler your inner R6 platinum rank KwapSquared: LUL san_x0: LMFAO itsyaboynell: BEAT IT KURT NOBAIN RJ_Whitlock: pentawLuL pentawLuL williewonkers2: LUL EchebKeso: burn chirsg: 5150 nikka lol Hawk_Moth: hahahahaha justaboveyou: Damn pjsilva: YOU’RE ON SO EARLY I LOVE IT Qu0tile5masher: XD Martin6421: D: itsOrangeSoda: LUL Eddie1225: i mean this is one way tomake you tough KEKW justaboveyou: Jailbait LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL justaboveyou: lyndi1LUL mudkip420swag: ok thor Hawk_Moth: he’s gonna rub off on you eventually lmao fallout53: juddLUL juddLUL juddLUL handymannILM: Give him the stick Eddie1225: tough love works

RJ_Whitlock: He is a scuffed Kurt Cobain LUL xKittenzz: Jailbait means something else Ashlyn Kappa Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Unlimax: Cheetah girl PauseChamp williewonkers2: KEKW jakeitchy: lol who is that NeonMari: EU stream ashlynnGasp ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv justaboveyou: LOL @ashlynn how do you miss that xKittenzz: @jakeitchy nidas chubbymexiquesadilla: ashlynnRee Eddie1225: LMAOOOO darkaxz: D: J0hanAndersson: @jakeitchy its Nikez jaiyu: bullied on brenda and brenda #2 PepeHands san_x0: D: cryptea: she does look like mj Hawk_Moth: swedes are naturally hilarious, you are lucky johanswe96: ashlynnKek ChrisChaotix: Not Brenda btw RJ_Whitlock: pentawLuL kord76: listen Hans…you need to go find Franz Nightbot: look MillenniumLad21: swedish dawg the bounty hunter AJVM_: Not alpha in any character nakkiHands itsyaboynell: Discounted Kurt williewonkers2: LUL Nightbot: LUL justaboveyou: BIGWOW Favorite DOC fallout53: ponsKEKW ponsKEKW Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW san_x0: LOOL itsyaboynell: LUL LUL LUL darkaxz: ???? mudkip420swag: Can’t believe Michael Jackson and Kurt Cobain are prison guards RJ_Whitlock: pentawLurk pentawLurk pentawLurk mr_mooncat: ??? Eddie1225: LMAOOOOO necrobama: what san_x0: ?? johanswe96: 🇸🇪 ashlynnCool 🇸🇪 justaboveyou: I mean you are MJ so………… @ashlynn sahgress: Nidas and Nikez have very similar DOC character darkaxz: ewww DramaticReadingOfCatBarf: cuff him itsyaboynell: KEKW Hawk_Moth: he reminds me of PC Principal actually LUL itsOrangeSoda: ashlynnCool Eddie1225: @sahgress they are brothers in game starrkiddd: She’s gotta beat it Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAOOOOO RJ_Whitlock: pentawWhat1 pentawWhat2 Smitty2NC: KEKW Qu0tile5masher: >.> theycallmezip: seems like an excellent time to bean bag him Eddie1225: LULW darkaxz: monkaS darkaxz: he’s practicing cavity search on himself artemisah: who is the guy Eddie1225: not shooting KEKW rebelparagon: its to late for them to like you Eddie1225: LULW AJVM_: This character is probably more nervous than Brenda darkaxz: you should’ve shot him LUL r41ndawg: LUL Nightbot: LUL rtiz121: hey ashlynn and chat DramaticReadingOfCatBarf: Buy pizza and beer justaboveyou: uhnV uhnV lyndi1Fury Eddie1225: we learning PogU Sokol80: always testing RJ_Whitlock: It was a setup LUL theycallmezip: so… like this? *bang* RoboGeoff: shoot him in the face for looking at you mr_mooncat: shoot him Eddie1225: Pog darkaxz: POGGERS Sokol80: Pog 4li3n: PogU EchebKeso: Noiice RJ_Whitlock: Pog Smitty2NC: Pog vnicole621: Pog jamie_gene_k: Pog TECHBLAIR: @ashlynn long time no see streaming mudkip420swag: now do a cavity search Kimberly_Galarza: lol Dokubeki: ayeeee Martin6421: Pog itsyaboynell: Dwayne the pebble Jonson IAmYoungDabNow: Shoot your instructor dullmemes: Pog jimmytortellini: LUL LUL Nightbot: LUL J0hanAndersson: Pog Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW justaboveyou: uhnSalute uhnSalute uhnSalute uhnSalute uhnSalute uhnSalute theycallmezip: shoot him again jordan19: SHROUD REACTION TIME RoboGeoff: butter finger time mama_gator_: LUL LUL MarkAnthony121: I just realized Nikki looks like a young Sarah Connor RJ_Whitlock: pentawFlashlight pentawWeirdj TheOneWhoCryed: !uptime Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 38 minutes 52 seconds MillenniumLad21: total MJ Eddie1225: LULW ScourgeNL: i hope andrews goes there soon LUL Stanislav_Kus: ok show off Kappa MillenniumLad21: especially from that angle bruto: !rt Nightbot: Retweet and Like ashlynnHeart https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias/status/1204144991397974021 jordan19: the brown pocket pog Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ Gmanlouis123: Hee hee @ashlynn RJ_Whitlock: pentawTeehee DodgeDartGirl_: Slip it into their prison wallet Eddie1225: MonkaW stickbun23: !uptime

Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 40 minutes 13 seconds richardpwnsner: nice Eddie1225: ashlynnNotee Anttares3: nakkiLewd nakkiLewd nakkiLewd nakkiLewd nakkiLewd nakkiLewd nakkiLewd FAVOURS?! Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW dullmemes: monkaEyes B-Bovice Cnighthawk848: bovice took his brothers hair richardpwnsner: lol why are all these randos givfting me subs it’s freaking me out Soggydwarf: ashlynnBooty Eddie1225: LMAOOO bruto: !insta Stanislav_Kus: let the boys settle their differences darkaxz: @richardpwnsner you’re the chosen one POGGERS Falcon954: @ashlynn are you going to the court case later? Eddie1225: LULW itsOrangeSoda: LUL Nightbot: LUL Mauroheisenberg: arrest him KEKW darkaxz: LOL Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW EchebKeso: KEKW san_x0: 2 for 1 stickbun23: LUL jamie_gene_k: KEKW 4li3n: double tap Pog AJVM_: Alpha up second Brenda williewonkers2: KEKW DramaticReadingOfCatBarf: hahaha Anttares3: oh god that was a mile away XD dullmemes: KEKW TiMANosaurusRex: fairRIP justaboveyou: REEEE Qu0tile5masher: BAHABAHABAHABAHABAHABHABAHABAH san_x0: how to shooting richardpwnsner: life is chaos and devoid of meaning weeskwee: the corrections officers reminds me of the Police Academy films richardpwnsner: oh wait you’re alive itsOrangeSoda: ashlynnGun san_x0: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Sadiii_: Potato aim KEKW Eddie1225: LULW Unlimax: LUL Nightbot: LUL Qu0tile5masher: aim the open end at what you want to die 🙂 Anttares3: there is a lot of murica jokes that im not going to make daf4ever: cs:go silver 1 Alexos96: tjos swedish guy is amazing LUL Eddie1225: LMAO Bewby: LOL Alexos96: this* darkaxz: tru stickbun23: LUL san_x0: ?? Eddie1225: 5Head johanswe96: ashlynnCool taraquest: You could call him ABBA Eddie1225: LMAO sahgress: 5Head stickbun23: Make sense datduckhs: he said hellow mudkip420swag: onion Bewby: or you’re just bad minteacoco: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW justaboveyou: BIGWOW KwapSquared: what about an onion?? ahmedshaltout: lol Syrian_Punk: LUL Nightbot: LUL Eddie1225: LULW darkaxz: ewww KwapSquared: LUL Stanislav_Kus: just give her a grenade launcher or something with large spread Kappa itsOrangeSoda: LUL Mauroheisenberg: ask for a rocket launcher, it’s slighly easier to hit KEKW Unlimax: You should do a Korean class for DoC PauseChamp ScourgeNL: i dont think a bean bag can spread tho theycallmezip: is he the young guy with the hair NordicInquisition: silent fart bruto: Swede – twitch.tv/nikez SpuriousArbiter: omfg you look like Brenda from Community weeskwee: a cavity search on vinny. cant wait Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn 4li3n: just use your finger like Ellie did sodW 🖕 newt_jacuzzi: D: L D Eddie1225: so call him old got it ashlynnNotee ashlynnNotee darkaxz: draw shoot theycallmezip: no she looks like brenda from los santos gamerashley23: Sheis a prison gaurd OHHH SNAPPPP Eddie1225: LULW darkaxz: sure Kappa hoyyt: Poe-tate-toe yoyoyox3: right! good work nsuix: nah 🙂 joesnotaverage: suuurree stickbun23: As you say disjointedspoon: just shoot him now itsOrangeSoda: no 🙂 AJVM_: Aren’t they new also Kinghaye1: What ever you say Kappa

4li3n: sodTADO Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW stickbun23: LUL Nightbot: LUL darkaxz: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa darkaxz: well that’s not wrong Qu0tile5masher: AHHH Stanislav_Kus: trueeeeeeeeeeeeee gamerashley23: Scream and SHout and let it all out Bewby: self awareness is key richardpwnsner: lol moderation settings won’t let me talk about the way my d o g is s p o o n I n g me Eddie1225: training PogU Nytebehr: Skeet shooting! Eddie1225: LULW cryptea: perma stickbun23: LUL Nightbot: LUL Nytebehr: Snipe him good Stanislav_Kus: 0 – 1 dullmemes: LUL Eddie1225: 0-1 richardpwnsner: nice Eddie1225: 0-2 Stanislav_Kus: 0 – 2 Nytebehr: Dayum Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW bruto: say doggo @richardpwnsner minteacoco: KEKW carlooooo: LUL Nytebehr: Quick draw williewonkers2: LUL sal15: ashlynnGun ashlynnGun ashlynnGun ashlynnGun Eddie1225: LMAOOO cryptea: LUL skyMaiden: Pog Nightbot: LUL gamerashley23: LUL richardpwnsner: oWo my wiggle bulgy doggy minteacoco: TRADE Pog Eddie1225: trade Pog thinktravels: this is a good training game 4li3n: Pog richardpwnsner: doggo carlooooo: LUL minteacoco: damn dude KEKW TheTragicomical: BULL DavidDragonMaster: LUL TopHat Sokol80: work on your aim RJ_Whitlock: pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL williewonkers2: 0-3-1 LUL gamerashley23: that was dead on shot itsOrangeSoda: ashlynnSass Painfu1Me1ody: can’t scream btw Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn RoboGeoff: Put a aimpoint mark on your monitor thinktravels: wolfFail itsOrangeSoda: ashlynnKek Kinghaye1: Can’t scream btw LUL Stanislav_Kus: worst shooter on the roster Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW richardpwnsner: I thought I was getting baited into an autoban so I went all out, now it’s awkward johanswe96: ashlynnKek minteacoco: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAOOO Bewby: LOL skyMaiden: D: RJ_Whitlock: pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL Qu0tile5masher: LUL Nightbot: LUL Nytebehr: choiLUL choiLUL choiLUL Bewby: LOLASOGFAfdghjkandfkhadfhagyhdfghadgf 4li3n: LUL what_is_twitchprime: LUL Bewby: i appreciate him EchebKeso: Don’t have much hope for the crim character XD stickbun23: LUL dullmemes: KEKW cryptea: LUL Painfu1Me1ody: LMFAO wow reveeries: LUl Slipalong: Would help if they let you shoot a few to get your eye in first lol Qu0tile5masher: K E K W williewonkers2: 0-5-1 LULW Sokol80: LUL Nightbot: LUL thinktravels: cyrGoog TremblesWithBeer: Hi Stanislav_Kus: Ash getting competetive LUL Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW itsOrangeSoda: LUL Eddie1225: LMAOOO darkaxz: i don’t yell btw gamerashley23: LUL LUL LUL Eddie1225: so do the same thing KEKW BenKelsey: hey @ashlynn :> dullmemes: KEKW xRELLIKx: PepeLaugh joesnotaverage: hipfire ShinobiJones: You’d think all that R6S would make you a good shot LUL Nytebehr: choiLUL choiLUL choiLUL JJOkochaJJ: i cant scream KEKW Sadiii_: This is just like R6 KEKW richardpwnsner: how are you not sponsored by under armor Eddie1225: LULW badareus: badareus subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 8 months, currently on a 8 month streak! what_is_twitchprime: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW badareus: badareus’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! johanswe96: ashlynnKek jamie_gene_k: KEKW darkaxz: LOL 4li3n: Pepega 👍 Sokol80: LUL Bewby: lol Nightbot: LUL itsOrangeSoda: ashlynnKek Eddie1225: Pog stickbun23: Amazing tip gamerashley23: such a good tip Nightbot: Get closer to the community by joining the Famlynn™ Discord https://discord.gg/ashlynn Unlimax: lol darkaxz: WutFace EchebKeso: Lesson complete Nytebehr: Yes dullmemes: just shoot 4Head sal15: ashlynnDerp ashlynnDerp ashlynnDerp xKittenzz: LEMME HEAR YOUR WAR CRY ahmedshaltout: that was damn accurate lol meowfia: aleksWut Bewby: you did it Sokol80: you got him Trythen: eyesaimshoot! JJOkochaJJ: that range KEKW taraquest: awesome richardpwnsner: noooo justaboveyou: uhnKek Acaibear: gwiseS Nytebehr: Nice Nytebehr: choiLUL 4li3n: Pog J0hanAndersson: Pog Sadiii_: Brenda is scaring me saabW jamie_gene_k: Pog stickbun23: Pog Nytebehr: That was better! williewonkers2: Pog bruto: @Acaibear ashlynnHey

Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias Stanislav_Kus: *hits 2 shoot* I’m the best Kappa Bewby: lol Nytebehr: choiPog Acaibear: I’m so proud gamerashley23: Hulk Smash Eddie1225: LMAO Bewby: LOLOLOLOL ahmedshaltout: micheal jackson voice: heeee heeee Jackmadman: your a guard lol weeskwee: pterodactyl screams williewonkers2: LUL Nightbot: LUL RJ_Whitlock: pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL Sadiii_: You missed that lol pina_colorado: how guard brenda going chat Acaibear: I’ve done this for awhile lol Eddie1225: always be on point KEKW Sadiii_: That was Underwoods shot Eddie1225: LMAOOOOO vnicole621: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW carlooooo: LUL TremblesWithBeer: Eyes ears shoot? itsOrangeSoda: KEKW richardpwnsner: masterful Kinghaye1: I love this competition dullmemes: @pina_colorado Michael Jackson has bad aim Kappa Bewby: roll right after your shot lol Eddie1225: LOOOOOOOL RJ_Whitlock: pentawLuL pentawLuL Eddie1225: nikez is great richardpwnsner: what competition Eddie1225: KEKW YuyoROKO1015: aim higher Bewby: yeah Squidmyster: at some point its bullying lol xKittenzz: its nidas 4HEad Rough08: Meanwhile all prisoners escape Sadiii_: Brenda reflexes KEKW kord76: listen here swatch Nightbot: look Bewby: this has been great Eddie1225: LMAOO Painfu1Me1ody: he just comes over to shit talk and it’s amazing Memer_Carebear: Loser pov FeelsBadMan FlickCM: Nikki’s smack talk is just compliments Jackmadman: lmao Eddie1225: LMAOOOOOO xKittenzz: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW bruto: KEKW 4li3n: KEKW williewonkers2: KEKW jamie_gene_k: KEKW J0hanAndersson: KEKW ScourgeNL: KEKW The_Nzyme: KEKW Stanislav_Kus: KEKW PowerGamed: KEKW darkaxz: WutFace NeonMari: KEKW IronDiety: KEKW Unlimax: E TO KEKW AJVM_: KEKW Gerya: KEKW tired1700: KEKW cryptea: KEKW SphealBat: KEKW carlooooo: HAHAHAHA Logan_Grim: KEKW richardpwnsner: oh snap TheTourist_: KEKW dullmemes: KEKW johanswe96: ashlynnKek EskelHaito: KEKW Eddie1225: E TU KEKW xKittenzz: E TU KEKW ktdarling: KEKW KarateChimpTV: KEKW Martin6421: KEKW vnicole621: KEKW what_is_twitchprime: KEKW JPeavy: KEKW highgr4de: KEKW Cnighthawk848: KEKW choco_senpai: KEKW UDIT_49: KEKW TheTragicomical: KEKW mageximu: KEKW acid3o3: KEKW Bewby: that’s gotta burn justaboveyou: uhnKek uhnKek uhnKek uhnKek Jackmadman: vadeLaugh vadeLaugh vadeLaugh DedWhaleson: KEKW E TU ScourgeNL: curtisryanCECW curtisryanCECW curtisryanCECW sal15: KEKW stickbun23: LUL LUL Nightbot: LUL Stoner_Minded: Stoner_Minded subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 8 months! its ok to be a bad shot KEKW Stoner_Minded: Stoner_Minded’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! Bewby: lol DramaticReadingOfCatBarf: KEKW DesireeNbc00: hahahha Jackmadman: vadeDERP poopypants123: Thanks for the HahaShrugRight @stoner_minded eancu: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW richardpwnsner: nope Eddie1225: LMAOOOO xKittenzz: KEKW carlooooo: KEKW ktdarling: ktdarling subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 7 months! gamerashley23: LUL jamie_gene_k: LOL FlickCM: LMAO TheTourist_: OH NO NO NO PepeLaugh ktdarling: ktdarling’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! Jackmadman: vadeLUL vadeLUL vadeLUL williewonkers2: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAOOOOOOOOOO 4li3n: Fwank KEKW healingsoup: fails even when cheating xRELLIKx: KEKW choco_senpai: KEKW dullmemes: PepeLaugh jamie_gene_k: KEKW Eddie1225: tough love KEKW bruto: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Unlimax: KEKW vnicole621: KEKW Martin6421: KEKW Bewby: lolol AJVM_: KEKW PowerGamed: KEKW NeonMari: KEKW SphealBat: PepeLaugh justaboveyou: uhnKek uhnKek uhnKek uhnKek uhnKek Gizshot: LOOK AT HER FACE Nightbot: listen FlickCM: Nikki needs to go watch some Matrix and learn to be Trinity williewonkers2: PepeLaugh Nytebehr: choiLUL choiLUL choiLUL Eddie1225: Pog richardpwnsner: he’s just saving tie Bewby: got his ass Sokol80: Pog xKittenzz: PogU Painfu1Me1ody: look at the top of his head Nightbot: listen darkaxz: POGGERS J0hanAndersson: Pog jamie_gene_k: Pog vnicole621: Pog Benjamin18: Pog Martin6421: Pog DesireeNbc00: I’m giggling omg choco_senpai: Pog carlooooo: ashlynnPog ashlynnPog ashlynnPog exlegender: PogU gamerashley23: Pog williewonkers2: Pog Jackmadman: vadeL vadeL vadeL Thunderstrum: Pog chatcast: She’s starting to believe MI7AD_: reload LUL dullmemes: Pogey Clap osivee: NICE mudkip420swag: please don’t start a war with Sweden bruto: !caster Acaibear richardpwnsner: yeah this is definitely the turning point t Nightbot: Make sure to give Acaibear a follow! Acaibear was last seen playing Grand Theft Auto V . You can follow Acaibear at twitch.tv/Acaibear Bewby: i like how you get gangster when you win bruto: !caster Stoner_Minded NotTooShabby_408: @chatcast KEKW Nytebehr: Ended bruto: !caster Stoner_Minded FeeltheBass: keep his character lined up at all times Eddie1225: coop KEKW Nightbot: Make sure to give Stoner_Minded a follow! Stoner_Minded was last seen playing Grand Theft Auto V . You can follow Stoner_Minded at twitch.tv/Stoner_Minded itsOrangeSoda: Pogey MoonMagic: saabH saabH saabH saabH saabH saabH Nytebehr: choiLUL Jackmadman: vadeGun vadeGun Eddie1225: LMAOOO brisocul37: @ashlynn dont move and shoot. stand still skyMaiden: is that fenton KEKW darkaxz: POGGERS ExTahZee: Pog meduesa_: Pog Gmanlouis123: Try eyes darkaxz: damn it feels good to be a gangsta HighImCradle: havent been here in a min, what happened to brenda? HighImCradle: @ashlynn how have you been? 🙂 Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW what_is_twitchprime: KEKW Bewby: this is nikki not brenda lol Eddie1225: LMAOOO KarateChimpTV: KEKW jamie_gene_k: KEKW TheTourist_: KEKW itsOrangeSoda: Son of a bish ashlynnKek xKittenzz: LOok at the top of his head PepeLaugh Nightbot: listen gamerashley23: KEKW williewonkers2: KEKW stickbun23: LUL Nightbot: LUL Hawk_Moth: hahahahaha Mauroheisenberg: KEKW eancu: lmao ktdarling: KEKW dullmemes: KEKW GreenJuiceBox: KEKW Raccoonyx: Just shoot him once while he’s running away from you Sokol80: LUL jamie_gene_k: LUL Nytebehr: choiLUL choiLUL choiLUL darkaxz: kiki would be great at that part LUL Sokol80: Torpedo Man Hawk_Moth: omg kiki as a doc would be murderous Haxi_: Haxi_ subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 7 months! Look, Listen. It’s been 7 months Haxi_: Haxi_’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! DramaticReadingOfCatBarf: NO DEAL Howie Mandel poopypants123: Thanks for the HahaSweat @haxi_ Cnighthawk848: you saw bass at traing for a min mudkip420swag: this is a good chill stream jamie_gene_k: Haxi saabHug PouncerD: The bald head looks more scary then the other guy pounce1Haha dullmemes: @HighImCradle Nikki North, Ash’s DOC character, super nervous and unlucky PepeLaugh Jackmadman: shot them both they are busy darkaxz: ????? Debacled_: hiroLurk Eddie1225: Pog NotBetsy: Pog MikeSaint210: Pog Bewby: it becomes a second muscle at a certain point though Nytebehr: choiPog Bewby: yeah Hawk_Moth: corrections could use the fashion police NotBetsy: kyliebAww kandurapandur: PokPikachu Painfu1Me1ody: you got it lol

YuyoROKO1015: sure Eddie1225: alot of it just comes witht ime Jackmadman: mmorpgHol exlegender: POGGERS Eddie1225: time* NotBetsy: kyliebList Martin6421: nice Medicineman2: YOOOO ASH !!!!! uwuGOOD uwuLOVE uwuLOVE uwuLOVE uwuLOVE FlickCM: They will be skills you can translate to criminal mastermind Madge Sokol80: its like a job you learn with experience Bewby: experience is how you lvl up lol Stanislav_Kus: I think you will have to play Nikki pretty regularly to not constantly forget stuff DramaticReadingOfCatBarf: uwuLOVE uwuLOVE uwuLOVE charle11Aww Jackmadman: pokiPOP mmm PouncerD: Last name ? MoonMagic: spbSmile Nexedis: michael jackson Amatokka: @ashlynn would Nikki ever try to become a cop? Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW datduckhs: LUL Nightbot: LUL XtraMedium1301: You will do great. I think comms will be your biggest challenge gamerashley23: no comment ahmedshaltout: lol OnTheBOTA: KEKW bruto: North @PouncerD TheTourist_: KEKW jamie_gene_k: KEKW Kimberly_Galarza: lol Jackmadman: mmorpgJuicy mmorpgJ2 Mauroheisenberg: What does DOC stand for? exlegender: this is a good char to do that “crims should be friends” that you talked about paultyler92: You are a good shooter you just need to work on why when you shoot the gun where the bullet goes where you can name it where it needs to go Raccoonyx: Nikki and Kiki bruto: !doc Nightbot: DoC or Department of Corrections. Working as a guard in Boilingbroke Penitentiary Hawk_Moth: i think doc is more fun than the police, but that’s just me Nexedis: eehee MoonMagic: north @pouncerd Mauroheisenberg: ahhhhhh thx PouncerD: kk Eddie1225: !motto Nightbot: We Rehabilitate Motherfuckers, Sir! ashlynn7 Haxi_: It’s okay Sadiii_: wtf DramaticReadingOfCatBarf: brucegBannedtoilet Haxi_: Everyone misses me Slipalong: Prisoners dont usually shoot back, so you’ll be fine darkaxz: her fishbowl brain gonna be an aquarium soon <3 FragileOne: both of them Haxi_: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa Medicineman2: !uptime Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 56 minutes 23 seconds Eddie1225: bald eagle KEKW itsOrangeSoda: ashlynnHungo nsuix: i reallyy hope you try to become a cop it would be great Sadiii_: When did Brenda get accepted? uwuTHINK Nexedis: @haxi_ who u is Kappa itsOrangeSoda: 5150 ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: PogU TheTourist_: PauseChamp Jackmadman: vadeAww vadeHeart Bewby: lol Bewby: gross choco_senpai: KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW Haxi_: I am no one Unlimax: Like the Mudflower ? Jackmadman: vadeMald jamie_gene_k: KEKW stickbun23: Just like mold ExTahZee: LUL Nightbot: LUL XtraMedium1301: @sadiii_ a few days ago. She did training with Andrews richardpwnsner: big head Stonerxjake: Stonerxjake subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 2 months! keep it up ashlynn Stonerxjake: Stonerxjake's Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! itsOrangeSoda: LUL Eddie1225: what Bewby: we dont mold Ash, we're too processed for that skyMaiden: DansGame PouncerD: Like a wart, starting to grow on him .,., lol darkaxz: ??? XtraMedium1301: Her training is on her last VoD Nexedis: ? Martin6421: DansGame williewonkers2: LUL ExTahZee: ???????/ jamie_gene_k: LOL darkaxz: ?????????? ExTahZee: wtf Kimberly_Galarza: lol Eddie1225: what the fuck KEKW cryptea: WutFace MikeSaint210: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW DiTzZ_: monkaW Alexos96: KEKW ktdarling: ????? TrendKillG: sheriffREE jamie_gene_k: KEKW Proskye94: eehhh crazyerazer: ok brenda williewonkers2: KEKW stickbun23: ?????? PouncerD: wtf was that DiTzZ_: monkaS KawaiiWeeb_: FeelsWeirdMan XtraMedium1301: Like a baby KEKW itsOrangeSoda: ??????? Jackmadman: gub20IQmas Proskye94: lol Eddie1225: LMAOOO ZeroX711: ????? GreenJuiceBox: KEKW IronDiety: monkaEyes datduckhs: LUL ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: LUL ChrisChaotix: …… Bewby: back in? TheTourist_: KEKW Thunderstrum: KEKW Alexos96: LULW jamie_gene_k: LOL dullmemes: KEKW VincitOmniaVeritas: LUL gamerashley23: LUL insomnii4c: LOOOOL Koreni3: KEKW jamie_gene_k: LUL Derpywonka: LUL Unlimax: wut richardpwnsner: wat Kimberly_Galarza: KEKW ktdarling: LMAOOO mudkip420swag: suck it back up Eddie1225: 5Head itsOrangeSoda: Bewby: no Martin6421: Lmaooo FelixNewberg: WutFace Kinghaye1: Wow that’s like Brenda LUL OnTheBOTA: danThink jamie_gene_k: HAHHAHAHA cryptea: never to late to abort Kappa choco_senpai: ew williewonkers2: LULW XtraMedium1301: LUL exlegender: yes PouncerD: pounce1Haha pounce1Haha Jackmadman: karaWut Proskye94: suare Proskye94: lol ExTahZee: LUL KwapSquared: I mean... you could if you wanted to DEE_b: ashlynnThump ashlynnBooty JJOkochaJJ: chat thinks its brenda when its just ash KEKW Bewby: would you want something that makes that sound inside of you? Eddie1225: LMAOO ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Mauroheisenberg: I can't wait to see her interact with actual criminals with this personality KEKW Ultrabeast: cold hard swedish logic jamie_gene_k: HHAHAHHAHA VincitOmniaVeritas: hahahaha Jackmadman: x33nTroll Stanislav_Kus: ashlynnNotee can go vack in Painfu1Me1ody: giving birth to a demon xD Proskye94: shoot back lol Unlimax: pay attention LUL XtraMedium1301: Deserved lol RoboGeoff: bork bork bork! Bewby: it gets black bb Eddie1225: MonkaW Koreni3: monkaS richardpwnsner: FYI eating darkaxz: ??? PouncerD: a wart :P Jackmadman: kebunCop kebunCop kebunCop Bewby: yeah a wart's a good one ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW jamie_gene_k: lol Stanislav_Kus: same Painfu1Me1ody: like a candle rebelparagon: but no one waters them Eddie1225: KEKW RoboGeoff: How will he react if you do the Swedish Chef voice XtraMedium1301: Like a mud flower lol Qu0tile5masher: LUL Eddie1225: gottem KEKW Nightbot: LUL jamie_gene_k: LOL gamerashley23: get rekted Jackmadman: kebunWoza ahmedshaltout: goooal Serene_Bean: !uptime Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 59 minutes 16 seconds Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ Hawk_Moth: p l a n t jamie_gene_k: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: LULW Jackmadman: dropoutAllthebadguys rebelparagon: you're more like the cactus richardpwnsner: never trust a guy that customizes with a ponytail skyMaiden: ??????????? darkaxz: ??????? jakeitchy: betchPLANT Bewby: LOLOLOL skyMaiden: moon2D ExTahZee: KEKW MainVato: what AJVM_: Alpha Brenda is the best Brenda Eddie1225: KEKW gamerashley23: TRUE eancu: lmao xRELLIKx: KEKW Mauroheisenberg: dayuuum williewonkers2: KEKW TheTourist_: KEKW DanceSilly_7: LUL jamie_gene_k: HAHAHAAHAH BEST JOKE Nightbot: LUL Stanislav_Kus: wow ExTahZee: damn stickbun23: Truuueeee itsOrangeSoda: LUL Nexedis: oof ExTahZee: holy shit skyMaiden: PLANTS ARENT USELESS D: dullmemes: KEKW ExTahZee: that was great richardpwnsner: wimp womp Bewby: yeah sky, plants are food DanceSilly_7: Plants are important BibleThump stickbun23: LUL

Eddie1225: old style KEKW ExTahZee: LUL Nightbot: LUL AJVM_: Runs in straight line pepeLaugh XtraMedium1301: Runs in a straight line LUL Chris_G_x: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ahmedshaltout: damn accurate XD nickdickerson1: tell him you’re a cactus, anybody can keep them alive MissMurd3r: @ExTahZee <3 MissMurd3r: @Stanislav_Kus HeyGuys Eddie1225: tru ExTahZee: @MissMurd3r saabH Hawk_Moth: this is true lmao vnicole621: KEKW MainVato: lol Nameless105: ikea MissMurd3r: @Unlimax <3 Eddie1225: cmonBruh milton_requaza: uhnKek Stanislav_Kus: @MissMurd3r ashlynnLuvv Jackmadman: pokiLOL kekiboss: oof MissMurd3r: @Eddie1225 <3 cryptea: KEKW 4li3n: forsenWut forsenGun itsOrangeSoda: ashlynnKek DiTzZ_: hahaha wtf Hawk_Moth: shoot emmm MissMurd3r: @choco_senpai <3 DramaticReadingOfCatBarf: Call him Denmark or the Great Dane MissMurd3r: @MainVato <3 Cnighthawk848: LUL Nightbot: LUL HighImCradle: go harass some prisoners MainVato: hellur @MissMurd3r MainVato: <3 Siddisterz: who plays this character? Haxi_: OH shit, she saw Bewby: yeah call him a Dane lol dullmemes: "certain setting" PepeLaugh Neddings: It's Nikez MissMurd3r: @Haxi_ <3 bruto: Sweden - twitch.tv/nikez Jackmadman: sparcPog MissMurd3r: @bruto <3 Eddie1225: learning PogU bruto: MissMurd3r ashlynnHey TremblesWithBeer: Early stream pog jamie_gene_k: @haxi ashlynnCozyy hola Haxi_: Waddup MissMurd3r bruto: !rt Nightbot: Retweet and Like ashlynnHeart https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias/status/1204144991397974021 Bewby: another one to "purposefully" confuse with Sweden is Switzerland they hate that one lol Haxi_: waddup jamie Jackmadman: pokiEgg MissMurd3r: Hope everyone is well <3 :) Jackmadman: @missmurd3r pokiGood richardpwnsner: my dad died :( MissMurd3r: @Jackmadman :) Haxi_: I'm sorry @richardpwnsner richardpwnsner: @haxi_ lol psyche armbar49: so to hear that @richardpwnsner MoonMagic: moonneHeart moonneHeart moonneHeart moonneHeart AJVM_: Oop darkaxz: nope Cnighthawk848: Sweden starting to sound like Andrews bruto: Underwood - twitch.tv/gtawiseguy AnnieLP_: toxic Haxi_: Saying stuff like that to get attention @richardpwnsner WeirdChamp DramaticReadingOfCatBarf: Shoot him to become the true alpha Kimberly_Galarza: lol Bewby: say it with your chest, Ash MissMurd3r: @Kimberly_Galarza HeyGuys richardpwnsner: man it just blurted out Bewby: put some bass in ya voice AJVM_: Lmao the deep voice darkaxz: ok brenda Cnighthawk848: LUL Nightbot: LUL sal15: ashlynnCassie ashlynnCassie ashlynnCassie SpaceDanGaming: nakkiBlank jamie_gene_k: LUL darkaxz: he forgot his sexuality OMEGALUL Nightbot: Check your Twitch Prime and consider using your free sub on Ashlynn Kimberly_Galarza: hi @MissMurd3r ashlynnLuvv what_is_twitchprime: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW richardpwnsner: fair point though TheTourist_: why are all DOC gay LULW dullmemes: KEKW williewonkers2: KEKW Jackmadman: vadeBlank vadeBlank jamie_gene_k: KEKW Jackmadman: vadeLUL AnnieLP_: KEKW original_khawk: IKEA muscles uhsnowKEKW ModifiedMonkee: ashlynnWoww eancu: KEKW richardpwnsner: I AIN’T GAY Eddie1225: KEKW FelixNewberg: Kreygasm Kreygasm jamie_gene_k: HAHAHA Bewby: lol Bewby: mushy noodles are the worst Eddie1225: LULW yessie55: Belong in a what...? gambolingman: nattSnake stickbun23: What gamerashley23: hillhaFlexx

geopineapple: yessie a zoo Eddie1225: yes itsyaboynell: HahaPoint HahaPoint HahaPoint Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias Stanislav_Kus: slow day at prison Eddie1225: its controlled shitlording its fucking great darkaxz: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa Va1iantN7: Va1iantN7 subscribed at Tier 1 Va1iantN7: Va1iantN7’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! yessie55: @geopineapple thnx lol dullmemes: Kappa geopineapple: np bruto: !hype Nightbot: ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult Hawk_Moth: Thanks for the HahaDoge @va1iantn7 vnicole621: Thanks for the HahaDreidel @va1iantn7 Jackmadman: mintyS mintyS Eddie1225: it’s like working at the hospital but you have a shotgun KEKW SpaceDanGaming: MiniK jamie_gene_k: LOL itsyaboynell: AIIGHHTTT MissMurd3r: @jamie_gene_k HeyGuys Eddie1225: denzel Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Va1iantN7: been enjoying the stream so much! Sokol80: Denzel Pog MikeSaint210: KEKW Eddie1225: you going to his hearing later? choco_senpai: KEKW Painfu1Me1ody: o god lol obzen66: so glad brenda is DoC jamie_gene_k: @MissMurd3r hey ashlynnLuvv Jackmadman: x33nWorry AJVM_: Denzy bear Eddie1225: LOL darkaxz: monkaS Eddie1225: MonkaW Hawk_Moth: LUL Nightbot: LUL AnnieLP_: his breathe smells like meatballs Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Falcon954: going to his court case tonight? Dezerman: that didnt look like denzel Stanislav_Kus: does DoC escort prisoners to the court, or does PD do that? smoochdb: ew Jackmadman: kebunBoom kebunBoom Eddie1225: LMAOO DramaticReadingOfCatBarf: They put horse meat in meatballs, what a liar Unlimax: LULW exlegender: exlegender gifted a Tier 1 sub to darkaxz! They have given 51 Gift Subs in the channel! exlegender: exlegender’s Gift shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! Eddie1225: LMAO ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW rharzn: Thanks for the HahaBall @exlegender TremblesWithBeer: Kekw jamie_gene_k: saabHype Dark darkaxz: exlegender!!! thank you! bruto: !hype Nightbot: ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult Jackmadman: vadeJail vadeCop Bewby: okay i gotta go back to work and lurk, zekeLOVE darkaxz: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv AJVM_: !roll taraquest: His trial today Nightbot: AJVM_ rolled: 1 BigLanPDX: BigLanPDX subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 6 months! sSK1TTL3Ss: sSK1TTL3Ss subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 13 months! BigLanPDX: BigLanPDX’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! AJVM_: Wat the sSK1TTL3Ss: sSK1TTL3Ss’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! obzen66: fake it til you make it original_khawk: 769 his callsign jamie_gene_k: Thanks for the HahaCat @biglanpdx bruto: !hype DramaticReadingOfCatBarf: !roll Nightbot: ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult cass_plums: HahaDoge Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW TremblesWithBeer: kappa Nightbot: Kappa Kimberly_Galarza: lmao jamie_gene_k: LOL Eddie1225: lmaoo williewonkers2: LUL Nightbot: LUL darkaxz: @exlegender i appreciate it ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv Zietha: The blond Falcon armbar49: fhaeYas_SG maxxearth: hello my first time here and im hooked keep up the good work benzo279: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn dullmemes: @maxxearth Welcome HeyGuys <3 maxxearth: thank you @dullmemes Eddie1225: LMAOOO itscrownnzz: @darkaxz ashlynn7 jamie_gene_k: @maxxearth ashlynnLuvv welcome Jackmadman: she wants get stabbed in the mintyThicc wililjam: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW exlegender: lol williewonkers2: KEKW darkaxz: politics monkaS Jackmadman: vadeLUL darkaxz: itscrownnzz ashlynn7 maxxearth: thank you @jamie_gene_k Eddie1225: KEKW gambolingman: juryUSA VDOJunk: have you met Nidas' doc yet AJVM_: ashlynn7

Eddie1225: LMAOOO Thunderstrum: KEKW darkaxz: lol carlooooo: HAHA wililjam: LUL Nightbot: LUL san_x0: LOL what_is_twitchprime: LUL TheTourist_: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Cnighthawk848: call him Ikea Painfu1Me1ody: God emperor of Ikea eancu: LUL Eddie1225: LULW wililjam: KEKW mudkip420swag: Mr. Meatballs smokebu: pff not even jarl Eddie1225: KEKW jamie_gene_k: KEKW Homless_Stone: Ask about his 20 Sons and how half of them betrayed him Haxi_: !roll pepeSmoke Nightbot: Haxi_ rolled: 8 Eddie1225: mr meatballs KEKW ligerbomb: wooosh LUL Stanislav_Kus: omg Eddie1225: LMAOOOOO darkaxz: LOL 윔멜: :/ Cnighthawk848: LUL Nightbot: LUL ExTahZee: KEKW Hawk_Moth: hahahahahah Nightbot: KEKW ktdarling: LOLLL Jackmadman: example that again lol eancu: mHAHA badareus: horse meatballs stickbun23: LUL LUL NeonMari: KEKW williewonkers2: KEKW RJ_Whitlock: pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL benzo279: LUL Hawk_Moth: LUL Eddie1225: KEKW Jackmadman: x33nHKE darkaxz: OMG jamie_gene_k: LOL ExTahZee: LULW ExTahZee: omfg carlooooo: WTF LOL Homless_Stone: betchMOAN stickbun23: I don’t MikeSaint210: KEKW mudkip420swag: no Neddings: Hahahaha Kimberly_Galarza: omg Hawk_Moth: one night stick and two meatballs RJ_Whitlock: pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL Eddie1225: LULW darkaxz: D: RJ_Whitlock: pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL pentawLuL beepx2lettuce: D: sexist! Kappa Jackmadman: jillyThonk TyfectaGG: ashlynnCool yo bruto: !rt Nightbot: Retweet and Like ashlynnHeart https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias/status/1204144991397974021 darkaxz: wait what JoyTension: !insta Nightbot: Want to see butts? ashlynnBooty http://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias not Ashlynn’s but generally you can see butts on ig because its basically a thirst trap for empty and superficial compliments justaboveyou: hiroLewd hiroLewd hiroLewd Eddie1225: LMAOOOO carlooooo: HAHA Cnighthawk848: LUL Nightbot: LUL jamie_gene_k: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW bugatto12345: rooBlush wililjam: KEKW TheTourist_: LULW Stanislav_Kus: more like chapstick Jackmadman: vadeCop vadeCop dullmemes: KEKW CuraeL88: lolol MikeSaint210: KEKW beepx2lettuce: KEKW Eddie1225: LULW Eddie1225: fired KEKW jamie_gene_k: HAHAHHA AnnieLP_: KEKW wililjam: LUL jamie_gene_k: LOL Eddie1225: LMAO gambolingman: Spaceboy? Kappa Kimberly_Galarza: this is too good TheTourist_: Denzel’s trial PauseChamp itsyaboynell: Kurt And Mj Sitting in a Tree Stanislav_Kus: that will be Pog Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW wililjam: KEKW itsyaboynell: 8pm right ? itsyaboynell: LUL LUL LUL Nightbot: LUL Kimberly_Galarza: lol eancu: KEKW Sohu: KEKW stickbun23: LUL LUL MikeSaint210: KEKW Eddie1225: LOL Jackmadman: lol Stanislav_Kus: Nikki wants dem Swedish Meatballs ktdarling: pergnant Qu0tile5masher: LuL MissMurd3r: uhsnowKEKW dullmemes: Pregante wililjam: porfnat TheTragicomical: Progntonate MicroscopeEyes: prrrrrrregante jamie_gene_k: love it ligerbomb: pergante Stanislav_Kus: pomegrenade mr_mooncat: pragnent

jamie_gene_k: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn dreaqe: its great KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW Katabolic: Brenda is that you? SpinDash12: DoC = shitlord cops Eddie1225: LMAOOOO Pewprune: porgnat yessie55: Can u get… pregante Cnighthawk848: LUL Nightbot: LUL kekiboss: oh no KEKW choco_senpai: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAO darkaxz: OMG TheTragicomical: monkaGIGA properusernamefortwitch: KEKW stickbun23: LUL LUL MikeSaint210: KEKW gambolingman: BabyRage TheTragicomical: ASHLYNN NO Haxi_: Well then GreenJuiceBox: KEKW TheTourist_: this again KEKW Sohu: WutFace dullmemes: KEKW williewonkers2: KEKW Eddie1225: LOOOL SpinDash12: lol Haxi_: His Prison Pocket JJOkochaJJ: Ash turning everything about ERP she bout to get banned KEKW Eddie1225: hornji itsyaboynell: saabCross saabCross saabCross saabCross darkaxz: honry Stanislav_Kus: PAIGE NO travisoutlet: LUL Nightbot: LUL eancu: lmao mudkip420swag: Mr. Clean over there kind of looks like a sex toy Jackmadman: vadeNom darkaxz: not rp Eddie1225: LMAO NeonMari: Is Nikki a-sexual? LUL itsyaboynell: NORTH BEAT IT xoxobrxnda: toonyNRP travisoutlet: real lol Haxi_: It’s called Lip Boxing now Eddie1225: LULW Stanislav_Kus: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW jamie_gene_k: LOL dullmemes: that’s a mood though TheTourist_: KEKW mymizukix3: mehdiLAUGH Jackmadman: do u like my vadeRed stick yessie55: SAME SpinDash12: did the boat make it? felixthe1catt: felixthe1catt subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 19 months! felixthe1catt: felixthe1catt’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! Stanislav_Kus: SPOILERS xoxobrxnda: so brenda again KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW jamie_gene_k: saabHype 19 months darkaxz: mudflowers? Sokol80: Brenda with guns mudkip420swag: some muddy flowers itsyaboynell: You Dirty Diana Painfu1Me1ody: the mudflower? PocketGnarlies: Shoot him Eddie1225: LULW itsyaboynell: POG bobosaurr: this is just brenda 2.0 yessie55: Flowers and bees LUL wililjam: LUL Nightbot: LUL Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW skyMaiden: I LOVE NIKKI HECK THE HATERS Chompsy: Kapp Joekitty001: get rid of the 2 xoxobrxnda: KappaClaus TheTourist_: riiiight Katabolic: This is just Brenda with new clothes and a new job TheTragicomical: the character will develop 🙂 Painfu1Me1ody: it’s Brenda with a gun lol Jackmadman: vadeLUL Thunderstrum: It’s Brenda wearing an outfgit Dezerman: umm this isnt brenda?? heartlesssxo: why is brenda in jail? Kappa xoxobrxnda: denzel saabAww itsyaboynell: DEN ZAL exlegender: lol ScourgeNL: Voice crack when he said masculinity Eddie1225: PogU williewonkers2: Pog MissMurd3r: @exlegender HeyGuys joesnotaverage: says mr. ikea skyMaiden: D: xoxobrxnda: toonyGASP itsyaboynell: curvyRIP curvyRIP curvyRIP curvyRIP CuraeL88: He’s talking mad shit yo CuraeL88: I like it Cnighthawk848: LUL Eddie1225: LMAOOOO Nightbot: LUL Katabolic: Okay Brenda calm down Kimberly_Galarza: lol wililjam: betchMOAN Chompsy: RELAXXXXXX BRENDA KEKW Eddie1225: “im gonna stab you bitch” Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW darkaxz: ashlynnStahp Nightbot: Check your Twitch Prime and consider using your free sub on Ashlynn stickbun23: LUL dullmemes: KEKW darkaxz: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa Stanislav_Kus: this is more Brenda than actual Brenda mudkip420swag: splenda ladydeath85: brenda? xoxobrxnda: MiniK Mauroheisenberg: not brenda btw KEKW JJOkochaJJ: chat this is ashlynn not brenda Kappa Painfu1Me1ody: totally not brenda actualrealhousecat: matrix brenda xoxobrxnda: brenda 100% Cnighthawk848: LUL Nightbot: LUL itsyaboynell: Brenda could take notes Va1iantN7: Discord link? Eddie1225: LMAO Jackmadman: x33nYowza x33nYowza x33nYowza williewonkers2: LUL Eddie1225: LULW wililjam: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW bruto: !discord Nightbot: https://discord.gg/ashlynn SpinDash12: i hope Denzel fucks with Nikki what_is_twitchprime: Breadna KEKW

ivisenya: Him and Manny have the best fashion sense on the server Nightbot: Don’t forget to drink water, get up, stretch, and walk around. Hope you are enjoying the stream ashlynnLuv unseeingwhales: How is this not Brenda again? Ultrabeast: is full cavity search considered foreplay in prison? MrBanks711: Yea this is literally Brenda with a corrections vest Eddie1225: she has a shotgun KEKW xoxobrxnda: its ashlynnLuvv nightbot with two v’s TheTourist_: hair in a bun, glasses, forever uncomfortable? this is 100% brenda sonasne: It’s Brenda with a bean bag TrendKillG: danHmm Different yessie55: I’m glad you sound like you’re having fun LUL <3 Va1iantN7: thanks @bruto itsyaboynell: Water is suave SpinDash12: Brenda does not have a shotgun TheTragicomical: It's Brenda except not at all :) pose_: water is wet bruto: SeemsGood PolarInferno_: long beach KEKW JJOkochaJJ: its Brenda but this time she can be a bully KEKW Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ actualrealhousecat: brenda has brown hair, this character has black hair, see? pink_soda_: Can’t wait for her to meet pat chatcast: It is a bit different. Very slight difference but it's there Eddie1225: LULW Chompsy: ?????????? darkaxz: ????????? Dezerman: soooo brenda kord76: because she's wearing sunglasses exlegender: lol Eddie1225: what is happening stickbun23: LUL Nightbot: LUL dullmemes: monkaHmm JonBons: LUL wililjam: LUL itsyaboynell: buddha5Head buddha5Head buddha5Head buddha5Head Mauroheisenberg: of the heart KEKW Painfu1Me1ody: is Brenda gonna be making an appearance at the court case darkaxz: omg heartlesssxo: its good seeing bwenda in a cage Kappa Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW travisoutlet: LOL xoxobrxnda: ashlynnO Eddie1225: LMAOOO myownthreshcan: red one is better lol itsyaboynell: Nah Red jessixaa: the suit of a proper cop killer darkaxz: LUL Nightbot: LUL CuraeL88: Hahaha SpinDash12: he looks like an homeless pimp Hawk_Moth: haha Chompsy: KEKW eancu: LUL heartlesssxo: KEKW Cnighthawk848: LUL Sohu: KEKW choco_senpai: KEKW Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn dullmemes: KEKW skyMaiden: he'd be in contempt if he wore that KEKW MrWhiskeyRichard: Sweden is hilarious darkaxz: ewww Eddie1225: cavern of what Eddie1225: LMAOO stickbun23: What??! darkaxz: cavern of meat LUL what_is_twitchprime: LUL stickbun23: LUL LUL johanswe96: ashlynnKek skyMaiden: the meat mine Stanislav_Kus: sarlac pit bruto: Sweden - twitch.tv/nikez kingsavsav: 🥔 TrendKillG: HahaCat HahaCat Chiridolfo86: onion Sohu: nakkiHm Vaulii: onion darkaxz: OMG datduckhs: LUL Nightbot: LUL dullmemes: DansGame my ears wililjam: LUL Eddie1225: okay brenda FunkBish: cavern of meat, that really gets a juices flowing cyrUgasm Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW CuraeL88: It IS Brenda Stanislav_Kus: THATS BRENDA DAMMIT properusernamefortwitch: WTF KEKW jessixaa: literally brenda TheTragicomical: doesn't Brenda say onion darkaxz: BRENDA actualrealhousecat: DansGame Kimberly_Galarza: onion ...lol choco_senpai: brenda? Sohu: KEKW Painfu1Me1ody: it is brenda carlooooo: HAHA Katabolic: Yeah definitely not Brenda Eddie1225: LMAOOOo skyMaiden: LUL Jackmadman: oh god PyGs: hahah ahmedshaltout: eww lol Consurgent: LUL travisoutlet: LUL bugatto12345: rooWut johanswe96: ashlynnKek kingsavsav: sausage, 😂😂 wililjam: betchGAG MarioPlaysKeys: LUL devilmike00: cavern of meat is the most unattractive way to describe that I've ever heard lol PyGs: So fucking true :D Kimberly_Galarza: yep is Brenda Nameless105: smell burns your eyes darkaxz: ashlynnStahp ashlynnStahp ashlynnStahp ashlynnStahp xoxobrxnda: ashlynnInda travisoutlet: LMAO NOOOOOO Vaulii: this is sooo brenda! Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn ScourgeNL: Definitely Brenda Mattrud98: ooo she stinky Asarena: Definitely Brenda kingsavsav: lmaooo Eddie1225: KEKW SpinDash12: that might be the worst word ever for it Elker: KEKW Ultrabeast: what's onion in Swedish? Sohu: LUL Nightbot: LUL Cnighthawk848: LUL MissMurd3r: Chat, you all well? :) choco_senpai: KEKW Kimberly_Galarza: omg yessie55: steenkey nsuix: she stinkyyy Jackmadman: lol christianb47: LMFAO Drwoods8727: Thats what Brenda Would Say darkaxz: ashlynnStahp ashlynnStahp ashlynnStahp ashlynnStahp ashlynnStahp ashlynnStahp ashlynnStahp ashlynnStahp ashlynnStahp ashlynnStahp chatcast: Ok, now it's brenda Zimerick: NO BOOTY ON DUTY PocketGnarlies: shoot the f*cker SpinDash12: ok Brenda sahgress: NotBrenda KEKW ahmedshaltout: tenn shan skyMaiden: educational tension KEKW itsyaboynell: DIRTY DIANA curvySmoke curvyRIP curvySmoke2 darkaxz: IT IS Verisimilitu: NO DUTY BOOTY nakkiLewd MisterKundo: @Ultrabeast Lök kjellberg6762: Brenda? Jens_Wistbacka: onion i swdish is - lök Katabolic: Yes it is Jackmadman: moonxAYAYA moonxAYAYA Eddie1225: copBrenda Kimberly_Galarza: okay brenda FunkBish: ok brenda Painfu1Me1ody: she even has the hair MissMurd3r: @FunkBish HeyGuys Psychattra: bulldog eating mayo...? Eddie1225: LMAOOO TheTragicomical: brenda but gun JJOkochaJJ: weird sexual jokes on every character KEKW TheTragicomical: gun brenda :) JonBons: LUL Nightbot: LUL xoxobrxnda: instead of ok boomer its ok brenda saabKEK actualrealhousecat: nikki: prison receptionist TrendKillG: It's not, not Brenda either. danHmm johanswe96: ashlynnKek FunkBish: @MissMurd3r uwuHI Kimberly_Galarza: if is not Brenda is Jessica if is not jessica is Madge if is not madge is Seesa ..KEKW Nightbot: Get closer to the community by joining the Famlynn™ Discord https://discord.gg/ashlynn Katabolic: Yeah because people other than Brenda call it an onion TheTragicomical: Gun Flavored Brenda sSK1TTL3Ss: ashlynnLuvv insomnii4c: Brenda bout to BLAP BLAP sahgress: Doesn't matter, its a lot of fun. Just do you Stanislav_Kus: her name is NotBrenda Kappa Dezerman: brenda with a gun standing behind a desk YuyoROKO1015: pancake ass MissMurd3r: @sSK1TTL3Ss :) MisterKundo: @ashlynn Onion = Lök ladydeath85: Brenda's twin? Lifevirus: It's not brenda, it's a more optmistic character who wants to be powerful. lifeviLUL Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW sSK1TTL3Ss: @MissMurd3r :D THRUBEINGCOOL18: this Is Brenda's cousin Eddie1225: LULW choco_senpai: KEKW SpinDash12: that is exactly what Denzel calls Brenda wililjam: LULW PocketGnarlies: shoot both of them Elvoroth: lol tired1700: KEKW Jackmadman: vadeLaugh vadeLaugh blezzhy: LUL LUL LUL Nightbot: LUL Eddie1225: KEKW

Nightbot: KEKW Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias DramaticReadingOfCatBarf: Shoot them both Eddie1225: LOL TheTourist_: KEKW johanswe96: wut Eddie1225: KEKW TheTragicomical: Post-nose surgery mrblue8erry: need eugene come to jail Stanislav_Kus: shut up Meg KEKW dullmemes: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW jjcatman123: time to establish alpha role by shooting them KEKW Wirablemonster: Blanket KEKW FlickCM: I think it’s the glasses VDOJunk: oh nice brenda has a new model RarelyKnownAs: Med KEKW ScottFromScotland: I see it. choiLurk Jackmadman: a Meg NeonMari: maybe make her cheeks a little fuller?! LUL yessie55: Oh hey, that is kinda Michael Jackson-esque with the glasses DramaticReadingOfCatBarf: I see it too Katabolic: Yeah not Brenda Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW heartlesssxo: KEKW Wirablemonster: totally not Brenda KEKW Jackmadman: mintyB mintyB bruto: mario from the barrio Wirablemonster: scuffed MJ LUL Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW sahgress: Mario Pog Eddie1225: LOOOL darkaxz: monkaS Cnighthawk848: KEKW wililjam: betchMOAN kekiboss: KEKW dullmemes: Kreygasm oh my Stanislav_Kus: Michal Jackson and caavity search toonyYIKES Eddie1225: KEKW MarioPlaysKeys: LUL Nightbot: LUL darkaxz: ??? Eddie1225: LMAO FunkBish: arseface san_x0: LOL loco_bot: curtisryanKEK curtisryanKEK properusernamefortwitch: Yeah Kappa choco_senpai: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW JonBons: LUL Tobegande1: brojob? Wirablemonster: LUL kekiboss: flawless logic DJJyn: LUL wililjam: it’s great Eddie1225: fun Cnighthawk848: its great Tobegande1: u have a gun i dont like it sahgress: its very fun ZeroX711: like MarkAnthony121: Goog Snakat21: sweet Mauroheisenberg: loving it so far PolarInferno_: Goog johanswe96: ashlynnKek Undead_Reaper314: goog ViMint: it’s great ShtGawdDamn: love it choco_senpai: toonyTen bobbe847: SeemsGood dullmemes: Love it <3 daf4ever: brenda with gun rp Painfu1Me1ody: I haven't stopped laughing andre265: andre265 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 2 months! PocketGnarlies: too much fun Wirablemonster: goog bobosaurr: is basically brenda with a gun andre265: andre265's Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! kekiboss: you trying to make them cringe right williewonkers2: SeemsGood ZeroX711: police branda Qu0tile5masher: :D KawaiiWeeb_: love it blezzhy: like masterdick76: Great itsyaboynell: POG yessie55: Muy bien FunkBish: I like DOC RP, but Brenda as DOC is weird Kappa Asarena: I like NotBrenda bruto: !hype Nightbot: ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult Dezerman: ya i think brenda had alot of work but its good yukinerky: HahaTurtledove HahaTurtledove HahaTurtledove ScourgeNL: It’s goog san_x0: 1 DramaticReadingOfCatBarf: It's good for a discount MJ storm_the_artist: Love it wililjam: WutFace properusernamefortwitch: WutFace kord76: good stuff Haxi_: Aggressive peer kjellberg6762: Love it Stanislav_Kus: PepePls itsyaboynell: PrideParty PrideParty PrideParty PrideParty PrideParty bruto: pepeSmoke Undead_Reaper314: penta is on ricky today, so its going to be crazy soon :P san_x0: so hows chat :) gambolingman: vadeBlank vadeBlank vadeBlank vadeBlank vadeBlank vadeBlank itsyaboynell: buddhaTen properusernamefortwitch: $5 says she doesn't wash Cerberus_au: !uptime Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 1 hour 29 minutes 40 seconds johanswe96: !roll williewonkers2: chat how do you spell pee-er ? Nightbot: johanswe96 rolled: 4 itsyaboynell: $10 she says “okay I’m back” # johanswe96: levantan_: “ imma very aggressive pee-er” Sadiii_: Didn't wash hands D: baxter5569: o god is this bwenda 2.0 but in jail? Eddie1225: wash your hands properusernamefortwitch: Damnist dullmemes: @san_x0 I have the pufferfish moan stuck in my head wililjam: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ZeroX711: wash hands? Eddie1225: what TonyDeao: @properusernamefortwitch Just the tips skyMaiden: ??????

wililjam: betchGAG Eddie1225: how do you unsub ZeroX711: ewww itsyaboynell: Fuck Sadiii_: Just like Saab Stanislav_Kus: DansGame san_x0: @dullmemes KEKW beepx2lettuce: @itsyaboynell KEKW johanswe96: wth? itsyaboynell: She said alright Sokol80: Saab likes them too levantan_: @itsyaboynell you’re on RoboGeoff: coxFab coxManleee * Eddie1225: LOL narcberry: chat can’t verify handwashing MissMurd3r: @Sadiii_ HeyGuys <3 Hope you're well Eddie1225: yea def not brenda darkaxz: brenda? Eddie1225: not at all Sadiii_: Brenda saabHi san_x0: BLELELE Vinc_21: ashlynnStahp what_is_twitchprime: hrbrghrjrhrhr chatcast: !brenda FunkBish: That's a rewind sound? haHAA actualrealhousecat: brenda pls xoxobrxnda: i love doc brenda :) itsyaboynell: @levantan_ got you on payday maxxearth: Haha chatcast: !brenda_count Darth_hedgehog: What the heck Ashlynn hasa new Character Sadiii_: 1 personality andy FunkBish: LUL Nightbot: LUL FlickCM: Is this the Brenda DLC? Eddie1225: another lifer PogU san_x0: LUL Eddie1225: MonkaW SpinDash12: Brenda with weapons unlocked Eddie1225: LOL wililjam: LUL Nightbot: LUL san_x0: LOL johanswe96: ashlynnKek xoxobrxnda: saabKEK saabKEK saabKEK fallenstar2017: Brenda's got a gun mr_mooncat: yeah new character... :) williewonkers2: LUL jjcatman123: LUL johanswe96: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek xoxobrxnda: meat cavern? DansGame using that soon lol johanswe96: hahahaa wililjam: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW Ar1law: løk = onion :D san_x0: tru Kiitzu: PepeLaugh ok "not Brenda" coolmint: LUL Nightbot: LUL Eddie1225: he hates you KEKW eancu: LUL MrBanks711: brenda in jail dullmemes: LUL san_x0: monkaS Eddie1225: MonkaW xoxobrxnda: saabW Jackmadman: vadeCult johanswe96: ashlynnDerp ScourgeNL: MonkaS darkaxz: ???? san_x0: ?? Jackmadman: mmorpg7 what_is_twitchprime: bredna Undead_Reaper314: this isnt brenda, because her name is Nikki, so they are completely different :P ahmedshaltout: lel totalllytwisted: omg i love Nikez rameeLove LuckyWolf68: ashlynnL san_x0: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa Eddie1225: LMAO san_x0: LOL wililjam: monkaW sal15: ashlynnGun ashlynnGun kord76: Nikkiden Siddisterz: who plays this character? Alfa018: Kappa ScourgeNL: Nikki”Brenda”North bruto: Sweden - twitch.tv/nikez AmandaPlease: Brenda's sister Stanislav_Kus: Nikkenda Kappa Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter - https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias ahmedshaltout: Brenda Jackson Jackmadman: North sounds like Brenda Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW san_x0: monkaS itsyaboynell: BETA Eddie1225: LOL san_x0: LMFAO Stanislav_Kus: LMAO Cnighthawk848: LUL Nightbot: LUL AmandaPlease: KEKW MarkAnthony121: D: wililjam: KEKW gotter bobosaurr: KEKW R3X__: KEKW casual murderer what_is_twitchprime: LUL pinpopy: WRECKED justaboveyou: uhnKek uhnKek uhnKek uhnKek uhnKek uhnKek uhnKek Stanislav_Kus: god damn dullmemes: KEKW

nsuix: call him markers Eddie1225: denzel KEKW Painfu1Me1ody: Jaywalking gilgamesh9323: OOOOF itsyaboynell: Snitches blezzhy: hahaha kekiboss: WutFace Alfa018: place Kappa san_x0: … Place TonyDeao: hmm wililjam: what’s below beta? LUL gambolingman: I’m dying LUL san_x0: oh no LOL Eddie1225: LMAO DENZEL Painfu1Me1ody: Omega? Jackmadman: vadeLUL Alfa018: Happy happy Eddie1225: “whats your name bitch” Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW DonBrudunski: Shoot dat bi.ch in a face Sokol80: why are you Ez intimated Eddie1225: be agressive barco588: lol how he gonna get time off if he in for life Sokol80: do what you want diloona: hi ashlynnInda sahgress: be agressively nice maxxearth: If I ever go to jail I want a Nikki to be my corrections officer lol BrosifMaster: Life -1 KEKW Jackmadman: be mean 🙂 Eddie1225: at 8pm vnicole621: yes opticaljello: Hey Eddie1225: est Kimberly_Galarza: yep sal15: 8est Falcon954: 2 hour 40min taraquest: I think he wanted Brenda there Eddie1225: i think 3 ligerbomb: Nikki brings inmates churros 🙂 justaboveyou: 3 Haxi_: almost 3 itsyaboynell: I LOVE YOUR FUCKING ORANGE PANTS MARCUS Painfu1Me1ody: 3 hours Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW opticaljello: Uptime! AmandaPlease: KEKW SpinDash12: switch in the court house Kimberly_Galarza: lol itsyaboynell: HahaSweat HahaSweat HahaSweat HahaSweat Sokol80: LUL Alfa018: Brenda cop LUL Nightbot: LUL Jackmadman: vadeLUL GruntildaW: betchWUT ligerbomb: Alpha Nikki Pog itsyaboynell: My toes just curled up TonyDeao: i wish more cops called me bud v.v R3X__: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Kimberly_Galarza: KEKW san_x0: erp FlickCM: KEKW AnnieLP_: KEKW diloona: @evegh hi Eddie1225: KEKW mudkip420swag: erp Cnighthawk848: LUL Nightbot: LUL bobosaurr: NOT RP!! choco_senpai: KEKW ahmedshaltout: lel justaboveyou: loooooooooool itsyaboynell: LUL LUL LUL LUL Kimberly_Galarza: lol jjcatman123: KEKW xWallax: Make sure you tell him to cough R3X__: first time to see a butthole KEKW Stanislav_Kus: *Twitch ban sounds in the distance* Kimberly_Galarza: omg eancu: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAOOO Cheefbiggums: KEKW AnnieLP_: LUL carlooooo: LUL TheTourist_: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW MarioPlaysKeys: lmao wow pjsilva: sniff sniff? san_x0: LOL Kimberly_Galarza: lmao darkaxz: OMG DJJyn: lmao TyfectaGG: tyfectLUL Kimberly_Galarza: wtf maxxearth: lmao pinpopy: is there an emote for that? itsyaboynell: CAN YOUUUUUUU justaboveyou: fus7 fus7 Eddie1225: LOL kekiboss: close one ligerbomb: She got AIDS now darkaxz: LOL mudkip420swag: poopoo hands dullmemes: monkaHmm ZeroX711: go barehanded tenfolder1: ERP time yessie55: Are you a part-time doctor now? LUL Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ Nightbot: KEKW moby1kanobee: puts way too much lube on fingers bruto: !boop ashlynnBooty Nightbot: widepeepoHappy 👉 ashlynnBooty itsyaboynell: buddhaLean buddhaLean buddhaLean buddhaLean Kimberly_Galarza: this is to funny Jackmadman: gross Eddie1225: LMAOO mudkip420swag: onion Jackmadman: vadeLUL moby1kanobee: too^ darkaxz: are you checking for hernias? Cnighthawk848: LUL Nightbot: LUL krn_jes: lmao Kimberly_Galarza: lol mr_mooncat: werid ERP R3X__: gachiBASS AnnieLP_: LULW bigwill91: is this a anl stream dougalls: hahaha LuckyWolf68: damn hes going to shit her XD pjsilva: no enallll chatcast: Stop shaming Eddie1225: LOL KwapSquared: LUL Stanislav_Kus: LUL Thunderstrum: Bre- I mean Nikki is enjoying this huh KwapSquared: So insensitive SpinDash12: lol aivlys: What are you doing lol Sokol80: didnt even check him JJOkochaJJ: didnt take off the gloves KEKW

stickbun23: LUL LUL Nightbot: LUL baxter5569: @ashlynn you didnt take your gloves off. andtouched your gun… you nasty MissMurd3r: @aivlys HeyGuys <3 ligerbomb: /shovefingerupass san_x0: she stinky ahmedshaltout: ur gloves still on Eddie1225: dont do that mudkip420swag: stinky fingys Eddie1225: lmao Falcon954: don't get banned for erp MonkaW aivlys: @missmurd3r nakkiHi R3X__: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW SpinDash12: lol umm can i go cry in the corner? Eddie1225: how you did it was fine Stanislav_Kus: perfect english darkaxz: did she throw the gloves in the fire hose? moby1kanobee: not throw gloves away? CindyySailz: was that english TonyDeao: SeemsGood ahmedshaltout: that was yoda language pjsilva: you never pulled his pants up! lmao ScourgeNL: Yoda language LUL Eddie1225: LMAO ligerbomb: Does this mean there is going to be Urologist RP san_x0: LOLLL Kimberly_Galarza: lol mudkip420swag: little carrot KwapSquared: LUL Nightbot: LUL Eddie1225: ashlynn please stop KEKW dougalls: hahahaha datduckhs: LULK darkaxz: LOL aivlys: Yikes ash Stanislav_Kus: Nightmare.... to deal with Eddie1225: nikki "nightmare" north FlickCM: The Northmare Jackmadman: sparcSad sparcDream jessixaa: nikki "nightmare" north TheTourist_: waddled into his cell for a quick nightmare aivlys: What’s a night mare ? SpinDash12: i like trinity better JJOkochaJJ: i too would be scared of hearing Micheal Jackson in my dreams TyfectaGG: Nikki Nightmare Pog SpinDash12: prison fight club AJVM_: !roll pepeSmoke Nightbot: AJVM_ rolled: 19 AJVM_: Ez Nightbot: ashlynnCool Clap kerj0: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW Jackmadman: poki5 san_x0: LOL Hoeveer: LOL Danath_bym: KEKW Painfu1Me1ody: now if you have a Walnut sized brain moby1kanobee: you wanna cookie? bobosaurr: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn AJVM_: KEKW Jackmadman: HahaBall NeonMari: all that cash on you! Pog sahgress: The gait Nova uses is super fast, I dunno which one AJVM_: We can probs buy a house with Nikki soon ez RealGodScope: am i the only one who thinks all of ashlynn's characters are clinically insane???? Stanislav_Kus: LUL Nightbot: LUL Katabolic: omg LUL AnnieLP_: poor guy Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW krn_jes: lol Eddie1225: LMAO Thunderstrum: KEKW darkaxz: Pepega Stanislav_Kus: marcus...faster..slower...right...no left CocoBearTV: yooooo

Stanislav_Kus: jfc KEKW yessie55: Poor Marcus AnnieLP_: f darkaxz: nailed it storm_the_artist: One hop this time Painfu1Me1ody: worst game of Simon says rupertmetal1: nikki ? uh oh, ur multiple personalities r growing 😉 iamjoesgallbladder: your new character looks like lara croft shes hot Kreygasm saabH Eddie1225: we getting it Pog Gunhostone: Nopixel has corrections now? bruto: yeah it was added recently @Gunhostone Gunhostone: Nice ThiccTyler: pepeSmoke mudkip420swag: if you’re into michael jackson Va1iantN7: Cheer1000 Va1iantN7: Va1iantN7’s Cheer shared rewards to 25 others in Chat! AJVM_: !hype Nightbot: ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult bruto: ashlynnSellout Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn an0____: Is baldy the Warden? scadooodle: HahaCat iamjoesgallbladder: whos the bald dude bruto: another guard pjsilva: this is sorta relaxing lol sahgress: He is NotEddie an0____: Who’s the Warden? bruto: Underwood – twitch.tv/gtawiseguy Eddie1225: !motto Nightbot: We Rehabilitate Motherfuckers, Sir! ashlynn7 ligerbomb: Can’t wait for the domination fetish to appear FunkBish: There is no warden, but Spaceboy is the captain of corrections d3rt_: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Stanislav_Kus: racist pizza in prison Shhi: KEKW IceCold ModifiedMonkee: ashlynnSass an0____: Ahh i feel ya, hopefully they get a Warden soon. So he can wear a flashy suit and get people beat down etc. XD mudkip420swag: its a good chill stream Eddie1225: learning time PogU HiggsyPigsy: !roll Nightbot: HiggsyPigsy rolled: 3 HiggsyPigsy: fuk Cameron_Piper: !uptime Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 1 hour 48 minutes 49 seconds Thunderstrum: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAO bruto: !roII Nightbot: bruto rolled: 20 Hawk_Moth: hahahaha AJVM_: KEKW AnnieLP_: Corgo100 Corgo1 Corgo1 Corgo1 Corgo1 Corgo1 Eddie1225: BRUTO HiggsyPigsy: @bruto shut up Eddie1225: STOP CHEATING SpinDash12: lol AJVM_: Bruto turn off cheats JJOkochaJJ: Officer Ass KEKW Eddie1225: ALWAYS A 20 ahmedshaltout: !roll Nightbot: ahmedshaltout rolled: 2 ahmedshaltout: lel Haxi_: I rig Bruto’s rolls so that he shows me favor Nightbot: Get closer to the community by joining the Famlynn™ Discord https://discord.gg/ashlynn HiggsyPigsy: @bruto u suck Cameron_Piper: !roll Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: truuu onnabren: KEKW Sokol80: KEKW wililjam: KEKW SpinDash12: lol Sokol80: action coming SpinDash12: he is not wrong Cnighthawk848: show himm the big one Scorpio_SW: !roll Nightbot: Scorpio_SW rolled: 1 Scorpio_SW: Damnit AJVM_: LULW SpinDash12: the fun bus

Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias stickbun23: !roll crazyerazer: is brenda coming to the trial after that or not? tbonee_: tbonee_ subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 5 months, currently on a 5 month streak! cheers tbonee_: tbonee_’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! Cameron_Piper: !roll Nightbot: Cameron_Piper rolled: 9 Scorpio_SW: Bruto gimme your hax Eddie1225: make sure you have cigs to give lifers AJVM_: Bovice gave u the whiskey last time Eddie1225: LMAOOO Eddie1225: do it KEKW Ryykerr: is that wii shop music ? Eddie1225: it could be bovice Jesikaka: Thanks for the HahaElf @va1iantn7 Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW gutseren: Channel the inner dragon Scorpio_SW: Hey do lifers spawn in the prison now or do they have to be teleported there every day? Katiedid_84: Thanks for the HahaSnowhal @va1iantn7 Eddie1225: just lose on purpose so we dont get stabbed KEKW stickbun23: Going to lose Cnighthawk848: denzel jamie_gene_k: no u LUL Eagle7Z: not you KEKW Shhi: rooKek Mauroheisenberg: are you seriously asking that? KEKW AnnieLP_: you gonna lose probably jamie_gene_k: not* Sohu: KEKW SpinDash12: at least Nikki has more hp than Brenda Stanislav_Kus: Denzel gonna whoop yo ass AJVM_: Don’t forget to dodge Eddie1225: gonna win then get stabbed KEKW Drwoods8727: U Might Phobly Have Gun can Use On the Bus afill99: @ashlynn you should definitely just shoot him with the shotgun then smack him down with the nightstick DanceSilly_7: just go crazy on him Cnighthawk848: mkae another preset with hair down thats what spaceboy does Painfu1Me1ody: just gonna cheat a lil Eddie1225: LMAO AnnieLP_: LULW Sokol80: Play Rocky song AllDaveEveryDave: Team pushups vs Team Situps Katabolic: This isn’t Brenda? san_x0: llol AJVM_: Yes this is Brenda Kimberly_Galarza: lol tbonee_: its Nikki North Painfu1Me1ody: Satan is that you? DanceSilly_7: Denzel definitely didn’t win an underground street fight championship PocketGnarlies: I want to see Nervous Nikki turn into a super villain jamie_gene_k: LOL phrmxs: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Mauroheisenberg: KEKW stickbun23: True Eddie1225: she doesn’t know chat PepeLaugh Kimberly_Galarza: lmao jjcatman123: KEKW jamie_gene_k: KEKW Sohu: D: townsend9: who plays sweden? Boobytrapt: show that convict whos boss inmates dont get to lay hands on officers shoot him then pistol whip him MoonMagic: sumo time Painfu1Me1ody: be patient I believe in you… totally ZeroX711: denzel Kimberly_Galarza: good luck jamie_gene_k: LMFAO stickbun23: LUL LUL Nightbot: LUL AJVM_: KEKW NotTooShabby_408: @townsend9 Nikez fyenrir: she doesnt know chat Kinghaye1: @townsend9 Nikez Stanislav_Kus: 10$ she goes down in under 15 sec townsend9: ty san_x0: o no DanceSilly_7: tackle and stomp him Sokol80: Fight san_x0: LMAO Eddie1225: jump first Kimberly_Galarza: lol Sohu: nakkiREE carlooooo: LUL Nightbot: LUL Kimberly_Galarza: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW AJVM_: Lmao Eddie1225: LMAO san_x0: Pog datduckhs: in the nuts! properusernamefortwitch: He was too fast KEKW jamie_gene_k: LOL Eddie1225: LMAOOO stickbun23: LUL bobosaurr: KEKW carlooooo: HAHA san_x0: KEKW FreshPrinceofWhere: give em a hadoken lol phrmxs: GAHAHAHAHHAHAA Kimberly_Galarza: lmao GreenJuiceBox: KEKW Mauroheisenberg: KEKW minteacoco: KEKW what_is_twitchprime: LUL jamie_gene_k: KEKW ahmedshaltout: u never dodged Ragestrike: Force projection phrmxs: NOT EVEN CLOSE kekiboss: not even close Kimberly_Galarza: not close Cnighthawk848: LUL Painfu1Me1ody: xD Nightbot: LUL san_x0: LOOOOOL datduckhs: LUL jjcatman123: KEKW bruto: denzel – twitch.tv/jonthebroski Nightbot: KEKW Eagle7Z: KEKW Eddie1225: losing a riggeed fight KEKW Ackranon: yikes bruto: Underwood – twitch.tv/gtawiseguy williewonkers2: KEKW moby1kanobee: cant even beat someone who is trying to lose LULW illest0n3: So weeakk bruto: Sweden – twitch.tv/nikez properusernamefortwitch: WAS RIGGED KEKW zinkyzoink: KEKW Palsterman: @ashlynn No one on NoPixel makes me laugh as much as you do lol Mauroheisenberg: sure Kappa dullmemes: KEKW san_x0: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa Katabolic: RP Kap ldonofrio: LOL asakka: sure Kappa Katabolic: KApp AJVM_: Lost a rigged fight pepeLaugh MrWhiskeyRichard: If losing a rigged fight isn’t Brenda I don’t know what is. LUL Eddie1225: legit lost a rigged fight KEKW crabbi_abbi: Kappa TremblesWithBeer: Losing a rigged fight Katabolic: Kapp

ligerbomb: Ashlynn never won a fight FreshPrinceofWhere: you were 2 football fields away from winning ash TonyDeao: Kappa Kappa Eddie1225: not through your eyes Eddie1225: thats the worst way to fight UDIT_49: its rp guys Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAOOOOO minteacoco: KEKW AJVM_: KEKW jamie_gene_k: LOL Kimberly_Galarza: lol san_x0: LOL Sokol80: press Space Lifevirus: lifeviLUL Eddie1225: 3rd person KEKW CuraeL88: Hahahahahh jjcatman123: oh this is gonna go poorly DanceSilly_7: Denzel is a great fighter , he wins mad underground fight clubs Eddie1225: oh brother KEKW eancu: LULW CuraeL88: oh my god dude phrmxs: be strong BibleThump cmpunkstache: KEKW bobosaurr: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW AJVM_: nakkiHands blezzhy: LUL Nightbot: LUL jimmytortellini: wtf wolny877: 3rd person Mauroheisenberg: Nikky toughest officer in the force KEKW ackeify: Does it even work in 1st person? AJVM_: 3rd person Eddie1225: LMAOO san_x0: KEKW NeonMari: 3rd person cigam1: not thru eyes minteacoco: KEKW Hawk_Moth: hahaha jamie_gene_k: LOL Kimberly_Galarza: KEKW williewonkers2: KEKW Lifevirus: lifeviLUL Eddie1225: LMAOOO minteacoco: LMAOOO GreenJuiceBox: KEKW krn_jes: lmao Nightbot: KEKW jamie_gene_k: KEKW NeonMari: KEKW san_x0: LOOOL Stanislav_Kus: KEKW Hawk_Moth: LUL stickbun23: LUL FunkBish: FailFish KEKW OllieOzzie: Lmao Thunderstrum: KEKW jamie_gene_k: HAHAHHAHA williewonkers2: LUL Nightbot: LUL Kimberly_Galarza: lmao AJVM_: KEKW cmpunkstache: KEKW paiden_fowler: !uptime Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 1 hour 56 minutes 54 seconds Eddie1225: learning to fight from denzel KEKW Spacedg: He got lucky LUL datduckhs: LUL Nightbot: LUL minteacoco: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW san_x0: LOL phrmxs: HAHAHAHAHHA AJVM_: Denzel and bovice like u already ez jamie_gene_k: KEKW Thunderstrum: KEKW ZeldaAdventuress: LUL LUL LUL Kimberly_Galarza: yes alphaskull: up his alley Hawk_Moth: yess Thunderstrum: ez jail EZ san_x0: yes Nightbot: ashlynnCool Clap Cnighthawk848: she will be good at fighting because now she has denzel teaching her phrmxs: training KEKW Eddie1225: fighting people with PED models KEKW KawaiiWeeb_: Pog ZeldaAdventuress: curvy getting on today? bruto: madge is a tank san_x0: KEKW zinkyzoink: Pog MarkAnthony121: Dreamcast LUL TyfectaGG: make a luchador charatcer KEKW datduckhs: I can imagen brenda screaming on top of her lungs “FIGHT ME!” phrmxs: boomer DanceSilly_7: LUL Nightbot: LUL Undead_Reaper314: when jessica though 😛 minteacoco: zoomer vs boomer KEKW cigam1: no one did Stanislav_Kus: more like 5x world champion bullshitter FreshPrinceofWhere: you need mortal kombat music during madges fights FunkBish: Dreamcast was so underrated spbSad ZalkoHD: oh lala chatcast: Marcus is quick Mauroheisenberg: tekken > street fighter sue me KEKW stardustprismatic: Yo, we could play in the Chao Garden phrmxs: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Praextorian: LUL jamie_gene_k: KEKW Painfu1Me1ody: Tekken is better tho FragileOne: Fight Night is best though cigam1: KI Katabolic: Yeah I like Brenda Thefubar1: brenda always sahgress: I like her ExTahZee: brenda witha gun bobosaurr: Shrek Nikki Stanislav_Kus: Yes I like NotBrenda Kappa NeonMari: Brenda, Jessicassie and Nikkie are on fire ligerbomb: nikki is brenda lmao spacecowboy227: madge Painfu1Me1ody: I like Brenda with a gun SeekoBlastar: I like her but she’s Brenda with a gun duddycalf: Madge My fav still LUL stickbun23: Brenda is great kekiboss: its like early brenda ivisenya: Madge! MarkAnthony121: Brenda with a gun Mauroheisenberg: Brenda will allways be my favourite but i’m liking nikki so far chatcast: @ashlynn I’m mean I like brenda so it’s the same AJVM_: Isn’t Nikki and Brenda the same Katabolic: Nikki = Brenda san_x0: theyre the same person Kappa Ragestrike: Madge jamie_gene_k: 1 is jessica 2 is brenda 3 is nikki FunkBish: Wait, which one is Nikki and which one is Brenda? Kappa Ar1law: brenda jackson Asarena: Brenda’s my fave, but I like Nikki AJVM_: Brenda and Nikki don’t have any differences so far Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ storm_the_artist: I love them both sal15: They’re all the same Kappa Gmanlouis123: Nikki = Brenda PocketGnarlies: Nikki is awesome. But she needs to kick it up a nudge cab00se60000: Hearts on Fire is the best Rocky song is my opinion Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW stardustprismatic: LOL ExTahZee: KEKW kord76: aren’t they the same? krn_jes: i like them both – you bring lots of comedic moments with both charachters @ashlynn Thefubar1: Brenda will always be the best as she was the first Cnighthawk848: KEKW chone33: Nikki yessie55: He’s good Praextorian: I like Ashlynn the best dullmemes: KEKW The_Lost_Prophet: Dept. Of Criminals D: moby1kanobee: ya-uh-yam madsssss: madsssss subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 4 months, currently on a 2 month streak! ashlynnLuvv madsssss: madsssss’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! properusernamefortwitch: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW chatcast: Dude, nikki might increase his self esteem LUL ExTahZee: LULW mallratderek: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv DarkJesta: KEKW

duddycalf: Thanks for the HahaTurtledove @madsssss ExTahZee: ??????/ FunkBish: D: ExTahZee: wtf Praextorian: LUL Nightbot: LUL san_x0: ? AnnieLP_: pls stop Kimberly_Galarza: lol bruto: !hype Nightbot: ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult NeroCapone: WutFace ExTahZee: you need to stop yukinerky: HahaTurtledove Cnighthawk848: LUL FunkBish: Wowee jamie_gene_k: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW shhhyanne: t3r0Yikes t3r0Yikes t3r0Yikes t3r0Yikes The_Lost_Prophet: BegWan SantaHat Stanislav_Kus: angry chihuahua PocketGnarlies: Nikki turning bad gambolingman: OhMyDog Grayblur87: HahaSweat HahaShrugRight AnnieLP_: oh god kodaktainer254: sup bots shhhyanne: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek Painfu1Me1ody: is that a Chihuahua darkaxz: she keeps saying this isn’t brenda, but then she does this aivlys: Same AJVM_: ashlynnOop phrmxs: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa aivlys: This is Brenda tbh Eddie1225: almost Pog masterdick76: FrankerZ ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ligerbomb: just dodge 4Head darkaxz: D: mudkip420swag: is that the villain from black panther san_x0: LOL AnnieLP_: LOL bobosaurr: Pog Eddie1225: gottem KEKW ExTahZee: Pog TheTourist_: Pog Thunderstrum: Pog phrmxs: THROWING KEKW properusernamefortwitch: Pog asakka: Pog NeroCapone: lmao that flip LUL Kimberly_Galarza: pog jamie_gene_k: LOL Mauroheisenberg: Pog jordan11996: LOL pjsilva: WINNER POVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV Hoeveer: Oh what? aivlys: So this is literally Jessica beepx2lettuce: Pog Yagason: killed killmonger sahgress: we won Pog Eddie1225: KEKW Electromagnetic: fake lost pog Hawk_Moth: hahahahaha san_x0: KEKW stickbun23: Aww poor Marcus gutseren: You apologize right now stardustprismatic: Nikki is a booli smh sal15: ashlynnCool ashlynnCool ashlynnCool Elker: winner pov Pog kodaktainer254: bru dullmemes: Pog Clap AJVM_: He threw it nakkiBlind Mauroheisenberg: wtf KEKW alphaskull: his butt was still too sore lol darkaxz: omg that aim eancu: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Hawk_Moth: sweden has no cill bruh FunkBish: that aim though LUL DarkJesta: PepeHands MaurzGG: teamkill D: san_x0: KEKW KEKW Stanislav_Kus: cant aim for shit Eddie1225: LOOOL YoSupPAtruck: pro aim OnTheBOTA: KEKW Praextorian: LUL Nightbot: LUL Lifevirus: WOW aivlys: Rip Nikki Inkstinkt: lol FunkBish: They really accept anyone, huh? KEKW Painfu1Me1ody: we finally get a winner POV only to lose once again bruto: lowcoAim san_x0: ‘perma’ LULW Ar1law: perma! mudkip420swag: RIP Trinity Ar1law: LUL Hoeveer: Aim first… then pull the trigger beepx2lettuce: perma! aivlys: Time to perma Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Mauroheisenberg: Nikky “shapshooter” North KEKW Sal_Rosenberg: monkaS san_x0: sal Pog Cnighthawk848: LUL Nightbot: LUL Sal_Rosenberg: mmmmmmm aivlys: Loool stardustprismatic: Nikki = booli Sal_Rosenberg: rum chata and malibu rum is good af BlueJ1991: hi chat hi @ashlynn bruto: hi blue aivlys: r/woosh darkaxz: brenda duddycalf: OH NO NeonMari: brenda san_x0: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW kord76: “when you get nervous” TheTourist_: actually brenda jamie_gene_k: LOL BlueJ1991: hi @bruto kord76: riight stickbun23: Here she go Katabolic: Brenda Eddie1225: oh yea that PD pay UDIT_49: ok brenda Eddie1225: you have a shitload of waste money Eddie1225: lol Eddie1225: Pog san_x0: Pog ligerbomb: Pog bobosaurr: Pog GreenJuiceBox: Pog OnTheBOTA: Pog jamie_gene_k: Pog Inkstinkt: LUL Nightbot: LUL darkaxz: POGGERS TheTourist_: Pog Vasonn: Lmao Praextorian: LUL AJVM_: Pog NeonMari: Pog stardustprismatic: “I get 500 dollars” doesn’t mean the money comes from him lol DanceSilly_7: PogChamp beepx2lettuce: Pog Eddie1225: LMAOOO stickbun23: Pog Elker: Pog duddycalf: Pog williewonkers2: Pog travisoutlet: LOL eancu: LULW Hawk_Moth: HAHAHAHAHA Grayblur87: witch justahalfpint: POG beepx2lettuce: POGGERS Sokol80: ask him for moeny DanceSilly_7: witch craft LUL aivlys: Wow abodouf: LUL LUL LUL LUL Nightbot: Check your Twitch Prime and consider using your free sub on Ashlynn san_x0: EZ Clap Nightbot: ashlynnCool Clap Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW AnnieLP_: Champ vkzilla: Brenda chosen one powers transferred johanswe96: ashlynnKek travisoutlet: LUL Nightbot: LUL Eddie1225: gotta go to a bank beepx2lettuce: KEKW NeonMari: deposit the money while on the supply run @ashlynn san_x0: bovice bout to yoink that cash LULW Em_Vee: Em_Vee subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 6 months! Em_Vee: Em_Vee’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat!

Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias AnnieLP_: oh look its kiki yessie55: Well that doesn’t seem safe LUL SpinDash12: oh i can’t wait for kiki to meet nikiki carlitalouise: wolfBaby SpinDash12: kiki will eat nikiki alive darkaxz: LUL Nightbot: LUL abodouf: ashlynnL darkaxz: ppHop SpinDash12: Nikki * GruntildaW: betchNOM AJVM_: Lmao dennisla1: Here I am just got in this chat and my only question is if she’s still known as Nikki or Trinity? johanswe96: betchEZ FunkBish: Well we already have a new ship…. Nikiki Kappa darkaxz: LUL Nightbot: LUL Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW phrmxs: KEKW NeonMari: KEKW xSupportive: copcopcopcopcopcop xSupportive: MiniK Eddie1225: copcopcop Eddie1225: KEKW AJVM_: Copcopcopcopcop Cnighthawk848: she is dollar store MJ iamR0bert: iamR0bert subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 9 months, currently on a 9 month streak! Cute message xSupportive: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW iamR0bert: iamR0bert’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! spacecowboy227: negging LUL Eddie1225: LULW darkaxz: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa phrmxs: KEKW sanc00n: Hi phrmxs: not gay Kappa ColdKBrewer: hes def gay OnTheBOTA: Kappa abodouf: uhsnowSip TheTourist_: sure bud Kappa Hawk_Moth: lol, don’t have to be gay to have someone else check you out LUL sal15: Kappa stardustprismatic: Ashlynn trying to ship yaoi mudkip420swag: where my woooooman ColdKBrewer: gheyyyyyyyyyy Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW abodouf: PrideHi darkaxz: wow OnTheBOTA: KEKW Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn stickbun23: LUL LUL Nightbot: LUL Eddie1225: wait till you meet the sweden bobosaurr: monkaS Eddie1225: other* Eddie1225: his brother stardustprismatic: Well, I guess we know Sweden is a top Hawk_Moth: marriage rp LUL Eddie1225: MonkaW ligerbomb: monkaW totalykool: hey ligerbomb: MonkaW Eddie1225: its go time PogU

Lifevirus: let’s go! Stanislav_Kus: here we go Pog sal15: ashlynnGun ashlynnGun ashlynnGun mudkip420swag: this is what you trained for AJVM_: Pog we doing this aivlys: Don’t die SpookyKabookie: ashlynnGun ashlynnGun ashlynnGun DramaticReadingOfCatBarf: Jail Break, please toogood1234321: hi dullmemes: what did i miss monkaS ligerbomb: ZULUL bruto: shots fired outside chatcast: I promise you FunkBish: uhhh, did no one else see that? PepeLaugh uller85: Do Do Mauroheisenberg: you know at least 5150 KEKW ExTahZee: the scuffed car? ElmerPhunk: do do ligerbomb: she said doodoo PepeLaugh stardustprismatic: do do it bruto: monkaEyes FunkBish: I meeeean bobosaurr: monkaS actualrealhousecat: monkaEyes xSupportive: 👀 Stanislav_Kus: monkaEyes AnnieLP_: open for wat sanc00n: @ashlynn hi how are you ligerbomb: MonkaW xSupportive: monkaEyes DanceSilly_7: keep fighting Denzel , he can make a Champ AJVM_: monkaS sal15: Do you have extra armour? Sairr_: monkaEyes TannerRemillard: brenda cop LMFAO best ARC ever aivlys: Well just always have it in front of you when you play Nikki ligerbomb: monkaEyes san_x0: baas LUL Mauroheisenberg: i’m blind and deeply offended LUL Ar1law: Ar1law subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 7 months! Eu friendly stream pogchamp beepx2lettuce: monkaEyes Ar1law: Ar1law’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! williewonkers2: Champ JJOkochaJJ: EU friendly its midnight here KEKW TKsaysHowdy: Poge champ FunkBish: Oh wait, maybe it was the flag I saw before san_x0: wayn e LUL Eddie1225: siz KEKW xSupportive: bombaclad ligerbomb: bombaclaaat bruto: !hype Nightbot: ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult chatcast: poug champ FunkBish: Sure didn’t look like it though AerialInfinite: AerialInfinite subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 6 months! AerialInfinite: AerialInfinite’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! abodouf: ashlynnL IO_Err0r: kyliebSend bruto: !hype Nightbot: ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult Stanislav_Kus: 2pm your time would be lovely aivlys: But I’m at work BeatupsNYC: ashlynnThump FlickCM: But I’d be asleep bobosaurr: responsibility monkaS pina_colorado: alright chat im here wtf is going on Eddie1225: joe cain KEKW AJVM_: Shots fired outside prison aivlys: Woah ash chatcast: Yes Malixxprime: very Kimberly_Galarza: yes bobosaurr: JOE Pog ligerbomb: I’m digging cop Brenda TheKrazyKoyFishTears: Hey everyone AnnieLP_: maybe 🙂 Babyygirl: Hai <3 Kimberly_Galarza: extreamly proud Sairr_: ashlynnHeart JxJ0: Brenda with a gun SpinDash12: that is a nice mic on that guy Sairr_: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv TannerRemillard: serious ash, let's see how long this lasts nakkiLUL nakkiLUL nakkiLUL nakkiLUL Falcon954: do you eventually move to PD or want to stay DOC? Milan581: wots up ligerbomb: monkaEyes boby1699: @SpinDash12 thats cyr Stanislav_Kus: we'll see how you do in your first prison break out monkaHmm

brolicrogue: OMFG Brenda bout to be a cop Fucking POGGERS mate Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn xSupportive: so many suspicious vehicles monkaEyes SpinDash12: i thought it might of been Star_RisN: What are you guys doing LUL Milan581: LUL Nightbot: LUL ligerbomb: the sexual tension OenMusic: Squid3 got my squid eye looking Eddie1225: there was shots fired outside of prison @Star_RisN pina_colorado: never thought id see the day ash is using the PD radio LUL sahgress: Saab has really good coms BigMac0100: ^^ Painfu1Me1ody: you’re learning 😀 bruto: lol san_x0: yes jamie_gene_k: lol bruto: chat doesnt know PepeLaugh SpinDash12: here comes low-key one of the best officers on the PD aivlys: Her first rodeo KwapSquared: 76 to work 76 to bennys 76 to work 76 to bennys bobosaurr: monkaS beepx2lettuce: @KwapSquared KEKW Eddie1225: MonkaW ligerbomb: monkaEyes r1co21: Pepega 📣 10 4 aivlys: 10 ziggy Kappa ligerbomb: Pepega 📣 7 6 9 Mauroheisenberg: here comes Bass Mauroheisenberg: *baas AJVM_: pepelt Falcon954: Bald Bros pina_colorado: saabCop AJVM_: PepeLaugh Eddie1225: bald brothers Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW properusernamefortwitch: Bald gang monkaS jamie_gene_k: saabCop Ar1law: Baldrangers Ashirok: 🥚 🥚 mudkip420swag: Mr Clean 1 and Mr Clean 2 aivlys: #bad Eddie1225: its too shiny BigMac0100: Baas pogg Eddie1225: KEKW ligerbomb: they’re balding LUL beepx2lettuce: Mr. Clean and Howie Mandel duddycalf: LUL the back shot Nightbot: LUL aivlys: Are they the same person Kappa bobosaurr: Joe Pog DramaticReadingOfCatBarf: Deal, and No Deal krn_jes: lol Saab bruto: good eyes ligerbomb: get em Brenda Stanislav_Kus: Baas & North: The Dream Team Pog SpinDash12: i think it is just Denzel’s fan club AJVM_: My eyesight is too bad for this aivlys: It’s me I’m walking around Kappa pina_colorado: KEKW exlegender: lol Nightbot: KEKW what_is_twitchprime: 7/11 KEKW MoonMagic: it wouldn’t be a local right chat? Eddie1225: KEKW beepx2lettuce: KEKW darkaxz: harassment D: Eddie1225: this guy KEKW Cnighthawk848: LUL FunkBish: vadeAww Nightbot: LUL CaptainMajid88: KEKW GreenJuiceBox: KEKW Eddie1225: harassment stickbun23: LUL LUL jamie_gene_k: LUL Eddie1225: KEKW ExTahZee: LULW Mauroheisenberg: just met btw KEKW sowrongitsTayy: LUL AJVM_: KEKW mudkip420swag: sue your employer for harassment ligerbomb: Saab flirting on every character KEKW Nightbot: Check your Twitch Prime and consider using your free sub on Ashlynn yessie55: Wow LUL stickbun23: Making moves exlegender: failrp aivlys: 7-11 BTW paultyler92: That person right there would be a good person to ask to help you with your shooting BigMac0100: KEKW my mann prodigya: time for the first HR complaint katieList SpinDash12: dang baas never hits in anyone beepx2lettuce: @ligerbomb KEKW furyspec: furyspec subscribed at Tier 2. They’ve subscribed for 4 months, currently on a 1 month streak! ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnNotee ashlynnKnight thank you Ashlynn, love your channel CrystalSocks: LUL LUL LUL LUL Kavvika: bakki Kappa furyspec: furyspec’s Sub shared rewards to 10 others in Chat! Eddie1225: 711 is tony vSatIsHere: Nikki dating Baas PogChamp Eddie1225: KEKW iTrejo: BAKKI Pog bruto: !hype williewonkers2: Thanks for the HahaBall @furyspec Nightbot: ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult NeonMari: Bakki ligerbomb: NAAS Pog darkaxz: furry? Cnighthawk848: Brabb and Nam CaptainMajid88: Baas>Saab tbh AJVM_: Naas is better KEKW sahgress: its pretty fun furyspec: dark? Z1NQ: whats happening i just got here Kimberly_Galarza: it is oscvrdestroys: Fury not Furry LUL Eddie1225: Pog Coms furyspec: lol darkaxz: @furyspec just wondering why she pronounced your name like that LUL

aivlys: It is stanleUwU properusernamefortwitch: have she memorize all the codes? MoonMagic: Naas NotTooShabby_408: Pog SpinDash12: buying baki stock now Painfu1Me1ody: Braab and Naas Nightbot: Don’t forget to drink water, get up, stretch, and walk around. Hope you are enjoying the stream ashlynnLuv jamie_gene_k: ashlynn7 good job aivlys: @properusernamefortwitch no kord76: Bassikki iTrejo: BAKKI Pog Eddie1225: yes sowrongitsTayy: that laugh just cracked me tf up omg r1co21: no 🙂 ligerbomb: Pepega 📣 SELLING NAAS STOCKS xSupportive: Bakki MoonMagic: bakki BootsAndChat: All Clear yes Eddie1225: chat WeirdChamp properusernamefortwitch: @aivlys great KEKW darkaxz: chat WeirdChamp Eddie1225: joe KEKW antoinetta: It’s really exciting!! Love Nikki north, she’s a badass nakkiLove furyspec: ashlynnCult ashlynnNotee ashlynnWoww maimyaLove maimyaLove SpinDash12: i am buying all bakki stocks Jackmadman: baab and North mmorpgSneak sahgress: time to pull lethal for your own safety LUL XtraMedium1301: Code 4 means the scene is ok and there are no threats IO_Err0r: The Power b you feeling it BigMac0100: @darkaxz that’s you bud insomnii4c: SAAAB ligerbomb: Are North’s teeth okay or Eddie1225: yea MoonMagic: I love this character, this is so fun darkaxz: @BigMac0100 no u Hoeveer: GSR time Eddie1225: it just takes time Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ QUOTE_IF_OTT_MALDING: boys ? ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Thunderstrum: KEKW AJVM_: Alpha Nikki soon ez ashlynn7 vnicole621: saabKEK EskelHaito: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAOOO Kimberly_Galarza: lol DramaticReadingOfCatBarf: And how to shoot MikeSaint210: KEKW Thunderstrum: LMAOOO ExTahZee: omfg SpinDash12: yeah that is hard for all cops malwri: KEKW Sokol80: LUL Nightbot: LUL jamie_gene_k: KEKW Eddie1225: HARRASSMENT krn_jes: lol insomnii4c: Sabb LOOOOL Cnighthawk848: LUL stickbun23: Bruhhhhh AerialInfinite: LUL sowrongitsTayy: LMAO mr_mooncat: ??? furyspec: how romantic BigMac0100: Lmaoo blueivy1997: lol insomnii4c: LOOOOL iTrejo: BAKKI Pog stickbun23: LUL LUL jamie_gene_k: LOL ExTahZee: blazen did KEKW ligerbomb: Pepega 📣 CALLING HR stardustprismatic: Unprofessional smh Jackmadman: talk to Baas about codes awkwardsausesteph: yes 10-9 is repeat ExTahZee: this SpookyKabookie: ashlynnGasp dullmemes: KEKW pina_colorado: PepeLaugh Mauroheisenberg: You definetely need to focus way more than you do with brenda mudkip420swag: get baas fired arc akaNealW: @ashlynn you say how much of a badass lauren is but she started out with very low confidence, you got this kiwoLove Stanislav_Kus: ok I’m off to bed, good night chat & Ashlynn ashlynnLuvv Eddie1225: someone gave him points to say that prob KEKW Sadiii_: He had to do it, it was a 50k points thing @ashlynn sowrongitsTayy: what a little shit lmao Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn ahmedshaltout: bikki taraquest: Naas bruto: put on a wig KEKW traance: @pina_colorado you a monster LUL Thunderstrum: he had to alright blueivy1997: he had to BigMac0100: @eddie1225 truuu LUL pina_colorado: youre welcome chat 🙂 blueivy1997: what Eddie1225: it was pina KEKW jamie_gene_k: LOL Pina AJVM_: Yea sure he “had to” Kiitzu: Naas > Braab tbf 🙂 aivlys: He’s gonna do that on every character you make haha The_Lost_Prophet: Another lauren Haxi_: Pina such a balla dude barco588: lol Saab trying to make Braab happen on 2 characters blacmistress: thats kind of what lauren has done yessie55: Practice makes perfect ligerbomb: just frikin SEND IT Ned15: 50k points for that Pina omg akaNealW: keep pushing through, you got this 😀 IO_Err0r: curtisryanBlap MoonMagic: yeah me too I’m looking forward to that progression blueivy1997: 50k points NEFARIASH: Still got money to deposit traance: @barco588 you dont know pepeLaugh taylorje: SUPPLY RUN? ahmedshaltout: he put on a wig for you XD Ned15: Could have banned Golden or Blazen instead AnimatedJF: Have fun with your new char ash bby <3 this makes me your boss btw :) Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn traance: @Ned15 right bobosaurr: PepoG Ned15: Ned15 gifted a Tier 1 sub to traance! They have given 29 Gift Subs in the channel! ExTahZee: LULW properusernamefortwitch: PepoG ExTahZee: Pepega bruto: 29 months Pog sowrongitsTayy: code three is lights and sirens stardustprismatic: Sbarro's, hell yeah! Sadiii_: Code is full sirens and alarm traance: ok ned you serious mon @Ned15 saabH missdelarocha: a more rough voice would be hilarious (I know you’re just doing training atm) Ned15: Ned15's Gift shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! Sadiii_: Check your DMs saabA pina_colorado: you could throw up a cheat sheet on your other monitor Nightbot: Get closer to the community by joining the Famlynn™ Discord https://discord.gg/ashlynn Hoeveer: get pistol JustAnotherRandomDude: isnt there a list of the 10 codes somewhere? Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW Eddie1225: you only really need the basics properusernamefortwitch: VISIT BANK REEEE Eddie1225: your getting way better tho in this short time Jackmadman: lol study a game r1co21: do take something out of there :) missdelarocha: Get a list up yeah, it goes up in ‘severity’ basically mrchainsaw13: ding ding ding Echo1878: hi

Eddie1225: yes stardustprismatic: ding ding ding Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias Eddie1225: look at top right Nightbot: listen oscvrdestroys: LUL Nightbot: LUL Hoeveer: Use? Siddisterz: use the ammo to reload Jackmadman: yeah hit use yessie55: NOW we do the supply run? chirsg: What’s baas x nikki ship name? Va1iantN7: Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100 Va1iantN7: Va1iantN7’s Cheer shared rewards to 10 others in Chat! Hoeveer: brexit bruto: ashlynnSellout Cnighthawk848: sikki The_Lost_Prophet: Ocean King = OK paultyler92: No you didn’t load your gun you need to drag the bullet into the used part then it should load it SpookyKabookie: Thanks for the HahaNutcracker @va1iantn7 carlitalouise: creamy17Vibe Eddie1225: its fine IO_Err0r: kyliebSend missdelarocha: Bikki like a biscuit 🍪 Eddie1225: your dooing good Kimberly_Galarza: is okay sahgress: this is fun panicstyx: Nah, you’re doing good Eddie1225: not as nervous missdelarocha: No I like this new training/serious role saabH Sokol80: prepare to shoot if needed jamie_gene_k: ashlynnLuvv your doing goog IO_Err0r: Good job boit Jackmadman: doing good 😉 AmandaPlease: you’re doing great betchHEART sahgress: I rather watch you focus yoyoyox3: stop apologizing for being awesome <3 MrWaddlington: ashlynnNotee IO_Err0r: Good job boot bruto: Underwood - twitch.tv/gtawiseguy CindyySailz: studying LULW minteacoco: wiseguy widepeepoHappy yessie55: This is definitely more intensive than reception stuff, you're doing great! Va1iantN7: yeah no worries i am enjoying the stream IO_Err0r: Cheat sheet is a ok Skybuckzz: @ashlynn ayy bay bay Anacott: Trinity PogChamp blazen97: what's the difference between a cop and this department blazen97: I dont get it Kimberly_Galarza: lol sahgress: They are having fun with you dont worry missdelarocha: I love learning lopesSnc mallratderek: You’re doing great AJVM_: Bank Ehoz: asmonLong1 bobosaurr: FAT arc Pog kekiboss: 5? D: pina_colorado: widepeepoHappy donuts mrchainsaw13: LUL Nightbot: LUL NeonMari: @ashlynn deposit money across the street ashlynnSellout FunkBish: kebunFat kekiboss: abdul body arc minteacoco: she gotta feed the thicc missdelarocha: Training is part of their job especially with this new department ,dont feel like a burden saabH pina_colorado: you can never have too many donuts FunkBish: mehdiFAT SpookyKabookie: your not holding them back their are here to help you fly ashlynnNotee storm_the_artist: t3r0Nom Thunderstrum: shipley's DansGame Thunderstrum: Kreygasm* IO_Err0r: Good rp action as a doc officer SpookyKabookie: they're* Mauroheisenberg: fun fact: donuts have no calories feel free to eat as many as you want KEKW dullmemes: @blazen97 DOC are strictly prison guards and work in the prison, cops are... cops Scorpio_SW: Going to look like soze stardustprismatic: Nikki is so nervous, she burns off the calories during a panic attack yessie55: The hole in the donut means there's less calories! blazen97: @dullmemes can they respond to calls and stuff? Eddie1225: not as nervous

Eddie1225: but still a little kord76: bank right across the street Lonzowright: ashlynnRee Kimberly_Galarza: just a little nervous dullmemes: @blazen97 Nah, DOC focus on the prison and solely the prison minteacoco: peepoHappy donuts Jackmadman: vadeNom Eddie1225: they make you run fast after you wat them EchebKeso: Almost as expensive as krispy kreme Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Mauroheisenberg: 500 dollar donuts Pog stardustprismatic: What if she ended up being on a never-ending sugar rush kekiboss: KEKW actualrealhousecat: $500 for donuts?? Eddie1225: equal rights equal fights Eddie1225: KEKW Kimberly_Galarza: KEKW Sairr_: Those must be some good frigging donuts Jackmadman: lol missdelarocha: Do guards have to report crimes they hear/witness off duty? Like is there some overarching moral code yessie55: Those better be some good donuts missdelarocha: Or outside of the prison I should say MrWaddlington: the inflation in this city LUL Eddie1225: yes blazen97: Pog ask him out Sairr_: First date with my bf, he was going to pay and his card declined. @ashlynn shilohpotsu: lol minteacoco: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Jackmadman: vadeLUL Eddie1225: LOL missdelarocha: @sairr_ oof FunkBish: big oof stardustprismatic: but why Sairr_: major oof pina_colorado: N OMEGALUL sowrongitsTayy: LUL Nightbot: LUL Eddie1225: N OMEGALUL gewfball: Depends on if the girl asks the guy out or the guy asks the girl out properusernamefortwitch: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa TonyDeao: Kappa dullmemes: @missdelarocha I’m assuming off-duty DOC officers are like civs, so they may not HAVE to report? Can’t verify this, though stardustprismatic: Burgies minteacoco: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: oh yea this story KEKW pina_colorado: KEKW SimeonJW: But paying on the first date sets a bad precedent jamie_gene_k: KEKW williewonkers2: no way KEKW Eddie1225: LMAOOO minteacoco: LMAO ExTahZee: LULW KwapSquared: MFLKADSNF;KLAJSDLF; Anacott: that guy was a genius Kappa Thunderstrum: KEKW FunkBish: LUL Nightbot: LUL mrchainsaw13: KEKW MrWaddlington: KEKW gorrwarrior: just go dutch Haxi_: I pay on every date EchebKeso: Damn saab what a player TyfectaGG: true story? The_Lost_Prophet: Not RP FunkBish: Is that “not RP”??? LUL stardustprismatic: Elmo? san_x0: LOL TheBarbedKnave: wow he a bitch! iz_chipz: Cheer10 FunkBish: omfg san_x0: not rp crabbi_abbi: Not RP Daeoc: EZ meal Nightbot: ashlynnCool Clap MicroFish: LUL sahgress: smart move KwapSquared: But the real question is… what was the second date like??? @ashlynn FunkBish: holy shit AmandaPlease: Yikes TyfectaGG: noo way what a loooooserrr eelheadman: wasnt that a tinder date xD? ZeroX711: wow Jackmadman: ouch NitroBeast: you wanna go on a date LUL LetsGetZoned: That is horrible lmao Sairr_: Went on one date once and the guy ghosted me after. No clue why Eddie1225: LOL EchebKeso: there’s a reddit for those guys, choosing beggers JMTYSAR: who spends 60 bucks at a burger joint lol CindyySailz: omg KEKW mymizukix3: ashlynnUwU KatjeMauw: even after a date said we pay seperate i still payed it all lol san_x0: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAOOO dullmemes: Oh no, that dude.. WeirdChamp properusernamefortwitch: ash is a sugar mama KEKW stardustprismatic: the popping guy Eddie1225: wtf san_x0: LMFAO Eddie1225: KEKW Kimberly_Galarza: lol MrWaddlington: oh my god that’s the same guy LUL jamie_gene_k: LOL Sairr_: OH GOD minteacoco: omg Mauroheisenberg: He made you pay for the fist date and rick rolls you every month, what a guy eancu: wtf?!?! Anacott: LUL Nightbot: LUL bobosaurr: KEKW AmandaPlease: KEKW PolarInferno_: Ew omg IO_Err0r: Scumbag crabbi_abbi: Saab? sunny0017: wtf williewonkers2: KEKW ZeroX711: wtf travisoutlet: LUL minteacoco: ASH HOW DID YOU minteacoco: KEKW LetsGetZoned: LMAO FunkBish: How are you not with this guy again??? Sounds like a winner to me GreenJuiceBox: KEKW masterdick76: SSSsss Falcon954: why are you exposing me? travis203: WutFace TyfectaGG: no freakin way KEK@ exlegender: I love this guy TyfectaGG: KEKW MicroFish: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW LetsGetZoned: That is absolutely hilarious Eddie1225: listen if ashlynn thinks someone is weird you have a problem KEKW Nightbot: look NeoReaperXIII: Pog new character??? Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias stardustprismatic: Damn, Nikki dated the same person as Brenda The_Lost_Prophet: Again Not Rp ExTahZee: KEKW pina_colorado: KEKW san_x0: KEKW minteacoco: KEKW KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW Eddie1225: bald bros Eddie1225: LMAO mudkip420swag: he’s got a thing for baldies Haxi_: He saw that bald head and was like “oh yeah I need that” missdelarocha: @dullmemes yeah, ideally. But I wonder if because they report to the pd that they might expect them to spekelHmm NeoReaperXIII: LIL Loco? TheBarbedKnave: Thats a joke you make to the woman you’ve been with for like 6+ years after you’re fully comfortable with each other Mauroheisenberg: I can’t wait for Nikki to meet Brenda, they have so much in common KEKW Sokol80: nope he was talking to Nikki properusernamefortwitch: he needs an intervention to come out KEKW tld_syfe: I neaver let a woman pay stardustprismatic: he’s really defensive about being not gay Painfu1Me1ody: did he just have to remind himself that he wasn’t gay

dullmemes: @missdelarocha monkaHmm narcberry: If a man can pay, a woman can pay MrWaddlington: two eggs in a basket JaySeuss: Spaceboy is on now!! JaySeuss: That sweet DOC Captain rp Eddie1225: CoC PogU missdelarocha: Not to drudge up stuff but women statistically still do way more house work and personal admin than men even with the ‘equality’ we have. So please pay LUL FunkBish: spbJ exlegender: i keep hearing dlc FunkBish: CoC incoming mouser64: got it trinity JohnnyRubber: 769 from 704 bruto: 769 from 704 Highflyer918: 705 to 69 direct Angelightx: “Hey you (their call sign) it’s me (your call sign)” XtraMedium1301: no its the other way 769 from 704 Euperr: hey you its me boeiee: ^ Nightbot: ^ Ziospawn: money PolarInferno_: Put money away ViMint: not enough cash mouser64: PepoCheer Hoeveer: No money Ar1law: no money Thefubar1: you have no money missdelarocha: That’s a good way to remember it Kimberly_Galarza: lol MrWaddlington: dingdoodingdooding pepeD mouser64: pepeJAM jamie_gene_k: LOL yessie55: LUL Nightbot: LUL missdelarocha: You put every cent away lol XtraMedium1301: you aay the call sign of who you want to talk to first so they know to listen LMdalton34444: blobDance Eddie1225: KEKW RoboGeoff: what’s that sound? minteacoco: pepeD Nightbot: KEKW Jackmadman: lol NeoReaperXIII: KEKW Jackmadman: vadeDERP Mauroheisenberg: Nikki is actually Saab with all this money issues KEKW bruto: !rt Nightbot: Retweet and Like ashlynnHeart https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias/status/1204144991397974021 paiden_fowler: curvyeDerp Mist15: 10-7 missdelarocha: @robogeoff the sound of her card declining Kappa IO_Err0r: Slot jackpot pyroclasticfloww: Did her face change? Vick_99: Or say “same traffic” MrWaddlington: LUL Nightbot: LUL Snakat21: LUL Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW san_x0: 1 Jackmadman: mintyB mintyB stardustprismatic: wat DanceSilly_7: ashlynnGasp ashlynnGasp ashlynnGasp bruto: she changed it @pyroclasticfloww cbakertm: 😀 RoboGeoff: baby carrot? ZeroX711: wash your hands exlegender: hard cut bruto: pepeSmoke ExTahZee: you and saab both have weak bladders he left like 8 times during one movie ChantelErin: HahaBall HahaBall HahaBall Hoeveer: she just yanked her mic plug out TheFightspit: next time, bring a bottle or a bucket LUL missdelarocha: Umm I don’t think carrots hold much water Jackmadman: yeah wash your hands this time Kappa RoboGeoff: carrots and onions Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ cbakertm: umm.. wut Kappa XtraMedium1301: @missdelarocha exactly williewonkers2: pepeD Mauroheisenberg: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW XtraMedium1301: hence her bladder doesn’t either lol missdelarocha: @xtramedium1301 LUL mr_mooncat: ??? AnnieLP_: wtf narcberry: I set the bed and nobody asked if I was ok ExTahZee: KEKW MarkAnthony121: Don’t drink the water! poopypants123: peeing into water cooler KEKW Hoeveer: WB Eddie1225: wash hands storm_the_artist: Whatttt is he doinggg rolldmg: Note to self. Do NOT drink from that water AnnieLP_: KEKW CindyySailz: high quality camera KEKW ZeroX711: hands wash AnnieLP_: turn AnnieLP_: Look behind you

Nightbot: listen sowrongitsTayy: 706 back 10-8 ziggyjSalute eelheadman: >:) pina_colorado: she doesnt know PepeLaugh XtraMedium1301: true stardustprismatic: wat MikeSaint210: shhh don’t tell her jamie_gene_k: lol bruto: she knows monkaS MatDoritos123: shhhhhh Ashirok: maybe 🙂 Eddie1225: LMAO dullmemes: PepeLaugh KwapSquared: She’s lacking critical information Eddie1225: PAT KEKW pina_colorado: she doesnt know our secrets chat PepeLaugh Painfu1Me1ody: you think she noticed RoboGeoff: yup. she’s totally clueless mr_mooncat: shoot him cbakertm: *whispers secrets to chat* minteacoco: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW XtraMedium1301: lol awkwardsausesteph: hahaah jamie_gene_k: KEKW Tiberiox: Nidas LUL minteacoco: PAT KEKW KwapSquared: KEKW AmandaPlease: KEKW Golden_Laurel: KEKW exlegender: exlegender is gifting 5 Tier 1 Subs to ashlynn’s community! They’ve gifted a total of 56 in the channel! exlegender: exlegender gifted a Tier 1 sub to MajisTek! exlegender: exlegender gifted a Tier 1 sub to itsKamina! exlegender: exlegender gifted a Tier 1 sub to Cy72! exlegender: exlegender gifted a Tier 1 sub to generalfoley1! exlegender: exlegender gifted a Tier 1 sub to Christian2920! exlegender: exlegender’s Gift shared rewards to 25 others in Chat! Angelightx: you did good Eddie1225: pat doesn’t know his 10 codes KEKW Kimberly_Galarza: pog TremblesWithBeer: Pog DarkJesta: KEKW he said 69 bruto: Thanks for the HahaBall @exlegender ExTahZee: Pog JustDucca: JustDucca subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 17 months, currently on a 17 month streak! 🙂 narcberry: 10-4 62 168 to 68 JustDucca: JustDucca’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! missdelarocha: remember what I said, and don’t mention it to her HahaHide Jackmadman: vadeGift vadeGift vadeGift benchis5: Thanks for the HahaTurtledove @exlegender pog Angelightx: 10-8 was correct you did good HailTechnoHydra: Thanks for the HahaDoge @exlegender sheriffTX Cy72: I just got here and got a sub LUL DramaticReadingOfCatBarf: Thanks for the gift subs uwuLOVE uwuLOVE uwuLOVE r1co21: can we see ur facecam while doing coms @ashlynn PepeLaugh 紫雷イオ: i Miss you ash Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW AlaskanPipeline89: run again what_is_twitchprime: just walk 4Head cbakertm: 😀 PolarInferno_: !hype Nightbot: ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult pina_colorado: widepeepoHappy san_x0: ashlynnYay ashlynnYay Mauroheisenberg: big hype Pog ExTahZee: hype Eddie1225: !motto Nightbot: We Rehabilitate Motherfuckers, Sir! ashlynn7 pina_colorado: ashlynnScuff ashlynnScuff ashlynnScuff ashlynnScuff ashlynnScuff ashlynnScuff ashlynnScuff ashlynnScuff ashlynnScuff ashlynnScuff MrWaddlington: HYPE GruntildaW: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv Eddie1225: time to beanbag a mofo MrWaddlington: ashlynnPog DanceSilly_7: ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart Kimberly_Galarza: ashlynnCool ashlynnCool ashlynnCool Mauroheisenberg: !quote 42 Nightbot: 42. “It’s like a tuna can down there. He’s not gonna hit the bottom of the barrel, he’s just gonna stretch it real wide” – LibraLebron Cameron_Piper: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv skyMaiden: MonkaW cbakertm: juked LUL ahrjman: dodged DramaticReadingOfCatBarf: My secret to stopping running.. Never start Angelightx: curvyeLove1 curvyeLove curvyeLove1 curvyeLove curvyeLove1 curvyeLove curvyeLove1 curvyeLove curvyeLove1 curvyeLove curvyeLove1 curvyeLove curvyeLove1 curvyeLove curvyeLove1 curvyeLove curvyeLove1 curvyeLove Cnighthawk848: Pat will help you out with shooting DanceSilly_7: ashlynnDerp ashlynnDerp ashlynnDerp coldskill: its fine pina_colorado: !quote 12 jamie_gene_k: ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart kord76: akcantwok Nightbot: 12. “To be fair, yeah you walk by the occasional UGH but most people in LA are gorgeous” -VernNotice missdelarocha: Dodged TremblesWithBeer: Ez dodged bigt4700: Hi Nightbot: ashlynnCool Clap Eddie1225: 🙂 san_x0: 🙂 GreenJuiceBox: 🙂 PolarInferno_: 🙂 gambolingman: Dodgeball coldskill: you can die a lot, but its fine Kimberly_Galarza: 🙂 cbakertm: 🙂 dullmemes: 🙂 Eddie1225: status works FerdEven: 🙂 Angelightx: what’s your 20 ChantelErin: 🙂 Gemblar: what’s your 20 Euperr: 20 Cornstalk89: whats your 20 Eddie1225: 20 DanceSilly_7: ashlynnWoww ashlynnWoww ashlynnWoww deadlyobliviance: no 🙂 paiden_fowler: curvyeSmile curvyeSmile sowrongitsTayy: 20 verify1337: figure it out boomer PolarInferno_: 20 ghosthag1: 20 Angelightx: 20 Darkash150: 20 Franco474: @ashlynn why didnt you evolve brenda into doc instead of making a new character= jamie_gene_k: 20 coldskill: 40 awkwardsausesteph: yes Darkash150: 76 is on your way pina_colorado: 76 in enroute isnt it? partyn4ked: 20 HappyLittleStream: 20 is location Cornstalk89: 20 is their location, 25 is to meet r1co21: where im from we just ask where your location is 🙂 XtraMedium1301: 76 is about tavel and ETA. 20 is about location HappyLittleStream: 76 is enroute sowrongitsTayy: and if you want them to meet you somewhere, you ask them to 25 with you at xyz location Eddie1225: AJ KEKW minteacoco: KEKW KwapSquared: LMFAO Nightbot: KEKW cbakertm: 😀 sowrongitsTayy: LUL traance: LUL Nightbot: LUL skyMaiden: im 76 to dat ass minteacoco: NICE LMAO cbakertm: LMAO paiden_fowler: curvyeLUL dullmemes: KEKW AvaGG: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Derpyclub0: get a notepad minteacoco: uhnSiz cbakertm: 🙂 awkwardsausesteph: noooooo missdelarocha: Lmao kay_83: No 20 Eddie1225: beanbags for karen Pog verify1337: boomer ashlynn AvaGG: SEE WHAT HAPPENS DanceSilly_7: ashlynnO ashlynnO ashlynnO AvaGG: COME AT MEW Undead_Reaper314: was that Pat? Cornstalk89: there was pat Sokol80: she will rehabiliate you Ava Eddie1225: when you metter him just ask Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn Eddie1225: lmao Eddie1225: there you go skyMaiden: there ya go Eddie1225: you have his number Cnighthawk848: LUL Nightbot: LUL Cornstalk89: there it is Eddie1225: LOL Mauroheisenberg: ashlynnPog ashlynnPog_HF AlaskanPipeline89: aswerd Pog KwapSquared: THERE YA GO ghosthag1: there it is lol ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW minteacoco: Pog Undead_Reaper314: there you go 😛 awkwardsausesteph: ahahahah he knows yessie55: He heard you LUL Ragestrike: check visitation skyMaiden: 7777777 NotTooShabby_408: is the max DOC 3 or 4 people? skyMaiden: SHE DID IT Pog Eddie1225: KEKW minteacoco: NICE bobosaurr: Pog KwapSquared: Pog bruto: Pog ZeroX711: lol empanada: Pog Kimberly_Galarza: pog Angelightx: SO GOOD HappyLittleStream: Pog mudkip420swag: SMOOTH awkwardsausesteph: pog Anacott: POGGERS PolarInferno_: Pog MrWaddlington: LUL ghosthag1: Pog Nightbot: LUL jordan11996: KILLING IT shilohpotsu: Pog Eddie1225: Pog Coms Painfu1Me1ody: someone clip it ExTahZee: Pog minteacoco: POGGERS SHE DID IT gullabro_: nakkiS nakkiS nakkiS KwapSquared: THE NUMBERS. SHE UNDERSTANDS THEM Pog Anacott: radio queen dullmemes: Pog GOD DOC

MrAbstract47: betchCLAP betchCLAP betchCLAP betchCLAP IAmYoungDabNow: ziggyjDab HY8US: Doing better than I ever would lol nj minteacoco: you got it Technicolor_Katt: Technicolor_Katt subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 6 months! Ashlynn your the best and I <3 your face ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv speedtaco: She can talk so good oh my god CindyySailz: THE STUDYING PAID OFF Pog Technicolor_Katt: Technicolor_Katt's Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! Falcon954: it'd be cooler to see Brenda there tbh but your call mudkip420swag: galaxy brain AnDrE_mIlLeR: what u have gone to the dark side @ashlynn :O miral6: agreeed IAmYoungDabNow: HahaSleep bruto: !hype Nightbot: ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult Master_Dhartha: need to take notes haha cbakertm: :D Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Cnighthawk848: people can break others out Jackmadman: what did you do coca HopelesslyDOPE: HopelesslyDOPE subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 4 months! HopelesslyDOPE: HopelesslyDOPE's Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! minteacoco: KEKW jamie_gene_k: lol mvpworthy21: Thanks for the HahaSweat @technicolor_katt bruto: !hype Nightbot: ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult Jackmadman: shot him IAmYoungDabNow: jaboodyDANK Eddie1225: LMAO cbakertm: KEKW GruntildaW: Thanks <3 @HopelesslyDOPE ExTahZee: KEKW sowrongitsTayy: LUL Nightbot: LUL minteacoco: KEKW KEKW Nightbot: KEKW dude7836: LUL AlaskanPipeline89: KEKW missdelarocha: Omg he’s soooo Swedish poopypants123: donut IAmYoungDabNow: jaboodyLUL wolny877: wrong LUL\ Eddie1225: LOL Cy72: lets go then ExTahZee: PepeLaugh TheDevilDoodle: Go to it then pepeLaugh what_is_twitchprime: Kapp exlegender: PepeLaugh Eddie1225: good time to learn awkwardsausesteph: through cafe NotTooShabby_408: PepeLaugh minteacoco: saabKEK saabKEK saabKEK Cornstalk89: literally walked the opposite direction KEKW PolarInferno_: through cafeteria sowrongitsTayy: ask denzel lol Undead_Reaper314: maybe run there cbakertm: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa minteacoco: saabKEK Eddie1225: LOL skyMaiden: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Mauroheisenberg: LULW Kimberly_Galarza: lol Technicolor_Katt: eabSMILE gambolingman: LUL Nightbot: LUL awkwardsausesteph: ahhhhhhh ViMint: LOL Roarisei: kinamaLUL minteacoco: KEKW Angelightx: curvyeLUL curvyeLUL curvyeLUL curvyeLUL TURTLENATED: KEKW Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn TheDevilDoodle: pepeLaugh cbakertm: LUL elsuperconejo: LUL LUL Eddie1225: KEKW dude7836: Kappa NotTooShabby_408: PepeLaugh cbakertm: LMAO rolldmg: KEKW ExTahZee: LULW BrosifMaster: PepeLaugh minteacoco: KEKW KEKW Cy72: "lets get tough" skyMaiden: that'll show him Pepega dullmemes: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Undead_Reaper314: maybe run :P Jackmadman: vadeLUL cbakertm: lost LULW missdelarocha: you don’t know him LUL kay_83: Yes IAmYoungDabNow: Can’t believe he’d slap a woman Xwaderman: lol its like 2 places to go kay_83: Straight thru Eddie1225: ashlynn7 IAmYoungDabNow: MokaS Cy72: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW IAmYoungDabNow: Yup cbakertm: Eddie1225: you fought denzel that counts KEKW XtraMedium1301: they removed pool cues I thought Kinghaye1: @iamyoungdabnow What do you mean he shot lauren in the face LUL TheDevilDoodle: monkaW skyMaiden: bovice loves us though widepeepoHappy Eddie1225: LMAOO TheDevilDoodle: monkaEyes AnnieLP_: LUL Nightbot: LUL cbakertm: oooo XtraMedium1301: Bovice likes Nikki jamie_gene_k: KEKW Undead_Reaper314: 777 looks familiar xD mudkip420swag: I thought he said spit lmao properusernamefortwitch: wat reb_ekh01: reb_ekh01 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 2 months, currently on a 1 month streak! reb_ekh01: reb_ekh01's Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Jackmadman: gross Thunderstrum: Thanks for the Haha2020 @reb_ekh01 cbakertm: yea sure Kappa AnnieLP_: you got told to put them on Eddie1225: LULW Xwaderman: lol Dandaman112: HahaBall cbakertm: doesnt sound to certain Kappa Derpyclub0: its through cafeteria ExTahZee: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAO Nightbot: Get closer to the community by joining the Famlynn™ Discord https://discord.gg/ashlynn HY8US: Kekw Nightbot: KEKW mudkip420swag: lmao missdelarocha: So much detail LUL TheDevilDoodle: Pat Downs Beer_Drinker_420: PowerUpL LUL PowerUpR HSCheers FortOne FBtouchdown XtraMedium1301: he is your C.O Eddie1225: tony calls him penta KEKW AvaGG: lollll pina_colorado: KEKW AvaGG: so vervous skyMaiden: KEKW AvaGG: nervous* skyMaiden: soze MonkaW PouncerD: Mr. Downy? does he make your clothes soft ? Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW PouncerD: lol Ur__Demize: under wood kek cbakertm: LULW Eddie1225: we can train Pat in coms PogU bruto: !caster AvaGG Nightbot: Make sure to give AvaGG a follow! AvaGG was last seen playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare . You can follow AvaGG at twitch.tv/AvaGG cbakertm: winging it pretty much LUL

TheDevilDoodle: he runs DOC BTW KEKW properusernamefortwitch: Don’t drop the spaghetti now KEKW Eddie1225: LMAO h2oouttacontrol: interesting lol Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias minteacoco: ziggy KEKW lightest0: ashlynnHungo ashlynnHungo ashlynnHungo ashlynnHungo ashlynnHungo AvaGG: how hard is it to be a guard? pina_colorado: whats a ziggy sowrongitsTayy: 10-50 big ass crash lol Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Kimberly_Galarza: lol wildbe4r: lol bruto: Ava as DOC Pog IAmYoungDabNow: It’s a dude JohnnyRubber: 10-brown travisoutlet: zaddy dude7836: LUL Nightbot: LUL XtraMedium1301: 10-50 is car disabled MikeSaint210: 10-#2 Eddie1225: i think they are slowing down in hiring people IAmYoungDabNow: Girls don’t poop FlyTy25: @avagg in real life it’s up and down lol rtiz121: you forgot to salut him ashlynn Kappa Eddie1225: theres like 20 DoC garuds missdelarocha: What’s 10-70? Deadlysnipes: rk TheFightspit: Fire Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW XtraMedium1301: KEKW cbakertm: LUL Nightbot: LUL jamie_gene_k: KEKW Eddie1225: LULW PolarInferno_: different Swedish guy btw skyMaiden: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW pina_colorado: LULW@ XtraMedium1301: zigging and zagging needs work LUL properusernamefortwitch: KEKW TheFightspit: Guys, just google Police Codes LSRP, you can find all the codes bruto: !lore minteacoco: KEKW cbakertm: umm thats a promotion LUL burtonm: curtisryanSippy HappyLittleStream: Macys LUL Jackmadman: Maceys jaymeking: wtf… shes on early Eddie1225: LMAOO missdelarocha: Macys to prison guard??? Oh god chainsaw_gangwar: Where are the security tags on this NotLikeThis Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW totalllytwisted: Macys HAHA HappyLittleStream: This is fine everything is fine cbakertm: NotLikeThis minteacoco: KEKW Jackmadman: vadeLUL FlickCM: Will Nikki ever be confident? XtraMedium1301: @jaymeking she said a little earlier she wants to start 2/3pm Central time from now on IAmYoungDabNow: At least he’s being honest Beer_Drinker_420: kebunLUL kebunGasm properusernamefortwitch: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW jamie_gene_k: LOL jetsfanbyforce: jetsfanbyforce subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 5 months! <3 jetsfanbyforce: jetsfanbyforce's Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! dude7836: Everything is fine :-) Larz1695: B-B-BOVICE? monkaS Eddie1225: KEKW dullmemes: monkaEyes B-B-B-BOVICE? JJOkochaJJ: yeah Spaceboy said that the random beanbag shooting should get dialed down next days XtraMedium1301: Bovice likes us though Eddie1225: LMAOOO yessie55: Nikki has now found a big brother hopefully? ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW minteacoco: oh no KEKW jamie_gene_k: LOL eancu: KEKW Eddie1225: LOOOL sowrongitsTayy: LMAO minteacoco: LMAO chainsaw_gangwar: LUL Nightbot: LUL HopelesslyDOPE: LUL jamie_gene_k: KEKW MrOng: LUL MikeSaint210: KEKW san_x0: KEKW dude7836: LUL Eddie1225: LMAOOO dullmemes: KEKW FlickCM: LUL XtraMedium1301: KEKW MikeSaint210: D: D: D: minteacoco: KEKW cbakertm: LULW Dokubeki: LUL HappyLittleStream: D: cbakertm: heard such a thing LULW LUL sowrongitsTayy: LUL Mauroheisenberg: emperor of ikea KEKW Vick_99: LOL CindyySailz: that's a Kapp and a half minteacoco: 4/20 KEKW san_x0: 4 20? skyMaiden: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW chainsaw_gangwar: 42069 Eddie1225: LMAOOOOO san_x0: KEKW properusernamefortwitch: KEKW Eddie1225: fired KEKW rtiz121: that liar XtraMedium1301: KEKW KEKW LordJasta: Hows doc going? FlickCM: LMAO cbakertm: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAOOOOOO ExTahZee: KEKW sowrongitsTayy: looooooool missdelarocha: Lmaookkk XtraMedium1301: LUL Nightbot: LUL cbakertm: my mans like Monkawut LUL missdelarocha: That’s perfect properusernamefortwitch: SNITCHES GET STITCHES KEKW dullmemes: KEKW HopelesslyDOPE: Who is Pat? san_x0: monkaW Eddie1225: too late KEKW minteacoco: already did KEKW FlickCM: Talk shit get hit KwapSquared: too late dullmemes: @HopelesslyDOPE Spaceboy Painfu1Me1ody: it's too late xxstephuxx: @HopelesslyDOPE Spaceboy XtraMedium1301: Nikki a snitch now HopelesslyDOPE: TRIPPPPY I had no idea hahaha Hoeveer: Only crims can be snitches IAmYoungDabNow: You didn’t snitch tho! tttaylor: Chat who are they talking to on radio FlickCM: Is Nikki still a mole for Labarre? Jackmadman: shot him lol Dandaman112: Such a snitch jeez HahaBall HahaBall

properusernamefortwitch: should change your name to snitch now KEKW IAmYoungDabNow: ^^ skyMaiden: she’s great i love her missdelarocha: He deserves to be shot, mean ikea man JJOkochaJJ: @ashlynn the beanbag shooting is something Spaceboy talked about on Stream that they need to stop doing it so much randomly Kimberly_Galarza: yep Eddie1225: 7777777 Cy72: 777777777 Hoeveer: Just shoot him now ExTahZee: 77777777777 burtonm: 77777777 exlegender: he def is going to love you now Dokubeki: 7777777777 jamie_gene_k: 7777777777777777777 jordan11996: BEAN BAG HIM minteacoco: peepoClap 77777777 skyMaiden: my aunt is a prison guard named nikki peepoHappy NordicInquisition: 7777777777777777777777777777777777777777777 xxstephuxx: she makes it so much better Falcon954: you should’ve mentioned the prison was empty HY8US: 77777777777777777777777 TheInteractiveGames: just be purposly bad and shoot everyone rtiz121: ashlynn let him be a big brother to you they tend to get your back SlinkyMcMasters: Why do all your characters have awkward in them then Eddie1225: LMAOOO properusernamefortwitch: monkaS Kimberly_Galarza: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW jamie_gene_k: LOL jordan11996: BEAN BAG HIM skyMaiden: MonkaW Eddie1225: MonkaW chainsaw_gangwar: Threats monkaHmm Nightbot: @release_the_pain -> You have to let it go. [stop posting links] [warning] minteacoco: sweden monkaW dullmemes: MonkaW burtonm: gwiseS missdelarocha: Shooting moving targets is hard Cindescent: lol Mauroheisenberg: @release_the_pain how about you go get a job? SpookyKabookie: no1BLAST no1BLAST rolldmg: bruh, you need to become the hardest MF is this place pina_colorado: just draw a crosshair on your monitor forsenCD dullmemes: @Mauroheisenberg KEKW Sitaa: train already by tracking him when he runs cbakertm: old school duel LUL rolldmg: when he comes to give you stiches later, shoot him again LUL Jackmadman: duel it up r1co21: blap blap blap XtraMedium1301: way off LUL chargnmahlazr: LUL Nightbot: LUL Snakat21: LUL DodgeDartGirl_: Take 14 steps then shot saabKEK alphaskull: channel your inner siege cbakertm: wut.. LUL Thingani: Just shoot xxstephuxx: Yeah, piece of cake! [stop spamming caps] [warning] storm_the_artist: HYPERCLAP kingsavsav: +++ Respect sowrongitsTayy: Prison respekt Undead_Reaper314: baas catbug1234catbug: angered final prison boss Mauroheisenberg: HYPERCLAP eancu: ashlynnPog HYPERCLAP Yimp_C: HYPERCLAP Painfu1Me1ody: Mission Accomplished NeonMatriXD: HYPERCLAP mallratderek: Hyperclap Eddie1225: too late ZeroX711: choiDab choiDab choiDab FeeltheBass: widepeepoHappy HYPERCLAP Eddie1225: bovice MonkaW HopelesslyDOPE: Do me slash +Respect after for sure. LUL Anacott: Trinity has become one with the matrix Kappa XtraMedium1301: plot incoming KEKW PouncerD: pounce1Love poopypants123: bovice oh nononono Dandaman112: Booo Cheater HahaBall HahaBall kingsavsav: ashlynnClap ashlynnClap ashlynnClap sahgress: bovice MonkaW Cy72: monkaW ChantelErin: HYPERCLAP rolldmg: shoot Bovice on “accident” KEKW Inigo_Cruz2000: !timeup dullmemes: monkaGun bovice TheFightspit: HYPERCLAP Undead_Reaper314: say hi to baas minteacoco: get ready nikki PolarInferno_: !motto Nightbot: We Rehabilitate Motherfuckers, Sir! ashlynn7 Kimberly_Galarza: is your favorite person

Thunderstrum: monkaS burtonm: hostile gwiseS gwiseS Kimberly_Galarza: lol 420_smiles: shotzSip GreenJuiceBox: monkaS Christian2920: Evening Ladies, and thanks for the gifted sub whoever gifted it uhsnowHeart missdelarocha: MonkaS jamie_gene_k: LOL exlegender: who Larz1695: gachiBASS Clap XtraMedium1301: listen to comms Nightbot: look chainsaw_gangwar: Give him a time-out! SwiftRage minteacoco: hard ass nikki time Igotthemagicstik: yay pain alphree: who are they bringin in? PouncerD: I give it a 5 outta 10 .,., lol sowrongitsTayy: Bovice just saw you whoop ass though, that’s dope one_ox: @alphaskull anto bobosaurr: 1v1 bovice Christian2920: #BoviceWorld Pog rolldmg: now’s your time. Establish your dominance ak87inxs: @ashlynn time to move up to trooper chainsaw_gangwar: MonkaW Eddie1225: MonkaW happyfeet__lol: kekw Nightbot: KEKW dullmemes: Oh… monkaS Eddie1225: buddha KEKW minteacoco: buddha KEKW AlaskanPipeline89: KEKW sowrongitsTayy: LUL Nightbot: LUL minteacoco: saab KEKW jamie_gene_k: LOL alphree: Trooper North has a nice ring to it too Eddie1225: MonkaW XtraMedium1301: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW jordan11996: BEAN BAG THAT MOTHER FER XtraMedium1301: SMOOTH PouncerD: Get her Sweden .,., lol melosphinx: Fire cbakertm: LULW Eddie1225: LOL Kimberly_Galarza: lol Nazz_pvp: !uptime Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 3 hours 2 minutes 38 seconds LASTASHIO: bean bag his pony tail off jordan11996: BEAN BAG HIM cbakertm: erff LUL cbakertm: that mofo crazzzy LUL Sairr_: monkaW Eddie1225: LOOL Cy72: LUL Nightbot: LUL bruto: lol dude7836: LUL jamie_gene_k: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW hyyypercvre: erf annoying bruto: Pat – twitch.tv/spaceboy storm_the_artist: hes gotta cute bun Eddie1225: KEKW MrWaddlington: Anto Murphy? if so, he scares me because of how realistic he portrays someone from northside dublin LUL bobosaurr: Pog Thunderstrum: Pog Eddie1225: LMAO cbakertm: oof justahalfpint: POG chainsaw_gangwar: Gottem Clap jamie_gene_k: Pog Eddie1225: !motto Nightbot: We Rehabilitate Motherfuckers, Sir! ashlynn7 Cy72: Clap dude7836: Pog XtraMedium1301: !motto dullmemes: Pog GOD AIM mvpworthy21: you gotta be like him NeonMatriXD: Pog PouncerD: lol Nic eshot 😉 MrWaddlington: Nikki GOD AIM North sal15: ashlynnGun ashlynnGun ashlynnGun Hoeveer: bogaGood bogaGood bogaGood bogaGood bogaGood bogaEdna bogaEdna bogaEdna bogaHey bogaHey MrWaddlington: LUL BlazedGoldfish: Annie Oakley over here Nightbot: LUL justahalfpint: PepoCheer Jaomaldit0: Anto is so laggy, I watched the cops running after him, warping everywhere HopelesslyDOPE: LOL how?!?! raging_bull: THE BULLET SPREAD LUL VR_Viking: playing Duck Hunt payed off Pog Nightbot: Check your Twitch Prime and consider using your free sub on Ashlynn bruto: !boop ashlynnBooty Nightbot: widepeepoHappy 👉 ashlynnBooty Eddie1225: LOL JMTYSAR: i wanna see you with eugine lmao FunkBish: cyrUgasm Thunderstrum: wut eancu: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Kimberly_Galarza: Nikki is in another level XtraMedium1301: wow crazyerazer: KEKW jamie_gene_k: KEKW zercoollfree: lol wtf chainsaw_gangwar: LUL sowrongitsTayy: wut FunkBish: vadeLewd JMTYSAR: XD XtraMedium1301: what a skill to want to be good at LUL dude7836: LUL Nightbot: LUL traance: anto already down lmao bruto: 737 ak87inxs: proud miner PouncerD: Captain booty inspector ., pounce1Haha Thunderstrum: you keep further proving that this is Brenda with a gun KEKW MOISTwontons: o m g lissylo: definitely brenda with a gun Eddie1225: KEKW

Nightbot: KEKW MOISTwontons: i missed all this minteacoco: KEKW cbakertm: LUL Nightbot: LUL Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias mudkip420swag: so many baldies today exlegender: lol minteacoco: KEKW KEKW Cy72: KEKW pumpkin_king1717: Or in your person lol dullmemes: KEKW chainsaw_gangwar: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW cbakertm: ummm Kappa ak87inxs: watch out for the brown storm minteacoco: winter is coming KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW cbakertm: gloves?? Kappa rolldmg: elbow deep KEKW Kimberly_Galarza: lol XtraMedium1301: KEKW cbakertm: some deep cavities LUL Thunderstrum: nice description KEKW Eddie1225: LMAOOO yessie55: WutFace JJOkochaJJ: still has the gun in head KEKW jamie_gene_k: LOL Kimberly_Galarza: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAOOOOO Nightbot: KEKW minteacoco: KEKW stryker81: all this cavity searching is making me need to poop Thunderstrum: LMAO FeeltheBass: how many fingers do you want KEKW Ashirok: hahaha ak87inxs: knew it dude7836: pace22LUL ak87inxs: 😀 Roarisei: miggitLewd XtraMedium1301: punch him LUL jamie_gene_k: KEKW VR_Viking: WutFace chainsaw_gangwar: What is it MonkaW Cy72: DansGame PanzeRage: fingerless gloves cbakertm: DansGame exlegender: KEKW Cuthalu: koilWow MillerrrTV: its peaking lol dullmemes: FeelsWeirdManW TheTourist_: advanced erp Eddie1225: KEKW VR_Viking: the hole pokes back WutFace ak87inxs: Shove that shotguy jamie_gene_k: LOL nsuix: 🙂 Eddie1225: what is happening KEKW ak87inxs: n* MrWhiskeyRichard: That’s how you get a hernia cbakertm: my mans was holding that one LUL Kimberly_Galarza: omg stickbun23: Cough Jaomaldit0: Trys Cuthalu: mehdiWEIRD WutFace chainsaw_gangwar: DansGame stryker81: DID you eat CORN? TheArgentWolf: WutFace minteacoco: what the fuck KEKW kimburlii: omg zercoollfree: stick it in his BROWN EYE AlaskanPipeline89: IM DYING MikeSaint210: LUL malwri: WutFace Nightbot: LUL Kimberly_Galarza: lmao justahalfpint: monkaStare MrWaddlington: KEKW FunkBish: Give him a Dirty Sanchez Thunderstrum: wtf is happening KEKW Nightbot: KEKW OkwahoFloyd: Thanks for the HahaPoint @exlegender beepx2lettuce: betchGAG jamie_gene_k: KEKW Dragoonia: what kind of shit am i watching sowrongitsTayy: smack him dullmemes: “Chunky” aight, im heading out kay_83: Lol MrWaddlington: gotta punch him in the gut to make him cough LUL Ar1law: ERP ashlynnPog lissylo: im uncomfortable yessie55: This man nasty TheSouthpaw: I NEED BACKUP, THE INMATE IS PRARIE-DOG’IN pinkyjoc: betchGAG Hoeveer: grab his privates and tell him to cough Eddie1225: please stop cbakertm: pop a squat and cough LUL Broznan: some guys are paying for this 😛 ivebeenfallingfor30mins: saabW chainsaw_gangwar: LUL kord76: wipe it on him Thetubaguy: nakkiLewd beepx2lettuce: DansGame GermaneChoco: shoot the bb Angelightx: curvyeS curvyeS curvyeS jamie_gene_k: punch him lol storm_the_artist: pull up his pants beepx2lettuce: please wash your hands Nikki WutFace iterator5: hand him the gloves LUL Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW minteacoco: KEKW kay_83: Needs change to orange FunkBish: Dirty Sanchez that sick bastard Kappa jamie_gene_k: *changes gloves* MillerrrTV: pulls up pants with dirty gloves lol PouncerD: maybe 😉 rolldmg: you’re doing great MasterShock: Doing fine lissylo: CHANGE UR GLOVES KwapSquared: YOU’RE DOING FINE HONEY VDOJunk: gud Thunderstrum: you’re doing really good Painfu1Me1ody: you are doin good Eddie1225: still nervous but way better cbakertm: 😀 sahgress: you have gloves full of shit Angry_Badger: doing great PolarInferno_: Alot better dullmemes: you’re doing great, sweetie! MOISTwontons: no 🙂 kay_83: Gr8 XtraMedium1301: should shoot him for dumping on you nsuix: youre doing great sweetie storm_the_artist: your doing soooo good <3 SiegeHQ: Hey ash <3 stryker81: @ashlynn why are all your characters neurotic basketcases :-) SiegeHQ: Long time no see Sokol80: you take the shit you are good Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn Eddie1225: only people like anto you do that with cbakertm: Eddie1225: like if there being shitheads you do that minteacoco: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW chatcast: !brenda_count Sadiii_: ashlynnWeird yourmomsbf1: LUL Nightbot: LUL Reanna_x: Anto Sadiii_: Nah, it's not Amatokka: Anto Sadiii_: Anto Codyyh_: anto kay_83: Needs pants changed crazyerazer: this is anto, not 5-0 minteacoco: no its not five0 KEKW MOISTwontons: brenda just keeps coming out Robijntjeeee: kaakHi XtraMedium1301: Anto as in Antony glitch_ness: not Mauroheisenberg: who plays denzel? Mikuro1: Prisoners collaborating over there without supervision

starrkiddd: “A whole new world” one_ox: @Mauroheisenberg Jonthebroski sowrongitsTayy: @Mauroheisenberg jonthebroski Eddie1225: 3 v 1 MonkaW stryker81: ole breadna… I heard she helped invent the frisbee XtraMedium1301: wait until you take Nikki off duty in the city and run into people you have rehabilitated LUL Mauroheisenberg: Ty dullmemes: It’s refreshing versus how jail-time was originally. I want more updates like this <3 nemesisbreakz: this can't go well Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW skyMaiden: KEKW minteacoco: KEKW san_x0: KEKW AllDaveEveryDave: Touch his feet properusernamefortwitch: Do IT KEKW san_x0: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa Eddie1225: get ready KEKW ShinobiJones: welp insomnii4c: Here we go dullmemes: monkaS kay_83: It’s fun. Once u meet Eugene it’s more enjoyable. But not Dundee’s the worst nemesisbreakz: why are the shotguns blaze orange? are they going hunting? withpy: bag dump lul skyMaiden: SO MANY NOISES NotLikeThis Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW minteacoco: KEKW Ehoz: vade3 vade2 vade1 san_x0: lllol bruto: bean bag guns @nemesisbreakz one_ox: @nemesisbreakz less lethal is normally orange Eddie1225: LMAOOO XtraMedium1301: KEKW Deadeyegnome: KEKW Angry_Badger: KEKW san_x0: LMFAO eancu: LULW Eddie1225: fucking rekt CuraeL88: HAHA nemesisbreakz: LUL MOISTwontons: LUL Nightbot: LUL justahalfpint: KEKW dude7836: LUL san_x0: right in the hea MrWaddlington: KEKW Lifevirus: Wow kay_83: & the pants Lifevirus: Nice job yourmomsbf1: good shit dullmemes: KEKW jamie_gene_k: Pog shilohpotsu: hell yea RuggedSauce47: EZ Clap Nightbot: ashlynnCool Clap Eddie1225: that reaction time Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW shilohpotsu: lmaoo Hoeveer: In the face ExTahZee: KEKW Ar1law: ashlynnPog ashlynnPog ashlynnPog ashlynnPog ashlynnPog VDOJunk: nikki going hard CuraeL88: That was wild XtraMedium1301: high five Sweden for that double team KEKW MOISTwontons: ashlynn finally learned how to load a weapon rolldmg: You're doing awesome HY8US: Nice shot skyMaiden: DansGame carlooooo: LUL sowrongitsTayy: shot him in the face lol Nightbot: LUL bobosaurr: DansGame Eddie1225: gachiBASS san_x0: KEKW Gemblar: moon2L cbakertm: LULW FunkBish: vadeLewd SweetSurrender_: DansGame jamie_gene_k: Love this your doing great yourmomsbf1: DansGame pina_colorado: KEKW ExTahZee: LUL MOISTwontons: MrWaddlington: LUL Angry_Badger: DansGame stryker81: WHAT? TheMetrotyranno: gachiBASS bruto: nakkiLewd MarkAnthony121: ashlynnNice brobo100: cause you didn't wash your hands? RedHeadedBlue: ashlynnGasp ashlynnGasp Mauroheisenberg: Never thought i would see the day Ash would use guns efficiently in gta rp KEKW MajisTek: Hmmmm FlickCM: LMAO JJOkochaJJ: KEKW imagine her in a prison break MOISTwontons: Your mouse is moist???? Eddie1225: KEKW ak87inxs: @ashlynn this too easy for ya, play one eye closed FunkBish: What do you DO with that thing!? LSU_Rich: Oh My Eumon: i um MarkAnthony121: ashlynnNice ashlynnNice Celedam: Stanford Prison Experiment, every day Skataneric: yeah .... mouse PanzeRage: bldfMOIST Deadeyegnome: timmacLEWD nsuix: lekaliLewd lekaliLewd kabac32: you’re doing so good ! MOISTwontons: moist mouse mushymuzak: weirdchamp Ashirok: ashlyn got moist hands MOISTwontons: moist kay_83: Get his pants changed KatjeMauw: fyi mouse is a zoomer word for, you know, your crotch Dandaman112: Moisty mouse HahaBall HahaBall TonySxbang: TonySxbang subscribed with Twitch Prime TonySxbang: TonySxbang's Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! stryker81: IDK what you millennial mean by "wet mouse" but I am slightly uncomfortable with this conversation MOISTwontons: Changing my name to "AshlynnsMOISTmouse" minteacoco: spaceboy KEKW FlickCM: Nikki does look like MJ, Sweden is correct nemesisbreakz: isn't rec time usually without officers? lol XtraMedium1301: https://clips.twitch.tv/BillowingStupidPartridgeBrokeBack san_x0: LULW missdelarocha: Can I see nikki’s face? Eddie1225: 777777777 ak87inxs: nah she looks like sarah oconnor Larz1695: pepeD 77777777 pepeD nemesisbreakz: she's hot skyMaiden: mj and brenda's daughter properusernamefortwitch: what does all the 7 mean MOISTwontons: OH wait I forgot Nikki is a mole SwordMasterSnakes: Really looks like Trinity now missdelarocha: Aww, I like how she looks NeoReaperXIII: ashlynnHey_SG FlickCM: If she could wear a leather trench coat then she'd really be Trinity bruto: some good growth today XtraMedium1301: @properusernamefortwitch they are making fun of Spaceboy's character's call sign which is 777. basically a lot of 7's LUL

Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn MarkAnthony121: Nikki looks more like Sarah Connor than MJ Igotthemagicstik: run yourmomsbf1: go quick Mauroheisenberg: I much preffer badass nikki to nervous nikki iterator5: it means run cab00se60000: run Darw1sh: run NeoReaperXIII: @MarkAnthony121 trew Broznan: when you are confident enough, wear a bandana Drexun: run Eddie1225: yes MasterShock: Hurry SwordMasterSnakes: Means hurry up jamie_gene_k: run AfriicanSnowball: run to where they are properusernamefortwitch: @XtraMedium1301 KEKW Kimberly_Galarza: your doing great TheFightspit: bovice? monkaS kord76: by the gates GermaneChoco: run double time is runnint Eddie1225: LMAO cbakertm: 🙂 cbakertm: ooof ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW exlegender: lol dullmemes: monkaEyes Eddie1225: KEKW ExTahZee: LULW cbakertm: cuckson LUL Eddie1225: LMAO Larz1695: monkaEyes nemesisbreakz: this reminds me of rookie season jamie_gene_k: LOL Sokol80: they want Ramee Eddie1225: they ready for clarkson KEKW pina_colorado: LMAO skyMaiden: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW NeoReaperXIII: KEKW bruto: lol cbakertm: omgg Igotthemagicstik: gross properusernamefortwitch: DansGame XtraMedium1301: this is just a few inmates. just wait lol jamie_gene_k: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAOOO jordan11996: Bovice monkaS unseeingwhales: KEKW Eddie1225: OH NO Deadlysnipes: nice Eddie1225: KEKW cbakertm: LAMOO insomnii4c: Okayyy san_x0: lol AlaskanPipeline89: KEKW GreenJuiceBox: KEKW TremblesWithBeer: Ew missdelarocha: Oh god be careful lol jamie_gene_k: LUL Nightbot: LUL mindcrimepuppy: lmfao nemesisbreakz: LUL bruto: DOC vs PD Pog kay_83: There has been more inmates stickbun23: LUL LUL alphree: oh shot DOC v PD MrAbstract47: DOC vs PD MrAbstract47: LUL yessie55: Clarkson no cbakertm: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW eancu: lmao Thunderstrum: KEKW Eddie1225: i mean DoC has bovice on there side they win by default KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW Sokol80: what is this 3 sides Eddie1225: LOL cbakertm: my mans conan buck wild LUL XtraMedium1301: just let him and Bovice fight. would be great LUL nemesisbreakz: that laugh is too contagious missdelarocha: Doc pd tension Slipalong: Siz created this lol jeff32019: Fucking rammed been fire recently Eddie1225: the banter of DoC is fucking amazing Mauroheisenberg: i love conan clarckson so much KEKW jamie_gene_k: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW sonasne: honestly Doc vs Pd would be pretty amusing to watch KevGann: lol Eddie1225: KEKW Eddie1225: MonkaW Masshamacide: ashlynnScream ashlynnScream missdelarocha: Lock it up jamie_gene_k: LOL RedHeadedBlue: ashlynnGun Mauroheisenberg: oh boy monkaS Kimberly_Galarza: lol Eddie1225: oh no cbakertm: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAOOO withpy: uh oh lul TheArgentWolf: LUL Nightbot: LUL Eddie1225: LOOOL bruto: lol NeoReaperXIII: ruh roh properusernamefortwitch: FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT sowrongitsTayy: eat your donuts while you can lol cbakertm: lmao BrosifMaster: monkaS jamie_gene_k: oh no HY8US: Shoot mindcrimepuppy: UNLOCK THE DOOR Eddie1225: KEKW mindcrimepuppy: lol HY8US: Shot exlegender: bovice is so cute missdelarocha: Oh god HY8US: Shoot cbakertm: this chaos LUL yessie55: It’s like herding cats LUL properusernamefortwitch: unlock almost tsunami ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: that was great Eddie1225: KEKW Kimberly_Galarza: lmao PenElane: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnKek insomnii4c: What is going onnnn BrosifMaster: Clarkson ruins everything KEKW colori3: colori3 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 6 months, currently on a 6 month streak! I work at a children’s hospital and sometimes I tell my patients Brenda’s tearable paper joke. It always gets a smile or a laugh. ashlynnLuvv colori3: colori3’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! bruto: i was expecting the door to open LUL Eddie1225: inamates vs PD Kimberly_Galarza: that was awsome bruto: !hype Nightbot: ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult jamie_gene_k: !uptime Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 3 hours 19 minutes 39 seconds sal15: I love Ramee LUL alphree: did Ramee just single-handedly rile up the entire prison? lol totalllytwisted: fkn Ramee dude rameeLaugh PenElane: simsie10 missdelarocha: I was expecting it to open too LUL ExTahZee: LULW Kimberly_Galarza: KEKW jamie_gene_k: LOL thats cute MrBanks711: siz causing a riot with this shit lmao exlegender: colori KEKW PanzeRage: facecam? Eddie1225: clarkson had all the inmates ready KEKW Painfu1Me1ody: So are you going to go to the court case as Brenda? TheFightspit: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW emeraldKid: paper joke? colori3: 🙂 mikaelezra: no jamie_gene_k: @colori3 saabHug

gt_vibez: no Kimberly_Galarza: i like that joke nemesisbreakz: LUL Nightbot: LUL ExTahZee: Yikes pina_colorado: HahaCat pina_colorado: haHAA CindyySailz: haHAA Larz1695: EleGiggle Nightbot: Check your Twitch Prime and consider using your free sub on Ashlynn cbakertm: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa kevcoder: Pog prio mikaelezra: lol ak87inxs: omg rolldmg: ashlynnStahp ashlynnStahp ashlynnStahp samsqwanch21: 4Head Eddie1225: they might stereosync: katieList SpookyKabookie: https://clips.twitch.tv/DifferentSpikyWrenBlargNaut 420_smiles: shotzFp shotzFp shotzFp missdelarocha: No it’s a tearable joke ak87inxs: too much lissylo: oh my@god Mauroheisenberg: it never gets better KEKW Eddie1225: Pat has to be there cuz he’s the boss of all DoC pinkyjoc: betch200IQ mallratderek: ashlynnLuvv Eddie1225: but you might be needed Zombie_Guy94: britHi @ashlynn britH britH britH TheArgentWolf: FailFish that joke CitizenStef: nikki is awesome! mallratderek: ashlynnCult Eddie1225: i have been enjoying nikki kay_83: Pd will deal with it exlegender: i hope they let you go storm_the_artist: i love nikki colori3: @jamie_gene_k ziggyjLove exlegender: with them nemesisbreakz: shaq called and said that’s turrible Zombie_Guy94: 4Head Kimberly_Galarza: i already did kord76: yeah nikki is pretty intense pina_colorado: no i really wont KEKW ExTahZee: Sure mikaelezra: cool girl Kap Mauroheisenberg: sure Kappa emeraldKid: what is it?! lol ImFamou5: cool KEKW verify1337: ok boomer ExTahZee: Yea ok mymizukix3: Pog Igotthemagicstik: Nikki is funnier then Brenda ElmerPhunk: that easy huh Lani_CG: “really cool girl” samsqwanch21: PogChamp beepx2lettuce: cool Kappa MasterShock: cool…. really?!?! ncrazegaming: i mean it’s a good experience to go spicylemonssss: nikki is great cbakertm: uhaha ah..um *gulp* Nightbot: Don’t forget to drink water, get up, stretch, and walk around. Hope you are enjoying the stream ashlynnLuv nsuix: cool KEKW KaiserDragon: thats all it takes to get laid? kingsavsav: ssurreee bobosaurr: Kappa Alpha Nightbot: Kappa rolldmg: I told that joke and my wife left me Ultrabeast: thanks ahead of time for getting me laid ForNothin: cool girl? who? Mauroheisenberg: imagine telling jokes in 2019 KEKW missdelarocha: I won’t because it’s not memorable and I don’t make cheesy jokes LUL Zombie_Guy94: beats ? :O PolarInferno_: Nervous Nikki is the alpha Kappa fuzzyyy: What’s the joke? MOISTwontons: This really weird girl on the internet taught me a tearrible joke CindyySailz: a few days ago milton played the brenda theme song and I didn’t know how much I missed it KEKW ForNothin: vadeGun vadeNom chargnmahlazr: I’m pretty sure talking about cool girls on the internet is the fastest way not to get laid Kappa Zombie_Guy94: my heart doesnt beat BibleThump Hurricanejf: choi is the cool girl? stereosync: sounds like you’re having a lot of fun though BaconPotPies: You needed a change anyways ForNothin: kingdom hearts RedHeadedBlue: ashlynnGun Such pressure MOISTwontons: I speedrun kingdom hearts so no. cant relate cab00se60000: lmfao ForNothin: best game Eddie1225: also most of the DoC spawn at the LS bus station Drexun: i fuckin hope your heart beats…pretty important if you ask me LUL TremblesWithBeer: @ashlynn is Nikki still trying to become a cop? Hurricanejf: i mean that whats heart does … Kappa BrosifMaster: Interesting comparison LUL insomnii4c: Hate kingdom hearts missdelarocha: Go get some baby wipes and clean yourself up GOD DAMN IT Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ tnickelss: Tried that joke to that girl…. she blocked me on all social media missdelarocha: I feel bad for your mouse mazmol: @ashlynn You’re enjoying it though right? Dandaman112: What’s Kingdom hearts gabsHmm messtahrobot: donuts PepeHands Siddisterz: noo spawn at PD 🙁 Zombie_Guy94: no donuts PepeHAnds Eddie1225: theres where everyone spawns mazmol: you can take the van up sahgress: so you can get a car PolarInferno_: Spaceboy does idk why mazmol: and sign in Siddisterz: they all spawn PD so they can sign on duty pina_colorado: i mean its fine either way Eeson: i think i would like to take you out on a date @ashlynn Sokol80: doesnt matter Falcon954: Where you are is fine, Pepega chat pottoman: you can sign in at prison anyways Eddie1225: no all the DoC spawn at LS bus station longsk0ped: just get on the radio ForNothin: vadeD vadeHug spacecowboy227: LUL Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn Nightbot: LUL Siddisterz: ya I think its fine either way Zombie_Guy94: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: yes it is ExTahZee: WeirdChamp PolarInferno_: KEKW suaveebrazzy: So u can sign on pina_colorado: wait it isnt Kimberly_Galarza: lol kimburlii: KEKW Eddie1225: Pina mazmol: WERIDCHAMP sunny0017: LUL Zombie_Guy94: or is it ? Kappa KwapSquared: can i ask other viewers on a date?? trace124: OMEGALUL cbakertm: KEKW jamie_gene_k: WeridChamp missdelarocha: @eeson you think? Megadisaster24: Cringe Eddie1225: let me kiss you on the mouth pina sal15: WeirdChamp Hoeveer: BANHAMMER exlegender: lol Sarnix: It is 🙂 JJOkochaJJ: @ashlynn probably just to go on duty and spawn a car ethan961: however, your date’s name is chat cbakertm: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa Cuthalu: KKona KawaiiWeeb_: FeelsWeirdMan samsqwanch21: Wait this isnt a dating right now? storm_the_artist: yes mom mazmol: its happening now 🙂 Kappa MOISTwontons: mommy stop it sal15: ashlynnWoww ashlynnWoww ashlynnWoww missdelarocha: HE ONLY SAID HE ‘THINKS’ bigwill91: YES MOOMMMYYY mazmol: mom ZeroX711: milf Zombie_Guy94: mom ? nakkiLewd raging_bull: where can we ask you for a date? pina_colorado: KKona Clap Eddie1225: i mean kay_83: Where’s ur car? Mister_Reliable: Okay, Mom ak87inxs: loooool beepx2lettuce: Hey Ashlynn, how about a coffee? Kappa Scameme: OK sister YoSupPAtruck: you’ve seen it, huh? KappaHD mudkip420swag: ok mommy Thetubaguy: nakkiLewd exlegender: ew lol wtfSandStom: hi mom! mfsweatypenguin: mommy tnickelss: I mean Dolenz: SO your a MILF? ImFamou5: maybe step mom KEKW ExTahZee: WHO IS DAD? baxter5569: you hot mom @ashlynn acejackeffea: hey….bb spacecowboy227: mommy ashlynn Kimberly_Galarza: mom …KEKW heartlesssxo: STEP MOM kingfalls187: step mom dranixw: D: youngastro2: whoa step mother Scorpio_SW: what about step sister sunny0017: yikes rolldmg: no you are Step sister FeeltheBass: sometimes you just gotta shoot your shot KEKW minteacoco: nah youre like an awkward older sister Darw1sh: my mom is younger than me.. what is this world taraquest: We’re just baby carrots RuggedSauce47: Incest is in Kappa CindyySailz: nakkiLewd mom? Spacedg: MILF confirmed LUL fuzzyyy: Who wants to go the the gun range? Raise your hands insomnii4c: Who is dad? BrosifMaster: That backfired Safrans: okay mama sowrongitsTayy: i’m older than you. lol mikaelezra: good thing im gay missdelarocha: Don’t date your mums mudkip420swag: woah step mom what are you doing Jaomaldit0: Is Ashylin my dad? MartinDaTank: incest is trending tho Kappa BaconPotPies: hot mom MOISTwontons: step mom !!! Ar1law: kinkshaming feelsbadman bigwill91: MILF MOM ?? Eeson: but @ashlynn i was told by Soda you was a good person Eddie1225: all the DoC spawn at PD so then can drive up and stuff Hurricanejf: step mom? cbakertm: shes seen it all LUL Sarnix: KKona Clap EVEN BETTER Dandaman112: I hear otherwise gabsHmm gabsHmm sal15: ashlynnSquish ashlynnSquish ashlynnSquish heartlesssxo: BABY ONIONS?! @ashlynn raging_bull: MILF pinkyjoc: mum? PanzeRage: bldfDADDY bldfDADDY bldfDADDY bldfDADDY ak87inxs: half of viewers leaves jamie_gene_k: saabAww were babies Robijntjeeee: fuck… is this real? Are you my MOM?! ak87inxs: 😀 Eddie1225: you can ImFamou5: ash is our step mom ^^ mazmol: yes they do insomnii4c: Who’s dad? ForNothin: stop telling me what to do mum vadeRee PolarInferno_: Space does Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn samsqwanch21: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa MajisTek: I’ll give you a baby carrot ThePotatoParamedic: Can I ask myself on a date? dg2e: You’re my step mom HahaReindeer HahaReindeer emeraldKid: mom can you tell that joke again? Asarena: I don’t like carrots Eddie1225: its fine anyway samsqwanch21: Wait this isnt a dating right now? pottoman: youre fine Dandaman112: Bot gf HahaBall mazmol: depends on the person @ashlynn MartinDaTank: any way works Eddie1225: but most do it for immersion purpose ShinobiJones: You could of gone to PD and got a SUV messtahrobot: pretty sure its fine either way Slipalong: You can sign in at prison, lots do it Hurricanejf: @ashlynn is saab dad? ashleysheperds: you can spawn at either place Eddie1225: but you can do it anyway you want longsk0ped: andrews told you to spawn in harmony Yagason: @MajisTek LUL PakmanJr: saabNice ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart Kimberly_Galarza: yep ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW insomnii4c: @hurricanejf yeeeeppp MOISTwontons: Well you can use the RP as “Working out by running to the prison” missdelarocha: You’re allowed to have a crush on her dw just don’t ask her out mazmol: watch everyone rock up in a pd van samsqwanch21: of course youre a WOMEN LUL Mauroheisenberg: mom doesn’t know best PepeHands Eddie1225: ashlynn TheInteractiveGames: do you wanna go on a date @Nightbot baxter5569: @ashlynn i do Zombie_Guy94: remithSmart Eddie1225: pleases top Kimberly_Galarza: lol carlooooo: nakkiLewd Eddie1225: LMAOo Thunderstrum: alright gullabro_: cyrPogger cyrPogger cyrPogger

Thunderstrum: i think that colori3: boundaries ashlynnNah pina_colorado: sister mom KKona skyMaiden: step sis Yagason: sister mom is even hotter emeraldKid: sister mom? Ar1law: ashlynnStahp stereosync: sistermom?! llGuNPoWDeRll: LUL Eddie1225: WERE BEING WEIRD? Nightbot: LUL sal15: ashlynnStahp ashlynnStahp ashlynnStahp jamie_gene_k: lol oof Thetubaguy: nakkiLewd bythybeard: Sister Mom bythybS BaconPotPies: You cant stop us ! KwapSquared: Uhh… you’re so weird longsk0ped: wowowowow Aces_o: I don’t enjoy this conversation ak87inxs: digging a hole ZeldaAdventuress: toonyMonkaS toonyMonkaS Nightbot: Get closer to the community by joining the Famlynn™ Discord https://discord.gg/ashlynn MOISTwontons: ok step mom exlegender: stop ashlynnStahp ImFamou5: no, you CindyySailz: nakkiLewd what MartinDaTank: even better Kappa rolldmg: @ashlynn Strep sis, what are you doing? Dad’s gonna find out Thunderstrum: that’s enough pls Zombie_Guy94: i can ? nakkiLewd Kimberly_Galarza: you made it BrosifMaster: ??? akaNealW: keep that shit to yourself kiwoRage MajisTek: Too late Kappa spacecowboy227: sistermom wat r u doing insomnii4c: Looool sowrongitsTayy: make this conversation end omg sdhjkjnsf ExTahZee: I just think of you as a Weirdo KEKW HiLuckyB: ashlynnOop BaconPotPies: too late mr_mooncat: made it worse Redacted_: what if were into that bruto: sister mom KKona dg2e: Step mom mfsweatypenguin: nakkiBlind nakkiLewd nakkiLewd Shrewkiller_: did i hear step sister Eeson: your my sister? Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm VenGGeance: so what ur saying is we can have crushes on our sister moms? wtf trace124: she knows what’s trending Cmart2250: some people are weird about moms Mister_Reliable: Where did dad go? CitizenStef: sister mom ffs KEKW joesnotaverage: ay mami MasterShock: this is taking on the Step bro vibe…. LUL missdelarocha: It’s getting worse Zombie_Guy94: breaGasm Sokol80: im older than you cant be my mom xxstephuxx: I had one of my customers start yelling at me cause I had the same name as his twitch girlfriend and I was like?? uh. okay psycho Eddie1225: KKona awkwardsausesteph: run rp kimburlii: KEKW Hurricanejf: sister in law? Nightbot: KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW Kinghaye1: You’re making this weird LUL RedHeadedBlue: ashlynnSass ForNothin: sister mum? is that legal? jamie420: dont you need clock in at pd Ragestrike: can we ask fellow chat people out on dates? BaconDono: techsmHI samsqwanch21: My Mom is Dead PepeHands FeelsBadMan Eddie1225: KKona Clap closetsquirrel: Mom, can we get pizza for dinner? MOISTwontons: step mom is that you ;3 Sitaa: if you are our mom, does that mean we cant date other viewers since we are brothers/sisters ? Kappa rialynx: Can we be the Chips to your Kayden? Dandaman112: gabsHmm gabsHmm mikaelezra: maybe not sister savage8604: rooGasm mom rooGasm tnickelss: Step sister mom ?? missdelarocha: I thought I was helping cbakertm: LUL gullabro_: cyrStress cyrStress cyrStress cyrStress TheInteractiveGames: stepmom missdelarocha: I’m so sorry CindyySailz: nakkiStop JJOkochaJJ: one guy but ash made it the entire topic KEKW Kimberly_Galarza: copcopcopcop Zombie_Guy94: LUL tydye5: shotzPog Nightbot: LUL Angelightx: don’t crush on mom chat curvyeYikes MrBanks711: chat weird as fuck now lmao MajisTek: Tell me how wet your mouse is kyleisLewd Zombie_Guy94: !weird SirTylerAlot: You should spawn at pd so you can sign in and then get a SUV ElmerPhunk: is there and adult somewhere Yagason: step mom stuck in the dryer jamie_gene_k: yea this convo is um interesting lets like talk about something else ZeldaAdventuress: milf toonyGASM yessie55: I stopped listening to you for a minute and came back in at a bad moment LUL Mauroheisenberg: @ashlynn just say grandma i feel like it’s slighly safer KEKW Ragestrike: shhh chat! what of mom finds out MaruuOnline: MaruuOnline subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 3 months! ashlynnLuvv MaruuOnline: MaruuOnline’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! Hurricanejf: Kreygasm step mom Kappa kay_83: No1 is gonna b there Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias PolarInferno_: Baas KEKW raging_bull: @ElmerPhunk doing a typo in a highlighted message haha missdelarocha: My sister mom is so hot right now lopesSnc insomnii4c: I hear saaaab Sadiii_: My sister uwuGASM Sadiii_: wait wtf xoxobrxnda: u littered saabA Eeson: toonySmug mikaelezra: no Dandaman112: Sister mom dryaGASM pina_colorado: chat a bunch of incestuous freaks ak87inxs: momma, chat is lava lll_Sharpie_lll: lll_Sharpie_lll subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 7 months! Thanks for everything you do Ash! You are an amazing streamer and more importantly person! ashlynnSquish Kimberly_Galarza: look at you ..already a pro Nightbot: listen lll_Sharpie_lll: lll_Sharpie_lll’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! Eddie1225: shut up pina paiden_fowler: ashlynnLuvv deadbeat_: 10/10 comms brobo100: Thanks for the Haha2020 @lll_sharpie_lll ExTahZee: saabH saabH saabH NeonMatriXD: ashlynn7 jamie_gene_k: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnSquish MOISTwontons: music too loud 🙁 Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW kay_83: U don’t have to say your out Undead_Reaper314: should of spawned at the bus station near the PD to say hi to Bass 😛 insomnii4c: @moistwontons ? MOISTwontons: oh wait i got a radio on….. i’m pepega LULW mikaelezra: mikaelezra subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 2 months! 2 months ayaya, you’re a cool bean Ash. I always feel better after tuning into your streams xx mikaelezra: mikaelezra’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! pina_colorado: nailed it Pog jamie_gene_k: Pog istilluvmario: so I come back in the room and I hear that you are chats mom, well how about you be Stacy’s mom, cuz well you know, she has it going on? ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW bruto: cool beans ashlynnUwU MOISTwontons: @insomnii4c pretend you never saw that comment LUL Cybearspace: ash and chat hey you cuties CindyySailz: 777 NeonMatriXD: 777 CindyySailz: nakkiAY bruto: hey cybear insomnii4c: @moistwontons understood. ashlynnPog Mauroheisenberg: ashlynnPog ashlynnUwU ashlynnPog_HF missdelarocha: The cell area he said Cuthalu: No sirens pina_colorado: PepeLaugh crazyerazer: lights on no sirens jamie_gene_k: lol Elari_Relanah: ooh how is it going?? Reanna_x: with lights BernieShultz: lights ak87inxs: time for slushy jjcatman123: just lights, no sirens Cybearspace: @bruto ashlynnHeart Aces_o: coming your way no sirens SwordMasterSnakes: Ask him Igotthemagicstik: ready to shoot Spacedg: Driving with emergency lights MasterShock: Lights but no Sirens CitizenStef: flashy bois on the car to get there quicker h2oouttacontrol: emergency Kimberly_Galarza: lol badmarshmallow: Lights on , no sirens sowrongitsTayy: investigate the area Reanna_x: the car MOISTwontons: Code 2 is one number higher than Code 1 @ashlynn messtahrobot: prob driving up here now Angelightx: code 2 means no sirens, on a car ForNothin: it’s like code 1 but more SirTylerAlot: Lights soljav2: uhsnowGun uhsnowGun uhsnowGun RedHeadedBlue: Oh boy ashlynnGun grant_eberly: 76ing to here probably minteacoco: the car, lights on no sirens PenElane: Poop Nazz_pvp: he’s talking to the transfer mazmol: there driving up Falcon954: 10-13 PepeLaugh JokesManLol: 78 crazyerazer: “need help” RuggedSauce47: Ligths, no sirens, they are on there way gullabro_: cyrStress cyrStress Cuthalu: Code Brown Eddie1225: help KEKW Mister_Reliable: Help MasterShock: Code 3 is urgent JJOkochaJJ: IM LIT IM LIT MrWhiskeyRichard: “FUCK HELP ME” CitizenStef: “AAAH HELP” Mauroheisenberg: help? Malixxprime: help PolarInferno_: Help r1co21: code 69 4Head mazmol: jusy say okay Eddie1225: KEKW Yagason: code 2 means hes eating a sandwich Nightbot: KEKW messtahrobot: alone PepeLaugh pottoman: requesting 77 or 78, both work CindyySailz: say you need help Angelightx: i need 78’s foamdomes: Help? Igotthemagicstik: 78 Spacedg: In PD you’d ask for 78s Elari_Relanah: i cant believe ashlyn has authority PanzeRage: requesting backup SpookyKabookie: Scream HALP Nazz_pvp: “need help” LUL Dandaman112: 1 above code 1 HahaBall HahaBall RuggedSauce47: 78’s mikaelezra: its code 1 but with another 1 added to it Angelightx: 78 is urgent need help NOW Kimberly_Galarza: good luck Hurricanejf: help please? kimburlii: KEKW JJOkochaJJ: just scream im LIT ExTahZee: KEKW minteacoco: lmao Goezerian: Ask for 77’s or 78’s if its an all hands on deck jamie_gene_k: LOL Kimberly_Galarza: lmao ZeroX711: lol sowrongitsTayy: just scream into the radio, you’re DoC not an actual cop lol badmarshmallow: 10-71 if you need back up and 78 if you REALLY need it kay_83: Backup code 2 Mauroheisenberg: just chilling Kimberly_Galarza: lol defunctus: ratedeLUL Sokol80: sir

kabac32: if your getting shot 78’s if you need officers then 77’s kay_83: Code 2 is back up davep1ke: 77 = I need some help, 78 = I need all the help waifus_slayer: wait she isnt a nurse anymore? KyndSurkle: KyndSurkle subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 3 months! ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv Malixxprime: shoot him LoneWolfJuka: 10-CODES 10-0 – Disappeared. 10-1 – Frequency Change. 10-2 – Negative. 10-3 – Stop All Radio Traffic. 10-4 – Affirmative. 10-6 – Busy. 10-7 – Out of Service. 10-8 – In Service. 10-9 – Repeat. 10-10 – Fight in Progress. 10-11- Traffic Stop. 10-12 – Active Ride Along. 10-13 – Shots Fired. 10-15 – En Route to Station. 10-16 – Stolen Vehicle. 10-17 – Suspicious Person. 10-20 – Location. 10-22 – Disregard. 10-23 – Arrived on Scene. 10-25 – Domestic Dispute/Disturbance. 10-27 – Pedestrian Check bruto: lol KyndSurkle: KyndSurkle’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! Eddie1225: /revive to pick him up Memorexxx: sister of Peter North? Eddie1225: lone wolf MOnkaW SwordMasterSnakes: Make that a command missdelarocha: ^ Nightbot: ^ Eddie1225: PogU JaySeuss: Those codes aren’t right for the server mazmol: yh exlegender: his character model Kreygasm iAlwaysSin: those codes arnt right for NP Mauroheisenberg: bird up mazmol: ask Wiseguy for 10 codes @ashlynn mikaelezra: Skylar and Nikke ship?? BernieShultz: wrong codes Eddie1225: Pog MOISTwontons: Those codes aren’t Nopixel codes lol bobosaurr: PepoG MOISTwontons: LULW shilohpotsu: Pog Kimberly_Galarza: wow pina_colorado: ashlynnNotee Ar1law: going ham san_x0: Pog kimburlii: ashlynnNotee sowrongitsTayy: @ashlynn do you have the google doc with the PD roster? There’s a cheat sheet for the 10 codes on it insomnii4c: @mikaelezra how dare you cbakertm: 😀 MrWaddlington: ashlynnNotee Hoeveer: Almost a page and a half! pjoner: woow he just snitched D: ForNothin: just like college iAlwaysSin: @ashlynn ask cops or DOC for 10 codes Nightbot: @GrumpyTreeFrog -> Sometimes I even amaze myself. [stop posting links] [warning] kevcoder: Wrong 10 codes bythybeard: Are they the same of PD 10 Codes @ashlynn mikaelezra: LUL @insomnii4c Nightbot: LUL GrumpyTreeFrog: @ashlynn i have a link for NP 10 codes u want it? Eddie1225: if they get shot then no but for everything else yea supergaflen: there is a infermy ShinobiJones: @ashlynn Dr. Torah also works here too so she can do medical emergencies supergaflen: pretty sure bruto: send me the link @GrumpyTreeFrog PakmanJr: PakmanJr gifted a Tier 1 sub to GrumpyTreeFrog! They have given 674 Gift Subs in the channel! PakmanJr: PakmanJr’s Gift shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! jjcatman123: Those aren’t the same as NoPixel ones JaySeuss: @ashlynn you have the infirmary too Eeson: i might sub mazmol: @GrumpyTreeFrog link me whispers please Eeson: just cause shes pretty hot GrumpyTreeFrog: @PakmanJr Thanks for the gift sub! MOISTwontons: oh Eddie1225: LMAOO minteacoco: KEKW iAlwaysSin: @GrumpyTreeFrog are they the codes for No Pixel or IRL codes kimburlii: KEKW longsk0ped: Pog Nightbot: KEKW Kimberly_Galarza: lol ExTahZee: KEKW Reanna_x: KEKW san_x0: LUL Nightbot: LUL sowrongitsTayy: LUL Jaomaldit0: LUL dullmemes: KEKW minteacoco: that how you call for help KEKW shibanunus: BALDY BEAM ME UP Reanna_x: thats how you ask for help Reanna_x: OMEGALUL Eddie1225: CoC Btw KEKW PolarInferno_: bAlDy heeeEElP exlegender: spaceboy and codes lol RuggedSauce47: That’s how you call for backup @ashlynn missdelarocha: The bald is bad LUL YoSupPAtruck: Ocean King stickbun23: <3 MOISTwontons: are you okay PolarInferno_: Status Jimthatoneguy: welfare check GrumpyTreeFrog: @PakmanJr much love vnicole621: status Gemblar: status check maybe buffy_angel_: welfare check Spacedg: Status chack bruto: https://i.imgur.com/Ja92SHa.jpg BernieShultz: welfare check supergaflen: ocean king sowrongitsTayy: welfare check YoSupPAtruck: oh status check ashleysheperds: welfare check pottoman: welfare check or status HolyHotcakesBruh: welfare check tenali: Oceak King jjcatman123: status or welfare check Aces_o: status and then ocean king is ok Reanna_x: welfare check or status ViMint: ocean king? iAlwaysSin: status or welfare check uller85: 10-9 daiukuun: welfare check Igotthemagicstik: status check bruto: those are the 10 codes if anyone wants them supergaflen: Ocean King longsk0ped: status bruto: https://i.imgur.com/Ja92SHa.jpg Nazz_pvp: "status" or ask "are you ocean king" ? missdelarocha: Welfare cheque sami_rose93: status check. and then if if they ask you youre ocean king Eddie1225: no bruto: !addcom !10codes https://i.imgur.com/Ja92SHa.jpg Nightbot: @bruto -> The command “!10codes” has been added successfully ecartug: status Eddie1225: look at the thing bruto posted buffy_angel_: ocean king means I’m OK Nightbot: listen gorillamasks: murdaEarright murdaGremlin murdaEarleft yessie55: Spaceboy’s method of things is how I would do this job LUL Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias Slipalong: they can lift weights for stress pina_colorado: saabs callouts are solid MOISTwontons: Studying for a test, time to get them cards and shit lol Aces_o: Saab is actually a really good cop sahgress: Saab has the best calls in the PD imo GrumpyTreeFrog: @bruto that link is so good lol TheTourist_: Saab was taught on TFRP by real life cops his comms are insanely good zach__attach: flash cards! crazyerazer: saab learned from really good cops dahbumbum: dahbumbum subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 5 months, currently on a 1 month streak! Who is this new character? ashlynnWoww Ive missed so much peepoSad dahbumbum: dahbumbum’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! ivisenya: considering saab fto’d Angel, ye should be gucci Eddie1225: from one jail to another PogU cbakertm: 🙂 gorillamasks: waffleT1 waffleAYAYO waffleBoi missmarpie: Baas and north tutoring ? Kimberly_Galarza: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW heartlesssxo: this is MOM KyndSurkle: ashlynnNotee

taraquest: Is she going to try for PD? sahgress: oh this is going to be good sahgress: anto is going to get shit on CindyySailz: Pog ? carlooooo: Lol, I work next to SJPD heartlesssxo: POG? pina_colorado: FeelsStrongMan NeonMatriXD: Pog san_x0: Pog sal15: Pog carlooooo: ashlynnPog Sokol80: Pog minteacoco: widepeepoHappy Falcon954: Do you want Nikki to move to PD eventualy? Undead_Reaper314: pat down looks like, words of Eugene, the child of Penta and Spaceboy 😛 RonCadena92: saabAww TheTourist_: FeelsGoodMan Echo1878: so….she’s our aunt? sal15: She would defunctus: x80bCOP pina_colorado: one real cop and one pretend online cop widepeepoHappy heartlesssxo: Looks like Brenda wanna be a PD cbakertm: 😀 AlBQuerky: You’ll get it Undead_Reaper314: and the paper work Sokol80: maybe in future taraquest: Once you get this down missdelarocha: @echo1878 our sister aunt? JaySeuss: @undead_reaper314 He says he looks like Bob or Penta Thunderstrum: DoC is a good starting point so if you ever want to dahbumbum: KEKW GrumpyTreeFrog: @bruto at least with that she can keep the page open too see the codes Nightbot: KEKW pina_colorado: LUL Nightbot: LUL CrispyPixel67: LUL JonBons: LUL TremblesWithBeer: Pog RonCadena92: DoC is a good place to start heartlesssxo: LUL ExTahZee: KEKW minteacoco: i think if you got a couple months of DoC/crim you could do pd iG_MNKY: so we have a aunt happyfeet__lol: i see nikki being like lauren forcer if she joined PD buffy_angel_: You can get your glasses from the ‘staff room’ spacecowboy227: nikki would be a good cop YoSupPAtruck: DOC will set you up good for PD in terms of using the radio at least mudkip420swag: madge and seesa have been so good bruto: yeah should be useful @GrumpyTreeFrog Kimberly_Galarza: Can forget about Seesa Bushwick78: I cant wait for the car chases LUL GracefulSwann: mah wooman LUL bruto: Ash doing comms during a car chase would be fun Aces_o: Seesa so good MrWaddlington: if you did ever go PD, if Lauren got FTO certified, she’d be an amazing FTO mudkip420swag: copcopcop MrWaddlington: copcopcopcop Kimberly_Galarza: copcopcop Eddie1225: copcopcopcopcop storm_the_artist: copcopcopcopcop Kimberly_Galarza: lol Eddie1225: siz KEKW JaySeuss: 704 737 minteacoco: uhnSiz JaySeuss: Your name first exlegender: lol JaySeuss: Gotta say who’s speaking before you talk spiderg0at: rameeGordo 7 bruto: its their name first @JaySeuss Eddie1225: correct PolarInferno_: yeah pina_colorado: ye sami_rose93: yes pottoman: hey you, its me pottoman: is radio protocol griggsro: if Ramee can be a cop,anyone can do it Kappa jjcatman123: you then me PanzeRage: as long as you say from or to its fine either way missdelarocha: I’ve learnt the important ones from just watching cop streams awkwardsausesteph: you say their name first to get their attention Eddie1225: jail karaoke KEKW bruto: is that guy a lifer too? sami_rose93: gotta get their attention so they listen to who to respond to exlegender: lol Eddie1225: yes bruto longsk0ped: karaoke with inmates yas Eddie1225: LMAOOO ExTahZee: ???????/ minteacoco: nice KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW starrkiddd: ashlynnCrack TheDevilDoodle: Cooperation? PanzeRage: thanks for your corporal? NeoReaperXIII: that undercut dreads guy looks like an anime villian KEKW Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/

Eddie1225: truuuu Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW minteacoco: KEKW CrispyPixel67: saabW sami_rose93: KEKW exlegender: lol Sokol80: friendly advice Eddie1225: still going slow KEKW SwordMasterSnakes: Good advice dahbumbum: KEKW chatcast: Power move TheDevilDoodle: monkaS Eddie1225: LMAOO minteacoco: monkaW kay_83: Yes Sashifrog: monkaW dahbumbum: monkaEyes SwordMasterSnakes: It’s almost like he knows her when she dreams about being a receptionist KEKW missdelarocha: How do they steal the shotguns? storm_the_artist: scawwy kay_83: He’s not wrong Sokol80: LUL Nightbot: LUL exlegender: him, you and your gun Eddie1225: he’s helping in his own way TheDevilDoodle: @missdelarocha they rob them Eddie1225: LMAOOO minteacoco: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW kimburlii: KEKW NeoReaperXIII: Denzel is a real goog guy MikeSaint210: LUL jamie_gene_k: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAOOOO bruto: knock them out then steal it @missdelarocha yessie55: It’s interesting that a few of these guys are “for-lifers”‘ Isn’t that kinda limiting, rp-wise or no? ooombai: :O is brenda doc now Bushwick78: LUL Nightbot: LUL stickbun23: LUL LUL Eddie1225: its like his own way of helping KEKW NeoReaperXIII: ashlynnHeart missdelarocha: @thedevildoodle @bruto thanks! Doesn’t sound super easy iAlwaysSin: denzel has become your baby sitter pina_colorado: jon gotta show you how shit works around here ashlynnCool kay_83: He’s making u tough bruto: they do have weapons sometimes to make it crazier @missdelarocha sdgamer619: denzel gonna be sad not to see Brenda in the courtroom dullmemes: @yessie55 Considering Bovice is a lifer and he’s caused a bit of chaos with other RPers outside of prison, it may not be limiting RP too much, if at all storm_the_artist: ashlynnNo tough nikki pog itsFleee: You need sunglasses Bushwick78: This is so cool Eddie1225: swedish KEKW kay_83: Irwin Dundee is the worst longsk0ped: casually jamming outt MOISTwontons: tru ur a big potato SirTylerAlot: You need to change your walk style bruto: does he know his lawyer is waiting AZV56: BLELELE Eddie1225: yes h2oouttacontrol: potatoes galore minteacoco: yep hyyypercvre: damn a public food truck RuggedSauce47: yep yessie55: @dullmemes Didn’t think of that. Cool! Eddie1225: your fine yourmomsbf1: always have a view bruto: bovice MonkaW Falcon954: yoy prob want to be at the back CT_Gunner: I mean you don’t your back to Bovice of all people kay_83: I think this is to bail out bovice. Decoy JJOkochaJJ: you are alone again asylummm: hi @ashlynn hope all is well MasterShock: Just make sure you have eyes on Drwoods8727: Siz Is Phobly Planing Something missdelarocha: Yeah don’t let them be behind you, but also don’t let them pick you off at the back LUL Praextorian: far enough back that if they run at you, you can shoot them before they have a chance to hit you BrosifMaster: monkaS will_arnett: Bovice is freakin jacked monkaS Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn minteacoco: uhnSiz Eddie1225: icecream KEKW sahgress: Bovice loves Icecream longsk0ped: this is great rp exlegender: bovice is adorable sami_rose93: hes been so upset there isnt ice cream in jail anymore itsFleee: tacos coffee ice cream NeoReaperXIII: monkaS CT_Gunner: There’s Sweden no? cab00se60000: Hearing Bovice say ice cream is so calming Eddie1225: nah you fine your watching sal15: No minteacoco: i think its fine? VDOJunk: nah this is good itsFleee: you should stay behind ThePotatoParamedic: think about your cross fire too JJOkochaJJ: they could turn around and rush you tbh NeroCapone: dont give bovice icecream MonkaW what if he gets brain freeze CT_Gunner: Sweden is on your side I believe CrispyPixel67: Why is the one guy cuffe Eddie1225: what is he doing LMAO kay_83: Yes CrispyPixel67: cuffed Chris29Games: wait i have been gone for a while…. how is bovice in jail lol

MrWaddlington: leafblower LUL itzz_ink: i smoked a blunt a got chicken wings and fries coming im so happu RigsbyHale: if Forcer hears they let Siz near the jail so close to the hearing there’s gonna be blood lol minteacoco: its anto, he’s cuffed because he’s aggressive to the DoC kimburlii: leafblower missdelarocha: Yeah good call NeoReaperXIII: sillydance4 will_arnett: Its the walk of superior posture and justice LUL minteacoco: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Drwoods8727: There phobly Going Be Realy Good Rp Tonight san_x0: LOL Kinghaye1: @chris29games Arthur Gabe him to the police NeroCapone: its probably just blower KEKW cbakertm: LULW MisterJunkz: blower ? MrWaddlington: do women get leafblowers nakkiHands Kinghaye1: Gave Sirion28Fire: don’t think girls can do it minteacoco: LMAO trey5498: it is /blower I believe MrWhiskeyRichard: Don’t think the animation is in for women Eddie1225: KEKW pina_colorado: KEKW Chris29Games: Kinghaye1 oop san_x0: LOOOOOL Bushwick78: Robocop walk LUL NotTooShabby_408: KEKW pina_colorado: sexist emotes KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW cbakertm: KEKW exlegender: lol dahbumbum: KEKW missdelarocha: Nah it’s a sexist emote problem cbakertm: LAMOO MikeSaint210: LUL Nightbot: LUL missdelarocha: Of course you can garden LUL RonCadena92: Now allowed to blow. saabHands dullmemes: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW RonCadena92: Not CT_Gunner: DoC doing the prisoners’ job LULW Eddie1225: truuuu Eddie1225: LOL kimburlii: KEKW TheInteractiveGames: ??????????? kay_83: Don’t get distracted by the Swedish meatball bigwill91: dont force mommy to blow JusticeMarie: this friendship has blossomed i love it emeraldKid: haha Eddie1225: LMAOOOOOO Bushwick78: LMAO cbakertm: wait is the grass coming out of it LULW LUL UDIT_49: saabKEK kimburlii: Pog stealth_lucky: Is it ps4 scottishfella72: Look at this DOC is sick Eddie1225: LMAOOOOOo Nightbot: listen NeoReaperXIII: @bigwill91 wierdchamp Chris29Games: bovice escaping PogU Eddie1225: LULW pennysacs: you are very firm monkaS stealth_lucky: Is it on ps4 pinkyjoc: just leaves it in the floor LUL Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn bigwill91: SeemsGood SeemsGood bruto: this is PC @stealth_lucky minteacoco: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW CindyySailz: oh san_x0: LOL Eddie1225: KEKW kimburlii: rip glasses minteacoco: KEKW KEKW kimburlii: KEKW VR_Viking: medusa monkaS minteacoco: OH LORD KEKW heartlesssxo: lool Praextorian: crazy eyes missdelarocha: Damn it jamie_gene_k: lol PolarInferno_: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW reb_ekh01: ashlynnSquish ashlynnSquish ashlynnSquish Eddie1225: LOL Eddie1225: KEKW CindyySailz: lmaoo KEKW mikaelezra: ashlynnCrack CT_Gunner: Sweden would rather look at the barrel of the gun instead of Nikki’s eyes LUL missdelarocha: Wowwwwww Eddie1225: mics are ins RonCadena92: Pog Progress Eddie1225: mins* reddawg2427: Them cheekbones Eddie1225: so you can say like 2 mics purplehorizonskies: ashlynnClap ashlynnClap ashlynnClap ashlynnClap VR_Viking: 10-7 for 5 Pog s yessie55: He can’t handle the sheer, powerful femininity your eyes give off bigwill91: sweden is fine they got so much huh cough cough new tourist coming in allesgleichzeitig: peepoClap learning is half the battle! peepoClap Scameme: Learning . then runs to wrong door 🙂 Eddie1225: DING DING DUNG Nightbot: Get closer to the community by joining the Famlynn™ Discord https://discord.gg/ashlynn gamerashley23: lol properusernamefortwitch: why do we still use brenda music missdelarocha: @yessie55 very powerful Kappa VR_Viking: DatSheffy jjcatman123: Aviators Pog Eddie1225: standard issue law aviators dahbumbum: Pog Eddie1225: its prob best not cuz it can get pulled Eddie1225: ya know bruto: could ask Pat Scameme: its… right there BorisMatters: there is hair minteacoco: there was hair LUL heartlesssxo: change the eyes shilohpotsu: you passed it Angelightx: there is hair missdelarocha: Nah leave it up exlegender: LOL Bushwick78: whoa new overlay Ar1law: can’t you fix her souldraining stare too? LUL kay_83: Save the outfit. So u don’t lose the glasses

CT_Gunner: save outfit? Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias Eddie1225: Pog Siddisterz: up looks more like authoritative missdelarocha: SAVE sahgress: Hair up looks professional jjcatman123: if your hair is down, inmates could grab it silvyrr: doing it kyliebHype MrWhiskeyRichard: Last thing you want to do is look like a woman in a prison XtraMedium1301: if Nikki came out with her hair down all the inmates would start hollerin at yo girl LUL intoxicatedghost: Got that Trooper Snow walk Siddisterz: just save it agin san_x0: again bruto: might have to delete it first and then save again MrWaddlington: Nikki’s casual outfit can have her hair down just to show people she can have WOMAHNly qualities Kappa kay_83: U did scadooodle: scadooodle subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 9 months, currently on a 9 month streak! 9 months pog ashlynnUwU hope you have a great stream cutie! scadooodle: scadooodle’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! missdelarocha: You are hungry chargnmahlazr: maple DansGame properusernamefortwitch: in prison too KEKW SwordMasterSnakes: Even as a guard, so distant from everyone else. Gotta be closer travis203: Yum missmarpie: Me? missmarpie: Oh wait Siddisterz: gotta pay for underwood this time shilohpotsu: your on whisper btw Siddisterz: lol kay_83: U need a burger Eddie1225: anto still cuffed KEKW chatcast: Does the taco truck actually dispense stuff now? Wololojuice: uhnSiz RoboGeoff: Canadian Maple missdelarocha: Yeah you are whispering kay_83: No Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: LOL JMTYSAR: Are you canadian? lol Eddie1225: LMAOOO awohbro: im getting some robin from HIMYM vibes kimburlii: KEKW san_x0: TRU cbakertm: OMGGGG yourmomsbf1: pineapple is top tier TheInteractiveGames: diabetus pina_colorado: KEKW properusernamefortwitch: D: san_x0: LMFAO jjcatman123: KEKW Kimberly_Galarza: eww Bennett62: WTFFF PeaNuTBoTTer: i really wanna try it samsqwanch21: D: cbakertm: savory stickbun23: LUL LUL Nightbot: LUL travis203: WutFace Painfu1Me1ody: D: Eddie1225: donut time PogU jjcatman123: YES CT_Gunner: D: properusernamefortwitch: shoot he carlooooo: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ZeroX711: same JJOkochaJJ: WeirdChamp Hurricanejf: unfollow Scorpio_SW: we call it hawaiian pizza here MasterShock: my man! jordan11996: Weirdo Wololojuice: uwuPUKE uwuPUKE2 samsqwanch21: WutFace pina_colorado: its good chat ashlynnNah brobo100: uninstalling twitch Thunderstrum: i can’t eat pineapple on pizza awkwardsausesteph: soo good dahbumbum: peepoClap reddawg2427: Trial in 30? SwordMasterSnakes: The Great Debate, boys KEKW sal15: So good Wololojuice: I’m outski PeaNuTBoTTer: margarita with pepperoni is really good missdelarocha: Pineapple on pizza is amazing samsqwanch21: @pina_colorado NO ITS NOT Painfu1Me1ody: it’s disgusting itsKamina: ashlynnNah pinkyjoc: Pineapple on pizza is the best Drwoods8727: I Love Maple Donuts chargnmahlazr: I don’t know why people freak out over pineapple on pizza like it’s the weirdest thing properusernamefortwitch: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW pina_colorado: chat has no FLAVOR ashlynnNah cbakertm: KEKW cbakertm: long arms LUL missmarpie: Siz???? samsqwanch21: Kreygasm Sokol80: eat the donut missdelarocha: Chat forgets that tomato is a fruit Jantoregin: you still owe him 1500$ pina_colorado: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW kimburlii: KEKW Eddie1225: facts KEKW TonyDeao: CivSiz Cy72: she dummy thicc cbakertm: Kappa ive never notice XtraMedium1301: you know she freaky lol Nightbot: Kappa mudkip420swag: truuuu MrWaddlington: KEKW jamie_gene_k: LOL KaridonKaar: T h i c c pina_colorado: truuuueeee san_x0: ??? Brokeness_: Brokeness_ subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 53 months! If you don’t like pineapple on pizza, GTFO cuz that shit Is the Bomb. Also 53 months what up! Mister_Reliable: She just stretches it like that jjcatman123: KEKW Brokeness_: Brokeness_’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! SweetSurrender_: Kreygasm minteacoco: the mom LUL Eddie1225: get some churros PogU exlegender: gross Florfus: I’m that fuck Kreygasm samsqwanch21: Kreygasm chargnmahlazr: I do know that for a fact because 4chan exists itsKamina: calebGasm Wyrvenfinger: Elasta Nikki properusernamefortwitch: D: Chris29Games: but arent you 1 the 1 bringing it up hmmmm NeoReaperXIII: she puts the ass in justass samsqwanch21: WutFace spacecowboy227: e l a s t i g i r l Kreygasm bruto: Brokeness_ 53 months Pog Sokol80: i like meat on my pizza Cy72: 77777 jordan11996: D: KatjeMauw: never search Rule 34 ashlynn then lol Bennett62: 77777 missmarpie: I mean, she did have 3 kids. The ass comes with that jordan11996: 77777777 awkwardsausesteph: oh no itsKamina: noise CT_Gunner: You can lower the radio volume with the dials on the radio. @ashlynn Drwoods8727: Something Is Going to Happen Chris29Games: wait did denzel lose the case Pog KatjeMauw: nope not how i ment that sentence naynay322: 7777777777 Bushwick78: wow 53 months rotaryvail: pineapple pizza is bom undercookedpotatoes: My phone is fake for not notifying me☹️ san_x0: LOL

Eddie1225: MonkaW Eddie1225: lost eyes MonkaW yourmomsbf1: watch them corners NeoReaperXIII: where im from,the combo pizza comes with pinapple and jalapeno. A holy blend zayzaayy: You should give all the inmates nicknames kay_83: Left Eddie1225: lost him KEKW bruto: if you want you can join discord for another notification @undercookedpotatoes or watch for her tweet yourmomsbf1: lmfao carlooooo: LUL Nightbot: LUL Deadeyegnome: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Bennett62: lul travis203: navigating this prison is confusing missdelarocha: Woops Bennett62: LUL pl itsFleee: he was outside missdelarocha: Where the heck did he go Zietha: Hmm kay_83: Cafeteria minteacoco: KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW san_x0: LOL bruto: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW GrimmPanda: LUL Nightbot: LUL TheInteractiveGames: hes a sweet ten yourmomsbf1: haha NeoReaperXIII: KEKW Deadeyegnome: KEKW Eddie1225: LULW kimburlii: KEKW NotTooShabby_408: KEKW FlickCM: KEKW justahalfpint: LULW yessie55: I love him so much minteacoco: thirsty KEKW san_x0: LUL Kimberly_Galarza: lol stickbun23: Water LUL Aaeandor: lol PolarInferno_: KEKW missdelarocha: You guys walk way slower than the inmates asylummm: LUL FlickCM: Who plays Sweden? VDOJunk: nikez Zietha: Nikez minteacoco: widepeepoSad kay_83: Yes longsk0ped: you should squadstream with nikez and spaceboy properusernamefortwitch: gachiBASS ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Sashifrog: KEKW Kimberly_Galarza: lmao dahbumbum: KEKW sunny0017: didnt use gloves savage8604: no gloves san_x0: so weird seeing denzel being nice to you KEK bobosaurr: didnt put glove itsFleee: you checked his prostate too?? Sashifrog: no gloves CT_Gunner: Fingerless gloves LULW Eddie1225: LMAOOO FlickCM: Nikki go wash your hands savage8604: KEKW Angry_Badger: DansGame Bennett62: no gloves DansGame san_x0: LOL messtahrobot: didnt wash hands DansGame pina_colorado: LULW SweetSurrender_: KEKW minteacoco: no gloves WeirdChamp Eddie1225: he’s gonna stab nikki KEKW Kimberly_Galarza: oh no Istillsmile1: question is how many fingers did you use missdelarocha: No gloves LUL ExTahZee: LULW FlickCM: LMAO minteacoco: KEKW Diaborex: KEKW yourmomsbf1: jesus jamie_gene_k: KEKW minteacoco: LMAOO properusernamefortwitch: KEKW NeoReaperXIII: @ashlynn WeirdChamp cbakertm: DansGame bruto: lol KyndSurkle: LUL Nightbot: LUL fortnitewatch2k: !uptime Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 3 hours 58 minutes 44 seconds MrBanks711: are u not switching to brenda for the hearing? Kimberly_Galarza: hands are stinky bruto: bad habbit LUL properusernamefortwitch: never wash too not RP KEKW kord76: what is the coughing for? you aren’t checking for a hernia Eddie1225: tranees PogU minteacoco: denzel the most fashionable Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ san_x0: is his court case today? Eddie1225: trainees * kay_83: Move quick with denzel bruto: nope @Matjik san_x0: @kord76 lookin for drugs jordan11996: heck yeah we got new Boots mfsweatypenguin: ashlynnCheer300 technically earth is a ravioli yourmomsbf1: is that like… a saab 5 to 10 or Matjik: snowflake chat confirmed mfsweatypenguin: mfsweatypenguin’s Cheer shared rewards to 3 others in Chat! Eddie1225: we can stay PogU properusernamefortwitch: coughing tenses your butt yessie55: @kord76 I get the feeling Nikki doesn’t quite understand what a cavity search entails LUL XtraMedium1301: chat the walk is intentionally slow so its easy to keep inmates in front of them jamie_gene_k: oo stay Sashifrog: stay Pog KyleAxon11: Stay Pog pina_colorado: stay PogU big_tom100: stay pog

MrBanks711: should go as brenda, makes a lot more sense from an rp perspective imo pina_colorado: ohh yeah maybe go as brenda Sashifrog: ^ true Nightbot: ^ Falcon954: drop him off then switch to Brenda would be good, but your choice rtiz121: is ashlynn gong to the court house KyleAxon11: Go to case ! minteacoco: brenda i think taraquest: yeah just go PolarInferno_: all 3 Eddie1225: to be fair a brenda thing would be not showing up KEKW StevenDotWoo: nikki court case PogU Sashifrog: go to the case ExTahZee: You should go support him as brenda Mister_Aiden: BRENDA Pog MrBanks711: denzel thinks of brenda as a sister Scameme: ride with him to court then switch itsFleee: ask to go to court as Nikki jordan11996: Should go as DOC Cameron_Piper: go to the court case dahbumbum: Go to the case! wheredyougo42: brenda Sashifrog: go as nikki viper_asassion: I lovee niki reddawg2427: How are you liking the DOC? KyleAxon11: @ashlynn Go as DOC imo Kimberly_Galarza: do it Asarena: Brenda makes more sense to me jjcatman123: they’re getting more officers at the courthouse sal15: You should as brenda CT_Gunner: transport duty would be Pog if the death sentence happens missdelarocha: Go as Nikki Thunderstrum: either way you should go to the case minteacoco: but he’s brenda’s brother XtraMedium1301: Denzel needs his sister at his court case 🙁 Thunderstrum: should be pretty pog MrBanks711: it means more for denzel that brenda is there san_x0: go as brenda to support him timwelcomed: Brenda for court case exlegender: i’d go as blonda Siddisterz: go as Nikki and backup underwood NeonMari: go as brenda naynay322: Case Sashifrog: def go as nikki that would be sick rp if death sentence happens MrBanks711: this is literally where people are gonna plead for his life chatcast: @ashlynn You might see some action if they try to break him out jamie_gene_k: saabHands Thunderstrum: maybe set up a poll? itsFleee: go as Nikki and backup underwood missdelarocha: I guess Brenda should go actually if they’re close MrBanks711: DOC cant do anything there anywyas CT_Gunner: A breakout attempt would definitely be attempted if death sentence happens. And Nikki would be on transport CrypticPluto: go as nikki if something goes down it will be awesome Meuybelline: Denzel needs his sister support Eddie1225: DoC presence sounds sick as fuck Eumon: i feel like supporting with brenda might be good minteacoco: you can always go back on DoC after right? sal15: He needs brenda ashlynnCri Eddie1225: you guys act like its not the most brenda shit to not come KEKW KyleAxon11: DOC being there to control Denzel sounds sick @ashlynn san_x0: is saab switching char MrBanks711: arent u supposed to talk on his behalf anyways? or did he not right ur name down KawaiiWeeb_: just stay on doc Pog MrBanks711: to give a character statement jamie_gene_k: both are good ideas I have no clue for what u should do Eddie1225: @MrBanks711 its just a hearing for a plea deal Eddie1225: not the full blown trial StevenDotWoo: LULW missdelarocha: Oh it’s not the full trial KyleAxon11: @ashlynn Brenda can be there to plead for his life when they are deciding on life or not. Like with the Uchiha case san_x0: 🙁 MissMurd3r: @pina_colorado @exlegender HeyGuys Chris29Games: SENTENCE TO DEATH HEHEHE Eddie1225: its a hearing for a plea deal jamie_gene_k: saabHands Mister_Aiden: PepeHands StevenDotWoo: this is just his hearing RonCadena92: Brenda is with him in spirit. saabAww Thunderstrum: hearing PolarInferno_: Plea minteacoco: plea deal hearing crazyerazer: character statements MrBanks711: this is gonna be the only hearing SwordMasterSnakes: He only killed a cop. I’m sure it will go great Kappa NeonMatriXD: ashlynnCri exlegender: @MissMurd3r HeyGuys Cameron_Piper: Mikey diaz MrBanks711: there wont be anymore court cases after dullmemes: im back with snacks 🙂 missdelarocha: So he won’t possibly get death then right ? totalllytwisted: ooof Scameme: PepeLaugh Eddie1225: bun KEKW KyleAxon11: He has already pleaded guilting this is the sentencing part were he finds out if he gets death or life TheTourist_: PepeLaugh Eddie1225: 704 kay_83: Cop killer totalllytwisted: 704? ExTahZee: 704 Thunderstrum: 704 lmao Eddie1225: not 7 KEKW vnicole621: 704 ghosthag1: 704 will_arnett: Denzel about to spend 2 IRL months in jail LUL trey5498: 704 ExTahZee: Pepega kimburlii: 704 san_x0: monkaS XtraMedium1301: this will be the only court case if he is looking for a plea deal Hoeveer: 704 minteacoco: 707? is tony ? KEKW UDIT_49: 704 crazyerazer: this is the only court thing for denzel AnnieLP_: 704 chubbymexiquesadilla: 707 Bay Area! jalapenokoolaid: boeing 707 ashlynnSass missdelarocha: Oh jeez okay you should go either way then Sashifrog: ooo that would be cool RonCadena92: His prison mates. saabHands Eddie1225: MonkaW missdelarocha: It’s for a sentence Nightbot: Check your Twitch Prime and consider using your free sub on Ashlynn Chris29Games: LUL Nightbot: LUL Bennett62: monkaW san_x0: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW mazmol: get a radio @ashlynn mazmol: and just have the stream on Hoeveer: shoot big_tom100: monkaW Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias

Eddie1225: andrews trained you well witht he beanbags KEKW chubbymexiquesadilla: ashlynnCassie_SG Eddie1225: with * StevenDotWoo: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW properusernamefortwitch: use lethal shotty Scameme: widepeepoHappy Eddie1225: the first DoC presence at a hearing PogU itsFleee: go and backup underwood at courthouse on Nikki cbakertm: 😀 taylorje: call pd for escort CrypticPluto: I cant wait till you get kiki as an inmate exlegender: has brenda met sweden yet? Eddie1225: Pog jalapenokoolaid: PogChamp field trip Angelightx: curvyeS Eddie1225: this is Pog as fuck ngl XtraMedium1301: lethals out Kimberly_Galarza: pog jordan11996: LESS GOOO dahbumbum: Pog exlegender: PogChamp Sashifrog: Pog ronnoc1005: Pog VDOJunk: Pog RonCadena92: Pog PolarInferno_: Pog jamie_gene_k: Poggers sami_rose93: in before ambushed Kappa GerkiePickles: Lethal gun at the ready Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW colori3: field trip! ashlynnSquish bobosaurr: shouldve let brenda drive exlegender: no, has BRENDA met sweden? not nikki lol bobosaurr: nikki* jalapenokoolaid: @colori3 my words wys ashlynnNo Eddie1225: underwood seems like he dont know shit about cars KEKW bruto: 2nd day and we got some cool shit already Hurricanejf: @ashlynn going dark theaveng: Are there more doc inside? sal15: You should drive LUL jalapenokoolaid: hi daddi buwuto messtahrobot: theres a second Sweden, hes even more Swedish KEKW MOISTwontons: They should let Nikki drive KEKW colori3: @jalapenokoolaid ashlynnNo no booli NeonMatriXD: Im i the only one that’s getting chat 3 times? exlegender: POGGERS Eddie1225: bringing him in a packs court house as DoC is dope MrWaddlington: in-my-ates LUL Eddie1225: packed* jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnHyprtd down wit colori jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnHyper CrypticPluto: you have your lethal shotgun out ashlynn? bruto: im not having that problem @NeonMatriXD Zombie_Guy94: kariHM NeonMatriXD: k MrWaddlington: she has her lethal out, yeah CT_Gunner: Park Knight gonna be assisting LULW jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnGun CrypticPluto: if the park knight is on the case nothing can go wrong colori3: @jalapenokoolaid drop the weapon! ziggyjGun RuggedSauce47: Yeah, if you are using your gun it’s probably because someone is trying to break him out jordan11996: Damn PD escort aswel LESS GOOO bruto: !boop Spicy jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnGun fk you, i need it Nightbot: widepeepoHappy 👉 Spicy reddawg2427: This is pretty slick! Eddie1225: be on them toes itsFleee: see if you can go in with underwoodk colori3: uwuGUN CompletelyUnknownPerson: @neonmatrixd betchDEMON 🔪 sal15: Focus! ashlynnGun MissMurd3r: uwuGUN JJOkochaJJ: north gonna get shot by Leanbois LUL jalapenokoolaid: ok ez colori. take it down a notch monkaS colori3: uwuSTAB ok Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn jalapenokoolaid: @MissMurd3r ashlynnLuvv cbakertm: 🙂 exlegender: ashlynnCult MissMurd3r: @jalapenokoolaid <3 HeyGuys nsuix: lekaliKnife pinkyjoc: betchEZ CompletelyUnknownPerson: :) bruto: 10-2 kay_83: If anything goes wrong don’t use the beanbag gun Jimthatoneguy: there has to be better background music for the situation LUL Kimberly_Galarza: yeah

bobosaurr: yes jalapenokoolaid: probs RuggedSauce47: yes cbakertm: NOOOO Kappa CT_Gunner: yes itsFleee: yes OnixpectedOtter: yes kimburlii: yes properusernamefortwitch: yes 🙂 Shockwave125: YES, yes you would JeffJefferson2: ye PolarInferno_: yes Renshhi: yes travis203: yes ZeroX711: yes twitch_chat_is_stupid: yes Bennett62: 100% Painfu1Me1ody: yes jamie_gene_k: ye colori3: just don’t do an Ellie the_calvin8r: 100 SuperSlasher15: yes Anacott: yes 🙂 QuietJim: Never Kappa pinkyjoc: yes JustSomeSilentGuy: uwuSIP justahalfpint: 🙂 MissMurd3r: @exlegender How are you? Sokol80: change music to more suspenful Obsolete2885: LUL Nightbot: LUL Cindescent: of course not Kinghaye1: Yes dude7836: Yes 🙂 mcnjdevils: is your gun loaded? 😀 Zombie_Guy94: nakkiLove Angelightx: do you have your gun out ? Painfu1Me1ody: in fact I believe you have before with the tazer instead of a pistol WoopSwaginton: thats a saab move for sure Zombie_Guy94: moon2CUTE moon2CUTE moon2CUTE kay_83: Soz Kimberly_Galarza: you said it betterdot: um well yeah pretty much nsuix: lekaliFine itsFleee: itsFleee subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 7 months! hi Eddie1225: time to take out them filthy LB pinkyjoc: !uptime Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 4 hours 10 minutes 53 seconds itsFleee: itsFleee’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! Shockwave125: Nikki wouldnt, but Ashlynn 100% would missdelarocha: Suspense musiccc GerkiePickles: Seatbelt brandonliveyo: your beautiful streamer Drwoods8727: Ur Phobly going to icu today lol tgo_drowzy: Queso what bruto: !hype Nightbot: ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult Gub713: Hands still moist Ash kekw magoo684: betchBELT JJOkochaJJ: saab about to perma north P9gU Eddie1225: labbare PogU brandonliveyo: you beautiful streamer Eddie1225: this is a first this is Pog as fuck kay_83: He did too exlegender: murd3r are you there papagromit: @ashlynn you guys need fuel PolarInferno_: music? taylorje: need more suspense music Paperw8: music? MissMurd3r: Yeah @exlegender gullabro_: choiHypee will_arnett: Need some intense shit LUL taylorje: more droning writes123: MonkaS Eddie1225: LOL VDOJunk: the wii music doesnt really fit the prisontbh sami_rose93: it wouldnt go down until the way back if it did yourmomsbf1: pllllease let it happen Sashifrog: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW writes123: So surious Painfu1Me1ody: please let shit go down Chompsy: She’s unaware mehdiLAUGH XtraMedium1301: pls let stuff go down pls let stuff go down Eddie1225: we need some mood music KEKW JJOkochaJJ: no way its only Leanbois KEKW writes123: Please stuff happen adambrock864: yo KarinaGonzie: don’t worry you got badass aim! MissMurd3r: @Chompsy <3 nsuix: 2nd day KEKW Nazz_pvp: her first prisoner transport is Denzel KEKW properusernamefortwitch: BlessRNG ambush shootout nikki shoots sweden BlessRNG reddawg2427: You only have bean bag gun? writes123: Make it happen koil MissMurd3r: @writes123 HeyGuys <3 NEFARIASH: Ptsd nikki incoming moon2DOIT Chompsy: @missmurd3r <3 Sokol80: she doesnt know justaboveyou: If they run , i believe in you ! adambrock864: were u brandonliveyo: she hot kay_83: U’ll b fine Kimberly_Galarza: gotta be ready for everyting CT_Gunner: Honestly this probably is the easiest part of the ride considering it's deciding Denzel's faith Chompsy: uhnKek uhnKek uhnKek uhnKek writes123: @missmurd3r ashlynnCozyy ashlynnCri paiden_fowler: ashlynnKek DoTheBew: DoTheBew subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 6 months, currently on a 6 month streak! thanks for being so great ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart kay_83: I believe in u DoTheBew: DoTheBew's Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! TheGentlemaan: shes not driving right? jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnNo we're gonna be late SeekoBlastar: krshzz.. beep.. krshzz.. beep exlegender: exlegender gifted a Tier 1 sub to MissMurd3r! They have given 57 Gift Subs in the channel! exlegender: exlegender's Gift shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! JJOkochaJJ: yeah no way Leanbois would try to save one of theirs Kappa writes123: This is perfect ExTahZee: Pog jalapenokoolaid: PogChamp legend Drwoods8727: Ramee Phobly Going Drive Bad Sashifrog: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa Eddie1225: MonkaW writes123: Classical suspenseful music MissMurd3r: @exlegender POGGERS Thanks ashlynnUwU RigsbyHale: just be sure to use the car for cover if shit goes down Zombie_Guy94: Spaceboy ? Eddie1225: that gets the heart going KEKW kay_83: Love the music FunkBish: spbJ properusernamefortwitch: lethal packs more punch, get more swole dullmemes: @Zombie_Guy94 Yep! It's Spaceboy Painfu1Me1ody: in a day Nikki has grown quite a lot CT_Gunner: AJ and Conan as escorts :) jamie_gene_k: saabHype MissMurd3r MissMurd3r: saabHype Sashifrog: yeah FiveHeadJose: This is where the mud flower grows Zombie_Guy94: @dullmemes tottaly looks like him LUL AJVM_: !uptime Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 4 hours 13 minutes 45 seconds NotTooShabby_408: NotTooShabby_408 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 7 months, currently on a 7 month streak! Years of folding jeans at macy has prepared north for this writes123: They transporting al Capone? MonkaHmm NotTooShabby_408: NotTooShabby_408's Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! yourmomsbf1: nope yourmomsbf1: READY MrWaddlington: ashlynnGun Sashifrog: monkaS properusernamefortwitch: Thanks for the Haha2020 @nottooshabby_408 Eeson: HeyGuys exlegender: I'm PogU 'ing Chompsy: uhnKek I'm ready hope you are NEFARIASH: No im pepelaugh PolarInferno_: ashlynnGun mudkip420swag: that macy's holiday rush was training for this exact moment paiden_fowler: curvyeS bruto: lore POGGERS Nfrswifty: who the hell they transporting. so much security jalapenokoolaid: LUL mudkip Nightbot: LUL writes123: Prob Chang Kappa jalapenokoolaid: hell ye Chompsy: I just got home so this should be fun Zombie_Guy94: LUL JonBons: Nothing go wrong, right chat? LUL gamingkitsuine: ashlynn7 Drwoods8727: U Can Do This WiredSociety: WiredSociety subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 22 months, currently on a 1 month streak! NERD!!! Kinghaye1: @nfrswifty Denzel WiredSociety: WiredSociety's Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! bruto: can you face the camera and salute? shanehann_11: How long till it starts taylorje: naw yourmomsbf1: hell yeah KKona FunkBish: HELL YA TheDevilDoodle: HELL YA KKona minteacoco: H E L L Y E A H bruto: ashlynn7 StevenDotWoo: hell yeah brother KKona crow1994: so Brenda going to miss court case Sashifrog: HELL YEAH KKona Chris29Games: imagine chang as a DOC LUL PenElane: bouseHellyeah properusernamefortwitch: hell VoteNay nsuix: hell yeah!!! ExTahZee: Hell Yea KKona Kimberly_Galarza: hell yeah itsyaboynell: REAL GUNS?! Nfrswifty: ah makes sense, gonna be an interesting court case PolarInferno_: hell jamie_gene_k: HELL YEA ashlynn7 Hoeveer: bogaEdna bogaEdna Eddie1225: ashlynn7 sunspot_baby: dogberThellyeah bruto: can you face the camera and salute? writes123: Hell yeah KKona Painfu1Me1ody: what could possibly go wrong :D itsyaboynell: Let’s go MJ mallratderek: Hell yeah ashlynn7 Pinociette: dogberThellyeah PolarInferno_: !motto Nightbot: We Rehabilitate Motherfuckers, Sir! ashlynn7 justahalfpint: hell ya PepoCheer thehazelbean: Hell yeahhhhh raeCREEP raeCREEP raeCREEP raeCREEP sowrongitsTayy: idk if anything is even going to happen, Denzel did seem like he just wanted to go in and get it over with. I don't know if I can say the same about what happens afterwards though lol thehazelbean: pugREE pugREE pugREE pugREE Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn

smoochdb: hell yeah? spekelCringe thehazelbean: pugLife pugLife Brandx4: Time to get that R6S skill back @ashlynn ChrisChaotix: This is exciting lol sdfe7: I miss madge Shrewkiller_: denzel is going to be late FiveHeadJose: Nothing to worry about, you got the park ranger backing you up Eddie1225: CoC itsyaboynell: HEEHEE cPatrik8: Spaceboss Eddie1225: some of the 911’s are fucking hillarious CrypticPluto: you need to salute your C.O.C more often minteacoco: BOBA <3 kord76: time to put those rainbow 6 skills to use StevenDotWoo: you're a receptionist with a shotgun :) NEFARIASH: Serious rp Pog sal15: A tad bit Chris29Games: imagine thinking DOC is badass KEKW kay_83: Intense Scorpio_SW: This is really cool plzdonthurtme91: this is how brenda felt pointing her tazer around Widgets_: Whoa I've been away for 3 weeks, come back to Ashlynn training as a cop. Holy crap sodSHOCK Nfrswifty: Where's the salute? Kappa itsyaboynell: Why am I not subscribed , DOC fit you Eddie1225: LMAO bruto: lol FiveHeadJose: Brenda needs a bean bag behind the desk itsyaboynell: Fits curvyRIP JonBons: Nothing will go wrong, right chat? LUL CrypticPluto: the real question is if brenda would have the hots for nikki jalapenokoolaid: right jon :) Eddie1225: plus your like 1 of the only female DoC bobosaurr: KEKW Eddie1225: AJ KEKW Nightbot: KEKW cbakertm: KEKW Chris29Games: hitting on you D: yessie55: It's fun seeing a different side of rp jamie_gene_k: saabHype Let's go !!!! lol lionboose_za: KAPOW KAPOW exlegender: aj Kreygasm Nfrswifty: SMOOOOTH Chronatog13: Park ranger as prisoner escorts? cbakertm: erp king LUL Widgets_: This is already such different RP, I love this minteacoco: mehdi's cop is so fucked up KEKW taraquest: From the ultimate Sim to the ultimate cop itsyaboynell: Anyone else having anxiety? Holy fuck curvySmoke buddha5Head curvySmoke2 La_Pean: oh god. AJ and conan. this is gonna go well Eddie1225: LETS ROLL jalapenokoolaid: YE WE READY PAT Eddie1225: ashlynn7 Sashifrog: PogU kay_83: Trooper snow Kimberly_Galarza: lest gooo jamie_gene_k: LETS ROLLL jalapenokoolaid: ^5s all around chat Nfrswifty: hit em with the salute FoulMantis: hi ash hi chat ashlynnHey Kimberly_Galarza: lol PolarInferno_: ashlynn7 Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW messtahrobot: KEKW kimburlii: KEKW dullmemes: KEKW stickbun23: LUL Nightbot: LUL Bennett62: KEKW Eddie1225: LOL cbakertm: KEKW Eddie1225: PD vs DoC is the best arc KEKW PolarInferno_: KEKW cbakertm: waht do you expect LUL jordan11996: ROLLING OUT chone33: I love Pat minteacoco: KEKW Nightbot: Check your Twitch Prime and consider using your free sub on Ashlynn Sashifrog: needs epic music sal15: monkaS PolarInferno_: nice one jamie_gene_k: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW PenElane: nakkiNF this is great Kimberly_Galarza: this looks cool jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnYay gullabro_: cyrGG cyrGG cyrGG cyrGG dullmemes: BEEP BEEP cbakertm: 🤦♂️🤣 Darw1sh: C 69YEEEET: k jdogg91288: alt f4 for cinematic mode Kappa kingsavsav: R itsyaboynell: buddhaTen Shaking rn GerkiePickles: betchBELT betchBELT MagiMetal: Hold V ? jalapenokoolaid: LOUDER Lani_CG: r exlegender: LOUDER kingsavsav: it's R Sokol80: K think Eddie1225: its R bobosaurr: F JonBons: LUL Nightbot: LUL MrWaddlington: probably best not to go cinematic incase something happens sal15: R JJOkochaJJ: didnt it get removed Chris29Games: sitting ducks monkaS BaxyBoy: F? RJBEntertainment: You should probably not do cinema so you can look around to see anyone coming kay_83: Mode CrypticPluto: E

happyroundman96: its Alt f4 cbakertm: its c kingsavsav: it’s R TRUST MEEE spacecowboy227: alt f4 Eddie1225: snow PogU kay_83: Cinematic mode jamie_gene_k: l m o p idk JonBons: oh shit kimburlii: snow Pog itsyaboynell: Fuck my life minteacoco: JESUS the snow exlegender: PogU colori3: oh god Nightbot: Don’t forget to drink water, get up, stretch, and walk around. Hope you are enjoying the stream ashlynnLuv Vinc_21: ashlynnCozyy big_tom100: snow pog Thetubaguy: my immersion itsyaboynell: Not even a sub dullmemes: Pogey SoSnowy sal15: ashlynnGun BrosifMaster: Snow Pog Bushwick78: Snow? LUL cbakertm: 🙂 mallratderek: I’m only mildly lame kay_83: No I’m serious Zombie_Guy94: is Nikki driving ? Hatakeventus : wait whats happening lol Chris29Games: snow logged on Pog ByteMyWire: Chat not cute anymore..chat lame mehdiHANDS Neroji: BLELELE minteacoco: peepoHappy SoSnowy Brandx4: B E L T JonBons: LUL seatbelt sowrongitsTayy: saab is in the queue LUL Nightbot: LUL yessie55: That snow literally just came out of nowhere omg PolarInferno_: Thank god jordan11996: D: Hatakeventus : ooooooooo san_x0: PogChamp SoSnowy GerkiePickles: betchBELT betchBELT betchBELT Kinghaye1: @zombie_guy94 The car is driving well so of course not LUL Eddie1225: this is Pog as fuck jalapenokoolaid: SoSnowy Nfrswifty: I so want something to pop off LUL straykiddelta: Wtf there’s snow in the city Sashifrog: Pog SoSnowy TheDevilDoodle: trial hearing Eddie1225: plea deal hearing yes nolimitbuckz: Snow in the dessert kekwait sal15: She would’ ve crashed by now Kappa cbakertm: oof writes123: This is so extra it seems for a court case thing Zombie_Guy94: @Kinghaye1 you have a point LUL Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ Neroji: SoSnowy SoSnowy SoSnowy SoSnowy SoSnowy SoSnowy Dutchlocked: Are you allowed to shoot people if needed? Pog Sashifrog: monkaS itsFleee: So cool to see you playing law enforcement writes123: But it’s something different Widgets_: Ashlynn + Cop + Christmas = Die Hard episode incoming Eddie1225: this is dope as fuck exlegender: turn that music up pepeD EchebKeso: couldnt handle the stress of driving a prisoner XD minteacoco: so many codes MonkaW kabac32: @writes123 he killed a cop bruto: this is Pog af Cy72: DoC first line of defense for prison breaks writes123: Yeah but he doing a plea deal properusernamefortwitch: monkaGun Istillsmile1: by someone you mean saab? writes123: So JonBons: LUL Nightbot: LUL kimburlii: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Dutchlocked: LULW minteacoco: KEKW san_x0: llol writes123: Good rp potential exlegender: LOL Nfrswifty: HAHAHAHAAHAHA Sashifrog: KEKW Kimberly_Galarza: lol dullmemes: KEKW Dutchlocked: Nice security plan KEKW Eddie1225: LOL brettydoes: aaaaaaand he’s gone minteacoco: aj and clarkson KEKW longsk0ped: oh nooo itsyaboynell: Here comes meta standby writes123: Going to the store along a prison transport Pog Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn Sashifrog: oh no no no no PepeLaugh writes123: Need snacks Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW TonyDeao: snow 🙂 Eddie1225: LMAOOOOO kimburlii: LUL Nightbot: LUL Kimberly_Galarza: lmao Renshhi: LUL minteacoco: denzel LUL sami_rose93: tractor ambush Pog Eddie1225: i see it MonkaW kimburlii: tractor ambush writes123: Jinxed iy Nfrswifty: hostile tractor inbound san_x0: KEKW MrWaddlington: tractor ambush LUL writes123: It Bushwick78: LUL PenElane: LUL writes123: So troll lol sami_rose93: nah if it happens it will beon the way back LUL Chris29Games: monkaS jordan11996: Dude those lights look so good bruto: this music lol taraquest: gangsta tractor JMTYSAR: put ur seatbelt on! messtahrobot: MonkaW sowrongitsTayy: never loses his sense of humor properusernamefortwitch: monkaEyes itsFleee: monkaW jalapenokoolaid: rooGasp MrWaddlington: ashlynnGun Nfrswifty: that Bush is MOVING NEFARIASH: moon2VERYSCARED jdogg91288: monkaS my eyes are open Sashifrog: MonkaW Spenstar: monkaEyes jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnGasp itsFleee: MonkaW writes123: It’s so snowy monkaS ZeldaAdventuress: sodLEAN sodLEAN sodLEAN sodLEAN Nfrswifty: the snow is evil PolarInferno_: Peepers peeled BrosifMaster: monkaW perfect song travis203: uhsnowBino properusernamefortwitch: I forgot how to blink MonkaW cbakertm: 0_0 writes123: Wonder if the vehicles slip more Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn MOISTwontons: SoSnowy Nfrswifty: did you check boot before driving LUL Eddie1225: thank you sir ashlynn7 TonyDeao: 10-4 longsk0ped: this is soo sick Chris29Games: FeelsGoodMan bruto: MonkaW SoSnowy MrWaddlington: ashlynn7 sal15: ashlynn7 Eddie1225: this guy KEKW crow1994: ashlynnGun Eddie1225: LMAOOOOOOO kimburlii: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW jalapenokoolaid: oop Zombie_Guy94: LUL Neroji: monkaGun jdogg91288: KEKW Nightbot: LUL Sokol80: LUL exlegender: LOL Sashifrog: KEKW properusernamefortwitch: pepeMeltdown pepeMeltdown pepeMeltdown Eddie1225: PD vs DoC might be the best thing KEKW Bushwick78: i love the music choice for this LUL sunspot_baby: LUL ExTahZee: KEKW jamie_gene_k: LOL TheDevilDoodle: monkaGun jalapenokoolaid: ty denzel, so kind 🙂 jordan11996: monkaS Nfrswifty: take the exit, yolo LUL PolarInferno_: ashlynn7 Sashifrog: OOP yourmomsbf1: i call bullshit JonBons: ITS A TRAP Kappa Eddie1225: LOOOOL PenElane: ashlynnGun hail yeah jjcatman123: inb4 a Jebaited chatcast: Call the bluff Chris29Games: i believe him kimburlii: LUL itsyaboynell: Star Wars music? JonBons: LUL bruto: lol Shockwave125: Probably at the next exit TonyDeao: lol MOISTwontons: KEKW AlBQuerky: LUL MrWaddlington: LUL TheArgentWolf: LUL Lonzowright: its a trap Bennett62: LULW Lifevirus: lifeviLUL Nfrswifty: LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL Zombie_Guy94: 3….2……1 kimburlii: 5Head iAlwaysSin: KEKW cbakertm: LULLW Widgets_: lmao dullmemes: KEKW Lonzowright: ITS A TRAP stickbun23: LUL Eddie1225: KEKW kimburlii: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW cbakertm: wait.. LUL Hatakeventus : LUL Nightbot: LUL writes123: Ahhh 200 iq Nightbot: Get closer to the community by joining the Famlynn™ Discord https://discord.gg/ashlynn BrosifMaster: @itsyaboynell Nah, classical sami_rose93: KEKW Zombie_Guy94: KEKW jamie_gene_k: KEKW A_Yellow_Brick: KEKW Nfrswifty: how about just drive and do the court case at the beach LUL itsyaboynell: Fucking Denzel HahaSweat HahaSweat HahaSweat jdogg91288: Kappa bomb in his ass Nightbot: Kappa Bennett62: MonkaW uh oh writes123: Big brain plays properusernamefortwitch: pepeMeltdown Yikes Kimberly_Galarza: KEKW minteacoco: KEKW Chris29Games: imagine next exit is actually a bomb lol writes123: Ahhh noice Eddie1225: this is fucking great brettydoes: does it snow in cali? Dutchlocked: The snow is so nice jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnLuvv it’s a winter wonderland RoboGeoff: is she driving? VR_Viking: D: MOISTwontons: Local ambush LUL LetsGetConnected: KEKW furyspec: i think the weather is effection fps lol sowrongitsTayy: tUCKER Nfrswifty: LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL kimburlii: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAOOOOO dullmemes: oof KEKW itsyaboynell: @brettydoes hell no lmao Sashifrog: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO itsyaboynell: Not LA nsuix: nice cavity search ash minteacoco: tucker KEKW Chris29Games: BOs accent is back Pog when did that happen vizzyvee005: @RoboGeoff no Bushwick78: looks like chicago writes123: Prisoners always inform of their breakout plans btw Kappa missmarpie: This is my first time seeing the snow, it looks so good Eddie1225: MOnkaW yessie55: Best drivers on the force Chompsy: Here we go chat PepeLaugh Beta_Vidoh: looks nice with the snow Kimberly_Galarza: and yall made it jdogg91288: Pog we made it ExTahZee: saabAww jalapenokoolaid: now just for the ride back 🙂 PolarInferno_: Pons does not sleep

YoSupPAtruck: @itsyaboynell you can literally see snow capped mountains from LA…Cali has snow LUL Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias colori3: awwww jdogg91288: snow gone PepeHands writes123: MonkaS no action PepeHands Thetubaguy: koilS cbakertm: poof LUL PenElane: HahaSweat HahaSweat Eddie1225: Pog Zombie_Guy94: and just like that the snow disappeared Dutchlocked: It’s not over yet monkaS kimburlii: Pog jalapenokoolaid: PogChamp Cy72: Pog properusernamefortwitch: peepoSad JonBons: Pog VR_Viking: Pog PolarInferno_: theres always transporting back monkaW minteacoco: PogU Nfrswifty: POGGGG exlegender: whoa itsyaboynell: @yosuppatruck NOT LA fool lmao jdogg91288: Pog Clap jordan11996: That timeing StevenDotWoo: DOC more coordination than PD PogU bobosaurr: Pog iAlwaysSin: Pog MoonMagic: pog Eddie1225: DoC better coms than PD KEKW Kimberly_Galarza: look at Nikki ..pog Nightbot: listen Dutchlocked: This is the most dangerous part monkaS out in the open monkaS TonyDeao: only girl Cuthalu: mehdiLAUGH dullmemes: MonkaW my anxiety jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnCool we lookin coo’ writes123: Need to have a good tbone crash or something like the movies for a breakout itsyagirlmt: !uptime Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 4 hours 26 minutes 1 second YoSupPAtruck: @itsyaboynell yeah, the person you were responding to said Cali…not LA jamie_gene_k: this is nice minteacoco: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Nfrswifty: salute time jdogg91288: brian called you guys mall cops KEKW writes123: Mall cop Pog itsyaboynell: @yosuppatruck but Facts the mountains look nice from here in the city writes123: Well that’s serious davythethird: How are you itsFleee: awwwww bobosaurr: monkaS have to drive Chompsy: Nikki driving maybe KEKW FlickCM: Should they be letting Nikki drive longsk0ped: oh nooo travis203: oh no MrWaddlington: monkaS driving KEKW Nazz_pvp: tell him XtraMedium1301: oh no monkaS Vinc_21: t3r0Yikes Kimberly_Galarza: nikki driving …oh no jdogg91288: FeelsBadMan we dont get to watch AlBQuerky: That SUV isn’t coming back cbakertm: buckle up chat LUL TonyDeao: oh no FiveHeadJose: Ashlynn feeling like a badass right now.. LUL Thetubaguy: driving koilS properusernamefortwitch: nikki getting robbed KEKW writes123: Oh boy they don’t care bout the car do they? jalapenokoolaid: we’re ok chat 🙂 kristayyann: !uptime Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 4 hours 27 minutes 2 seconds cbakertm: omg blackbeardx187: lose the keys Thetubaguy: nakkiFP missdelarocha: We’re not going in? writes123: To bennys Kappa FlickCM: Work to Bennys, Bennys to work StevenDotWoo: you have to code 2 Zubins: bye bye SUV Thundergod30: stage somewhere close, not prison Nazz_pvp: /me looses the keys under the seat itsFleee: do you know how to get back san_x0: youll nevermake it back KEKW PenElane: We movin up fast bouseHellyeah JMTYSAR: seatbelt!!! lol elsuperconejo: pink? jjcatman123: Wrong way KEKW XtraMedium1301: keep lights on so cops don’t think you a crim AlBQuerky: Time to change the color to pink Aces_o: if you run through lights you need your sirens writes123: Sirens will warn ppl away for safety StevenDotWoo: if you’re running lights you code 2 lol DanceSilly_7: don’t even get to the the trial , bummer Kyle_Ryan: no Aces_o: not sirens – lights minteacoco: you should leave sirens on ? davythethird: Who is nervous Nikki? Dutchlocked: Maybe KEKW Undead_Reaper314: dont drive like brenda Chris29Games: put sirens on so you can put pedal to the metal Kappa EchebKeso: This serious ashlynn is so unnerving to watch 😀 big_tom100: sirens when u go through lights TonyDeao: NotLikeThis Falcon954: f imanemokid99: f writes123: She is a new dept of corrections character Chompsy: shift+f bobosaurr: f CalicoGrim: I bet you wont send it DanceSilly_7: circle back and ask for directions presidentgooby: @davythethird Brenda in a cop uniform Kapp missdelarocha: You need to siren through lights @ashlynn and keep lights on jalapenokoolaid: loool minteacoco: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW writes123: Sirens Pog Chompsy: KEKW MrWaddlington: KEKW Dutchlocked: KEKW exlegender: coggers big_tom100: KEKW taylorje: 76 AlBQuerky: KEKW Noctii_: marks on gps, still goes the wrong way writes123: Send it Pog WoopSwaginton: KEKW Chris29Games: sirens >:( PenElane: KEKW Chris29Games: LUL Nightbot: LUL Cindicatex: LUL AlBQuerky: I think you were meant to leave together itsFleee: up with the other blue dots davythethird: @presidentgooby Ok I thought so Aces_o: yellow star writes123: MonkaHmm properusernamefortwitch: Pepega Sokol80: fired big_tom100: he prob wanted u to wait Kimberly_Galarza: lol Eddie1225: KEKW ps4smekarn: rameeLaugh Nightbot: KEKW PenElane: ashlynnKek AJVM_: KEKW Kimberly_Galarza: nice one Chompsy: He did say together PepeLaugh JJOkochaJJ: nikki going to mcdonalds LUL MrWaddlington: honestly I thought he meant that too LUL FiveHeadJose: Interview day all over again LUL Reki116: shes nervous man SwordMasterSnakes: Always ask and confirm happyroundman96: Yah brenda is a perfect fit for you missdelarocha: It’s fine I thought so too crow1994: potato JMDynasty: Pepega minteacoco: he probably saw you drive off and was like what KEKW Dutchlocked: monkaS Undead_Reaper314: time for brenda parking SpookyKabookie: you went ahead to secure the destination anfieldroad_6x: Suspension arc T_Beaun: Need that Tessa class Kimberly_Galarza: nice Matt06K: nailed it san_x0: Pog jjcatman123: Pog MrWaddlington: Pog Ragestrike: he didnt specofiy ExTahZee: Pog imanemokid99: Pog big_tom100: Pog FlickCM: I’d laugh if somehow Nikki made all these cars blow up Dutchlocked: nice Pog PolarInferno_: Po PolarInferno_: g missdelarocha: @spookykabookie precisely Kappa Diaborex: Clap GerkiePickles: lights EchebKeso: do you need a bus ride to the sidewalk? :3 MrWaddlington: see guys, it’s a Brenda trait not being able to drive XtraMedium1301: need to learn how to burn your tires and tight turn Matt06K: Uchi lol bobosaurr: turn lights on missdelarocha: You should have lights on presidentgooby: ratirlWinter bxrds: AYOOOOOOOO ashton2176: best driving ever itsFleee: lights on Tatorson: why does that guy have a mask on in fron tof the court house mr__goodvibes: lights to make it look official Eddie1225: MonkaW san_x0: pog sami_rose93: 10-9 means repeat

Chompsy: 10-9 repeat last 🙂 itsFleee: lights on missdelarocha: Lights on Chompsy: Keep your head on a swivel @ashlynn EVERYONE gonna getcha MonkaW dullmemes: PepoG Study study T_Beaun: nakkiBelt DanceSilly_7: stream snipe Denzel XtraMedium1301: well you somehow turned them off LUL Shockwave125: repeat in the military means to fire mortars again on the last target Chris29Games: apparently chat are better cops than the doc Kapp missdelarocha: Try E Eddie1225: its only a plea deal hearing ShinobiJones: its for a plea deal badmarshmallow: You can check your controls on phone btw 🙂 Eddie1225: they accept it or not ExTahZee: its just a plea Eddie1225: simple stuff missdelarocha: Or yeah Q, e does siren I think DanceSilly_7: yeah big_tom100: LUL Nightbot: LUL StevenDotWoo: tell this guy to watch the cars and u go in bruto: fair amount Eddie1225: i think you can go watch DanceSilly_7: at least 20 TonyDeao: sick af Chompsy: They all want DoC dead too. Kapp PepeLaugh Aces_o: You have to be able to go watch Widgets_: This is dope. When did Ashlynn start this character? missdelarocha: They said to stay with the car itsFleee: you can prob get out and patrol the cars bruto: not the most packed its ever been SpinDash12: did i miss the court case? Sokol80: go take a peek TonyDeao: sit ontop of it itsyaboynell: Screaming Drwoods8727: Yea Get out properusernamefortwitch: it just starting DanceSilly_7: they can’t see you if your in the car missdelarocha: You could patrol XtraMedium1301: stay in so you can be quick drive off and people don’t know you’re there longsk0ped: Patrol the steps ByteMyWire: Just a sentencing hearing Eddie1225: its cuz he was gonna stay StevenDotWoo: i think you can get out and walk around if u want taylorje: STAY WITH THE VEHICLES missdelarocha: To protecc the cars CrypticPluto: patrol definitely skyMaiden: waiting rp Pog Eddie1225: but i think every one is staying Eddie1225: cuz its not long writes123: Just a t missdelarocha: Yeah you can walk around but you shouldn’t leave the cars PolarInferno_: Nikki left outside PepeHands robvols2017: robvols2017 is continuing the Gift Sub they got from Haxi_! itsyaboynell: Chat it lit right now, LUL skyMaiden: who gave ashlynn a gun MonkaW bobosaurr: do a vlog writes123: Hey bcakers! jalapenokoolaid: LUL bobosaur Nightbot: LUL properusernamefortwitch: she found it on the ground KEKW EchebKeso: what up b#cakers! check out my gun! MrBanks711: gonna get rolled up on all by urself Eddie1225: we can stay Pog bruto: baldy lol Eddie1225: baldy KEKW missdelarocha: Yay Sokol80: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW itsyaboynell: Dwayne the Pebble Jonson StevenDotWoo: saab getting pulled over KEKW nsuix: @EchebKeso KEKW AlBQuerky: Tucker get his accent back? KEKW jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnNo Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias robvols2017: when u become a cop? itsyaboynell: Nervous yet Nikki? mojokarma7: this serious rp is scary DitzySysadmin: jfc someone gave ashlynn a shotgun EchebKeso: omg who is that hiding behind the jeep wildnhan: friendly fire incomming! missdelarocha: @robvols2017 she is department of corrections, a prison guard MrBanks711: did they really tell u to stay out there by urself? itsyaboynell: No cap buddhaCry buddhaCry MrBanks711: they never have people stay out there lol skyMaiden: 👁️ MrWaddlington: nakkiGun properusernamefortwitch: nikki needs a shower after this KEKW ComaToasted: clearly they don’t know sal15: Trunk monkaS Eddie1225: i think they thought the case was gonna be longer than it thought lmao VR_Viking: my eyes are turned on monkaEyes

Obsolete2885: They gave her a shotgun, but didnt tell her it isnt loaded termagaunt: Court is going to take forever, better settle in Eddie1225: swedin PogU itsyaboynell: Pog af datduckhs: now I need to listen to angel with a shotgun CrypticPluto: nikki is spawn camping MrBanks711: yea this is gonna take a while Eddie1225: LOL robvols2017: so she works at the prison ? frille: check the trashcans, ppl might hide in it! Eddie1225: KEKW bxrds: LOL Nightbot: KEKW exlegender: lol Mauroheisenberg: sweden so good KEKW missdelarocha: Court is never quick MOISTwontons: It’s just a hearing, it should be quick @MrBanks711 kay_83: Get on steps for high ground TheInteractiveGames: check for car bombs cbakertm: 🙂 itsyaboynell: I bet there’s lots of colors in that court house T_Beaun: checking the trashcans Eddie1225: @missdelarocha this is just a plea deal hearing so its pretty quick MOISTwontons: at least quicker than most court sessions kay_83: Watch out for that car skyMaiden: MonkaW missdelarocha: @eddie1225 someone said it’s his final sentencing though? itsyaboynell: !meta Nightbot: METAGAMING is the use of out-of-game information or resources to affect one’s in-game decisions..WARNING PLEASE DO NOT META or you will be timed out (10 min) by a mod…Let the RP fun happen on its own DitzySysadmin: every time you turn your back, someone’s hotwiring a car skyMaiden: PepeLaugh ExTahZee: i wonder why PepeLaugh exlegender: lol sal15: Late LUL jamie_gene_k: saabKEK Eddie1225: NO RUNNING IN MY PRISON Eddie1225: LO Widgets_: oh shit Baas and Nikki are gonna interact and I cannot wait ashlynnGasp ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW kay_83: No one goes in MrWaddlington: LUL Nightbot: LUL gorillamasks: murdaEarright murdaWtf murdaEarleft ExTahZee: He is exlegender: @Widgets_ already have Sokol80: it was Saab Eddie1225: MonkaW ExTahZee: he ran by you you didnt see him zayzaayy: Does Sweden stream? skyMaiden: KEKW Eddie1225: ricky and bomb ExTahZee: KEKW exlegender: lol missdelarocha: Yeah there should probably be some PD guards out front? maha7497: Hi exlegender: @zayzaayy nickez kay_83: Anyone gets in gets arrested once they are in missdelarocha: But w/e bruto: Nikez Falcon954: whos that in the bush MonkaW crow1994: ashlynnGun ashlynnGun ashlynnGun Dutchlocked: Guard these stairs with your life! zayzaayy: @exlegender thanks Widgets_: @exlegender I figured. I meant moreso that it’s gonna be a common occurrence now and that’s exciting lol itsFleee: is your car locked? MOISTwontons: You’d be the first out down tbh no offense MrWaddlington: me wondering if that car has been circling ashlynnGun Eddie1225: Cops are watching lol you;lll be fine lmao exlegender: @zayzaayy or something like that MOISTwontons: <3 XtraMedium1301: Brenda should be in the court :( crow1994: true pina_colorado: Kapp jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnCool aiiight PolarInferno_: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa skyMaiden: we're the vanguard Pog bobosaurr: Target dummy KEKW Koreni3: pepeLaugh ok NEFARIASH: moon2WUT itsFleee: @ashlynn did you lock your car so no one can climb in the other side Widgets_: KEKW ExTahZee: Kapp Nightbot: KEKW sal15: ashlynnGun ashlynnGun ashlynnGun Bushwick78: LUL Nightbot: LUL dude7836: Kappa kord76: incoming molotovs CT_Gunner: shotgun in an open area LULW Bonecrawl: LOL kay_83: Have faith TonyDeao: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis Anacott: Kapp writes123: Very true Kappa lukevickman: your just there to slow them down KEKW MOISTwontons: In all seriousness you're doing really well for this, I can say some of us are proud. Not all, the rest are shitlords Bonecrawl: they wanna see you taken down Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ yessie55: I'd honestly be surprised if anything happened until you guys are making your way back itsFleee: Yeah we are proud of you! MrBanks711: yea ive literally never seen them leave a cop outside lukevickman: <3 skyMaiden: D: PenElane: HahaShrugLeft HahaBall HahaShrugRight MrWaddlington: I'm proud of you ashlynnCutee taraquest: most of the criminals are inside the court anyway XtraMedium1301: fodder so the real cops know an attack is coming LUL ExTahZee: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW writes123: Oh Nikki can be a slord CT_Gunner: Nikki is just there to watch the cars LULW MrWaddlington: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv Obsolete2885: But we are your assholes :) PolarInferno_: ashlynn7 kristayyann: ashlynnLuvv Eddie1225: stairlord PogU PenElane: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnHeart ashlynnLuvv ashlynnHeart ashlynnLuvv ashlynnHeart ashlynnLuvv sal15: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv TooQuick: I’m the biggest shitlord jalapenokoolaid: LUL eddie Nightbot: LUL kay_83: Take cover once shooting starts writes123: Protect my stairs Kappa exlegender: @zayzaayy found it: nikez maha7497: pikalo1Chill

maha7497: pikalo1Pikalove pikalo1Pikalove VR_Viking: These are Nikki’s stairs. There are many like them but these stairs are hers MOISTwontons: You’re doing really well proteccing them stairs tho missdelarocha: Sweden ignored blackbeardx187: when’s madge day? Deadnoz: Not gonna lie, its actually pretty cool that there is corrections officer standing patrol outside Deadnoz: IT adds to immersion CT_Gunner: I mean Nikki is guarding the cars, I mean who wouldn’t want an armoured Suburban? bruto: cop probably switch stations mofo_xiv: They need the first line of defense… aka… bullet sponges 😀 missdelarocha: Yeah for sure StevenDotWoo: with the LB, it definitely could pop off MOISTwontons: I’m also getting really used to nikki’s face now. She looks pretty bad ass jalapenokoolaid: LOOOL mofo JMTYSAR: I feel like the lights being on is a bad idea lol Just Draws attention Deadnoz: IRL there are normally cops at every doorway. and most cops on the server usually go inside to listen instead of keeping immersion tbonee_: YOU GOT THIS Eddie1225: we can get rid of the filthy LB PogU DitzySysadmin: Just remember to shoot first… and second, and third MrWaddlington: LUL Nightbot: LUL Darth_hedgehog: Ashlyn is this a new Character mofo_xiv: the drive back to bolingbroke will be so tense missdelarocha: The lights signal official business, plus its dark out Eddie1225: lauren PogU KarinaGonzie: SHOTS FIRED! Dutchlocked: PogU jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnNo we don’t need help cuz we are the help Eddie1225: LMAO StevenDotWoo: lol wtf MrWaddlington: inb4 Nikki yells shots fired and it was actually someone’s car backstarting jamie_gene_k: Lauren aww kord76: yeah definitely a good idea to have an early warning in case something goes down Dutchlocked: Keep your mind on the job soldier! MOISTwontons: lauren ur idol Deadnoz: im surprized she isnt inside giving a statement about diaz D: Eddie1225: i see it MonkaW kay_83: Lauren enforcer ZeroX711: idol Rhorah: Mirror glasses look great dullmemes: PepeLaugh She didn’t see it VR_Viking: people watching monkaS DitzySysadmin: Everyone’s latently in love with Kiwo, most of us just dont realize it MrWaddlington: @Deadnoz there’s a reason why she doesn’t want to go in, ICly jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnCri i miss jackie badmarshmallow: And Nikki Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW MOISTwontons: and brenda’s love scarlet winters Eddie1225: look at that car MonkaW Nightbot: listen FiveHeadJose: Copper best girl 🙂 Dutchlocked: monkaS Aeowynne: Rein and Lauren worked their butts off to be as badass as they are now too 🙂 jalapenokoolaid: @Aeowynne ashlynnLuvv Deadnoz: Im guessing it has to do with either the people inside, or the fact she doesnt want to face the words that will be said. but it would be nice for her to give her stateement because she knew so much about him and cared so much about him Aeowynne: @jalapenokoolaid tatKevinH Eddie1225: just run away EZ Clap KEKW Eddie1225: LOL itsyaboynell: Lmfao lukevickman: go talk to her widepeepoHappy furyspec: i dont think this character is crazy enough for you longsk0ped: nervous nikki MrWaddlington: I hope she comes over LUL betterdot: Lauren so sweet tho… just don’t ask her about her face Sokol80: so much shit on court rn VR_Viking: BLELELE eequalsmc2d: exciting Deadnoz: LUL Nightbot: LUL itsyaboynell: Lul Aeowynne: 3% still lupoDERP properusernamefortwitch: “can you sign on my boobs” KEKW jalapenokoolaid: monkaS go away car ImARobot13: !roll Eddie1225: car MonkaW Dutchlocked: That car was there before monkaS Nightbot: ImARobot13 rolled: 1 loso2669: all crazy lol Falcon954: they’re all just you not rping NEFARIASH: Sure FiveHeadJose: Lauren took a shotgun blast to the face, and still kickin’ ass furyspec: fridays stream was great Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn JJOkochaJJ: this might be the first not shitlordy tbh still has the weird sexual jokes tho LUL messtahrobot: shes goes in gloveless on cavity searches, shes super crazy KEKW jalapenokoolaid: ^ Nightbot: ^ DitzySysadmin: >explosions and screaming yaboytoha: Streamer lacks if critical informations KEKW KEKW KEKW Deadnoz: well, spaceboy saw some action Pog Sadiii_: You can go in there and turn em off, no? jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnNo stop copying me nightbot Eddie1225: what MOISTwontons: Asexual.. you’re so gonna fail that yaboytoha: *of ps4smekarn: that White car has passed how many times now?? Sadiii_: oo Eddie1225: you did the opposite og that KEKW PyGs: too late Eddie1225: of* Shrewkiller_: some one just punched denzel pina_colorado: id like to see you actually try that KEKW Sadiii_: You don’t need keys to turn em off sillah eequalsmc2d: officer earth worm jalapenokoolaid: @bruto scuse me xSupportive: we love an Asexual queen bruto: yo @jalapenokoolaid Eddie1225: nah you can go in a turn them off if you want

jalapenokoolaid: nightbot keeps copying me jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnNo skyMaiden: AsexualPride Eddie1225: LMAO bruto: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ZeldaAdventuress: what would you do if there was a jail break? LUL Eddie1225: Saved KEKW MOISTwontons: You literally described your fingers going inside a tight butthole, so much for being asexual amirite itsFleee: holy shit theres so many ppl inside kay_83: Lock pick StevenDotWoo: correct 🙂 Sokol80: lock down KwapSquared: You go PEW PEW. and fricken heck the bad guys up DitzySysadmin: hot wire them and face them all around the other way just to see if anyone notices ZeldaAdventuress: sodCREEP itsyaboynell: #freedenzel jalapenokoolaid: that white car is circling 🙂 Deadnoz: Prisoners use to be teleported inside when the first power node inside is hit, hopefully they leave it up to you guys @ashlynn Scameme: there is a state announcement if jailbreak properusernamefortwitch: then panic KEKW MOISTwontons: @itsFleee That’s what she said… DansGame Eddie1225: cars MonkaW exlegender: bovice saabAww StevenDotWoo: shit’s going to pop off when denzel goes into the SUV tbh asquishypotato: howdy JJOkochaJJ: damn 60 days is rough imagine prison RP till february Eddie1225: i see it MonkaW itsyaboynell: Big time jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnGun arm yaselves, chat Sokol80: its coming Dutchlocked: An ambush monkaW Falcon954: i mean after the court perfect time to shitlord CT_Gunner: Might be safer in the SUV since it can take some bullets FiveHeadJose: SNIPERS ON THE ROOF itsFleee: chat shhhh lukevickman: you are going to die 🙂 MOISTwontons: I hope it does tbh Eddie1225: yea jalapenokoolaid: LUL luke Nightbot: LUL missdelarocha: Meta awayyy Eddie1225: looks dope as fuck BristolTom: How’s your aim ashylnn? LUL Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn pina_colorado: theyre gonna go for the weakest link first, poor nikki saabHands Deadnoz: You say thats legit, id be a little scared lol PenElane: ashlynnGun ashlynnGun mofo_xiv: definitely sets a scene jalapenokoolaid: @BristolTom we play r6. our aim is god tier ashlynnNo Hoeveer: Lights are not sirens… Sirens make the noise… lights… just make pretty colors MOISTwontons: My brother escaped prison during a hearing once. He got caught the next day at walmart though. KEKW bruto: she has a very good panic shot shhhyanne: I’m nosey as hell… I’d want to know what’s going one shhhyanne: on itsyaboynell: F Hoeveer: 🙂 Eddie1225: i mean its a shotgun cbakertm: 😀 Eddie1225: you have atlot of leway KEKW CT_Gunner: wiseguy isn’t last i checked Deadnoz: i get spooked just with 2 cop cars arouind my house xD i cant imagine 2 SUVs fully blacked out, outside a government building… with a guard KEKW exlegender: if something happens, the sooner it happens, the best for you maybe? Eddie1225: MonkaW Sokol80: There are like 30 people there bruto: jonthebroski for denzel itsFleee: siz is in there too AJVM_: Can u get any automatics to use IO_Err0r: Awareness heightened ParadoxCrusader: pretty sure nearly the whole city is in there right now lol BristolTom: @jalapenokoolaid 👌 missdelarocha: @deadnoz yeah 100% I’m driving past like daymmmmm and staring tbonee_: probably got the accuracy from playin seige.. that game gets so tense Eddie1225: these are nikkis stairs now Deadnoz: @missdelarocha sameeee lol Eddie1225: MonkaW MOISTwontons: The guy in the white coat? cbakertm: Monkaw Bennett62: MonkaW ExTahZee: monkaS missdelarocha: @deadnoz I see one police car and I’m on edge LUL MOISTwontons: That was ducky but nikki doesnt know him exlegender: lol betterdot: I mean, it’s bound to get weird RuggedSauce47: LUL Nightbot: LUL Eddie1225: LOL itsyaboynell: Spooky PolarInferno_: yeah ducky I think? Cuteniss11: xD did he have a deep voice hahaah Nightbot: Get closer to the community by joining the Famlynn™ Discord https://discord.gg/ashlynn itsFleee: youve met ducky in the hospital properusernamefortwitch: is sweden in a band? Mauroheisenberg: maybe he met him at ikea? KEKW MOISTwontons: Oh yeah nikki did meet ducky before Eddie1225: LULW missdelarocha: Don’t be silly Sweden, nothing to worry about Kappa Eddie1225: LMAO MrWaddlington: and then they get shot two seconds after that LUL exlegender: lol MOISTwontons: blap blap Kavvika: ashlynnToxic Eddie1225: MonkaW Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias

Fanbyte: I hope this pops off so bad LUL Cuteniss11: swt ducky <3 Eddie1225: its just sus thats all MrWaddlington: it's odd itsFleee: swedish is a bit paranoid SwordMasterSnakes: It's just being watchful and careful darkaxz: well by brenda standards not much is weird tbh Aaeandor: because hes watching bruto: monkaEyes AJVM_: monkaS ScourgeNL: probably a local darkaxz: LUL Nightbot: LUL PenElane: katieW ExTahZee: monkaEyes Eddie1225: LMAO missdelarocha: I can’t even see him lol jalapenokoolaid: monkaEyes i keep lookout Eddie1225: Pat is ready KEKW MOISTwontons: inb4 brenda local walks past exlegender: I can't even see the guy KEKW maysiesx: maysiesx subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 4 months, currently on a 4 month streak! 4 Amazing months! You've been the highlight of my nights. Thanks Ashlynn ashlynnLuvv maysiesx: maysiesx's Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! PolarInferno_: Pat really chanelling Mel bruto: lol MOISTwontons: santa hat guy needs a jump lol bruto: !hype Nightbot: ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult Istillsmile1: local? missdelarocha: Ohhhh I found him, he’s tiny he’s up above the car park just above the grass @exlegender jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnCult Mauroheisenberg: I love how much respect she is getting with this character (i can't wait for jordan to see her and break the streak) KEKW JJOkochaJJ: tbf if someone would go for this it would be LB LUL Shallea: HENLO FRANDZ MrWaddlington: Nikki just starts yelling WEE WOO WEE WOO over the radio as she gets more nervous like Patrick Star LUL Eddie1225: LMAO bruto: lol MOISTwontons: o.o darkaxz: LUL Nightbot: LUL huggy11: LUL bxrds: lol PolarInferno_: KEKW Bennett62: LUL Nightbot: KEKW DanceSilly_7: !hype jalapenokoolaid: hiii dark Eddie1225: poor sweden KEKW Aeowynne: Aeowynne subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 8 months, currently on a 8 month streak! LUL Aeowynne: Aeowynne's Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! missdelarocha: I mean he might just be interested and watching jalapenokoolaid: PogChamp aeo Shallea: monkaHmm darkaxz: hiii spicy exlegender: @missdelarocha wow, just saw him; thank you Cuteniss11: @mrwaddlington id cry from laighing xD DEE_b: behind you roflgatorS DanceSilly_7: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv kay_83: U have binoculars Cuteniss11: aee you new to no pixel furyspec: ashlynnHungo ashlynnNo ashlynnKnight maimyaLove maimyaLove ashlynnO ashlynnO olesyaBusya Hoeveer: If it's a local, then just shoot zem missdelarocha: @exlegender not easy to catch everything on mobile lol jalapenokoolaid: @Aeowynne what do you call it when a pirate tries to play someone else MOISTwontons: now u got her even more nervous properusernamefortwitch: get night vision goggles jalapenokoolaid: @Aeowynne you say they're argh p'ing :) Aeowynne: @jalapenokoolaid lupoDERP Shenaria: hey ash, i <3 you Eddie1225: sweden mad scraed KEKW Eddie1225: scared * jalapenokoolaid: choiDab bruto: @Cuteniss11 this is a new character but she has been on nopixel for a few months Widgets_: If I learned anything from Keanu Reeves movies, in a hostage situation, just shoot the hostage missdelarocha: @jalapenokoolaid they’re peeing? spekelG Aeowynne: @jalapenokoolaid why do corn farmers never become singers? Their singing falls mostly on deaf ears lupoDERP jalapenokoolaid: oh stop it delarocha ashlynnNo AJVM_: Ash just vibing while swed being scared lmao rolldmg: there's some nerd in the court talking RN Keepo Eddie1225: MonkaW EchebKeso: hmmm pina_colorado: MonkaW Cuteniss11: @bruto thanks bruto: HahaBall @Aeowynne PolarInferno_: Different car I think missdelarocha: Try stand a bit closer and catch a number plate? jamie_gene_k: um jalapenokoolaid: ok that's too sophisticated for me, aeo ashlynnNo bobosaurr: monkaS Cuteniss11: hmmmmm SUS aiiiR_: so who not suspicious at all? monkaHmm missdelarocha: Very subtle lmao MrWaddlington: LUL Nightbot: LUL xSupportive: monkaEyes Aeowynne: @bruto HahaBall BristolTom: LUL yessie55: That car looked like it was falling apart LUL jalapenokoolaid: HahaBall jalapenokoolaid: ? BristolTom: Kiwo Pog Eddie1225: lauren KEKW exlegender: lol MrWaddlington: ashlynnGun Bennett62: LULW missdelarocha: We’ll know if that car comes by again LUL Hoeveer: Lauren? exlegender: lauren is so cool VR_Viking: suspicios cop driving monkaS PolarInferno_: Lauren KEKW Cuteniss11: who ia her other char ? skyMaiden: lauren-sexual KEKW properusernamefortwitch: SHOUT IT Aeowynne: Oh it's Lauren HahaSweat AJVM_: Kiwo ashlynnHeart FlickCM: Nikki is asexual but infatuated with Lauren? LUL jamie_gene_k: saabAww i need this friend ship

Glitter_Pug: Headna Widgets_: Lauren + Nikki Sitting in a Tree Mauroheisenberg: i love the fangirling over Luaren KEKW darkaxz: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa StevenDotWoo: Kappa MOISTwontons: Inda who you never use jamie_gene_k: Widgets lol Bennett62: Kappa Dutchlocked: Ahem, SUPERSTAR receptionist jalapenokoolaid: @Widgets_ c o p p i n g NicRaeMae: Kappa jalapenokoolaid: 🙂 aiiiR_: brenda whipKEK Cuteniss11: branda!!! thats how i recognize Eddie1225: tabitha Darth_hedgehog: that guy sounds like Droopy the ddg StevenDotWoo: Inda woods PogU properusernamefortwitch: madge the hide and seek queen BristolTom: Brenda = @ashlynn Eddie1225: FeelsRainMan just a tabitha fan dullmemes: “Eventually” Kappa exlegender: tabitha will return ashlynnCult bruto: madge is somehow the best escape artist Widgets_: @jalapenokoolaid exactly moon2BRAIN Hoeveer: Full deck of characters! Ultrabeast: Inda gave me tears of laughter xSupportive: Madge and Lauren have a special bond MiniK missdelarocha: When did you make all those? I only knew about Jessica missdelarocha: And Brenda I mean bruto: they are all pretty recent Cuteniss11: how do you like rping with spaceboy as corrections aiiiR_: so uh. who is being transported cadyHmm darkaxz: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa Eddie1225: Kappa itsFleee: I like Nikki bruto: all of them are pretty great Istillsmile1: are they tho? jamie_gene_k: I love all of them killerobeee: Lol why does she always have the gun out lukevickman: Kappa properusernamefortwitch: Kappa aiiiR_: but all kinda crazy KEKW Pleasantmsp: Kappa Bennett62: Kappa sure darkaxz: Kappa Kappa MusicalOne: Kapp dullmemes: Kapa bruto: copcopcopcopcop ScourgeNL: Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa BristolTom: Which one is most like you? vizzyvee005: korean gang! furyspec: there all equally crazy dullmemes: Kappa whoops M1ST3RM1ND: They’re all amazing @ashlynn critroleHeart critroleHeart critroleHeart Thunderstrum: All of them are different versions of Brenda jamie_gene_k: Kappa CT_Gunner: Nikki can legally shoot people 🙂 BristolTom: Kappa yessie55: @aiiiR_ Denzel missdelarocha: Love the variety! bruto: Seesa is the most like Ash exlegender: brenda and inda are the most similar properusernamefortwitch: we believe you 🙂 Widgets_: I adore that you decided to go with cop, I know you’ve been thinking it for months @ashlynn Aeowynne: It’s funny when they leak into other characters though 😛 aiiiR_: @yessie55 what’d he get? chatcast: @ashlynn Prove it Eddie1225: shes coming MonkaW Thundergod30: all Ashlynns characters are alternate universe Brendas jamie_gene_k: ashlynnCassie ashlynnInda aiiiR_: life in prison? ziggyjHmm M1ST3RM1ND: We love your characters @ashlynn ParadoxCrusader: same people just different jobs lol exlegender: MonkaW TheOneWhoCryed: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa kord76: Brenikindessica yessie55: @aiiiR_ Don’t know yet, he’s in a hearing rn jamie_gene_k: can we have a emote for each ? Eddie1225: Saved again Pog VR_Viking: too close monkaEyes Eddie1225: MOnkaW aiiiR_: o whipD exlegender: lol T_Beaun: Pog skyMaiden: MonkaW missdelarocha: They do tend to have a Brenda undertone LUL justaboveyou: Just Brenda RP as other jobs LOL cbakertm: its mom broken__symmetry: tabatha was also sort of Rissian ashlynnYay Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW jamie_gene_k: saabAww Pog StevenDotWoo: MonkaW jalapenokoolaid: LOOOL MOISTwontons: LOL Widgets_: Imagine Brenda with a shotgun monkaEyes Thunderstrum: KEKW Bennett62: LULW MOISTwontons: LOOOOOOL lukevickman: widepeepoHappy Mauroheisenberg: it’s happening Pog KarinaGonzie: LMFAOOOOOOO dullmemes: KEKW properusernamefortwitch: I LOVE YOU exlegender: KEKW BristolTom: Jesus Aeowynne: KEKW Cuteniss11: OH GOD QUEERRR AJVM_: 3% FlickCM: Nikki should write love notes MusicalOne: So is it’s like that Jet Li Movie ZeroX711: panic time cbakertm: 🙂 kdragon: Lauren Forcer monkaS missdelarocha: DONT BE CREEPY SpookyKabookie: ashlynnSee Aaeandor: choiHeart HahaBall Bonecrawl: Kiwo woohoo itsFleee: theyre coming out darkaxz: KappaPride Eddie1225: LULW MrWaddlington: tell her about your 3-0 win with a beanbag gun LUL FlickCM: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW T_Beaun: LUL Nightbot: LUL Cuteniss11: rofl grudge sounds properusernamefortwitch: LADY BONER uwuGASM Lindol: say you love her confusAyayaeater jalapenokoolaid: why don’t i get HahaBall? jamie_gene_k: Nikki Nervous exlegender: lol kdragon: now kiss Aeowynne: acaibeThicc acaibeHug aiiiR_: lookin so nakkiLewd XtraMedium1301: OOF KarinaGonzie: LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL LUL Dutchlocked: LUL Bennett62: “assexual” btw AJVM_: nakkiLewd Eddie1225: LMAOOO PolarInferno_: YIKES jalapenokoolaid: loool aeo lukevickman: NotLikeThis crabbi_abbi: HahaReindeer Eddie1225: MonkaW crabbi_abbi: PrideGive PrideGive PrideGive PrideGive PolarInferno_: shot down AJVM_: 6% and rising BristolTom: NotLikeThis exlegender: flex jalapenokoolaid: hiii abbi choiDab bruto: @jalapenokoolaid HahaBall Eddie1225: LOL jalapenokoolaid: PrideGive ZeroX711: *heart rate increased* jalapenokoolaid: HahaBall Cuteniss11: lauren sexual Aeowynne: @jalapenokoolaid HahaBall exlegender: probably karen darkaxz: HahaBall Istillsmile1: her heart exploded Mauroheisenberg: a new level of awkwardness has been reached KEKW jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnNo some bowl shit missdelarocha: Yikes BristolTom: Lourikki? Noctii_: ASK FOR AN AUTOGRAPH bruto: @jalapenokoolaid PrideGive BristolTom: Nikauren jalapenokoolaid: stop it bruto 🙂 Sokol80: #Free Denzel jamie_gene_k: KEKW mudkip420swag: the macy’s holiday rush is exactly like this Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW nJUReGEN: Shoot people and keep it cool Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ missdelarocha: Be normal lol Aeowynne: PrideTake @bruto bruto: !jalapenokoolaid HahaCat jalapenokoolaid: ashlynn7 forcer aiiiR_: britGasp Eddie1225: LULW jinx_tantibus: why is kiwo still awake BristolTom: F lukevickman: KEKW jalapenokoolaid: HahaCat Eddie1225: ashlynn7 bruto: ashlynnKek stereosync: kiwo is a machine kiwoHams trashytoreadork: Ahhhh I haven’t seen the DoC character before now hiroAww Aeowynne: @jalapenokoolaid HahaSweat aiiiR_: @jinx_tantibus wants to see denzel get life in prison for life KEKW Eddie1225: 60 years oof aiiiR_: britGasp 60 YEARS bobosaurr: monkaS missdelarocha: Oh Eddie1225: MonkaW darkaxz: monkaS

jalapenokoolaid: !chat dullmemes: 60 years, jesus CHRIST exlegender: 60 years KEKW aiiiR_: thats almost life KEKW jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnToxic MOISTwontons: choi needa jump vizzyvee005: Nikki drive! Cuteniss11: how long is 60 irl AJVM_: Say bye to Lauren nakkiHands PolarInferno_: Took the plea deal huh jinx_tantibus: @aiiir_ no…? lol darkaxz: LUL Nightbot: LUL Cuteniss11: HAHAHAHAH YoSupPAtruck: Denzel wanted the long sentence for more Prison RP OllieOzzie: @cuteniss11 60 days irl Kinghaye1: @cuteniss11 60 years bruto: execute order 66 MonkaW aiiiR_: @jinx_tantibus 60 years is 60 days ziggyjYikes Kinghaye1: Days I meant LUL AZV56: BLELELE JJOkochaJJ: LUL VR_Viking: year = day, rip darkaxz: D: Eddie1225: LMAO itsFleee: get in Richetoku: 1 month = 1 minute. 1 year = 1 day. 60 years = 60 days lukevickman: PauseChamp exlegender: more jon doc POGGERS Cuteniss11: oof lukevickman: PagChomp Eddie1225: denzel ruthless KEKW jinx_tantibus: @aiiir_ I didnt day anything about Denzel >.> I said why is kiwo still awake lol JMTYSAR: X bobosaurr: monkaS main target bruto: oh shit he gonna be in our car MonkaW Sokol80: MonkaS AlBQuerky: You’ve got the package jalapenokoolaid: and now for the ride back 🙂 sunspot_baby: monkaS big_tom100: monkaW AJVM_: monkaS MiruKanaMoonie: oh god target is in her car Eddie1225: riley PogU exlegender: sitting right next to him KEKW JMTYSAR: Seat belt! BristolTom: monkaS darkaxz: this is intense ScourgeNL: i think if he said that to buggs ziggy would go off EricAZ4: Belt aiiiR_: @jinx_tantibus i mean the partner of dias not showing up to a court case for dias whipHmm VR_Viking: he can bite monkaEyes furyspec: that would be sick if her car got attacked Cuteniss11: spaaace boyyy <3 jinx_tantibus: @aiiir_ and shes been awake for like 3 days...? lol nJUReGEN: pump shotgun the enemy :p jamie_gene_k: Pog stream kay_83: Relax. U got dis bruto: so tense ashlynnOop darkaxz: monkaS aiiiR_: whipKEK YEP @jinx_tantibus ziggyjYikes Eddie1225: i see it MonkaW darkaxz: PANIC justaboveyou: gun loaded ? vizzyvee005: muy tents jalapenokoolaid: BANG ABNG BANG aiiiR_: im STRESSED mofo_xiv: head on a swivel and breathing dullmemes: monkaEyes OPENED jalapenokoolaid: abng :) Aeowynne: Clench butt.. got it AJVM_: We only have a shotgun nakkiHU darkaxz: pepeMeltdown exlegender: ashlynnDerp ashlynnDerp ashlynnDerp Thetubaguy: koilS Eddie1225: LULW TheCaptain_007: ashlynnWeird pina_colorado: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAOOO darkaxz: D: DodgeDartGirl_: I have a feeling like something is going to go down yessie55: I'm in a constant state of panic StevenDotWoo: D: MOISTwontons: There is a tractor following you Eddie1225: fucking denzel KEKW Bennett62: D: shilohpotsu: D: Dutchlocked: D: AlBQuerky: Dias PepeHands Thetubaguy: kinamaHands minteacoco: denzel KEKW Aeowynne: D: Cuteniss11: o.O Eddie1225: oh my god KEKW PolarInferno_: oh boy D: aiiiR_: pepeMeltdown pepeMeltdown pepeMeltdown pepeMeltdown jamie_gene_k: PepeHands ExTahZee: KEKW rebornintomusic: Dias D: stickbun23: LUL BristolTom: monkaS Nightbot: LUL sunspot_baby: PepeHands magoo684: observe everything, admire nothing Bennett62: MonkaW spicylemonssss: D: crazyerazer: thats light itsFleee: denzel just said he was going to take out Forsen D: ByteMyWire: He's Reaching! EricAZ4: oh god Eddie1225: 60 years is a long ass time bruto: oh shit bruto: that 911 VR_Viking: forcer D: ScourgeNL: FORCER Eddie1225: nikki gonna be bestfriends with denzel Aeowynne: lauren D: Ivanetta: OH SHIET ViMint: D: dullmemes: monkaEyes OH FUCK ghosthag1: oh dang forcer kay_83: Diaz is dead I think Sokol80: 60=2 months Bennett62: Forcer stabbed D: AJVM_: D: itsFleee: oops forcer lol darkaxz: D: lauren itsFleee: omg Eddie1225: uhhh Eddie1225: oof ScourgeNL: D: stabbed at court house PepeHands jalapenokoolaid: forcer ashlynnCri malwri: oh no lauren D: Aeowynne: good thing the last words you said to her were "that ass" lukevickman: widepeepoSad Nightbot: Check your Twitch Prime and consider using your free sub on Ashlynn bruto: lol TKsaysHowdy: Thanks for the HahaDoge @mikaelezra EchebKeso: Bad meta guys MOISTwontons: time moves fast on nopixel. 1 minute in jail is 1 month, while 1 minute in the city is like 10 minutes or something bruto: @jalapenokoolaid HahaDoge darkaxz: cavity searches are important for healthy teeth jalapenokoolaid: HahaDoge jalapenokoolaid: why Aeowynne: @jalapenokoolaid HahaDoge bruto: ashlynnKek Aeowynne: lupoDERP Eddie1225: we made it PogU alphaskull: good to check that prostate Eddie1225: forcer didnt but we did KEKW TKsaysHowdy: HahaDoge Eddie1225: MonkaW Darth_hedgehog: is nikki a cop character DitzySysadmin: in the movies, the lead SUV takes the first rocket Dutchlocked: monkaS AJVM_: Lmao Eddie StevenDotWoo: MonkaW shilohpotsu: monkaS lukevickman: monkaS bruto: monkaW jamie_gene_k: monkaS ExTahZee: monkaW

jordan11996: monkaS PolarInferno_: monkaS Kimberly_Galarza: get ready jalapenokoolaid: ITS ON dullmemes: monkaGun AJVM_: monkaS VR_Viking: here we go monkaW Bennett62: MonkaW fuck gasc21: monkaS Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias ghosthag1: monkaS Aeowynne: MonkaW Dutchlocked: Oh god oh god oh god it’s happening monkaS Liquid_In_Silico: Who’s driving Ash’s Car? Cuteniss11: Oh jeeesus darkaxz: lmao Inkstinkt: monkaS big_tom100: monkaS AJVM_: This is it nakkiBlind darkaxz: D: EchebKeso: D: MOISTwontons: rip jalapenokoolaid: nice driving 🙂 Eddie1225: LMAO kimburlii: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW ExTahZee: LULW Eddie1225: he just keeps going KEKW Sokol80: LUL DarkNight25: KEKW Nightbot: LUL Cuteniss11: xD hahahahaha darkaxz: he’s so edgy missdelarocha: @moistwontons yeah it doesn’t really make sense lol, I think one day in LS is one hour IRL minteacoco: this is the real denzel LULW MOISTwontons: @missdelarocha time travel in the jail Liquid_In_Silico: Bad criminal is bad jalapenokoolaid: made it PogChamp nanochip: so why were the pillbox doors removed? EchebKeso: Jees jamie_gene_k: Pog missdelarocha: @moistwontons everyone is hundreds of years old LUL big_tom100: made it pog jalapenokoolaid: and ladies darkaxz: HotPokket Clap jalapenokoolaid: *lady bruto: ez Kimberly_Galarza: you did it Nightbot: ashlynnCool Clap Eddie1225: made it Pog Liquid_In_Silico: @nanochip Asking the real questions Nazz_pvp: https://clips.twitch.tv/AbnegateMushyDelicataBCouch Eddie1225: Clap lukevickman: peepoClap jamie_gene_k: lol Xuelb: @nanochip according to Amara someone stole them Kappa Ragestrike: pilbox doors were an accident kimburlii: Clap JJOkochaJJ: @ashlynn sucks that denzel wanted prison RP or you 100% wouls have LB shooting at you jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnNo sexist piggies TheInteractiveGames: MISSION ACOMPLISHED BlueJ1991: Hi ashlynn hope ur doing well theunknowndude77: Piggy Pig MOISTwontons: highlight text AJVM_: PepeLaugh jalapenokoolaid: !boop chat Nightbot: widepeepoHappy 👉 chat darkaxz: yeah he said dias lol jalapenokoolaid: gottem ashlynnCool jamie_gene_k: !roll Nightbot: jamie_gene_k rolled: 8 lukevickman: widepeepoHappy missdelarocha: Stop saying gentlemen goddamnit, women don’t just address everyone as ladies spekelREE JJOkochaJJ: @ashlynn oh yes they had C4 and everything ready for days now TheInteractiveGames: easyclap jinx_tantibus: akawok Aeowynne: HahaShrugLeft HahaDoge @jalapenokoolaid Shrewkiller_: imagine if denzel start acting up now that he doesnt have to face firing squad bruto: @jalapenokoolaid HahaHide Snakat21: Legalize Ranch dressing Aeowynne: HahaSleep Eddie1225: Fresh meat PogU LeauxAyeQueue: Chipotle burritos are mediocre at best atp1000 Falcon954: you staying on Nikki? TKsaysHowdy: HahaDoge darkaxz: we get it denzel LUL jordan11996: #FreshMeat Mangophone: ashlynnHmm ashlynnHmm ashlynnHmm ashlynnHmm Xuelb: man that was intense exlegender: 49 or 60 years? AJVM_: We aren’t freshmeat anymore pog kewlkwest: True @LeauxAyeQueue ashlynnLuvv Eddie1225: @exlegender it was 60 but time served JJOkochaJJ: the Denzel vs Forcer RP has been Pog with calls threaten her and now she got stabbed LUL Kimberly_Galarza: are you gonna get on Brenda ?? missdelarocha: @exlegender 49 with time served kay_83: Lock the gates Eddie1225: lethals till your back in prison EchebKeso: Seasoned veteran nikki Eddie1225: like inside inside aiiiR_: PepoDance PepoDance PepoDance PepoDance PepoDance PepoDance PepoDance PepoDance PepoDance PepoDance PepoDance PepoDance PepoDance PepoDance aiiiR_: vadeRee RUINED Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn bruto: PepoDance Eddie1225: she’s becoming less nervous exlegender: ash, I’m so proud of you Eddie1225: its good jordan11996: So Badass NotBetsy: kyliebCop Kimberly_Galarza: clap Koreni3: Clap exlegender: HYPERCLAP EchebKeso: She’s evolving Eumon: Clap Aeowynne: acaibeThicc acaibeHug AJVM_: We gonna run this prison soon

Eddie1225: we did ti jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnNo behave aeo NicRaeMae: Clap Shrewkiller_: called it jordan11996: i wouldnt fuck with Nikki North Eddie1225: the first DoC transport PogU lukevickman: widepeepoHappy Clap StormEdge: What is Nikki’s last name? Aeowynne: @jalapenokoolaid lupoCREEP properusernamefortwitch: North darkaxz: HYPERCLAP dullmemes: Clap kord76: nikki should go SWAT next Eddie1225: that was the first one ever for DoC AllDaveEveryDave: Nikki has tasted blood…. and liked it cbakertm: 😀 Eddie1225: making history PogU Nazz_pvp: https://clips.twitch.tv/AbnegateMushyDelicataBCouch jamie_gene_k: HYPERCLAP VR_Viking: leveled up Pog pina_colorado: go pee wtf LULW woke_moves: just go man StormEdge: Thought it would be like…Ice Cream or Omlette lUL Lindol: Nikki (10-4) north pina_colorado: you can go 10-7 bruh LUL Tropical_ron: Just go 4head Gub713: UTI incoming pina_colorado: otherwise pee your pants and stop complaining ashlynnNah Eddie1225: LMAOOO bruto: lol kimburlii: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW properusernamefortwitch: KEKW jordan11996: monkaS Kimberly_Galarza: lol jamie_gene_k: KEKW gasc21: KEKW Aeowynne: LUL Nightbot: LUL Aeowynne: D: jordan11996: KEKW lukevickman: KEKW HYPERCLAP darkaxz: lauren BibleThump VR_Viking: PepeHands Eddie1225: lauren PepeHands dullmemes: Lauren PepeHands PolarInferno_: PepeHands gasc21: lauren PepeHands Jedaricks: die forcer! colori3: ashlynnCri darkaxz: Jedaricks D: big_tom100: PepeHands jamie_gene_k: PepeHands pina_colorado: KEKW Eddie1225: LOL Nightbot: KEKW kimburlii: KEKW Sokol80: she was nice to Nikki Aeowynne: KEKW jamie_gene_k: LOL bruto: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW AJVM_: KEKW Bushwick78: LUL Nightbot: LUL BlueJ1991: what do these point we get for watching do for u and ur channel @ashlynn Eddie1225: ooo we can graduate the fresh meat PogU PolarInferno_: Time to shoot the fresh meat Pog darkaxz: lmao brendapancakes: @ashlynn hey love how’s ur day going jamie_gene_k: lol AJVM_: We r now above the freshmeat ashlynnCool Nazz_pvp: @ashlynn watch the stabbing PepeHands darkaxz: LOL Kimberly_Galarza: lmao Aeowynne: LUL he means channel points Nightbot: LUL properusernamefortwitch: too slow KEKW Gemblar: you don’t have to be near it JJOkochaJJ: LUl DitzySysadmin: haha aiiiR_: do it from a distance cadyCry lukevickman: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Sokol80: LUL jamie_gene_k: walk away a bit darkaxz: hahahaha pina_colorado: walk further away dullmemes: @BlueJ1991 Points don’t do much besides redeem special rewards like highlighted messages or 24h emote unlocks mallratderek: I’m hoarding my points Eddie1225: KEKW Thunderstrum: you don’t have to get close enough to where it opens properusernamefortwitch: the force Pog kay_83: U don’t need to be near it VR_Viking: Nikki’s Nemesis: Front Gate Glitter_Pug: throw your key at it Aeowynne: ^ LUL Nightbot: ^ darkaxz: ^ BlueJ1991: thank u @dullmemes Eddie1225: that was good ElmerPhunk: ashlynnPog_SQ Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW AZV56: your looking cute today chat ashlynnHungo starrkiddd: Mission Passed + Respect Aeowynne: ashlynnLuvv bruto: no you @AZV56 Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW shhhyanne: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv darkaxz: KEKW Bennett62: KEKW jordan11996: KEKW jamie_gene_k: KEKW AJVM_: ashlynnLuvv lukevickman: KEKW Kimberly_Galarza: KEKW jinx_tantibus: ashlynnKek dullmemes: just get a bigger bladder 4Head darkaxz: pina called out Aeowynne: just go pee 4Head bruto: get ducked @pina_colorado jamie_gene_k: LOL Pina called out pina_colorado: shes gonna pee her pants for JUSTICE chat kord76: Quest Complete +700 EXP

Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn mutedwarrior: RP bucket duh aiiiR_: whipAww fanks azv vadeAww Eddie1225: vader PogU Eddie1225: thats vader’s DoC darkaxz: wash hands glitch_ness: Pog vader PhirephLyy: vadeD lukevickman: Vader widepeepoHappy exlegender: vader doc then? bruto: rob banks as doc exlegender: hard cut bruto: ironic PolarInferno_: DoC called Rob banks? AJVM_: !roll pepeSmoke Nightbot: AJVM_ rolled: 5 starrkiddd: $15 she doesnt wash her hands AJVM_: Hm CrypticPluto: she’s not going to wash her hands chat bruto: !roII missdelarocha: I thought Vader got denied for that name lol Nightbot: bruto rolled: 20 Eddie1225: @PolarInferno_ its robert bankerton Mauroheisenberg: 5 seconds have passed, is streamer ok? PepeHands pina_colorado: bruto Aeowynne: :O bruto pina_colorado: stop cheating AJVM_: Alright bruto Eddie1225: @missdelarocha well DoC is different lol RaY0n: DansGame darkaxz: we get it bruto you vape Aeowynne: rigged bruto: BlessRNG jamie_gene_k: !roll Nightbot: jamie_gene_k rolled: 3 Haxi_: Bruto still using my roll rigging algorithm I see san_x0: another bathroom break? LUL Eddie1225: i have never not seen bruto get a 20 pina_colorado: rolled: 20 EchebKeso: !roll darkaxz: you missed washing your hands cbakertm: *whispers secret to chat* magoo684: Did you wash your HANDS?? Eddie1225: wash hands skyMaiden: R PEE dullmemes: PepeLaugh She missed it Glitter_Pug: yo wheres my woman jamie_gene_k: we need a counter lol kay_83: Vader AJVM_: Wash hands ashlynnHyper Vertago: New DoC recruits inc Aeowynne: yucky hands 🙁 crazyerazer: https://clips.twitch.tv/ComfortableSuaveFiddleheadsNerfBlueBlaster have you seen this? Eddie1225: Fresh meat PogU san_x0: counters at like 20 in the last 2 hours exlegender: maybe ash pees and washes her hand at the same time GracefulSwann: wooman Istillsmile1: with the big boob? san_x0: LULW Eddie1225: its not meta for you MrBanks711: nah not really lukevickman: PepoCheer wii music Darth_hedgehog: Ashlynn is Nikki your Cop Character Nazz_pvp: its not you already know MrBanks711: it doesnt effect u really Kiitzu: it’s not for you technically magoo684: Avoiding the question, didn’t wash hands confirmed crazyerazer: i mean its not really meta for you Mauroheisenberg: @ashlynn when are you going to get a digg Eddie1225: thats lauren studd lol MrBanks711: it doesnt effect ur rp Eddie1225: its not even meta for you KEKW colori3: It is bc she doesn’t know who did it san_x0: monkaS Nazz_pvp: you know she got stabbed and you know who did it it was all over the radio aiiiR_: now he wants it KEKW skyMaiden: examine his butthole 🙂 Kimberly_Galarza: lol minteacoco: wlep FlickCM: Remember gloves Aeowynne: lupoCREEP do it Neroji: LUL Nightbot: LUL Kinghaye1: @crazyerazer How could she have seen that it literally just happened LUL jordan11996: monkaS AJVM_: No gloves pepeLaugh exlegender: I love how the prisoners ask for cavity search RoboGeoff: Yes! Butter finger time minteacoco: gloves please EchebKeso: Oh boy pina_colorado: KEKW jamie_gene_k: Gloves Nightbot: KEKW FlickCM: forgot gloves Obsolete2885: use gloves this time ByteMyWire: Lower the lights…put on some soft music LUL minteacoco: KEKW san_x0: KEKW bruto: KEKW Eddie1225: ohh brother KEKW crazyerazer: @kinghaye1, idk 4Head Aeowynne: shoulda looked in his ass LUL darkaxz: she doesn’t wash hands anyway chat Eddie1225: good thing it was a normal search KEKW bruto: its just a regular search aiiiR_: “what’s that baggie in your asshole” whipKEK AJVM_: KEKW Aeowynne: Yep, Like I said.. Shoulda done that cavity lupoCREEP Eddie1225: yea they dont really want cavity searches on lifers unless abousutly nessecary RomanBlues: @ashlynn why are you so friendly to a serial killer? Aeowynne: it sounded like he wanted it tatThink EchebKeso: Ah let the man have his assmeth Nightbot: Check your Twitch Prime and consider using your free sub on Ashlynn RoboGeoff: he’s not a lifer bruto: not a serial killer Eddie1225: @RoboGeoff he is bruto: lol darkaxz: they gave him 60 years, not life i think Aeowynne: maybe he enjoys them /shrug Kiitzu: it is ultimately up to you Eddie1225: he has life with chance of parole after 60 years darkaxz: but idk Luceapuce: HahaPoint TKsaysHowdy: true JJOkochaJJ: oh yeah fucking with denzel will only be bad he left and lauren got stabbed so if he wants shit will go down RaY0n: Hello chat, you lookin cute today betchAWW Mauroheisenberg: what’s the logic behind not doing cavity searches with lifers? Eddie1225: and denzel has been nice to you

CrypticPluto: cant lifers get stuff as prison connects that are used for heists? TPLivewire: You can play it a little bit more lenient than actual cops Pyro_Paul3: search me betchBOOM1 betchBOOM2 betchPLS2 missdelarocha: How do they store things separately? Like putting it in the bottom of their pockets? XtraMedium1301: well Denzel is no longer a lifer NeonMatriXD: Nikki looks so badass ashlynnCool Nightbot: Don’t forget to drink water, get up, stretch, and walk around. Hope you are enjoying the stream ashlynnLuv Nazz_pvp: https://clips.twitch.tv/ComfortableSuaveFiddleheadsNerfBlueBlaster exlegender: bovice? saabAww Aeowynne: Lifers get a certain level of “yard respect” that really only gets messed up by non lifers acting up ShinobiJones: Should say hi to Bovice Kappa rebornintomusic: Bovice? nakkiNF Aeowynne: its an arc for prison rp ZeldaAdventuress: any seesa later? jordan11996: b-b-b Bovice PullOutKing681: critroleHdywtdt critroleHdywtdt AJVM_: Our bff bovice ashlynnHeart bruto: cant wait for NIkki fan art Kreygasm spacecowboy227: saab Pog Eddie1225: you were alone KEKW kay_83: Rob banks. ? Is that Vader? Eddie1225: go bring him Eddie1225: yes @kay_83 kabac32: @kay_83 yes san_x0: seesa Pog Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ sowrongitsTayy: he colori3: me 🙂 sowrongitsTayy: he’s* peeing in his cell jamie_gene_k: lol Haxi_: I’m still waiting for @bruto fan art Kreygasm Mauroheisenberg: is her training actually over? i thought she was still in training 😮 AJVM_: Oohhh denzy bear ashlynnLuvv Eddie1225: nah your not a trainee anymore Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Aeowynne: LOL Eddie1225: LMAO Glitter_Pug: LOL Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn bruto: looking on the wrong sites @Haxi_ ashlynnOop jamie_gene_k: KEKW dullmemes: KEKW Sashifrog: KEKW jalapenokoolaid: bruto’s not cute enough for fan art ashlynnNo TPLivewire: LUL Vader Nightbot: LUL Haxi_: Ooooooo lukevickman: KEKW Aeowynne: look what vader taught us FeelsGoodMan Nightbot: listen AJVM_: PepeSmoke bruto: !spicy Nightbot: ashlynnToxic lukevickman: pepeSmoke bruto: pepeSmoke jalapenokoolaid: !roll Nightbot: jalapenokoolaid rolled: 16 Haxi_: pepeSmoke Aeowynne: pepeSmoke Widgets_: lmao ShinobiJones: He is in his head I think darkaxz: afk? LUL sowrongitsTayy: he’s afk lukevickman: vader taught me this pepeSmoke PolarInferno_: Pissing next to toilet not in StevenDotWoo: 311r 119 TPLivewire: /311r Message Sashifrog: 311r pina_colorado: its like /3111r vnicole621: 311r 119 Reanna_x: 311r 119 Sokol80: 311 PolarInferno_: /911 r StevenDotWoo: 311R vnicole621: no r PkBlue_: 311r pina_colorado: 311r darkaxz: R bruto: 311r Codyyh_: 311r StevenDotWoo: don’t forget the R EricAZ4: 311r ViMint: 331r JJOkochaJJ: LUl Nightbot: LUL Mauroheisenberg: difference between brenda and nikki, brenda would stare at denzer right now KEKW Sashifrog: R Haxi_: 311r big_tom100: r MrWhiskeyRichard: r for respond sowrongitsTayy: 311r vnicole621: yes jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnRee saab Jackmadman: 311r ViMint: yes for reply bruto: SeemsGood PolarInferno_: yeah Sashifrog: yes Aeowynne: en route Smitty2NC: yeah MrWhiskeyRichard: en route jamie_gene_k: en Widgets_: so much to memorize big_tom100: en KarinaGonzie: EN route Sashifrog: en route jalapenokoolaid: on LUL Jackmadman: enroute Eddie1225: PogU Koreni3: en route pepeLaugh exlegender: illiterate HYPERCLAP Thunderstrum: on route LUL TPLivewire: MEta Istillsmile1: meta NeonMatriXD: Pog Sashifrog: on route KEKW big_tom100: on LOL jamie_gene_k: LOL pina_colorado: yes 🙂 Eddie1225: we watch too much RP rolldmg: who’s this AL Saab nerd calliong to talk to Denzel? KEKW Aeowynne: yes 🙂 Haxi_: We watch a lot of streams darkaxz: yes 🙂 bigwill91: the chat is omnipotent Thunderstrum: yes 🙂 Kimberly_Galarza: yep kimburlii: yes 🙂 colori3: yes 🙂 StevenDotWoo: I’m high command 🙂 spacecowboy227: yes 🙂 jalapenokoolaid: we’re all cops, ye PkBlue_: Matt A Gamer jamie_gene_k: yes 🙂 properusernamefortwitch: yes 🙂 ScourgeNL: we smort i guess PolarInferno_: Yes 🙂 Mauroheisenberg: chat dispach experts KEKW Sashifrog: yes 🙂 Jackmadman: huh no TPLivewire: Matt A Gamer told us CindyySailz: we studied for the test san_x0: we devoted our lives to rp 🙂 dullmemes: I’m Pat 🙂 JMTYSAR: its like a tv show! jamie_gene_k: yes too much XtraMedium1301: I haven’t stopped watching NoPixel since 8 months ago lol PolarInferno_: I have no life Istillsmile1: too much darkaxz: you said on instead of en, they use french en LUL that’s why they’re laughing AJVM_: We all study ashlynnCool dude7836: Yes 🙂 Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn KarinaGonzie: “on” route LUL LUL Matt06K: World record piss sowrongitsTayy: i primarily watch cop rp lol bruto: chat is dispatch kabac32: i watch snow everyday krayzeebee: whats rp? this is real world jalapenokoolaid: she thinks we’re dumb, chat ashlynnNo kay_83: We watch otherw Kinghaye1: I’m the chief of police 🙂 shhhyanne: ashlynnYay ashlynnYay ashlynnYay AlBQuerky: Sound so professional already Eddie1225: you had a shitton of progression today darkaxz: i’m mayor 🙂 RaY0n: I’m Koil 🙂 rolldmg: you got alot downj for only 2 days TBH kento1209: is this five m? Bushwick78: im Ziggy 🙂 Mauroheisenberg: i’m emperor of police Kappa Aeowynne: no me 🙂 dullmemes: HYPERCLAP YOU GOT IT cdelw: I work with state rangers like ramee lol alphaskull: new main character! mskhloe2u: i am proud lol big_tom100: im me 🙂 tgo_drowzy: Nikki is all grown up now BibleThump ScourgeNL: im dias 🙂 ScourgeNL: wait Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Aeowynne: No running 😡 Widgets_: lmso XtraMedium1301: “a” visitor LUL more like 20 pina_colorado: he bookin it KEKW

Widgets_: lmao Sokol80: no runnibg jaychamp9900: It’s vader AJVM_: Gotta pay Jeep off in brender still nakkiHands Nightbot: Get closer to the community by joining the Famlynn™ Discord https://discord.gg/ashlynn san_x0: KEKW CrispyPixel67: No running saabA missdelarocha: NO RUNNING darkaxz: LUL Nightbot: LUL Scorpio_SW: It’s been awesome to watch you progress Gemblar: NO RUNNING moon2A san_x0: damn hella ppl san_x0: KEKW minteacoco: KEKW darkaxz: nikki such a pushover PepeLaugh Kimberly_Galarza: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Sokol80: so many people jordan11996: monkaS jalapenokoolaid: PogChamp ppl jamie_gene_k: oh wow minteacoco: like 10 visitors KEKW yessie55: Wow big crowd JJOkochaJJ: half the city LUl dullmemes: Jesus monkaS TPLivewire: You have to give them space properusernamefortwitch: go out DansGame Eddie1225: i think you can leave now lmao bakergee_: No eavesdrop missdelarocha: Should restrict his visitation for running Eddie1225: listen in and use it all Nightbot: look Eddie1225: fuck it missdelarocha: Honestly Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias bakergee_: LUL Nightbot: LUL Sadiii_: Brenda just wants to eavesdrop KEKW san_x0: LUL mutedwarrior: pentawEvil jalapenokoolaid: hi 🙂 exlegender: lol dullmemes: LUL Eddie1225: well the boss said so KEKW Sokol80: go dude7836: LUL RomanBlues: @ashlynn there is a warrant for Buddha? he is there Sashifrog: stand outside the door and eavesdrop LUL THRUBEINGCOOL18: !uptime Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 5 hours 26 minutes 51 seconds kimburlii: LUL Nightbot: LUL Eddie1225: we getting stabbed tonight boys Pog lukevickman: pepeLaugh PolarInferno_: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Sashifrog: PepeLaugh jordan11996: POGGERS san_x0: if you say so LULW Mauroheisenberg: wait a bit Snakat21: spaceboy is the best boss Gemblar: wrong door LUL Eddie1225: just pop in and leave KEKW Thunderstrum: weong door lol dullmemes: PepeLaugh Nosy Nikki bruto: dont have to tell her twice ashlynnKek EchebKeso: Chaotic lawful mode engaged jalapenokoolaid: loooooooool itsFleee: do it MasonismLive: wrong door KEKW Eddie1225: LMAOOO pina_colorado: wrong door LULW PolarInferno_: “This isnt the bathroom” san_x0: LOL Thunderstrum: it’s inside that room lol kay_83: Don’t mess with him. Keep him on ur side itsFleee: thats the wrong door jamie_gene_k: LOL missdelarocha: Eavesdropping mode engaged Thunderstrum: LMAO lukevickman: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW jalapenokoolaid: gg 🙂 minteacoco: KEKW Snakat21: LUL Nightbot: LUL mutedwarrior: Whats in that room? Aeowynne: Meta Unlocked 🙂 Eddie1225: LMAO Sokol80: turn radio down ShinobiJones: just listening to the convo LUL alphaskull: open the door slightly lol itsFleee: walk in and then back out Eddie1225: now walk in Eddie1225: KEKW Sashifrog: meta unlocked Pog JJOkochaJJ: fucking with denzel best idea LUL he literally got someone to stab lauren 2 min later mutedwarrior: D: rolldmg: Saab’s reaching! Shoot him! KEKW CrypticPluto: “stop resisting” and put a bean bag into him Lindol: just pop in there and get out LUL kimburlii: KEKW ByteMyWire: Nosey Nikki LUL Eddie1225: LMAOOO StevenDotWoo: PepeLaugh Sashifrog: KEKW san_x0: LOL exlegender: lol minteacoco: KEKW KEKW jamie_gene_k: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW jalapenokoolaid: LUL itsFleee: walk to the wall minteacoco: just poke in KEKW kay_83: Don’t mess with him. Keep him on ur side Eddie1225: 10/10 PolarInferno_: Wrong room KEKW dude7836: LUL Nightbot: LUL jamie_gene_k: Silence LOL Eddie1225: pat said a little bit AJVM_: Lmaooo everyone stayed silent Gemblar: walk up right behind him and start breathing really loud LUL termagaunt: why is there a boot on the ground Rhorah: lol he shot a cop Eddie1225: eveyone got quiet as fuck tho KEKW dullmemes: @termagaunt why not 🙂 jalapenokoolaid: @Eddie1225 just a lil bit peepoGiggl alphaskull: whats in that room? JJOkochaJJ: he will 100% get you stabbes LUl itsFleee: do it pls itsFleee: LOL Undead_Reaper314: as long as you remember witch side of the law you are on 😛 AJVM_: Just start doing yoga behind him lmao rolldmg: Slasher has a meme where he puts shoes in random places Aeowynne: walk in and crouch around the room LUL PolarInferno_: walk in salute, walk out Aeowynne: ashlynn7 itsFleee: pls lol missdelarocha: Just dance outside the door lol Ragestrike: walk in and lean on him san_x0: tp LUL PolarInferno_: ashlynn7 jalapenokoolaid: what a nice night in ls 🙂 EchebKeso: Walk in, drop braab shirt, walk out Sashifrog: Pog AJVM_: ashlynn7 mutedwarrior: Is Nikki trying to become a cop or just doc? ScourgeNL: just dab on em NeonMatriXD: ashlynn7 Nazz_pvp: https://clips.twitch.tv/ComfortableSuaveFiddleheadsNerfBlueBlaster Lauren PepeHands Eddie1225: DoC for now @mutedwarrior JJOkochaJJ: meanwhile brenda at home playing GTA LUL Lindol: is Ellie there? go get her LUL dullmemes: monkaS kay_83: I want to see how Nikki deals with Dundee jalapenokoolaid: @scourgegamez that’d pretty much get her killed cuz yung dab ashlynnNo Tylermcd93: Isn’t that clip meta or does she already know? colori3: @Nazz_pvp She said she doesn’t want to watch this clip Ragestrike: brends is at the hospital Aeowynne: Brenda is probably playing Slime Rancher with her cats CrypticPluto: they must have been planning to attack the convoy but you guys went the backroads Eddie1225: well there you go Eddie1225: LMAOO

jalapenokoolaid: tf is slime rancher kimburlii: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW san_x0: KEKW Mauroheisenberg: @ashlynn do you plan on having no romantic rp with nikki? jamie_gene_k: fun Sashifrog: KEKW pepper_101: LUL Nightbot: LUL Sokol80: get in there dullmemes: uh oh KEKW jalapenokoolaid: BUDDHA OH NO AJVM_: KEKW Sashifrog: probably KEKW Kinghaye1: @nazz_pvp NO META moon2A Eddie1225: time for lethal PogU itsFleee: you should go check on denzel jamie_gene_k: lethal o eYeSonic: lethal is appropriate Aeowynne: Times up buddy/ Nazz_pvp: @Kinghaye1 its not meta she already knows she got stabbed and who did it jalapenokoolaid: @Kinghaye1 rooVV Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW eYeSonic: execute denzel for the rp Kappa Kinghaye1: @nazz_pvp She doesn’t know who got stabbed nor who did it LUL Kinghaye1: @jalapenokoolaid rooHug scottishfella72: Execute him for the lolz itsFleee: go back and introduce yourself Eddie1225: LMAOOO missdelarocha: Well she saw in the calls that Lauren was stabbed but that’s all jalapenokoolaid: vincent hunt PogChamp Eddie1225: DENZEL LMAOO Nazz_pvp: @Kinghaye1 she saw it on the dispatch 911 and said “omg” and then on the radio they said to everyone that it was chris porter jamie_gene_k: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Noctii_: vincent hunt? Pog jinx_tantibus: @nazz_pvp she also said she doesnt want to see it so jalapenokoolaid: @Noctii_ haaay ashlynnWoww Eddie1225: thats rob banks @Noctii_ jalapenokoolaid: o Mauroheisenberg: so crowded all of the sudden KEKW Nazz_pvp: @jinx_tantibus ok jeeez I didn’t hear her say that omg!!! Noctii_: @jalapenokoolaid kyleisHey Sokol80: imagine if he sneaked out lukevickman: VADER widepeepoHappy MaronKun: is rob vader? MaronKun: i just woke up LUL ImARobot13: riot Noctii_: @eddie1225 They look the same wtf bruto: widepeepoHappy 🚬 kay_83: Rob banks looks like keanu reeves Eddie1225: pepeSmoke Aeowynne: widepeepoHappy 🚬 itsFleee: the door is unlocked!? FlickCM: Rob is Vader I believe itsFleee: jk dullmemes: @MaronKun Yep ImARobot13: !roll Nightbot: ImARobot13 rolled: 9 bruto: widepeepoHappy 🚬 missdelarocha: Pat down-ing. That confused me I didn’t realise it was a joke name LUL san_x0: vader offline ? LUL RaY0n: Chat stop smoking :rage: Sashifrog: widepeepoHappy 🚬 Eddie1225: widepeepoHappy 🚬 missdelarocha: What’s nikki’s last name? xxstephuxx: HAHAHHA itsFleee: North AJVM_: widepeepoHappy 🚬 samsqwanch21: widepeepoHappy 🚬 Mauroheisenberg: I thought DoC rp would be kind of boring but i’m so glad i was so wrong rolldmg: oh shit. Ricky Tylermcd93: widepeepoHappy 🚬 reb_ekh01: !roll Nightbot: reb_ekh01 rolled: 14 colori3: widepeepoHappy smoking Look what Bruto taught me! aarongarciafoto: Spaceboy lookin like Spaceboy KEKW Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias san_x0: LUL Nightbot: LUL Eddie1225: PogU Eddie1225: safe shilohpotsu: Pog eYeSonic: eYeSonic is gifting 20 Tier 1 Subs to ashlynn’s community! They’ve gifted a total of 392 in the channel! eYeSonic: eYeSonic gifted a Tier 1 sub to Oddball_Jones! eYeSonic: eYeSonic gifted a Tier 1 sub to gfgCDawg! eYeSonic: eYeSonic’s Gift shared rewards to 100 others in Chat! eYeSonic: eYeSonic gifted a Tier 1 sub to PeachyEros! eYeSonic: eYeSonic gifted a Tier 1 sub to DjangusDangus! eYeSonic: eYeSonic gifted a Tier 1 sub to webbeh! 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ExTahZee: Pog TKsaysHowdy: PogU Thunderstrum: Pog NicRaeMae: Thanks for the HahaShrugRight @eyesonic NeonMatriXD: ashlynnPog ashlynnPog dullmemes: Pog StevenDotWoo: PogU shilohpotsu: woahh Pog PolarInferno_: Pog colori3: Pog RainingRen: Pog Kimberly_Galarza: Thanks for the HahaBall @eyesonic stickbun23: Pog AJVM_: Pog Mauroheisenberg: pog big_tom100: Pog lukevickman: Pog DjangusDangus: Pog RaY0n: Pog Mauroheisenberg: Pog Noctii_: dodged Pog Tylermcd93: Pog ImARobot13: Pog vengeancetitan: Thanks for the HahaShrugLeft @eyesonic shhhyanne: ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart dude7836: Pog Hannah_DP: Pog ZeldaAdventuress: don’t get stabbed LUL AJVM_: We on denzels good side ez DjangusDangus: @eYeSonic Thanks for the gift sub! MrWaddlington: Pog Dracmitch: Thanks for the HahaThink @eyesonic Daeva: Pog itsjojo7: Pog bruto: dodge PepoDance missdelarocha: He better not get you stabbed ImARobot13: dodged Pog pina_colorado: ashlynnCult ashlynnCult ashlynnCult ashlynnCult ashlynnCult ashlynnCult ashlynnCult ashlynnCult ashlynnCult ashlynnCult ashlynnCult ashlynnCult EchebKeso: Nikki the kind screw MikeSaint210: Thanks for the HahaLean @eyesonic itsjojo7: btw hi everyone tinii: Thanks for the HahaSweat @eyesonic rhionp97: PogChamp Aeowynne: Pog @eYeSonic Holy crap, he just gifted me a sub in Ssaab’s chat Echo1878: DODGED itsFleee: But you gotta follow your captains orders too Eddie1225: she’s not a cop so she’s good pretty much lmao sal15: Mom ashlynnSquish jalapenokoolaid: haaay i got an emote

missdelarocha: Department of Corruption Kappa atx92: Is Nikki gonna be the kind of corrections officer who falls in love with the inmate and helps them escape prison? Aeowynne: saabH saabH saabH saabH Yossarian1: Doesn’t want to be “fun sponge” Mauroheisenberg: Dodging is one of the only things i am good at in life PepeHands KEKW NeonMatriXD: @itsjojo7 ashlynnSquish tgo_drowzy: U deserve it mom betchHEART jalapenokoolaid: PartyPoro MaronKun: corruption PepeLaugh RaY0n: Too late Kappa Eddie1225: i mean compared to when you first started today till now its a bid difference Noctii_: wtf is this emote i got HahaTurtledove KEKW Lindol: Nikki giving respect and rehabilitating mother fucker Eddie1225: prob carry cigs and stuff for lifers eYeSonic: ashlynnHeart saabH uhnH bruto: PartyPoro kay_83: U have to be asshole to sum criminals. Like Dundee jalapenokoolaid: @bruto you don’t got PartyPyro jalapenokoolaid: oop Cameron_Piper: Thanks for the HahaDoge @eyesonic Eddie1225: MonkaW Mauroheisenberg: @Noctii_ bird up KEKW Eddie1225: uhhh AJVM_: I have 3k points ashlynnCool Eddie1225: LMAOOO bruto: ashlynnKek kimburlii: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: and i oop jalapenokoolaid: PartyPoro bruto: PartyPoro itsFleee: uhhh shouldnt you be in there jalapenokoolaid: o jalapenokoolaid: you do ashlynnNo Eddie1225: KEKW MaronKun: that too much of witholding information LU: Eddie1225: LOL san_x0: LOL jinx_tantibus: no cos you dont hear it kimburlii: LUL Nightbot: LUL gfgCDawg: @eYeSThanks for the sub onic Thanks for the gift sub! jinx_tantibus: walls and doors Acecyberviper: you made into the big house! babyfacex0: !uptime Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 5 hours 36 minutes 30 seconds Eddie1225: she’s shouting so she can hear it Eddie1225: he has to whisper kimburlii: Pog skyMaiden: Pog Kimberly_Galarza: noice Thunderstrum: Pog san_x0: Pog justahalfpint: Pog itsFleee: cuff Eddie1225: Pog NeonMatriXD: ashlynnPog san_x0: EZ Clap Nightbot: ashlynnCool Clap babyfacex0: is that an actual shotgun or pellet gun? bruto: Pog EchebKeso: PRO big_tom100: POG missdelarocha: Nice shot spacecowboy227: nikki was ready Pog colori3: Clap jalapenokoolaid: PogChamp bruto: no hesitation Pog kewlkwest: Good shot Eddie1225: that was a good shot kimburlii: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW san_x0: Nikki learning Pog lukevickman: HYPERCLAP AJVM_: Ezzzz PolarInferno_: Nice job Pog Eddie1225: sweden taught nikki well dude7836: Pog EchebKeso: Super pro Yossarian1: MLG aim Painfu1Me1ody: hell yeah good shit missdelarocha: Nikki came in clutch samsqwanch21: We did it chat Noctii_: quick response Pog yessie55: Sweden is a good teacher apparently kay_83: Gr8 shot jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnCool shhhyanne: ashlynnGun ashlynnGun ashlynnGun ashlynnGun AJVM_: Call him denzy bear pepeLaugh Eddie1225: keep denzel away from cops ashlynnNotee jinx_tantibus: d bear jalapenokoolaid: your sis would be proud 🙂 itsFleee: push it itsFleee: Nice job Ash lol shhhyanne: ashlynnYay ashlynnYay ashlynnYay ashlynnYay san_x0: Pog Clap NeonMatriXD: ashlynnPog ashlynnClap ExTahZee: Pog PolarInferno_: ashlynn7 aarongarciafoto: BLAP dullmemes: HYPERCLAP YOU GOT DIS kewlkwest: Good job ashlynnYay lukevickman: peepoClap NeonMatriXD: ashlynn7 Acecyberviper: does nikki have a catch phrase? properusernamefortwitch: ask for a raise Pog Clap sal15: ashlynnCool ashlynnCool ashlynnCool Obsolete2885: Had a good shot on him too Eddie1225: LMAO MrWaddlington: we’ve seen North with a beanbag gun, imagine what she could do with a rifle Pog tgo_drowzy: Nikki still growing BibleThump Larzsx: why nikki is oposite to brenda KEKW missdelarocha: @acecyberviper that would be amazing LUL eYeSonic: how much do you get paid anyway Aeowynne: ask for a cookie at the very least Mauroheisenberg: day 2 is the best day to ask for a raise KEKW time_axis: ashlynnYay Eddie1225: Pog bruto: assistant COC bruto: Pog big_tom100: soon to be trooper Nikki Eddie1225: !motto Nightbot: We Rehabilitate Motherfuckers, Sir! ashlynn7 shhhyanne: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek gamingkitsuine: ashlynn7 AJVM_: !hype Nightbot: ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult Eddie1225: LMAOO Glitter_Pug: ew Aeowynne: LUL Nightbot: LUL Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ san_x0: LOL kimburlii: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: bovice with the fresh meat KEKW Thetubaguy: nakkiLewd PolarInferno_: wtf KEKW properusernamefortwitch: DansGame NeonMatriXD: ashlynnNice samsqwanch21: monkaGIGA Mauroheisenberg: wierdChamp neovassal: LUL LUL LUL missdelarocha: Nikki definitely needs a catch phrase like “NOT ON MY WATCH” or not today bad guy! jinx_tantibus: brenda who ashlynnKek dullmemes: monkaEyes d_fenz: LUL Eddie1225: NO RUNNING IN MY PRISON AJVM_: Bff bovice ashlynnHeart DitzySysadmin: Demand income equality, you should make as much as all the men. Put together jalapenokoolaid: @Eddie1225 what’s the quote about motherfuckers ZeldaAdventuress: toonyGASM itsjojo7: moist kord76: Nikki now on the shank list samsqwanch21: Moist Kappa Widgets_: Bovice prime husband material in here Aeowynne: @jalapenokoolaid it’s a Soze thing Eddie1225: i mean if you have too you have too jalapenokoolaid: there’s a command for it aeo ashlynnNo properusernamefortwitch: fresh meat Pog MaronKun: bias Kappa grant_eberly: 42

XtraMedium1301: 10-42 AlBQuerky: 42 jinx_tantibus: that beanbag left alot of holes in that walls ashlynnDerp Acecyberviper: CATCH PHRASE pina_colorado: ohh its only 3? Aeowynne: @jalapenokoolaid Soze is jebus so 😛 Eddie1225: Pat can oversee if theres 3 on FlickCM: Gonna jump on Madge? Eddie1225: so its fine jalapenokoolaid: EDDIE sal15: Haze the fresh meat Pog Eddie1225: what spicy properusernamefortwitch: woo brenda time san_x0: seesa? Pog jalapenokoolaid: what’s the command for the motherfuckers quote ashlynnNo zombre: Pat doesn’t count Aeowynne: Radio Clicks?? Gotta be Clarkson Kiitzu: there can be 4 with Pa jalapenokoolaid: !cop missdelarocha: Who we gonna play next? jalapenokoolaid: heck AJVM_: @ashlynn still gotta pay Jeep ImARobot13: !motto Aeowynne: !motto Nightbot: We Rehabilitate Motherfuckers, Sir! ashlynn7 dullmemes: @jalapenokoolaid !motto Kimberly_Galarza: i like Seesa jalapenokoolaid: ooo Mauroheisenberg: the only prision in the world with more correctional officers than inmates KEKW eYeSonic: we need a wild ziggy again big_tom100: Madge? Pog jalapenokoolaid: !motto Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW NeonMatriXD: KEKW Aeowynne: KEKW ImARobot13: !roll Nightbot: ImARobot13 rolled: 2 jinx_tantibus: bovice gone beat the meat AJVM_: !roll RagnartheKitten: i love that bovice gets the rp he wanted missdelarocha: @mauroheisenberg honestly it’s kind of necessary LUL san_x0: o no LUL AJVM_: ashlynn7 Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Reanna_x: KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW kimburlii: KEKW pina_colorado: KEKW MrWaddlington: KEKW bruto: PepeLaugh jamie_gene_k: KEKW properusernamefortwitch: <3 CindyySailz: oooooooooooo Mauroheisenberg: KEKW sal15: KEKW Tiberious_Of_Elona_: Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm PolarInferno_: KEKW EskelHaito: KEKW stickbun23: LUL LUL pepper_101: KEKW Nightbot: LUL justahalfpint: OMEGALUL MikeSaint210: KEKW Angelightx: curvyeLUL lukevickman: widepeepoHappy eYeSonic: lol Eddie1225: LOL kimburlii: LOL rsjohnson789: supdailyHype supdailyHype supdailyHype supdailyHype supdailyHype jamie_gene_k: LOL ImARobot13: KEKW AJVM_: KEKW san_x0: never will LOOOL Aeowynne: Get this man some Smokes dullmemes: KEKW What a charmer Widgets_: KEKW big_tom100: LOL cPatrik8: saabBB DjangusDangus: KEKW missdelarocha: Aww rsjohnson789: nakkiLove nakkiLove nakkiLove nakkiLove nakkiLove nakkiLove nakkiLove nakkiLove nakkiLove nakkiLove Eddie1225: KEKW CindyySailz: oooooOOOooooOO AJVM_: New ship pog skyMaiden: KEKW kimburlii: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAOOOO yessie55: Prison date LUL justahalfpint: LOL Aeowynne: LOLLL ExTahZee: LULW eYeSonic: KEKW Mauroheisenberg: LULW CindyySailz: lmaooo KEKW properusernamefortwitch: KEKW UDIT_49: ashlynnLuvv san_x0: KEKW Inkstinkt: LUL MrWaddlington: LULW samsqwanch21: 4Head cPatrik8: saabKEK saabKEK saabKEK Eddie1225: LOL xxstephuxx: HAHA dullmemes: KEKW sal15: LUL kimburlii: LOL gasc21: KEKW NeonMatriXD: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW lukevickman: widepeepoHappy NEW FRIEND storm_the_artist: hahaha NicRaeMae: OMEGALUL kimburlii: LOOL jinx_tantibus: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek Mauroheisenberg: i thought you were american KEKW missdelarocha: He is kinda cute MegaBilly: KEKW san_x0: HAHAHHA Bushwick78: LUL The_Lost_Prophet: Where's my Wooman? BIGWOW Nightbot: LUL jamie_gene_k: LUL Painfu1Me1ody: "and I'm not gay" in the background AJVM_: 100% pog missdelarocha: Nikki lesbian north eYeSonic: i swear wiseguy has said that like 30 times today Eddie1225: MonkaW eYeSonic: he's closet gay Kappa san_x0: monkaS itsFleee: omg ash dullmemes: monkaEyes T-Thanks Widgets_: monkaEyes itsFleee: MonkaW jalapenokoolaid: monkaS lukevickman: monkaGun Sashifrog: MonkaW cPatrik8: aleksCheck rebornintomusic: betchFINE skyMaiden: MonkaW Eddie1225: oh brother KEKW exlegender: hes like a cute bear kimburlii: monkaW san_x0: ooop pina_colorado: Pog skyMaiden: Pog jinx_tantibus: bovice teaching aswell? kimburlii: Pog Mauroheisenberg: Pog bruto: Pog san_x0: Pog Sokol80: 2 Aeowynne: Double Shot Pog MikeSaint210: Pog justahalfpint: POG jalapenokoolaid: bovice an ally PogChamp messtahrobot: 2 for 1 Pog pepper_101: LUL Sashifrog: Pog Nightbot: LUL jamie_gene_k: Pog san_x0: 2 in 1 LOLLLL stickbun23: LUL LUL cPatrik8: saabKEK Kimberly_Galarza: 2 in one Eddie1225: riot PogU itsFleee: oh snap ScourgeNL: 2 for 1 jalapenokoolaid: niiice Foxaye_: COLLATERAL Pog ElmerPhunk: RIOT Mauroheisenberg: riot Pog kimburlii: monkaW jinx_tantibus: two for one lmao AJVM_: Lmaoooo Sokol80: riot missdelarocha: Daymmmmm cPatrik8: R I O T pepper_101: R I OMEGALUL T Aeowynne: 2Fer pina_colorado: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW missdelarocha: PRISON RIOT kimburlii: KEKW KwapSquared: LMFAO ExTahZee: KEKW san_x0: KEKW l6_echo: LUL Cadu_Kangee: KEKW Kimberly_Galarza: lol bruto: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: first riot PogU Tiberious_Of_Elona_: doctorLUL doctorLUL doctorLUL MikeSaint210: KEKW jamie_gene_k: RIP justahalfpint: LULW l6_echo: YOU GOT GOOG dullmemes: KEKW jalapenokoolaid: denzel, how could you ashlynnNo san_x0: still good shot !! NeonMatriXD: KEKW Mauroheisenberg: never a dull moment KEKW missdelarocha: LOCK DOWN AJVM_: He got ur ass I must say Acecyberviper: need to be more assertive Aeowynne: He was behind LUL rsjohnson789: Nikki was great while she was alive. RIP yessie55: Fight fight fight Gemblar: Pat came in with a fucking shotgun LUL kimburlii: KEKW bruto: came in with lethal KEKW Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn rymere1983: is denzel trying to extend his sentence lol Eddie1225: LULW Widgets_: lmao Eddie1225: LOL Mauroheisenberg: perma PepeHands missdelarocha: Denzel losing his special treatment now!! san_x0: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: just fight him KEKW Nikez: You did great btw :) Eddie1225: we fighting bovice PogU bruto: Nikez ashlynnHey kay_83: Denzel losing his cool with u Sokol80: bad idea Aeowynne: Fighting Bovice Arc Pog ScourgeNL: sup sveden jinx_tantibus: gotta show dominance jamie_gene_k: aww Hawk_Moth: it was a good first try Nikez: I wasnt being sarcastic, you did great

bruto: lol dullmemes: Pat is just asking for her perma KEKW rsjohnson789: chat, which streamer is Skyler? san_x0: @Nikez shes a hell of a shot now, good work LUL Aeowynne: He got shotgun spray reese01: hello Aeowynne: 2 for 1 FeelsgoodMan Nikez: I’ll skill check her soon enough, don’t worry missdelarocha: Cavity search time fred0uille: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv Acecyberviper: @missdelarocha maybe her catch phrase is one stolen by random movies and clips and they are always incorrectly used Eddie1225: search time PogU dullmemes: @Nikez monkaS Nikez: or Shod aj talk lajk dis mebi MrWaddlington: Denzel so mad about it LUL san_x0: LULW pina_colorado: nikez widepeepoHappy properusernamefortwitch: Denzel going to have a cavity search by inmates KEKW missdelarocha: @nikez that sounds like how ash talks LUL Eddie1225: even if it was an accedent she shot him DramaticReadingOfCatBarf: Do they love you yet? reese01: is bovice streaming? Eddie1225: so he’s gonna play it like that Nikez: Likewise! It’s always fun when someone is “receptive” to memes/trashtalk RaY0n: Who is Nikey playing? Nikez: As long as you understand it’s just for fun 😀 Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn ZeldaAdventuress: LUL Nightbot: LUL Mauroheisenberg: @Nikez emperor of ikea Pog Nikez: DoC is HELLA fun missdelarocha: Oh it’s Sweden the meanie pie spekelREE XtraMedium1301: Nikki needs to pop Bovice after this for all that lol jamie_gene_k: it is hella fun Nikez: Like it’s kindergarten level PD san_x0: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW yessie55: Sweden was the best Eddie1225: KEKW XtraMedium1301: KEKW Aeowynne: Do it ryul2: KEKW Katabolic: KEKW Eddie1225: LOOOOL Sashifrog: PogU kimburlii: monkaW dullmemes: oh no pina_colorado: KEKW san_x0: ooop Loyall: monkaS TiMANosaurusRex: lillexiS lillexiS Eddie1225: oh no KEKW XtraMedium1301: gotta stand up for yourself Nikki!! rsjohnson789: nakkiHU nakkiHU nakkiHU nakkiHU nakkiHU jamie_gene_k: LOL Eddie1225: punch him KEKW ZeldaAdventuress: LUL LUL Nightbot: LUL MrWaddlington: WE REHABILITATE MOTHERFUCKERS, SIR missdelarocha: YES Nikez: Im about to witness a murder. Closing my eyes DEE_b: punch him kenthur: Uhhhh properusernamefortwitch: FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT KEKW Eddie1225: LMAOOOOOOO Sashifrog: KEKW ryul2: KEKW KEKW kimburlii: we ded Nightbot: KEKW PolarInferno_: RDM Hawk_Moth: lmaoooo taraquest: do it PolarInferno_: KEKW jinx_tantibus: space boy just wants a fight LUL Kimberly_Galarza: oh no san_x0: KEKW youre done for shhhyanne: ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice ashlynnNice lukevickman: POGGERS Eddie1225: LMAOOO EskelHaito: KEKW properusernamefortwitch: ICU KEKW jamie_gene_k: OOOF dullmemes: I can’t believe Nikki got perma’d PepeHands rebornintomusic: OH NO Kimberly_Galarza: KEKW ryul2: KEKW kenthur: LUL Acecyberviper: time to check your prison wallet bovice! jamie_gene_k: HAHAHAHAH NeonMatriXD: KEKW bruto: MonkaW MikeSaint210: KEKW missdelarocha: DONT U DARE MOUTH OFF AT ME AGAIN BOBO THE CLOWN PolarInferno_: uh oh properusernamefortwitch: ICU NIKKI KEKW MrWaddlington: what did the five fingers say to the face – SMACK jinx_tantibus: watch her hit Denzel LUL Anacott: ohdearlord pepper_101: about to die again LUL ryul2: KEKW KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW san_x0: LMAOOOOOOOOOO kimburlii: monkaW Nikez: RUN jamie_gene_k: KEKW furyspec: bovice is like a end level boss lol XtraMedium1301: fight him Aeowynne: do it Istillsmile1: do it pina_colorado: fight him PogU kenthur: KEKW san_x0: DO IT XtraMedium1301: do it PolarInferno_: do it MrWaddlington: square up Pog ryul2: KEKW Snakat21: DO IT! Nightbot: Get closer to the community by joining the Famlynn™ Discord https://discord.gg/ashlynn Kimberly_Galarza: oh no san_x0: LOL Eddie1225: LMAOOO pepper_101: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW dullmemes: monkaEyes san_x0: Pog pina_colorado: LULW Eddie1225: LOOOL ExTahZee: KEKW XtraMedium1301: KEKW MrOwlAteMyMetalWorm_: KEKW kenthur: D: Reanna_x: LMAO damdamdedama: WORLD STAAAAR ryul2: KEKW KEKW Katabolic: KEKW Aeowynne: LUL Nightbot: LUL Nikez: KEKW Acecyberviper: noooo kimburlii: KEKW Cadu_Kangee: KEKW bruto: Pog MrWaddlington: KEKW jamie_gene_k: KEKW fio_: KEKW kay_83: Square up pepper_101: LUL xPrayers: LMFAO san_x0: LOLOLOL jinx_tantibus: damn bovive hits hard Kimberly_Galarza: lol Thunderstrum: KEKW krusty_tang: Clap samsqwanch21: REKT Snakat21: LUL san_x0: HITTING HTE AIR lukevickman: KEKW HYPERCLAP MikeSaint210: that flip though LUL l6_echo: YOU GOT GOOG!!! NeonMatriXD: ashlynnClap dullmemes: KEKW kimburlii: Kapp Tiberious_Of_Elona_: doctorLUL doctorLUL doctorLUL eYeSonic: nice dodge, but you forgot to punch KEKW Eddie1225: nah bovice PED is a cheat code bruto: that was a crazy punch ZeldaAdventuress: gotta soacebar LUL MrWaddlington: you got the dodge, at least rebornintomusic: Another day Clap Eddie1225: he hits like a truck missdelarocha: I don’t see how fighting him back is teaching him anything LUL kay_83: Down san_x0: youre learning Clap jinx_tantibus: he was doing 20% dmg a hit lolol Nikez: It’s 3:30 AM i gotta sleep, have a good one Ashlynn, have a great stream! Gemblar: that backflip was awesome honestly jamie_gene_k: Practice with Bovice i guess lol Eddie1225: Pog

properusernamefortwitch: how many teeth she have left KEKW dullmemes: @Nikez Gnite! HeyGuys NicRaeMae: almost gottem Clap Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias Eddie1225: you def cant win against bovice KEKW Loyall: +Respect Acecyberviper: 0-1 methodzmanz: GO WIN IT GIRL!!! Reanna_x: at least you’re slowly learning how to fight KEKW Darw1sh: imagine a scrawny girl taking out bovice tho PrettiBaked: What was the verdict for denzel ZeldaAdventuress: there’s always next time san_x0: LULW jinx_tantibus: soft cup ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek XtraMedium1301: you can ask him Aeowynne: Walk by him and whisper I’ll get you next time lupoCREEP jalapenokoolaid: monkaS aeo ZeldaAdventuress: toonyGASM soft cup Noctii_: @prettibaked he got -15 years on his sentence san_x0: fiber? Eddie1225: denzel and bovice gonna train you KEKW properusernamefortwitch: yeah Kapp Aeowynne: Honestly, I bet he would love to teach you to fight Aeowynne: LUL Nightbot: LUL ryul2: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW bruto: did get that one dodge DramaticReadingOfCatBarf: You going to start a for profit fight ring in the prison? kay_83: Listen Nightbot: look missdelarocha: There is no intimidating Bovice lol bruto: gotta counter punch next time PrettiBaked: Do I hear Vader? Lol Bushwick78: Time to watch some jean claude vandam movies LUL jalapenokoolaid: push block perry Aeowynne: Nikki x Bovice fight training arc Pog Ragestrike: Whens madge gonna be a lifer jalapenokoolaid: push block perry pepeD NeoReaperXIII: Pog Vader has a corrections character too san_x0: yeah madge and bovice wedding PrettiBaked: Ohhhh noice Aeowynne: I bet bovice would love it tbh spacecowboy227: that’d be sick jamie_gene_k: yea him and Denzel Slipalong: Pay him in cigs Aeowynne: Until one day you knock his ass out Eddie1225: bovice just likes fighting with guards billySav01: Reward him with cigs for teaching u xSupportive: why does that guy look like IRL Penta missdelarocha: Yeah but don’t be surprised if he uses it to overrun the prison lol Aeowynne: And then respect unlocked SpookyKabookie: give him a doughnut for thw good fight jinx_tantibus: this the rp bovice been wanting for months Noctii_: honestly if you got trained by bovice and denzel, you should become the most badass DOC san_x0: yep LUL NeoReaperXIII: If Chang gets locked up, get some sick nasty jujitsu skills PolarInferno_: He said he doesnt like slushies taraquest: cigs are what he wants most I think Acecyberviper: @ashlynn does nikki have an origin story? 😀 Aeowynne: cigs are prison currency Aeowynne: very useful for… reasons PrettiBaked: Prisoners like cigs lol NeoReaperXIII: and Icecweam cyrAYAYA Eddie1225: she worked at macy’s @Acecyberviper KEKW PrettiBaked: N honey buns Painfu1Me1ody: Bribe him with Ice cream Acecyberviper: 😀 xIgnoreMyNamex: He doesn’t like slushys PolarInferno_: Shop at front totalllytwisted: vending machine Kyle_Ryan: the vending machine in visitation has them xIgnoreMyNamex: Or ice cream NeoReaperXIII: the store 4Head trey5498: The front store is where you buy cigs PrettiBaked: Everyone likes honey buns Eddie1225: saab is a part time cop so its not as bad for him Eddie1225: he can just play when he wants jalapenokoolaid: mmm honey buns missdelarocha: He asked for a taco, coffee and ice cream before so those are good ones to remember Ragestrike: Whens madge joining this prison crew trey5498: buy the paper vnicole621: by visitation XtraMedium1301: you should bring Bovice some cream pies xIgnoreMyNamex: He likes ice cream trey5498: by* Widgets_: Is this the new first step towards police recruitment now? rtiz121: is vader being a correction officer PrettiBaked: Warm honey buns are Pog Drwoods8727: It will make him like u more jalapenokoolaid: stop it pretti. am gettin hungry ashlynnNo Aeowynne: widepeepoHappy 🚬 look what vader taught me Eddie1225: they want DoC at all times pretty much NeoReaperXIII: monkaS only 3? bruto: i forgot stream started early today trey5498: @ashlynn Should go up and tell him that you are going to buy him 10 cigs for a good fair fight. gain that respect PrettiBaked: @jalapenokoolaid ashlynnKek SpookyKabookie: DOC is the flavor of the week… give it some time an less ppl will be on it

Ragestrike: Since theres so many doc will u go madge? AJVM_: ashlynn7 Eddie1225: wise guy been on the DoC grind Eddie1225: he was on before you TripleG211: Lol eYeSonic: just have saab train you slowly eYeSonic: PD isn’t that overwhelming Drwoods8727: Is That Vader Widgets_: Sounded just like Vader lol Aeowynne: it is vader PrettiBaked: It is san_x0: its him NeoReaperXIII: stand on the shoulder of gian- oh wait its Saab sixeSmug PrettiBaked: Jinx Aeowynne: widepeepoHappy 🚬 look what vader taught me kewlkwest: Sure is @Drwoods8727 Widgets_: oh good not crazy then lukevickman: pepeSmoke missdelarocha: Yeah it’s Vader, he sounds like Eugene LUL rtiz121: I thought I heard eugenes voice jalapenokoolaid: this is a smoke free environment Aeowynne: pepeSmoke @jalapenokoolaid PrettiBaked: Look what sal taught me *gets banned* Nightbot: listen missdelarocha: Funny though because he sounds nothing like Eugene with his normal voice Eddie1225: LMAO Aeowynne: @PrettiBaked ooo AJVM_: Lol PrettiBaked: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Aeowynne: lol jalapenokoolaid: yeah cmon chat pina_colorado: KEKW NeonMatriXD: 🙂 TheTourist_: @PrettiBaked ngl I belly laughed dullmemes: @PrettiBaked That hurted PepeHands MartinDaTank: wayward kay_83: DoC radio 5 pd radio 1 Eddie1225: this is my prison Acecyberviper: chat doc Eddie1225: 🙂 jamie_gene_k: Doc Widgets_: Chat is always super sweet uwuWOW PrettiBaked: SOWWWY rolldmg: do it, you won’t. no balls Keepo madisonsimpson: ashlynnPog Eddie1225: pretty much KEKW Ragestrike: We want madge in prison jalapenokoolaid: pretti causing a riot ashlynnNo bruto: its only funny cus he got unbanned bruto: lol NeoReaperXIII: ashlynnSass_TK smoking Aeowynne: ^ jalapenokoolaid: LOOOL Nightbot: ^ Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW PrettiBaked: salrosLUL salrosBoom jalapenokoolaid: @PrettiBaked loool gg kimburlii: KEKW PrettiBaked: I love sal <3 Widgets_: KEKW jamie_gene_k: KEKW rtiz121: I know he dosen't miss PrettiBaked: All jokes Aeowynne: it was like a hot 6 months tho rite? gat damn bruto: Sal a good guy Eddie1225: thats why i like DoC cuz they can do shit like that madisonsimpson: ashlynnPog PolarInferno_: !motto Nightbot: We Rehabilitate Motherfuckers, Sir! ashlynn7 AJVM_: R we still the mole PrettiBaked: Plus I stole that joke from spaceboy pina_colorado: rehahbhibhilte missdelarocha: Hopefully he’ll be a good boy LUL PrettiBaked: Sksksksk tgo_drowzy: Teach them the moto KEKW san_x0: realhabilitate LUL Sokol80: rehablalatarta Eddie1225: once you hear soze say it once it'll be stuck in your head Aeowynne: just try saying "rea bilitate" CindyySailz: realibitate mr__goodvibes: to reahbilitate the mf Aeowynne: no hard h Siddisterz: rehab-ili-tate BaconPotPies: herberderbertate Hawk_Moth: reablelelele Shrewkiller_: sir yessie55: Ree-ha-bill-a-tate pina_colorado: rehahbihiilite mofos missdelarocha: Re hab ili tate VR_Viking: we rehabitate eYeSonic: saab would fail doc cause he couldnt pronounce it KEKW PrettiBaked: You gotta roll the r to get it right Widgets_: This is awesome that there's actual prisoner RP now. So happy for Bovice in particular NeoReaperXIII: rehabila for sale magila habila for sale jamie_gene_k: Rehabilitate MOFOS Acecyberviper: say rehab say rehabila say rehabilitate missdelarocha: Rehabooblyboop Lindol: Tony is rubbing on you LUL Eddie1225: yea san_x0: permajon LUL Tiberious_Of_Elona_: PogChamp Eddie1225: LOL Tiberious_Of_Elona_: doctorBUFFER doctorYODA Aeowynne: being cool with them is legit, but dont be afraid to rehabilitate a mofo :) Eddie1225: i think thats wayward KEKW itsFleee: oooh yeah you should bring cigs to give to prisoners when theyre good kay_83: Get closer yessie55: "This isn't South Dakota" LUL LUL kay_83: There’s assmeth in jail SpookyKabookie: respect them they respect you... just things get outta hand remind them which one of you has the shtgun nickpoint0: is that vaders voice? san_x0: its vader yes

Eddie1225: LOL Eddie1225: skyler KEKW Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ pina_colorado: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW PolarInferno_: KEKW san_x0: LOL kimburlii: KEKW lukevickman: widepeepoSad Aeowynne: Do a 250$ fight between skylar and bovice for your attention LUL jinx_tantibus: shut down LUL Eddie1225: perks of beinf the only female DoC KEKW EskelHaito: KEKW bruto: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW san_x0: LOOOL jamie_gene_k: LOL stickbun23: Damn sdfe7: Thanks for the HahaThink @eyesonic Acecyberviper: lol. still talking Eddie1225: LMAO pina_colorado: KEKW jamie_gene_k: shot him Aeowynne: KEKW kimburlii: LOL Widgets_: lmao stickbun23: LUL LUL san_x0: LOOOOOL Nightbot: LUL MikeSaint210: KEKW AJVM_: KEKW bruto: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW jinx_tantibus: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek lukevickman: peepoSad missdelarocha: Lmaooo MikeSaint210: #Nilar Eddie1225: LOL san_x0: KEKW AJVM_: He’s in pog sal15: No relationship rp btw KEKW eYeSonic: smart Aeowynne: be the alpha lupoDERP Slipalong: He needs to chat away from others Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW bruto: Denzel thought us that widepeepoHappy kimburlii: KEKW pina_colorado: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAOOO jamie_gene_k: KEKW san_x0: LMFAO minteacoco: KEKW dullmemes: KEKW NeonMatriXD: KEKW spacecowboy227: LOL bruto: thought us san_x0: ‘OH OK’ bruto: fuck itsFleee: its like middle school lol sal15: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa jinx_tantibus: shut down his prison cred LUL pepper_101: brenda 2.0 LULW Aeowynne: @ashlynn go do yoga rq LUL mskhloe2u: lol pina_colorado: its like elementary school playground, but with shotguns jamie_gene_k: ^ Nightbot: ^ pjsilva: i hope youre having fun with the doc, im finding this so fun to watch san_x0: theyre all staring at nikki LUL Ragestrike: Whens Madge gonna set these boys stright lukevickman: LULWW missdelarocha: To be fair she’s staring at them LUL eYeSonic: why do we only have 1 female doc lol san_x0: his hair lol laurenbollaa: they would love the yoga @Aeowynne Aeowynne: @laurenbollaa i wanted her to taunt them with it lol Eumon: next time you should say that he probably go on walks with all the ladies lol kimburlii: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW san_x0: LOL san_x0: brendda is that you Eddie1225: LMAO minteacoco: KEKW lukevickman: KEKW san_x0: KEKW messtahrobot: KEKW CindyySailz: lol KEKW bruto: there is at least one more female DOC minteacoco: LMAO Widgets_: LUL Nightbot: LUL PolarInferno_: KEKW jamie_gene_k: KEKW Aeowynne: LOL san_x0: LOOL lukevickman: KEKW HYPERCLAP PolarInferno_: /e yoga pepper_101: KEKW Widgets_: just do some yoga to destress kimburlii: monkaW missdelarocha: He should wave back to him lol kenthur: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW dullmemes: monkaEyes lukevickman: REEEE pepper_101: LUL Nightbot: LUL VR_Viking: Bovice just eating LUL san_x0: scuff lmao missdelarocha: OH SHIT RUN jinx_tantibus: bovice taking those beanbag like a champion Eddie1225: LMAO PrettiBaked: Bovice a tank Snakat21: LUL pepper_101: LULW bruto: bovice a monster CindyySailz: scuffed fight KEKW Aeowynne: They can break cuffs san_x0: bovice untouchable LOL missdelarocha: Oh god how is he punching while being cuffed Eddie1225: he has to jump Nightbot: Check your Twitch Prime and consider using your free sub on Ashlynn Eddie1225: LMAOO kimburlii: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Mauroheisenberg: bovice scuffed af KEKW PolarInferno_: Dont cuff him missdelarocha: He’s so scuffed VR_Viking: deleted LUL pinksumi: Bovice ABSORBED the beanbags Snakat21: no eYeSonic: if they keep breaking it, escort + cuff works pina_colorado: KEKW IamThrive: no taraquest: You should definitely give him cigs jinx_tantibus: he ate those beanbags like they were skittles kay_83: U weren’t listening Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW AJVM_: Give him his whiskey back lmao minteacoco: MonkaW

Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias Eddie1225: monkaW jamie_gene_k: yea give him whiskey Tiberious_Of_Elona_: doctorLUL doctorLUL Eddie1225: its good training KEKW CrackedGear: escort then cuff is kind of power gaming yessie55: They just bum-rushed ya’ll eYeSonic: no it’s not cracked, koil has said to do it himself eYeSonic: if they keep breaking it Eddie1225: @CrackedGear if they are being shits you have to do it Eddie1225: NO RUNNING IN MY PRISON san_x0: they ran for u PolarInferno_: You got tackled Aeowynne: you got tackled.. then y’all shot, thats fair Drwoods8727: Go Buy Him Smokes after that pinksumi: has Nikki’s face changed?? Siddisterz: ask for some heal Eumon: well now he can forget his romantic walk date now dullmemes: @pinksumi She changed it offstream Eddie1225: denzel finally gonna speak to dee PepeHands pinksumi: @dullmemes ahh okay Eddie1225: LMAOO Aeowynne: Go powergame bovice.. tell him next time it’ll be your fist not your shotty Aeowynne: flex on him MarkAnthony121: MonkaW Eddie1225: LOL Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW NeonMatriXD: KEKW paiden_fowler: curvyeLUL pina_colorado: LUL kimburlii: KEKW Nightbot: LUL minteacoco: yes KEKW spacecowboy227: yes Eddie1225: LOL giotheflow: KEKW Eddie1225: Yes KEKW XtraMedium1301: gotta get him snacks and cigs pina_colorado: hey “yes” is progress Sokol80: give him cigs jamie_gene_k: give him whiskey later bruto: like me ashlynnCri Milkyjuice: I sense…. Ashlynn ashlynnHey MOISTwontons: my name bovice i sound scary rawr xd paiden_fowler: Y E S giotheflow: peepoSad LIKE ME BOVAI SEMPAI kgilly111: he said “yes” eYeSonic: need to train them with snacks like dogs KEKW taraquest: Getting Bo Vice to like you is expert level Aeowynne: Pavlov up in here Aeowynne: woof woof Drwoods8727: Go Buy them turgutgnlcn_: Iyi geceler kay_83: Role play with bovice bigdaddythatius: buy em from the vending machine Eddie1225: LOL Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn XtraMedium1301: LUL Nightbot: LUL Eddie1225: what the fuck LMAO bruto: wtf pina_colorado: welp KEKW Aeowynne: erf LUL Milkyjuice: Bovice will take people out and those characters tend to perma, chat Eddie1225: LMAOOOOO jamie_gene_k: LOL OH NO Ar1law: I think he’d like you more if you gave him some sass LUL Eddie1225: thats mad random KEKW kimburlii: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Milkyjuice: He killed a crap ton of lawyers recently CoolCat2673: you need to get cigeretes so he likes you Ragestrike: Get Madge in here DramaticReadingOfCatBarf: uwuPUKE_BW uwuPUKE2_BW kay_83: Friends of denzel Aeowynne: you can assert your dominance on all these guys, escort skylar for a “walk” LUL FlickCM: Madge needs a prison wife as well Milkyjuice: lol, lil erf EricAZ4: get him to change

Eddie1225: LMAOO XtraMedium1301: nah Bovice has enough kiss ass DOC people gotta stand up to him Eddie1225: Sal erf KEKW dullmemes: MonkaW Milkyjuice: I think Lil Erf is a ped model Kevlang12: might need to bandage KillerTofu01: KillerTofu01 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 4 months, currently on a 2 month streak! NikkiVice Romance Arc Incoming KillerTofu01: KillerTofu01’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! taraquest: This place is full of lifers now Milkyjuice: wow, that’s a LOT of radio chatter Shrewkiller_: Thanks for the HahaShrugLeft @killertofu01 VR_Viking: erf and bovice monkaEyes bruto: !hype Nightbot: ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult Drwoods8727: Ask if he wants Cigs Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAOOO Veinan: Dang! Nice shooting CindyySailz: these fights are so scuffed man KEKW Veinan: LUL Nightbot: LUL exlegender: scuffedworld ShinobiJones: LUL Milkyjuice: lol erf kay_83: Cuff bovice Glyceroll: herding cats eYeSonic: it’s like daycare VR_Viking: LUL ez day 2 LUL giotheflow: herding kitties simulator Shrewkiller_: HahaShrugLeft HahaSnowhal Aeowynne: someone get that man a vest LUL Eddie1225: bovice does not like this trainee KEKW Milkyjuice: He is just casually walking away from her, constantly. LuL Eddie1225: LMAOO jamie_gene_k: LOL ok san_x0: LOL Eddie1225: another transport PogU deadbeat_: lil erf Eddie1225: two in one day Pog Aeowynne: Erf transport Eddie1225: vending in front chubbymexiquesadilla: dadiquBurgs dadiquBurgs dadiquBurgs midnitetoker77: bandages eYeSonic: i think it just gives stamina ExTahZee: Vending machine in front by visitation Eddie1225: front of visitation kay_83: Yes slushy help Aeowynne: Pog we in charge Eddie1225: MonkaW kimburlii: monkaW skyMaiden: we’re in charge MonkaW taraquest: woot Eddie1225: WE RUN SHIT NOW PogU eYeSonic: bandages jamie_gene_k: Pog leader AJVM_: We’re the boss now ashlynn7 exlegender: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW dullmemes: MonkaW we’re fucked Noctii_: monkaW skyMaiden: countdown to prison riot MonkaW ShinobiJones: You got a new guy ExTahZee: didnt lock both doors? sal15: Captain North Pog PolarInferno_: this aint gonna go well damdamdedama: o boy

Siddisterz: lock them in the cells lol Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn Milkyjuice: “soze what the F” yep… that’s summing up soze’s arc right now taraquest: time for karaoke kgilly111: bovice gunna take over today AJVM_: 2nd day and we’re already the boss ashlynnCool ShinobiJones: Leaving the other cadets LUL Aeowynne: Own this shit brenda.. pretend it’s the hospital lobby LUL Eddie1225: your in charge of the traniees KEKW bruto: trainees yessie55: You’re the babysitter for now skyMaiden: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: LULW Milkyjuice: this is where she proves her mettle kay_83: Water fountain works eYeSonic: huckley? skyMaiden: huxie eYeSonic: huxlie? ProfessorVader_77: Bovice is one scary mofo LUL Drwoods8727: Get Cigs glitterazzi_: The wii music 😂😂 taraquest: cigs EstebanG18: OHH what did i miss??? ExTahZee: turn around ExTahZee: Pepega BulletGorilla: behind you dullmemes: Behind you 🙂 minteacoco: dee PepeHands san_x0: dee Pog pina_colorado: PepeHands trey5498: in visitation by the paper skyMaiden: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW minteacoco: KEKW sal15: dee Pog Sokol80: buy cigs san_x0: LOL CindyySailz: cool PogU midnitetoker77: cigs Drwoods8727: Get the cigs Siddisterz: bandages kay_83: Unlock the door get some space from the door kimburlii: KEKW Siddisterz: cigs Thefubar1: bandages cigs kgilly111: whewwww chile skyMaiden: nice AJVM_: Only 3 cigs ez imanemokid99: nice spacecowboy227: nice glitch_ness: nice totalllytwisted: isnt that nikez? MatDoritos123: nice bruto: isnt there already a 769 pina_colorado: Pog teaching CindyySailz: the student has become the teacher PogU Kimberly_Galarza: look at you Nightbot: listen san_x0: Pog NeonMatriXD: Pog NicRaeMae: Pog dullmemes: HYPERCLAP damdamdedama: pog frille: how the turntables have turntabled Lindol: Nikki sounding like a veteran doc already SeemsGood PeachyEros: She said he was back there? pinksumi: North actually radiates some major big peen energy, I love her skyMaiden: north grew up so fast peepoHappy Eddie1225: soze KEKW Nightbot: Check your Twitch Prime and consider using your free sub on Ashlynn dullmemes: @PeachyEros I could’ve sworn she said he got beat down behind the glass or w/e Eddie1225: LMAOO san_x0: koil LUL skyMaiden: SOZE MonkaW kimburlii: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW bruto: wtf is that soze kgoss09: koil KEKW Eddie1225: fat soze KEKW ExTahZee: KEKW Glyceroll: soze LUL san_x0: LOOL PeachyEros: Same @dullmemes kimburlii: LUL Nightbot: LUL PrettiBaked: Thique Aeowynne: Soze kept eating his medhi’s burgies to thin him out LUL LMdalton34444: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Lindol: sweet heart and the other guy LUL

Nightbot: Don’t forget to drink water, get up, stretch, and walk around. Hope you are enjoying the stream ashlynnLuv AlBQuerky: Sound so professional already kay_83: Soze a trooper kgilly111: ur doing so good i see uuu undercookedpotatoes: Ma’am, bandages Eddie1225: erf KEKW Aeowynne: 10-156 Aeowynne: 15* KillerTofu01: Did you grab bandages? Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ lukevickman: friend times with new friend widepeepoHappy Eddie1225: the smell of criminal scum pinksumi: I just accidentally dropped my phone on my face, North has too much power AJVM_: Being the boss is hard work ashlynnCool kay_83: U need bandages AJVM_: Take slushy Aeowynne: LOL kgoss09: what’s a….fuck Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn KillerTofu01: Isnt fuck 69 69? MissSilentKill: Already training people? dangggg Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: oh cool KEKW PolarInferno_: KEKW kgoss09: KEKW Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn skyMaiden: zoom Pepega Eddie1225: your a seasoned Vet not Eddie1225: now* SgtShinobi: Andy shitposting in OOC DansGame Aeowynne: assistant to! CDoC North Pog jinx_tantibus: drink water dullmemes: @SgtShinobi KEKW Aeowynne: tatKevinH Kimberly_Galarza: your a pro at this point Nightbot: Get closer to the community by joining the Famlynn™ Discord https://discord.gg/ashlynn Eddie1225: PogU aivlys: Is this the Krusty krab taraquest: I am impressed totalllytwisted: denzel? jinx_tantibus: this is spaceboys and ashlynn prison now ashlynnKek joesnotaverage: no this is Patrick kailashdj: !insta Nightbot: Want to see butts? ashlynnBooty http://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias not Ashlynn’s but generally you can see butts on ig because its basically a thirst trap for empty and superficial compliments Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Aeowynne: lol aivlys: @joesnotaverage aw man DjangusDangus: KEKW mskhloe2u: lol Denzil joesnotaverage: LUL Nightbot: LUL lynnaria_: dont forget denzel yessie55: Smooth bobosaurr: KEKW

Eddie1225: nice jalapenokoolaid: LOOOL Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias LMdalton34444: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Kimberly_Galarza: lol dullmemes: KEKW Tiberious_Of_Elona_: LUL LUL LUL Kimberly_Galarza: oh oh Tiberious_Of_Elona_: ashlynnNice jinx_tantibus: didnt you leave denzel jordan11996: YUSS Aeowynne: no 🙂 spicylemonssss: yes shhhyanne: ashlynnYay ashlynnYay ashlynnYay PolarInferno_: Great ZeroX711: yes techoblast: no 🙂 chubbymexiquesadilla: yes kewlkwest: Your the best aivlys: @jinx_tantibus shhh NeonMatriXD: ashlynnClap ashlynnClap NicRaeMae: peepoHappy pina_colorado: FeelsStrongMan weve come so far snike1337: 10/10 Aeowynne: LUL Nightbot: LUL NoxiousCuddles: You forgot about Denzel lol Kimberly_Galarza: im proud of you @ashlynn MissSilentKill: you doing the best dullmemes: @jinx_tantibus PepeLaugh BlazedGoldfish: betchAWW betchAWW betchAWW betchAWW betchAWW kay_83: U need bandages Thefubar1: second day on the job and you are now teaching ProfessorVader_77: Denzel was left behind pina_colorado: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW jinx_tantibus: ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek ashlynnKek Eddie1225: or ccigs KEKW ahmedshaltout: yes you are bobosaurr: 2nd day already training rookies Aeowynne: yeah you need some materials, or additional pylons Eddie1225: visitation vnicole621: visitation Thefubar1: same place mskhloe2u: lol forgot about prisoner pina_colorado: yes LULW dullmemes: Gotta go back to visitation anyway, it works out Clap ahmedshaltout: wonderful tribute to your sister kay_83: No trey5498: and give cigs to Bovice Sokol80: when buying, buy all the stuff you need bruto: you must construct additional pylons kay_83: Near visitation midnitetoker77: u bought cigs a burger n no bandages lol Aeowynne: you are a walking bank right now 🙂 buy some stuff to keep you alive lol Ar1law: Is bandages the new Dennies? Kimberly_Galarza: look at you Nightbot: listen properusernamefortwitch: Pog Clap rebornintomusic: Clap damdamdedama: ashlynnClap ashlynnClap sal15: Pog Tiberious_Of_Elona_: LUL Nightbot: LUL Eumon: i’m honestly impressed NicRaeMae: Clap AJVM_: Ez Nightbot: ashlynnCool Clap malwri: you’re doing great Clap jamie_gene_k: Pog lol NeonMatriXD: ashlynnPog ashlynnClap Eumon: you are killing it gurl kgoss09: Clap Aeowynne: ashlynnBooty ashlynnClap properusernamefortwitch: nah taraquest: You got this ZeroX711: *cries* pina_colorado: FeelsStrongMan basically as good as your sister AJVM_: ashlynnLuvv sal15: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv 420_smiles: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv Kimberly_Galarza: im proud Aeowynne: The prison is your new Hospital Lobby 🙂 kay_83: U taking a long route to visitation jinx_tantibus: from hospital to prison, I think ashlynn has a deep desire to be a government worker Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW jjcatman123: jjcatman123 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 6 months! Your RP bubble has expanded so much ashlynnLuvv AJVM_: Time to buy more cigs ashlynnOop jjcatman123: jjcatman123’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! eYeSonic: doing really well for 2nd day TheOneWhoCryed: ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart aivlys: Came from cringe bwenda bruto: !hype Nightbot: ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult ashlynn7 ashlynnSee ashlynnHeart ashlynnCult Eddie1225: i have been enjoying DoC RP alot time_axis: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa lileeveeking: hi yall paiden_fowler: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv Keith37086: Keith37086 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 8 months, currently on a 8 month streak! Sokol80: never handcuffed Kappa Keith37086: Keith37086’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! Milkyjuice: 10-4 jamie_gene_k: buy more cigs PolarInferno_: Get more cigs too maybe? Kimberly_Galarza: now brenda is gonna be good at shooting NoxiousCuddles: time out.. you have lots of experience with handcuffs yessie55: This is so different, I’m enjoying it a LOT shhhyanne: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv Scorpio_SW: I fully understand why you are excited, especially with how different this is compared to reception work AJVM_: More cigs ashlynnCult ribriba: hit Denzel with a bean bag yessie55: You’re doing awesome BlazedGoldfish: You should be proud betchHEART betchHEART betchHEART kay_83: Too far Aeowynne: This is day 2.. wait until you get bawlsy with the prisoners… cant wait FeelsGoodMan Shrewkiller_: you doing good keep it up! Eddie1225: this has been great CindyySailz: what about seesa EricAZ4: your amazing! you add so much yo DoC pina_colorado: you’ve been learning hella quickly kay_83: Ur doing gr8 pina_colorado: FeelsGoodMan Thefubar1: Thanks for the HahaShrugLeft @keith37086 baxter5569: before you finger someone, what is the FIRST thing you do!? @ashlynn sal15: You’re doing great ashlynn7 Aeowynne: for 8 months you didnt have to talk on the radio… for 1 jamie_gene_k: Pog gloves

kay_83: Put ur bandages on Eddie1225: and theres only like 2 female DoC’s so its kinda Pog baxter5569: @ashlynn correct… no more stinky pinkies properusernamefortwitch: no you ask for consent Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW XtraMedium1301: wait did she get bandages? lol BeReel: drive by ashlynnHeart jamie_gene_k: and what do u do after a cavity search PolarInferno_: 10-15 Aeowynne: 10-15 trey5498: should give him a cig time_axis: you wash your hands jjcatman123: I can’t wait for Alpha North dude. Imagine North next to Angel, Forcer, and Reinhart Pog sahgress: You’re doing so good, I’m proud jamie_gene_k: you change gloves NoxiousCuddles: Whatever happened to buying them dinner first aivlys: Dress them outoly Aeowynne: @jjcatman123 #Goals Milkyjuice: I like how you, the DoC employee have 3 donuts on your person Milkyjuice: 🙂 pinksumi: @jjcatman123 the holy trinity Milkyjuice: Really?! pina_colorado: they give like a 30 second sugar boost lol Kimberly_Galarza: now the only person you probably have to face is Karen now @ashlynn ..lol eYeSonic: donuts and churros make you run quick jamie_gene_k: ashlynnHungo donuts Richetoku: Have to get that sugar rush Milkyjuice: I did not know this! LULW rebornintomusic: Yes they do ziggyjHands pina_colorado: karen worse than bovice MonkaW jinx_tantibus: ashlynnHungo Aeowynne: Bovice Prison Dojo Arc is going to be Pog a f yessie55: cop rp sounds stressful KwapSquared: This i sbasicaly cop rp, without the salt ImARobot13: what about kiki pina_colorado: pretty much LUL jinx_tantibus: shoot saab if he tries hitting on you LUL Milkyjuice: Kiki doesn’t go to jail nearly as much Eddie1225: yea PolarInferno_: wasnt ducky in jail yesterday for something KEKW Kimberly_Galarza: imagine Nikki meeting Tony Scorpio_SW: this would be a good starter for a career path to cop Aeowynne: @ashlynn Koil wanted Binny to do DoC first before cop.. so yeah it is IAmYoungDabNow: Kiki will give her a hard time KillerTofu01: @ashlynn So are you going to try and eventually evolve into a cop? Eddie1225: and you can pretty much do what you want KEKW Thefubar1: nah he would never on saab on bass he would jamie_gene_k: I would love for you to get used to this and then slowly try to be a cop Eddie1225: maybe kay_83: U need meet trooper snow Eddie1225: thye are thinking about it jjcatman123: the hardest thing I can imagine switching from DoC before PD is getting out all the unnecessary comms dullmemes: It makes sense, ye Aeowynne: it’s progression yeah. For more experienced RP’ers right now pina_colorado: its a good introduction into it NoxiousCuddles: Ashlynn cop RP? That will be fun to see progress Eddie1225: but i think they want DoC to just remain a Civ job you know trey5498: Koil has said that they are more likely to get picked trough DoC but not guarenteed @ashlynn kay_83: DoC first then pd Kimberly_Galarza: you learn so quickly Aeowynne: DoC exp is going to look really good if you want to cop Aeowynne: if kay_83: Badass nikki KillerTofu01: Oh god it would be scary to see you in a car chase trey5498: DoC is > Cop RP Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias Eddie1225: 777 from 704 direct yes bruto: 777777777 MaronKun: 20 mins ago – i might do cop rp. 5 mins later – i dont think i wanna do cop rp Kappa SpinDash12: imo doc>cop aivlys: So is Nikki only doc rp? Eddie1225: i mean Aeowynne: but like spaceboy said, DoC is a lot more loose.. a lot of people will be happy to just have DoC characters and not cops minteacoco: 77777 HYPERCLAP Eddie1225: you were nervous at first Eddie1225: and today you fought bovice and denzel Eddie1225: so i mean pina_colorado: it was good Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Tylermcd93: D: pina_colorado: you did well jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnSass the dub AJVM_: Off stream nakkiHands taraquest: You could go to Crim too because you will have all the contacts

Milkyjuice: perfect practice makes perfect spacecowboy227: KEKW aivlys: nakkiD VR_Viking: we would never KEKW trey5498: @ashlynn dont be nervous.. you are doing amazing! However you want to play it, we will support you BB jjcatman123: No we wouldn’t KEKW Kimberly_Galarza: but now your not nervouse now Aeowynne: It still could happen… LUL even after a month mikaelezra: youve done pretty good today, defo feel good vibes FeeltheBass: ITS COOL BUT IT WOULD HAVE MADE FOR GREAT CONTENT lul kay_83: Offsteam that’s naughty Aeowynne: crims gonna crim FeeltheBass: damnit caps NoxiousCuddles: Nothing wrong with off streaming to prepare for on stream jalapenokoolaid: it’s ok, feelsthebass. this chat needs enthusiasm kay_83: Needed to see that Eddie1225: i think wiseguy is getting off Aeowynne: slots lupoDERP Eddie1225: this voice KEKW Eddie1225: i think only one is staying and wiseguy is getting off pina_colorado: i think youre good if wiseguys leaving Aeowynne: Aeowynne is gifting 5 Tier 1 Subs to ashlynn’s community! They’ve gifted a total of 98 in the channel! Aeowynne: Aeowynne gifted a Tier 1 sub to LegendOfButton! Aeowynne: Aeowynne gifted a Tier 1 sub to edell1200! Aeowynne: Aeowynne gifted a Tier 1 sub to MG4R! Aeowynne: Aeowynne gifted a Tier 1 sub to DollsDem! Aeowynne: Aeowynne gifted a Tier 1 sub to PKsag! Aeowynne: Aeowynne’s Gift shared rewards to 25 others in Chat! Kimberly_Galarza: pog dullmemes: Pog properusernamefortwitch: Pog xbigbeardx: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv pina_colorado: PogU forced enlistment Aeowynne: it’s just fun giving oyu shit 🙂 Eddie1225: they didnt say anything on the radio 420_smiles: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv purplehorizonskies: Thanks for the HahaTurtledove @aeowynne Noctii_: dodged Pog jalapenokoolaid: fk yeah aeo PolarInferno_: Pog Hannah_DP: Pog ImARobot13: Pog Thunderstrum: Pog NeonMatriXD: ashlynnLuvv XtraMedium1301: you could go on to Madge and “train” them from the other side LUL jjcatman123: Pog Painfu1Me1ody: honestly loved this. this was awesome NeonMatriXD: ashlynnPog ImARobot13: dodged Pog shhhyanne: ashlynnWoww ashlynnWoww ashlynnWoww ashlynnWoww edell1200: thanks CereksRogue: squad200 pinkyjoc: poggles aivlys: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv TheWardensOath: Hey there! bruto: fk yh PepoDance jalapenokoolaid: shut up bruto ashanticaesar24: I. Can’t wait for the new heist this week jalapenokoolaid: toxic mod Aeowynne: @jalapenokoolaid Whoaaaaaa Eddie1225: lmao wtf Mauroheisenberg: !uptime Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 6 hours 37 minutes 46 seconds jalapenokoolaid: and put back peepoCookies ashlynnN jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnNo jinx_tantibus: ashlynnNo madisonsimpson: !uptime Aeowynne: @bruto HahaBall him lupoCREEP Dayday_dollars: Dayday_dollars subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 7 months! been liking nikki lately Dayday_dollars: Dayday_dollars’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! MissSilentKill: Breadna Eddie1225: DoC is fun Zombie_Guy94: Brenda time breaHYPERS taraquest: Nikki is fun eYeSonic: a full day to learn is good kay_83: Y does Nikki go the long route AJVM_: Yup gotta pay jeep totalllytwisted: 3 slots isn’t very many KillerTofu01: Give Bovice some ciggs Aeowynne: ayyy that com Zombie_Guy94: so is that a real gun ? Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW pina_colorado: LULW exlegender: lol darkaxz: i said numbers ashlynnPog VR_Viking: numbers Pog eYeSonic: technically it’s 4 with pat, I think? kay_83: Yes the first door on ur right dullmemes: I’M impressed Pog Clap jordan11996: Your doing so good though you should be proud mom Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ Aeowynne: Brenda effectively saying “10-4 76” is impressive a f jjcatman123: Let’s use some points chat. They’re cheap! ashlynnCult Aeowynne: 😀 aivlys: It’s cool Shrewkiller_: 2 doors throws you off lol ZeroX711: yes Zombie_Guy94: yes she is jalapenokoolaid: !boop chat Nightbot: widepeepoHappy 👉 chat ahmedshaltout: IT is IMPRESSIVE AJVM_: PepeLaugh aivlys: Noodles darkaxz: D: NeonMatriXD: Did someone say points? NicRaeMae: peepoLove lukevickman: widepeepoHappy trey5498: @ashlynn make sure to give them the cigs AJVM_: Some Choi x Brenda time ashlynnHeart FeeltheBass: ashlynnCult ashlynnCult ashlynnCult ashlynnCult ashlynnCult SpinDash12: no hesitation jordan11996: Chat is looking so cute tonight Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW pina_colorado: KEKW Eddie1225: this guy LMAOO Codestar25: D: Aeowynne: LUL Nightbot: LUL jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnGasp QuietJim: I like points Mauroheisenberg: I heard Ash loves highlighted messages Kappa Shrewkiller_: choi is on @ashlynn Obsolete2885: your sister is going to call you and you are going start answering her with 10 codes. 😛 @ashlynn

jalapenokoolaid: not rp ashlynnCri spacecowboy227: D: yessie55: Brutal LUL Aeowynne: Wasnt me this time darkaxz: LUL pina_colorado: ash give us better point options paiden_fowler: jalapenokoolaid: HIYA CHAT jamie_gene_k: huh someone say i got 21k points to spend jjcatman123: No 🙂 darkaxz: @ashlynn have some red 🙂 Kimberly_Galarza: lol Scorpio_SW: @ashlynn this message is blue PolarInferno_: Hey 🙂 raigokiblack24: Damn someone die? shilohpotsu: heh Noctii_: what do you mean dullmemes: What was that 🙂 Katabolic: Hey 🙂 imd0ug: yo letmein: no FeeltheBass: ashlynnToxic ashlynnToxic ashlynnToxic ashlynnToxic ashlynnToxic crabbi_abbi: 😀 Milkyjuice: ….you gave us the power BibleThump Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Hoeveer: You can turn that off kewlkwest: It’s annoying ,@chat spicylemonssss: okay 🙂 AJVM_: Lmao fortnite_blackhole_: no jalapenokoolaid: we’re nice and you know it 🙂 ronnoc1005: Hi Kimberly_Galarza: oh my pina_colorado: THIS IS ALL WE HAVE TO SPEND THEM ON minteacoco: this is me chilling 🙂 VR_Viking: @ashlynn ok williewonkers2: Oh we highlighting now? Thunderstrum: no 🙂 Nithfaris: Imagine not highlighting your messages KEKW legacy3535: We wasting points chat kyliebLove kyliebDab shilohpotsu: howdy Aaeandor: choiAYAYA choiAYAYA choiAYAYA choiAYAYA kgilly111: weewoo ouvvuo: huh? DireMind: ashlynnHungo imd0ug: no xoxobrxnda: oh u hate this? 🙂 DjangusDangus: Hi techoblast: no 🙂 pinkyjoc: Sorry what KillerTofu01: Chill Chat!! KoRn_OnThe_Kob: 🙂 PolarInferno_: Highlight more? Kappa SpookyKabookie: help help im being repressed Aeowynne: @bruto remember the highlighted smile heard around the world in chat LUL FeeltheBass: REEEE REEEE REEEE REEEE REEEE REEEE DROIDBABY: hi Eumon: you could make the highlight crazy expensive lol Kimberly_Galarza: should of not say nothing yessie55: You did this darkaxz: OMEGALUL Shrewkiller_: oof i got called out the first time i use @ Dayday_dollars: farming channel pionts EthanMan64: Ehehe Soundd: : crabbi_abbi: This is me chillin dude7836: LUL xbigbeardx: ashlynnLuvv Nightbot: LUL Dayday_dollars: kE zaddy1567: highlight Dayday_dollars: kW Milkyjuice: YOU did this jalapenokoolaid: don’t cuss at us? furyspec: lol,..no one listens to ash dullmemes: Oh look, 11.3K points 🙂 jamie_gene_k: lol jetmarlin: what! pina_colorado: any wasters darkaxz: yes 🙂 ChantelErin: ashlynnLuvv AJVM_: Give them cigs ashlynnHyper time_axis: every time you say it, people do it more ouvvuo: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW williewonkers2: I did this 🙂 glitterazzi_: ashlynnToxic imd0ug: Kapp MissSilentKill: Hi me zach__attach: Hi 🙂 VR_Viking: @ashlynn no 🙂 pinksumi: oh wow, 13k points 🙂 Kimberly_Galarza: you ask for it …KEKW KoRn_OnThe_Kob: Sorry Snakat21: me 🙂 purplehorizonskies: 🙂 EricAZ4: yes Cmart2250: ONE OF US letmein: love ya! 🙂 Thunderstrum: you do realize that when you tell chat to not do something we do the opposite 🙂 Asarena: Okay PolarInferno_: Yes 🙂 Katabolic: Yes ChantelErin: LOL this is annoying Lindol: time to snitch back to labarre Kappa ghosthag1: 🙂 Soundd: yea kay_83: Timeout ppl on chat spacecowboy227: pointz Gmanlouis123: Hee hee jetmarlin: hi 🙂 kgilly111: WEEWOOOO TheOneWhoCryed: 🙂 Untitleddaily: 18k points fortnite_blackhole_: yes savage8604: KEKW KEKW KEKW JayNats: Do you want to play a game? EricAZ4: ashlynnNotee rebornintomusic: I got 12k. I can do this all night KEKW crabbi_abbi: 8.2k bb jalapenokoolaid: !boop @bruto Nightbot: widepeepoHappy 👉 @bruto FeeltheBass: ashlynnBlind ashlynnBlind ashlynnBlind ashlynnBlind glitterazzi_: Colorrrrrers xbigbeardx: ashlynnToxic ronnoc1005: I have 11.4K points… what else am I supposed to do with them Milkyjuice: @ashlynn find something else we can spend points on NoxiousCuddles: This isnt a game.. this real life edell1200: ashlynnCozyy yeetthisbishempty: Sup Aaeandor: We do this out of lurve! HahaBall furyspec: pop out chat and minimize it lol dbwine: MissSilentKill bldfHI PrettiBaked: Blink MasterShock: We know we’re the…. Highlight of your day LUL dullmemes: Just don’t look at chat 4Head Eddie1225: they all left i think fred0uille: you’re the best Eddie1225: lol paiden_fowler: YOU SAID A BAD WORD 😀 KillerTofu01: I have so many points. I could do this all day jjcatman123: I’m so glad I did this KEKW imd0ug: stop chat Kappa Thunderstrum: I have 43K so I will use this from now on Bajanmale18: did pat meet with denzel? DarkJesta: Stop chat REEEE angelitos: *hides my 21k points* TheCaptain_007: LUL Eddie1225: we can stay PogU Nightbot: LUL RockmSockmPope: Real life Gmanlouis123: Hee hee ashlynnWeird oc3lot7: ashlynnCassie_SG Mauroheisenberg: Is this barney appreciation day KEKW? Widgets_: I am sooo happy that going to jail is actual RP now edell1200: hi how are you williewonkers2: ashlynnBooty Milkyjuice: ashlynnSquish Aeowynne: :O LethalLotus: RPGAyaya RPGAyaya jetmarlin: come on chat stop it! Aeowynne: awe Kimberly_Galarza: aww pina_colorado: PepeHands dullmemes: @Bajanmale18 He did minteacoco: awh PepeHands crabbi_abbi: You… are… the light of my liiffeee taraquest: aww VR_Viking: PepeHands PolarInferno_: aw NeonMatriXD: ashlynnCri ashlynnCri ashlynnCri AJVM_: nakkiHands nakkiHands nakkiHands Dayday_dollars: don’t mind me KEKW NicRaeMae: saabHands bruto: ashlynnCri VR_Viking: marry her KEKW stickbun23: Awww D bear fortnite_blackhole_: aww’ ImARobot13: sddOMG minteacoco: widepeepoSad Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW bruto: widepeepoSad Aeowynne: You gotta crouch first LUL PrettiBaked: ashlynnSquish_SQ Hehehe pina_colorado: ask her to marry you PogU AJVM_: Get on one knee lmao and propose for him minteacoco: KEKW PolarInferno_: Marry her 🙂 Eddie1225: NO RUNNING IN MY PRISON Aeowynne: shoot him TheWardensOath: TheWardensOath subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 8 months! Hey uh… it’s been a while since I’ve been here, and back then you knew me as someone else, but… hello again! I have returned! Aeowynne: lupoCREEP Eddie1225: KEKW TheWardensOath: TheWardensOath’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! Bamfurlong: go down on one knee when you hand it to her Aeowynne: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv alphaskull: i think this is ashlynns calling for main character SpookyKabookie: Thanks for the HahaShrugLeft @thewardensoath bruto: someone else monkaHmm darkaxz: monkaHmm rhionp97: HahaTurtledove KillerTofu01: His crippled ass is walking faster than you lol Aeowynne: Kneel Noctii_: HahaTurtledove HahaThisisfine HahaHide Aeowynne: _/ taraquest: You should put gun away TheKyleface: ashlynnGasp bruto: HahaHide @jalapenokoolaid Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn minteacoco: FeelsStrongMan dee and denzel jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnNo mvpworthy21: drop the donut PolarInferno_: ^^ LazyGigi: HahaGingercat bruto: FeelsStrongMan dullmemes: PepeHands AJVM_: nakkiHands Aeowynne: FeelsStrongMan DarkJesta: PepeHands PrettiBaked: How long does he have to be in jail SpinDash12: D bear runs the yard Drwoods8727: Go Back as Brenda to Vist him NicRaeMae: PepeHands colori3: ashlynnCri MOISTwontons: Do the crime, do the time. Doesn’t bother me at all Eddie1225: she visited him already @Drwoods8727

Aeowynne: @PrettiBaked at least 50 years until parole KillerTofu01: You know you miss this sappy romance stuff with Saab lol Eddie1225: we missed graduaation D: PrettiBaked: Jeez minteacoco: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW MOISTwontons: My brother is in prison for 10 + years and I don’t give a shit LUL Kimberly_Galarza: lol MainVato: lol minteacoco: oh yeah the ptsd from that KEKW TheKyleface: ashlynnLuvv NeonMatriXD: ashlynnWoww ashlynnWoww ashlynnWoww MissSilentKill: SNOW rooAww Kimberly_Galarza: wow Aeowynne: ashlynnPog SoSnowy rhionp97: HahaSnowhal HahaSnowhal Kimberly_Galarza: snow sal15: ashlynnSquish ashlynnSquish ashlynnSquish Eumon: snow uwu VR_Viking: widepeepoHappy minteacoco: Pog SoSnowy sal15: ashlynnWoww ashlynnWoww ashlynnWoww malwri: ashlynnWoww dullmemes: POGGERS SoSnowy SNOW viper_asassion: ewww snow VR_Viking: snuw widepeepoHappy bruto: ashlynnWoww SoSnowy scadooodle: HahaCat DarkJesta: HYPERS SoSnowy NeonMatriXD: ashlynnCozyy Shrewkiller_: HahaSnowhal HahaSnowhal HahaSnowhal HahaSnowhal Aeowynne: widepeepoHappy SoSnowy charltonjh: i only spend my peepopoints on widepeepoHappy bruto: ashlynnCozyy SoSnowy yessie55: Sno pina_colorado: widepeepoHappy SantaHat NicRaeMae: PepoCheer SoSnowy snow dullmemes: widepeepoHappy SoSnowy pinksumi: now on a scale of 1-10, how tempted would North be to drop down and make a snow angel Glitter_Pug: where’s heeeeer woman samanthalee34: uhsnowSmile DarkJesta: widepeepoHappy SoSnowy SoSnowy PenElane: ashlynnPog HahaShrugRight katieThrowball Aeowynne: Vader taught us christmas smoking widepeepoHappy 🚬 SoSnowy BulletGorilla: ask someone to check front camera Soundd: PepoCheer SoSnowy yessie55: Too bad there ain’t a tower you can stand in to watch the lot Aeowynne: “Sec” not sex darkaxz: slash what? nakkiLewd bruto: sec 20 PolarInferno_: /sec 20 jalapenokoolaid: ooo the weather outside is freightful giotheflow: nakkiLewd Angry_Badger: kiwoFine SantaHat TheWardensOath: It’s been around 2 years since I last subbed. It’s been a long time coming MOISTwontons: sex 20 jalapenokoolaid: and the fire is so delightful Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn Eddie1225: we can stay PogU Tiberious_Of_Elona_: no it’s /sex pina_colorado: ashlynnOop SoSnowy cbakertm: 🙂 Aeowynne: gray hair is friend widepeepoHappy NeonMatriXD: ashlynnScuff pina_colorado: new friends FeelsStrongMan VR_Viking: fwendz widepeepoHappy Eddie1225: toughen up rexosaur01: howdy minteacoco: nikki is doing so good widepeepoHappy MOISTwontons: widepeepoHappy SoSnowy jalapenokoolaid: ashlynnScuff Eddie1225: you spaceboy and the droppy guy pinksumi: woah Spaceboy sounds a lot like Penta sometimes, I keep expecting to see Jordan Tiberious_Of_Elona_: Get a hold of yourself! Kappa MainVato: now can we get brenda as a paramedic OpieOP aivlys: ashlynnScuff rexosaur01: calm down pina_colorado: ashlynnScuff jjcatman123: Chat with this walk, we’ll go from Doc to Trooper instantly AJVM_: Time to give cigs to BFF bovice ashlynnHeart Ar1law: Queue the xmas songs LUL Eddie1225: man is mad aggressive KEKW MainVato: droopy?? aarongarciafoto: Droopy LUL kay_83: Rob banks Aeowynne: lol Eddie1225: droppy KEKW MOISTwontons: droopy malding AlBQuerky: lol kay_83: Is his name bruto: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW aarongarciafoto: Drew P LUL dullmemes: KEKW MainVato: LOL minteacoco: KEKW Dokubeki: LUL Nightbot: LUL yessie55: That name WOW boshaw99: LUL aivlys: Drew p ok bruto: andrew peadog kay_83: He sounds like droopy bruto: lol Eddie1225: KEKW minteacoco: KEKW KEKW Nightbot: KEKW kimburlii: LUL MainVato: lol Aeowynne: thats clever Nightbot: Get closer to the community by joining the Famlynn™ Discord https://discord.gg/ashlynn Eddie1225: “we got a running oh nvm its just denzel” KEKW Tiberious_Of_Elona_: Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited Eddie1225: runner * MOISTwontons: Ashlynn is learning, it’s so adorable ahmedshaltout: DROOPY AND KERMIT Aeowynne: Where Mah Prisonnnnnn – North probably taraquest: You are OG DoC now Lindol: is Nikki the only female doc? Gamergirlrebecca: all I hear is Brenda in your voice Aeowynne: forcer does DoC Eddie1225: there are only 2 atm i think @Lindol minteacoco: theres a couple Scorpio_SW: what ever happened to emo chick Aeowynne: when she’s not in icu FeelsBadMan Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias

pinksumi: everyone says “uh” a lot KEK saa minteacoco: nah nikki is more calm Eddie1225: brenda is alot of yelling Veinan: I hear the difference jjcatman123: you’re talking in a much more even tone bruto: more low key Kimberly_Galarza: lol Eddie1225: nikki doesn’t yell that much Kimberly_Galarza: true Eddie1225: lol MainVato: brenda has potato tone rsjohnson789: so, definitely the same voice. just not as paniced Shenaria: brenda is ash Kappa Ar1law: stern Kimberly_Galarza: do seesa copcopcopcop Enstyle: call sign might be in the ts vnicole621: arent you able to see the callsigns through teamspeak at all? yessie55: Brenda = Panicked, Nikki = Slightly less panicked Mauroheisenberg: Nikki is way more badass and stoic than Brenda could ever hope of being KEKW Ragestrike: Madge pls jspeedy120: copcopcopcop trey5498: @ashlynn is there not a list of people in Team Speak or Discord? digipopthetab: it should be visible in ts Eddie1225: long way andy KEKW Nameless105: should be on the discord when he went 41 SpinDash12: Nikki has a gun, Brenda has issues Angelightx: you might be able to see their callsigns on team speak BKmessiah: She’s a C.O Glitter_Pug: WHERES MY WOMAN Eddie1225: no Eddie1225: its not vnicole621: nah cops use it Aeowynne: Just stab the register 4Head Kimberly_Galarza: no jspeedy120: 😆 Thefubar1: nope it helps Glitter_Pug: L,AO Glitter_Pug: lmao Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Aeowynne: Show the register your ID 😀 Keith37086: To be honest he sounds more like Smee Glitter_Pug: madge is awesome jjcatman123: that’s gonna be a clip LUL BKmessiah: Pretty empty Prison NeonMatriXD: KEKW kay_83: Y don’t u get a voice changer Eddie1225: yea its two doors lol XtraMedium1301: no Madge needs to develop on her own! it was so good last time. lol PolarInferno_: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Aeowynne: madge could use “a little” help Aeowynne: lupoDERP Diaborex: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: isnt tony 711 bobosaurr: KEKW savage8604: KEKW minteacoco: KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW darkaxz: oh bother LUL Bamfurlong: he’s always open AJVM_: KEKW DitzySysadmin: oh bother williewonkers2: KEKW minteacoco: oh bother KEKW taraquest: Tony was 711 I think Eddie1225: Oh bother KEKW aarongarciafoto: Who’s Drew P’dogue? totalllytwisted: well nikez is 769 and grey hair said his thing was 769 Kimberly_Galarza: lol minteacoco: ^ Nightbot: ^ dullmemes: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW AlBQuerky: Wayward so good KEKW minteacoco: its confusing KEKW DitzySysadmin: “Oh bother,” said Pooh. “He’ll have to fight me for it.” kay_83: Love droopies voice bruto: this is wayward Bawp_It: I love wayward lol bruto: lol AJVM_: Cigs meridian_007: Is he supposed to be like winnie the pooh LOL Aeowynne: i wonder how many people his voice and name go over their head Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: tender Eddie1225: KEKW jalapenokoolaid: loool kimburlii: KEKW Ragestrike: Do the slash sec 20 thing Aeowynne: Meridian is one… LUL Eddie1225: rule #1 dont touch bovice KEKW BKmessiah: He sounds like DROOpy bruto: she has to be at a computer @Ragestrike pina_colorado: droopy starting off on a bad note PepeHands stickbun23: LUL Nightbot: LUL kay_83: Sounds 2 perfectly Bushwick78: i love his voice MainVato: lol MrWaddlington: LUL

godofclocks: who plays him MrWaddlington: it’s almost like he could be a judge or something nakkiHm Angelightx: Wayward YoSupPAtruck: Wayward Sashifrog: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW MrWaddlington: jack knaves LUL PolarInferno_: Joker KEKW AlBQuerky: @godofclocks Wayward colori3: IS this Wayward?? FlameEagleil: @godofclocks sounds like judd colori3: Pog yourmomsbf1: oh shit NicRaeMae: Droopy’s great peepoHappy yourmomsbf1: i love his joker Aeowynne: MGM characters. thats throwback SpinDash12: oh he does a great joker kay_83: If he was a judge no1 was take him seriously MainVato: lmao MrWaddlington: LUL Nightbot: LUL pina_colorado: LULW Aeowynne: LUL ahmedshaltout: lol joker MainVato: lol BKmessiah: BKmessiah subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 8 months, currently on a 8 month streak! BKmessiah: BKmessiah’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! PolarInferno_: Abdul KEKW MainVato: I love this server Aeowynne: choi widepeepoHappy replaygame5: ashlynnPog Aeowynne: choiDab yourmomsbf1: ayyyeee kay_83: This server is great BlazedGoldfish: @ashlynn are you going to play Madge tonight? jalapenokoolaid: choiDab replaygame5: hii kay_83: I like the mask. He does Morgan Freeman voice yourmomsbf1: stick is personal lukevickman: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Aeowynne: the fact that no pixel streamers.. can play all these roles.. and we can guess/know who they are.. is the best thing Harlix: !uptime JonCarpenters: choiDab Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 6 hours 57 minutes 12 seconds Aeowynne: speaks to the people playing them Eddie1225: KEKW darkaxz: broke LUL kgilly111: PREY Eddie1225: LOL replaygame5: ashlynnCrack stickbun23: LUL Nightbot: LUL Shrewkiller_: show him the gun stick combo you learned SaintMaddoX: That wii theme in the background tho lol Aeowynne: Go hassle bovice lupoCREEP BKmessiah: ashlynnGun Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW edell1200: ashlynnSee Aeowynne: Lol Eddie1225: games PogU Aeowynne: make them fight or march Aeowynne: or sing Aeowynne: yessss SpinDash12: fought club? replaygame5: ashlynnClap PolarInferno_: Karaoke Pog Eddie1225: sing for cigs KEKW tommyboy1238: followage SpinDash12: fight FlickCM: Yess Karaoke meridian_007: Run em MikeSaint210: Karaoke Pog Aeowynne: singing comp for smokies DitzySysadmin: Challenge them to a rousing game of dodge-pellet DarkJesta: play dodge the beanbag LUL replaygame5: LUL Nightbot: LUL Shrewkiller_: dodgeball kay_83: Marathon FlickCM: Dance competition Aeowynne: Fight club Aeowynne: :O Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ tommyboy1238: TwitchVotes kay_83: 26k marathon Aeowynne: it’s effing fight club time Eddie1225: MonkaW Eddie1225: LMAOOO midnitetoker77: scoot up jus a lil bit pls kimburlii: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW PolarInferno_: KEKW Aeowynne: Challenge not bovice.. but someone else KillerTofu01: Now we just need Dab to come back and be a lifer lol replaygame5: ashlynnKek Eddie1225: the lifers dont like the fresh meat jjcatman123: They have so long to do everything and nothing Eddie1225: they dont like droppy KEKW Eddie1225: RIP

replaygame5: zzzzt Hoeveer: Headshot! Boom Eddie1225: LOL twitch_chat_is_stupid: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW jjcatman123: The captain looks like he wants to be warden monkaHmm DitzySysadmin: A steak dinner Aeowynne: @ashlynn they also like cash…. you can use your money for.. fun SaintMaddoX: sack target practice bruto: 7 hour shift Pog AJVM_: !uptime Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 7 hours 1 minute 21 seconds BKmessiah: ashlynnNo mofo_xiv: Rd 2: D I N G D I N G kay_83: Prisoners can get meth in jail Eddie1225: yes pina_colorado: LULW mofo_xiv: Time FLIES in DOC Cameron_Piper: !uptime PolarInferno_: Pog Acecyberviper: time warp Eddie1225: DoC times flies VR_Viking: 24 hour shift Pog Bushwick78: LUL Nightbot: LUL Eumon: gurl remember to eat Aeowynne: bovice furyspec: not you replaygame5: this cant end well ashlynnKek twitch_chat_is_stupid: bovice AJVM_: Go eat ashlynnHyper AJVM_: Irl kay_83: Ray Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW LazyGigi: i jus got here enigmaSad pina_colorado: ashlynnDerp ashlynnDerp ashlynnDerp DarkJesta: 24 hour shift pepeD ZeroX711: nikki Eddie1225: LOL XtraMedium1301: I’m pullin for the underdog!! go Nikki!!! Eddie1225: gotta start on the bottom KEKW DavidDragonMaster: time flys when your having fun ParadoxCrusader: did u not pay attention lol ShinobiJones: Gotta earn the Bovice fight Eddie1225: LMAOOO kay_83: Make sure u run too bruto: wait BlurryPenguin: BlurryPenguin subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 6 months! ashlynnHungo BlurryPenguin: BlurryPenguin’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! MrWaddlington: I’m so confused LUL KillerTofu01: Thanks for the HahaSleep @blurrypenguin Aeowynne: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv SpinDash12: you can do it trinity Eddie1225: LMAOOOO kimburlii: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW replaygame5: bob and weave Aeowynne: he’s effing you guys up kimburlii: LOL malwri: KEKW minteacoco: KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW xoxobrxnda: POG HahaDreidel DarkJesta: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW AJVM_: KEKW Acecyberviper: There can only be one! pinkyjoc: KEKW bruto: oh bother LULW Nightbot: Check your Twitch Prime and consider using your free sub on Ashlynn Eddie1225: LOOOL kimburlii: all up to nikki Aeowynne: LUL Nightbot: LUL replaygame5: ashlynnPog minteacoco: KEKW EricaLeeee: super smash bros Snakat21: LOL Eddie1225: KEKW minteacoco: what is this KEKW Nightbot: KEKW FoulMantis: looks like brenda dancing Aeowynne: hahahahaha deltapally: YO WHERE’S MY BOVICE Eddie1225: LMAOOOO pina_colorado: KEKW Aeowynne: Noooooooo BKmessiah: kaceyFail twitch_chat_is_stupid: DAMN Angry_Badger: KEKW Headss: DAAAAAAAAMN kimburlii: KEKW bruto: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW shilohpotsu: ooof minteacoco: OHHHHHHHHHHHHH jjcatman123: KEKW jalapenokoolaid: LOOOOL SpinDash12: aww PolarInferno_: wow xoxobrxnda: saabKEK dullmemes: KEKW stickbun23: LUL LUL Nightbot: LUL minteacoco: DAMN KEKW MrWaddlington: LUL XtraMedium1301: KEKW Aeowynne: KEKW Dokubeki: DAMN williewonkers2: KEKW Headss: Jabbed TF out KEKW xbigbeardx: lets go ray replaygame5: LUL LUL LUL twitch_chat_is_stupid: KEKW PAT AJVM_: Lmaoooo McKenzie138: rip LUL yessie55: Ray is a slippery mf LUL SpinDash12: that was some good shit minteacoco: got bopped right in the face KEK

tommyboy1238: whats her insta Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias Dokubeki: Absolutely clocked LUL kay_83: Unlucky ahmedshaltout: lol Eddie1225: square up ShinobiJones: And you want to fight Bovice KEKW Aeowynne: Roll, dodge Eddie1225: its better MrWaddlington: square up is better for 1v1 XtraMedium1301: the fight should have been contained to a smaller area Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW twitch_chat_is_stupid: dodge but dont be afraid to roll out and reset SpinDash12: you should square up. you have the armor and hp advantage trey5498: he was cheaping it up by superman punching kay_83: Spear kay_83: U can spear replaygame5: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa Aeowynne: ask bovice tommyboy1238: @nightbot whats her insta Hoeveer: Space Bar Aeowynne: !social Nightbot: Twitter: https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/HelloGamerGirl Discord: discord.gg/ashlynn pinkyjoc: !insta Nightbot: Want to see butts? ashlynnBooty http://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias not Ashlynn’s but generally you can see butts on ig because its basically a thirst trap for empty and superficial compliments pina_colorado: chang taught you a long ass time ago LUL Hoeveer: Is what they’re telling you Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW kimburlii: KEKW Eddie1225: Pog Acecyberviper: too slow 😀 minteacoco: they’re all trying to teach you KEKW kimburlii: Pog Aeowynne: 3/4 BKmessiah: LUL Nightbot: LUL Aeowynne: 4/5 replaygame5: LUL SpinDash12: spaceboy practiced on npcs for months minteacoco: gonna die KEKW PenElane: LUL BKmessiah: LUL LUL LUL LUL FoulMantis: Pepega twitch_chat_is_stupid: look at this shoulder not his hand Nightbot: listen Bushwick78: Rocky Rocky Rocky kimburlii: LUL Eddie1225: KEKW minteacoco: fight club KEKW Painfu1Me1ody: sometimes spamming space can help Nightbot: KEKW BKmessiah: pokiM2 pokiM3 ashlynnScream Bushwick78: Eye of the Tiger!! Ash!! replaygame5: ashlynnScuff Eddie1225: LMAOOOOO Bradbyr: ROFL Aeowynne: LOL pina_colorado: KEKW twitch_chat_is_stupid: KEKW joesnotaverage: getting dizzy MrWaddlington: KEKW Five0AnthO: lmao Angry_Badger: KEKW SpinDash12: jon is having so much fun PolarInferno_: LUL Nightbot: LUL kimburlii: KEKW Zombie_Guy94: LUL jjcatman123: KEKW Widgets_: KEKW stickbun23: LUL LUL dullmemes: KEKW dax320: LUL xoxobrxnda: saabKEK saabKEK saabKEK Snakat21: LUL bruto: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW minteacoco: LMAOOOOOOOOO Five0AnthO: knocked the fuck out BKmessiah: ashlynnL FoulMantis: LUL williewonkers2: KEKW McKenzie138: nope replaygame5: LUL LUL LUL Dokubeki: CQC training 😀 Five0AnthO: DOWN GOES TRINITY minteacoco: thanks for the help KEKW Mauroheisenberg: Denzel is so nice to nikki and so mean to cops KEKW Bushwick78: LUL LUL Aeowynne: Rip trinity pina_colorado: your # Eddie1225: your number savage8604: DOC Fight Club XtraMedium1301: lol hey Five0 kay_83: Learn to Spear SpinDash12: @five0antho 8 hours of DoC for trinity bruto: 5-0 Aeowynne: @ashlynn offer up 250$ to the next person to fight you if they win Siddisterz: you can /heal on people Aeowynne: make it interesting twitch_chat_is_stupid: need boxing gloves that do less dmg for training Cameron_Piper: !uptime Nightbot: Ashlynn has been live for 7 hours 8 minutes 31 seconds FoulMantis: @Five0AnthO still favorite cop btw <3 MrWaddlington: and she did a really good job with the beanbags ShinobiJones: status PolarInferno_: status purplehorizonskies: Pog! Trooper material. LUL Eddie1225: Trooper North PogU Five0AnthO: @FoulMantis ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart kay_83: He needs bandages Aeowynne: @ashlynn offer up 250$ to the next person to fight you if they win. Assert your dominance Eddie1225: five0 she fought bovice and denzel today KEKW Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn Five0AnthO: Timid Trinity is the new name XtraMedium1301: challenge Ray to a 1v1 AJVM_: Ash was the boss for a bit too earlier twitch_chat_is_stupid: skyler monkaS richardpwnsner: 🎼you’re a psycho wiener 🎵 SpookyKabookie: nows the time to slip him the cigs Aeowynne: !eat Nightbot: @ashlynn EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT Eddie1225: 8 hours of run Eddie1225: fun*

Eddie1225: time flew pina_colorado: it was such a good shift FeelsGoodMan kay_83: Have a slushy twitch_chat_is_stupid: NAWLEDGE MrWaddlington: your earned yourself some food ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart richardpwnsner: 🎵i like to dance and boogie🎵 Eddie1225: the voice is perfect KEKW pina_colorado: widepeepoSad dont make fun of him edell1200: are you going to do any other people Aeowynne: ashlynnPog aarongarciafoto: Such a good name + voice LUL kay_83: Does he use a voice changed Kimberly_Galarza: dam Aeowynne: we learning chat widepeepoHappy replaygame5: LUL AJVM_: Gotta pay jeep nakkiREE Nightbot: LUL Five0AnthO: Trinity needs her own theme music writes123: So much studying KillerTofu01: Should thank Denzel for teaching you to fight and give him a cig lol Eddie1225: 8 hours is a good stream spicylemonssss: are you gonna recreate and save her offduty outfit? Five0AnthO: Jesus going ham richardpwnsner: why not ++ u pleb XtraMedium1301: gotta pace yourself Ashlynn edell1200: we need some Brenda Aeowynne: Mouth off bovice in a good way 🙂 pina_colorado: EZ respect Nightbot: ashlynnCool Clap Eddie1225: you end up liking the lifers eYeSonic: gift denzel cigs Eddie1225: even tho they are shitty people KEKW Aeowynne: go be nice 🙂 eYeSonic: he’s been nice Eddie1225: LOL midnitetoker77: keep an eye trey5498: guards give them cigs all the time Drwoods8727: U can give it to Him ShinobiJones: Yeah there is a lot of things the guards dont know about within the prison MrWaddlington: you could go give bovice some cigs now kiwOSon Eddie1225: the voice is fucking perfect Aeowynne: Go ask bovice to fight him and learn :O Vaulii: Vaulii subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 5 months! ashlynnLuvv Vaulii: Vaulii’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! Aeowynne: perfect time taraquest: cig time kay_83: They can get meth by searching in the cells SpookyKabookie: well i said a couple doughnuts.. but somehow it became cigs edell1200: my dad is in prison for life RayforRachel: What is this?? bobosaurr: FRIENDS Pog Eddie1225: friends KEKW dullmemes: 🙂 Friendship Eddie1225: LOL bruto: Rachel ashlynnLuvv replaygame5: ashlynnCool pina_colorado: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW sal15: LUL Nightbot: LUL Eddie1225: LOOOOL dbwine: Bovice is so much louder than everyone else RayforRachel: @bruto Hiii!! rayforAw writes123: Too nice twitch_chat_is_stupid: TRUUU kimburlii: KEKW totalllytwisted: in every stream Bovice is so loud LUL bobosaurr: OOF minteacoco: KEKW richardpwnsner: lol who’s the guy who keeps sounding like different members of wh Dokubeki: tru Eddie1225: bovice is the best KEKW SaintMaddoX: burn pina_colorado: truuuuuuu writes123: Bribery will get u everywhere Mauroheisenberg: truuuuuuueeeeee HopelesslyDOPE: TRUUUUUUUE Five0AnthO: Lmao BKmessiah: ashlynnGun Aeowynne: progress 😀 MoonlitDNC: Hey Bovice…. can love bloom on the prison yard…? minteacoco: give denzel the other cigs 🙂 stardustprismatic: I think she has Bovice charmed writes123: Err wut Drwoods8727: Tru BKmessiah: Jebaited writes123: Well it is not false Eddie1225: LOL replaygame5: i think a child would fly away midnitetoker77: he roast every 1 so your good Eddie1225: pat is leaving too KEKW KillerTofu01: I think him roasting you is showing that he likes you lol Eddie1225: leaving the trainee alone KEKW Aeowynne: Not leaving now 🙂 richardpwnsner: 🎵let me grab my beater🎵 Eddie1225: 93 holy shit minteacoco: welp LUL Eddie1225: what did he do lmao BKmessiah: DansGame Mauroheisenberg: KEKW

Nightbot: KEKW Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn exlegender: lol Kimberly_Galarza: snow SaintMaddoX: magic snow richardpwnsner: underdog! Aeowynne: he’s going to die 🙂 Mauroheisenberg: poor guy PepeHands Eddie1225: KEKW Vader: olla Eddie1225: everyone noticed the time KEKW PolarInferno_: KEKW oh dear Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: vader PogU Vader: WHADDAP ME tomall: @Vader PogU richardpwnsner: Uh oh Eddie1225: LMAOOOO minteacoco: vader HYPERCLAP charltonjh: ashlynnPog dullmemes: @vader Pog Kimberly_Galarza: lol kimburlii: KEKW Vader: You want that? Eddie1225: nikki and rob KEKW Vader: KEKW tgo_drowzy: Robert Banketon Pog totalllytwisted: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa minteacoco: KEKW tomall: @Vader you got R OMEGALUL LLED Eddie1225: LMAOOO Vader: I’m playing hard to get MikeSaint210: KEKW AJVM_: KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW pina_colorado: KEKW kimburlii: LUL Nightbot: LUL Nightbot: KEKW twitch_chat_is_stupid: KEKW Aeowynne: look what @Vader taught us widepeepoHappy 🚬 Nightbot: listen rtiz121: hey vader edell1200: I want to see you do intake colori3: KEKW writes123: Lol Eddie1225: widepeepoHappy 🚬 pina_colorado: LULW Vader: Now I have to do it Eddie1225: CoC Btw Eumon: unless???? writes123: Just a j charltonjh: widepeepoHappy 🚬 Vader: it’s 4am replaygame5: is that…snow kay_83: Tell Vader rob banks looks like keanu reeves Eddie1225: apples KEKW Vader: I have a CoD tourney tomorrow too SaintMaddoX: No, its a lot of cocaine taraquest: Apples Eddie1225: LMAOOO Vader: im a CoD pro now Eddie1225: fresh meat is gonna be hated KEKW minteacoco: apples PepeHands pina_colorado: apples KEKW kimburlii: apples Pog writes123: Vader be grinding charltonjh: C OMEGALUL D twitch_chat_is_stupid: cod pro Pog tomall: good one vader LULW minteacoco: not apples PepeHands Eddie1225: LMAO twitch_chat_is_stupid: HAHAHA mutedwarrior: The bald guy loves checking buttholes LUL MrWaddlington: LUL Vader: @tomall i had to play with 200 ping all day D: minteacoco: KEKW Nightbot: LUL Nightbot: KEKW dullmemes: KEKW glitch_ness: LUL bruto: teaming up with Ava avaLurk replaygame5: new fish? richardpwnsner: what the fuck there was an underdog reboot starring Peter Dinklage AnthonyZ: AnthonyZ subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 9 months, currently on a 9 month streak! <3 AnthonyZ: AnthonyZ's Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! Eddie1225: I RUN SHIT HERE APPLES Bushwick78: ROFL Widgets_: KEKW Eddie1225: tony PogU kimburlii: tony ashlynnLuvv pina_colorado: tony widepeepoHappy writes123: Tony Pog charltonjh: ashlynnPog tgo_drowzy: Tony betchHEART replaygame5: LUL LUL LUL tomall: @Vader LULW that sucks but you stream that tomorrow? Kimberly_Galarza: toonyHeart toonyHeart toonyHeart toonyHeart pina_colorado: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW minteacoco: KEKW AnthonyZ: i am KEKW Shrewkiller_: have fun sueing me with my finger up your but xbigbeardx: ashlynnLuvv Eddie1225: KEKW yourmomsbf1: hot kimburlii: KEKW AnthonyZ: DUDE YES twitch_chat_is_stupid: saab date PepoCheer minteacoco: LMAO AnthonyZ: PLEASE charltonjh: KappaPride Slipalong: Surprisingly, you're a natural. love this lol Kimberly_Galarza: lmao AnthonyZ: Ill leave you a good tip AnthonyZ: $100 writes123: Lol writes123: That’s a great tip TooQuick: Ez 250 sub train @anthonyz Nightbot: ashlynnCool Clap Eumon: no weird stuffs under the table please glitch_ness: Kappa Nightbot: Kappa AnthonyZ: 100% AnthonyZ: KEKW pina_colorado: LMAOO Nightbot: KEKW Sashifrog: KEKW Eddie1225: gachiBASS totalllytwisted: HAHAHA joesnotaverage: KEKW minteacoco: AYYYY kimburlii: KEKW bruto: gachiBASS ZeroX711: lol dullmemes: OH MY KEKW NeonMatriXD: KEKW spacecowboy227: KEKW SpinDash12: saab needs a good tip lol KawaiiWeeb_: KEKW stardustprismatic: give 'em the tip Five0AnthO: @ashlynn will make you guys top ramen glitch_ness: gachiHYPER TheOneWhoCryed: FailFish LUL NicRaeMae: waitress rp PepoCheer AJVM_: KEKW EricaLeeee: who's dating who? AnthonyZ: Im gonna get on tony for a min gotta handle stuff then get on doc AnthonyZ: and yes replaygame5: ashlynnNice totalllytwisted: 5K Pog SpinDash12: as long as @ashlynn does not burn another pan bruto: wasnt it ihop Shrewkiller_: @AnthonyZ some one is trying to steal your callsign Nightbot: Check your Twitch Prime and consider using your free sub on Ashlynn mikeinscusa: wait we cook? Eddie1225: same thing bruto Kappa AnthonyZ: like i said anytime u want me to play just text me <3 AnthonyZ: gonna get in game real fast TooQuick: Damn u really went Bi for Saab @anthonyz KEKW FunkBish: Not Andrews fault you didn't pay attention KEKW Eddie1225: tony stream at like 4am KEKW Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Aeowynne: maybe darkaxz: ashlynnKnight minteacoco: KEKW FunkBish: LUL Nightbot: LUL AEM7: ashlynnKnight EricAZ4: ashlynnKnight Acecyberviper: my queen :)

replaygame5: is bovice staring? stickbun23: ashlynnKnight xbigbeardx: ashlynnKnight spacecowboy227: our sister mom Angry_Badger: ashlynnKnight Eddie1225: nice apples KEKW TheOneWhoCryed: ashlynnKnight Nightbot: Don’t forget to drink water, get up, stretch, and walk around. Hope you are enjoying the stream ashlynnLuv AJVM_: ashlynnKnight XtraMedium1301: wait are you mom or queen? lol sal15: Mom ashlynnKnight minteacoco: APPLES KEKW pina_colorado: this for other people not you ashlynnKnight RevRoach: RevRoach subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 8 months! Hey Queen ashlynnKek RevRoach: RevRoach’s Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat! charltonjh: fookin kneelers SpinDash12: saabCringe edell1200: ask sab to bring you food dullmemes: Staff in chat monkaW Eumon: ashlynnKnight Eddie1225: rev PogU TremblesWithBeer: Pog rev TooQuick: Karen is on and is down to shtlord btw lol @ashlynn RevRoach: Pog chat charltonjh: ashlynnPog AJVM_: !roll pepeSmoke Nightbot: AJVM_ rolled: 5 writes123: happy Pog pina_colorado: happy goodest boy Aeowynne: rev ashlynnPog Eddie1225: is apples wearing a tie? KEKW Five0AnthO: I love that there are so many different personalities in doc. I did this koilD AJVM_: Wat the Aeowynne: !motto Nightbot: We Rehabilitate Motherfuckers, Sir! ashlynn7 ImARobot13: 🙂 Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashlynnarias/ XtraMedium1301: way to go Five0 williewonkers2: You did this 🙂 trey5498: I do miss the KGB in DoC Five0AnthO: I did lmao Eddie1225: LMAOOO Aeowynne: LUL Nightbot: LUL Shadowingx: HahaSweat Eddie1225: uhhh VR_Viking: WWE Pog kimburlii: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAOOO FunkBish: LUL minteacoco: KEKW messtahrobot: KEKW minteacoco: the noises KEKW Nightbot: If you are enjoying the stream you can show extra support by donating. ashlynnSellout https://www.twitchalerts.com/donate/ashlynn kimburlii: monkaW RevRoach: hes fiiiiine Kappa Eddie1225: LMAOO kimburlii: LOL messtahrobot: AAH- minteacoco: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Aeowynne: LOL DarkJesta: monkaS Eddie1225: LOOOL Kimberly_Galarza: lol dullmemes: KEKW minteacoco: GOING FOR A RUN KEKW XtraMedium1301: KEKW rebornintomusic: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAO StevenDotWoo: KEKW Widgets_: rofl XtraMedium1301: taking the pup for a jog SpinDash12: they are just playing grab ass trey5498: should bean bag Spaceboy for bovice Eddie1225: LMAOO Aeowynne: LOOOOOL AJVM_: PepeLaugh dullmemes: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Nightbot: Subscribe as a way to show your support. Never necessary but always appreciated. https://www.twitch.tv/subs/ashlynn zorenee: LOL kimburlii: KEKW bruto: brb AJVM_: ashlynnCult shoot pat Kimberly_Galarza: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAO VR_Viking: Pog minteacoco: KEKW Aeowynne: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAOOOOO kimburlii: LUL Nightbot: LUL stickbun23: LUL LUL SaintMaddoX: Bovice G AF jordan11996: BEAN BAG HIM rebornintomusic: LUL joesnotaverage: this is the best minteacoco: what is this wrestling? KEKW williewonkers2: KEKW dullmemes: God, I love Bovice KEKW jamie_gene_k: KEKW Nightbot: Get closer to the community by joining the Famlynn™ Discord https://discord.gg/ashlynn Eddie1225: LMAOO NeonMatriXD: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Aeowynne: Fight him Eddie1225: LOL Aeowynne: round 3 properusernamefortwitch: KEKW Eddie1225: LMAOO pina_colorado: KEKW joopper: KEKW Aeowynne: LOL PolarInferno_: KEKW stickbun23: LUL LUL Nightbot: LUL kimburlii: KEKW NeonMatriXD: ashlynnGun properusernamefortwitch: OHHHH FriDoggy: lmao Kimberly_Galarza: lol darkaxz: she doesn’t want bovice to hate her LUL jamie_gene_k: KEKW joesnotaverage: LUL SaintMaddoX: HE ASKED FOR IT! Dokubeki: LUL EmeraldRaiderSupreme: well okay den SaintMaddoX: Savage Eddie1225: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW properusernamefortwitch: Got knocked the fuck up KEKW Dokubeki: #BOVICEWORLD

Eddie1225: he did ask KEKW Nightbot: Follow Ashlynn on Twitter – https://twitter.com/AshlynnArias TNSDanny: “where am i…” exlegender: bovice’s skin is so shiny Aeowynne: Fight for caps honor Aeowynne: 1v1 midnitetoker77: the lil giggle after cuffin lol Eddie1225: nice Eddie1225: yes Eddie1225: i hate that darkaxz: ashlynnHungo stickbun23: Yes totalllytwisted: yes Aeowynne: yes.. eat pina_colorado: yes all the time darkaxz: EAT Kimberly_Galarza: yep kimburlii: yes PolarInferno_: !eat Nightbot: @ashlynn EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT sal15: Yes minteacoco: yeah letmein: yes MainVato: um spacecowboy227: yes letmein: EAT Dokubeki: yup Eumon: yep minteacoco: thats the worst MaronKun: i orderd mcdonalds Kappa FeeltheBass: hes in Kappa trey5498: Yep… just had it and just ate jherbsman: Ever take too much Kratom and get a headache edell1200: yes UDIT_49: llll rebornintomusic: !eat minteacoco: please eat LULW BlazedGoldfish: You just need an energy drink AJVM_: I’m telling saab ashlynnHyper kay_83: Yes PolarInferno_: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW darkaxz: get some food now UDIT_49: go eat Aeowynne: 4th wall Eddie1225: 8 hour stream is a good one go get some food ZeroX711: go eat kimburlii: LUL Nightbot: LUL yessie55: Yep, that’s the worst kind of headache MainVato: That’s usually a sign that you need to EAT, ASHLYNN minteacoco: MAN BUN KEKW vizzyvee005: IF eh ahmedshaltout: yes darkaxz: Yikes big_tom100: !eat SpinDash12: i am addicted to caffeine and it get those headaches kimburlii: eat D: UDIT_49: ej dlllllll stream kay_83: Quick eat pinkyjoc: 6284289988 Kimberly_Galarza: ashlynnLuvv momma_jakk: you did so good today!!! You should be so proud of yourself minteacoco: Pog darkaxz: @pinkyjoc is that kiki’s number sal15: ashlynnPog ashlynnPog ashlynnPog Aeowynne: funny a f UDIT_49: llllllll jamie_gene_k: Pog taraquest: Thanks for the stream big_tom100: Pog pjsilva: plsssss lol CrazyWiseMan: Gladys LUL l6_echo: jfoxLove jfoxLove ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv Eddie1225: LOL PolarInferno_: Pog pina_colorado: KEKW Nightbot: KEKW Eddie1225: nice MainVato: is brenda on vacation? Aeowynne: Ahhh 10-fuck darkaxz: BLELELE kimburlii: KEKW minteacoco: LMAOOOOOOOO rebornintomusic: @pinkyjoc betchMOAN totalllytwisted: we love North rameeLove kebunLuv pinkyjoc: @darkaxz yeah lmao XtraMedium1301: could we be treated to some Seesa Park? LUL BKmessiah: hobbit6Scuseme darkaxz: @pinkyjoc idk how i recognize it LUL minteacoco: amazing coms KEKW pinkyjoc: @rebornintomusic betchMOAN betchGLUE pina_colorado: 10/10 comms vizzyvee005: seesaaaa momma_jakk: I’ve enjoyed this character Ar1law: love the sertenty darkaxz: BLELELE Aeowynne: heck yeah pinkyjoc: @darkaxz i don’t even remember my own number but i know kikis Eddie1225: raid jon PogU MrWaddlington: ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart minteacoco: PogU bruto: !caster Five0AnthO Nightbot: Make sure to give Five0AnthO a follow! Five0AnthO was last seen playing Grand Theft Auto V . You can follow Five0AnthO at twitch.tv/Five0AnthO eYeSonic: jon pog RevRoach: LUL Nightbot: LUL midnitetoker77: bye bovice Aeowynne: You need to use the beat stick more minteacoco: raid jon FeelsGoodMan AJVM_: !roll Nightbot: AJVM_ rolled: 8 bruto: twitch.tv/gtawiseguy bruto: twitch.tv/nikez big_tom100: should raid bovice lolll AJVM_: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ahmedshaltout: i liked Sweden Harlix: *CLAPS* one of my favourite people to rp with kay_83: No sal15: Eat donuts Pog Aeowynne: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv trey5498: @ashlynn should give Denzel the donuts kimburlii: ashlynnLuvv dahbumbum: Pog Richetoku: uwuHI Later! Kimberly_Galarza: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv AG_boki: see you guys next week Kappa Eddie1225: raid jon PogU Eddie1225: bovice isnt streaming jamie_gene_k: ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart KawaiiWeeb_: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv 420_smiles: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv darkaxz: ashlynnHungo Harlix: ashlynnOop rtiz121: bye all big_tom100: oh he isn’t streaming 🙁 trey5498: Raid Jon stardustprismatic: He rarely streams darkaxz: it was red kimburlii: jon minteacoco: jon ! SpookyKabookie: https://clips.twitch.tv/DifferentSpikyWrenBlargNaut kay_83: Bye every1 big_tom100: jon? vizzyvee005: @eYeSonic Thanks for the sub earlier!!! ashlynnCool stickbun23: Bye y’all big_tom100: <3 <3 <3 xNightrunx: Baby yoda!! bruto: *** minteacoco: it was a great stream HYPERCLAP eYeSonic: ashlynnCult 420_smiles: Bye ash ashlynn7 bruto: twitch.tv/jonthebroski

starrkiddd: awesome stream! lot of fun aarongarciafoto: SeeSa Park when Eddie1225: PogU momma_jakk: nakkiHi nakkiHi nakkiHi damdamdedama: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv bruto: twitch.tv/jonthebroski bruto: twitch.tv/jonthebroski 91OCTANE: Pogey bruto: twitch.tv/jonthebroski colori3: Byeeeee EricAZ4: was an amazing stream! bruto: twitch.tv/jonthebroski ernieb84: pay car KEKW bruto: twitch.tv/jonthebroski xbigbeardx: ashlynn7 ashlynn7 ashlynn7 bruto: twitch.tv/jonthebroski Kimberly_Galarza: so your not nervouse no more Haxi_: have a nice night Ashlynn Eddie1225: great stream AJVM_: Hope jeep payment isn’t a lot nakkiHands pina_colorado: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 jamie_gene_k: ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart ashlynnHeart bruto: twitch.tv/jonthebroski rebornintomusic: Great day ashlynn7 sal15: ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv ashlynnLuvv bruto: twitch.tv/jonthebroski bruto: twitch.tv/jonthebroski bruto: twitch.tv/jonthebroski bruto: twitch.tv/jonthebroski bruto: twitch.tv/jonthebroski bruto: twitch.tv/jonthebroski