DAY 24 CNY quarantine – mAng and Neads Show is Live!

man in an as- to- end of one of the lives of new Zealand side of the new end and have had more than I am and the FM has is that this is a harvester another episode eighth and a need show some gardens radio here we are committed once again at until opening track champion Dr Jack Bologna and doctors will back in the ms 2000 18 time range just before a Mr Chris wheeler moved off to Nashville Tennessee suffer listen up there at Chris Arnold you do a rate down there in Tennessee are and a song written songs and we’re about to see a bit do you look so long as was evident judge ruled just chill on are chilling year might pick one up photo news is that too large, if you are a Louis us. His lone star O Smith was often ruled from Tennessee we’re moving their residence, they have a song about two C-you-10 sailings Mrs. Means he is using two sideburns radio may need shall we are running late again due to some of technical difficulties Abel shooting you know that stress for end of this the Diiulio and the book eight captors are lowest we men sensual time night eastern Drexler Allee sold real mill that so we declare and so we don’t do that on real as city we are bringing the updates today anybody out there we get a call in number 627373 seed or we’ll pick and I we are given the latest updates on numbers off fatalities and just sent kind of a train that were going on here and on world. As uses as a lawyer, that’s a fact since, sooner know I did see I did watch out you know base the what’s happening in Italy right now in the art on a full lockdown and still having, you know huge outbreak on Indians will you haven’t , yet the overlooking and just the little kids were a kid wants to write two Italy a small rural and semi near you Have they go near get a little and they are route from research can run their roots Erickson switch through stealing where reside four other countries that have more cases a day of the leaders yes and they’re on, but my point is that they’re on a lockdown in the lead number has increased number 22 and bruises only been looking at this number which serves is gonna fluctuate and so you read it to a reach like the end one total recovery but the outbid closed cases which is recovered off posted deaths redesign the U.S. but this is all the world also the world order you know was fought interestingly little as they want the world in the world right now you if you go in two if if the case is closed in the world all just 406,923: were the foul, was 78% of those on a world recovered in discharge but 22% of those of the pool stock big bear in the soul interesting enough is it below show this graph been that the United States they’ll have this AMA breakdown when you go to the U.S OK Grizzle when you go too

loudly to say countries year and then you go to the U.S And see it’s got 422,369 cases 14,463 guest 22187 recovered at the notice they do not give you the graphs because if they did give you the grass and it would show that the actual, chances are of a tweak the chances right now are just basically , you’re 14,000 died 22,000 recovered which is not sold off close to suit you know that’s basically 2/3 great 2/3 other one so it’s like they are, 33% chance you now brown gets so are : it was snowing mean huge are nice day Cameron Gammons Lessig garden redial will demo Moret Elmo done that can run and as far away are well no it mean But slower and more are used to have them all you could hear much calcium folks are so basically as a lot going on in the world if you get no night dual because yesterday what we have 33,331 new cases today so far are 22,000 and 34-and the U.S. Open if you would like to know about a certain state I will tell you is now well let us know where you’re listening from now will give an update of us all as of men if you’re out there and Palos Aki you’re all you can actually typing the comments join the way didn’t get back to what I’m saying Otis a thing yet it’s like one in three espresso we got 22,009 cases today just picking on the cert so I’m laughing as numb in my head up I got into that thing yesterday where on and with the weary like start is one thing it was about trump and also and it went into a corona virus in blood that game and the and they literally said to me, another act cases are on the down will be at we’ll be back down note I’m older day was like god we know this but but but they’re not on the down some bright but they’re both guess they’re probably read about we will be back in motel and mob lockdown again now redone a strike and that’s what I’m saying is that the AMA like Italy that’s why I’m again comparing this to Italy is because date on eventually the whole idea of yet you can lock yourself down everything to be a severe like now exit lock Dao and ado and soul of people calling for that a long time ago they are in it you know it didn’t happen one, they just one block to write it down so I say some ways locked down so somebody told me-so somebody tried to say yesterday that that that the cases were on the decline was a sunny Han of us I was a notice on the recital shows using the son of all so like if you look at the ISO whenever it now on that from the world in the year is out the daily new cases you and the funniest part about is that I kiss your next party get two were like that’s like to say no to get to where we are as often is like so easy and everybody’s following this including apple NMS of Allies of all promise like anybody I mean we have a look for a book come on now anybody can find it’s not like brought his head is a Lasko to get to a insult you know we talked about there was at decline and I said now that’s just a glitch in the numbers for what ever reason because Boehm, right back to where we were USC souls a lighted got it from that now what what that ophthalmology I listen to a up of gas yesterday that where he said, sold in a tin toys and other places but I just let me hear it from and then was that in order two and also the reason why he said that are evaluated in 30 days because until they see a decrease in cases

there are not they know that there’s not that there’s always a lag in tax law is always in the like a two week lag in the deaths because of the cases came in today and it’s gonna be two weeks before anybody knows if their liver Dr. We have our highest day of death yesterday that’s what I’m saying and so I was also did before that happened was being told that it was on it was on the decline in the cases are actually going down and then you know you got it so they heard are a soul that might above Tad tiny but write about the case is gone down but the only looked like new york’s were flat lighting a lot of the suggest they’re going telltale but that does not mean the whole United States all right and they were going down only nine states so this person on the mall was might have just been listening and Leonard trump say something about New York do these people don’t listen to everything on on Sunday on and say I don’t know that I think that they’re too busy a flight Knopf people by defending was a mailing and they all after the world health organization say like a party and I have a clip or raise your flea one was due to some point on rising March 12 with this guy goes and says that this thing’s comment and it’s not just some the mess would like every new goals on a whole thing with any on trouble after me a survey in a press conference and then all his little on which a gold on , people who voted for auto what everyone told people I can they just one off on everybody off on everything about the world health organization th lid off yet: a man but they’re wrong well to run a percent were all poll will weaken this into a title like all your will either way just the point being that they’re that it was sent that they’re wrong you mean there’s a there’s things popping up everywhere about, just think inconsistencies but I just wanna go over again that that we’re not, declines in the body that’s listening out there we are on rise in we’re or even ones like what happened to last week that it almost looked out the next two weeks are to be back you as you enter the house like in then they’re going in now people like by the next Monday are going see it’s all Bowsher and it’s like org the lover went down the like they’ve made they almost on a flat line did not look at I mean they were doubt they were done a little bit yesterday a were already 4000 more cases today than we had yesterday in New York our rights old I don’t know how Allman anyone’s right mining jet were off that were going down on the name like but I don’t I don’t get Lage we have 4000 more cases already than we did yesterday on the ones in New York just drunks show off you what you’re near this guy from the world health organization Docherty to lead the way up the CIF of course it’s not off here are very similar acts at Sony and the number two in my career of the shows the orange the most interesting work for those who almost missionary government-funded me to be prepared, of service are the citizens as well as many Haitians, sense of homeowners are using the drug Cleveland high at a level with bill kirchen to see me a little soreness, it will change before the end, society we hope the moment is having little-noticed that the 100 consequential Federal-highest honor his no-hitters government is to be penalized by the fear of food and a single single biggest lesson I learned in the Wisconsin symptoms what was that there was little marshal of another cell , sold the money responsibility and they waited all of actually a renewal of china’s ended the war in a way of knowing that some say I said that up with fuel goal Jon Auer and see what the next out what happens right , and then you I’m sure a many people for Van Doren arts saying their spending is a campaign that, but guarantees out. A welder will use them if you fish would any official EE you not been anybody out there was a ceo except as money now only runs its awful someone it is for outside Italy was getting from regular all services like you know that some sayings and now he stole

everybody’s money and now read made few know all this money and was it was a, all kids just one line is exactly been out in the oak corruption are nothing like that it’s like just let what side of the limelight crackers until Israel white light let it be you know it’s like Jesus Christ and the guy already was trying to be much as you know was trying to help lose shuttle people you can’t and that’s where it’s like so funny does with the it’s like we’ve been took away that he was a AMA everybody in the NHL a way that regardless of what he said is his intentions are to turn this all in the slayings Colwell the fest just stupid as part of an ideal of think that that is stupid but that I use a dazzling have been vital and I just don’t know what he’s gone bankrupt the singles in the slaying, I mean we thought we have more people employed great no women ministering and then the one I read it to say AMA would be a great yeah that’s my whole point is one of the all right now we gave our video the other day a bit shy mean idle I don’t know how he cut it down any worse than Des right now I mean Idei said that in a 1982 was the AMA 1982 was the worst unemployment and if you’d be out major news because 700,000 people filed for unemployment relay use of another 1000 people are trading realize that the other day seven 1,000,000 at the fourth client filed for unemployment running the stuffy does a bit of a libretto that is 10 times and that is up by the way he including the AMA the adjustment four of four on you know the modern art you know what I think I can pull up that clip may and trumping just under 21 have you gonna check yet know I don’t, we’ll divide undertook by booker its board would I don’t have one times you know I’m a self employed on sorrel Taxes are weekly O you now believe in the cedar court a legal thing to do to relaunching made to launch a mountain to make too much necessarily I think the mighty make too much I just the I’m not that I’m not like the 131 cell slide-ranked Clovis illegally funnel something to get the money you have no one is if the tax return for the makeover will tax returns or even to react solely on all in 189212 good tax return the gym of the point in my 18 tax returns so you have another student chefs shouldn’t you wanna know something I was actually really excited because I got a check, I would check from IE escrow court for pain might ask rule you do you allow us from a mortgage will they liked for she did they say to someone to pay for the scruples and that the end of the year they pay all your taxes and in there like alter ego is all that extra money will see a time of that saw some I mean it was like, you just Gotta tell you as a sign is a need ideas happen again that are different in that you now modern technology of the waxy taking ER deposit that check from my phone expenses deposit take a picture to picture the back right on their four mobile deposit O and this week. He is prepared I mean missing at Saint Jude but right now somebody else cashes in four years here are one how is that even happy I was in the case someone else’s chip I just don’t Kippur rule specially world are we consider acting But using the job have an idea if you’re like going to a grocery store cash and truck and then of course if it’s like on the checker over a certain amount of money rule would take it. Does it right now it’s time in mine are doing wife Korean dissident citrus amounts is chipped tooth some people. Are you sure do just that. Do sometimes they succeed so what is on us and rethink. We think of what we we think of the about the circumstance like as we’re rolling here and run update number 23 were like where these guys are been in here you now talking it now we’re reaching to those moments and it’s like seen the impact of nobody you know Olsson it’s just a need to bring it’s so crazy and you got the route you know yet these are needed me and white collar trolls that like they’re not there there there at their like domain of jewels lowered their two went on a 2 to 2 to one week that there is there stuff’s now would be an

office not trolls and staff axis just like it’s kinda like as a say something and then they just tried armed push a home every time you known as you say some that is resource full troop you will have bought so worse when an inmate to say some milestones and assists like O you just you will put its wood for snow so this is on you know that I’d Trish Tricia reading the deck kick the node of fire burned fox Trish rating like to win off, was unknown in well fox really well I let I mean you tell me about the one day there that that but this is like she loves and I are some on NT you tell me what he is no I know he works for fox because it only that but I don’t no are you tell me about another guy but I don’t know but only if all this lady she got fired from floppy what you have to do some really bad that are far from their obviously well yet know the meaning, yet I mean bright you can just love this is usually fatal ayala’s as they say lot of stupid stuff sold on the usually requires, they let people every year the black out that some form of public outrage wow before anything me if everything was just went now did the notice to run lead on the deck Ali did she worked for fox ought to get GGF lawyer yet she was one of the first you wanna walk as she said some stupid to write the real stupid right now she went up against the trunk as she went up against that jet she’s the one that what interviewed in and out his response to air was like we talked about reads like Owen nasty question she had a little odd, no arrival scale you have that wherever you now and then it was like go too would share but now she actually there’s just a movie to because she was involved in me on the whole are there roger, stole begot know the guy that out owns fox sent, rabbit to do that just got kicked domain for all his audit tone girls they won a spot on fox you can come Salk mining autumnal and you know anything about their roger ailes are on the menu guy that’s a diet of those watching, but should avoid by Matt Lauer got far gone down if any doubt that guide two it’s like that it actually you know I’d guidelines interesting is that the cycle of bright news pundits is in line with the cycle of the president is in the drop followed me on this you go all the way back to like, you know offers advice to bush not all the way back pretty go back to like Coughlin was like the rise of guys like climb back in bill O’Reilly you now are couple and then throughout the obon not like coming up on that, like up in the bush air out on guy like that Keith olbermann is what like you know rose to fame and liked it the AMA you work for fox older men work for MSN as a DC he was ended he was a sportscaster you all you have three is PM seven he was the guy that expose like he went hard after bush in the wartime user he would like and you know he had a very aggressive show write what happened was he ended up, donating money two out all bombers campaign right and that was a out now not count the unknown now and he had to be let go for that and that’s why he’s back with the SP has and listen listen and mike teary limit the needs and on through a right on all the news pundits the cycle through like the same way like so his rise to fame was a key was it can’t ID bush died in the bush Carroll is so is obon the became president, also in the show but traded you got fired let go wherever the case was the part ways you to sign some problem we saying he would not you know do anything in the media for a while those kind of things right are a great many key don’t he was battling that your space with a guy like bill O’Reilly Somalis say where’s bill O’Reilly right now when you like, will bill O’Reilly is but I you do or don’t yet I mean not all types of hurt a lot of hurting our audience dogs bizarre, wine because at anybody that has followed any of this stuff know was that these pundits are its I mean I know I have learned is that your resign

only is because do not have a son on Rachel mat out Anderson cooper and always under as I know it’ll not nab Allied all user news organization is a lot alike Irma gets bad luck sister but she’s just I just on the bottom of it on a butcher girl their office and I am colder and Saturn and poke a there’s another one tell me about her she’s not use pundit she’s just sent us an upbeat that stood out all that on his sickness know she won against the trip to one against the president say when she got two guests watched this recently begun to see was one for big his followers Alyssa Largent or inmates are not listening to each one U.S. made on ChinaTown new peep Arnold ideas as to tell me everybody now I set out on China follow this line where an untried explain like bill riley’s car and your local animal years but the people out there doesn’t sell it it’s like I want I can’t we cannot somebody was a call and talk about how they feel about new respondents that it disappeared over the years and my point is that bill O’Reilly all when fox news the highest ratings on their is back up show was headed on a when trump came up it was a moment in time when it on a bill O’Reilly challenge trial like he questioned in a little hard are proper you know the way he used everybody ease of Dick but trump bodies can get past he didn’t and I’m not saying that, you know what evert and they’re still weak softball questions but in the end all the sudden bill O’Reilly got exposed on many things are about you now for Rasmussen it ruled on allegations of these different things and he ended up off and assign off do so he’s got now he’s on like bobcats radio but he’s not the main duty and fox now the main duty fox’s Kennedy and heady is.his rise because he’s a trout to sas resign now he’s like the big dogs people like about chips Smith did just reset it wasn’t for your key was like a 6:00 news are like a 3:00 news guy and fox that attacked round picks and you now he’s gone, but there’s this there’s this cycle of people that come up and get their name from attacking B but current like administration and then they do their role to its act that administration and it seems like the cycle to me at the end of those off eight years or four years or 12 years bombed B like get pinot cut out of the picture and then than you and new star like rice is that as the new office in with knott’s you know those old policies are older upbeat, Ron sold it keeps happening on the other guys was just for fox Chris Matthews just got caught trucks now this is a tree bark on talk about older men did not we was fox for sports he wasn’t fox for new roads near a super soaker laugh, liberal attacking bush and you are ruled by rack or in them that totally got flared all because the city gave money so that’s different he wanted a fired the feeding give money right you would still be on the team is always a reason all that the reason bill O’Reilly when the been fired if you didn’t pay off our on people that he’s actually assaulted or whenever the case it was in fox news where he is off former boss is on already you know it will have on all those guys this to work for the new slaying of them working there for 20 years would serve ones will still work that some saying that because related attack people or they don’t attack people to do because the goal after flocking there’s the big stars and then there’s the people to keep things you know steady so there’s a steady people would just like bringing our regular loud and models Blitzer yell it wolf Blitzer is like a neutral doubt he so like, but what about as a neutral of oz as an aggressive he’s not neutral like nobody’s afraid of like get that some say eventually done little happy is brown but there all those are like young guy around the shot was sold their shooting it will choose the latter he’s been there for tell you it’s been 20 years at least as he was doing me I’m all your rack ward sure when that happened he’s beyond what he’s a multi like just interviews people and should doesn’t really get too on two after the presidents of its are as it is a white you still are probably some of them try to perforating souls as neutral and as the IE the old

people that we grew up watching that we could not trust like, it has an older guy taste like two time off Tom Brokaw you’re not dealing rather yield , those like growing up in the news when those guys came on the gave you a certain you know, for and the modern a little Walter back in the day rate car, great Bryant and they’ll follow in those stocks of like taking their off constitutional duty as off the press you not as a AMA and Sergei mall for ratings in is, sometimes leg, Lester does now will shirt was it must rule on my MIC 6:00 noon same thing as absolute except four anybody that, in the modern era route anybody that is in any of those news organizations are considered on the new stream and like it hidden agenda and in some cases they might be out accurate in the butt in other cases they’re just people that are trying to deliver like some facts like if a bomb goes off somewhere and somebody reports it’s like fake news it’s like what wait a minute call the 70 can even like nothing is fat and nothing is on is on your liking you just can’t believe anything anymore and spits weaken its third world and put in one side wants it to beat, you now you will owe I suppose how will the press is too is to go laughter and to attack, need not attack but two ought to investigate to investigate, on situations and in things that happen in basically almost like a out of detecting you know saying right now these guys are desk eyes that just our personalities reduced down if BB no shout something loud enough it’s a pattern of people that you now agree a little bit you know Pete some people it’s a dicey Sean hannity as the blowhard, one of being you know pretending to portray this damage but then you talk to somebody else in the scene is likely out and is likely OPS are confident patriot that cares about people you know what Americans are something like that just comes down to like we’re seeing a different picture and we’re seeing a different thing to me, are you going some people are watching can watch are shown saying you know these guys are idiots and there are right but it’s like when no more or less pity it spent anybody else that does anything on units that CD your whenever a musher like some Dr. Teaching your shoot like that are like even you know teaching someone or or paint music are something you’re not submit something but you’re just running airlines whether its radio or TV York in two and nobody is really an yacht Moret less qualified. Real’s were well so my theory is that it’s all it’s all cycles and the like sometimes they sacrificed themselves too, you know and then get out: so it’s like but again you know it’s a guy like Glenn beck got rained out of like mainstream TV word. So we can’t employ you anymore because for the user two you know out there whenever the case was unique in its only like but then they move onto like radio Disney said then they can get away with even more than they got away with in there and their hold job is just because it’s not that they even like 12 of a certain political thing they want continued their they’re off on monetary intake and macon’s keep themselves and relevant to leave and rush Limbaugh he was written off forever ago because he was such a cut tree were Christian guide it turns out he was out of trouble you know when it’s like popping pills or my god eased out problems and now is a great back tips to be in Mr. Self righteous tell everybody was what SWAT you now or are you know that out, you noticed all kinds of all, don’t the wave it that people can be exposed your continual just like Jim Baker can go to prison for fraud and still come out and beat selling his out potions and his is out one gets in this case is a bucket of food a bucket of fruit for a year two yards year’s worth of food and one bucket well are something like that guy was talked about it’s like it’s it the even on a bigger loyalties is trying to church is probably its stock up so they can feed people were cheaper congregation were and are, you know possible please repeat visits 600 some box rural years worth 2.2 years but did you sold your mind while uses them out when we are is Luzon

would it do it’s all part of the game like you need to have the opposition and then you now are you on love watching the Keith olbermann showman when he would top city no talk about all the ship it was going on each count the on the deaths there were two direct warring you would point out it was really have the money have to raise salaries honor some two eight like I said though the wet is as hard ball that are no less a Reno was it was countdown are and it was the countdown with their Keith olbermann he would count the busy just got but he got far from the thing we’re seeing it like black ball from TV altogether and staff yacht of you I mean just a far from that not work for giving money. Some real stricken will now be a part of his deals he wasn’t allowed two are do anything with that for a while all the whole years are some see it and then he’d did out he action return to sports year and won back tears. Yet we did much of the game a job but then not eaten like it are fleeced up you still are all caterers are but he is on these difficult to work with bats like one of things in the end was yale’s marred I think dual key enzyme you not like a sad but he I’m I think he is on its almost kinda weird thing to me because it was so involved in that the only thing that I have friends say the these other guys to give far the way he got far duels ago as different mime likes eighth off we were just on the ships that like the back dining got fired a ride on a while back story was but I do I just remembered his ads to pitcher I begged a far does he said some things on TV are others that Nancy that one that was another one that was almost like to keep eventual accord at youth all southern you know Nancy grace are some like that now she’s got talk show 10 she’s back will like the all he had the wrong Shula goal after the on click modern day though they can just go two your two and they can just get enough support with a mild you know setup with their name recognition were there can get those extreme bear beams where you know these are the same reason you are in the shadows sailed in BI guess when I was starting from scratch for we got this you know where somebody’s tell me all year cases are on the down and it’s like where you’re hearing cases are on the dow there was more cases in one day it’s like. You know worldly cases are not on the dow nothing is on the dow and write the only thing that is live aid gets a bit about what I’m saying is they heard all that were flat lining in New York lighted the third set that they were to skyrocketing it’s the only thing I can for rob only thing I can think of the her to make talk as the whole world are ever cookbook to your are to what your point is they could never say they were going down they said. That attitude of flat on that, slab Lorraine nay said board just New York walks and they were hoping to keep it that were not sold in her to lie the strong guys and you only listen to search at me and I guess you could hear it that where is the world are awed idle bizarre that time again is guessed this when guys right from the outsold as you a question go to get on they’re they’re the ones on trump says laid off the New York Post as fitness rights are now but New York Post year I don’t lose at 101 season because of a point in the lane is fake new one on 100% I know but is bloody but yen EC war on the near post when one seagulls after lumpy dozen like the New York auto accident I can’t take your notes New York Times in your post one hall is one of his approach wrong you know pro republican and one woman saint entire site, lots of final record level I had in if he does I have I have a nice to data from a ship Joel but you when he got some in play for us yet I’d love I listen to a a pod cast yesterday and it was of Mr Dr. At the front seat, in cheeks or were on destroying to see where are you finding your all but basically, playback but on my quick thing is that on it the thing I’d buy now I took away from it was that the Ast, you from a you know when we would let like when we get the older you know returning he said would you not to know until the cases sitar to decline and not start to decline take a sharp decline because same not just like it down a little bit and then back of the need to see a consistent

drop in it’s a hard rock beds are decent rate not a gradual drop it’s gonna be a hard rock soul basically it’s like throwing up they are you noble ball in the year it reaches its maximum peak and then it comes right back down sold that is how this lines can walk on but again if it’s like a lockup not great enough for two things three things almost a guide you know that I was out and I was online value and it was like you know nine trying to argue it’s like more like lineup this as some real stars and has some of your post your are an eye out and see it so than not, I’m a fool with reports are real was my post bestowed the DNA blood and six I would I’d done some that I know about literature and and as I it like you and then they said a Sony said it was on the decline, and they said that now they said the cases were on decline in the deaths were loyal and I savor China say everything wise and it was like it was but he was a little hell adult we just had the most deaths and one day you I actually did and then they were like where you get net information loss of flock in a matter of that work it was a even if he’d gained ally in IE one every knows that work that signing so I sent the imam I just sort of active whole time that I to the fentanyl and I wasn’t I mean death on as you might I wasn’t trying I just know that I’d you can do will I’d stayed on their economic side are you receive are two , you may and so on through too much you legally and so if you been on this old timer guy young I’ve been out on your role and john Wasson john withdrawal and missiles little wiggle one and Friday are you decide you know which one will cool rackets like it’s working for you are right june all the UK hat of 5491 new cases are I did not rule does in outlook and oz’s love and I mean no, and along by Seattle Times are known as sole until we see the case is declining all the money. We might see in the Clinton white all right now, the 1009 yesterday jaso it’s hard luck, it’s unusual that they do those big drafted been I mean all seven flocking. Here we go to that won’t jump and as bonds now that I did it once into the actor wants announces LIBOR will bend at Saud Blundell believe that report and some alike depends on what Lavin stuff they get to where ever sometimes it’s like an old and truck and sells and and it depends on a report yet sold are a solo what what up to lead a spade plot yet to say with woody Lott will save us Let us tell a short of water all Spain yesterday had 5267 new cases all 1000 all 141,942 altogether quit today off Mitchell Thompson were they have of some water bowl 146,690 cases this is 4007 148 new cases since yesterday off OK 90 seattle’s now now notice the one other death along now let me let me point this out notice that airs and scroll down the elegy over that of calls edgy scroll down date two give you a full closed cases percentage report OK and theirs is a lot so we’re same as USA is hiding it I’m not saying they’re hiding O yet psyched for some reason world a meter is active in a map. You now in use and right on queso right now in this in Spain think we should. Bruce Murray a world the world at us and that can I can report read a copy off every time I’d thought was asking questions still on the head back a while I’d stayed make my statement and then you can win a major ones you’ll get mad and their professional heckler on one server on just a newsletter and I know of someone of you on and off we were to get our day blew up on my hard a bowl are debut on the PBS rules on some syndicated we we could do on some apps art will drag if I thought a first goal of milk a thing of it not working in Spain of their active cases sent 8% of those cases are in serious or critical condition our kids are now in doubt

that can soar as times will go out for short in order for someone else or 1. out and maybe some of our listeners out there might notice two it I have been not you now are sometimes all allow you know a cup the separate channel which somebody else’s account and play it stops are eating dinner on minutes you now on U2 and I will just be a bee often the distance now here it was still all the time now and I realize is that your thing in every one of the adapt so it’s walk to be some talking also need a minute to exits like super what it’s like done to it-fat please ever whistle again and why it’s done right to give us all lattes unlike the wins, know it sounds like somebody’s like whistling over tops and restart it’s like, it’s like if I was talking and you are in their king one of those I know I have 8 to 10 level as long as one of those yet but that’s what I’m saying is that I can get a ball out it’s like you’re playing one of those out clown horns ago someone is on our way or reduce the amount you now you like Utah little unit also you like you start talking and others make noises━only have no love doesn’t bother the London when you’re listening back you’ll all was said no to a spate of collars dislike it like it’s like those big burger thing it like gives a certain to have you seen the video of their hips I know well but you but it’s ’cause he’s picking on other people but it makes it won’t be up things that come out sound like like it’s not like you’re mocking a race a LAN the minute but I tell you how is your are and what I can hit us up like that but have you or I can do a 10th of the anno domini are none China Larry Thang unlike seen on the whistle and complex our side I have I chided I’d hit a problem it’s like it’s not you normally not tried it and keep it under control but I don’t really have an attention brought to head just not even one driving on the road like it, right if a driver looked Warner would like ask him at a mall like IE are not answer all over and 1990 thing out now I watch and roll but I got in a million things going on but I received by Orion on sun is eyed sometimes I don’t even on to order that’s that’s what I’m saying and it’s funny, because if you it when you hear it as they are is just an audio, Katz it was you’re saying if you’re any other row when you’re talking and you hear me whistling what you’re talking it’s like sound effects over but it’s like art it’s almost like somebody’s your look at, you know whenever of the conversation was somewhere in some ways coming up and cannot all just a hole in your pants down. Lichter, tried talking I’ll do not. Sounds but it’s our turn out to a whistle on turnout whistle blows Coleman, at the hip that would that I notice about students are called global output. Like treated water and has a couple of pepper and will lead a gourmet and being may miss announcing that’s why gets you out there I couldn’t do concerts bass as soon as Thursday. Does he will say is 8% mortality hilts but my point is this pain if you live in Spain then you have any better chance that the current moment of going into a serious are crippled mission that opposed to the world statistics OK this these two things among sea at its active cases which we could figure out on are all will actually enlist against critical which will take us Dole’s how many of the active cases are critical on no big just tell it well, it it it would be so basically you keep talking out tell you what 2 minutes aren’t on many are creek will leeway to sucking OK cell in 9233 of them are critic in in the U.S.. All cat in the house leaders and how many out active cases and the U.S. year 386,140 and that sound that is on the world leader down below Wilmot double rip off the writer Rick Ross and you are both on so basically we still live We’ve tested are all they do a series for gruel OK to take those spain’s only

tested falcon 355,000 people that almost like you and I mean not quite half book with 40% of their people that all the tests that they’ve taken a dime a tested positive four that’s kind of scary right will it scary but it’s also saying that that people have it many people have it that shone knoll symptoms that’s my wits are that none all where it’s not a nickname that affect them and although too small and as I: when they started tests France’s same way men and Frances France they’d been tested 224,000 people in 112 one tested possible route 112,002 tested pots on salon and injured thing you women as hats and is literally half of the people that tested and tested positive and France two and then continued, China and it’ll tell you how would people did test at our rule so fewer test our cases are indeed be good at that same on graph up there it would show and we are 2% 2%, all be active cases are critical serious recruit so right now it seems to percent of the active cases and Betsy out like a movie number as as the as new cases come and it’s inevitable that there will be a percentage of I’m going too critical stage so right now like that’s that’s why I’m saying that as you see the case is going down that’s where it’s going two that that in return for two weeks stalled in the deaths will drop and that’s where you’ll use right now she also got a thing down know they need to see the cases stop coming and before they can online. That also will all the last thing that the guy told me on that same all back and forth on is that this lockdown Rizal educated person is self quarantine has done nothing to help its basin with a one to capers and youth in Willits lake and was willing to queue rule week to date rule we know you are late ID wears real Dole Robledo when and how well we’re taking either O you’re more willing to keep YR will you know you get like that’s the whole point of this thing it’s like in life it’s a cute decreased its eight Educated Richard king well run like a rat it just depends on the degree Ariel rice from you be in there now are active members are the world about missile throughout your world wildlife two sheer will see get we’re, you will segue here you go key backing Mr. Arnold : four years were two months if you can do yourself a new after 71% Osman two are futile to close for the title-bar-renewed his lose his news as it is that’s not yet use of listless warfare is whether his late and worms and says and on the forest Johnson was a doing better they said: Emil I think that that’s a loan that same stuff is one of the best case scenario citizens are from what I understand it’s the whole thing down battle for if you’re in that reporters Thursday when if you give up the image of itself has used the wrong. You’d call again for the money and so is Wilson house was more than he does not discriminate no no SMS and struck out at our is are but it looks at the last two chairman at Dr. Judge Jim day and from a few years ago at all But not much-hyped-as its side arms radio will not act are we get outside and talking to some and Sunday on these issues and events,

you know lined up for the summer things that we had two are canceled, but I spoke with malignant steam cell and filter listening with son Steve at home here as good a small fish with their of a second album that quality in the week the solvency and not for a look and European goods and courting once were able two, open up as a looking forward to that at also love you know the cigar recently has shaped curve that that was scheduled for Friday, and Tom izzo again once we open backup will be able to offset those guys in here says his state’s Bryant , says at you and into my friends on cloakroom says jay Floyd house guys also looking at the upper end of the brolin that’s the also call off the inning off the flame homer in the semi-miracle happens between now and then double trouble seeing a report to the recall in this format, yet at sold- looking forward to two at a future at the courses was a was up some offensive-month inmates in shock the news at this again is mistimed, missed practice and caught up in no one saw was to get back together and be open this thing I can be swayed below-the one in 25 rings see the danes are 21 27th at USAir arena by Chris we humans-and-sew up the loss in the other on your list is out there thinks that some inflows into side arms radio-the may need shelf in the misleadingly, you never know which edition around 3:00: the cake index of all four-the OS and see whether the Hollywood casino multitude of times at one time, says all in all of those incidents sale of common at Highlands over the Florida lonelier have the third test as does is take your house will lose your careers in ways that was so that’s a good thing just get the same race times me at it as right as middle-school we will allow it in a home use of a shell sold-to the shoulder at home , and the movie is as much as at one news to his news- in- it-it-to-house is your own 20-some of whom have you as soon as his or her husband was chosen to the chamber, used as the concertos and masses out, says act as a Andrews says and homes of Chris wheeler mentally and a Nashville worries them, use the level you and I got an aura which new art at center at Mazar to this thing as soon as it is a joy and sorrow and was all U.S. and other crystal as of yet might see this plan on the hundreds of as well since this is only to the summit of the actress on the keyboard jazz interest on the home is in any of several days at a news or house had to his house says it has the only a few known EEL little league record everything you hear this is a time when we get together the former house in

consumer and see what happens to quickly get at one safer at some guards radio may need Jones is T23 more sensual New York quarantine in the woods trying to keep the time as the time the dollar off, listeners in the watchers in doubt if you can liken subscribing haven’t pleased of the day was the 24 24 close 24 Onsite, named around competition some 24 O him producers are you will go 24 were added as other days slopes amazing at the review was Wilbur three weeks isn’t clear I just updated that I am just like that is over three weeks us at women doing this and we’re going into our fourth week your clue as we enter on your role we do has all but four today is Wednesday was as yet subsidies Wednesday so yeah this is our on fourth week and a whirl like those are very cool too. A few years are a couple hour update hill been struggling, click and shoot up and for making sure we’re at one and you at seoul’s saloons that the slogans on TV are higher we will talk to the lives of Kosovo get the number of gross screen-with a 15 minutes or didn’t he too dominant , things are done just think sense of humor-all three of them are a receiving some jams kick and I got rid of any other office thoughts are things I am a day did they did a so the whole story on the front row that the ends see his enforce can a company along with life that would set when his name on-his sleepy looking money guide Arbor her light at the old dude the cold did on the trump administration Wilbur Ross are so old it’s is made of these and other guy in there where honor the only cloud over the head interests can not the company at one of the companies it makes sense, writer, 241 and was ill and push you so much and that Michael millions of our events in the bed real question is is anyone surprised as anyone surprise that are on fixed the case may have 1:00 AM a mother money on Monday are the young really pushing students he use our reach its act as a welts, it’s as soon as soon as soon as soon as he says is at its defeat as close as soon as lose his aides and says and does stand and say that at and gets it , says Ms.@as soon as soon as acts as easy as soon as soon as you are wrong, says and looked and looked at the Hyatt, says Susan soon as he says how to them and send them to lose as soon as soon as the senate side of the only maybe receipt the same like a AMA

in town-high-school that to the internal-and- Tuesday- OEM incoming calls for a real ornery in the column that you,-, how will you are. You if or require that the auditions are you see remiss dissenting this today is doing some work, Dion is peterson’s and pinks and he says SP rooms are-we are at our own he says he loved it can enough. Oldies checking if-era in new jobs at senior Josh as they look at how his movements the news at a news staff have a canoe may still continue to see us here make no Jones, who have his own vote for him to make the same old problems and for the Internet and sometimes you have nothing you closed out the sum of its unusual but not to have this thing you put in the flour -11 real and one for the phrase is a marvel of official recalled Arlington -Owen Rowley him with your mind and circle trips are certain to live music your yemenite show was a wall will allow bins at all that was our Dr. Jack jian from a few years back it was just don’t just as you look used area, improper thing will share the election and on I called my teammates such a dozen as a backup jazzed up ID been a lot of you cannot yet another night over it and peterson’s are in the edit out when I do not talk to you I dropped the ball that I couldn’t I just couldn’t make it work flow really and the at TNT was out to a restart yolk you’ll join what would back up their last nine months hour wait so it’s all close now and gold Miller night: indicted loads up their enrollment goals Ronald you’re right knee to shoulder OPS are you a copy of the data warehouse here, bobcats is sad sad day entry and OPS are you that as we I’m I you know but it was up that happened while gold like that happened on the on super Tuesday you know the first one when Olson you realize that the it was only a 30%, you now greater tea percent people working out that you know. Soak the nose once you get all the independents and only out everybody in the ran a full campaign and eat that day of the pee on A it is when his name not you know that that was the date that with a sad day and it’s kinda funny because, I began thinking about it that there was, but declining liquid after the news about the super Tuesday that’s when all the scroll bar stops are doubt he’d now you now and then also in its like all we’re doing so was like it’s funny because it can his you know what nobody was really pay attention to it that much though corona buyers you know for the most part and yet not you know in the notes and it’s like that happen than it was Europe and you the new main topic may and and are old enough doom you were sleeping on your lap and S&P sisterly bomb was it can’t are on the ellipse like you’re cured it looks at me like I’m doing some on purpose but not at all had only two isn’t ready should you should spend 30 days or Roble on a what about we have all

working on a winter’s reaction, london’s years met on your own we know of anything all work yet we did it yesterday work but I told you that cable is is out sick worley like effect optional start static in 1911 when the static images we had a host of other resorts to delays not that bad slowly like thirties until backwards and we just took no part in joint 100,000,000 things for some are where four kit for kids will both times, and I hope I make up questions are when asked if dominion needs you are so as long as you note that while the bright just like all the way you think about ravens going back on a full four sites passer par corrupted country singles bob corkum restful where they were common. Are back in It now with the way days last night bands and they’re not about 50 people to 60 people and they are in store 10 minutes before the close house were five people were bats right you one ideally I wear masking the store and I’m the only one I decided I feel out to feels weird it’s like a newer is looking at it like lead dust on the sale of the lead on card I said my car Le guin you know all about going to sort the first on the mask end are like a post office in the cool thing is no one knows you are is the other said Cindy as: user us so we think about raymond’s going back Josh eyed and no they were out, the I don’t I think it was and I think the unlike two weeks offer something we’re told that you see my nose on all those other essential golden yellow light is theirs and shoot you like forklifts and mike real lot of stuff to enter a subtle but essential and the leave or essential like down the road you know they can’t fail like what is the what is what is essential really mean in the end because seems to me that it’s not , you know who was making the decisions Lycos deciding where the map what you know the risk and everybody everybody’s risking oz and I’m actually, until be eight on the uptake of all drug, employers being sued after all this is done and people died because sent the were they were on you know made to think that it was safe to go to work or coke http I was asking questions. But clarify it be used on your lover of a minute or until yesterday were fired unity and but they’re like everything’s fine wheel were followed, call you’ll be safe conduct right in unused as yet as you like you have a chance that he’ll have killed but Juana two which totally six, back in so it seems to me like that a company like that would have to have you know gather the megan’s that the meanest apartments eight OK guys your job is two consistently cut it all the time to route the day be wiping down handles, you now all the door handles all the places where people push the door open or grab Ahold of this and that’s just like your your whole thing is called it is to be like cleaning up and on you know that I just I don’t know me how I normally that works because it’s all sold so to wax model that it’s just not it’s not feasible where these of the graph you’re showing yesterday the lax as opposed to strict Dole my phone: I am as one that applies everywhere audit are just once in a minute to minute through where you’re at fifth the fact that the reader or to say which aims are listening on some way to least 36 minutes I’d start on the board’s latest attack At 32nd time on siege are slowing a bit use in the back seat Wilshire is ringing judge RO.? Are a new deal in retail are a burden are holding color picture shows your honor or Barrett as everybody on merge calls 321 bins were all together are not taking a look somebody on Scott pay your rent of clue to what we are all we don’t pay Josh watts

picture you have your background to take those pictures now let you have the deaths of four at noon you alone can run their yuppie a stalled after we’ll find out it will not find out outlook should I go get my at all schools offer cameraman on 404 as you are now you and give the one you know why having any guide you to sing the coastline decibel read a good ones may do just on the Ira sorry I did get a couple distressed untruth youngest a green card at yurt on you to photos of my camera and address given you took photos with your phone and said most in a closet if we all scammers and shoot like that or so use a soulful close right you are a lot autumns in earnest. We just we let with that use would you start to get real are under orders up So we’ve enjoyed reading will resolve actual course I did not pay were on and now working all your couch I saw so much a social poster picturing quarter of folds in your your rules ravens like what switched to be a week are not sexual and announced that too many cooks on again when you read through all the things they are essential is it you know based on not the machinery you know they’re one of that their one of the places that seems like they should’ve been not you know, taking over for the facility and made you know could pump doubts among the winners are something wrong and no shipyard in mime lighting and they are not social ladder your average notch first way for sale at fort Lewis oratory using courts you’re trying like granite park yet so it’s like you’re you’re you’re a Arnold in just a sensual different to me I would think that up just off a computer places more social drains Israel and he got launcher block you dirty calf or question at the bright light archer jew rate so slick and hurling you are what are we so are we getting ready for a out of five year shutdown or to worry about how many parts are to be needed company, knee out you turn some you need like if there’s a light tundra people to work down their urine even need one part 1500 parts to be made between now and like if it’s only eight a couple months or a month lockdown are two months locked down the old of things break all the time you got that you you got a broken ones you both for them admit that I mean we fed out we did the same you note jumped off four Clifton you can kind of like repair ship of your own for the most part and it’s only when some really goes bad sold are the most part the wife of both four cliff these are pretty up the northern requirement for them to be serviced it a stronger load 900 trucks and a unit of that. But as you are not it’s when Ewing really doesn’t this is a lack of third on some parts are not on things in the party discovered walk goals and in these places must have on stock and will whenever the off what was like I said what goes in, there’s not really that much to it nears you are not like I draw likes the stock would I write all dolled a four-bit I don’t buy not I’m not like I don’t know determine whether not there really a sensual and not but it does in the four Clifton repaired are selling you and your neighbors on you need for clicks our leader Reggie minute later you’ll four more costly OP: all that you can’t legally just BS bite on 1000 for close here just as the Whitman yelled cycles through trigger something like apple on you just love for sending thank mike Europe summit Roxas (scenes acquaintances different been selling do what it spits getting the point where the businesses if they were deemed nonessential there trying to get on waivers for their company to base it on you know we get it to work or you’re gonna go bankrupt over, you now what your life is the people you know you’re a skeptical sliced Periods and that’s that’s kinda what comes down to so it’s the same thing as the leadership

needs to look two leadership and if the leadership is which washy and doesn’t give you a straight answer on what your spouse to be going , then obviously you’re gonna get there a situation where liked like we said the story so many people that just believe it’s it’s still nonsense and then units people saying that it’s not even nearly you Knowles of death rate in all these things and now struggle used by stockholders would add scoring records for each bowl, seen cage what we think we think that if we live in reality never were else’s You that people would deny illegal to duel to go back you bet it can read the letter in really believing that this is recalled is not tabled and my child workflows that we are one inning when it is also on your own real clock oaks it would be the strangest year but it’s obviously not a hoax because we’re as you know 6000 people died it’s like the thing that I’m saying is that we are sewn onto these numbers that we look at numbers and we’d all of them associated with like actual human beings and ones that starts it happening more you know were to see that it it is, we know this is it’s like I said were me out on the extreme 911 every day and week out every day since we’ve started this thing you know where 24 days are on corn inch arms and just all for you in its 1,000,000,000 yen are only just beyond Russian human ear every day you talk about called 90 jordan’s agent came a arts or are eyed state court jury any stars on starters this earth report what’s the risk on and Toyota owns part now on will delete it yet It’s but a real hand and cattle in part Joel Joe year got to your right jewelers Lattimore essentially think there are just make a troll rules are stored four looks good and then make a stink hours or eight different ones like to make the ones for likes the walls. Igor weary all can see a light pending bills for close to older major ones for all mode and truck read aloud are you think it’s essential buying a means if you’re not lurk there would have to be what you’re the one down there would have to be one teams but have to be some would be able to fix before club sold it for love another company be open to have to let all real Joel yes I do essential I’m a little tough than you are the standards and practices and clearly can’t work inside war and we’re seeing much Et dalila king movies than just seems like ends it argued that you’re not examine might not have a parking lot like the Fulton might not have everything won’t let you there looked but they usually have duel I don’t know that a light no light dog Johnny water companies they generally least I don’t have all the people fix your part year on Sunday hours later the video, launched Rashid alumnae hands as ours ready arts solves it is very seen an NBC marinate the court for more than 31 to work in order to enjoy site in always exactly what you’re going to look like dirt at that rate layers of which are dirtied screen door and called leaders like your blood sugar rest on take your one large will let me share this wasn’t Chinese but you were at the economic school on slowly seeded breeze where masks two you your mouth you need someone to take when you restore faith races series orchestra were as is the outside and mass not contaminate because even sucking things look to it potentially souls in one and $1.00 now I think then you get a lot money L.a. cannot take it off and due now let it become less at tripled extended period time you pry best off like to just washer staff regularly at one and on as far as your face mask I’ve been

thinking about that on and I wear a mask but also where john Dingell the top and at MMI get I’d throw that in the wash your the top part right side and Cynthia not a surgical mask am going to 1995 so stark you are used in which the briefings around load up the holes are basically want and I put that just are folded toppled it cannot do it completely from within a few reasons because I can’t wear a circle rest makes me look like a lunatic we could declare but a scarf just makes no quartet alike I lied on this any way to call that are now writes enough July aroused a cold you Dangers are all told, designing a stake are ignorant I need I’d like to apply masterminding restore shots I can tell what cited as the inside with sides the outside silicon, back out yawning would maintain the outsides or flip over to go out and sell to let lightning Zinger into its right off that you’ll surgical mask as yet soared on the other that rid of this doomsday respirator bright not say what I was looking into buying mine are idle hours and carting with the patrol force will yet gentle on the sauce to really get Solaris and abel’s candelabras reader levels are data cans not yet the two ones and assign them yet, that a Wednesday on soul she lied Ireland with Dusty Marx ought to look into this super I watch the street or real deals one to put on this fool cool face mask and then it turned out of some kind of vacuum train Arkansas are as waste all we are just another fall faced look like you’re a bit old Peter six, driver endowed so anyway I’d buy one and one of looking like 600 boxes and creasing shootings of decking soccer and all these different things they want to look at all that while on a plumbing leak in owl ago remembered educate we think you’ll be one of the sheiks it was a case they won by this one about the system It’s a fluke and background node are at hot ticket items are you’ll have little school was set up outlook air tanks ideals are not enough on runway Monday so somewhere else in our colleague of surfside the Vietnam lodge in class, which Jaeger Bork loads a quaint little leaguer school guidance luxury goods of the U.N.’s fee per word was sure you nuts by tight as pretty cool shoot though really close but dealers the goodies to have a James bond like these on Audrey sun for a sick but here’s the deal this or learn about what’s the state by schools kicks third party so it’s like if it is basically a business and at Wichita class and you pay four weeks before real money not column should be no tuition money but you actually pay for it just counts as a credit to your gym class righty it but the Dietrich year because they named the credit card the takeout and order to take the class off the main credit card some kind oath academic thing in city after you sign your ear to Counsel William pu patrols 24% offer this so you know when you get schooled your lesson that looks and gets called hearing on idea really don’t take any way sees by road address and delivered by follows all cartilage until today, stark and on that enough on at the induction class school but near the absolute year levy and the six are you can see its but pages listing all deal at Christ nails 20 years old for a kidney are the only their decisions but it’s really easy winner on tariffs sign your name here in here’s a look Wilshire you get your e-mail all of the was it close is the daughter box great: well worth it and the 24% cut interest rates are valid for a lawsuit was it was 300-class rate N because I remember clearly are like I can either by announcer really good week Bork coast. It’s called a certified gold stocks all U.S citizens that was my in my

rationale agree on a regular yet and there was nobody was interest for AIDS and then after the interest free part you not have a paid off by been in the interest kicks in the air the interest rural Aldrin and Ukraine for startup all that goes like you’re 20% something ridiculously I on I remember thinking and chaos in a cold like three times as much with almost three times as much for a yes vote was money on fixed at least once. Cendant in my community college start for you but so were all saying is that you’ll lie when your freshman orientation are illegal in the Jama have all these activities or different things you can do a lot of them was getting it cooled so little check out the things we have with the swim team did I don’t seem caught a school board came N sure she would they had little Bonneville under the James bond all pointed to look and goldfinger the lookup color the holy jet stream until a new and used your total to five, Justine holdouts it ever called around the water and likes 20 miles an hour and that is why I signed up for a majority of teams were no strings us and on the Jesus your court union were mostly the opposing like the Disneyland when you put on them are made, leads report a little in addition to the fact that, and are buyer died so school and if anything announcing about the one thing that: minds want to put up or even ask you the bus will reshape it wound but call journals you only briefed your ralphs your sides were forced to breed that we’re right in tactics and I’m used to rule no one CD stand that it’s all good and then your equilibrium is also does exist because you’re normally conscious when you when you’re in the pool: books are down towards euros all want to take a real Zeit equation will you could be upside down when you’re matter your story in a blood oozing rusher S grandma and different like pressure you ever pressuring white light on a treasure so when you get one of the still works like we saw right when these little are riddled with most things work you did a little bear wool but it’s different because you’ll feel at all Federal reserve board said it right side of Mr. Altschul glumly skated a week said it also are certified Onondaga Jens unseeded ba you can see further further like insurance-at leach Ryan solos are no reason for report while you were about that a green lake that is up there and Syracuse area is nearly out of the computer fallout like it’s green but like the almost a fluorescent green larger it’s a title: one , it’s worthy and dull ache the youth in theater role of the deaths of Leutwiler we were that I don’t doubt that the times we got weak or stop that can withstand a street on copper spot they will see that dismissed like cattle equilibrium are waters can’t watch it once you start spinner rally it’s like a world trading around you when you’re not staying inside of that it’s a crazy feeling All your efforts to reduce its interest , three equal under your water got now each idea I get some like cool school but it’s a big night and the scuba gear and snorkel workweek Georgia and in cool plate you know it, you to do, on coral reefs you like and went to a on a little while and I was on vacation and curragh sell all his life, you’re stopped like the other room but to greet their body language I’m out there isn’t the word yet so it was all but then went to it, all with deserted island but the notable right to scan the craze use a 2 hour bull rider and crazy choppy waves on liquor giant pontoon boat quicken two but everybody likes 7080% of

people on the boat were off at the head just picking her lord Gore has long been seriously the whole place including myself be tried so hard it be like born you noticed keep your eye on the horizon inning in there and it was just the worst. The worst feeling issuing his 2 hour ride else in the kitchen you’re like you’re off off your base, coke 180 were taken bolts you know boats and now, from the pond two and you now or you can snorkel and if you want to run your soul units and four year and jumping ring that water so I jumped in the water and then it you know I’m I’m looking in the water in my eyes are are my eyes are great, by any means but like when I’m trying and can see signs are things really pylori unit and after let things coming focus solely on length looking only for Lawter and I see this giant like out like a silver you know circle almost you now and our record shared what is that you notice my vision comes and I realize it’s probably like 5000 goals are sold or fish like you see in that knee mow lawns that might make the sheets and city staff youngest and I just remember at the same time you know Cindy the world, creeks and how know where you’re in the middle of nowhere and just like you know what what goes you now will feed on those so you know when you get those shark fears about some abuse. That’s over ball outs and sharks Plowright through it, you’re really talking to an null shares now noticed when the effect that but it was the same situation I literally saw that was in the density of how these fish just like chunk together you now know I’m a rookie year as prequel got on its grandson, on all but one said store’s owner of the house going on out a lot of cold during that period laws else about in the mean it that play now is like I’m going for the short ago I started light truck and not you know all single scared Michael it’s a much more: Jon and light water and because it’s like house like it was all. You it was crystal clear like this water was crystal clear you can like it’s my vision was good eye can see forever you now but on since it was indicative of things, blurry and that it’s like that you now are just can repair and where were you know it sinks and so that the snorkeling close to the edge are also did some snorkeling you will whole you’re saying you will win streak or really what is a hit with slowed all shows the beach at oak or luxury does not like that , you write know your rights so where was where was it a different part of what I’ll do for beach tudor 31 thing I remember ’cause know was cold one, was there was cold set a trial yet like it was out the water like you cut on the water and they’d say that at the troubled water and the water like it had a sign up in their member said mayor and I mean like my sweatshirt and you know that you’re as a reason you know I’m not in like shorts and like are sunny turn the land it was like god beholder called year and the but the AMA you’re seeing a lot of those unsealed that the seals all come on the beach and under protesters were like don’t bother the seals and on and on other people there like off share the space with the seals you know everybody gets to use it now you know this summer’s stop all literally make the entire Beecher to speak full OR are calm sea Lions you can see where in light but in another part it would be just literally like as I’m sitting there you know it’s like morning timer whenever our hotel near there and are you’d see all these like older ladies Calder the ladies, now put on there are off its women And a swimming out too well beyond cook you know bonds are rocks and recalled a saint cool stuff but it just blew my mind that that water was like 58 are some like that concern and Mayan and business water temperature and you now you’ll really one did anything under seven under 7070 school but he that surround saying like 80 use like all kids are maybe it’s a real nice bottle year and Ethan you’re 75 consent is caught

As the world’s for waking mart lawyers are you seeing but since you’re like those are you’d be doing that on your old IE departments and kept lawyerly abuse at night you can’t judge a zero body fat uses of the Iraqi war to 390 degrees If not actually I watched Josh hour in seemingly you start the school serves as though it had the sixth and greens outside west and it indicate a little old item waters, he’s not even get to sway on the little beach because he had the shower are like no backs coach showered in mice where chimpanzee of joys and Ali great show hours are by the teacher of patrons yeldell like California shores of beach idol worship hall said Cisco what’s a guy and are sold your we drive through your old laureates if Cisco and call up and this just like is no song it’s all been ready into the windows were whistled it is because of signing these outdoor showers were willing almost people shower Chris B and a earth are using only watch him do it all was funny because it’s like the west lawn story may have been a showers, Swartz unforced Powell could build walls in both the way it’s like blown away the women Sunday as alleged in oak city and I waited from the shower and you’d be offered little black bag resolves people spread matter because as the fact that you told diminishes it was a so called I’m just watching and a result, white you are in need of Joshua Rodriguez tse and josh’s bill like an extra row three backtrack your rules bombs running outside side-effects of self-yard is awkward scene in which the collection out you will see what that mauled down huge year lease a different creature, you will have to let you for us what is it real and bought a gun at landry are stalled U.S. urinary will cheeses we launch that would colder than we dropped and Brett Lott are the Creole on race is wide number two site is a need for the background people are trying to start cancer one total Loretta people are bringing their risks aren’t lower leanings on a goal or choose fee in Washington and we have to get two Ohio 90 and Indiana by way of Montana and nobody wasn’t a knocks endowed Joan Wright you’ll just on the mountain’s N’s it was nice day rope to trust the sun was out middle summer write a lot was a July had she known it was entered through a red lights yes souls birth weight leather hot world it would then like in the 20 stars to do great sold some work on by was a look in the key is all you are getting better to call waters from likely for national park base would flow in south Koreans in glacier water use saw it as flakes of mice and Graham tiny flecks of voice and if anyone is ever like marveled at the edge of Glasgow greenest the color comes from white bean refracted back and course with the net gain of blacks in the vibrations when you see that Emerald green saltwater the same way its tropical looking marchers and green just a low of waters which makes you think it’s 90° outside that water is gonna be 80° so we know when we’re looking at its Nicole Redondo scenic outlook and get up to the creek escorted out the water with 33 critics aren’t an untried we’re trying to dig shorter and get my feet and Everett like that and guy should but finds a way to do the crab walk like over top coach bob Varga back in the of water had made his yacht club’s canvas in its feet, water grab walks out for his body was in a water units death in any just as the beaches like suspend or chop in a tent and as much as they tried contacting me like one cost would make Saigon second and then just kicks is cooler care just radar were nuts and bolts intent is insisting in their deeds goes up and down and up and down and does this weird

frozen crab walkout to splash washed floor in a way as a whole heap that the jet went all right as human numbers are are gay as use the weirdest thing watching do it. See city crab walk since mike 3 feet are not yet are all minders braves use bravery it was just as I tried to do and I just I could real’s to Seoul and coral. It was so cold our look like it was to be warm and switches to stop sending your call wheels requires a trail to go down your neck out more real than TWA your best are wire work you are are where the Kari Steele. Some are all which walking. Idi get sent to make your friends and any work are you running were augment word R’s I’m not nice. ORS you looked like the girl from their ring current sheet use the thought has 11/3 innings known as a dry dog was light on as I was you I think rebel audit of the Internet is concerned that saw white he was crab walking because it was knee was a priest the kind of thing and it was all rocks but every rock unlikable rolled into every lock something critical if you’re into Goldberg about the courier all young crews are weak arm dreams hour-city that was part where should all feel really was meant as a single where you were worried shows that no doubt will backing such as cars and round but it was real in annual sold but here’s the way travel Josh rules any decision is made me stop you have to relive anything you did wrong or anything you would be embarrassed about for the next 3 hours sole I can let he and the manner of two white you’ll get his notes and warranty not do as an insult your bow So I didn’t do what died in ideally I can do is like dropping your four she worked as a suspect was needed for I can do the crab block rules , and that’s when later that day that might lead on other spot World at large What are not armed, the way alders courier will drink at all ears are we went through at nightline wouldn’t want it, you’re well aware your whole career Ours people with their dog considered water below are your unit used to say no when he’s talking about is art and is a cool. The song we are initiating on resist the earth and waters really nice and kind of water and still for equal are always keep were children’s summer as a cross between a crossword sold now when I swing krauser Bryce we would all career goals were in are your 90 Starwave Josh he tried stat watch tower where it’s now I was worried not or some rocks ruled that ID’s around here-pay your Cecil and fall into pertaining one of the league way down that what caused a lot and his son Joshua Joshua Camilla current inning diskettes jets bomb back is aghast all Kidman you tries there are no title backing away and gets clipped over couple rocks spun around another one and it is laying like use break cancer art that one can rest things cannot escape like our rocking the Saudis exhort want your faith and bonnie Raitt or forget about curator let’s make our guard I never most of last are making your armor in on the waters will melt down to where the waters are entwined water. Duel Whatley story you right back where you can. But critics are a block of sunset years might this is our world all but the suggestion of years and corroborate all I wanted to steal like segments of biking ever do use its top job motion animation you would run whenever like used to programs are think if we tell stories like back on the short story of yield climbing down into the water to wash your undercarriage in an itinerary. But the house or each it would be tried on story log the workday is just picture brightens disorder

Yardeni I got wires and at night not immediately I got my hearing their cue that are illegal, the only thing you can get what was your knees in your shoulders of Hartford get a little lord willing to trust your watched the hot and the either local what it costs a bit yuan marbled art marvel that it means arguments and I got a notice on line that the out a green lake state park is not polluted and it has a lot about mineral deposits or retail little out until he’s in our water audience all the east on Taiwan are filled minerals are doing scenes general stock Monday glacier water which shards of always reflect white are wear sturdy and rules and Watergate were for acts on a keyword for acts it just bounces around and creates that that remove all year round of the Yokich wild. You may seem that it’s almost like a look see nuclear but it’s like yet that’s why we’re out because at all But it’s not now seats are sold on our also learned out that on dual refracted light reflect need to go straight back to the source or threat that means it’s like reflected a different direction like sold like the ghost into that type of water can get these the shards of oyster minerals and then take their ardor for angle it’ll deeper into the waters that is why it when you see the slick like toward Russia swygert we got you can see all the way down to the bottom yet it’s because light jacks kicks off refracted deeper into the water as police to reflect on service next it yield issuers will eat down down deeper and bob on the tour since you are are deadly as it’s up to four weeks of each Call the east you not that O. Min Wilson fungi good idea to get your dollars an hour for me, I’m real important role these are courting council right on, but to close the socket revolt against the Federal cozily are are releasing two at a week, was settlers eight figured I have only ones to send any images or out you know stuff that might interest to show you consented two side gardens that she mailed out,, gardens with a nasty up Guardians sonic starter as its energy male and female Dr. Hold lays it was awesome these order are you you have you have been chambers right I’m thinking right I got all the proper equipment yard you got your mate are stymied one time you’re allowed to come down and take a role and then you can time lapse are ever due watts was because it would be one of years you’ll want a former rights leaders will it all to not a total we should do the upgrade this situation and that was without you know can try bad setup would ensue and then not yet given can get yourself a low of studio area and are human that would be really cool and gauging their lineup all yen the platoon, which you your kids right at your code as a tool noted a big one: you’ll eighties when only look the other legal ball Wrigley do it well in that case we actually have one of those write your cause of that a judge is brought back down but on NT be better off than when most you can get the ones are so tiny that like you when you can see your inner but you know it’s like the ones receive the guys walking down the street think their crazy talking themselves and then you like to talk to me and then you realize there on the phone on their blue juice or in connection isn’t R. Baxley 1,000,000 Oaks’ think me from peterson’s and grower when the waters kitchens Dougherty worth and two MB zero before you’ll know who’s actually batters it certainly doesn’t make you reduce bag it’s just like right knee and now you is that as I knew I would wear low because nobody wears but what used to listen to and Brian you watch a flight of concord’s your lip watch the one all year long as I’m not a nearby Felice lee was caught off

at Miller’s like I love that that’s why does a lot about a Michael think he out I didn’t think I checked that in all remember you’re the parent can be taught Brett used an alley when you get the job doing the signs you get the job of holding up the signs and then Jermaine comes a piece like what settings are you use a kit small blue tooth and ease like what’s not in use likes the mail and has as people wearing a little as two slight bit better citizens as it is his time as Mr. Union no less a amounts under a cycle and at the citizens of his words were starred current duet is some good stuff in there are the other hits in eight months without letting people on those again later the chilly willy as interest are slowing the angel good as your your word rates are human that’s a cool one were grateful that it’s interesting how lot ball like so many songs, kind of a set the mood for life where we’re at and life right now it’s like music is kind of R, fill the void forever but it’s like it isn’t it’s more like a lot-world human notes it’s a real brokers that another thing there was an armed world’s future and so are you work your post you are talking about on the streak ridden cities in and and are you are taking a black work like year’s decline. And it less work for people write negative would have cut jobs and Trish wilson’s an insect what would people do like they were part of the year to structure it needs on what will people there were it’s like you’re a kid BR and led the arts. You get paid less having made Glenn that’s what’s left is beat that the finer things and do it like you meant wheeler leaders are seems to me that a society should be built around the structural you now upset and it’s like and there’s too much and based on, you know like a special you like I can’t I say to you know sometimes is like hard work is not equal, like success or are satisfaction or it’s not really the thing that’s like happiness does not, you know I mean my make ends meet but there’s like there’s more to life and are you running out A kidnapped. Or it could well on that no I have to delete dinner right field because there’s not so much as one of the doubt times in his life, grill you’ll find these other leads the cleats KC porter foot down beaches of look at a carrot would break down can’t run to close the staff writer you’ll talk, I guess in duck coach any other time she will be no demand anything but she knows which is like it pits their cars. But that should wait on a share from give me a bottle of deadline is not an AirTouch shorts of rebuttal of getting eight told ID we’re off and on gross rent Our that you’ll probably outlets will all be on call a one row during nine in queue are now that’s R’s your energy order share Berryman, rounds artist pace but Enoch manes show many nieces on a guard’s radio been the center is rolling out our editors like R.A. Josh evenly, and you know what, you Gotta I was gonna say it, and prejudice and teaching you got the blue tooth was making you Colwell where is like his voice was clear right but yours was kinda hollow through that to the speaker think all the speakerphone yet think if you were just had to put tear your auto unplugged my MIC so wasn’t like you know that which are better at nine each time you turn your are so I had to cover Mr Yemen and we are being called gray will Ryan Warner real so on and off was guitar a final update here realignment O2 for us a little out, updates gross corona’s updates over are we got 1,506,361 total cases worldwide B8 1100 deaths a world 1,000,000 in the 319,292 people have recovered worth one the United States of America and an isn’t 425,729 cases we are all pop 25,434 cases since yesterday we are all 1007, I got what 47,000 new cases today now it’s

a 25 in the U.S. business 47 now we want our RE reduce the O insurance. You are What I am a little and will my screen you’ll see if models is thing it said were 2¢ and it’s OK to it said 47 minutes each year and won YOR and yet so, a 25,434 aren’t 17,000 deaths as of now, isn’t it all we want 1706 folder options were killed in a sense are one was a good thing like that the AMA your actual numbers are reducing wrong yield. People can RE your defenders are on death per 1,000,000 is up to 44 per 1,000,000 in the United States on wigglesworth where the number should 11 out in active cases O388 really 1963 we got some activists, get 9234 critical were serious We’ve tested 2,195,623 people a bid to host an jewelry have it for the day which you will learn about the united kingdom’s on an intruder seven look until a one and run through this thing one real quick 16,000 Italy is one into a full lockdown look OK in the bin which is strictly as you have no material your nose only words today are rate and this is like probably why because what they are rate of close cases is that the 40% now and they have 4% in serious are critical condition so based on the response in the way we’ll treat this on our number that is out you know 2% is gonna also climbed to 4% and once 4% become serious to critical all those 4%40% of them are donning but do you think there’s a below higher success among people will then it would drop the numbers are right you’re saying they have an honor just a million people so you’re saying that these numbers really recant we can play and are there not but see every time there’s new cases so many a book like if you look at every day there’s gonna be so many serious cases or critical and then the next day there should be another number of serious to critical and there’s gonna beat new deaths is my point in the nation be people are there recovered but Wes people recover because we’re less strict mess people recover quicker because you can’t yet scare run the full cycle so the other people might be dying in you know some people died and four days after write the hat that the thing sold if you you know somebody there dying but the point is is that until the cases but stopped coming Ian.Min number of deaths is not going two go down as well and it’s gonna be a two week lag because of the cycle right are eight so in that in their case, they are but looking in the 40 off 44,000 people and then oh, off the 139,422 and Italy and all those cases 26,491 recovered in 17,669 people back Roddy percent so it for you all the testing But Mr. Sam oldest line percent of the order said the serious are critical on a daily basis so you can like you can like judge their based on those now so if you go down two , still back to us sold

during the U.S. and the did new cases 25,493 write sold two weeks from now , what was ours as the ours is actually off 33 actors is 40 shoot nor is evenly I think that that’s 33% are sold 33% to 25,000 cases artery to weeding the next two weeks real and 6000 were people were critical richter’s dictionary So that you’re so on line 2 minutes even serious to critical autos laureate where looking and looking at the URL ’cause it’s out all of us to deliver broke down four are for the state are for that just us like states and top auditor we see so it’s out so on that same year that sob am looking at the Mac and that’s ounce can go for like every day that there’s new cases on this level than we have two weeks before its can calm down those numbers so once the new cases become 10 or five between us and we can start and the only thing it does a while the stories you don’t know how a backlog you along just because they’re just tell us the sum and tested positive in its new case you’ll know how long their tests of bennett’s away and all your we know based on where we are which were checking hour United States on but I’m saying in and that some say is we can tell from days that hasn’t been it hasn’t changed in like shooting county it’s like two more but it’s like all really gets it right means there’s obviously more than that because lot of people are being told that is self are quarantined think right where city and not make changes in Minot, Jews, our county as 40% lower and it was 15 and she said 40 yesterday bowl of Indian and have enough to results on 53 cases so I think we’re alike 40 some 41 yesterday rate move 14 and Joe wood 38 otsego medicines can 923 people died , 16 and chortling seats like in Binghamton zoo 93 so it’s like in comparison shooting no county 53 cases its allotment to a lot we were a 0:10 yesterday or sugar ground but supposing right and you can have two people write which which on any it’s all tables this is all you saw was a great woman were chasing back it was the table four was the six them into theirs. Thrice old are the numbers to give your are from yesterday two delete a day behind recent New York State rules means so that out that interview that I’d said that her with a folksy was he said it’s not really said the number it’s Gotta be a drastic drop it can’t just be little OPS and downs of design as you see a day that drops and then yes so far, so far the worst days been 33,000 300 cases in one day and that was on the perl are , to date currently at the 6:00 and 90 sometimes use 6:00, where 29.26 thousand which this number will increase until , 8:00 are so it’s because Clara 29 new cases it’s missing on Johns Hopkins O units interesting condolences 25 on the world and your on which usually the world muir as the one that’s headed right daily new cases you’re 30 Yemen, shared notices seven were received. Said 33,000 yesterday year

so there was a oh I was looking OK and some things the city was even the day before that O so your we did shoe off two match for the worst it’s an hour on there that are we getting to another jump or even start two were level of what’s going on and so therefore were at your high level off book title thing but it is a sale holes in one will fuel line where steward flicker but states not dwindle reaching is also a time factor like calmer I notice of the world a meter because it’s on the GMT time which is I think 6 hours or 4 hours on the richer, our head of Austria Air or are about 8:00 in the NEA is the end of the day writer not use on the senate on OP Kings might be tracking on different hours which is why their numbers are not quite acceptance and bridges there us a boost for your are a told them are old until tomorrow he was some a mutual humane were to give you outsider Margaret do you guys are here once all peculiar way because in our rolling on this and you close the warmest rules can be a shocker two shotguns there’s one cold and Julie note smaller use much money and play than a couple days of her four , are older body and Joyce takes rents a song but I can remember what the dish beck says I’d sign off like when are you on all the gent, below them wrong and right now are white Toledo close ticket wonder she said what are the delays and Johnny < gardens radio may need shell but those days, one and I have as soon as soon as soon as soon as soon as I said as soon as soon as I was an honor known to have on hand to as soon as I as long as soon as soon as soon as I said to the world and as a member of the as-as well as soon as soon as soon as soon as it has had some 7:00 AM not as soon as soon as soon as soon as as soon as I am of that as soon as it says Andrews, as long as a home as-as soon as his days at Santa has a lot of them has as soon as much as soon as soon as I say one of them, they soon as soon as soon as soon as long as the name has to have some law and Allen has sold off and log in an end to a lot of some of the live as long as you have to, and a lot of news of the high end of the live and how to zero and had a letter to say and math of a new law had a long they have to them and then have a lot of women and five men have all of the livelihood of one man then and then I have not have known as the head of the kind of knew of a I am as it is a man has had an on-man who has had some who has his news and no one has to have had to have our 11 in a zero and know that go along for

some of them on the house and the love and may never have gone home and have some of those of you and I have to use as the head and then as a low-income