Gamerade – Cleaning and Restoring a Playstation 2 (or 1) Controller – Adam Koralik

figure it out hello this is Adam correlate with figured out productions the following video is part of our quick shoot series hey guys it’s Adam here and today I’m going to show you how to clean and restore a PlayStation 1 or PlayStation 2 controller they’re basically the same thing outside externally anyway and I meant to do this my apologies recently I mean really recently like I think was my previous video I did this I cleaned and restored this PlayStation 2 that I picked up and I meant to basically clean this controller in the video but honestly I totally spaced on it so yeah I’m basically tacking this on as a little bonus so there you go a lot of people have requested this over over the years so yeah let’s do this real simple breakdown this particular controller is not that dirty it does have as you can see some dirt on it right there it’s got some of course trapped inside the cracks these you know grip areas these can get really gross over time a lot of your this is going to sound nasty but it’s the truth a lot of your skin will get kind of caught inside these little cracks and will form in there as like giant layers of dust and nastiness so we’re gonna get all that out of there a lot of stuff on the back as well an edge it’s generally just make it nicer and restore it and I highly recommend doing that with any of your controllers as well but I already know this controller works so likely it will still work afterwards and if it doesn’t oops I up but yeah let’s get started here now on the back there are six screw points there’s two right here then there’s two in the center right there and then there’s two here now these use a Philips head screw but it’s a smaller one than usual so you’ll have to get the appropriate screw driver once you have the screws out we’ll take the controller part which is pretty easy it basically just comes apart like that now this side of course will have all the components and the back piece will essentially just be plastic so now at this point if you want you can just take this part and rinse this up with some soap and water and get it nice and clean you could take the triggers out although there really is no real reason to do that all right scrub that up looks really good one piece of advice I would suggest keeping an old toothbrush around and you know just one like this and then one that’s been like totally beat to by your teeth over the years and that now you just use as a tool use that to basically clean up the edges here along the side of the controller because like I said a lot of dust and just nastiness will get in there and yeah it’s really good to get be very thorough especially on the cracks on the outside but to end on the back right there with all the plastic with the text and everything a lot of dust gets caught in between the lettering so good to do that so that’s the back piece now let’s bring in the front here now of course this contains all the electronics so you’re going to have little button pieces that are going to come off I recommend just kind of lifting this up here and basically just using gravity and just kind of letting this pop out and then you’ll have the front plate off and again we’re going to go do the exact same thing we just did all right I’ve rinsed it up got it looking a hell of a lot nicer ironically the one part I wanted to take care of the most I can’t turns out that’s actually damaged the paint that’s not like dirt or anything but same thing applies it took a that you know a tooth brush and just really got in around all the button areas so that a lot of those dust particles would go away yeah looks really good so now going to put off this side and let it dry along with the other part and we’ll bring in the guts here as you can see buttons are just going to start flying everywhere what you’re going to want to do is take all these little plastic bits these little rubber bits as well and put them off to the side along with the triggers here basically just take these elements and go ahead and clean these all up in the exact same fashion I guess might as well take this one as – all right I’ve cleaned up all the little buttons here so again we’re going to put these all off to the side and let them dry up so now there’s only just a couple other things we can do to basically clean this thing so the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to take some compressed air you could use cans of it or you can use what I’m going to use which is this the datavac electric duster and all you really do is you just kind of blow it on the consult I have a cement controller not console but I’m sure you got the point there wasn’t really that much dust that came off of this thing so there is only one other thing we can do which is that we can take some Windex or window lean depending on where you are in the world and a q-tip and you can just go around you can put some on the q-tip of course and we’re going to do a couple of things we’re gonna do a spot cleaning like there’s some you know some grime that’s kind of formed here on these parts and just kind of clean these up and on both sides there well I’ll do that more in a minute but you can also clean the contacts so that it improves the probability that the controller buttons work or at least last longer and for that again you take some Windex and you just kind of go over all these little black spots here and just kind of you know do that you depending on you know your controller and depending on how

dirty or not dirty it is you may end up getting a lot of gunk off there you may end up getting basically nothing like I did one last thing you can do is depending on so these are the little joystick things of course you can’t really take these off without more work which we’re not going to do so you can clean these up you know externally you know use Allah perhaps like some paper towels and some Windex and just kind of you know get the surfaces cleaned up you can also clean around the edges again with some Windex on a q-tip or paper towel or whatever you prefer and just basically try to get as much gunk off there as possible one thing we’re going to do before we put the controller back together is it’s a completely optional step but I think it’s kind of nice we’re going to take some pledge in this case it’s orange pledge you could use any really really any kind except for moisturizing tends to be a little bit more difficult to work with but basically all we’re going to do is take it and put some on a paper towel just like this and then we’re going to rub it around the edges of the plastic and everything you can do the front you know all over and of course the back piece there and the whole point of this is to bring out like a shiny kind of glow to the controller and that makes it look a little bit you know newer and fresher generally when I put this on consoles I do it at the end at the last step but in the case of the controller I feel like it’ll just be substantially easier to do that while it’s a part so if that’s up to you if you want to do that but if you do do that I suggest leaving it out I’d say let it dry for like a good you know ten minutes or so it’s sufficiently dry so now it’s time to put the controller back together I find the easiest way to do this is to take the front piece flip it to the back and just start plopping pieces in we start with the d-pad there and let me take this weird like claw thing and you just kind of put it in like this and it should just kind of sit in there like that then you take this part and then put that in and that one kind of just meshes in and then there you go and then you just basically start doing it for all the other places so it believes these pieces are like shaped they they have specific mold points so they can really only go in one way but yeah you’ll want to put that one there and then I drop that but X goes there square goes there triangle goes there and just go ahead and do that once that’s in place you can take the start select an analog pad thing and plop it in there then you’re going to want to take your your triggers here and then put them into place which I believe go they go in just like they should just ride some track there and then actually I think this one go that you’ll get it there you go and probably going to screw this up again but okay the easiest way to tell is there’s these two clips on the outside the bigger clip comes up like towards the back of the controller once you have this completely put back together I suggest putting this off to the side and we’re going to take the guts and put it back in so to do that I suggest starting with the back and taking your base here and just kind of sitting it into place which can be a little difficult but you should be able to get it and then we have to finally put the the two pieces back together which is probably the hardest part I suggest starting from the back and kind of going over this way just because there’s less things that were likely to fall out so we can just sit it back into place and you’ll probably have to mess with it for a second here but yeah that should pretty much do it yep there we go and it’s clipped back together now of course there’s no screws in it so it’s not holding together very well so obviously the next step at this point is to take those six screws we took out and put them back into place there we go we have the controller back together and it looks a hell of a lot better – that part which sadly we can’t get rid of the only other thing you can do if you really want to is you can take this piece and just kind of you know again take a paper towel and some Windex or some pledge as I’m about to use and just kind of rub it on the plastic there and just make it shinier nice and all that I do not suggest doing that on the inside where the contacts are of course but yeah you can just do that to clean it up a little bit you may also want to take a q-tip and take it and stick it in the contacts there and just kind of you know get a little bit of extra dirt out of there but yeah in general that’s that’s pretty much it guys so I hope this helps you if you need to know how to clean on restore a PlayStation 1 or a PlayStation 2 controller I’m confident this controller works I’m not even gonna bother showing it but yeah there you go thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you all later