Grand Theft Auto V PlayStation 5 Preorder Appears On Amazon! $70 Price Tag, Release Date & MORE!?

hey everyone how’s it going and welcome back to a brand new video hopefully you guys are all doing well today in today’s video we’re going to be discussing the latest news that we did receive about gta 5 remastered for the playstation 5 rockstar finally launched the official pre-order amazon page for gta 5 on the playstation 5 and we have a ton of stuff to discuss ranging from when you’re going to be able to pre-order gta 5 for the ps5 pricing info including discount bonuses and packages for pre-ordering and then finally discussing the latest news about the features of gta 5 remastered for the ps5 so we got a ton of really awesome exciting and also interesting information to discuss today so if you haven’t already be sure to drop a like rating on this video as well as subscribe down below for more daily videos just like this but first off let’s go ahead and get right into the two shout outs of today and today’s final quick shout out of the day goes to a channel known as epic crafts as their channel name suggests they do some really awesome videos all surrounding crafts as well as really awesome life hacks check out epic craft by clicking the link in description down below and subscribe to their channel for some really awesome videos all about creativity and inspiration but with that being said and without further ado let’s go ahead and jump right into this video so as most of us already know by now the talk of the town over the past couple of weeks has been the remastered version of gta 5 that will be coming to the playstation 5 later this year around the holiday season now with this new and remastered version of gta 5 there’s been many questions in regards to the pre-order and the game itself now earlier today amazon put up the official pre-order page for gta 5 in mexico right now the pre-order page only lists the playstation 5 as the console it can be played on and that is because sony and rockstar games have a three month exclusivity deal for gta 5 on the playstation 5 before it can come to xbox now right now the pre-order page is technically up however you cannot purchase anything just yet now for all of you that already own gta 5 on the ps4 or xbox one you will be able to claim a free copy whenever you get your playstation 5 or xbox series x now there is one small caveat here and while you can get your free copy and you can transfer all of your data it is unfortunately only a one-way transfer so for example let’s say you get gta 5 on the playstation 5 for free and you transfer your character from the ps4 to the ps5 your ps4 account and the game will not be able to be played because you already transferred it to the playstation 5. while this isn’t a big deal for most people this is something to remember and something to note now i’m sure that as we get closer to the holiday season of when the playstation 5 will be launching rockstar will be doing a ton of really awesome discounts bonuses and promotions to give people an incentive to upgrade to the playstation 5 ranging from adding free money to everyone’s gta 5 online accounts that upgrade to allowing people to customize their character’s appearance without paying anything extra and everything in between there is a bevy of major discounts of bonuses and promotions that rockstar will most likely be offering up now for everyone that has not bought gta 5 on the ps4 or xbox one yet you will have to buy a new copy on the playstation 5 and with that you probably heard that a lot of the aaa titles and possibly including gta 5 will actually be a 70 dollar price tag to buy the game in full right now aaa titles are a standard price of 59.99 or 60 dollars when they usually launch but the question remains is if rockstar will be adopting that 70 dollar price tag for gta 5 on the ps5 and while we don’t have any official evidence regarding this as of the moment i simply do not think that rockstar will be doing this for a number of reasons number one you need to remember that gta 5 is technically a game from back in 2013 it came out back in 2013 on the ps3 and xbox 360 then it was remastered for the first time for the ps4 xbox one and then pc and then now it is being remastered yet again for a second time for the playstation 5 and xbox series x on top of that rockstar already dropped the official msrp of gta 5 from 60 dollars to 35 so i don’t see them raising the price to 70 anytime soon but on the other hand i think it is very safe to say that gta 6 whenever it gets announced or released for pre-order is going to be 70 to pre-order at first now for anybody that has a disc edition of gta 5 on the ps4 or xbox one you’re going to be able to get a digital version of gta 5 remastered on the playstation 5 or xbox series x now you may be asking yourself what exactly is the reason for me to upgrade to these next gen consoles and what type of benefits and improvements will i be able to experience now i already made a dedicated video on my channel already discussing all of the benefits and improvements that we can expect inside gta 5 or mastered on these next gen consoles but just name a few

improvements you’re going to be able to notice is better draw distances higher resolution higher frame rates higher details overall including textures of buildings and interiors extremely improved and noticeably quicker loading times when you load into the game as well as many other smaller benefits including more players inside a single gta 5 online session if you want to learn more about all of the benefits and improvements we are expecting inside the remastered version of gta 5 make sure you go ahead and check out my dedicated video on my channel that i did a couple of days ago about that and also if you want to see the amazon page for gta 5 that is currently up right now on amazon mexico i will leave a link to it in the description down below again as of the moment you are not able to pre-order anything just yet however i do expect pre-orders to be beginning somewhat soon so make sure you keep an eye out and i will be sure to keep you guys updated as soon as we do learn more information about that and same goes for playstation 5 pre-orders though should be launching somewhat soon but so far sony has not given us any notice or release date just yet but let me know in those comments down below what do you guys think about this are you planning to purchase a playstation 5 or pre-order one just to play gta 5 remastered when it first launches and also let me know your thoughts about the 70 price tag for aaa games on these next gen consoles do you think gta 5 would be worth 70 on the ps5 let me know all your thoughts in those comments down below because i really want to hear from you guys either way if you found this video informative helpful or you learned something new today make sure to let me know by dropping a like rating on this video as well as subscribe down below with his bonifications on as you guys are always notified whenever i upload a brand new video but either way thank you again for tuning in today i really appreciate it and i will see you guys tomorrow with another video just like this but until then have an awesome day and i’ll be sure to talk to you guys then