PS3 Modding Guide for Noobs – Jailbreak 4.3 – CFW – Optical Drive Emulator – Modchip [HD]

hey yo what’s up guys and welcome to my ps3 hacking guide I decided to release this guide because there were so many questions here on YouTube but people keep asking me cannot jailbreak my ps3 can i play backups and some other stuff and I just wanted to clarify all these things and give you a short overview of our or ps3 hacking methods this guide is written by me but I used some useful tutorials and also some pictures and link to these tutorials and pictures is at the end of the video and now let’s get started okay guys here’s a little intro to clarify some things so I don’t want pirates to talk you in the comments so please don’t talk about piracy and also don’t post illegal links we feel illegal links I mean links to upload side so torrent sites where you can download games so those links will get deleted and if you have questions please leave a comment under this video because then I only have to answer this question once and I don’t have to answer this question several times and we a message or something and also don’t use this for piracy support because um if you play some backups and you like the games please support the developers and buy the game and also modding is not illegal so you allow to check your ps3 you’re allowed to install a custom firmware but you’re not allowed to download and share games that is illegal and this is called piracy and I’m also not responsible for breaking your console so please read the tutorials umm I don’t know three or four times until you understand every step and then do this so I’m not responsible if you break your console and what I wanted to say too is that the PC ps3 scene is almost dead so that means there are not too many I’m cherry cakes out there and um as you can see on the Xbox 360 there are several I’m hacks on how to hack it how to reset your check it how to do a cheat egg or something and on ps3 you only have what I can say two methods on how to get on how to play backups okay then let’s get started and talk about the hacking that’s so the first one is the chair break it’s the most common one and the chair break only works if you are in a system software which is three point five five or below so if you are over three point five five you have to downgrade in order to undo a jailbreak and downgrading doesn’t work on all devices and also the chair break therefore doesn’t work on all devices and yeah chain breaking basically works by installing a custom firmware to your ps3 this is a customized firmware which enables to enable CPUs free to run on ten code to run homebrews and in order to run homebrew so you can also run run backups and custom firmware is also called cfw and standard we’ll also talk about boners and drive immolate this okay so what I said before if you are over three point five five you have to downgrade and you can do this with your hardware on flasher like the e3 flasher or a proxy key and just to mention there’s also a infect us I’m ugly flasher but this isn’t used anymore and yeah so let’s talk about OD OD stands for optical drive emulators there are currently two brands available like the cobra or the freaky I would like to show you what you can do with this and I would also talk about dual Nance dual nor and with NAND or nor flashes okay then let’s come to the jailbreak I’m DJ break as I mentioned allows you to run unsigned code and you can also some host modded lobbies if you ever wondered how you can get those XP boost the lobbies in Call of Duty then you can also run backups while you are on a see if we see if W and C if W stands for custom firmware and you can run homebrew so nice emulators Nintendo emulators everything you want to you can run on Linux by installing other OS and you can mod games you can almost do everything with your ps3 if it’s jailbroken and as I mentioned you can chair break if you run three point five five and below and if you’re not on 3.55 that means higher you have to downgrade and yeah that’s also a little risk of breaking your piece free if you don’t follow the tutorials exactly and if you don’t read them exactly but it’s really a little little risk and breaking your ps3 is equal equal aunt to throwing it into the trash so that means you have to UM break it and you need a hardware flasher for this and this is very complicated okay then the most common question is

can I cheer it my pee is free as a basically yes if it’s running on three point five five or below and so the people want to know what is three point five five and how do we know if I’m even running on three point five five and yeah to check what your arm system software is an EP is free you have to go to system on your X and B then you go to settings and then you go to system information then you should see the picture on the right and red says system software then version and and the number of the version is your current system software that means your current firmware so if you’re over three point five five you have no chance and you have to downgrade ok so what do we need for at a rate for a jailbreak you basically just need a USB Drive and a ps3 on 3.55 so if you are below on three point five five you just have to update to three point five five and follow then any jailbreak tutorial it’s very easy you can’t really do anything wrong and I would suggest this tutorial here you can click on the link in the PDF and just follow this here so if you’re not on three point five five you have to consider cannot jailbreak my ps3 and yeah as I said if you are below yes works just update and follow some tutorial and if you’re higher than three five five it does not work it really does not work without a downgrade and I’m if anyone says he can chair break your ps3 and you know that you’re higher on three point five five and his aunt’s he says I’m you dance you do not have to I’m great then it’s a scam there is no way without downgrading okay then I’m the most common question – with what i’m custom firmware should I take I always recommend taking the rodgero firmware because it’s a it’s very common software it’s one of the biggest then there are several other software soft customers like the km e aw then Reebok and the road to some donger specific firm was like if you have a Cobra I’m donger than there’s a Cobra Flambeau and also for the true-blue dollars that’s a specific firm right and you can install this tool if you want to and stay away from fresh and unknown releases so if you are in the forum and someone offers you a custom firmware and says this is the best custom firmware and it’s the newest one and you never heard of this then don’t install this because maybe you can break your ps3 okay so let’s talk about PS NSS um yes it’s possible to ask this PSN with the custom firmware you have to spoof and this makes your ps3 thinks that you are on the latest original firmware and this allows you down to data transfer to your retail and you can be zen and sen MSS with a bypass okay then you can also get bands if you are online with a custom firmware um the risk is it’s not that low and many people get banned in the last time and also there’s always a risk of getting banned and currently there’s no unbanned tool for firmware 4.46 and if a I’m bank it’s possible I will update it into the description okay then um some common question is how to prevent a ban and you should never mod new games unless you’re offline so if you bought games and you’re online you can get banned never use mods online – and only use mod for your own fun and don’t troll people with this or something they will report you and then you get banned and also never use home homebrews for a long period while you connected online this is also a big fact of getting banned and never use your main sen account and also don’t use pre-releases as a previous set um so bad the releases of custom firmware because they can detect it can be detected easily and also try and avoid staying online the whole time so log out if you don’t want to be in peace an or something and also don’t use these sign in automatically options so you’re on the online if you want to and yeah okay let’s talk about downgrading downgrading means getting your firmware down to three point five five to um run a shell group okay then let’s talk about downgrading so downgrading means getting your film we’re down to three point five five to be jpg able and it isn’t possible on all PS freeze and you have to determine if it’s possible on your ps3 so the first thing you need to think about is what p is free do I have and um

as you can see the big one on the left is called fat the the second release in the middle is called Slim and the right one is the newest one which is called super slim and it can also see the model number here on the top but the numbers can vary depending on your hardware revision so I’m how to identify your model number it’s it’s very easy you just turn your ps3 to the back and on the back there is a sticker which says serial and after the serial number you can see your model number and as you can see those those numbers can vary I’m depending on your hardware revision of the ps3 okay after you have your model number you can go into this chart here and determine if your P 3 is downgrade able so just go to the left and check your model number then you go to the S key you release date it’s the stock keeping unit release date and then you check if it’s downgrade able and minimum Praxis on the on the right and as you can see all fats are downgrade able to below three point five five so you can like every fad even if it’s on 4.46 you can downgrade to depending on your model to 1.00 okay down here’s the chart for the ps3 slim it’s the 2000 series and as you can see not all models here are downgrade label that means your ps3 um has to be at least once on the firmware so if your ps3 was never on 3.5 you can’t downgrade to 3.5 and starts really bad as you can see on the same model but different SKU release date um depends if it’s downgrade label or not as you can see the CEC h2 5xx a there are two versions and one with a SKU of 0-9 2010 and the second one is with one 2011 and the second one is not downgrade able because it never was on 3.5 5 or below and yeah and after um this year after 1 2011 there is no downgrade anymore possible as you can see in the next chart for the slim of 3000 and the super slim there is no downgrades available and I don’t know if there will be even a downgrade for super Slim’s as you can see in after six years of P is free you can’t even hack about half of all P threes and that’s really bad and I as you may know the ps4 is also coming now and I don’t really think that there will be much development on the ps3 super slim ok so what do we need for downgrading for downgrading you need a NAND flashing device so this is a hardware flasher which flashes you an end of the P is free there are two devices which you can buy it the first one is the e3 flasher and the second one is the proc skied the you free flash is a little bit more expensive but easier to use and the Box key this um it’s a little bit cheaper but it’s a little bit harder to use a thing also thirsty in factors but you can’t even buy this anymore I think and it’s also not used and there are no tutorials on this and I don’t think that it can downgrade from 4 – from 4.0 – anything below then you need a downgrade dongle and I would suggest that you also take a power switch because I’m it’s good to have this and arm you also need a USB Drive and a micro SD card if you have the e3 flasher because you have to store all the sheets on this on the micro SD card and also updated over the micro SD card ok then go to NAND and nor flashes and let’s talk about the e3 flasher as you can see there’s a picture of the e3 flasher it’s soldier less it can downgrade your ps3 to 3 point 5 5 or below if it’s your P is free supports this and it supports mods most slim and nor flash fat consoles did this III flash it doesn’t work with NAND consoles so you have also to determine has your ps3 a nor flash or a NAND flash let’s go back to the tables as you can see I’m depending on your model number you can see under the flash chart here what flash you have so most consoles have 16 megabytes of nor flash and some old fats have here hundred twenty eight megabytes of NAND flash just on the old ones so if you need to downgrade I’m old one with NAND you can’t use a III flash you have to go

with the proxy key okay so let’s go back here as a previously said it’s it is no soldier ring so you don’t need to soldier it’s very easy if you want to downgrade you have to soldier one or two points the but they are not that hard to also if you want dual boot you have to soldier someone or two cables it’s not that it’s not that hard to and the III flashes stays in your P is free um if you want dual boot but you can also down great and then get it out of your ps3 if you want to so depending if you want to have dual boot then it doesn’t work on the newest Slim’s and it doesn’t and it does also not work on the super Slim’s and the limited edition is a little bit hard to get and it’s very expensive I think hundred twenty one hundred thirty bucks which is a I bought it for about hundred euro but it’s a really good device and it’s fully upgradable and it supports only nor flash so don’t use this for an NAND flash fed console anti certain some other thing you want to tell you about the free flash because sometimes you can buy it for sixty or seventy dollars from some Chinese sites but please don’t buy them because they’re mostly fakes that means they are rebuilt from the original using cheaper components using different PCBs or so the soldiering is mostly bad and those fakes can break your piece free so be sure to buy the original III flasher and I heard from some friends that those ripoffs are working but I saw on many internet forums that I’m rebuffs bricks on the people’s ps3 and that’s really bad and if you only save the of 40 bucks on the original and here in the pictures you can see how to detect the fake as you can see the left picture is the original and the right one is the fake so please compare the BCP and if it’s not a regional standard bag or don’t even buy it if you see two pictures and let’s talk about dual nand on the free flasher and for dual man you have to buy the limited edition because there’s an external SATA station in there or you can get your external SATA station on your own and you will also need two hard drives for dual filament that means um you have one hard drive for the custom firmware and one hard drive for the original firmware but it doesn’t matter if you have 3.5 inch a 2.5 inch hard drives they all work in this external easy attestation form III and you can play on PSN with the original firmware without any risks that mean you put in your um your original firmware hard drive then you switch the switch on the free flasher and then you’re playing with your original firmware and your original and NDP is free and you not have any risk of getting a bat okay then let’s talk about the proxy eat the proxy cube is a universal programmer that means it works on many devices like on the Xbox 360 only we on the ps3 and also Mazar on some smartphones so it’s a pretty impressive thing and it’s a fast NAND nor and EEPROM use B programmer that means you can rewrite all arm types of flash so you can rewrite the NAND nor that means you can use it on every piece free and it’s cheaper and easier to get so um the III limited edition is how to get and it’s also very expensive but it needs to injectors GTECH programmer to update it so updating is a little bit more complicated like on the free on the free you just put in your microSD card and you’re done until you have to use the G tech and programmer but um it isn’t that hard to do and also the newest version supports dual boot but you need down to hard drives to nine adapters to gigabyte nine chips and the Flex ribbon cables and if you want to get the proc skied I would recommend buying the full kit which also includes the injectors because it’s um cheaper and um you can soldier this chip in but also the new version has a socialist kit as you will see on the next side here we have a short comparison arm of soldier less and soldier as you can see soldier less has a 360 clip and I personally hate this clip because if you don’t have enough pressure if it don’t fit 100 percent correctly you get bad dumps and you have to open your console and do the whole thing again and I really hate those 360 clips so um if you have some sort of ring skills you can also soldier it in as you can see on the right picture but some sort ring points are really little so you have to have good soldiering skills then I would soldier it in so what is a downgrade donor and why do we need it um you need to dump it down here to get into factory service modes and this mode is needed for the downgrade so what dollars can i buy basically you can buy everything leave if somebody asks me

what should i buy I say just go for the cheapest which is a way labor but you have to to watch out because some dongers can’t don’t have a downgrade function but any doughnuts which say that they are done with a level three point five five you can buy them so I have here a few examples which you can buy just the Cobra that’s the piece free break that’s the piece free kids every card reader and so on I’m DeRosa some self-made dollars like the open caboose which basically is some USB mini computer which you have to flash on this request I’m flashing the correct text file onto your open cougars to make it to a donor and also some Android phones are required so if you have an old HTC Desire at home you can turn it into a donor but you have to watch the compatible compatibility list for peers group and peers freedom and it also works on some cheer broken iPhone and iPod so just uncheck if it’s compatible with peers groove or peace freedom and just watch out please don’t buy the true blue or something because this is just a dongle to play games but it does not have a downgrade function so if you want to downgrade don’t buy this donger just buy one of the listed above so let’s talk about Oh de o these stands for optical drive emulator and this device allows you to play I’m your backup games without the disc so you can play ps3 backup so you can play ps2 backups you can play ps1 backups and um it works for almost every piece free so also the super Slim’s are supported that is really awesome because you’re not a cable at the moment and you can you can install this on custom firmware and original firmware and it’s very easy to install because it’s so jealous but on some our models you have to sort some easy points so this depends on your model if it’s soldier less or not and but those soldiering points are very easy to and I think everyone can do this and you can also switch back to originals we have two modes on this device the first one is original modes play for a mode and the second one is emulated mode for now that two devices available the first one is the Cobra and the second one is the freaky and you need to be on three point five five first to get your drive key because I’m this device needs you on blu-ray drive key and after this you can update to the newest original firmware but currently they are working on it that you don’t need to be on 3.55 that you can extract your drive key from the original firmware but this is currently in better and they’re working on it and the Cobra is a optical drive emulator and YC freak is a blu-ray drive emulator but this devices could maybe be patched in the future so that means Sony cool to release a piece free update which which patches the optical drive emulator and then your device would be useless but nobody can tell you if they will do arm I don’t think so because the ps4 is coming and I don’t really think that there will be so many releases on the ps3 and yeah so here we get the features of dqo roadie as you can see it plays homebrews you can play in pass through emulation mode you have a socialist installation on most of the models you can play playstation 1 PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 backups and you can also dump your ps3 games that means you can make ISOs I’m out of your ps3 games from the disc and it also has PSN support and PSN support is the thing we are looking for that means I’m playing our backups online and before you order this please make sure that your console is supported to go on to the Cobra or the web page and check if your console is supported so here we got the freaky blu-ray drive emulator which works in all these free models and you can play ps3 PS 2 and PSX games directly from your USB device and there is no need for a custom firmware you only need um to be once only the custom firmware to get your drive key but there currently testing that you don’t have to be on a custom firmware to get your drive key so the key extraction without the custom firmware so that you can get your drive key from the original firmware but this is no impediment they’re testing it right now and maybe it will come in the future that you don’t have to downgrade and it also supports PlayStation Network SS and it enables homebrew without the custom firmware and also notes or rings required as only Cobra on the free xxx and the four xxx models and it has a line up firmware which is fully updatable and also there is a recovery mode so if you have a bad flash you can recover your piece free which is pretty awesome and it also has pass-through mode so you can use a ps3 normal mode go to PlayStation Network and don’t have any risk of getting a ban so now the question is why should I get the optical drive emulator if I’m already on a custom phone 3.55 so after the installation with the drive key from

the custom firmware you could install the latest original firmware with that you can ask this PlayStation Network and you can easily switch back to a normal piece free mode and so you wouldn’t even get a ban and the risk of getting a band with the custom firmware is really much higher and so um you can also play home brews and something and basically there would be no need for a custom firmware anymore and but this could be patched with the latest firmware update so if Sony wants to patch it they could release a firmware update and maybe make the optical drive emulator useless but if this happens to not only the future can tell us um in the last time Sony did patch many stuff with firmware updates and then you would have need to downgrade again to three point five five if possible and go to your custom firmware again and DoD would be useless until it may get updated so let’s talk about breaking your ps3 breaking your ps3 is equally to throwing it in the trash because you can’t do anything with a brick piece free signs of a break I a black screen a red screen of death freezes an X and B ought to turn on and off when you want to start your ps3 and there are several things you have to keep in mind to prevent breaking your ps3 so only change files that you know so we know what the files are doing the next thing is do what the tutorial says and try to understand it so use your brain and think about every step the next thing is never to on your ps3 off if you think you’ve done something wrong or it just takes too long time be patient and if you have done something wrong just find the original files too and replace them then always backup the files you’re modding so if you mod some files be sure to make a backup of those files so if anything goes wrong you can replace them with the original files and the last thing is never delete files from the system that you don’t know what they’re doing so only delete or modifiers when you know exactly what you’re doing and follow the tutorials now the last question is what is the best method to hack my ps3 for now you can only take like um it’s not like on the Xbox 360 that there are several methods on how to hack your console like cheetah across ethically check I’m flashing you drive or something I’m for the ps3 you only have now chair breaking um this works only if you’re on three point five five or below if you’re not on three point five five or below you have to downgrade and as I mentioned downgrade isn’t possible every time it depends on your console and if you can’t downgrade and you’re not on three point five five that’s currently no way to hack your ps3 I’m Dara also do these the optical drive emulators but currently they need a custom firmware to get your drive key so if you can’t get a chair break you can’t now also get don’t get a Eau de that means you have to wait until the odium may works with the original firmware and that you can get a drive key off of the original firmware otherwise it won’t work and there is no way to hack your ps3 so that means if you know that you can’t check that you can’t downgrade don’t trust people who say they can do this for you and you have to send your ps3 to them or pay the money they are all scams so there’s currently really no way to do this so please don’t believe those scammers and here I have some good sources and some good tutorials you can follow so there are some ps3 noob modding guides some chair breaking guides some downgrading guides with the free flasher and just click on them and follow the links there have really good instructions all in English only the last link is for Germans only so if you get questions please leave a comment under this video so you only have to answer the same question once but you could also contact me on YouTube Facebook Twitter Skype and also the download link for this hacking guide is in the description so unload it share it with your friends if you want to and I hope this video was helpful for you all guys and I would really appreciate if you leave a like or positive feedback here in the comments because um these videos I’m here taking me take many time to record and I have to record them several times because I’m only talking sometimes and yes so basically that was my hacking guide on how to hack your peers free and I will update it if something drastically changes and I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for watching and see you in my next video guys bye