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you you looks like there’s more of you than they’re supposed to be that’s c333 nice that means there’s even for what happened Oh what so there may not be enough so you got some emails for me right one described the first writing assignment and the other describe some elements of a second true surprise shot the final ingredient for the night so defy a system where the people sit by the door see there they’re assured getting stuff is they may not get over there too if they don’t however we’ll we’ll take care of that later okay let’s talk about change how many of you have actually been through changes I mean other than adolescence I’m going to have a jobs okay any any stuff hit the fan at your job since you’ve been working Oh what planet are you working I mean this is a time in history were noted for instability it’s crazy you’re gonna work you don’t know whether you’re gonna get paid this week or not right it’s good bet you’re not gonna get a raise all right anybody work here so what are the uncertainties now what does that do to you does that circuit Bobby how many you’re really cool about the biggie Greece of life come say comes the rain get tornado I’ll be cool just see some of these guys played quarterback you know they’re sitting there like shoot at him and then they just what the flames they just some place up here me is that admirable I’m going to get the whole flustered by some of this uncertainty just you’re not comfortable with this so when people say oh yeah I like change you know what I say most people don’t like Rosabeth Moss Kanter who’s had a very fascinating career she started off as a sociologist and wrote a book about the sociology of organizations and find herself being moved from the Harvard sociologist department to the Harvard School of Business a good move that’s a school people paid about four or five times so she’s about breaking guys have all the most famous the most often invited to speak person in the School of Business she could use a little

consulting some costumes and I was I was recently on lunching with her and she gave an after-lunch speech and you know when you’re 70 years old and pounds just stop wearing knitted costumes that ride up expose parts of your coming into the world other key weights great books welcome back to book was a best-seller and this book described a bunch of major corporations of how they handled plan change there’s two kinds of change change plan for change this pitch is back head big surprise our hosted ones bother you suck you platform somebody to pull outta whack your usual it’s really long and somebody happened to be just sitting all of a sudden get you someplace you know boo oh yeah stupid things like that to harm one another okay planning is interesting tantor talks about a company where the way they communicated symbolically to the employees was really interesting they had all this of course you tell me what’s taken thing this happened in as I described them to raise your hand and said I think it’s this thing the hand the top twenty percent of the employees invited to this event whether their annual goals for performers so get all these people at this resort they get them all into a big auditorium in the top executives are telling them about certain performances what’s expected and give me a rah-rah presentation and then they heard them all outside and they put them into buses please try them to Beach and they are on the beach you know it’s all set up resort bike there in the beach they see marching toward them elephants you’re seeing an elephant marching first elephant this is like a preparing money for three elephants and the first element is the smallest element it has on its back weighted blanket message it is this a number dollar figure for last year’s so many millions okay the next element is bigger it is a bigger number inside the third elephant is the biggest elephant and it has the biggest number in that of course is our goal for next year that’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna make an offer for millions billions it and symbolically you see this because we’re gonna be a bigger stuff so what stage pretty obvious yes I mean he’s boy house new Association weird sub I like things like that outrageous things like that but California Georgia elephant Florida maybe you know that’s really strange place to listen but here we go the state

changed now I know that all of you were forced at gunpoint to take a course in philosophy to enjoy the dog heads of ceased did you learn anything name three philosophers hmm soccer easily that’s a totally aware where you kick round ball soccer ease um Socrates Thank You mr. winter Greeks and a long time ago in Greece yes okay so where the soccer just do what he said why would we study see and based upon your response to this I suggested we use this as evidence for the elimination of the philosophy department one of you who is forced to take these courses the guy who taught it like a cable access TV show where you pretended that he was on Mars the comment intellectually space common is did not have an intellect which strings versus gender good deal is that like parties all-time freshman year some people pop iron all freshman year my contention is that for most people there to be archive it and not my new that see in high school I was interested in philosophy branches go to library behind every telling party that that’s what is really does it they doesn’t get ready in trouble it was very useful be fast because people who find out those things ought to do it take you take you and for action so as long as you can have rather than you were safe doing so nama yeah so they made you take two mm-hm so name three postures my father was like that he was always asking me questions it was useful what what person among the Philosopher’s you just think was famous for being like my father you’re lucky she does the energy sector

absorption rate this by hanging on the right by your philosophers ago talk about stuff like that in a drunken stupor whistle bringing this stuff up again but we were done with it so so which philosophy was the one who was a bigger than that by asking questions sadly maybe there’s just a time thing that you like and you went to bring thank you – okay well that ties you a number so what can you tell us about Socrates which was the question was why did it is someone offers you a shot like I’m not should you try like the people who go to church never runs the front they come late so they can stand close to the door because I mean would he ever willingly march down to the front it’s easy to predict Oh stake in the back but let it be dear holy water case it’s a bike which happened sometimes I was once I think was like Easter every year this is church now surely one priest carried away to get to close this grocer and so it proved important for somebody to have stopped then everything went Socrates you know was nice yeah the first anybody from one was he around yeah see you around the time of the American Civil War you said yes and BC Boston that’s right oh yeah you guys so yeah it was a long time ago and did something stupid I know so do you know the only reason we know about Socrates because he had the student Plato who wrote lots of stuff and wrote about him because if that hadn’t happened we wouldn’t know beans about it so if you’re not going to write books yourself you better have a student

who writes a lot of Oaks so that so we philosophies did you think – okay so bookmarking you illuminate us about Socrates sophomore year was a long time ago you look back during like how much I know people do not sure it’s all the pages some schools have bar that denotes but yeah they have this stuff required wasn’t important but maybe the problem is that nobody has a way of explaining to why it’s important Socrates is so pitiful I see so you know where’d you go in barrel down South America your boner below the mason-dixon line summer school where’d you go she was a psychology major very pretty with us now Larry Preston okay so do you know any philosophy just by osmosis being the library read comic books about famous classic comics from famous philosophers in philosophy if you take a course like I did when I was an undergraduate I had these friends who were older than I was and in many of our philosophy majors and they they encouraged me to and and I look to philosophy courses at that point that like sophomore level courses to take this course history Western philosophy it’s great you learn everything you need to know about all the philosophers from the beginning knives about and they were very persuasive when they go sold used cars very interesting there but they have a say so I did it I studied not for wow I know what I would do I didn’t sure I was gonna get into the new semester sequence that was basically like graduate work in case you haven’t taken a middle graduate course because I know some of the present verses that people take her kind of Mickey Mouse real banquet courses required you read several books and the right papers that you have to understand stuff and have lots of citations you’ve got to become an expert on things well I’ve never passed the courses in undergraduate write papers and I can take multiple guests desks I remember this month course in the psychology of it just for fun I had to take my Easter would arrive in the library at nine o’clock in the morning to take a test at ten o’clock and I will speed read through three chapters and make notes and what was in the summaries of the chapters and go analyse every one of them was the real challenge no papers just learn much in that class it was like eating sushi yeah

half hour later you start so what about this other course the professor was this guy who Peters earlier received his pH P his name was max folk up in those days this was back when all the background folks there are two really famous graduates of little over-the-counter something one was how along youngster professionally I’m parting out with how I long because you see my TV all the time right this is one of the cop here so be ready no matter how long too long after you’ve retired right he was that good one of our HRD graduates from the beginning of the program the gun I believe of bills classroom then influenza cried who practiced opposite Howie has told me a hundred times I told me once how practicing across from how he was really rough he was covered with bruises every day so how long is the Scott who was very famous defensive in the Raiders stupid Bulova manage right Villanova you stay hanging out on outside my mom was waiting for her to take a break from her job and they classic languages Department any place we stopped playing football he was smart enough to learn to speak very well stand up straight from the camera he of course he also comments on Oh football as one of the well shade guys that’s a box so it’s good life but he can reach the point where even his oldest childhood special ball man in your power on the other hand had a little different my story in 1973 he died in a plane crash just as he something for top 10 hits going for him he wrote a heck of a lot of really great songs and I don’t got popular seventies but he told the kids at this school down south where he had been forced to miss the concert for them the previous year that he definitely come back when he missed the concert he was kind of an unknown but they hear later he was really big but he was going to go back and gave the concert thing you do when the plane was taking off of his fan some reason it didn’t little clip some trees that was it bad bad Leroy Brown you’re here that some time I believe it so this is it slow so it was a psychology major in the mid 60’s and what’s funny is if you look at this picture in the yearbook the time laser because all the boys the voice come back the only female sure they started yeah and a couple years later the pictures on the album cover he’s gotta still be sticking out of his mouth he’s got a mustache who made you down to here get him a mom a hair different image lyrics also can be a different image guys in South Philadelphia so yeah that’s some people pull them out there was another person who had been the victim of a plane crash accused earlier who was a big star you might

have heard he was from Texas it was we have one song related to what we’re talking about this course taint it’s all about everyday and what’s happening every day and every day changes are going faster not only the more changes the changes are going fast things are changing fast funny thing your game for 1970 a futurist who became very famous doing that work wrote something called future shock which was about how it is that that’s exactly what’s happening everything is changing faster faster in fact is changing so fast as people are doing weird things to cope with the rate of change one of the weird things that he wrote about at that time was that people who are having the radio stations from all these stations you’re gonna do I hear the oldies stations we’re going on back in the sixties now let me invite some stations that have fifties music sixties music the whole thing how many of you have a satellite bring you in your car hold it one chakra and came on the ground yeah give XM Brazil how are you I go broke you pay your dues so even in the parks even in the pocket of cultures down a recognition showing up starting in the fifties into the city the things we’re just changing too fast what would happen to people as a result of all these changes changes you’re scared okay yeah you don’t want to change I don’t want to change it takes a lot of work have you trying to change them this it’s a lot of work get new software release comes out when we have the first 4.0 yet last year three points you’re the report two point sir all this unknown what does it do to you go good guard said no my work fish it to the word I heard you have the Braille so important you better get shot at in this room you know have a mild word Venus beer discomfort well this person I wanted to suggest to you though this dress is all thanks I mean if you aspired to a situation where you have zero stress label just picture a coma and stay there stress has not been because stress is related to arousal I mean if you don’t have any warehouse

you’re just gonna fall asleep okay take a rocking chair doze off stress really though refers to what happens when we got too much one of these curves psychology majors let’s see what to reason again that’s pretty subtle three four five six seven eight so what was your major so you kind of danced around psychology who are psychologically sociology you mean to stand there you wait for the right go wait a minute that was off somebody who are you probably shocked so there is City Young ik psychological law from a new section it has to do with the relationship between performance and raus so somebody to die that one because of course that’s one of those scary courses did you do surgery animals whose brain did you use sheep don’t let you do anything so you’ve learned where different things happen in the Sheep spring localization of function ok did you learn about the central nervous what’s essentially about the out-of-town nervous what else did you learn about in there did you learn about the autonomic so so let’s say that if this is some performance this could be key performance but over here this is off-peak you’re not doing too good now have you ever tried to perform anybody do is they have wedding here tennis balls so what happens what happens when you try to perform you have to sleep what more than your brain it’s that full of connections from the brain through the central autonomic nervous system it all has to be working well to allow you to perform things like reaction time

stimulus lotteries drivers education you have an accident do they use a little device or they have you sent material they test when you have a light come on see how fast a part of the brake did you simple reaction because it shows you the attention or you’re not you might run into somebody’s rear in in front of you and you’re responsible because you that’s what to do it does the same thing happen if you’re already jacked up with five gallons of coffee think you’re if you’re though as if your Rose was too high you make mistakes maybe you’ll slam on the brakes at the wrong time – hi and somebody behind you is gonna run into you so we have both of these kinds of things in other words we hear when your arousal is too high over here – hi your performance song when is too low it’s up the curves are different depending on what you’re doing if you internal repairs a watch something delicate like that the curb move it so the points where your optimal performances is at lower levels of arousal but they’re going to be doing something but it’s forceful and require to use every bit of energy and strength you’ve got then the curve moves up I’ve been that anybody ever watch the free game activities of the New Orleans Saints if we know the name of the quarterback through first-name basis no mr. Freeze’s yeah I think they dig it out there in there he’s leading them in the chant which may or may not a couple of they play makes me the bad boys from doubts mr. mr. Bullock how will the Cowboys do you know I can also say the help of that Batman read he’s what’s wrong with both Eagles just you know turn to have your could care less about arias as my father all thanks to call them the pigeons so it’s over here your performance is off because your arousal is too high here top because it’s too low so what happens you go drinking two gallons of copies get yourself up and you miss you took too much coffee and now you’re over here in performance a stool so work we’re always concerned about getting our performance adjusted so we can perform well so stress is not all bad but one of the big things that we worry about with too much change to what uncertainty yes then we sometimes really need a tranquilizer yeah so people take pills off somebody does not obviously overdose of actor/actress so it’s not all heroin of the streets they don’t have this stuff this time to your work especially what’s going on with the uncertainties rocks not right so the people like that that’s their work so we get a lot of problems with change its intense ramifications and who is this professor Harvard I was talking about a few minutes ago so she was she was the first person wrote a book about

management dealing with these corporate culture issues and she brought about this stuff right yeah yes Virginia changes a lot of working on estrogen there is a Santa Claus yeah changes a lot every time they make changes at your work you’re gonna do every time you move your office up so all these changes are really annoying sometimes they’re so ingrained you just assume quit well today’s economy people are putting a lot but you just wait as soon as the economy improves people are gonna be leaving places that annoys them and frustrating them so fast it’ll make your head spin it’s just been waiting there been is accumulation of resentments people for bad bosses don’t think you can manage being mean to people but assuming the economy or the street this is going to be goober percussions and sub companies are going to suffering from black so yeah and by the way a lot of this too is the people wave changes occur let’s let’s say that we are w thousands of Cubans today’s your birthday and suddenly this is Marcos going on the singing telegram comes in some guy comes in the guys that some some embarrassing carrying on like that to somebody entertain your misery affairs surprise yeah surprise my own personal experience with that was totally under control in this each new person showed up then this within the last week so today you’re you’re working here and then without warning tomorrow you sent to the house anywhere but Texas ha they have burritos so what are some other surprises you would relocate you could they give you some creepy job there but now you’re gonna is this history anybody at work that you would prefer not to report to oh hey cats don’t do that like where Jim he’ll he’ll go on into eternity to this good wall up on

playoffs yeah maybe just your life starts to fall apart or crumble in front of this kind of stuff so change is tough and we’ve already talked about they post these changes of plans by somebody not you because if you plan them everything be fine right and they didn’t ask you either right somebody somewhere decided to do something stupid and you’re being victimized so what do you do so let’s look at some other things that happened like big big changes Indian companies you know what’s really weird about this stuff it happened all at once like nobody was studying change there were a few books that were under the radar in the fifties and sixties and then along in 1980 NBC the network they’re having their own problems right what’s their big problem these days yeah it’s like well they have this great idea I mean I can’t believe no heads enrolled yet those overpaid executives I was wonder about this wait we watch TV to see what executives a cow but it turned the TV on the board yeah you want to see town who gets paid more you know Michael Eisner here in Disney for a number of years did already get paid at Disney 90 million plus the year for over a decade for making decisions about which movie they should make and stuff like that so finally the the nephew of Walt Disney started raising hell about it in the corporate meetings and they finally got him out with that so by the way the two guys that reported to him made 80 million each so they were doing stuff where they they moved the chess pieces around but they couldn’t sing you could dance the control car tunes so we’ve got a lot of that in in the people who manage the talent and is the talent whether it’s athletes or singers or actors unless some of that talent scout there is one example it’s that guy and I never watch this show but some of you I’m sure must watch the babies wouldn’t be where they are American yeah I thought we weren’t supposed to have idols what’s the thing Simon Cowell Simon obnoxious in that persona he projects get some brains right but I say he’s gonna abandon that because he’s got some other gig so anyway in 1980 NBC puts on this documentary for two hours called a white paper : if Japan can why can’t we and this documentary was mostly about a guy who was past retirement age at the time we don’t think his last name was Deming he studied physics at Yale after finishing and bachelors degree at the University while minyan masters at the Colorado School of Mines but he didn’t do physics he became a statistician and during the Depression he was the number two God in the Bureau of census figuring out how to do statistical sampling of the population because you know you really can’t go up and count everybody in America even though certain congressmen think that’s the way it should work you can’t do it it’s impossible too big you need you need to take samples and do accurate estimates so you figured all that stuff out then when world war ii came along and we had to make all this military

stuff you know rifles jeeps trucks you know what the consequence was if your rifle jammed if your Jeep broke down if your truck broke down if your tank broke down you’re dead that’s right if you’re sitting here buying the falling tree you’ve got a gun as long as you can keep going bang bang bang bang bang you stay alive and there’s jams it doesn’t go bang bang bang anymore you can only hit one person and the next thing you know they’re sticking a bayonet into you so the quality the reliability of your equipment it’s pretty critical so this is where Deming became very famous because he figured out all the statistical formulas for making quality stuff that didn’t break because the beginning of World War two there are a lot of problems because they were converting plants that made sewing machines into plants the paper rifles fast after Pearl Harbor in the first months of productivity were jug so at the end of the war after the Japanese were defeated and had two cities blowing up the occupation force told the juse the Japanese Union of scientists and engineers then we would help them rebuild and they could have any American experts they’d like to come over to educate them and tell them how they could get out of the mess there it wasn’t that nice so the person in mind to have come to Japan was Deming that they read his papers about doing statistical sampling you know you could really radically improve quality so he was asked by General MacArthur to go over there and he did and he spent a long time over there and he loved it he really loved the Japanese and they loved him and you can tell this because in 1950 they created this huge medallion with his profile on it called the Deming prize to give the company that made the most progress in improving quality now I’m just bringing this up as an example of hey this this was real change you take a country that’s been smoked a nearly fatal blow demolished and you try to bring them up from the ashes like the Phoenix that’s a big change but these people willingly tried to do everything he suggested they do and they believe that if they did as he had promised he said if you do everything I say and your economy will find new greatness in 20 years so what happened when did people first start buying lots of Honda Accords about 20 years after that so thus in 1980 we got this NBC Glee if Japan can’t one can’t wait in there all following Deming around and they’re interviewing him an interview helps people at GM Ford and so forth missing no ok if Japan listen to this guy and they turned themselves around why are we sitting here with economic problems why don’t we do what they do well there is lots of by the way we have this white paper in the library liked it if you’d like to look at it to do that it’s a historically interesting document cuz you know what we really haven’t moved that far from where we were one of the problems of playing change almost work oh gee what if Emily singer people yeah

resist you can tell people how they can be healthier slimmer trimmer richer every welcome do it Willie look at old people who could never quit smoking until they were diagnosed with cancer so wonder they got six months to go they quit smoking so 1980 comes and goes then all of a sudden all these books are coming out about how to manage change you got any other Tom Peters so I love to watch give talks Tom’s very bright guy the funniest presentation I ever saw that a confession for some time given Baltimore twelve years ago now I’m Tom it’s about my size except ease back don’t ever do this as a representative bill enough he was such a superstar and he showed us out with this professional conference with ten thousand people in attendance to be the keynote speaker he’s wearing shorts now I suppose that if he were come on a sec promised X and it’s not because he’s doing squats with 350 proud because he’s eating too many drops next probably but he told me about paragraph 91 that his consulting fee per day advances of her books Liberty what several million dollars his first book in search of excellence she wrote with Kevin water was a huge seller this was a management class these two guys sewer is very breathless and then he got a PhD from Stanford hopefully you realize that Stanford is one of the top schools in the United States so these guys were consulting look over there through the excellent companies there’s a hit what do you want to really emulate what these companies were doing this guy did going down this high-priced speaking Oh what’s she doing these days tears a fireman New England you know the company that makes training videos and films his revenues from publishing books and writing scripts and and stuff like that are with 20 million a year I mean he doesn’t make as much money as Jimmy Buffett but he sent people to airplane – so Tom Peters just a management guru superstar that’s been for a long time but he’s kicked us off any wear on eye candy who else came out of the woodwork at that time well some

interesting people – guys Dylan Kennedy wrote the first book on a corporate culture up to that point nobody much talked about corporate culture but suddenly people rid of the spoke and not my mom i what am i revelations from reading that book was all of a sudden I understood why I needed work to get a couple places at work ready but you’re singing who is a professor MIT where a book called the fifth discipline and I panted use quality circles so what if we do things like they do in Japan we’ll get the same results well after a while people realize that pigment we can’t do everything like damn because we have another culture much more heterogeneity here homogeneity okay but there was an interesting author who was working on another number PhD from Stanford he was of Japanese ancestry but he’d never been to Japan he didn’t speak the language but he decided gee maybe I’ll get in touch with my origins into a dissertation about he’s managed this drink on to be a book called here easy you’ve earned a 30 X 30 y right right thank you for diving if I were a theory ex-manager according to McGregor well would I be inclined to be like members of the class what assumptions would I make you well check that out on your run Google 1331 McGregor who is a sociologist he cooked that up so then he got Theory C which is something related to those and it’s a book about Japanese management so then he got it Alvin Toffler who wrote that book future shock over dude he is a burning several born they’re talking about the leaves of progress associated with Jesus how to do with information and we become the information society people don’t make stuff anymore but just figure out how to get you more bastard back to you’re going that’s why you’re not only probably reached the point where Daniel paint years ago 2005 I’m trying on the whole new mind where’s what you need that probably brain transplant then take us back to the beginning back before Socrates pre-socratic in didn’t invent history philosophy some diseases dividing and there are a group of Greek philosophers were called pre-socratic philosophers there and one of them is

the guy who started this time your team names Heraclitus plane velocity versus remember hair ties send your thing in an email which information and quotes from her class it’s amazing that we still have quotes from people they long ago apparently you know he would take his students and then he’ll look like roads develop art by the Schuylkill he wouldn’t have that he’d sit there and think about things like walk over to the Schuylkill if you stop into the river and you take your foot back out if you stop anybody hit will you be stepping into the same river still hungry the rest of you say no how many of you say it’s the saber I’ll be you don’t say nothing you can raise your hand to show me you’re not saying anything mute when our clients is this is really a complicated because it’s an issue that looks at thee these are dependents of your actions they dared by I mean you’re right and then define change River look right here the Texas ever heard of the real brain where’s where’s that room we’re exes and it’s all in at certain parts difference but during in spring it’s not some water go through there now you can do rafting the by August it’s a series of puzzles and a good place to go fishing finally round straight so still the rear frame the middle of August is still the river what defines a river it’s what I mean when you step into that River that’s your something you love the idea is that you’re gonna scoop if you step into that river you’re doing things to the river right you’re cured you are changing the river you’re stirring up bud god knows what else you don’t want people drink that stuff my head back to good thank you so this interaction it changes you and that was really Heraclitus appointments it’s not simple we do say sure obviously the water story by when I expected the first time when I accepted the second time is 20 feet downstream so it’s my study in a different water it’s the same river because what is rivers a channel has water in it maybe maybe not Jan breaks up the school job I mean the thing dries up there’s no no water still

school July her class was very interesting because he’s they back then earlier the partner BC he was figuring out the complexity of change the complexity of interaction and influence we request books 1917 also shows us in so many psychology majors did believe you ever want to be psychotherapists so you didn’t wanna work with people with problems okay so to start with you you want to stop this is with which white Gifford you wised up it’s just you do that okay so what are you doing well it still is the area in which change was first study the most so how to take people who maybe want to change and people had problems don’t you know they’re wondering what’s dr. key their mother stuff then we send years what are people doing for New Year’s for a silly waste time this bit lemony how are you resolution Aries have New Year’s resolutions a year be asking yourself about Jim the old stripped-down accomplished in this doing here tell me if you tell other people it’s more likely they’ll do them you know why cuz your friends will put pressure I don’t mind if you don’t tell anybody to keep it secret you know what’s gonna happen you’re gonna not serious about it because you don’t want any more pressure and you’re not gonna pressure here so most of those resolutions last year how many of you better resolution nobody just fine let’s see what is a New Year’s resolution it’s a half-baked change plan but burger fleet design if you have a recipe you got a plan probably require plans either you write down so a lot of what we’re talking about this planning and doing things that make sure that change happens get the results you’re after and you know a lot of what HR leaders are supposed to do is to design change a lot of it doesn’t the change is not easy it’s very different so we’re gonna go take your gun what we can do here well it must have not been enough syllabi because nothing came back

to me oh there which ones then you can probably get that at Barnes & Noble cheaper critical training is out yeah five bucks where you want to buy but there’s better prices some places okay the Mary Walton book should still be around lots of places there’s a whoops here this is no longer French and Bell it should be Cummings and whirling and there is a new version of the syllabus coming out within a day or two we were pretty into a new template to get it organized differently so the critical chain is not in the store but you can get it from various places barns animals pretty easy camera and QuickBooks for Madison Wesley is readily available the strength finders thing is pretty easy to get a hold of so now what I want you to get busy on is reading the first chapter of the Cummings and Worley book that’s the main text yeah and too soon as you get the gold read book that’s big right novel fiction so just consume it on it and get the strengths finder so you can figure out what your strengths are that’s basically what it does book gives you make don’t buy use book in it for that one don’t buy this book because somebody will have taken and used the code inside of it the code allows you to go to the website for the book and to access the strengths finder 2.0 instrument this is a self-report test you take online and it gives you your top five strengths why is that important well which do you think is gonna get you further to understand what your top five strengths are and use those to make accomplishments or to try to get through on something that you’re really not good at for example how many of you can’t sing where the lick do you think you ought to go dry for American Idol I suspect if you’ve ever watched some of those programs you can see they’re not two kind of people who had the best judgment to try out when they have no talent so where is your towel where are your strengths yeah pretty good at support to know it’s important to put your investment in those things which you already have a head started if you’re a fast runner and when you try to swim you sink to the bottom what do you think you should try track or swimming thank you but you know every year there you know they have this tired man thing over here somebody sinks and drowns because they they should have stuck to running or bikes or something figure out what they are this book both will do it so it’s the book is good because what it does is once you get your report you print it out you’ve got then you sit down with a book and you go back and forth between the report and the book it helps you figure out how you can have a strategy to get it get further with the abilities and strengths you already have

that’s possible but this is a very effective way to to mentor and develop the people that you manage it’s not just about you it’s also about you being a leader you being a manager because if you’re going to be effective you have to work with the strengths of the people who work for you okay so in the two emails that I referenced earlier you’ve already seen but two majors the two of the three assignments are you get the first shorter paper that’s coming up real quick so get busy on get it in also I suggest that take your paper to somebody in the reading center a week early so you can get some guidance on how you can improve it and don’t start thinking well I always got this or that grade it must be okay anybody can improve and the two most important predictors of your career success are according to three longitudinal studies done with employees of AT&T from the 40s 50s 60s to things right now there spoken communication in a written communication people who good writers people who are good speakers other people will do the best in their careers so we’re have those things being the great communicator it’s really helpful so the first assignment what’s your recollection of what I said you should do in that first paper remember that the trumpet is drowning you out yeah I think that’s well you have three things of training versus OD versus change management change management and oh dear quite someone better not exactly the same the training also involves changing things right mean if we train you we’re gonna teach you some stuff so at the end hopefully you’re different but training and I would be aren’t the same they kind of overlap they’re not the same so what you do think hard about what the overlap looks like okay in the paper number two it’s longer what else does I speak longer hmm you know the reason I’m giving you a list it’s just to help some of you who might be overwhelmed by digging around oh my god one of the possibilities here so I figure okay we’re gonna give you at least 20 hot topics that you can choose if you don’t have something your honor how are you burning with desire for okay and then we end up with a take home exam which deal with some of the central issues that we go over in the course that’s it I think that’s a remnant of an old version of the syllabus because you know this that’s why we changed a new template because you used last year’s version and you update the dates and all this stuff and sometimes some sinister so that didn’t belong there it gets left in so this is a very temporary version will be replaced you’ll probably get an email attachment for the next class which will have new stuff it’ll it’ll be prettier there’s different boxes and all kinds of stuff it’s the same basic thing that some of you’ve already seen that we

used in metrics so on here most of you know what plagiarism is and why I got to do it all that good stuff but we have to discuss it every year because there’s always somebody who either forgot or or was missing that day like what happens to people who was psyched stuff from Wikipedia / me no we do more interesting things like me hanging them upside down out the window is no it’s been I understand that knowledge you get executed in high school if you use my caffeine yet but don’t do it in fact I would prefer you didn’t cite any web stuff at all look at Ceres peer-reviewed journal articles what we call primary information sources stuff that people are creating knowledge not the people who are you know like never use an encyclopedia Wikipedia is like a poor that’s a that’s an encyclopedia written by people that you have no idea who they were they could be drug dealers off the street you don’t know so there you go change it’s a tough stuff and what kind of change happened when the economy went south over a year ago of the two types we talked about was that planned or unplanned unplanned that’s right so there’s a lot of that going around yeah yeah we have to have contingency plans right we have to have disaster planning because we’ve had too many examples of disasters where they can happen it’s just like I hope you’re not driving on fall tires are you okay thank you good to see you tell me have any questions just send an email