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Tatiana Dogilyeva Alla Fomicheva Nikolay Chindyaykin Dmitriy Karneyev Irina Shebeko Alexandr Rapoport To the downtown, Berestyenyevskay Street Aleksey Koryakov Thank you very much Good bye Good bye Good bye In a film Sister Screenplay by Svetlana Sazanova Directed by Sergey Rayevskiy Director of photography Alexandr Pushkin Production designer Andrey Pochayev Music by Andrey Baturin Executive producer Yuriy Osipov Leading producer Alexandr Razarenov Producers Valentin Opalev, Vlad Ryashin Hi Hi, son. Hi. Hello Sorry. Are you going to stay long here?! Well, four days, I think How was your holiday? Terrible Well, I never! The most beautiful girl of Moscow was with him and he says “terrible“ By the was, there will be a party today, at which you and Diana have to declare about your engagement Let’s go to my room. Yes. Yes, yes That’s what I want to talk to you about – Wait. Well, post it then. Take it – Daddy! – I think she’ll like it – Daddy! Coming. I’m sorry We’ll meet at the reception See you in the evening Bye. Bye, dear. Bye Well-well Oh, my honey, you have come! – Hi – I’m so glad Mummy You’ve got tanned! You look great! All right, tell me about all those pyramids – What pyramids? – So, you didn’t go to Egypt, did you? – No – Where were you? I was in But you know, tell me about it a bit later Because, you see, I have to go everywhere: first solarium, then gym, then manicure, then Thai massage Well, actually, quite the contrary First gym and then all the rest And you look really great That’s why I want to talk with you, – But in the evening. Yes, my precious? – Yes And listen, Nikita, I’ve ordered a cosmetic set If they bring it when I’m not home, pay for it You are so handsome! Really handsome! I adore you

– See you in the evening! – Yes. Bye Andryusha, put your hat on You’ll catch a cold! Twenty five Hey! Wow! Hello Hi, student I thought I saw you in my dreams It seemed to me I saw myself in my dreams, too Well, I can sense some anguish in your voice Anguish? Maybe because of the parting with your beloved Is everything really so bad?! Our mummy is a paragon of erudition and silence if to compare her with Diana Sobolyeva I see “Oh, I have put on one kilo Terrible, I’ve broken my nail This dress doesn’t match with your tie And your tie doesn’t go with lrma’s collar And it is all the same twenty-four hours a day, every day Wait, who is Irma?! Irma is Diana’s dog Come on, did she take her dog with?! Of course Because “what if the girl get ill because of this parting“ As a result I got ill And my illness is called “allergy to blondes“ So, all the jokes about blondes are based on true facts Ex boy-friends of Diana Sobolyeva have written them It means you are disappointed in your fianc?, right? Yes. I’m disappointed so much that not only wedding but also engagement is out of the question Have you told daddy about it?! When did you last talk to daddy? Me?! Some time in the third form Or in the second The worst thing is that she seized me in a death grip I behaved in such a way that any normal girl would have left me long ago You know, daddy has a project with her father If you make a row, he will kill you No, they both will kill you Business is above all It would be great if she dumped me Listen, brother, maybe you could seduce her?! – Who?! Me?! – Yes And then to marry her?! Great idea, brother No, get out of it without me I’m not a kamikaze, after all?! This necklace doesn’t go this lrma’s collar Artem, open! You open Good morning Good morning. You must be a courier The money is in the envelope Oh, you must have come to Artem Come in, I’ll call him No, no. Does Albert Eduardovich Borodskiy live here?! Yes, but he’s not home at the moment Do you want to discuss something with him?! Come in, please. I’ll call him and ask when he comes Come in The line is busy. I’ll dial a bit later Come in I’m sorry. Well What? Yes, Diana. Of course, I recognized you Well, yes. Yes. No, no. I can’t today No. I cannot today. Really! All right, bye. That’s it Diana is on her way here And she will come not alone, but with her friend Her friend will be for you I would say okay in another situation But considering your experience, I won’t say that. Yes Where should I drive to?! All right, I’ll be there soon All right. I’ll come So, don’t leave me along I’ll go anywhere with you But it’s along way from here – I don’t care – Let’s go The father the better. Listen, have you fixed your car?! No, I’ve bought another car What about me?! Hi

Hi What’s your name?! Yulya Yulya?! How did you get in, Yulechka?! A young man opened the door I see And then they ran away together Well, to tell you the truth, I expected to see someone more mature Yulechka, right?! All right, Yulya, let’s go down to business, because I’m short of time So, your responsibilities include washing up the dishes, wet cleaning of the apartment, washing, ironing Sometimes they order something to cook Well, nothing complicated — first course, main course Mainly for Artem The mistress in always on a diet And the master is at work Don’t worry, Artem has a growing omnivorous organism, so everything is gonna be all right And if they want something special, they hire a cook So, if there is a shopping-list and some money here, you go shopping and buy some products I guess, that’s all So, Yulya, right?! Yulya I saw your recommendations They are wonderful The Borodskiys are very decent people I’ve worked here four years So, I wish you good luck Here are your keys You’ll understand everything All right, bye And where are you going to?! To France. On contract Yes. Gena, Gena, listen, they have hired a housemaid So, don’t send anybody else Thank you. Bye – So, Yulya, right?! – Yes Yulya. All the best Well-well Hi Hi But don’t tell anyone about it You will cry for having put on extra calories And I will blame myself for that all my life Stop it. Stop it, don’t tell me such words. That’s it! That’s it! Hi Hi Who is it?! Maybe a new housemaid?! You told me yesterday that our former housemaid was leaving

If she is a housemaid, why is she not leaving? I remember, she came to daddy Really? When?! In the morning. I wanted to call him, but then I forgot Do you want to tell me that she’s been here all day long?! A tiny slip And what does she want?! How can I know?! Well, who are you?! I’m Yulya. From Kamyshinsk So. It must be a village No. It’s a little town in Yaroslavl region So, now everything is clear She came from the voters Daddy was a candidate there at the elections But he wasn’t elected Maybe they even don’t know about it there Oh my God, why are you standing, baby?! Come in, please Take a seat. Sit with us It’s so awkward that my fools left you alone here Thank you Take your seat, please You see, I wanted to explain everything first, but So, how is life there in Kamyshinsk?! – Not bad – Really? Well, I understand You must have lots of problems Well, I mean some problems with work, social and other problems Sometimes they show such terrible things on TV, terrible And what problem are you going to discuss with Albert Eduardovich?! It’s a social problem, I guess. But you see, baby, Albert Eduardovich wasn’t elected to GosDuma He had not enough votes So I don’t understand how Albert Eduardovich can help your Kamyshinsk?! As a matter of fact I came here on personal matters Personal? It means not from people? I came to discuss my personal problem Well, and on personal matters Thank you Albert Eduardovich is a very busy person That’s why I solve all personal problems, as his wife What do you want to discuss with him?! I would like to see Albert Eduardovich Well, baby, sometimes I want to see him so much, too Well, your persistence worries me, you know. What’s that?! She got in our house She stayed here alone all daylong She could easily put some bugs here Or put stealthily something criminal Or on the contrary, she could steal a very important document What?! I think we should call the police right now Don’t do it, please I’ll explain everything So, explain right now What do you want from my husband?! You see, Alb Albert Eduardovich came to Kamyshinsk last year So?! Mummy was alive then, so she didn’t say anything then She told me everything later, when she got ill Well. And granny Glasha said that a person couldn’t live alone So, I came here Granny Glasha can say whatever she wants But how can Albert Eduardovich help it? What do you mean?! He is my father Cool Why do you think so?! My mummy told me Yes. Were you born a year ago?! Nonsense No. I was born 19 years ago But Albert Eduardovich came to Kamishensk on a business trip 20 years ago, too Well and mummy saw him at the meeting last year So you decided to come, knowing that Albert Eduardovich is a very rich and influential person Wise girl. So, how much do you want?! You don’t understand, I don’t want anything My mummy died And granny Glasha says that I shouldn’t live without relatives I don’t have anybody. Do you understand? I do. Boys, one more swindler came to out house We have to call the police right now. Immediately – Mummy – What?! – Mummy, no fuss, please – Mummy, wait. What if it’s true?! What do you mean?! Your father couldn’t go to Kamyshinsk 20 years ago What if you don’t know?! What?! Well, what’s the use for her to tell lies?! Tell me Nobody will believe her And if she wanted to steal something, she would have done it long ago and gone away – You are so clever – Think of it All right, let’s suppose you’ve persuaded me Hello, my dear, hello No, the boys are all right And what about you?! I remember it. I’ll check it Yes, everything’s gonna be all right Listen, a nice girl Yulya from Kamyshinsk is sitting here right now Yes. And she claims that she’s your daughter

So, you didn’t go to Kamyshinsk 20 years ago, right?! Are you sure?! So, never with anybody, right?! Hope you are not lying Well, that’s it. I just wanted to ask Stop yelling. See you in the evening, honey. I kiss you Daddy asked you to thing of a very important event in your life My baby As for you, your mother must have confused my husband with somebody else That’s why I ask you to leave my house Hurry, hurry, hurry. Hurry. Faster! What a good cause it was to draw attention away Not a lucky day Why are you sitting, that’s it! The show is over! – Mummy! – What?! That’s it He’s a normal teacher, like everybody, he takes bribes He put marks to everybody, but for me. Oh, I’ll drive today Nikita, hurry up, we are gonna be late I left something behind. Don’t wait for me. I’ll take a taxi Why did you get out of the house then?! Are you still here?! Yes. I have a train at 12 p.m I have nowhere to go Well. Sister – it’s so unexpectedly for everybody I see And especially for mummy But don’t take of fence at her In fact she is very kind Stop it! I’m not offended. I thought it could be that way, but still I hoped We have no reason to distrust you, Yulya And I want to ask you for help For help?! Me?! Yes. I’m in such a situation that only you can help me I ask you to go with me to a very important party and play a bit What will I have to do?! Well, you will be my girl-friend What?! Your girl-friend?! Yes Nonsense! I’m even not dressed properly It doesn’t matter. The most important is your consent No, no. I’m not ready But you wanted to talk to my father, right?! I did He will be there. I promise to arrange a meeting with him Do you agree? I do Let’s go then Hi Hi, Nicky Hi Hi, hi Hi Yulya, it’s Max. Max, it’s Yulya – Nice to meet you – Nice to meet you, too Max, here is your task. We are going to a party in the evening So, I give you one hour Well, you know me. Everything will be ready. Here you are How are you?! Not bad on the whole. I’ll tell you later about all the rest All right And how are you?! So-so. As usual. Take your seat Thank you What is your height? 167 Take your seat So, what?! Tell me about the party Who will be there?! Well, a usual party. Mummy, daddy and lots of people – Full complement, right?! – Right Well. So, you say one hour?! One hour Don’t be in a hurry. So, shall we start? – How long are should I wait for you?! – That’s all. I’m ready

Here I am. So, do you like it?! Gorgeous and wonderful Thank you, Max Welcome, Nick. You know, I think the result is good Yes, but something is missing It’s beautiful – It must be expensive – It doesn’t matter Beautiful couple Thank you – Where is Nikita? – What?! Sobolev has asked about him twice How could I know?! He forgot something And he promised to come by taxi Everything was so terrible, dear I’ve never met such a fool as Nikita Borodskiy And the most terrible thing is that he has seized me in a death grip Vicky, I behaved so bad Any normal guy would have left me And he didn’t! Listen, maybe he’s in love?! Come off it! Oh, my God. Don’t marry him if you don’t want to It’s easy for you to tell You know my father, he threatens not to give me any cash And he decided to arrange a big deal with Borodskiy’s father And they decided to strengthen mutual confidence with the help of our marriage It’s like Romeo and Juliet Well, yes. But you know what, Romeo and Juliet loved each other Their families were enemies In our case everything is vice versa Relax. Smile. Behave as if all is good The most important is that Diana saw us together – And didn’t kill – Yes Oh, dear, it would be great if he dumped me Maybe you could seduce him?! Me?! And I will blow up with him as if I were a victim and didn’t know anything No, no, no. Don’t even ask me Of course, I’m your friend, but it’s too much And my boy-friend is jealous Oh, dear, don’t you remember that your boy-friend dumped you last week?! I think you will like it Thank you All are looking for you They’ve run their legs off Who is she?! I hope she’s my rescue Here is our mummy So, we have found you Here he is, Anechka – Where have you been, Nikita? – Mummy What “mummy“? Diana is looking for you Mummy, mummy What is going on?! Can you explain it to me?! – I’ll explain everything to you later – When later, I wonder?! – Later – What’s the matter, son?! Mummy Quickly No Temych, you have to draw their attention Attract mummy’s attention, so that she couldn’t spoil anything How can you imagine that?! Suggest her an idea about our father in Kamyshinsk 20 years ago Please! All right, all right. I’ll try Do it, Temych Thank you Hi, Diana Hi, Artem This is Diana, kiss me Hi Hi – Who was it?! – He’s in oil business Listen, introduce me to him I’ll think of it Not a successful try. Shall we dance?! O’kay You must be here pretty often, right?! I have to. Receptions, father’s parties Cool Yes

And I’m here for the firs time Usually, everything happens when you don’t expect it Forget your Diana and dance You dance very well Thanks for the compliment Your movements are graceful, too No, really. You are not like other girls Not like them?! And what am I like?! You don’t know me at all – I know – We met today in the morning I know. I can imagine how it’s like to come to an unknown city and to spend half a day in a flat of strangers Especially while two bad boys locked a stranger, who could take all the slippers from the house or put a bomb under a lavatory pan It would have been great Where is the lady’s room here, Nikita? It’s over there. I’ll show you the way – Upstairs and on the right – I’ll be back soon Look, here he is. It’s no trouble for you, he doesn’t know you at all Well, all right Besides, he’s not so ugly as you have described Why is such a macho sad and all alone? I’m not sad and I’m not alone Oh, really. Right. You are with me now And I won’t let you feel sad So interesting! Diana! No need to explain anything to me There won’t be any engagement And by the way, you are a rascal! Well done. You were dead right, mademoiselle Everything happens when you don’t expect it What a terrible lipstick Its owner has a nasty taste So?! ls everything all right?! Did he offend you, Lika?! He must be very upset? So, what did he say?! That he’s not alone and not sad What?! And he wasn’t not upset at all Because he was accompanied by such a beauty – You see, she has played it on purpose – You deserve each other Are you jealous or offended?! Come on! You are my stepbrother Nobody has checked it So, I’ve done you a favor And you must keep your promises You know, there will be a scandal Maybe some another time?! Well, I see No, I don’t renege on promises It’s just not the proper place, not the proper time When will it be the proper time and place? You’ve promised Yulya All right. My part is over Come on, Yulya Keep it and don’t lose Yulya And I will go and talk to him Yulya You are free, so am I Call me, baby You won’t be disappointed My father seemed to have tried to hook you What?! You know, my mother has never told me about my father Well, when I was a little girl, we had a legend about my father, who was a pilot He flew above the skies and I waited for him And I thought that one day he would come back And then I grew up and there was no need to use this legend any more But I knew that my father lived somewhere And then my mother told me before her death that she had recognized my father at the meeting And he recognized her And they met, he even gave her his calling card with the address

That’s how I found you But she didn’t tell him about me I don’t understand why So what will you say?! Is it how an adult would act Terrible, terrible! But you know, this Diana Sobolyeva has also disappeared, so Nikita! Nikita! Explain your behavior, Nikita! This is Yulya from Kamyshinsk She says she is your daughter I’m talking not about this girl, but about your disappearance What Yulya?! What Kamyshinsk?! What daughter? This Yulya. And Kamyshinsk is a town In Yaroslavl region Mother called you to talk about her It seemed to me we had solved this problem But Yulya still wants to talk to you But I don’t want to talk to her! Why are so nervous? I’m absolutely calm I see that you are calm, that’s why I’m asking you Why did you get so nervous? Listen, what do you want from me?! How many times do I have to tell you?! I don’t know any Julya from Kamyshinsk! As a matter of fact, I see this girl for the first time By the way, that boring evening I called at your previous work I made some inquiries And it turned out that you had been to Kamyshinsk – Three times – What?! But you told me that you hadn’t been there I forgot – Really?! – I forgot Do I have to remember where I went 20 years ago and what happened there Ah! So, it means something did happen there?! – Nothing happened – It did! Yes?! Why don’t you trust me?! You don’t trust me, but you trust this imposter Because I saw you slapping on her bottom You are hysteric! You are hysteric! It just seemed to you You are an old bald goat! And I demand a genetic examination – What examination? – Yes! – There won’t be any examination – Great! I won’t have any tests done Great, great. Then I want a divorce And we’ll divide our property Anna. Anna! What are you talking about? What about? Do you understand how it can affect my career? I do. I really do. But I have to revenge myself on you for you being unfaithful with me Bullshit! Bullshit! What are you talking about? How dare you?! I do. You see, I dare I got sick and tired of you for these 25 years I’m sick and tired of you! I’m tired of being fit because of prestige I want to eat all the time! Maybe let’s cleat up the question before divorcing? Don’t interfere when adults are talking! – Ok. All right – All right – Let’s go. Let’s go – Go, go! – Solve your problems without us – You see, it’s your upbringing! Wait You have missed your kids because of your prestige! Yes, yes, yes I had to be responsible for everything! Maybe I should go?! Where will you go?! It’s night I don’t want your parents to quarrel because of me They quarrel all the time Don’t take it in your head You’d better make yourself comfortable and feel at home Let me take a lock of your hair for the examination But my hair is dyed That doesn’t matter for the DNA test But if it turns out that you have lied, you will smart for it I’ll make such a row that you won’t get away with that Daddy And you watch her You brought her here, so watch her Or you will smart for it, too Did I miss something? Will you have breakfast, Yulya?!

Listen, have you seen my bag?! What bag?! I put on an evening dress yesterday And put all my clothes into the bag And I didn’t have this bag at the party Yes, so where can it be?! I think, in the beauty shop Well, so it is there then We’ll have breakfast and then go there and take your bag Maybe you could go alone? Why?! Because I have nothing to wear but for the evening dress Is it a problem? Everything is new, my mother hasn’t worn it yet Here you are And your mother won’t get angry? You think she remembers all her raggery?! Take it Thank you What happened here yesterday? Usual family rows Where are our parents?! They went to find out if we have a sister Here is your breakfast Wow. Thank you Bon appetite! I have nothing against having a sister Yes! To our sister! – To our sister! – Yes – Hi. Is Max in his room?! – Hi. Yes, he is – Good morning – I’m here. Come in – Hi – Hi – Hi – So, how are you?! Great Great? Do you know that our Cinderella impressed all everybody from our high life?! Come off it! Look here. Look Oops Well-well “An unknown beauty broke a star couple“ – Yes – This is fame Guys, she didn’t just break this couple – “Yesterday at the corporate party – Yes Instead of the promised in the mass media announcement Promised engagement, so Engagement of Nikita Borodskiy and Diana Sobolyeva So?! I don’t understand anything What don’t you understand? How could I know that my father had invited journalists Don’t start! I recognize your modesty Well, as usual, right?! Do you know who he is?! L No, do you know who he is?! He didn’t introduce himself? Max. Max This is the hope of the whole Russian football Max – He’s a star – Max. Max What “Max”! You are a star. I’m serious I’m sorry. Listen, Max We came here to take our bag She left it here yesterday. A bag Anyuta, was there any bag left here?! No, nothing There was nothing. A bag Why are you so upset? What was there in your bag?! Sports shoes? Old shabby jeans? Passport, money You’ll get a new passport And money is not a problem at all Mummy’s earrings Taxi! Hallo, Lokha. Hi, it’s me Yes, in Moscow. How are you?! Listen, I have a problem I took a taxi with a girl yesterday in the evening and she left there a bag. Can you do anything? What taxi?! Do you remember what was written there?! Or the color? No, we don’t remember anything, it was dark, about 9 pm We were on our way from Max’s beauty shop to the night club Yes, yes, yes. What was there in the bag?! Well, old clothes, passport And the most important — earrings, mother’s present Not my mother’s present. The girl’s mother Passport of name? Makarova Yulia Alexandrovna Makarova Yulia Alexandrovan That’s all. All right, I’ll be waiting Why not Albertovna?! Mama called me so Well, all right Do you always solve your problems with the help of the phone? Well, we haven’t solved your problem yet And Losha is an investigator He can get anything at any cost, if it’s necessary

I see Hallo. Yes, Lokha. You’ve found it?! Great, we’ll come soon You bag has been found The taxi-driver turned out to be conscientious He’s brought it to the police – Thank you – Let’s go This is our team, here is our goal-keeper – This one?! – Red Riding Hood – No, this one is in reserve – Give me a pasty Mummy! – I have almost choked – Mummy! Are you not on a diet now?! Come here while they are hot Or Artem will eat everything But the eyes are hungry – Anna Anatol’yevna – Oh, no. Pasties will be too much Help yourself I will only smell. Oh, no. My figure is dead By the way, have you seen our new housemaid?! I haven’t I haven’t seen her either. Delicious – Yes? – Pasties are delicious It’s not good We have to treat Albert Eduardovich with them He’s out of spirits There are no self-murderers Then I will go Would you like some tea, mummy?! Come in! Will you allow me to treat you with some pasties?! Come in Mummy’s earrings? Yes I’m sorry. I was in bad mood yesterday That’s okay Did your mother teach you to make pasties?! Yes, she did. A special recipe Thank you Bon appetite I still remember this taste Oh, our Cinderella is on the go since early morning Good girl, good girl – Good morning – Good morning Good morning Hi, hi. Quickly, sit down at the table Breakfast is served. Give me some tea Some tea?! – What’s that?! – It’s for breakfast Stunning! Now I know what we need a sister for Let me What are our plans for today? Let’s go to play bowling Great! And in the evening we shall go to a night club with Nikita Don’t torment us, daddy Not a bad run! May I? Do it That’s where you are! Hi On, hi! – How are you?! As far as I see, not bad – Great I want to talk to you about something important And about this What do you think of it?! “An unknown beauty brakes a star couple“ I sincerely hope that it’s newspaper hoax

and your son is not going to put my daughter in an awkward situation before her wedding Missed! Don’t worry, it’s not over yet What does it mean, Alic?! You are not interested in our project any more?! Couldn’t you think of a better way?! I haven’t thought it out And I have nothing to do with it He has arranged this comedy to make your daughter angry Damned humorist. Listen, let’s not talk here. Let’s go somewhere Oh, what a master! Here it is. I have defeated both of you! Well done What a ball! Mummy, what will you do, if it turns out that Yulya is father’s daughter? I beg you, don’t tear my heart too soon – Super, yes?! – Well, it’s not her fault Yes, it’s not her fault I understand. And the girl seems to be not bad If I only think that your father wasn’t faithful to me, it makes such a storm in my soul! Can’t you forgive? Forgive? Do you think it’s easy to forgive such things? It turns out that he has lied to me every day for 20 years He looked into my eyes and lied! Is he playing the harp like that?! I can’t understand how to live with it Not bad! I have an offer. Let’s go to the nightclub. Yulya! Yulya! Yulya! Your brother is calling Wait Yulya! Will you go to the night club with us?! I think, yes Great! Is it for me?! Thank you very much. Oh, great! Lokha, your turn – Well, all right – Max. Losha! Oh, Nick has come On, hi, Maxim – Hi – Hi, dear – Hi – Hi Hi Hi. You know, the fringe should be straight here All right. Thank you Yulya, you know Max. This is Losha, he has found your bag – Thank you very much – You are welcome Have you solved your problems? When are you leaving? In a couple of days Listen. You come to Moscow not to live, but just to visit Yes?! Take it. I’ll be back in a minute, o’kay? Wait for a couple of minutes, guys. I’ll be there. All right?! – Are you leaving? – Hallo! Yes, I’m going to our preparations and then I’ll go to Belgium to a contest I come to Moscow very seldom We met here by pure accident I see Why are you sad?! You will live at our place Everything is gonna be all right Your father doesn’t think I’m his daughter Well, what can he do?! He’ll acknowledge you It’s strange, you help me all the time What is strange? All people have to help each other It’s like, you’ll scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours, right?! Well, don’t exaggerate so much! Not all rich people are swines And maybe not all beautiful girls are stupid After meeting you I got to believe in that Actually I meant Diana But you don’t know her How can you talk about her?! But I know you. They say, it’s easier to see from the outside And what can you see from the outside? It’s not decent Why haven’t you told her everything honestly and plainly? Honestly and plainly? Are you joking? I’m not joking You are so naive, Yulya Let’s dance – Such a barbecue – So?! Guy, are you still talking about grub?! Yes, and what?! Look at her! He’s as usual, but what a girl! Yes He looks better on the football pitch Borodskiy! It’s impossible to dance like that! Look at your gestures Step aside from your partner Look, look, he got interested He’s teasing you I’ll show you how to dance Go, go. Come on, come on! Learn while I’m alive. Well, step aside What the lady’s name?! Cinderella You see, Cinderella, any dance is not a set of movements, it’s your spirit I see It’s a state of your soul, you see?! Stas, play something more rhythmic Why is he doing that?!

He’s boasting. He wants to show he’s the best Of course, Felix is a star of the dance-floor But if he touches Yulya, I’ll have to beat him Nick, who is she for you?! A beloved woman or nobody? Is it a cross-examination or what?! What do you need this information for?! I’ll sell it to spiteful people. For big money Listen, I heard you wanted to get married So, you can’t have anything serious with that girl So, if I become close to her, I won’t steal my friend’s girlfriend. Right? Not really, I’m not getting married to Diana Your problems You’ve brought some nuts. Good boy! Great So, have you seen that, guys?! Maestro, she defeated you! – Thank you – Agree Where have you found this talented girl?! In a remote Russian town It’s called Kamyshensk You dance very well Where did you learn? Do all girls from Kamyshinsk dance like that?! I went to dance-school. I like dancing It’s obviously I have a business offer. Work as a dancer at my night club What club do you have?! You are sitting in my club Are you serious? Not bad Will you cope with a solo program? Well, actually, I haven’t thought of that But I can think it over – Think – I’ll think I’ll ask my brothers’ advice, all right?! Brothers? Yes. With us Personally, I’m against it Why do you make decisions instead of me?! It’s not a good job. It has nothing to do with making a career I know it myself Nick! Why didn’t you tell me at once that she is your sister? And I had to think and to worry so much! Yulyechka, may I offer you a dance?! I hope your brothers have nothing against it Not bad! Sorry, it’s impossible I see. All right, have fun Bye Why the hell did you tell everything? Me?! She was the first I was the first who believed that she was your lover Blockhead! So, shall we play billiards? – A little game – A little game – Let’s go – Let’s go So, how does a millionaire’s daughter feel?! I don’t know yet What are you doing today in the evening? I’m dancing at a night club with an investigator And after that?! Won’t it be too late?! At midnight? All right. I’ll ask another question May I invite you today for the morning coffee? Yes, you may. But not today All right, I can wait. But I hope you’ll let me see you home What for?! What for?! So that nobody could harm you Who can harm me?! I’m with my brothers Nice refusal Let’s go to the table O’kay Yulyechka, let me say thank you one more time for the dance I’m leaving you I’ll call 02 if something happens I’m tired. Maybe let’s go home?! Let’s go We don’t see them Sure Shall I play you up? I’ll manage. Wait here, please All right What do you want?!

Did you come to sort out our relationship? Yes, I asked Lika to check you up. And what?! You fell for her so quickly that I don’t even know if I can trust you Come off it! You just wanted to find an excuse! Why can’t you say honestly? Frankly speaking, I’m glad that everything turned out like that And we won’t spoil each other’s life So, you mean, I’m spoiling your life?! No, we just don’t match Firstly, because you don’t love me and I don’t love you And business relations of our fathers cannot be a cause for us to get married Well, when adults let somebody manipulate their lives, it’s rather strange Hearts are not toys, you may break them and it hurts Diana, I thought you were a silly blonde, but I was not better I behaved like a coward It was easier for me to play the hypocrite with you than just to say “No“ to my father Forgive me for a week of your spoilt mood at the seaside, please Such a beautiful girl like you deserves a better guy than me Good luck! One more thing, if your father gets at you, tell him that it is all my fault. Bye Let’s go – Have you cleared up everything? – Yes, we have You see, Everything is solved He said so nice: “blame me for everything“ Oh, I’m such a fool! What’s wrong?! I’m a fool. I’m a fool I’m a perfect fool Why?! How could I lose such a guy?! Hold on! You told me that you didn’t like him! I didn’t like him. But I like him now God, it was me who behaved like a bitch and he apologized What would he do if I had behaved in a different way?! Wait, as far as I understand, you are ruining the plans of Albert Eduardovich I always do it. He wanted me to become a financier And I’ve become a sportsman He wanted to strengthen family business, and I have spoiled everything Judging from your father’s character, you won’t get away with it What can he do?! Will he throw me out of the house? I have my own flat Help me If it happens, I’ll come to your place in Kamyshinsk Are you joking? But only if somebody like Losha doesn’t do it before I do Are you jealous? No way! Yes, you are! I can see it in your eyes What else can you see in my eyes?! Have a closer look Nothing has happened, understood? Why?! Don’t you understand? You are my brother How can I be your brother, Yulya?! Don’t you feel what I feel?! Can a brother have such feelings to his sister? Tell me! What can I tell you?! That I have kissed my brother?! That I’m taken with you so much that I’ve lost control?! That you are the closest person to me?! That I don’t want you to leave, I don’t want you to go Do you really think that you are my father’s daughter? These were the words which my mother had said before she died If it means anything to you You can’t be my sister, Yulya I feel it with my heart. Yulya Maybe your mother was mistaken, although I do respect her I’m sorry But it’s very important for me If only you could know how important it is for me! So, how are you?! If to be honest, I’m thinking about my life Because of Yulya, right?! Why do you think so?! Come on, I see that you have fallen for her

Yes. She is beautiful and clever. But she is my sister Well, I wouldn’t make up hasty conclusions We have to check it first There is nothing to check – Are you sure?! – Yes, I am All right, and what if it turns out tomorrow that she is not our father’s daughter? – It won’t happen – Bet? Well, bet Well, it’s a deal So, as a non-interested person I’m happy to be a courier of this letter, which is vital for the Borodskiys Daddy?! Oh, fatherhood is impossible What?! You’ve lost the bet Forgive me, please. I’m sorry, that I didn’t believe you, dear Really, it turned out to be so silly How could you do that to us, Yulya?! Really. Well, we almost got to believe you We treated you as if you were our relative Maybe it’s a mistake? It cannot be true! Mummy couldn’t lie to me My girl, genetic examination cannot have any mistakes. You see?! If only someone hasn’t arranged it on purpose I haven’t substituted the results Everything is honest It means Yulya is not my sister and I can marry her No, you can’t Why?! I’ll marry her And I don’t care about your business with Sobolyev You won’t make me change my mind. That’s it Why are you talking about Sobolyev, son?! The fact is that Yulya is your sister So, it means you did substitute the results, right?! I didn’t substitute anything I didn’t make any efforts There really must be a mistake Because Yulya I my daughter I know it without any tests And I presented these earrings to her mother long time ago So, you are really a rascal! You knew that your daughter was growing up and you lived quietly, right?! I didn’t know that I had a daughter Lisa stopped all the relations with me when she learned that I was married And you lied to me all these years, yes?! You looked into my eyes and lied for 20 years How could you do that to me?! How?! Oh, my God, I loved him so much! I loved him so much! Oh! I gave him all my heart Mummy, stop it He betrayed me, my boy He… I’ll divorce him tomorrow! I’ll divorce him tomorrow. No, today Divorce! Divorce! Stop it, mummy. Mummy, calm down! Enough, mummy Do whatever you want Yulya, forgive me, Yulya I know you blame me for your mother’s death I also recognized her at the meeting I learned about her illness I offered her my help. But she refused And she didn’t tell me anything about you. Forgive me But I don’t know why she didn’t say anything You know, she was never angry with you And I don’t blame you for anything. Forgive me, please I shouldn’t have to come. I’ve made a mistake And don’t divorce because of me, please It’s not because of you, baby You see, it’s because of our relations And you may stay here No, no. I can’t. I have to go And it’s not because of you, but because of my relations and – Yulya! – Wait, son She’s gone away, and it’s her choice I’ll find her, anyway

What a man! You are a rascal Even your daughter doesn’t want to see you Daddy, you really haven’t changed the results of the examination? I haven’t changed anything. Leave me alone! Well, I just want to say that it was me hair in the envelope What do you mean?! I was afraid that you could do harm to Yulya and replaced it What?! What?! You, you have sworn that it was my baby You’ve sworn that you had never had anything with anybody but me! What are you talking about? You made me marry you! Hush, the boys are here You made me bring up somebody’s baby Stop it! We’ll talk about it later Are you a hypocrite? Yes, I am You How could you look into my eyes?! How could you?! How could you, Anna?! Albertik, Albertik. What’s the matter? You wanted to divorce, right’? O’kay. That’s what you’ll get Not half of our property What’s the matter, Albertik?! No, really. Really Don’t be so upset! You have a daughter and I have a son, everything turned out to be honest Mummy What “mummy“? Go and bring some demulcent Who asked you to tell the truth? Mummy What “mummy”? Mummy What “mummy“? You have almost killed your daddy Albertik Daddy Daddy Yes, hold on a second Nikita! Nikitochka, Diana Sobolyeva is calling She asks your pardon for her behavior She says she loves you and wants to make it up with you Will you talk to her?! Yulya! Is it you?!

It’s me, granny Glasha So, have you found your father? No, I haven’t Oh, my God! I’ll try to find a new bed Could you tell me, guys, who to spend the night with Damn! Botheration! Nikita! Nikita, you have a guest I’m sorry, maybe I’m at the wrong time It’s o’kay Well, I’ll go then I came to apologize, Nikita At first I didn’t like you Bu I understood at the night club that I was wrong Oh, I was such a fool Forgive me, please I’ve never asked anybody the way I’m asking you now Come back, please. I promise that everything will change We’ll be happy What’s that?! Your mother said this she is your father’s daughter And I’m his adopted son I’m sorry I’ll wait till you forget her Hello, Diana What a family! I’ll go crazy So, you are together with Diana again? Well, I have to think about father Maybe together. We’ll see Crazy house That’s it It’s time to go to the airport Look here, this is our wedding with your daddy This is you When you were born, we lived in this hostel This is Temka – Mummy, may I ask you something? – Sure If Borodskiy is not my father, who is my daddy then?! You know, there was one man He was very handsome, but very flighty He had a dream to become a great football-player Well, he went abroad I even don’t remember exactly the country And that’s all. Since then I haven’t heard anything from him That means, I have his genes Genes, son, genes So, time to go Bye! Son! Good luck, son See you soon! Although it was expected, but the success of Russian club football is very pleasant ant it’s news of Wednesday Nikita Borodskiy scored the final goal of our team and he agreed to answer the questions of our TV-channel as soon as he returned home – Good afternoon, Nikita! – Good afternoon! The football-players who score such important goals usually say that it was as if they were ruled by a mysterious power They did everything by intuition Was it the same with you?! Did you know where to run, how to score?! Of course, I knew. We trained much and we all worked much on it But there was some luck, some intuition as well It’s important how the ball contacts with my leg, how it goes But mainly, it was because of trainings Usually, when a football-player scores an important goal, he dedicates it to someone Who did you dedicate your goal to?! I’ve dedicated this goal to one girl. I won’t call her name Why only one girl, Nikita? I know a lot of girls come to stadiums specially to see you, to support you Are you not afraid that people can get offended, feel upset?

Of course, I’m afraid of that Yes. Hi, son! Hi. I’m watching you on a sports channel. Well done! I’m proud of you. Well done! Listen. I wanted to ask you one thing You refused to marry Diana. What happened? Hold on! Hold on! Don’t make such sacrifice because of me Of course, not No Yulya hasn’t called and hasn’t come I’ve put some money on her account and sent my lawyer with a notification to her But no news so far Don’t worry, son. Mummy is all right We’ll put up with her We did a lot of mischief when we were young, but who didn’t?! 25 years together is something! Everything’s gonna be all right When will you be home?! I saw that you were at the airport All right, all right. My hugs to you I’m proud of you. I love you, bye To our children! God help them I want them to be happy Children, be happy! – Put it down – Oleg Put it down. Come with me, Artem Well, so, now when our children have almost married, it’s time to talk about our business Yes, it’s time. Let’s talk Let’s go Listen, we’ll celebrate our wedding in New Zealand I like one place there, where “Lord of the Rings“ was shot I hope you are not against it! Of course I’m not And by the way, I want to have 2 kids, a boy and a girl And a girl. Three kids, yes, Irma?! But not now In 3-4 years. What do you thing about it?! I agree By the way, we’ll send our boy to a sports school Let him follow daddy’s footsteps And our girl?! We’ll send our girl to a music school Well, I hope she’ll manage to do what I couldn’t – You don’t object, do you?! – Of course, not Nikita, of course, we’ll live at Rublyevka, because daddy has found the most beautiful house for us there – Do you like it there? – I do You know, Nikita, it’s strange you agree with everything You don’t have your own opinion?! Or maybe you don’t care?! You know, the second variant But if you want, I can argue Tell your wife about that Diana, we are leaving Daddy, what happened? I’ll explain everything in the car There won’t be any wedding Do you understand me?! Don’t even try to approach my daughter You, hobo! What about? God, everything was so great! What did you tell him, daddy? I told him that the shares our plants had gone down I said that I wasn’t the best possible business partner And I asked him to lend me some money For your wedding Do you want to say that we are broke?! Almost Don’t worry, Yulya will have good dowry Dad. Mum – I’ll go then – All right, all right. Run! Can you explain what’s going on?! We need to have common grandchildren What do you mean?! For reconciliation Who told you that I had any rows with you?! I think your daughter is a good match for my son

Hey, girls, why do you look like broilers in a shop?! At least show your teeth! Buzz off! Oh, let’s hook him Welcome to Kamyshensk, muchacho Do you have alight? I don’t smoke Cool car, yes?! Yes I bought some sausages and put them into my pocket Did I get so excited because of sausages?! Hello, granny! Hi! Do you know where to find your neighbor? Who?! Where is your neighbor? Yulka?! Can you see the highway Drive along it There is a crossroad there That’s where she works You won’t go by Thank you very much! My greeting to her Yuck, you have made such shit, old lady! Girls, look here He came back. I’ll go to him Oh, our muchacho came back Does Yulya work here?! Yulka?! Yes, she does But she’s away with a client now I’ll wait Why do you want Yulka, honey? She can’t do anything She young, inexperienced If you want, I could arrange something special for you I’ll wait for Yulya As you like O’kay, girls, bye-bye – Good luck – Bye Yulya! You are not Yulya I’m the only Yulya who works here Do you have small notes? I won’t find change for you Of course, it’s a special recipe Bon appetite Oh, what pasties, what pasties! Yulya! The End