The Red Lotus. Russian Movie. StarMediaEN. Criminal Melodrama. English Subtitles

Star Media presents Produced by Fresh Production UA Written by Zaza Buadze Director of Photography: Anatolii Sakhno Production Designer: Nikolai Guzovskii Music by Valerii Antoniuk Damn! Quickly! Stop the engine! Something bad has happened there! Mikhail Mamaev Hey! Elena Poliakova Call the police! Vladimir Kapustin What’s happened? Natalia Lesnikovskaia Goncharov was killed In Zaza Buadze’s film Red Lotus Anton! Anton! Hello, amigo! Oh my God! Who has finally come to our place? He has not decieved us Look guys! How could I decieve you? I’ve taken a vacation to visit you

– For hoe long has he been promising this? – For two years Zhanna, bring please wine from the cellar What wine? Let me have a rest Dear colonel, I’m calling the shots here Come in, commander! Come here! Hello! Let me look into your eyes They used to be fathomless and honest You must be tired, my dear Go away! But we will improve your state of health You are tired of loneliness, not work Yes, loneliness. Don’t lie to me I’m an expert in this sort of things We will improve this This is a secret You’ll know everything in the evening Anna, Petr, come here, uncle Anton has come! Where are my sweethearts? Uncle Anton! Hello! You little hippos Let me have a look Petr, you’re arms are so big! – You can train with these boxong gloves – Thank you Look, parents, you’re daughter is a model! Like her mother All boys in my class are in love with me They even fight for me You femme fatale Here are your presents, guys! Thank you Leave your presents aside What will we do now? Mom! We’ll go to the bathroom, comb our hair and put our clothes on! Stop complaining! Now! Zhanna, you are a number-one mother Okay, I’ll adopt you Stop flirting with my wife! He’s an Othello. He’s jealous, this means that he loves me – Have you put the kettle on the stove? – Take off your jacket! – I’ll be in a minute! – Hurry up! Don’t you look the gates at night? Should we be afraid of anybody? Everything’s calm in our town This is not Moscow, brother, where everybody is afraid of somebody Dmitrii, you’re a happy man You have a house, a wife and children Yes. But how do you know what is family happiness? This is such a bliss. And you are still unmarried. Would you have some tea? The reason is that you have already met your second half, and I haven’t And we can’t know who is the lucky guy You’ll meet her tonight What do you mean? Zhanna’s friend will come She’s intelligent and beautiful She has her own appartment and a car She’s a treasure Stop it I’m serious Her name is Anastasia Volskaia, she’s a journalist at our newspaper She’s graduated from the Department of Journalism Stop it! Anton! Be serious about this Okay, stop it. Have you invited me to make us acquainted? Yes This was Zhanna’s idea. And mine as well I’m going home then Anton! Anton! Anton! Anton! You won’t catch up with me Open the door! I’m in Moscow already Open the door! I won’t! What kind of man are you? You’re bastard Yes. This is Nikitin. What? Goncharov? I’ll be in a minute What’s happened? I must go. One man was killed In your town? Can you imagine this? He was a wealthy man The bosses have gotten mad Have a nice time. Wait for me We’ll organize baths Wait. I’m going with you Anton… What will I be doing here without you? And I can’t help you there with a piece of advice Zhanna’s gonna kill me – She isn’t – She is I waiting for you outside Zhanna! – Good morning! – Hi! He wasn’t robbed. He has money, mobile phone and documents here There is no gun, but it does not look like killer’s work

There are some footprints in the forest Good What size is this? These were boots of size 38 Was this a teenager? This could have been a woman A woman? Yeah, a woman Hello Good afternoon Do you have any good news for me? There are fingerprints here This is wonderful There are fingerprints here When do you suppose was he killed? About 1 a.m Eight hours ago. I want to have facts on my desk till noon I don’t know This is a strange thing for our town Tell me about Goncharov He was a chairman of the Katarsis Medical Holding He was a leading light in medicine He was a gyneacologist with a worldwide reputation Wow! Hundreds of women were worshipping him However, somebody had a bullet for him And this person came here together with him And it is quite possible that this was a woman Fuck. The prosecutor has come Good luck Oh my God! Andrei! Why? The murder took place at about 1 p.m There are fingerprintes, supposedly those of the killer I doesn’t look as if the killer was a professional Have you told the family? Not yet I’ll call Elena myself No, I’ll tell this in private Andrei deserves this Matvei Konstantinovich, will you go with me? Yes. Sure Nikitin, I’m taking this case under my personal control I’ll report in every two hours Fuck. Journalists have come. Let’s go Do you confirm the fact that Goncharov was killed? Was he killed or was this an accident? Ivan Romanovich, don’t be silent Tell me, is there any version? What motives could be there? Can the killer be caught on a hot scent? Don’t be silent! The residents of our town have the right to know the truth! What to know? Do you suppose that the killer has left any letter, Where he explained everything and left a signature The body was found an hour ago Nobody will ever answer these silly questions that you ask! I’m sorry Dmitrii, was he killed? If you weren’t my friend, I would tell you a couple of pleasantries Tell me everything, please! I must publish an article There’s nothing to tell Take away your camera! That’s enough He said, take away the camera Meet my friend, by the way. This is Anton We studied together at law department Anton, this is Anastasia Volskaia I’ve told you about her She’s a journalist and local celebrity – Nice to meet you – Me too – Where are you going? – There are footprints! So what? He was killed! Why are the footprints so small? Is killer a teenager? No, this could be a woman Okay. So Goncharov was killed by a woman, yeah? I’m not going to tell you anything Go away Will you come to our place tonight? Yes. You’ll know Anton better He’s a celebrity from Moscow. Yeah He’s a crime investigator at the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office Has he come from the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office? You work quickly You’ve misunderstood I’m here with a private visit I’ve come to see my friend I don’t believe you It doesn’t matter. This is your problem Dmitrii, let’s go

How? Let’s go! Okay, guys, I want to have the information on my desk till noon Is it clear? Come for dinner Why are you in a hurry? You’ll tell me everything about Gonharov on our way So, monsieur Maigre? Is the killer a woman? She’s such a nice girl Why didn’t you talk to her? You’re in a hurry. A resident of Moscow Go on, tell me everything about Goncharov, Schumacher This is a long story Look! Who is this? This is our place. Get away from here? Where did you come from? I’ll leave in a minute Let me have some rest, and I’ll go Now I’ll show to you some rest Freeze! I’ll kill you! Okay. You may live here as long as you wish. Don’t brandish your gun Make more smoke! Die you bitch! You better try to live here If Zhanna saw what I give you for breakfast, she would have killed me

But we have only this – This is a luxurious breakfast – I’ve put two spoons of sugar Good of you. You have good memory The prosecutor called from Goncharov’s place They will bring his wife and his son to the morgue for corpse identification We can do nothing about this This is a formality. I must go Can I go with you? You know pretty well that you can’t Please Look, was this prosecutor victim’s friend? All powerful people of the town were on friendly terms with him How old was he? 47 He started his own business three years ago Before that he was the chief physician at our local maternity house Why did he work at the local clinic? You said that he was a leading light The Moscow doctors may earn well at state-run clinics Our town is small, without any demographic boom By the way, he worked in his professional sphere. He established a private clinic called “White Lotus,” Obsterics and Artificial Insemination Center His son is the head of the clinic Is his son adult? He’s 18. He’s a two-time champion in trap and skeet shooting He studies in Moscow by correspondence He’s the heir Who else is in this holding? Three years ago he purchased the old camping site and made of it the center of obsterics and artificial insemination On shares with Valerii Karganov, the owner of a travel agency, they established the Katarsis Company After that even foreigners started to come here to find treatment for infertility So, childless people come to undergo treatment in Goncharov’s clinic via this firm, yeah? Yeah. He became rich, he built a grand hotel in the center of the town and a bank So he was in the black I would like to be the same successful Only without such a final, yeah? God forbid! What about the details, where devil hides? Don’t frighten me Yeah! Come in, Karasiov Here are the facts Let me have a look According to the results of the dactyloscopy, the frintprints in the car belong to Astakhova Galina Mikhailovna She received a three-year sentence to spend in a psychiatric clinic This is impossible It is. My card index never lies This was her Wait. How could she escape from the clinic? I’ve called there for inquiry A fire broke out there two weeks ago No one died, but 15 people were taken to the hospital with burns and carbon monoxide poisoning One patient was missing This was Galina Astakhova The preliminary data proves that the fire was caused by arson – This was her. She set fire and escaped – It’s clear After the incident one of the guards missed a government-issue gun and wallet with money This was her, clearly A criminal action was brought against him But he asserts that he was stunned and robbed Is this all? Yes You may go Dmitrii, tell me everything about this case please Astakhova kidnapped a person three years ago, She worked as a bookkeeper at Karganov’s firm At the court her lawyer proved that she was not answerable for her actions And the court decided that she should undergo a treatment at the psychiatric clinic

Did Goncharov have any relation to this case? Yes. She kidnapped his son Here you have the details You are right Why did he kidnap him? You won’t believe me, but this was unrequited love To whom? To Goncharov’s son. And Goncharov figured out everything and told the police I see Now everything’s pretty clear for me Astakhova escaped from the clinic and took a revenge Everything’s is absolutely clear I should tell the criminal invastigation department about everything Wait. Everything’s clear But there are unclear details What details? What are you talking about? How did she get into his car? They went too the forest, and he didn’t even tried to call the police And she didn’t tried to kill him at once There is a whole batallion of devils Calm down. Don’t be scared Take this jacket Where have you come from? Aren’t you a local resident? Wait don’t go anywhere, I’ll bring some tea You’l tell everything Maybe, I’ll help you I was robbed All my money and documents were in the wallet I’ve come from Ural to see one person He’s our far relative Valerii Karganov. He owns a firm They send women to work as nurses abroad I called from Ural, but they changed the phone number afterwards I could ask at the inquiry office But… Are you mad, Nikitin? To you want to loose your shoulder straps?

Don’t make important people wait I have the results of dactyloscopia I can’t believe This was Astakhova What Astakhova? Galina Astakhova, there are her figerptints in the car What? Astakhova? Again Astakhova? Is this true? Did this bitch kill my dad? Answer me. Was this Astakhova? I ask you Mom! Mom! Okay, bring away Mom. Nikitin, make all the necessary arrangements Of course Okay So, Astakhova did this It looks like that I’m sorry. My condolences Thank you Who are you? Anton Danilov, I’m a crime investigator at the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office I see From Moscow? You’ve come quickly You’ve misunderstood I’m the friend of Nikitin Have a good vacation! I’d like to talk to you Not now, possibly. Later To talk about what? I need your help. Call me I’ll be waiting for your call Here is our friend from Moscow Anton Danilov, crime investigator from the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office Vishnevetskii Leonid Aleksandrovich, director-general of the “Lotus” Commercial Bank Gorokhov German Veniaminovich, head of the hotel Karganov Valerii Nikolaevuch, touring frim How do you know? Astakhova worked in your firm It would be better for us to leave and have a talk in a more pleasant atmosphere Shall we go to my office? – Let’s go – Let’s go Execuse me I have some business I’ll join you in a couple of minutes We will be waiting. Let’s go Lotus? And the center of obsterics is called in the same way

Is this flower important for your holding? Yes, thank you Of course. Lotus is a symbol of maternity Andrei invented this name I think it is very apt Tell me in details please about the events that took place three years ago I mean, kidnapping of Goncharov’s son How old was Igor then? 15 He had a birthday party a week before the incident This was a nice party How was he kidnapped? Why did Astakhova do this? Where did she hide him? I’.d like to know more about Astakhova She’s a mentally ill person The court proved this in its time and she was sent to a psychiatric clinic Before that she worked at the Zurbagan Company She was unsociable and lonely She’s an orphan She has neither friends, nor lovers And Igor was a handsome boy at that time He was popular among girls This gray mouse Galina Astakhova possibly considered him a prince from fairytales She was silly enough to fall in love with him She didn’t even care about the difference in their ages She started to chase Igor At first she wrote love-letters, then she started menacing him He decided to tell his father about everything Andrei met with Astakhov and spoke with her He asked her to leave his son alone But Astakhova did a surprising thing She kidnapped the boy Of course, she acted like a mentally ill person. But I feel sorry for her Tell me the address Valerii Nikolaevich, are you here? Are you doing this again?

How did she manage to kidnap Igor? The thing is that Igor at that time was already fond of trap and skeet shooting And he used to train at the camping site Andrei bought this base and began some works there Igor used to stay for a night there from time to time That night he was alone Astakhova used the moment, entered the house and, unfortunately, not just sport guns were there Valerii Nikolaevich, the Moscow investigator is waiting for you I see I see, I’m not a fool I’ll tell him He feels unwell. He’sll come soon anyway I hope everything’s okay with him This sort of things happen often to him He has a weak health I must go. Dmitrii, I’m waiting for you down stairs Good luck I feel that something is wrong here This can’t be a simle revenge for unrequited love We must talk to Igor Why do you think so? They were starined, haven’t you noticed? It is understandable They’ve lost such a man He was a father and a boss for them No, they are also afraid of something I’m sorry Who? Good afternoon, Mademoiselle Volskaia Meet? Right now? Escuse me, but what for? I see. Where? Okay, I’ll find this place In ten minutes. Okay How has she found out my phone number? She’s a journalist She says that she has some information – Do you know where is cafe “Okeania”? – Yes “Wanted… Astakhova…” Hello, Nastia Hello What will you drink Monsieur Maigre? Milk shake please. What information do you have for me? Look you have come for a vacation Yes Then I don’t understand why would you need all this Do you mean the investigation? At first I wanted to help my friend Then I became interested This is my profession You can’t do like this The ability to rest is the same important as the ability to work Workaholics are mentally ill peole Aren’t you a workaholic? No, of course not I’m a mercantile careerist I won’t to get on the summit of power, in journalism, of course Why do you need this? I want to be fully independent You make a mistake here Power is dependence Dependence on power What is real independence then? Children, kitchen, a husband at the TV set? I don’t know. I have never been married Thank you So, Astakhova? Why are you surprised? Her photos are on each lamppost Yeah? I see. What do you know about this? I can’t say that I knew her well We have lived for seven years in one children’s home Did you grow up in a children’s home?

Yes. I did. As well as Galina My darling Come in Go, Zhora, quickly! Hello, Aglaia Matveevna Hello You haven’t recognized me, yeah? Don’t move. You must know why I am here Let’s go to the archives room. Go ahead Here we go I feel unwell You don’t know what is to feel unwell. Come on Hey, get up! Get up Damn Then our ways parted. I went to Moscow,

started to work at a print shop, entered a journalism department After graduation I returned, but I didn’t see Galina She was under trial Yes, and they recognized her unaswerable for her acts What do you think about his? I don’t know, she was a normal girl This could happen after childbirth, when the delivery is hard Did Astakhova give birth to a child? Yes. But the child was born dead Excuse me, this is from the newspaper Yeah, what? Who? Wait a minute Excuse me, this is important Sure Are you sure that this is her? Have you told anyone about this? Okay. Connect us. Volskaia I must leave, Anton. This is urgent I understand May I pay for your cocktail? Thank you Anton, I must have seemed a heartless person in the morning It seems to me that you are very honset Those who lived in children’s homes, have a good nose for honesty and justice Don’t threaten me. You’ve asked to meet

If I can help you, I’ll do this Now we will go to my place It’s safe there If you don’t believe me, you may go out now. That’s all Excellent. I’m listening carefully Hello Anton, this was Astakhova Sergei recognized her in the photo They took away the old nurse to the hospital What was she looking for? Have a look What was she looking for? Is this a registration for women recently confined? Yes Women, who confined, and newborns and all the data about them I see. Within what period? Can we find the data registered three years ago? Of course Who was the chief doctor then? Goncharov? Andrei Valerianovich. Yeah Excellent. Okay Find please the registration of Astakhova Galina Mikhailovna She gave birth to a child three years ago And registration of all the mothers who gave birth to children in this period If she didn’t take it with her She came for this very purpose And I need a copy of court decision on Astakhova’s case from the court archives And the copy of the lawyer’s petition Is it clear? Igor Andreevich is waiting for us We must go Let him wait If everything you’ve just said is true, this is a bomb Publish this in your newspaper before they catch me If they don’t kill me before God forbid! It’s not very simple to publish such an article The newspaper does not belong to me I see. I shouldn’t have relied upon you Where are you going? Let’s go upstairs You’ll take a shower, eat something, and I will thing, what we can do You have become very beautiful Your eyes are the same Are you happy? Let’s go to my place. It’s unsafe here Okay I’ve done this tattoo in the psychiatric clinic

Is this a lotus? A symbol of maternity Why is it red? The color of blood Okay. Forgive me I won’t disturb you Sorry for being late This is Anton Danilov We’ve already met. Come in Wait a second. I have another proposal Let’s go to the guest house Why? I’m just curious. We’ll look what’s happened three years ago, if you don’t mind. Let’s go Is it comfortable? I hope you enjoyed your bath Have some tea. Eat something Thank you Galina, you should better go to the police and tell everything I have a very good acquaintance, he is a criminal investigator from the Moscow Prosecutor’s House He’s Name is Anton Danilov You can trust him. I’m sure Look, I need a newspaper article If you can’t help me, don’t I’ll leave after darkness Where will you go? They are looking for you everywhere I won’t let you go Are you going to hide me here? What will you do when anybody comes? It’s not safe here. You’re right Look I’ll bring you to my summer cottage Nobody will ever find you there Then I will meet with Dmitrii He’s a husband of my friend He works in the police Don’t! You can’t trust policemen! What can I do then? I want t help you, but I don’t know how! Even if I write this article, nobody will publish it until the facts are veryfied So it will go first to the prosecutor’s office I have to call Karganov I can’t do this from a home phone Where’s the nearest public phone? You can’t go outside now I’ll do everything, you only explain I’ll do everything, you only explain Give me your dictaphone – Dictaphone? – Yes Was you father accouching Astakhova’s delivery? What’s the difference? I don’t know. Maybe it was him You father confirmed at court that the delivery was hard And this was caused by her complicated psychological state It was so then I don’t remember everything I was in a complicated state I see. You were 15 years old But you acted as a real hero You took her gun She was going to shoot at uncle German. I had no other choice I see. It’s so beautiful here, yeah? Valerii, this is Galina Astakhova

I don’t need anything, just give me the address of that woman And I’ll disappear from your life forever Otherwise, the story you hear now will get to Moscow to the general prosecutor’s office and to all the central newspapers But you won’t see this, because I will kill you You can trust me I’m a mad woman There was a couch where I used to sleep when I stayed for a night I was kept here as long as Astakhova was here Where did she stand when the police came? There, it seems to me But I don’t remember it clearly There? Exactly? Yeah, it seems to me From where did Gorokhov come? When the door was broken, he was the first to enter, and she levelled the gun at him And you defended him from your corner, yeah? Yeah You are quick I used to hunt with my father since I was 10 For how long did you remain in captivity? For five hours I can imagine It must have been hard for you I was thinking about my parents I see Look how did you feel when she said that it was you who kept her here? I knew she was crazy. Thanks God, the court sorted everything out She said many strange things Yeah, she said that your father was the father of her child This crazy bitch at first treated me, then she became pregnant of some guy, then she tried to black my father Did she blackmail him? Of course. This is no surprise These jackals come wherever success is It is even worse when they are mentally ill Astakhova is mad. And she’s still in town Nikitin, I warn you. If you don’t find her, I will. And there will be no trials I will dot this question myself Is it clear? We are searching All the town gates are closed We’ll find her within several hours No, your dismissal is the question of several hours. I promise Who said this? Calm down! Both of you Igor, I advise you to forget about any lynching Is everything okay? Fine The weather is so nice It is so beautiful in the outside! If it were my decision, I would stay here to vacation You can come and stay here whenever you wish Seriously? Yes. As a personal guest of mine I’ll think over your proposal Let’s go for a walk Let’s go Igor, our father’s clinic is popular among foreigners as well as Russians This is true. Many foreigners come here Women? No. Family couples. The treatment lasts for several months sometimes Our task is to create maximum comfort for the patients And I assure you, we have been doing this with great success I don’t know whether it will go on without Dad I understand you Your father was a bright professional But I would like to know… This is a small provincial town Why do foreigners come to you, not to Holland, for example? What’s the secret? Any know-how or mild prices? Our center is called the center of pathology and extracorporal gyneacology Okay The question is not only about artificial insemination, but about the treatment of pathologies and preserving of he foetus My father had developed a unique system, which helps to preserve the foetus even in most difficult cases So, the foreigners came to you, for whom it was difficult to preserve the foetus? And they stayed here for some time For two or three months Then, thanks to your father’s mastery they happily gave birth to a child And afterwards they returned home with a child Yes, we have tens of letters in our archives with gratitude

from both Russians and foreigners Were they delivering in the center? We lease an appartment in the local maternity house Your father’s maternity house? Absolutely And the city health department was dealing with the formal side of business Of course. So that all the legal norms were kept And was it Mr. Vishnevetski, who used to head the city health department? Absolutely Everything’s clear to me now Now I can see what a loss was it for you as well as for the whole town Accept my sincere condolences By the way, the registration data of the patients have been preserved, yeah? Yes Can I have a look at them? You’re welcome What? He said that he doesn’t know the address Only Igor knows it He will try to get it He’s lying He seemed to be very scared He made an appointment in the old river port in an hour Okay, in an hour We’ll go together I won’t let you go alone Stop it I won’t respect myself if I go alone No We’ll go together They won’t dare do harm for me I’m going Let’s go together No. I’ll take the address and return at once Don’t worry. I’ll be okay There’s nobody here How can this be? Nobody! Nastia! Go downstairs Go, go, go! Quickly! Get in the car! Quickly! Bastards!

I must leave you now Hold on! Help will come in a minute Take the phone! Forgive me! There is a wounded girl in the car! Go outside! Theres a wounded girl! Don’t move. Go ahead Who is in the hosue? Igor, German and Vishnevetskii How could she disappear? Find her till midnight! Good afternoon Igor, don’t shoot! Don’t! Put the gun on the floor Okay. Stay calm You bitch won’t leave this place alive Nobody will What do you need? I’ve come to take a revenge for my son, whom his own father together with his friend has sold to a foreigner Should I start from you, dope head? It was you who presented a naive employee to your pervert friend Or you, young sadist? Do you remember how you hit me in the stomach with your feet? Or you, the bribe-taker? Have you forgotten how you were putting a gun in my hands, when I was half-dead Or you, Leonid Aleksandrovich? You decided not to put me to jail You decided to leave me to rot in a psychiatric clinic I hope this will happen Will it be the most fair to start with you? Why me? I haven’t done anything wrong! Leonid, this were you and Andrei who invented this scheme You developed it, looked for childless foreigners I only organized the tours Galina… What? Don’t kill me I’ll tell everything in court I’ll tell everything We have guests Of course. Do this without my assistance Hello, Ivan Romanovich. Join the rest

Astakhova? You’re a bitch with nine lives This was Ryzhakov? What? He invented that story with kidnapping You bitch! You cheap crazy stuff! I hate you! Stop your hysterics now! Get a grip on yourself I’ll kill her Do it Me? Step aside, hunter Shut up! Put your gun on the floor! Galina, are you alive? I’m Anton Danilov. Everything’s okay I know everything What about Nastia? She’s alive Wait! I have a dictaphone They all have owned it up Put the gun down! I want to make a plead guilty And I demand to record it Dmitrii is in the house – Is everything okay? – Yes I didn’t want to kill Andrei I just asked him to give me my child back Andrei, I beg you I’ll disappear from your life for ever Give me my child back Give me my child back You sign a capital sentence for yourself Give me my child! Do you understand that I must kill you now? You give me no other choice Give me my boy! Do you understand, bitch? I’ll kill you! Give me my boy! Give me my boy! I’ll kill you I’m ready to answer for everything Do you know where my son is? He’s in Rotterdam Mauitzwig, 55, Martin and Sandra Deyong I promise, I’ll do everything to prove that your son was illegally brought out of the country Nastia considers you an honest man Hello Is this you, Maigre? What are you doing here? Admiring you. You are so beautiful What about Galina? Everything’s okay She’s fine thanks to you You made it! So, is everything over? I don’t know Maybe everything is just beginning