Custom iPhone holder BMW 6 Series 03-10 E63 E64

hi guys fishing over unfit car stereo today we’re gonna show you and still expect that custom ashtray holder in a BMW e60 3 that’s a six series is actually convertibles like the body saw change I think it’s 64 if comodo but anyway either way install same for both what I’m gonna do first is to pop out this hazard and lock switch you scrub a panel tool this is a PPT one we sell them as a set of five you can buy each one individually so you got a panel I’ll pry I mean uh this is called to prize and like a scraper we use a scraper or two wedge so I’m gonna grab this over here pop it up like that should pop the other side too I know we go over this way alright then you’re gonna pull that out and then just unplug this from the side right there okay now there’s 120 Phillips head bolt right here um it aims down so you gotta go up and look and then just this is a magnetic tip make sure you have one with the magnetic tip don’t want to lose this we’re just gonna show it to you guys alright as a magnetic tip makes life easier cuz it holds it that goes that and now once you know that pretty much go pry out be careful prying on this cuz if you look at the top this one’s already been a little starting to peel from the top previous owner probably put some keys up there some like a navigation system but just be very careful so that comes out like easy but you see that that’s so it’s just covered so whoever that this usually happens because you put keys or whatever up here and when you’re gonna pull it out it goes rubs on it but all right guys on next thing you can do is this two Phillips head screws over here all right so I’m gonna swap out my g20 tour now I’m gonna grab the one over here first like I said I have a magnetic tip even if you have a magnetic tip it’s a good idea to just guide to screw with your finger cuz if it drops looks like I just left and it dropped because I have my netiq tip but you know better safe than sorry right now you take those two screws out now you can use any tool you want if you still with this one you can use this one I like using the wedge stupid WESH 2 has a thinnest edge so I’m going here just to pop it out there’s a bunch of clips back I’ll show you once I get it out the wake up don’t think it’d be an option alright guys um I forgot to leave it when I was videotaping but before you take off the center console we’re about to take out make sure the key is off and do not take out do not put the key in the ignition on until you’re done with we put everything back okay alright guys I just want to got some tool liner only so this won’t get scratched and this won’t get scratched up now I’m gonna flex this a little show you it’s not a big deal but can you come over here you’re gonna push this in it’s a little tab you gotta push in a little hard to them up facing it right now I’ve always cheap use a screwdriver push the tab in alright so once you push the tab in this slides up and over and it comes right out same thing with this one a little time on the front push this over right and then over here these squeeze together and comes right out right now what you get that out you slide this out the side like this okay alright guys we’re back now this car the shift knob came right out so you can

just pull this right out right through it okay well we’re gonna show you a lot most sometimes the pain to get these shift knobs up and it’s not even worth going through trouble so grab panel tool once again and you’re going to just stick it into the side right here it’s nice and simple once you do that it unclips this side to this two clips one and two you see that it’s ready and closer how could you use auto focus it works alright so those two clips and then the other two it just engaged and now you get here now once you do that just pop this up now back here there’s one flip now under this thing there’s two more okay and then over here there’s one that pulls out towards the rear I mean towards the front of the car so just wiggle it just engage so it came out like that now you’re supposed to do this okay as you can see you have I see how these two they were in the corner you have this one that pulls out towards the front and this one that pulls out towards the bottom okay now the reason you’re supposed to do that is because that way you don’t have to worry about taking the shift knob off but like I said this thing came right off so I’m not sure if it’s aftermarket I don’t think it looks factory but anyway gives me a clearer view of what’s going on so we’re gonna keep it that way alright hey guys now we’re back now we took the shifter out of the way I got I took everything out you stick make it a clear view there’s one two three four screws we gotta take out all right once we take out those four screws you’ll have clear view of the shifter now keep these separate whatever you work on a car to when you take out the screws to keep them all separate only because the sometimes they look identical bmw x3 is a perfect example the screws are exactly the same size length the only thing one has a washer one doesn’t let me take out a radio and if you don’t know that they want to washer I’m pretty sure goes on top then you don’t know what you’re doing let me put it back together ask me how I know cuz I’ve made that mistake before but in that case it’s not a big deal but it can be confusing alright guys next thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take out the cup ashtray I mean a couple of time sure most you guys know about this but just comes out just like that alright so now you’ve done that I’m just going to pull this up here alright and then you’re gonna squeeze over here the reason you had to take out the top piece and then there’s another one right here right just a little make sure you put that little one back in cuz I could see everyone forget in them all right and then on the back there are there’s three or four connections I’m gonna show you these oh you can see right there let’s bring them back around whoops sorry guys I usually have a nice professional tribe holder I use but this car since you get your car doesn’t have headrest I usually amount it to the headrest all right so now there’s a connection up here see up here this comes right out the middle one is like a CD changer connection to 6-pin on the older stars you guys know what I’m talking about and then the top that last one also has this big connection so you just push here and it comes right now right now that we’re here you have your ashtray right here and then when you turn it around there’s your holes let me figure out the mounting and everything so I could come back and give you a nice little I’ll show you how about it oh yeah it’s a little hard to make out but in here there’s this little thing pretty much what it does is that to make sure that for some reason it’s when you open it puts the ashtray up or something like is sure but anyway you got to get this thing out of here to get the speck back in so all you got to do pretty much is just get it up and just push forward so when it’s in all right now once you do that it slides right out so proves there’s two little hooks there hold it and just pop it up see all right all right guys so customers like well what does that do I’m like I don’t know well what does it do alright so here’s where we figured out you know you just pull the ashtray out like this have you pushed back on the door it comes right out voila so that’s what that little thing goes that little thing when you want to take out your ashtray you just push back on the door pops right up that’s cute alright guys so no more sharing a month suspect I suspect that goes like this a little notch towards the front the instructions you get from spec talk say to put it through here I think are through the back maybe this

this one currently their iPhone 5 adapters how the Lightning converter built-in so what we’re gonna do is there’s a hole right in the front right then we’re just gonna drop it through there alright now I hit this and this all first of all I clean this real nice and then I hit this with a heat gun it’s all cold out today it’s like 40 degrees so heat things adhere better when they’re warm so definitely unless it’s 80 degrees up hit it with a heat gun I hear blow dryer you don’t have to have a heat gun you have you know you have a shaved head I’m sure your neighbor has a blow dryer and I say that cuz I have a shoot and one of my friends who comes out from California she left a blow dryer in my hair on my house but if it wasn’t for her there would be no blow dryer in my house alright so that goes in make sure it’s centered nicely make sure the wire you pull it tug it from the bottom because what happens a lot of times is the I push it forward nicely make sure we think closes okay okay yeah because what happens a lot of times is the the wire will get stuck under so make sure you don’t make sure you tug it but don’t yank on it okay alright so that’s that let me uh come back and I’ll show you the rest of the routing of the wire alright guys real quick I’m gonna show you most you guys gonna do a tension tension goes into the little box so I’m gonna show you that way I don’t know what are the things you guys may be doing oh we can also make these if you guys just want them for charging okay so you just you guys you’re charging you hook up the cigarette lighter and that’s it alright so that’s also an option so what I’m gonna show you right now this iPod cable I would never dropped this way on a normal occasion but since this is gonna be hidden for a spec doc it doesn’t matter I’m just gonna drop it right through here all right and it’ll just come out through here oops sorry hit my finger so that way you do that and then now the spec Doc’s mentions on the glove box I can actually see light through here like this is not what you wanted to come out but I’m just showing you that that’s how easy it is to run to the glove box to be honest who that’s probably you know that’s in the hole for the hinge so that’s not gonna work at all but I’m gonna drop the glove box you may or may not see a video on that alright but now that we did all that next steps are to plug it the three connectors back in count them one two three I see you others forget a connector okay I’m sure they clip in nice you can’t pull them out – you got the third one alright don’t forget I’m leaning this on this thing so it last thing you want to do is lean it and something that’s not hard alright and then the spec doc connection goes to right here alright so now we’re gonna make sure put this in here sure that doesn’t cigarette lighter and there was that little one don’t forget there’s two little ones there one little and they go see a little it’s probably gonna be the light but you know way that comes on off and now make sure that you tuck this backwards okay voila you got this connector this connector this connector alright and everything else is done backwards and there’s your spec dock just hanging out in the ashtray beautiful alright so now let me install everything I will grab my you