Getting Started with the Cricut Maker: How to get from out the box to first cut

hi everyone welcome it’s a hedgehog hollow so today I have a popular asked video for you and when are we talking about the cricket maker getting started out the box we’re also gonna do this with the Cricut explore air too so I’ll do an unboxing and making your first cut but this is going to be getting started with the Cricut maker getting it connected to your iPad making that first cut all of those good things so let’s get started with connecting it to your iPad so when you get your Cricut maker out the box I’m gonna want to take that transformer block this I believe you actually get a white one of these this is a different one at my craft room you’re gonna want to plug it in to the back of your Cricut maker so along at the back here you have this little hole that’s where your transformer goes in so you’re gonna pop that in here and I see my crickets opening for me but I’ll show you from scratch so it comes like this you just open up this top piece and this one will pop forward for you and then you’re gonna press the on button over here so that’s literally all you need to do it will do some kind of refreshes and things and you’re ready to go now who took your iPad or whatever tablet you using obviously instructions might be slightly different depending on your tablet but here I have an iPad now you’re going to go into settings which is this one down here you want to go to bluetooth and you’re going to wait for other devices mine is called the maker a five CD it’d be something along maker options you’re going to hit that and you’re gonna want to wait for that button over here to be nice and steady and it will ask you for a pin at now the pin could be four zeros or one two three four you can try both I happen to know mine is for zeros and you’re going to hit the pair button and you’ll see it now comes up as connected that means I’m ready to go up this literally all you have to do it’s so simple the same if you’re using a laptop you can just go into your Bluetooth you know compare the two whatever the settings are for your device now we’re going to want to use the Cricut app you can see it’s one that I use regularly if you don’t have the cricket app on your iPad go to the App Store just like this and hit the search button and you can just type in cricket search and you’re going to want cricut design space now here it would say get that’s what you need to do for me it just says open and then you’re going to sign in I’ll put some links below to the cricut access option so cricut access you can pay monthly or an annual subscription it gives you access to thousands or tens of thousands of fonts to images projects all those kind of great things it also gives you a discount when you are shopping at the Cricut store and which you can stack on top of some of the coupons that we often have available to so it’s really worth getting it saves me a ton of money when I am using my cricut app and again I’ll put links in the video description for you so you can check that out anything with the a that is what is included in cricut access otherwise I would have to pay for that so I’m more than get my money’s worth out of having the cricut access so here I can choose a project and you can see there are thousands of projects I can also search along the top here I can just tap and if I wanted to do say in fusible ink which is a new Cricut product I just type in infusible and it gives me lots and lots of options maybe I wanted to do vinyl again tons and tons of options that I can do with my vinyl so you know you can see that lots of options another option I have is to go to canvas this was something I was making for a friend the other night I can clear this off I can grab image and then this takes me to the Cricut store anything with a that’s included in my access so you can see I’ve got the little cricket guy here I’ve got tons of different options of things I could cut out so we could choose something here why don’t we do the little cricket guy we can cut him out I tap him I hit insert and then I can pop him in the corner of my canvas so I thought we would cut something out today on vinyl and I’m just going to pop that and I’m just gonna pop this to the side for a second so let’s go back to talking about our cricket so in mine because it’s a well-loved machine I already have my blade so let’s just talk about the two sides so in this side this will come in your box this is your cricket blade this is your regular knife they’re just the normal blade nothing special about it and all you do is you pop it in here it sits so that this little bit of the knife kind of that juts out just sits on top you close it across here and you clip it in like so this side is for your pen so if you want to draw this is where

you’re going to put your pen in you open it up you slot your pen in you close it up and off you go and I’m going to show you how the app tells you exactly what you need to do okay you’ll also have a mat or two in other words I’m looking for in your pack and depending if you’ve bought something like the sampler packs that go with your machine again I’ll put links in the video description for you I’m also going to include some optional coupon codes in the description if we can find any for cricket buying the machine with these samplers is often a really great value to get some different materials to play with you get the machine included they often have kind of bounced back offers and things will add whatever the best offer is at the time we make this video go live but having those in there is a great option I always when I buy a machine I always buy the samplers with it even if I don’t us how do you want those materials right away the materials come such a great discount when I bought my Cricut Explorer air 2 which I’ll be hearing in a few days I bought the sampler pack and you’ll see that in my unboxing and I bought it because yes I have lots of materials we think for like 30 bucks I ended up with a ton of extra materials and the value was awesome so when you get your mat you’re gonna take off this little plastic sheet that you saw me take off this is a piece of the metallic rose gold vinyl I just happen to have now they do come on a roll so something I like to do because they are a little bit curly is I just kind of roll it back on itself it just makes it a little bit easier so pound all so I just kind of roll it back on itself like that and then all I do is pop it on to my sheet like so and just press it down now depending on the material and will depend on how much of this you need to do but it’s really a good idea to get one of the cricut talkers so I really like the brayer again I’ll link everything in the description for you at the best options like this and Cricut do some great value options for shipping to Canada are gonna put that down there do flat rate shipping over a certain amount I’ll put all of that in the description and they also do free shipping codes for the US so I’ll put those down there over certain amounts the other things they do a scrapers and the tool sets too so this little and really cool pencil case I have I don’t think any available any longer but the tool sets are invaluable so I really recommend that one if you are starting out with the Cricut so here is my material on my mat let’s go back to our device it’s okay so we’re going to make it that’s this button and down here so we’re gonna hit make it and now you can see it up here on my mat now I don’t need to worry so much because I can see you’re gonna end at the five inch mark my material goes down to the six and a half inch mark so I’m more than have enough material and my material goes all the way across my mat however sometimes you might have a scrap you want to use there is amateur in here called snap mat which you’ll see it down the bottom here this feature is awesome I have a whole video on it but I’ll just briefly show you what it does so what the first thing you’re gonna have to do is have your mats aligned how it shows you on the picture you see how my hanger tag is up here you want your hanger tag up here mmm you hit the snap map button and it says position mat close to frame edge and you can see there’s a little hanger tag very small on here and I’m never very good at aligning these things I’m always back to front have I not got this right oh that’s cuz my apps like that there we go so just going to so once it snapped like this you just hit the use button and you can see how my little cricket guy here just comes up and so I can position him anywhere on my material which i think is super cool the other option of course you can hit here you can move into another mat you can hide him all those kinds of things but if you had a scrap and it was over here you can just move it onto that scrap so the snap mat is a really useful feature so then you just hit continue and what it’s going to do is start transferring that information into your machine so back again here it’s gonna say material side so this is your mat so you’ve got the 12 by 12 mat it will tell you for me anything bigger and you can tell it if you’ve got a smaller material you can mirror it if you’re doing iron-on so if you’re doing things like the in fusible in the HTV all of those kinds of things you’ve got all of those options in here and it taemi that it’s a cut so if it’s like a print and cut if it’s a draw you’ll get different icons come up in this area so we’re just waiting for it to a transfer that material and transfer it into a cut file so you just see this little timer

down here so this is the next screen that you will see and the next unities hit all materials and in here you can search what if you’re looking for so I have metallic vinyl this is where the app gets really clever and I’ll show you a couple of other things so you can search in here infusible so if you have the infusible ink transfer sheet you really can search anything all of the cricut items are in here and a lot of other things too so if you have things like cereal boxes you want to cut if you want to cut the wood with the knife blade pretty much ever well definitely every Cricut material in here and a lot of other materials in here too so it will know whatever item you’re looking for so you can put down here you can also start favorites so if it’s something you cut a lot so I’ll select that you can add it in here I’ll go back and you can see here now some of my favorites are starting to go up here or can go for popular and there’s things that people cut all the time in there as well now it’s gonna go next load tools are matte so it’s going to tell you clamp a which is this one there’s nothing required clamp B load your fine point blade that’s the one that I showed you earlier then it’s going to tell you to load mat this is where Cricut is great because everything that you need to do next is always going to be what’s flashing so my arrows are flashing that’s what I need to do I need to insert my map I’m going to put it through these two white guides and I’m going to press the button that’s flashing super simple it’s going to adjust itself it’s going to make sure it has the right pressure for you and then my app tells me press go press the flashing button now there is a fast mode I don’t tend to like to use the fast mode I find it doesn’t cut as well you can try it out and see what works for you but I just find the regular mode works fine for me again it’s the flashing si button so we’re gonna press that because that’s what’s flashing for us there is a pause button too so if you need to use the pause maybe you want to walk away and you don’t want to leave it running you can press the pause maybe something’s moved and you want to move it back well you need to put a new Panem you can hit that pause button anytime you need to you also have two nice storage things in here first when you’re using it you have the option to pop your iPad or your device up here which I find really helpful because normally I’d be on the other side of the table and you know I’m tapping away doing whatever I need to do also it cuts really quickly I show you this little storage draw in the front as well when this is finished cutting which is really handy to store your blades and some extra replacement items in and but you can see and it cuts pretty quickly to our cubbies over half done it gives you a little status bar on your screen – if you had multiple mats maybe layering colors those kinds of things they would all be down the side here and then it would say insert your next mat and the green or your blue you know whatever happens to be on your screen and for your next part of your project so uncle critter here isn’t the only finished I think they call them cubbies but he’s nearly finished so once he’s finished it will spit the mat out it does still hold on to it in case you want to do anything extra you’ll say action complete okay and you’ll see it’s flashing so again that’s what we’re gonna press and we remove our mat now as I mentioned there’s a little storage cubby under here you can open this up and there’s little area for you to store lots of things so I have my fabric blade my rotary blades in here there’s some other little bits and pieces I keep one of my scrapers in here there’s this little magnetic piece as well which is perfect for spares and things so you can see there’s a nice little area and it’s a magnetic clothes so it just kind of snaps itself shut with a nice soft clothes on there so lots of places for you to store now when you’re done then what you’re gonna want to do is peel your mat away from your material you’ll see I don’t get any tearing and you’re gonna get a much easier release that way okay so next thing so I like to make a rough cut first of all so the next step with final HTV what any of the material really is to weed and weeding is removing the excess so do that I like the weeding hook and my tweezers we’re also gonna need some tape I like the thermal web 1/2 inch tape and my lovely little mermaid here and the first way we can do it two ways you can either do the insides or you can do the large piece first because doing the large piece first can make it easier on you if I’m doing something dark like a black or maybe a really large piece with lots of words in it I would use the cricket brite pad because it’s gonna shine through it’s going to show you all those extra areas this is a really small cart and on a bright color it’s really easy but the bright pad really is worth it for big pieces lots of words dark colors all those kinds of things so what I’m going to do is I’m gonna peel off all of these pieces like this and you can see how easy this is look how easy this cut is to just peel off so I’m just going

around the edge of our little critter I think they call them cubbies but you can see just peel that off so this is just excess distance that’s why I do that rough cut then we’re going to take our reading hook and it depends of whether it’s curling on up sometimes it curls more than others you might want to tape it down to help you you might not but I’ll hook is just going to get into these little areas here and it’s going to help us remove them just like this sometimes fingers sometimes tweezers you’ll kind of work out whatever works best and it does vary by project too sometimes I find that I need different tools for different projects so just make myself a little pile over here just like that and then this one I’m actually just gonna bend because it’s a larger piece so this thing that’s gonna be easier and you can see it’s a nice crisp cut so it’s leaving behind exactly the pieces I want it to and he’s coming together nicely now we’re gonna have that large piece super simple this is a really easy one to weed and if you were doing lots of words you wouldn’t be able to just curl it like this you’d find your letters would go everywhere but on him that’s really easy now the next thing you’re gonna want is transfer tape and the cricket transfer tape is a really nice one reason being all the gridlines on it and I’ll show you that in a second so we’re going to mark a piece of transfer tape roughly the same size as him again trim this down I usually go slightly larger than my piece and I’m just gonna find my edge sometimes you’re weeding hook is a good little tool for your corner I usually find just kind of a flicking one corner tends to to work it’s fun this is one corner that works for me better than any others now again if it was words you’ll see there’s a light grid printed on here which is perfect for when you’re working with words and there’s a light grid printed on your vinyl underneath so you can line that up if you’re working words what who’s working little critter so it’s nice and easy for him so we’re just going to press it down on top and we’re going to take the scraper tool you can also use a credit card or something but these scraper tools are great and they come in the little tool kits there’s a small one as well which you saw I store in the front of my maker or just pick up off of our surface and I’m going to turn it around and the way I like to do this and I find it easiest is to just peel this backing away and just kind of curl it because as I curl it my piece likes to stay down better and if I need to I can just go back you can see here I can apply his mouth sometimes you need to just dab down a little bit sometimes you’re weeding it or you don’t even need to go back and give it an extra little scrape at times there is also an extra strong transfer tape so again if I’m doing lots of words I would use my extra strong because it’s going to hold it even more and then you can apply this to anything to a wood piece to maybe a door to your cricket and you really can’t apply any way let’s just apply it to the cover of my mat and you can just be my little mat to cover go my little buddy here so I’m just going to apply it on the center so you put it wherever you want it to be again you’re gonna use your scraper to help you apply it down just like this the brayer also works really well so whatever tool you

find works for you nicely you don’t want to apply it make sure there’s no bubbles one of those good things and then you remove your transfer tape and this is a permanent vinyl that I’m using and just applying a little bit of pressure like this you can see if I have some more intricate details this applies it really nice and easily just applying some pressure as I remove and then I’ll take my brayer over at the end give it a nice roll down and now my mat cover has a nice little buddy on the front and I’ll just move this mat cover for Matt – Matt because it’s gonna look really cute so now I know this is definitely my cricket mat cover but yes he’s just super cute and that is how you make your first cut and your cricket make it is super simple it is so intuitive to use and you can use it with Android you can use it with your microsoft surfaces you can use it with your laptops you get as a plug-in option if you have cartridges you can get an adapter for that as well as I’ll say we’re going to show you how to do the same with the cricut explore air – I just bought myself one so I can show it to you as well so stay tuned for that as always links in the video description we absolutely appreciate when you use those and we’ll add all of the latest coupon codes for you as well so stay tuned for those thank you so much for joining me don’t forget to hit that subscribe button ring the bell for notifications while daily tips tricks tutorials or maybe something a little bit different and hit that join button to be part of the hedgehog hallo community and give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed today’s video and I’ll see you again tomorrow in the meantime happy crafting and have a great day I’ll see you soon bye you