Portrait SVG in Cricut Design Space

hey everybody welcome pattyanne here hang on just a second I hope you have your cup of coffee and you’re ready to settle down and/or settle in and watch this tutorial now I know some of you were like pattyanne why did you have that little short preview of that video and you know what was that all about well I just tell you real quick what that’s all about is when I make these videos it usually takes me about I’d say about four hours on average to make a 20 minute video or a 30 minute video at the most because it takes a lot of time to be setting up for it to get the lighting right the sound right and then to do all the editing that I like to do so I wasn’t sure if you guys would like this or not so I thought well you know I’ll just put it out there and see if people were interested and if they are then I’ll I’ll use that time and make that video so so many of you have responded that you’d like it that I’m going to do it now if you look up here at my screen of course the first little thing you see here is the one I showed in that video this is just a little picture of a guy that was on a free site called pixabay.com and I’ll have a link to that below I’m not affiliated with it but it’s a free site or free image place where you can go and use any images you want to and that’s so that’s where I got him let me hide that right now because then what I decided to do was you know I’ll take some photos to show you what kind of portraits are the best to use but I’m sure nobody in my family wanted to pose for those so I got an old doll that I still have from when I was a little kid now you gotta know him as old as dirt so there’s dolls even older than dirt her name is Betsy wetsy did anybody have a Betsy wetsy at all when you were little I can’t believe I still have mine somehow anyway here are two versions of Betsy wetsy same doll I just cropped this one a little bit more Betsy one and Betsy two they’re the same doll it’s just the back that I have this one I have a bunch of junk behind her and this one I put in front of a whiteboard so that I got her more clearly I know you’re not gonna be able to put your person in front of a whiteboard necessarily but try to pick an image that doesn’t have a really jazzy busy background if you can it just makes for a better image to use so after I got these two Betsy wetsy x’ then let me show you what I was able to find okay for Betsy wetsy one this is what I was able to come up with a thing that looks like this so let’s moot let’s group this one together for now and move it over here under her make her a little I’ll just zoom out okay there’s Betsy wetsy one and she has all this jazz behind her and that’s what I was able to come up with for her now let’s see what I got for Betsy wetsy too okay now you can see if you look at both of these Betsy’s Betsy wetsy x’ that Betsy number one isn’t as detailed and doesn’t quite look as much like Betsy wetsy as number two does and I’m gonna go back in time to show you how to do some of this but let’s see I guess since we’re mostly concerned with her face we don’t necessarily need all of these little teeny tiny things to cut out so I would come over here and contour some of these out before I was to have my Cricut machine cut it because look at how small some of these are and that’s a little teeny tiny thing you want to come in here and get rid of some of these way tiny ones because they’re really not necessary oops so that’s what I would do I just go on ahead and get in there and click out some of those I would do it on each on both of the layers okay now there won’t be as many to worry about I don’t think in this let me ungroup it well let’s take a look when I make it larger well there are quite a few though because look at these little stray guys all around here so I would come in here again and contour these so these little tiny ones and again you can use this so you can get really in there see you don’t accidentally hit something you don’t want to hit and so some of these little tiny ones are just they’re just

not necessary and I would get rid of them look that got rid of the whole thing so I bring that back few other ones over here they’re not gonna affect how nice my final result is I’m not sure about this cuz it looks like it could be part of the nose and sometimes you want that left in there don’t think yeah I get rid of that okay so there it is that still looks good and then of course I’d do the same thing to this one okay so now let’s step back in time and see how we start this process but one last comment before we do step back in time is I feel that it is better if you choose an image that has less background noise or less things going on in the background than a picture that has a lot of stuff in it now if you know how to use some of the photo editing you can kind of airbrush or brush paint some of these out of there and that will help some but you’ll notice on this one look at the difference with teen these two look at all this that’s cut out up here and there’s nothing cut out up here your Cricut machine would be spending a lot on let me put it on top of this and move this one out of the way and put this on so your Cricut machine here would be spending a lot of time cutting all this out it’s really not necessary whereas over here it doesn’t even exist so that’s why it’s better to pick an image with not very much in the background okay now let’s step back in time okay so the first thing I did because I didn’t want to use a family’s picture because nobody wants a picture on here I went to pixabay.com and this is a free image place where you can go and I just search for baby I think I’ll just put in portrait this time and see what I get so I’m gonna look for one that I like with not much background but has a nice amount of contrast okay I’ll just choose this one I bet it will work all right so then all I do after I choose it is I go to free download and then I go to download I have to tell it I’m not a robot and then come to download again now you won’t have to do this probably if you’re using one of your own images so I would then come to save as and I’m gonna save it in my stencil folder that I made and it’s just titled girl with a bunch of numbers and I’ll leave it like that say save okay so here’s the file that I just downloaded and I can just close this then I’m going to come up to this place called photo to the number to stencil com photo to stencil comm and I’m gonna upload my photo and I’m gonna find that girl that I just did I thought I’d put it in this sense oh I saw it in the stencil folder it’s in here there it is girl with a bunch of numbers and so it’s uploading my photo and there it is done now I’m gonna scroll down a little bit here because it’s gonna show me what it will look like over here like a sample of it so I can look at all of these until I find one that I and this one works much better because it did have that background I don’t like that at all getting too dark down here all the way down here to totally dark so I think I’ll go back I want one that has her face a little bit highlighted like that I don’t like that one cuz that one makes you look I don’t know evil huh I don’t like that okay so the fave my favorite one so far I guess is this one and of course you can choose whatever one you like and then here is the you can download it as a single stencil but what you want to do is option to where it’s a three color stencil so you go to download SVG then I come down here to save as and I’m gonna save it in my stencil folder and it comes up automatically as stencil but I’m gonna name it something so I can find it I’m gonna name it girl stencil save and now I’m gonna open the folder and it’s gonna come in as a zipped file notice that do

you see the little zipper on that file right there that means it’s zipped so I’m gonna double click on that and notice what it says here compressed zip folder we can’t use it like that I’m gonna double click on it and of course if you’re doing this on your phone or your iPad you’ll use that izip app but I’m using it on my computer now and now you would think it’s done but in Windows 10 I need to come up here to where it says extract all and then it says select a destination and extract the files I never changed this it always gets selected to my download area because I just go extract if I never change that I never have to wonder where the things are so that’s ready now I can exce this out and X this out and X this out and now come up to Cricut design space and I’m gonna go to upload and upload an image and I’m going to browse and I’m gonna look in that Downloads folder of mine okay there’s downloads and there’s stencil okay notice this there are two folders named girl stencil this one is still the compressed zipped folder that I can’t use this one however noticed there’s no zip on it it’s ready to go so I can double click on that and the one I want to use is the one that’s called the SVG file if you’re using your iPad or phone and you’re using izip it probably has that thing that I say looks like two little pieces of paper that’s the one you want to use so I’m going to go to SVG file and open and there it is and I’m gonna again name it here girl stencil and I could put tags in here if I want and I can say save okay the next thing I’m going to do is I’m going to come over here our girl stencil click on it to highlight it and then come over here to insert images okay when girls stencil comes in notice that it’s grouped I can only move the whole group at once so I need to come up here to ungroup okay the very first one on the left here I’m going to highlight it and I’m going to come down to contour and I’m gonna say hide all contours because I want to hide all the cuts and that’ll hide everything except for the outside box which is what I want and I’m gonna change that color right now to the darkest color that I’m using okay this one right here I’m going to change its color to the medium and this one is going to be the light and then all I need to do is first of all I can look at this image does it have a bunch of little slight stray parts that I need to X out I don’t think this one does it’s not going to bring it over on topic look how that looks already all okay now this one looks like it might have a few like right there so I’m gonna contour this and I think I’ll just contour out that teeny tiny one there and that little one there these are just extra cuts that my Cricut machine would have whoops I got the wrong thing did you notice I don’t want that and if I’m not able to see it well I can hit this percentage thing they could get bigger and then I can come down and click on that I think that’s all I need to remove for an out so now we’re going to bring this one over no I’m not sure but I think that this one should be the one that goes second so I’m going to make this one the middle color instead and I’m gonna bring it over here and then I’m going to change this one to the lightest color now you might need to fool around with that a little bit I’m kind of noticing a pattern of how they should go that’s going behind you notice

that I want it to come up to the very top so I’m gonna right-click on it move to front and there we go and the only other thing I would do is I would highlight this and I would come up here to a line and a line Center and that’s pretty much ready to go all I would have to do now is go to make it and notice what it’s going to do it’s going to cut the medium color went out first and it’s going to cut out the square it’s gonna cut out the light-colored one second and lastly it’s going to cut out a square or a rectangle if just your darker underneath color so let’s cancel that let me group all this together and hide it and then let’s just try one more so let’s go back to pixabay I don’t know how well an animal will work I hadn’t tried an animal yet look at this little girl she’s kilt let’s try her so we’re gonna do the free download download are you sure you’re not a robot nope I’m not a robot and I am a registered user so I’m going to download come to save as and this one’s gonna be in the sense of folder – but I want to go up yeah this is good I’ll put it in here and I’m gonna it’s just named child that’s fine child with a bunch of numbers I’ll save it I don’t need to open that folder so now I’m gonna come back up again to this photo to stencil calm and again I’ll have a link below for you upload your photo child open I don’t know how well this one will work since there’s all that grass behind her but we’ll see okay let’s see what we’ve got here I’m gonna move it down start up here looking do you see what the grass does though behind it you can see that big blob of grass so I’m looking through here to see which one I like where I get some you know details of her okay that when you see how our face gets really washed out that one’s washed out I think I’ll just go with this one and see what happens so I’m gonna download the SVG I’m gonna save it as and member just comes in as stencil so I’m gonna call it child stencil because that goes with that other picture that I downloaded from pixabay save I’m gonna open the folder remember now it’s a zipped file we can tell that because it has a zipper on it and it also says that it’s a compressed and then in parentheses zipped a folder that means I got a double-click on it and you would think maybe I could use it now but I cannot yet I have to extract everything and then it’s gonna ask me where do I want to put it and I just leave it as it is and then I can get rid of this and get rid of this get rid of this it’ll open Cricut design space and I’m gonna upload an image then we’ll see what this turns out like we may or may not like it alright there it is so it says just child up your air stone so I’m gonna make it’s a child okay so I want to find it save there it is I’m gonna click on it come over here to insert images and remember it always comes in groups I’m going to ungroup it okay this over here is a little scary to me because look how that looks oh my okay this is the part that I usually make black or total solid as the background so I’m gonna do that again they come to contour and I’m gonna hide all contours and I’m gonna change its color to the darkest blue okay this next one I’ve

discovered should be my lightest colored one I’m gonna change it to the lightest and then this one over here would be my medium color of blue so what we’ll put down next is the medium then we’ll bring the light and it’s gonna go underneath I can tell that because it’s under it’s underneath this layer here’s the top layer this one is the one that I’ve highlighted and it’s under that so watch it is going to go under that I want to move it to the top so I’m gonna right click on it or I can go up here to arrange but I just like to right-click and say send to front and then I’m gonna bring it up here okay and then I’m gonna grab all three of them and just say to align Center okay I think that actually turned out pretty cute I like it so that’s how you use this program it’s pretty cool it’s free I think you can do a lot of fun things with it try an animal let me know how those go so if you’re not a member of our Facebook group please join it and if you do try something we’d love to see what you do especially if you try animals or or an image but make sure that whoever’s photo you’re using they give you permission to put it on our group so I guess that’s it like I said oh how the links below for this program for our Facebook group and my affiliate links which again thank you so so much you guys who are using the affiliate links to help support this channel I really appreciate it thank you bye bye