Oregon Opposition to U.S. – Peru Free Trade Agreement

we are here today to denounce the killings of Amazonian Indians I’m last month on june fifth which world environmental day government of glory sent in troops to attack ended in indigenous protesters at a place called Devil’s curve these protesters were protesting the u.s. Peru free trade agreement and which would have opened up 45 million hectares of amazon rainforest new foreign development residence excuse me residents in bagua and they bring downtown had saw that the the government had gone in and were attacking the indigenous protesters and went in for support over the next several days the killings and disappearances increased final numbers there were probably more than 50 killings and over 500 people disappeared in the Amazon these killings were done in the name of free trade and I want to read a quote from President Allen guard peruvian president alan garcia and a he wrote an article in 2007 in the newspaper in bruce leading newspaper and he wrote quote there are millions of Hector’s that the communities and associations are not cultivated or will cultivate as well as hundreds of mineral deposits that cannot be worked and millions of hectares of see that cannot be used for aquaculture and production the rivers that run down both sides of the mountain range are a fortune that pours into the ocean without producing electric energy this perspective shows the the real dangers of free trade agreements and today we have here on speakers row now watch a row wah wah hey uncle and Arthur stimulus from the Oregon free trade up Oregon fair trade campaign and also Jose yeah Jose on helping anyway I was going to be speaking about the dangers of the Colombian free trade agreement thank you so much I’m happy to have opportunity to share with you how Who I am first of all I am is the student or exchange student with a scholarship I want to you I want to use I can hold with you are active member of the our Moon culture I’m Ronald working on both of our culture from feel I belong to the third one else family dinner ratio then I am going to drag a little bit about my culture the people of our own culture are terrible and and they like to sit up to come on harmonia meeting other culture we have a most suna-ma like how we need to respect people is a person who teach us about good life the principal rule is is to drink ayahuasca and joy to see our future and see the water world what going to happen the indigenous people we when you planning to take the land you are disappearing then he’s got three when they have a good our relationship with the mountains river will therefore insane animals indigenous is stronger than them indigenous peoples they are a stronger as true play with them lab because they want to save the mother of the planet and it is the good way how we need to conserve our natural resources without made pollution development also we are working for care our culture because the science science and technology destroyed our our own dog no clue but but we want to develop development our out our our own politics like using our vision and power for the taking beginning tail challenging in the world and

well only i won I wanna say or I want every one more for the cows not that blue boomin our wedding for what I i wanna i want for them as you see it is a difficult to live harmonia and I feel I can do then but I am a student nurse studying natural resources as i know you are interested in the environment so i would like to know if you can let people know what has been happening I will really appreciate that then but that but more on the people that are suffering in my country and I ask that you would bless ur of the Obama administration to contact the peruvians government and old then the basic you must went well and and and there was progressing in this in this form of economic development sir is the true indigenous community thank you so much it’s such an honor to be up here with run all I want to thank you all for coming out today to support him and continue this movement against free trade agreements I also want to thank PCAST for organizing this important event so again my name is Arthur stimulus I Durham Oregon Territory canteen which is a statewide coalition of labor environmental and human rights organizations fighting for a positive vision for international trade their coalition fought against the Peru free-trading rid trying to prevent it from being passed in Congress for years for much of that time we were up against a Republican president in a republican-controlled Congress when we stopped them for passing the Peru FTA and the New Democratic majority took over in Congress in 2007 we naively thought we had watched we thought there was no way Democrats particularly in a presidential election campaign would be supporting the bush negotiated NAFTA style free trade agreement then in May of that year leaders in the Democratic Party and the House of Representatives announced that they had struck a deal with President Bush on the Peru FTA in exchange for adding some very very basic minimal labor and environmental standards they were going to support President Bush’s free trade agreement it was a secret deal it took quite a while before the terms of the deal came out when they finally did it was extremely obvious that the new labor and environmental standards were completely inadequate to protect working people or the environment in Peru or the United States and we try to share that message or congressman bloom an hour in all members of Congress um congressman woo lissat our arguments and he voted against the harvester deposit elicit our arguments and he voted against the running for Senate listen to our arguments and he spoke out against the free trade agreement saying this is just an extension of NAFTA in fact most Democrats in Congress voted against the Peru free trade agreement was a minority of Democrats including oral bloomin our look-ins and voted to pass this bush trade deal over the opposition of most of the Democratic caucus and more importantly but with you opposition of most Americans and so the result has been exactly what we predicted free trade and Carew has meant nothing more than rippin ship resource extraction that runs roughshod over communities democracy in the environment and you know I don’t think Earl bloom an hour could have predicted the massacre that took place last month I’m sure he’s horrified by just as any human being would be horrified by it but mr. bloom an hour absolutely could have predicted the destruction of the Amazon rainforest in the destruction of the indigenous communities that has resulted from this trade deal would have had to have blinders on to the effects of NAFTA and

CAFTA to expect anything otherwise the last thing I want to share is just hours before the massacre in bagua mr. bloom and our rope to constituents suggesting that he still holds the Peru trade agreement is a model for future trade deals he needs to take a step back he needs to look at the destruction that these trade agreements have caused both at home and abroad and he needs to reassess his views and figure out ways to correct these problems over a hundred members of cars honking have endorsed a bill called the Trade Act that does just that mr brown the first step in correcting the damage of these deals he supported the girl to thank you next up we have Jose I’m hell opinion ebm who is a representative of Colombia’s general Confederation of work and also president of Sierra Leone black which is in Bogota cuanto más en todo esta jodido stays here take estamos los colombianos como tu PO significa p organizaciones keyspan in contra el trabajo es nosotros da Norris colombianos estamos en avión opposition’s a tratado de que commercial to Selonia estado to leo’s columbia la mano de bragelonne bikaner well good morning it’s an honor to be here for all of you it’s great to see that there are so many organizing groups here let’s stand with us in Colombia in to these kinds of agreements the workers in Columbia are firmly against these type of free trade agreements free trade agreements between Colombia and the United States between Colombia and Europe other types of free trade agreements loss trolleys yellow colombiano sabemos que los rat rod eres con ESO ulica meant a benefic annales trail nacionales keep went radha a sus capital de pueblo in pueblo vote on dole hombre pero no tralala la garantia la hora de todos our end o the workers of columbia know that these type of free trade agreements are only in the interest of multinational corporations and just bring hunger instead of those things that we really need the south estan grados tratado de comer so que pasa por encima l’organisation muccio del commerce porque en arregles kay kuya via tienen algo de manha dong que no son amant pero tenia un bueno pero con los tratado de Beaune so our risen con todo y son Pony potent A’s pues colombiano decimos no a la bro bellezza ciancia la mundial sassy own porque es que la Monte haces en el de todos y no solamente logo puerco d stepa free trade agreements are even inconsistent with the World Trade Organization and their rules these are agreements have a type of omnipotence that goes beyond even those rules the workers of Columbia we say no to globalization notes a corporate globalization but yes to an internationalization an alternative globalization llamo thomas de senado para la desaparecio de las olas de los vistes ethically so sassy near asesinato en colombia pero lo que me tiene aqui es algo más grada que se fueron los hombres y mujeres en la en el mundo pues normal digamos porque el mundo continuo para otros home present el que los dientes in de calais los asesina es normal por toda no de sanchez k asesina pero es que en colombia se estan desaparece iendo yeah condo las ganancias Venice dedica days es el movimiento que esta pasando por lo pasa que yo quiero ser i am here not so much to talk about our union leaders that have been disappeared and murdered because in some sense this kind of situation is normal and to be expected in as long as we’re in a situation where very few rule over all why i am here is the focus more on the fact that are very unions themselves are under threat and are disappearing in our country yo se lo acabas o SI los campesinos in cologne en este momento esta haciendo dispel asado de sus computer a las edades emma’s de Trenes millones che campesinos pentagon done’ ciudades y mensual men test on display Sandow in Mateos millones cave a pasar con estos campesinos condos entrance feeding tratado leave a commencé oh hey vana es con se mucho más allá siento yo

to do de la tierra de sansa condos tierra estados unidos sucios compressive columbia no Lucy right now there are three million cappuccinos small farm workers who have been displaced from the rural areas in Colombia and are wandering through our cities and we expected it two million more to join them store border I want to know what’s going to happen to these people when these free trade agreements are approved in the United States we see that the government supports in small farmers and supports the agricultural sector in Colombia this does not happen in Colombia slaughter said Azazel ahora esta acabando con la dieta cityca they say cuidado Kansas basilica de coche de chao y su contrato de mayo p anova train SI no para poisonous erina Kansas indicado y quiero travesty des postes que estamos en contra totalmente slaughter sexes ahora esta es plans ando por lo tienes in sk Roz’s esta SE un tro or en colombia no tiene futuro más allá de lograr sussex tier consulado minimo cruzando cientos cuarenta dolares men swans cuando en una esta Billy a la hora con quien es entre meses de caminha he says dia muy SI de what’s happening Colombia is in complete violation opto pomo rose surrounding waive rice entities agreements lui qui NOS dejamos para que regresar medio Contessa and I would like to say that the workers of Columbia we are completely opposed to outsourcing of labor as it’s happening now this is nothing more than an enslavement of our workers and people are living without health worker can expect at best to earn minimum wage of two hundred forty dollars a month and that’s it the worker has a stable job in the first place and they’re not facing the normal situation of three months of work in six months of starvation yo pour des des templo una empresa see pave directamente al trabajo de jamon costo de funcionar bien pero SI esta empresa contrato na cooperative a una mamada cooperativo trabajo senado de ya mannan ver SI o SI aqui cuando le pegan cousteau un salario punto de trabajo SE le llaman gastos de cancion ah miento y la ley dicen que los gastos de paseo na meto tienen que bajar pero SI es por intermedio nalco parati de trabajo que no le fond du salario mínimo que lo trot apenas la boca dose cuarenta y las anziano no puedo ver mas lo cuerpo que esta de entonces ahi SI es iteration y la paz y hay que usted SI mira lo más grab a que estos trabaja auras no puede hacer el derecho y SI quiere el derecho de ser sedano porque el dia das elecciones NOS cooperative a los Obregon avatar a a le souper millas por los han giotto’s que yo los representantes Edale es que sacar a workers of Columbia are classified in two categories and they’re paid in two ways one classification is support expenses functioning expenses that’s one class for paying workers and another one is to pay those workers that are part of what are known as social cooperatives and those workers that work for functioning in opposing and classification of functioning expenses receive some sense of unreasonable or some basic wage but those workers who are classified as working in the social cooperatives don’t even receive that basic wage and they’re also vulnerable because they are considered to be too old at the age of 40 years old and they are not permitted to take sick days Colombian workers can’t even exercise normal rights of the citizen of the country because during elections those workers who work with social cooperatives are obligated to vote for the candidates that their employers forced them to support Wahlberg quiero tambien esta Presidente Pesci movie acha en esta sonando con el presidente obama yo que la muerte los zetas calysta’s ha bajado see ahad pero también se olvido es en que ha bajado proportion a las organizaciones sitacles que antes aparecido our president met with president obama

on jun 29 and he told President Obama that the number of labor leaders that had been murdered in Colombia had gone down and that’s true the ratio of labor learners being murdered has diminished at the same rate that our unions have disappeared compañeros SPO no less Kia Optimas documented pensiones quiero Rita con ustedes no alt NSA no al pehle SE y gracias por salir de pon el culo con lluvia Norris take over your time I just wanted to chat with you no to this free trade agreement no to this free trade agreement no no no agreement