have I’m waiting toffee no on the west coast Vancouver Island this area is famous for its surfing storm watching in the wintertime then of course camping and just general sightseeing in summertime as well it’s a pretty popular tourist place but of course we’re here this weekend to do some fishing in the ocean but as you can see the weather’s a little disgusting right now it’s rainy and it’s stormy out in the ocean so we’re actually staying put on land today and the forecast late tomorrow supposed to be pretty sunny and calm and that’s when we’ll be heading out we’re staying at the Crystal Cove beach resort which is south of Tofino and this is our first time here and we’re pretty impressed by it this is a really family-oriented resort it’s it’s it’s got a nice playground for the kids and you can rent one of the log cabins to stay in we’re saying while the cabins called the treehouse cabin as you can see this bridge right here actually leads to a little tree house over there for the kids to hang out and the actual cabin has a man bedroom for the parents and also a second bedroom with bunk beds for the kids as well and it’s a it’s got a fully equipped kitchen a nice fireplace to keep you warm and generally just it makes it very comfortable it’s not a big luxury resort and it’s not a it’s not a rustic cabin but it’s kind of got a pair of two worlds and if you want to come out to experience the West Coast lifestyle this is definitely a place to come check it out and just west of the resort you can actually walk down to the beach and there’s a really nice long beach where you can walk along during the low tide when the tides out you can walk on the sand flat and it’s really really beautiful and check out the islands just outside the beach as well and in the meantime people like to go down there and such a campfire just sit around beach under the nice guy and it’s it’s a really unique experience compared to other parts of PCC usually we tend to visit a lot of lakes and rivers but this is definitely they’re very very different compared to some other destination what we’ve been to before so we’re gonna get some rest today and hopefully we’ll get some fish we’re gonna be fishing for salmon and chinook salmon and halibut and we supposed to go becoming pretty far offshore so hope I’m hoping for calm weather so I’m gonna get seasick and and of course hopefully we’ll get some fish to show you guys as well I’m just gonna fish a spoon on this side little peyote start here and then I’ll put some of my anchovy on the other side be fishing near the bottom which the baits been all down wait so Brian’s first fish here shut up 10 pound Chinook computer screen

good job oh it’s action up on top Jabar they’ve been drifting around pulled out now in LA I’m gonna bite so now except those fish have you awake like the bigger one no speaking a year additional scrappy leave him there for a second can switch the Roger

I’m excited okay straighten out what fight you get back throttle on either throttle have a problem the tree Oh thank you okay tribal again it’s quite a battle it was quite about yeah actually I think is good it looks for when it came up for the citizen Oh put it by thumbs of silver nail no he wasn’t getting away first of the big Network Phyllis oh boy she did my god like coming pretty easy here tell me to come back keep going for the right wonderful they’re mine so today we’re fishing with captain Jeff yeah from Freddie Mac Odyssey to phenol so yeah pretty rough start this morning but it was his fishing was pretty good anyway sound it wasn’t yeah we we took a chance and went offshore to a spa called Portland point and yeah the swell from from yesterday’s

win was was pretty strong and heavy and we did manage to get to right away with movies yeah the first 20 mins we’ve got to finish and then then it slowed down on us for about an hour and then then another of activities yeah and then we put another nice bonus go so full pipe it fits yeah I was five fish and we could we ran it for three yes yes we have the pudding well we ensure warden are a we’re in an insurance payout honor they start hello comma so fishing with houses yeah right now and you guys window yesterday and if we will ground you we did yeah yeah yeah so we’ll be right it’s a waiting game just sitting way it is that’s the hardest part about the fishing is waiting for that waiting for them to bite but yes week any minute now yeah so speaking of seasickness I know I got look go see out there today so if you would want to come out it faces you yeah what should they do what should i do you feel a progression well it’s one of the great things about Tofino is we do have insurer options if someone is very conducive to seasickness but yeah I recommend a gravel or a foaming or one of those anti-nausea drugs before one one before you go to sleep at night and then one in the morning to write the triad a Thank You PA so hydrated yeah water drinking water yeah a lot of people don’t eat and that sometimes is a problem too right well the sunshine is pretty warm got to take this jacket off we’re gonna get fishing enough chatting now and hope you get it somehow we’ll show you guys sounds good right thank you I’m rat fish actually cover turns lightly and yeah come on Eclipse that’s pretty good Oh get it taking some line going back down yeah well they’re up assure on it all starts when we’re getting close to slot time that’s right see all right no sweetie class we’ve been fishing pulled out how just gigging wrong that’s why we had so that was pretty good thank you yeah yes the weather’s turned out nice it was a little foggy in the morning but we ended up getting some sunshine yeah who should look salmon at the beginning and the offshore and yeah the how efficient in to know as planned every yeah I was lucky I caught one fish but the rest of the guys can get hit but it’s fine yeah but you still come water really settle things down it is good to have that option especially when it does get too rough yeah and a sinner he can’t complain on the right all the way to the patient’s lodges and has to be so whales yeah a little grape baby pretty real and you’ll see all the waters and what does we see egos and laughs just simply amazing so if you want to call out fishing with you yeah how they get ahold well the best is to go to my website fishing Tofino CA and all the contact information is there yeah and the peak sound season then Elvis is in swing well starting right now if we kick off her May long weekend

and then go right through till September yeah excellent well we can come back to me you better ride yeah nice meeting you thanks very much yes you