MAC Cosmetics 101: Getting Started!

hey everyone today I’m doing a video that has been requested a lot and it’s a Mack starter kit video and this isn’t going to be like a lot of the Mack starter kit videos that you see on YouTube because I haven’t really narrowed it down to any certain products or anything what I’m basically going to do is go through every category or not every category but the general categories of products that Matt carries like foundation powder I actually have a list here of everything to cover and I’m going to talk about if I like that product or if I don’t and then maybe you recommend a few of my favorite products from that category I thought that this might be a little more useful than putting together an actual starter kit just because what I think might be a good starter kit might not be good for all of you or it might not be what some of you are looking for like if I was putting together a Mac starter kit with a budget like a hundred dollar limit I would probably focus the products in eyes shadows and blushes and maybe a brush or two and maybe some people are looking to start it Mac with lip gloss and foundation and other things so I didn’t want to put together a really specific starter kit because that might not benefit everyone so I’m just going to go through and name basically some favorites out of every category and talk about that category and if I think it’s worth checking out or if I think you should skip it and not spend the money on Mac for that and really quickly before I start going through products and everything I wanted to talk about something that I actually get asked a lot and it’s why Mac why is Mac so great why do you love Mac and I know a lot of you know that mac cosmetics is my favorite brand ever and I think the reason that I love Mac’s so much is it’s pretty much in general good quality makeup there are a few products that they carry that aren’t that great but for the most part you can go to Mac and you can feel pretty confident that what you’re buying is going to work well for you and then also they have a really good selection of everything there are very few makeup brands that have the selection and variety that Mac does because what I really like about Mac is you get that you know higher-end quality and you get the really nice packaging and everything but they have bright eye shadows and bright lipsticks it’s not you know like brands like a Bobby Brown that are a little more casual a little a little more everyday focused as a whole mac offers something in it for even those of us who would like to wear really bright colors and it offers stuff for those of us who just like to be very subtle with our makeup so I think that’s why I like Mac so much is it really offers something for everyone okay so the first category of products that I’m going to talk about is foundation I haven’t used a lot of Mac foundations I’ve used two I’ve used their Studio Fix powder which looks like this and I’ve used their mineralized satin finish foundation I used this when my skin was a little more oily I recommend powder foundation for oily skin because the oil the powder will help absorb the oil a little bit and then if you have dry skin i would recommend liquid foundation because the liquid will kind of moisturize the dry skin a little bit so I wore this occasionally when I had oily skin but really when I had oily skin I just skipped foundation a lot of times altogether I wasn’t really into it but when I did wear it I really liked the coverage that this gave and then recently in the last year I picked up their mineralized satin finish foundation and now that’s a liquid and I was really really happy with that one so if you’re looking for a good liquid foundation I would maybe check that one out or Studio Fix fluid because I know a ton of people who rave about Studio Fix fluid and I’ll be putting a list in the info bar of everything that I mentioned in this video because I’ll probably be talking about a lot of different products and that would probably be a lot easier than rewinding and re watching it over and over again so overall for Mac foundations I really liked the ones that I’ve tried and I’ve heard other people really liking other ones that I haven’t tried so I think that it’s a pretty good risk to try out Mac foundations they tend to be pretty good and then the next category is kind of foundation it’s a setting powder and it’s their mineralized skinfinish natural I use this over a liquid foundation just to set it a little bit so it doesn’t run or smudge or move throughout the day on my skin and this is what the mineralized skinfinish natural –zz look like and this is probably the best setting powder that i’ve ever used so if you’re someone who’s looking for just a light powder to wear on its own or something to set your foundation I would really recommend these I have gone through multiple mineralized skinfinish natural xym the color light and I know a lot of other people who use them too and just love them the next category is concealer and I actually don’t have a concealer right now by Mac to show you I’ve only used one Mac concealer though ever and it is the Select cover-up it’s a liquid and it comes in a little like squeezy paint tube and I use that for my under eye circles and I really really like that I haven’t tried out a lot of other Mac concealers though so I can’t personally recommend anything for blemishes I think that it’s their Studio sculpt concealer that is supposed to be pretty good for

blemishes but from personal experience I can’t tell you what I think about that unless you’re really concerned about your skin in the way that it looks I would skip concealer at your first trip to Mac or when you’re just starting out with your Mac collection just because you go through concealer pretty fast use it every day or most people do and I feel like drugstores have a lot of really good concealer offerings and then for Mac bronzer I actually don’t have this to show you either but I used to use the Mac bronzer in golden and it was a really nice everyday bronzer it had a little bit of shimmer to it and I was really happy with it I use up for like 7 years straight I think I kept repine and that’s how much I loved it and if you’re looking for a good bronzer I highly recommend that one I think that that’s a great product for someone who is new to mcih to pick up okay moving on to face highlighters Mac has a couple different options for face highlighters one of my favorites is their clean color bases they come in containers like this and it’s a cream just product I guess I mean I don’t really know how I would describe it it’s just a creamy like a cream shadow but a little more creamy and it’s meant for the face and I really like this because it gives a very natural highlighted look because it is a cream so doesn’t look powdery and I use this right here on my cheeks down my nose and under under my lips and right on my Cupid’s bow and so that’s a really good multi-use highlighter and then another highlighter that Mac offers are the mineralized skinfinish is so there’s the mineralized skinfinish natural x’ and then there’s mineralized skinfinish –is these are more of like a face powder these ones are more for highlighting or if they have some more color to them you can use them as a blush a bronzer anything like that and this is soft and gentle and this is one of their light ones and what I’m wearing today and it’s just really really pretty highlight there I think that both of those are really good products to check out if you’re just getting started at Mac and you’re interested in the highlighter just because well for starters these mineralize skinfinish –is will last you forever you don’t need very much to get the coverage that you want and they’re gorgeous and then with the cream color basis these are really unique you aren’t going to find a product like this a lot of other places okay moving on to blushes I love Mac blushes they are so pigmented and they have such a nice variety of colors if you’re looking to get into Mac and you’re interested in blush I would definitely check out their blushes they come in containers that look like this you can also deep off them and put them into pallets of six Mac has blush palette so you can put them into and they wear really well they blend really well and I just love that they have such a great shade selection and I like going to Mac in like department store counters to get my blushes because you never are quite sure what it’s going to look like on until you actually put it on your skin because they could be way more pigmented than you would think or they could be way more sheer and that can make a huge difference with blush it’s not like eyeshadow that if something is a little more or less pigmented it’ll just make your look more dramatic but with blush if it’s too pigmented you’re going to look like a clown and you won’t be able to wear it and that is one reason why I don’t mind pain a little bit more to get Mac blushes is because I can go to the counter I have a huge selection and I can try them on there at the counter before I buy them and this is one of my favorite Mac blushes it’s pinched OPH it’s a nightmare and it’s just a nice medium pink color I feel like this would work well on a lot of skin tones so if you’re a beginner you might want to check this one out and then another blush that I really like is one of their cream blushes and it’s called lady blush and that’s a really nice natural flush blush as well okay so I’ve done bronzer blush highlights now I’m moving on to eye shadow Mac eye shadows are probably my all-time favorite makeup product out of every brand out of every category out of everything Mac eyeshadows are like at the very top I love the just simple circular pots and actually I’d be potted all mine so I don’t have them anymore I like them in the pots though but I also like them in the pallet form here’s what the pallets look like you can do pallets of 15 and what I love most about Mack eyeshadows is they are so pigmented and they have a huge color selection so you can basically pick up any eyeshadow color you want from the mat counter and it’s going to be very pigmented I know a lot of times with other brands I’ll see you color that I think is really really pretty and I’ll get the eyeshadow and then it doesn’t have very good color payoff or it doesn’t blend very well and it’s just kind of a mess and Mac eyeshadows really do apply and blend and stay on really really well I think that every beginner going to the Mac counter for their first time should pick up an eyeshadow if you think you’ll wear it just because you you can’t go wrong with a Mac eye shadow and I’ll show you some of my favorite colors I’m planning on doing a my favorite Mac eyeshadows or a Mac eyeshadow palettes video soon too to go over more of these but just a couple of the ones that I really like are Naked Lunch just that one right there it’s a nice champagne II like a champagne peach color I guess really pretty all over the lid and for a highlight and a really nice everyday color I actually have that

one and I think like early high school and this is just what I wore every day just like buffed all over the lid up to the crease or up to the brow and that was kind of like my school eyeshadow and I loved it another really great eyeshadow to check out if you like more bronze eye shadows is would wint there’s wood winked and then another neutral shadow that I really like is satin taupe this one is so pretty oh and another eyeshadow product that I completely forgot to talk about I almost missed it is their Paint Pots they come in jars like this and they are cream eyeshadows this is painterly and I use these for primers like I use this as an all-over eye primer before I apply eyeshadow and I prefer the Mac Paint Pots to any other primer I prefer them to Too Faced shadow insurance Urban Decay primer potion I really like the creaminess to them I feel like the creaminess almost holds product on better and they have these in a variety of different colors you can find them in just basic colors like these or you can find some that are frosty or shimmery or darker so you can find something that works for you you don’t have any eyeshadow primers or you’re looking to try out a cream eyeshadow primer I recommend this to death then moving on to mac eyeliner I’m not really crazy about any of their pencil eyeliners I feel like drugstores offer a lot of really good pencil liners so if you’re on a budget you’re visiting Mac for the first time unless you’re really really excited about one of their pencil liners I wouldn’t worry too much about them however I do really like their gel liners and this is what they look like they come in jars this one is dipped down and it has a scissor down the middle of it it’s a nice brown color and I would highly recommend this for anyone who’s just getting into makeup and you want something that’s very natural-looking because this stays on all day but it’s brown so doesn’t look really like black and dramatic I started wearing gel liners in high school just because when you’re in high school you have the longest days ever I don’t know how I did it for four years because I’d be up at 6 to shower and like get ready for school and then I’d catch the bus at 7:30 and school would started at 8:15 and then I’d be out of school at 2:30 but then I’d have to go to a sport until like 6 o’clock at night so I would need my makeup to stay on basically for like 12 hours and the nice thing about gel liners is they actually do stay on they aren’t like cold pencils that kind of starts smudging in them by the end of the day you look like you have just like sweat your makeup off a little bit gel liners stay on really well so if you are a student or you’re just a really busy person I would recommend checking these out the next category is mascara and honestly I wouldn’t waste your money especially if you’re just beginning with your Mac collection I do like the plush lash mascara but all of the other ones I’ve tried have been really awful I don’t know why Mac has such a horrible selection of mascara I feel like pretty much every drugstore brand could show Mac up when it comes to mascaras and I just unless you really you have the money to spend and you’re really curious about it I wouldn’t worry too much about trying out macro mascaras but I do like plush lash if you do want a recommendation for one and I haven’t tried the new false lashes one but I do want to try that out because it does look a little bit different than their other ones so we’ll see the next category is lipstick and I like MAC lipsticks for the same reason that I like their blushes and eyeshadows there’s a huge selection you can find pretty much any lipstick color you want at Mack it except for like crazy colors you can’t find those there and I like buying lipsticks from Mac for the same reason I like buying blushes from Mac because you never know how a lipsticks going to apply until you get it on your lips and it drugstores you can’t try on the lipsticks and it Mac you can and that’s one of the reasons why I like going to Mac for my lipsticks and I feel like they really are well-made Mac has a ton of different finishes for their lipsticks so if you want something more matte or more frosty or just really creamy they have a lot of options they have a lot of different colors for each option of finish and here’s an example of one this is per bet I’m wearing this right now it’s not gonna focus there it is um and I just really like I like the packaging that’s one thing I like about Mac in general is their packaging it’s really clean it’s very sophisticated but they still offer some really fun stuff with it and if you’re a lipstick girl I think that their lipsticks are fantastic and one of the nice things about their lipsticks is you can back to Mac for these I’m planning on doing an entire video talking about back to Mac because I get a lot of questions about that but if you basically if you have six used up empty containers and you can back to math containers that you have depotted because they’re just going to melt the plastic anyway so doesn’t matter if the plastic is like ruined or anything at least none of the counters I’ve ever gone to have ever had a problem with it and you if you have six empties you can get a free lipstick if you take it back and recycle it they will give you a free lipstick and that’s how I’ve gotten probably the majority of my MAC lipsticks the next category is lip gloss and okay I’m not a huge lip gloss girl I never have been I like lip gloss but it’s one of those things that if I have to cut something from my makeup routine or from my makeup

shopping or anything like that lip gloss is one of the first things to go I’ve always been the girl who forgets to put on lip gloss I’ve gotten better about it as I’ve gotten older but in high school I hardly ever wear lip gloss just because I always forgot about it so for me if I was just beginning my matte collection again I wouldn’t spend money on Mac lip gloss because it’s not that big of a deal to me however I know a lot of you are all about the lip gloss I love how everyone has their own like little things that make up their favorite things because I have friends who have like a thousand lip glosses and they’re all about like reapplying the lip gloss and making sure that their lips are all glossy and I’m just not like that I’m more the eyeshadow but if you are a glossy kind of girl or boy Mac has a lot of different options for lipgloss they have their just original like their plain lip glasses I guess they’re called lip gloss focus and these ones have a doe foot applicator like a sponge kind of doe foot looking applicator it’s focusing on me don’t focus on me so that’s the lip glass they also have plush glasses that look exactly the same but they have more of a matte almost looking handle and they have a plumping effect to them and then they have their dazzle glasses which are bigger and they have some glitter in them I’m wearing this one right now and this is extra amps I love it oh and this lip glass whisper sorry and then they also have lustre glasses that look exactly like the lip glasses except they have a little brush for the applicator I really don’t know what the difference between a lip glass and a luster glasses other than the applicator and then the last category that I want to talk to you about is brushes I’m a huge fan of Mac brushes and I’ve recently become a fan of other brush brands too but for a while this is pretty much all I had and I feel like they’re just really well-made actually this one right here the Mac 129 has like the old-school writing on it like baneful this one’s rubbed off but they’ve changed the way that they print the writing on the handle now because this one I think 2002 was when I got this so nine years ago yeah and if you take good care of these brushes they will last you because this is still my only 129 it’s not like this is my backup this is my 129 brush and it has lasted me nine years now if you are going to invest in one aspect of your makeup collection invest in brushes because if you don’t have the right tools to apply it it doesn’t matter if it is wet and wild or if it’s Chanel it’s not going to go on right one thing that I find people saying a lot is that they want to spend you know twenty dollars on a blush or something but they think that twenty dollars on a brush or thirty dollars on a brush is absolutely ridiculous and I mean $30 or $40 or even fifty dollars on a brush does sound like a lot of money but when you think about it I think I paid back then probably twenty-five well I didn’t pay my mom for me yeah I paid $25 for this brush but it’s lasted me nine years so I have really gotten that use out of it whereas if you pay $20 for a blush that you use up in six months your money isn’t as well spent one thing that I love about Mac brushes is they do have a really good selection some of the higher end brands have a really awful selection of brushes like NARS brushes I’ve looked at them before they’re outrageously expensive and they only have like eight of them there isn’t a very good selection and Mac has a really good full line of brushes that you can look at for any kind of makeup application that you’re interested in so I just picked out a few of my favorite brushes from Mac and the first one I just talked about it’s the 129 this is a powder or blush brush for years I use this for both my bronzer and my blush in any kind of extra face powder that I wanted to apply and it’s just a nice sized really soft fluffy brush that’s perfect for fitting right in the cheeks or doing some sort of contour with I really recommend this to someone who’s just looking for an all-over powder brush maybe you only have enough money to buy one face brush I think that this is a really good one to invest in another face brush that I highly recommend is the 188 they also have the 187 which is bigger than this is basically just a beta version of that one I like this one because I can use it for a foundation and for cream blush and other cream powders that I don’t want to apply a lot of because if I use the 187 with cream blush it almost butts too big of circles on my cheeks and then once I blend it out it’s a lot of blush so I think that this is a very versatile brush to use with cream or liquid products on the face I use this right now it’s dirty from my foundation I use this for my foundation and it fits nicely under my eyes so I can get all the way around and have everything covered and then my all-time out of any brand flat shader eye shadow brush is the Mac 239 brush and this one is dirty right now but it’s just a nice stiff small enough brush to just really Pat color on all the way around the eye and I don’t know how I could live without this brush this is one of my all-time favorite eye brushes if you’re someone who’s just

getting into Mac and you’re looking for a brush to apply one color all over your it up to the brow something really simple like Naked Lunch I think that this is a perfect brush to do that with because when you’re applying one color you don’t really need to blend too much unless it’s like super dark or something and these won’t do a very excellent job of blending if you want to check out a blending brush the two twenty four and the two seventeen are really good ones for the crease but if you’re just looking for something to pack some color on the 239 it’s amazing okay well those are all the general categories that I’m going to discuss in this video Matt carries a lot of other things too they carry nail polish false lashes for getting some things that they have other like little collections or little categories of products that they carry I just wanted to cover the basic main ones that I feel like most people think about when they’re going to Mac for the first time we’re just going to back to pick up a few things so I hope that this was helpful for those of you who’ve been thinking about getting into Mac or you’re just getting into Mac thing you aren’t really sure about what all they carry or how good those things are you wanted an opinion on some of those products and if you go to the Mac website it’s wwm at cosmetics calm I will link that down in the info bar it has prices for everything it has all the color shades all kinds of things you can go check out if you’re interested in learning more okay well I guess that’s everything I have to say there’s a lot of footage on this and I hope that it’s coherent once I get it all edited and together because I feel like I’ve been talking forever and once again all the products that I mentioned and recommended I will put a list of those down in the info bar if anything that I showed you caught your eye okay I’m gonna go now so thank you guys so much for watching and I will talk to you later