University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on Campus

[Applause] [Applause] so my favorite thing about ufi is how well connected it is it it’s really easy to make this big school in a smaller place like we’ve got a huge Greek community that allows people to just meet a lot of people within our student body also just like the different colleges you really get to know people within your major and its really well connected so you might think you might be one of 30,000 but once you got on this campus you really are able to form like a great group friends and get to know a lot of people on this campus that’s so hard to choose but I’m gonna say all the ourselves we have here you meet so many new people and you kind of find your safe haven here so it’s an amazing experience and it really connects you with the rest of campus to diversity of the people that go here so like it’s really not hard to find your own niche and it’s not that hard to find your own little community one of my favorite things about this campus has to be the Greek life they say about 20 to 25 percent of the entire campus is in Greek life but if you don’t decide to join Greek life there’s tons of other things you could get involved here we have some of the best RSOs in the country one of my other favorite things about this campus is the social life beyond just the group of friends you meet people you meet in class people you go and see out at the bars I mean we’re one of the only college towns where you only have to be 19 to get into the bars the academics here are absolutely fantastic almost every program is within the top five if not the top ten in the entire nation my favorite thing about U of I would be how the community here I feel like it’s really easy to get plugged and there’s so many different organizations that you can be a part of and there’s definitely something for everyone I would say a thing that could be improved just kind of an emphasis on our sports teams we don’t have like the best records in basketball and football and people tend to maybe go more to the bars with their fries like go to the games that’s an area I could definitely be improved and what you lose everything my least favorite thing will have to be sometimes the bikes people always trip over the bikes over here and they always get in the way they’re limited stay on the bike path keep that you guys are pretty like academically competitive school and I feel like it’s not it’s not a bad thing but like you know it’s been bad thing in the sense that we’re all like always studying and stuff but like we work together so another thing I wish we had was a better sports and tailgating atmosphere our sports teams are not the best so the student body really doesn’t rally around them I don’t really have a least favorite thing but if I had to say something I think you’d just be how big campus is I think sometimes you lose just like the tight-knit kind of family aspect of like a community here so I think it’d just be like how bacon business [Applause] [Applause]