SECOND $1200 Stimulus Check or $6000 Check Coming? (HEROES Act)

Hey friends. How are you? Join me live tonight I want to talk with you guys about the heroes act. If you’re out there and you’re watching tonight’s live stream. Go ahead and, uh, give me a heart. Give me a like, and uh, let me know that you’re watching and where you’re watching from friends. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Latoya, McBean Pompey and immigration lawyer in New York and also founder of smart immigration Academy and friends I’m at home it’s Saturday night and I’m super comfortable. And, um, I know it’s late, but guess what? I know a whole lot of you are still up. A whole lot of you are still up because we are living under this Corona pandemic and everyone’s sleeping pattern is off, right? And so I know you’re up. So watch this live session with me, share it with your feet And, uh, we’re going to talk about some really good stuff. And in fact, today I spent time preparing this presentation for you because I just really want to break it down for you and in an easy to understandable way, because this heroes stimulus act, which passed the house of representatives yesterday is so Massive, massive, But I’ve broken it down for you guys. This is going to be a really good one. Watch it all the way until the end. Um, chime in, uh, ask, put your questions in the comment box And I see a whole lot of you, people are starting to come on now. And so I thank you guys for joining. I see that Venn is watching from Georgia Haven. Hey, Alia, Alia is watching from Houston. Nice to see you and friends before I get started. First of all, this is not going to be super long, but before I get started, I just want to say, Oh my God, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for subscribing to make McBean immigration TV, because we did hit the 50,000 subscriber Mark yesterday, um, on Friday. And I’m so grateful to all of you who have been sharing my stuff with your family, friends almost every day People I meet with people who say to me, Oh, my mom sent me your video, or my dad sent me your video. My cousin told me about you My friend told me about you. My neighbor watches you, my coworker watches you. And they gave me your information and you’re watching. I can’t see you directly and know you personally, but I just want to tell you, thank you so much for sharing my information and my good work with your family and your friends. You guys are amazing. Hi, Eric. Good to see you Thank you for watching from God. Now. I have not made it up to Ghana yet. Um, I’ve been to other places in Africa, but not Ghana Uh, Judith. Hi, nice to see you from Brooklyn Uh, Prince Prince is on from, uh, South Korea My goodness Prince. That’s a pretty far thanks for watching all the way from South Korea And I see that Tenicia is watching from California, California is in the house and also India love neat. Nice to see you. Thank you for joining. And so friends again. I so appreciate you. Thank you so much for sharing my work and thank you for referring me to your friends, family, and everyone. I so appreciate it Thank you guys. So tonight we’re going to get into some really good stuff. Also, if you’re on your, you know, this is on Facebook live and I’m going to share it shortly with YouTube family. Um, but if, uh, if you guys want to share this in some sort of watch party, go ahead and do the Facebook watch party so that you can watch this broadcast with your friends and family tonight. Hi, Jorge. It’s great to see you as usual from Boston. Jorge is one of my faithful, um, Watchers followers Nice to see you from San Francisco. Um, okay Kerwin. Yes. You be safe as well. We are in New York and we are doing our very best to stay safe. You guys are so amazing. And I see that. Um, Boyee did I get that close? Boyee is watching from Philippines jeans O M G I’m sorry. So humble. Thank you guys for joining and thank you for sharing my work And guys, if you need to speak with me or if you want to share my stuff with your friends and family, my number is in this broadcast I’m going to, it’s going to go away for us a little bit, but it’s (718) 301-9732. I meet with people personally. And so, um, every new client of ours I meet with. And so if you’d like a consultation with me to discuss your immigration issue, just give my office a call and we’ll get you on the calendar And you’ve gotta be a little patient because the calendar fills up very quickly, very quickly

So just be patient, but get your consultation in and I’d be so delighted to meet you. Okay, Courtney, it’s great to see you. Good evening Okay. So friends, what I’m going to do now is I’m going to transition into the presentation about the very important stimulus bill that passed the house of representatives yesterday called the heroes act heroes, okay. Hero act And this is a democratic led initiative, um, uh, on Capitol Hill, which is another stimulus package that promises to deliver a whole lot of things, included more money into it, the hands of, um, of people, okay. Uh, here, the U S more money and more relief to those who are to businesses and government and who are suffering under the economic crisis that we’re experiencing, that the country is experiencing under the Corona virus So let’s talk about it and let’s just talk about it in a way that is super, super, super easy to understand if you’re ready for that Just, just say in the comments, I’m ready I’m ready. I’m ready. I’m ready for that Hi. Hi, Donna. Nice to see you immigration McBean um, nice to see you. If you’re ready for this, just say I’m ready. Okay. Now let’s go into it. I’m going to share my screen with you. So bear with me a moment as I get my barons together here and figure out how to do this. Okay. Oops. Hold on. Okay. Okay So I do it this way. Give me a second guys Okay. So we’re going to talk tonight about the heroes act heroes act. And as I’ve said, it passed the house of representatives yesterday, may 15, teenth 2020. And, um, yeah, guys, 3 trillion with a T This is another huge tree, uh, stimulus package that, um, house speaker, Nancy Pelosi, um, championed. And it is huge lots and lots and lots of aid. Um, and relief dollars is in this. So who is this new stimulus bill for? Who are they targeting under this new, um, this new, uh, relief act? Firstly, they’re targeting individuals like you and me, uh, businesses, nonprofits, students. There’s some special things in here for students as well. And then there’s quite a bit of relief for state and local government all impacted by guys by COVID 19. Now let’s talk about you first. Let’s talk about individuals. Okay So the first thing that you need to understand is that there’s another cash payment, cash payment, two households. Okay. So some, some folks are still getting their stimulus checks delivered to them, right? Some were surprised with a check maybe yesterday or the day before, right? The, those who are, um, the final batch, I guess, right. Stimulus check is for, from the first stimulus package I should say is still coming out. It’s still rolling out And so under this new initiative, they’re talking about another step Mulas check, two households. And so specifically friends specifically, let me move this out of the way. Specifically, it’s $1,200 per individual who earned up to 75,000 per year or in the case of a married couple, they cannot make more than combined income of $150,000 per year. And for families with children or dependents, they could, they could actually receive up to $6,000 friends Now I know that, uh, there’s a little, A lot of talk on YouTube and in the news, and I’ve done some videos too, to update you about other initiatives that, uh, other legislation on Capitol Hill that, um, that looks like this $2,000 a month every month for, you know, for maybe a year or so. Right. We’ve talked about those very ambitious, um, proposals that are also on Capitol Hill, but this proposal friends, this is another, this is actually another one shot deal. So to speak a $1,200 check, right per individual. And, uh, this one is not one of those monthly rollout, monthly programs that, um, we’ve talked about in the past. And this one was put, this initiative was put forward by again, the house speaker, Nancy Pelosi, who wants to show leadership in this area. And so this is the decision they’ve made $1,200 per individual, like the last time, okay. With some tweaks to it, of course

And we’re going to talk about the, uh, the distinction between this and the, um, other one, uh, now actually, because one of the biggest, uh, distinctions between the first stimulus bill versus this one is that dependent children now include college students and adult dependent. Whereas in the first stimulus packet, it, um, was limited to children 17 under 17. Okay. So in this package it’s bigger and it actually captures your college students and adult dependence. Okay. Now let’s talk about help for renters because rent, um, rent relief and mortgage relief is also, uh, you know, there’s legislation on Capitol Hill that I’ve talked about as well, that covers renters and mortgage relief. Now this package, the stimulus package that, uh, passed yesterday is very specific in its target and it’s targeting low income renters. And what would it do? It would provide emergency assistance for those who are at risk of eviction Okay. So it’s focusing on helping people stay in their apartment longer. Um, so those who are facing, uh, who are at risk for eviction would find some relief under this stimulus packet next help for those who are on food stamps. Okay. So specifically what would happen here is that there would be a 15% increase to the food stamp benefit that folks are receiving And then also food banks would also receive some, um, some funding to help them feed more people. And I don’t know about you, but I was really, um, I was really, um, touched by all of those images that I’ve seen in the news recently of people in their cars waiting to pick up food from food banks. I mean, I was just so overwhelmed by that. And I don’t know if you guys saw that as well, but there’s a lot of people out there who, um, are having a very hard time even buying food And so this proposal includes, um, dollars to the food banks. Now next number for help for those who are unemployed or get an unemployment benefits. Okay. So unemployment benefits under this heroes act would be extended, um, till January 20, 20, 2021. Okay. The $600 a week payment would be extended until January, 2021 So it give folks, um, a little bit longer to receive these unemployment benefits while they are, you know, searching for a job, right? Number five, it also provides help for those who are, who need health insurance, health insurance, because you guys know that if you’re working and your employer is covering your health coverage, once you lose that job, the health insurance goes away. Unless you dig deep into your pocket and you start paying for health insurance on your own. So in this packet, uh, what it would do specifically, oops, what it would do specifically is that it would, um, uh, allow folks who have lost, um, uh, who have lost their jobs And actually, I think I had another slide in here. I think this might’ve might be out of Florida, but here’s the slide here. So what it would do specifically is that number one, it would provide, um, an extended open enrollment period under the affordable care act to allow people, to give people more time to enroll in health care, subsidize healthcare through the affordable care act. And then it would also provide subsidies, um, for, to keep employer based or employer sponsored plan for those who lost their jobs or job, or were furloughed furloughed. Okay. That’s my Jamaican coming out there for a load. Okay So, um, next, what it would also do friends is that it would provide help for essential workers, specifically 200 billion in hazard pay for those who are on the front lines, who are, um, uh, fight into save lives. So there’s money in there for essential workers as well Now, um, the numbers is kind of out of order here. The next one is, um, I think this is number seven, should be number seven. Okay The next one, uh, is aid to state and local governments that are facing massive budget shortfalls. And so here’s money that would go directly to the governments to help them to keep our jobs, um, keep, um, uh, police officers employed and, and other essential workers, uh, state and local government, uh, employees, um, uh, working, keep them working Okay. There’s no other way of saying it, but

there’s money in there that would go straight to those governments to, to keep the government functioning and to keep the staffing level, um, at, at, at an adequate level. Okay. Next, uh, this should actually be number eight There’s also quite a bit of money in here Of course, no surprise, right? For Corona virus testing And then there’s also grants to hospitals and then friends, this is an interest in one They, they actually are also going to provide help for students, students who are in debt and specifically $10,000 in federal loan forgiveness, um, $10,000 also for private loan forgiveness And it would continue to suspend payments interest in collections, on federal student loans until September 21, 2021. And so here’s this, um, this issue around student loan forgiveness, that’s also included in this packet and guys, there’s actually a whole lot more, um, provisions and, uh, changes that are in this packet, but it’s just too massive to get into, um, all of the other, uh, details about it. I wanted to focus in specifically on things that are affecting real people like you, right at me. And, um, student loan debt is a very real issue for a whole lot of people. And so this actually provides, um, relief for students as well. So that, so I’m going to end the presentation here. Give me a second here. Okay. Let’s get back on the screen Okay Okay. So I’m back. Okay. So in summary friends, the heroes act is a massive piece of legislation that was passed yesterday by the house of representatives. And it is, it was actually, it’s actually 1800 pages, long, 1800 pages long. And so it’s, that’s how enormous and big it is. It includes relief for even the, um, post us postal service. It includes things such as, you know, any further government issued checks should not include president Trump’s name on the check. For those of you who actually got the paper check from the first stimulus bill, you know, that Donald Trump’s name is on that check. So this bill includes a lot of things like, uh, like those as well. But in this, in summary, it focuses for real people. What it would do is provided another $1,200, uh, to individuals who are earning up to 75,000 or married couples who are not earning more than 150,000 a year And then for those, with children dependent, which now includes college student and adult dependent, they could get up to $6,000 in stimulus and a stimulus check. And then it prepped for those of you who are essential workers out there doing your thing and saving lives. And we so appreciate you. This would also include ha include hazard pay for essential workers, student loan, debt, forgiveness, um, and some other things for renters who are facing eviction may face eviction. So this bill is so enormous. Now the next question friends is, um, is this going anywhere, right? I mean, obviously we know that that, um, it’s very ambitious, right? Very, very ambitious Uh, Courtney says, we need this relief. Yes, Courtney there’s, you know, people need relief, but the thing is that it is this going anywhere, you know, we’ve been reading that the Senate is saying, Oh, this is dead on arrival because now it has to go to the Senate It has to go to the Senate before it actually then make, makes its way to the white house for the president, um, signature. Right. So that it could actually go into law and into effect. Now, will it make it to the white house? No, I’m not even sure. I’m gonna say probably not. It’s not gonna make it to the white house because this bill was, um, it was passed because it’s a democratic, uh, democratic led Congress. You know, the house, I should say the house of representatives is controlled by the, uh, by Democrats. And I believe only one Republican in the house of representative, uh, S uh, King actually out of New York voted in favor of this. So there’s this partisan issue. It’s divided Republicans are not going to support this So they they’re saying it’s dead on arrival in the Senate and they’re not going to, they’re not taking it seriously They’re laughing at it. Now, the other thing is this they’re going to have to start taking

something seriously, right? Because, uh, 33 million Americans are, people are out of work and, um, quite a bit have filed for unemployment benefits. And they’re still filing for unemployment benefits and small business is crumbling And so the Senate knows, and the president knows that they have to do something. Um, it, meaning they need to do something to put money in the hands of Americans again. Um, and so we’ll see what, um, what proposal the Senate comes up with, because there’s this jockey in between the house and the Senate, this constant jockeying. And unfortunately, people get people who are suffering, um, don’t benefit from that jockeying. And so this is open to, um, to everyone, everyone okay. Open to everyone in terms of the aid. That will be that I just discussed, uh, here Okay. So there’s a lot, um, it’s a shame I, and, and I, I, I agree with you, Courtney Courtney says a shame, right? All this partisan stuff stands in the way of people getting the help that they really need, but friends, how many of you know, I’m speaking with an immigrant focus group tonight. Okay. And how many of you guys know that immigrants do not sit and wait for handout immigrants? Always we get up and we make things happen for ourself, right? We don’t sit and we wait for a handout We are smart where hard work and people, that’s how immigrants are, right. That’s the spirit that helped to build this country. And so, um, shame on our leaders, shame on our leaders for putting all this political stuff in this package, because this is a politically driven, packaged as well, by the way, it’s not just focused on Corona virus relief, they’ve thrown in all these other little things that they bicker about And they’ve made this bill so political that the other side is not even taking it very seriously. Is that the right approach? Should that have been the right approach rather than, um, come in the center, approach it from, you know, the standpoint of, um, being moderate with the proposal and so that they could actually move faster and get something done. That’s I think that’s what they should have done That’s what the Democrats should have done, but they did not do that here. They were very, they were overly ambitious and it’s going to, um, this isn’t going to go very far now, will there be elements of this that, um, will be put into something final, most likely, yeah, this is, you know, starting point and we have to start somewhere. And so I, you know, they’re starting somewhere. Um, and Thomas says that, um, seems like there are more needy American citizens than politicians, um, to do what is right At least, yeah. They need to do what is right Yet a lot of Americans are in need and the politicians are, many of them are wealthy, very, very, very wealthy on both the house side and the Senate side. They’re not feeling it the way real Americans are feeling it And so that’s why they have the luxury to, to do all this bickering and people are really, um, suffering. So I, I definitely agree with that, um, that, that point of view. Okay And I’m just scrolling through here and on my end, um, I’m just looking for any further comments that you guys may have, but I want to keep this very short, as I’ve said, um, I want to keep this very short. So the heroes act is, um, is making its way through the legislative process. And I will continue to keep you guys posted on this and other legislative proposals that will impact you and your family, but let you know, we’re hardworking immigrants We’re hardworking people let’s make let’s, let’s determine our own destiny. We cannot sit and wait for a politician to get it together because they will never get it together every now and then they do something right. Every now and then, but what they did with this, uh, heroes act is, um, I don’t think they got that one. Right. Okay. So, um, yeah. And Jorge says, you know, why are all these millionaires get into so much help? Yeah. Because yeah, there’s some, yeah. That, you know, the Republicans, uh, we haven’t seen any major proposals from them yet, but some of the things that they are talking about would provide, uh, some relief to the wealthy, which is, uh, obviously not surprising, really not surprising. Um, so yeah, friend, so I’m gonna jump off right now. Thank you so much for watching this, uh, subscribe to McBean immigration TV on YouTube, because I am putting out a lot of content for you guys these days and, you know, shoot me a comment below and let me know what you’d like to see from me next I’m going to review these comments on Sunday, tomorrow, and, um, I will decide what videos

I can work on for you this week. So let me know your comments and, um, what you’d like to see from me in this coming week or in the next couple of weeks, I should say. Thank you guys so much for, again, for 50,000 subscribers where we’re over 50,000 now. Thank you for subscribing. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for being part of this awesome community and friend. I give my office a call for if you guys want to speak with me. All right So with that being said, you guys have a wonderful, wonderful evening and I’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye. Bye