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– [Announcer] From Careco TV, one of the longest running outdoor programs on television today, exploring the country and the coast in search of adventure From the mountains of the great northwest to the shores of the Atlantic ocean, this is Americana Outdoors, presented by Garmin – [Announcer] This week, Americana Outdoors found a solution for all-season hunters who need a gun that can adapt to any environment or prey, it’s the Thompson Center Encore Pro Hunter Since the original Contender pistol in 1967, Thompson Center is the leading gun maker, producing switch barrel firearms and versatile shooting platforms, and now it’s time for the latest generation of TC interchangeable platforms, the TC Encore Pro Hunter – So in 1997, Thompson Center came out with the Encore Pro Hunter system Now, this firearm is probably the most versatile firearm in the market today, this receiver is a serialized part of the gun and it’s the heart of the system With just a few screws on the fore end and on the pistol grip, you can change out the fore end, the butt stock, the pistol grip, and you can make this from a pistol to a center fire rifle Now, you are gonna want to check your local, state, and federal laws to make sure that you are abiding by all laws and regulations, however, you can change this gun from 204 Ruger all the way up to 500 Smith & Wesson, and not only that, this platform can also change from a center fired rifle to a turkey gun, 12 and 20 gauge, a slug gun, and also a muzzle loader, so for more information about the Encore Pro Hunter system, goto – [Narrator] Well, let’s head out now on one of several hunts we’ll feature in this show, with the Encore Pro Hunter – You know, it’s 5:45 this morning, we’ve got a light rain falling, sunrise isn’t until about 7:16, so it’s gonna take it a long time to get daylight today with this rain and the cloud cover, we’re gonna get in the stand really, really early this morning and just kind of let everything settle down and see what happens, we’re gonna go back to the same spot I sat last night, we saw a lot of activity there, there’s a couple of bucks we didn’t see that had been showing up on scouting camera and hopefully we’ll drop the hammer on that TC this morning and knock one down You know, with the rain falling in this type of set up, we’re literally been hunched over in these tripods for about an hour, but I knew in the back of my mind that we had to do this to get into this location really early, let everything sit down and hopefully these bucks would funnel back in, we’ve got two ridges and I’m sitting on one of them, and the other ridge is off in the distance in a great valley in front of us, and these deer are just moving from every direction in there You know, with the rain falling in this set up of how we got in there super early, anything’s gonna be possible (dramatic synth music) (Wade quacks) (gun fires) That’s a giant right there, I mean, what a, what a season, this season we’ve been all over the place, we’ve seen first deer taken, we’ve seen big deer taken, we’ve seen snow, we’ve seen 100 degrees, and now we’re hunting in the rain and I just know it’s gonna be an old good one right there, boy, the tines on that, (mumbles), I mean, they are big (dramatic synth music) We are empty, let’s go check on this big guy right over here (laughs), and that’s what I’m talking about, look at the antlers on that deer there I mean, look at that big old stud right there, buddy, that is a stud of a buck, look at that right there, that is some kind of gorgeous right there, big, old, mature whitetail, heavy, big, long tines, that’s what I love about Texas – [Announcer] Interested in joining one gun hunting club? Go to Thompson Center website, at and start building your custom Encore – [Announcer] Americana Outdoors, presented by Garmin,

is brought to you by Garmin Virb, life, camera, action Cabela’s, it’s in your nature Yamaha ATV, real world tough, and by Thompson Center, America’s master gun maker (upbeat country music) Welcome back to Americana Outdoors, the seasons may change, but with TC Encore Pro Hunter interchangeable platforms, the hunt never ends Encore Pro Hunter firearms deliver uncompromising accuracy year round, we’re in Wade Middleton’s turkey camp just outside Brackettville, Texas The amazing group of ladies who work in the hunting industry from Cabela’s, Garmin, and Thompson Center are on the turkey hunt with their Thompson Center shotguns – So when we got here, we got to site and I actually got to walk the ladies through the Thompson Center Encore Pro Hunter, because a lot of them have actually never even shot them before, so we walked them through the function, feel, the features of the gun and then we all go to zero them in, we worked with the ones without the scope and then also some with the scope, and the girls got to each choose, you know, if they, if they preferred to shoot with just the sights or with a scope on it (gun fires) (rhythmic drumming) I was lucky enough to hunt this morning with Logan, my camera guy, again, and then with Wade, and we heard a gobble before I was even sitting down still, so he’s like, “Okay, get all ready,” and I couldn’t tell if they were actually in the tree at that time or if they were on the ground (dramatic electronic music) Probably within, I don’t know, a half an hour, we had heard some more gobbling and we heard a couple hens, and then these birds flew down right over our head, I mean, not, maybe 10 feet from my head, and just started walking around that field and they went to the left where, sadly, it was blocked by a bush, so I couldn’t see them, but from what I understand, Wade said he saw them putting on a show, so (turkeys gobble) I’m not a very patient person, but I hung in there and then eventually they started to come back and they were coming from the left, and I kind of moved my head slightly and I saw them, and Logan’s like, “Alright, are you ready?” And I said, “Yep, I’m ready,” and he goes, “Okay, the hens are coming first,” so I saw the hens and then to my left I saw, like, three toms all puffed up and beautiful, and I turned back, and I, when I did, in my scope, there was a tom right in front of me (gun fires) (upbeat guitar music) – [Wade] In the head (laughs) Oh, yeah, good beard, good spurs, good, really long, really, really long beard – [Danielle] Nice – [Wade] Good beard on him Well, that was one of those intense hunts from everything, from coming off the roofs, boy, we had one hen that just wanted to talk the whole time – You actually did have a conversation – We had a little talk, and I, she was talking – How’s her family? – The family’s good, the family’s good, I think one of the uncles isn’t coming home, he’s gonna be the guest of honor for dinner for us (both laugh) – [Narrator] Well, now it’s Wade’s turn to have some fun With only a few weeks left in the season, he’s looking for the right deer to fill his remaining tag (dramatic orchestral music) There doesn’t seem to be any trophy bucks in sight, however,

an unwanted guest who’s been causing some destruction at the ranch has shown up, and Wade is fixing to put an end to it (dramatic orchestral music) (gun fires) – That pig right there is a big, big pig and he’s got tusks that stick out about four inches Well, not the trophy whitetail we’re looking for, but a big pig, lots of bacon When I saw him come in and the sun was setting, I thought, you know, this would be a good way to end this, get ready for Christmas and I’m gonna take a break and come back after Christmas, we’ll be doing our youth hunt around then, we’ll spend some time with the kids, but there’s a few days left in there I can still go hunt, so my season’s not over yet, that Encore’s gonna bark again before the year is done Let’s take this pig back to camp and show him off – [Narrator] Coming up, Wade Middleton will put the TC Encore Pro Hunter pistol to the test, stay tuned – [Announcer] Americana Outdoors presented by Garmin is brought to you by Smith & Wesson Performance Center, performance when it matters most Stealth Cam digital scouting cameras, the game has changed And by Wiley X, absolute premium protection Welcome back to Americana Outdoors, the Thompson Center’s interchangeable platforms give you unprecedented options to create your ideal gun, and one of your possibilities is the TC Encore Pro Hunter pistol – This would be the first time that I had a chance to actually hunt whitetail with the TC Encore pistol configuration, and, you know, the Encore, you’ve got so many different variables and so many different things you can do with it, it’s just one of the most unique platforms in the world, I mean, it is a true one gun hunting club, because you can do so many things with it, you know, from varmints to big game (gun fires) (thunder rumbles) (slow guitar music) That’s a pretty good one, so, you know, we got hampered really bad by the storms that rolled in, but we knew they were coming, made a decision to kind of wait it out based on what we were seeing on the radar, slid in here just after daybreak, the bad stuff supposedly had already blown through and we really only dealt with, you know, a couple, a little bit of heavy rain a couple times, I mean, it was definitely a fun and exciting hunt, as far as I’m concerned, you don’t always, you don’t always have to get one This rain’s supposed to get out of here in the next hour, hour and a half and the wind’s probably gonna blow pretty hard today, but this afternoon, I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t get up and get on their feet and really move That afternoon we went back, grabbed us a bite to eat, you know, based on the clouds, the way the wind direction was going, we felt like we could go up onto a hill and thought, man, this might be the deal And there’s a big draw and a drain immediately to our right and behind us that these deer are using as an incredible funnel and a trail (slow orchestral music) We’d been there for, you know, maybe an hour, and a couple of does and fawns kind of meandered through, and it’d gotten down to probably about 6:30, you know, which means we were running out of daylight, and when, I mean, all of a sudden Jeff just kind of tapped me on the shoulder and kind of gave me a little head nod, and I look down there

and here comes a couple of bucks, easing up through the brush, one behind the other (dramatic orchestral music) (gun fires) That’s the TC Encore, baby, I love this platform, it’s so cool to look at, I mean, that 10 point came right up that draw, we’ve talked about that draw before and how they funnel up through here like that, and I mean, it just, you know, whether I’m shooting the rifle, whether I’m shooting turkeys, whether I’m shooting this handgun, I mean, this is fantastic and I love the 308 cartridge on top of that, so, I mean, if you’re looking for the one gun, this is it, and that’s one nice buck sitting right down there, he’s a mainframe 10, he’s got a little kicker coming off over there, he came easing up that draw there Man, it’s been some fun hunting here, we had a rainy day, set up in the stand this morning, and I mean, it was pouring on us, didn’t get one, saw a good shooter, knew about this deer, and the wind couldn’t have been perfect That’s awesome (laughs) Oh, man, that’s some fun right there The TC smoked him, right there, I put it right on that high pocket, drop him right in his tracks, just like that That was fun, I’m gonna tell you right now He’s got, that’s really cool right there, that big, that kicker, I mean, it’s almost like a little lower mule deer fork on him, tines come in there, he’s got good mass, lots of little character on him, good brow tine, what a great old buck Thank you, buddy, that was fun, I mean, there’s no tracking or none of that, you spend a lot of time doing that when you’re whitetail hunting, but we had none of that today, that was a lot of fun, I think I’ll go get the Wolverine and we’ll get him loaded up – [Announcer] Up next, Yamaha’s Steve Nessl invites his friend from the outdoor industry to a whitetail hunt in Texas Americana Outdoors presented by Garmin has been brought to you by TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, perfection lives here ConQuest Scents, hunting and dog training scents, and by Walker’s Game Ear, protect it or lose it Welcome back to Americana Outdoors Yamaha’s Steve Nessl makes it a tradition every year to bring out his friends from the outdoor industry and give them an opportunity to hunt Texas Today he invites Rick Sosebee, an All Pro journalist, to our deer camp on the opening day hunt – Hopefully the rain will hold off, it looks like it’s getting a little bit crazy here behind us, but we’re gonna take our time, be patient, and hopefully find something that is worthy of taking home During breakfast we were talking, we definitely knew we were going back to this field and sit in the same spot in hopes that the buck that Steve had spotted earlier in the morning would come back, a lot of does started filtering in and then we had a couple nice little young bucks come up, there was one that was scraping the trees a little bit, and there was another younger buck that come in and they got into a little bit of a sparring contest You know, as we were watching these little bucks scrape and work around, Steve happened to notice a shadow lurking off in the trees Man, this beautiful 10 point, mature buck comes strutting out, he’s strutting out probably, it was more to our left, but I would say somewhere in the area of 75

to 100 yards from us, just grazing a little bit, trying to make friends with some of the does, and he’s walking away from us And, you know, my heart is just sinking because I knew that, from my experience, that the further he got away from us, the bigger chance there was for something to alert everything there that we were there, and for us to loose sight of him altogether, that probably worried me the most I could feel my heart beat in the tips of my fingers, breath was starting to get really shallow and that big 10 point turned and headed straight back for us – [Steve] Alright, just get your breathing under control (dramatic orchestral music) (Rick mumbles) Yeah, whenever (gun fires) – [Rick] What do you know about that? – I know I’m proud of you That– – [Rick] Oh, but that was a beautiful animal – He is gorgeous, I think that’s the deer we saw this morning before we could make him out, when it was dark, ’cause I saw his left side, he kind of, (mumble) were bigger than that, Wade was telling us about a 10 out here, kind of the genetics in this area have been here for awhile – [Rick] Yeah, absolutely beautiful, right? Awesome, dude – We talked about making a good shot on a beautiful animal, man, you just did that – Yeah, we sealed it beyond that It’s just pure elation, you know, you, one thing you want to do and I always strive to do is make an accurate shot, I never want to wound an animal I’m a big boy, so tracking them is not in my favor, either, but I’m just blessed that I was able to make a good shot and things went well I’ve watched a lot of television shows, and you know, you don’t really understand how it feels until you walk up and see it for yourself, and I absolutely could not believe it – [Steve] Oh, goodness, son – In my heart, I kind of felt like this one would be the one for me, I just felt like it was gonna be the deer, and as soon as this big boy turned around and started heading back towards us, oh, my Lord, I was having to tell myself to breathe, you know, it was just like, take a deep breath, Ricky, you’ve got to grab ahold of yourself My feet were shaking, my hands were shaking – I think he’s in love with Texas now, he told me he, he likes to say Georgia is God’s country but he can tell that God definitely had something to do with Texas, as well, so, you know, you know, love, God love Ricky, I was so glad to be able to experience that with him, share it with him, again, didn’t do much, didn’t have much of a hand in it, but to be there was special for me, so I’m gonna count myself lucky to have been a part of it (laid back piano music) – For me, I love the feeling of accuracy of this firearm, I’ve got nothing but confidence when I pick it up and carry it on my hunts, I love the versatility of being able to do so much with this unique platform The TC Encore Pro Hunter comes available in .243, .30-06, or .308 as a complete rifle, or chambered in .223 or .308 as a pistol The interchangeable firearm system is fully supported with a lot of accessory stocks and barrels, ranging from .204 to 500 Smith & Wesson Magnum The TC Encore lineup gives you so many configurations and caliber ranges that you’re only limited by your imagination, so get to a dealer or visit the website at and join us in the one gun hunting club – [Announcer] Hey, thank you for watching and we’ll see you next time on Americana Outdoors (dramatic orchestral music) Americana Outdoors is a Careco TV production