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Hey everyone! Welcome back on my channel Or welcome for the first time! My name is Chess I’m a selftaught crueltyfree makeupartist You can find me as crueltyfreemakeupheaven on Instagram and Facebook Today I have super exciting news, I am so honored to be the first influencer of L’Excentrique L’Excentrique is a new Belgian based webshop of makeup and skincare (and more) When they first opened, I immediately placed an order Go check them out for sure! Their website is www.lexcentrique.be They deliver in Belgium and the Netherlands But soon they might deliver in more of Europe That’s very exciting! As they focus on OFRA Cosmetics! And, as you know, OFRA is crueltyfree and vegan L’Excentrique has the best OFRA prices They’re also actively working on their own productline And also when it comes to working with more brands So, that means even more variety on their webshop They offer 24h delivery, when ordered before 4PM (weekdays only) And free delivery costs, when you order for 35euro or more You can also choose afterpay with Klarna And I’m superexcited that I’m allowed to give you all 10%OFF! With my own non affiliate promo code Just, all for you, to celebrate that I’m their 1st influencer So, like I said I already placed an order with them and I was very satisfied And then suddenly I got products to review from them Or “PR” as everyone knows it So I had a whole bunch of OFRA Cosmetics products that I LOVE to use, so I was thinking I’m just going to create a look with it And this is the result It’s a warm sultry easy look! Maybe you wouldn’t think it’s easy, but it really is I’m going to show you how I achieved this look, in this tutorial Thankyou so much for watching, and let’s get into it First things firts, I did my skincare this morning That’s very important, because it helps with how the other products are going to perform on top and how smooth it’s all going to look It was also just really neceassary, cause… LOOK at this monstrosity! But no worries, we’re going to make it invisible So I did my skincare, but not yet applied moisturizer This is the first product I got in PR from L’Excentrique This Oil-Free Moisturizer is perfect for combination skin like mine, with some impurities I have been using this for a week and a half I think, and I’m really happy There is hyaluronic acid in here, that hydrates our skin It also helps our skin’s flexibility I already passed the 30, so I have to I have to take the best care of my skin So I’m happy that’s in here You only need a little bit of this Only a.. uhhh The amount of a pistachio nut? This even is a bit much Cause it just spreads so easily I’m just gonna use the viewfinder as my mirror I’m rubbing my skin super softly It just glides over it Indeed, a very lightweight moisturizer And let’s not forget about our neck I tap in the rest of the product Until it’s fully absorbed in the skin I would recommend to really let the moisturizer sink into the skin this is going to help with layering the other products otherwise you have a layer on the skin and we don’t want that We want that this look still looks “natural” on the skin It can be bronzy and soft glam but our skin should look as flawless as possible and still like real skin And if this has sunken into the skin then we use the Cool as Cucumber primer by OFRA I bought this product with my own money And I already have been trying this out for a couple of weeks And I’m really satisfied with it, certainly in the summer It also feels very lightweight, just as the moisturizer And it has a lovely smell A very soft and fresh cucumber smell Even if you don’t like cucumbers, I think you’ll still like this smell I also really like the cool shape And it has a pump, which is very convenient I always apply a bit on the back of my hand 2 pumps is MORE than enough I just like to prime my whole face but you can also just use the primer on problems zones Really make sure to have done your skincare, so everything is smooth It’ll really give you the best skin results And then I press it into the skin

When we’re sure that all of the skincare and primer are sunken into our skin and there is no layer on top Then we’re going to use foundation I also got this foundation in PR from L’Excentrique I have already been trying it for a week And I’m really a big fan I feel like it dries up so nicely They say it’s a matte finish, but I feel like it is in between a matte and satin finish Maybe that also depends on the products underneath, like a good moisturizer I just think it’s so important to have a nice skinlike finish So I feel like, on my skin, it’s more of a satin finish And as far as I know, it wears really well and long But I’m going to test this longwearing claim in my upcoming foundation review It says it’s a buildable to full coverage formula this means that you start off with a medium coverage that won’t look like a mask on your face and you can build it up where you need some more So, yeah, Im gonna need that today It doesn’t surprise me that it has a more satin finish as this foundation contains silk peptides and anti-oxidants, which are also great for the skin This is the foundation in a pretty glass container It’s important to know however, that this foundation dries up darker than it seems So I would certainly recommend to for sure get 1 shade lighter than you think / are used to Very convenient to know what shade you might need are the sample packs from L’Excentrique I’ve gotten both the light and the dark samples I will explain later why I got and am going to use the dark samples as well The packs don’t have much shades in between but it’s just to asess what shade you more or less need When I tried the samples I first thought I needed #01 but when it dried up, it was a bit too dark If I would be more tan , #01 would have been a match So I knew I had to go lighter than #01 So I chose the shade #0.5 #0.25 is more on the yellow side and this has more a neutral / pinky beige undertone So in the bottle this one seems too light for my skintone But I’m going to show that it oxidizes when dried down I’m going to use this Perfecting Puff by OFRA to apply it This is a latex -free expanding makeup sponge I haven’t used this one yet, as I wanted to keep it clean for this video I did already have a feel and it really is very soft It’s so bouncy, even when it’s not wet so imagine when it’s wet To get some extra staying power, I’m going to use setting spray on the sponge This is going to help us to lock everything in You don’t need to do this every day, that’s expensive but it’s for when you go to a party or event and you want your makeup to REALLY stay on I bought this settingspray with my own money at www.lexcentrique.be This is the Makeup Fixer by OFRA, it has a bit of a flowery smell, that I really appreciate So we’re going to wet this sponge Then I apply some foundation on the back of my hand I really use my hand as some kind of paintpalette It’s because this foundation is very liquidy And I like it more to not apply it directly on the skin So this really seems too light now, but I promise you when I blend it, and when it sits on the skin for a sec, you’ll be able to see the difference I prefer working with a foundation that is a bit too light instead of a foundation that is too dark It’s easier to bronze it up, than to take darkness away then it just gets cakey so easily The most that I lighten up my skin is with setting powder So you can tell than it is melting into the skin At first it seems like it’s not happening But then the magic happens I can use some extra foundation here but I don’t want a cake face So I’m going to add some more on my hand and like I said, beware cause it’s very liquid I’m going to let it dry a bit first, before I blend that’s going to help coverage-wise Also going to add some extra coverage on the forehead And while this is drying some more, I’m applying some foundation onto my neck Since I want EXTRA staying power, I’m going to spray this setting spray over the foundation as I’m going to (cream) contour after this and I really don’t want it to budge Let’s hold our breaths and I think it’s now dried down My skin still looks like skin I don’t use any filters on my videos so what you see is what you get!

Now, I said I also have dark samples I’m going to use those for bronzing /contour I actually don’t really contour anymore, I rather use bronzers /bronzing shades to sculpt my face, certainly in the summer So for bronzing, I’m using the samples I talked about earlier This is a bag of samples These are the dark ones And it’s so convenient to also asess if maybe you’d also like to contour/bronze with this foundation and what your shade match for that would be Now, how do you chose your contour/bronze shade? I’d recommend opening all of them and swatch them as some of them are more warmtoned than others I for example, like to work with #09 it seems super dark but it’s also a more cooltoned shade My skin is more neutral/mpink so I don’t even like my bronzer too warm- or yellowtoned I’m gonna use #09 and I have one that’s open already I first apply it on my hand, because in IG vids you see people applying it on the face first and only then blending it out But the problem is that (this) foundation dries down fast and it locks itself into the skin So the best thing to do is first on the hand and work scetion by section I first am applying it on the cheeks and blending And a bit under the lips We’re going to keep on blending And if you don’t like a very bronzy look then I would advise ofcourse getting a way lighter shade We’re going to carve out our jawline and work in the foundation downwards I’m just going to go under my nose too Also going over the ears It all looks a bit crazy right now, but don’t forget we didn’t do our lips, eyes, … yet I’m actually going to get some more foundation And on the tip of the Perfecting Puff, I’m going to bring back some light at important areas of my face on the sides of my nose(brigde) and my cheekbones here in the middle and on my forehead This is also going to help with a more seamless look of the skin Now, I’m gonna lock that in with powder bronzer This one is the Ultra Bronze by Makeup Revolution I’m just getting a little bit and press that in here I like to go over my nose a bit Gonna apply some lip-oil to my lips, but first going to clean them I have these OFRA cleanse it off wipes There, now I look a bit less dead I’m going to apply this lip oil by Wunder Kiss Next up, is baking powder I’m using this Banana Baking Powder by Makeup Revolution I think it’s going to be a great fit for my skin as I’m looking bronzed up now I’m going to use the Perfecting Puff for this again And press it in where I crease the most easily and at the same time it lights up those areas also in the middle of my nose between my brows which we’ll do in a sec , that will also make a difference Trust the process Also some powder on the chin we don’t want coverage to disappear from that pimple I don’t leave this on for long I’m immediately going over it with a powder brush Now I’m using this Essence blush It’s a coral pink blush in the shade ” Peach Me Up ” Just pressing in a little bit of that blush And then I’m immediately going over that with the setting spray I almost forgot to do my brows, so did them quickly The next product I’m going to use is this one The Exquisite Eyes palette This is how it looks on the inside (duhh) These two shades are matte And the others are all shimmers These 5 shades are ideal to create bronzy golden looks Important is also to know that this palette is formulated … OPTHAMOLOGICALLY This means it is safe for people with sensitive eyes Like my eyes, that tear up so easily But I haven’t had any of that while using this palette Today I’m going to use these 3 shades Okay, I scooted in closer So you all can see everything well First I’m gonna prime my eyelids with my P.Louise base

This one is in “Rumour 01” which is a very fair shade And again, I’m using my hand as a paintpalette Using this flat brush by URMAKEUP And it’s a flat packingbrush, that’s so ideal to apply eyeshadowbases on the lid As you can see it really is a very light skincolor Really work this well into the eyelid You can also tap it in like so The more it is worke into the skin, the better It’s going to help get a more “natural” (soft) blend Okay, eyelids are primed and now we’ll use the palette First I’m using this E25 Sigma brush using this warm matte shade Like so , on the tip of the brush There is also a mirror in this palette, I’m going to use it Place the brush in the outer part of the crease Actually right underneath When you feel right here, you feel a hard part And we’re going to place the brush right below that No crazy windwiper motions, but moving it softly more or less on the same spot and it’s blending the eyeshadow on its own You don’t need a sigma brush for this technique You can also do it with another fluffy packing brush as long as it’s a bit flatter on one side (but still fluffy & domed) When most of the shadow is off of our brush press even lighter and blend out the edges To make sure fall out doesn’t adhere to our skin I’m adding another layer of setting powder underneath This way we can easily swipe it away Also applying a bit under the lower lashline with only the tip of this brush I’m going to repeat this on the other side Just going to build this side up a bit more so both sides have the same intensity Then, I’m taking this dark brown shade on this E42 brush by Sigma This shade we place in the outer corner of our lid Darkening it up, so our eyes seem bigger So I first place it right here, where the eyeball ends And there we’re going to press it in, instead of swiping over the former shade because then the eyeshadows could blend away so it’s better to build intensity up (first) Then with less product on the brush, we are going throught the outer crease, bit by bit make sure the edges are blended with the former shade Don’t forget: you can always add more, but taking away eyeshadow is almost impossible This dark shade is doing the work of an eyeliner without us wearing eyeliner it gives this look a more sultry vibe Just taking a bit more to work through the crease Don’t go high with that, stay in the fold of the crease Doing the same on the other side Now I’m taking that first SIgma E25 brush and taking that first shade again to blend out the sides again because I don’t wanna loose that warmth since I placed that darker shade Don’t wanna make this look difficult, so moving on I’m taking a brush with a flat top and dip that straight into the dark brown so it’s nicely on the flat top and we’re taking that underneath the eye as close as possible under the lashline Using the same brush, then we’re going to tap it in, where our pupil starts close to the upper lashline, like so Same on the other side And on the inner part of our eyelid, I’m going to apply this shade It has a very soft pinky warm undertone as you can see with some gold shimmer in it I’m applying it with this flat packing brush, also by URMAKEUP By the way, sadly, this Irish brand “URMAKEUP” has stopped but I still have their brushes, so For extra power, I’m wetting this brush with this Rodeo Drive Face and Body Mist which has champagny gold highlight particles in there You have to shake it well and then spray it on the brush it makes this eyeshadow come off like a cream We’re applying this on the inner part of our eyelid And if you want you can make a cutcrease with it The higher you go with it,

the more open your eyes will seem Taking that first brush again, to blend into the cutcrease Going over the cutcrease again with that golden shade As you can see, you can really make a soft crease without it being a lot of work This really helped a lot to give the shimmer shadow more power Really pretty Just gonna swipe off the fall out And before I move on with mascara, lashes and lips I’m using this Rodeo Drive Face and Body mist on my shoulders and my face As you can see, this spray has golden shimmer particles which have the same shine as the Rodeo Drive highlight which is amazing for anyone with a skintone like mine (or lighter) And we’re going in with the Rodeo Drive highlighter that I already bought and love so much Really, a super pretty highlighter Using a fan brush for this Also has a mirror, which is super convenient I’m applying it on the highpoints of my cheeks And going a bit around my eyes This is blinding Also applying it here And then for in the innercorner, using a silicone applicator by Essence for that I’m back I did my mascara and lashes I used these Glamlite Pizza lashes in “Sicilian” I’m also going to apply a Essence longlasting eyepencil on my top waterline don’t forget the inner corners this helps the lashes blend in better and at the bottom I apply this nude color I don’t know how this one is called No more letters on there, that’s how long I already have this But just use a light nude color or a white color Preferrably nude, on the lower waterline this is going to open and freshen up your eyes Now the eyes and skin are done, we’re moving on to lips First, I contour my lips with the OFRA “chestnut” lipliner As you can see, it’s a dark brown But don’t be scared Like I was in the beginning, I was intimidated But I started experimenting with and it’s so nice to use/mix with nude colors or with a gloss on the lips So thats what we’re doing today First we contour the cupid’s bow very lightly I round it off a bit and go a bit higher too then I connect it with the corners of my mouth, but not too dark very, very lightly and I’m not overlining this part either so here I do follow my natural shape And then the bottom lip You can make it darker here because the more shadow there, the more pouty and again, connecting it with the corners then i’m darkening up the corners of the mouth It looks dark, I can tell from the viewfinder, but we’re going to blend this out with another color later And this is This is a lippie by OFRA that I have for a long time In the color “Bell Air” I applied it in the middle of my lips Now it even looks crazier, but we’re blending this out Softly working from the middle color to the outside I’m using a small lipbrush for this by Essence I work from the light shade to the dark liner blending them together softly Going to do the same up top this really makes your lips look more pouty the light color brings your attention to the middle now I go over the brown parts so evertything is nicely blended And to be honest, this “Bel Air” shade was never wearable for me never on its own at least But with the brown lippencil, it is way more wearable And I could leave it this way But it is Summer and I love glosses I got this OFRA x Madison Miller at L’Excentrique It’s is called “sugar cup” and it has a pink undertone It’s not really opaque,

it’s more a soft pink veil I will show you how this looks on top of this nude lip I mostly apply it in the middle And also go a bit over the cupids bow as well As you can see it added a soft pink glossy veil If you only wear this over your lips, you’ll see more pink This is the finished looook The products work together so well I’m really satisfied with that Ofcourse, I tested them out on beforehand because I wanted to be sure that I like them and that I knew how to use them I’m so grateful that L’Excentrique chose me as their first influencer and have sent me these products in PR I really like them all Definitely the foundation and the rodeo drive highlighter that I already had but also really love the Rodeo Drive spray It looks like you’re skin is so hydrated when using it, which I love Even on the skin of my face, I don’t mind it I didn’t think I would like that, because normally I don’t but this one really has a pretty champagne gold shine The rodeo drive highlighter and spray are must-haves And the eyeshadowpalette is really one of the best nude palettes I have For sure when it’s for creating these kind of glam looks Those warm shades… mmh, I really want to make more looks with those I think this look is very wearble for anyone And I hope I made it easy enough to follow along I hope everyone thinks it’s pretty and maybe learned something hope it inspired someone to try this yourself for a party or summertime date I want to thank you all for watching this video I hope it was enjoyable Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe If you want to see more of my videos And I see you all next time