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Hello everyone This is Cho Hyojin Greetings Today, I’ll make the skin a little moist, while not really doing the eye makeup I wanted to do a mlbb-ish makeup with a blusher and a lipstick I took a shower, and let me get started by doing the base For the serum, I’ll be using what I showed you a couple of times, which is Philosophy Purity coconut water essence The name of the product is Coconut water essence, and it gives me the feeling that I’m already getting moist and soft Very soft This serum is like a mix of a toner and a serum, a bit sticky, a bit like a magnet Today, I’ll spread and apply this coconut serum with this makeup cotton This is from Iope This is one of my favorite makeup cottons If you see this way, it’s quite a thick makeup cotton which is soft And because it’s not so rough, it doesn’t irritate the skin at all This, together with Ample N, which I don’t have right now, is my favorite That one is this big That’s one of my favorite, but too bad that I didn’t bring it today I prefer applying this coconut essence by soaking the makeup cotton with it, to apply it with my hand It depends on the product. Some are better when applied with hand, and some are better with makeup cotton Do you know that? For this one, it was better to use a makeup cotton This serum is good for people with oily without moisture skin to fill in that moisture for the skin Am I not reminding you of something? Wait a minute Sorry When I wore this one, I just had to do it So if you go out and come back, because of all the dust, oil, sweat, etc., the skin gets rough and dead skin may appear No matter how good the product might be, it’s no use when it’s not absorbed well So it’s very important to soften the dead skin layer In this serum, there’s this coconut water ingredient with a lot of enzymes, so it softens the skin And you know hyaluronic acid? That moistens the skin very well So I let it get absorbed by tapping, and by doing this with the makeup cotton Remember to get it absorbed well especially on the parts where the makeup usually gets messy Then the dead skin gets softened, and later when you apply the base products, they get applied very well For me, it’s near the nose This part as well I’m putting on the towel like this You know, the feeling of the forehead getting scratched? Anyway, to finish off, I’ll apply this serum a little on my hand, and let it get absorbed once more Since I’ve sufficiently moistened my inner skin, I’ll just cover the surface of the skin with it And everyone, one of the reasons for the base to not get absorbed well, is the heat from the skin So, what I do is I put the makeup cotton soaked with the serum, inside the fridge Then I put it on at the center of my skin where heat comes out a lot, to lower the skin temperature for the base makeup to be applied well It would also be great if you use a toner pack I’ve been using this for more than a month, but you will feel the effects of this serum after 2 weeks You can see the inner glow of my skin? Let me apply the moisturizing cream to finish off The texture of this moisturizer isn’t very watery with a lot of moisture, but it’s more of a cream So I’ll pump it just once This cream feels quite moist, so I balance the oil and moisture with this only On a warm day, I pump once Since it’s September And if the weather is a bit colder and drier,

I guess it’d be good to pump twice And as I pumped once, my skin is not a very oily type, but it’s a bit dry at the edges So I pumped half a time more That’s for me to moisten the edges of my face That will balance the oil and moisture of my face in general, won’t it? Around here, it’s almost like an oil refinery Let me get started on the makeup Let me try my hair first I’ll apply the sunblock first Lightly I’ll make sure to apply it entirely To make the skin texture moist and bright for today, I’ll apply the glow sun base first, before applying the makeup base From the base, it feels very shiny I’ll apply only a little This much, on the forehead and the center, with my hand I’m giving a highlight to my skin with the base With the remaining bit, on the nose as well So I made my face glow a bit with the base I’ll use a The Face shop Ink lasting cushion for the base Since I wanted my skin to look a bit brighter today, I’ve brought a lighter color, N201 Let me apply it a bit on the puff, tap on the center Since it sticks to the skin right away, I’ll cover the skin quickly with it Today, I’ll be doing a very natural makeup, so I won’t perfectly cover the skin too much It’s not like I’m gonna let every single flaw be gone, but just covering very naturally Everyone, last time I did a Q&A video by getting the questions in Instagram story and sharing the answers What do you think of that? I’m thinking of doing such series It’s a bit not good to just talk about only makeup I’m not sure if it’s right for me to say this because I’ve never only talked about makeup, but it might be boring for you if I just talk about makeup Anyway I want to ask you subscribers because I think talking about something beneficial to each other while doing the makeup would be good In fact, I did post a question of ‘what’s your biggest regret in life?’ last time So I got a lot of answers, and wanted to share this in this video But I saw this comment as well, saying that they want to pay attention to the makeup, and want me to tell such stories on vlogs So I want to ask for your opinion If you look at my skin texture today, it’s very light, as I didn’t apply thickly I’ll just finish off the skin makeup for today by making it glow a bit And then, with this powder, I’ll make the area around the eyes a bit drier On the edges as well We don’t like the feeling of hair sticking So I made it dry, and I’ll add a light shade on the edges by mixing these 2 colors from this contouring product Lightly brushing With the other side of the brush, where there’s nothing on it, I’ll make it look more natural If the contouring gets too deep inside, the skin would look generally darker, so just on the surfaces And by mixing these 2 colors, I’ll apply it on the part under the eyes With the hand, make it less artificial And once again with the contouring powder, I’ll fill in the eyebrows, and move on to the next step Drawing the eyebrows with a shadow like this makes it look very natural So I filled the eyebrows Next, I’ll work on the nose bridge with this contouring shadow without any red tone Today, I won’t be working on the colors too deeply in general, I’ll contour the nose

a bit more than I usually do as it’s at the center of the face That way, the face looks a bit more apparent in general I often do too much of it out of greed, but today, I need to calm down a bit. Please let me control myself Got it? So I contoured the nose bridge like this As I said earlier, today’s emphasis is on the blusher and the lips I’ll use a bit of blusher first before moving onto the next step Today, I’ll use Blank Lip tint #8 Like I said in the previous video, it looks so good as a blusher Especially it looks like a painting So I use this lip tint as a blusher very often It looks very natural and pretty Everyone, let me share my recent story I got to make my debut on the public TV broadcast Let me apply it once more But it’s not nationwide My program is organized in Busan KBS It’s not like I’m invited as a guest It’s my program whereby I’m the MC for I’m so honored, everyone This is all thanks to you One day I’ll bow to you The PD of this program is the same age as me So she(he) shares a lot of similarities with me We converse well So I’m doing it in quite a comfort, it’s like an extension to my vlog Since the PD and the writer trust me a lot, there’s no script at all So I was worried a lot at first But as I got through it, I had so much fun From September onward, every Wednesday, it’s on 8.30 pm every Wednesday Let me get the color to be a little thicker I looked at what’s after my program, and that was a drama with 20% viewer rating So I got to catch the hearts of the mothers and fathers in Busan I get to film outside, in many parts of Busan So if you see an attention seeker on the streets, it would probably be me And if you can have an interview, please do so It’s an interview-based program I tapped so much that it looks red like I’ve got slapped on the cheeks Today, I wanted this vibe This is a lip gloss which can make the lips look a bit thicker Let me apply it first So that the lips glow and look thicker later So I applied it, and next, I’ll use the eyebrow pencil If I use a shadow, it looks a bit messy So I’ll be using the pencil to neatly finish off at the end So I’ve drawn the eyebrows I’ll be doing a very light eye makeup for today Firstly, I’ll use this palette, Espoir Look book dusty brick This is the composition of colors which I love The autumn vibes Today, I won’t be using glitters. Only non glitter shadows will be in use today I’ll mix these 2 colors and apply on the eyelids entirely Not like I’m doing a heavy eye makeup, but like just adding a light shade I wanted to not do any eye makeup at first, but the eyes looked not so harmonic with the face Just a light shade, to look natural I’ll use my fingers to do that once again And with a bullet brush, I’ll mix these 2 colors, and apply it on the outer ends of the eyes Finishing off at the ends, and a little on the inner ends too Moving along the double eyelid line And using the same method as just now, I’ll add some shades After that,

once more with this little sector-shaped brush, I’ll mix the same 2 colors, dust off a little, and fill in the triangular zone It’d be great to use a reddish shadow color for the eyes And it has that autumn vibes And once again I’ll mix the 2 colors, to finish off at the outer ends So I finished it off very lightly I’ll use the curler precisely Then the eyes look something like this Honestly, my eyes, filling the triangular zone just a bit You can transform the shape of your eyes The back of my eyes are narrow If I don’t do my eye makeup, they look kind of swollen By filling in the triangle zone, you can make your eyes look more clear and sharp Which is necessary especially for me I’m going to grab Maybelline Magnum Volume Express Waterproof mascara And curl my lashes The under lashes too There you go This is all I’m going to do for my eye makeup I’ll wipe off my lips and apply lipstick Did they get plumpier? Use cushion to tone down the lip color Today’s lipstick is WAKEMAKE rouge gun zero air #5 This color is perfect for today’s makeup Apply it on the lips Nice and easy Put some on your inner lips and blend blend it evenly throughout your lips and blend again with your finger and then apply another layer on the inner lips And for the finale, grab Twofaced diamond highlighter to give my face a little more sparkle mix these two colors and apply it on your cheek bones Look at that I’m killing it on the forehead too sparkling a little bit on the nose too and for the nose, mix these two colors again this highlighter also looks good if you just use your fingers Highlighters are shimmery eye shadows So it’s perfectly fine if you just use your fingers apply some on the upper lips your face starts to glow I’ll apply some on the front part of my eyes as well like that if you give highlights on your face, everything starts to come together I want to add something on my eyes So I brought FILLIMILLI fake lashes This is optional so you guys can finish up your makeup I’ve cut the lashes into tiny bits like this I’m going to apply each in the empty areas on my eyelash I wanted to make the lashes to stand out even more Like that So the makeup is finally done I’m gonna do something about my hair now Please excuse me Everyone I’m back I’ll let you know about the contact lens in the description box below I also gave myself a little bit of front bang for today’s look I applied lots of essence and lotion in the beginning of this video And I wanted to share it with you guys Because sharing is caring I’m going to give away Purity essence and some other products from Philosophy With these products, you’ll notice the difference just in 2 weeks Just let me know why your skin needs to be moisturized in 2 weeks I’ll leave the details in the description box below

And I’ve been showing off this thing Since the beginning of my video This is a limited edition from Philosophy that was made for Purity essence The quality is good. So good And this luxurious SUEDE POUCH If you purchase the essence You’ll also get 8 of philosophy’s best items You can have everything if you buy the essence How generous of them You know what this feels like? When you buy essence, lotion, moisturizer, everything to get a single pouch Now then, it’s self obsession time Thanks for watching my video See you later Bye~