Kim Kardashian Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial Video by Robert Jones

I’ve been getting lot of request for more Kim Kardashian’s looks and you know if I’m gonna do a and celebrity look I don’t think you need to look like the celebrity I think the point of this celebrity look I mean Amber does look like Kim Kardashian umm whether she wants to or not (laughs) the point isn’t necessary looking just like them it’s concentrating on what makes their look specific and you doing those type of things also I’ve gotten a lot a request for a Kim Kardashian smokey eye look and what is specific about her when she wears a smoky eye is its always very metallic, a deep metallic shade and she doesn’t darken next to the eye quite as much as many people do with a smoky eye so on Amber for smokey eye I’m actually gonna lighten with a concealer pencil the inside wet tissue of her eye because that is what would make it more of a Kim Kardashian smoky eye like with any other smokey eye and this makeup tutorial I’m going to do the dark to light effect I really wants her to have some light at the base I talk about this is being more wearable Kim does this on her smoky eye all the time because she doesn’t want it to close her eye in cause in reality Kim Kardashian’s eye’s could close in quite easily so in order for her smoky eye to work she does this I’m going to take a cream beige and I’m gonna go ahead and lighten this inside corner I do this lots of time to smokey eyes to make them more wearable this is part of her signatures I said now most times I’ll go over this with just a matte beige In this case, I’m gonna mix a matte and a shimmer because the whole look with Kim’s smokey eye is that shimmery sparkly effect you have the longest eyelash naturally It’s like you have false eyelashes on they’re amazing okay sorry focus people I’m now gonna go over a layer of shimmer and matte remember when you layer shimmer and Matte what you touch first against the skin what you touch 2nd is on top so when I grab my color I’m going to grab I’m gonna touch the shimmer first and and the Matte seconds now I’m any use a veery Beigey champagny color if I went to white on Amber it would look too ashey So I’m gonna layer first my matter beige then I’m gonna put the shimmer on top as I’m applying to my brush but this gives you an idea of the kind colors I’m using I’m using this for the lightness but I want that warmth this color has in order to prevent it from going too ashy on Amber’s skin she’s got a lotta rich alll of the deepness to her skin so I’m gonna touch shimmer first the matte second so the Matte is against your skin and I’m padding it in on more than wiping it on to get lotsa color there shimmer first matte second now I’m gonna take a darker matte beige show you the difference This is the one I used underneath her lid this is the color I’m using on her brow bone because I want to make sure that the brow bone is not too light because then it would overtake using a little darker of a beige and actually in trend right now in period with makeup your brow bone is not as lightly highlighted as your lid and you could just skip it but that shatter gives you something to blend with and you’ll notice that after I applied it gave me an even prettier edge to her brow so it does help there’s reasons for having it I’m now going to take my midtone in its just a nice kindof ochery Matte midtone because of her skin tone if I went too toapy it would end up looking ashy so it has a little bit of ocher or Omani shade to it this is what works best so i’m gonna take that nice Omani ocher mid tone and I’m gonna start to apply at the base of the lash line using my number 27 brush remember its more flexible and apply able so it gives you that color

distribution and blending that you want again starting at the base of the lash line because we want most of our color or the most intense application of the color at the base the lash line starting to deepen that lid and you going over the area you highlighted because you want to blend that in use with that little bit of lightness left there then going taking our 28 brush which is our clean blending brush I’m just gonna blend out that edge we’re gonna do another layer just for depth now remember whatever you’re doing a look, any eye look you have to have one Matte and so I usually chose it to be my Mid tone so even though we’re about to put a very mettalicy shimmery fun accent for her smoke by starting with this nice Matte Mid tone It grounds everything and helps shape the eye okay now in order to kinda get a look of what I’m doing you know me I gotta see some lashes so I’m gonna do a little curling although amber barely needs curling (open and look down for me) I will say that she’s one of the few women I’ve ever been able to say that about that has not been prone to have any just to get a little more lift to the raise because she has got crazy long eyelashes you probably never curled so this is probably freaking you out I mean your lashes are like you put a strip of false eyelashes on when God sent lashes you got in line two or three-time okay so we are just gonna do a light layer of mascara (open and look down for me. There you go) now you’ll notice that with amber all I did was conceal and powder her lash her lead and then did a little bit a foundation above her brows so I can put her brows on because I’m doing a smoky eye I did not wanna do her foundation first now because we’re doing a Kim Kardashian look it’s really about what your highlighting and contouring so I really wanted to save to do it one time so I only did what I needed to do to paint her eyes because I want to be able to clean up all that I dropped from doing the smoky eye so that her Foundation will be perfect alright now we’re going to start with our fun shimmery color and I’m gonna do do a pretty bronzy color because I think it looks so beautiful with your skin tone once again starting at the base, blending it out then keep in mind because we’re doing a Kim Kardashian inspired

smokey eye we don’t wanna make its so intense that we can’t see the liner because she is all about that liner blending it out I think you can really see why it was important to highlight the inside corner in doing this because by keeping that area lighter really is helping keep the eye open now I’m gonna take that same bronzy shimmery color and I’m just gonna take my thirty brush so I can concentrate a little bit heavier at the base of the lashes to get more color there you’ll notice that I’m padding the color on and then blending it out so I get the main part of that color right at the base and then blend it up and out now I’m gonna go ahead and brush of some of this excess that has fallen eventually I’m gonna clean it off completely with eye cream But I don’t necessarily wanna look at right alright now I’m gonna line (look down for me) just keeping it as close to lash line as possible we’re gonna come back with shadow and a brush so if it’s not perfect don’t worry about it its just you get an intensity from liner that you can’t get from just shadow now we are gonna take our using number18 brush and some matte black shadow we are gonna go (open and look down for me) we’re gonna go right over what we lined just scrubbing that color into the base to blend everything out now and when you get to the outer edge take that brush after you scrub it down barely pull up so you just feather out that line just ever so slightly barely feathering it out giving it some of a blend remember signature to Kim even on a smoky eye is that liner so we wanna make it so visible but we wanna blend it out slightly now normally for any Kim Kardashian you would have to follow it with huge false eyelashes but Amber has them naturally

so we’re gonna just go over her lashes with a really good amount of mascara, one of my favorite lashes for the Kim Kardashian look is Matte number 35’s a trick about this lash that I was just I was reminded of talking with Amber you’ve gotta curl the lash before use it otherwise they are kind of weird because they stick out they don’t really have a curve to them they won’t lay as pretty so curl the lashes at the base the false lashes also one of the things after you do a smokey eye before I start my mascara work I’m just gonna run a brush right along her lashes to knock off any color that her lashes have caught which is quite common if they will and if you don’t knock it off before you finish as she goes through the the evening, the day if she’s a wild woman a wears a smoky eye during the day you will start to have drip-page and it will get down to your foundation and you don’t have the perfection that you created there and originally okay so now I’m going to start to do mascara I’m going to use at this point I am going a building mascara instead of my usual defining (look down for me) I’m just gonna start to really get do a nice good coat like any time you need too a coat of mascara (It smells good) it does!! Isn’t it bizzare it has they put perfume in it normally mascara’s smell bad because it has that kind of that funky chemically smell this has (it’s the bizarre-est thing) It still kinda freaks me out every time I use because when I first opened it I was like because I’m not used to mascara smelling good I will never forget the first time some one had me smell mascara and I was like UHHH… Because I never thought to smell it combing them after you’ve put the mascara on there on there because we’re just using mascara and we are using a building so I’m gonna make sure they stay nice and separated. combing it while it’s still wet and really make sure to get those inside lashes (look down for me) to really give you the volume we need to all the way across to make everything look its best and if you’re wearing false make them really blend well now I’m going to clean up everything we dripped first by knocking off the majority of it then I’m gonna take eye cream make it nice and clean as well as moisturize that area I know and that’s what came off of it so you know why its soo important to clean it off afterwards

cause there is no way I mean you can try to be perfect about it but the smoky eye they’re just everything goes everywhere you’ve got much color going on alright now remember we’re doing a Kim Kardashian look so it’s all about highlighting and contouring and you’ve even seen on the Internet all her pictures of highlighting and contouring I’m first gonna start by starting to apply her natural shade all over her face get some nice good coverage and giving us something to Blend our Highlight and our contour with always when you gonna highlight and contour like we are for Kim Kardashian look you’ve gotta have your natural shade on first for you to blend with just nice in layer layer of her natural shade now we’re gonna start to with our lighter highlight shade and I’m gonna take (look up for me) and I’m gonna start to apply it to the area’s we want it to be highlighted underneath the eye look straight into that camera with your face and you can see how much that brightens her face and starts to create that shape so that’s our goal to highlight so do the other eye its all an illusion people it’s all an illusion then we are going to take a darker shade and we are going to contour now I’m gonna take just the tinniest bit on my sponge I’m gonna start to apply where I want it right underneath that cheekbone just really accentuate the cheekbone I’m gonna blend it out yeah these sponges are amazing then a tiny bit not more than I want on the temples and don’t worry, I am going to reinforce all this with powders, bronzer highlight powder okay so now we’re going to reinforce that highlight as well with powder (look up for me) so I’m gonna use my highlight powder to non shimmer highlight powder in my highlight areas underneath the eye on top of the cheekbone just padding on some I’m gonna take a new sponge just a little bit down the center of her nose and the tip of her chin and I’m just gonna use her natural shade everywhere else to blend out where I highlighted

I will say I’m not thankful to Kim Kardashian for much but I am thankful to her for teaching women that powder is a good thing and now i’m gonna go back with a little bit a bronzer you wanna keep it right so I’m gonna do a very deep one right underneath that jaw bone and then blending it out and up on to the temple using my number 73 brush gives you a very controlled application number eleven and doing a little bit on the side of the nose into the brow yes this is what that makes your nose look more.. tiny? yeah not that you have a big nose you don’t but even on some of that does.. she does or she does not have big nose but for a Kim Kardashian look to be more contoured but even on everybody I for me the faces are one-dimensional it’s got curves in shape and when you put foundation on it kind off flattens everything out so going back and putting a ton of bronzer on your nose gives you a shape back to the face because otherwise you just make everything one flat color and that’s what makes it look like you’re made up verses I mean no one’s gonna incline this look as natural but cause we did a smokey eye it’s what makes the skin look natural you know when your wearing Foundation now im gonna finish the eye up now just to be safe because I’m still using some dark colors and it will give me a bit of extra highlighting I’m gonna do a tiny bit of powder and leave it kind off heavily on there so I can go back and just brush it off the end to catch any of the eye shadow that might drip so I’m gonna first start with my Mid tone just that nice Omani color and brush it right above that lash line to start to create color not going all the way across cause I don’t really wanna deepen inside corners stopping short of it I’m using it on the other eye then I’m gonna take my number eighteen brush some matte black shadow I’m gonna go right at the lash line and just we go back and forth to deposit some color because you want to keep this color tight then we’re going to highlight the inside corner which is not normal for a smokey eye using a little bit more of our shimmer and matte mixed together then im gonna take a Q-tip a little pointy Q-tip I’m gonna dampen it I’m just gonna clean off that inside ledge before I go to highlight it

just right along it there is very little there there’s a tiny bit yes this is for getting like little bitty detailed things which is why it has a point then I’m gonna take my concealer pencil and I’m going a lightly apply it to that inside ledge you always wanna do this before you do your bottom mascara so that if you get this and some of those lashes we can go back over it with mascara you can see how that opens the eye back up once again a stereotypical Kim Kardashian trick I should say her makeup artist trick let’s be clear Kim dosen’t paint her self (look up for me) redo mascars on the bottom lashes but take a nice peachy shade (smile for me) apply to the apple’s of the cheek its peachy blush to give that pop of glow okay then our final step in our Kim Kardashin esk smokey eye is going to be a very very nude lip so the first thing I always want to do is just slightly conceal away or conceal the edges of your lip and you’ll notice that with Kim and her lip she never has an edge to them at all and since amber has some natural edge to her lip with her color naturally I want to really get rid of that color that she has and them I’m just gonna go over it with a really beigy sandy lip gloss almost exact color of her skin tone so if you’re doing it at home and you’re paler skin toned which many of you probably will be use a paler lip gloss because this would end up showing up as a color on you okay now you really do look like Kim Kardashian okay whenever doing a smoky Kim Kardashian lashes Kim Kardashian look the important things to remember about the eye we still wanna do a smokey eye but on for to be signature with Kim wanna keep this area lighter even though everything else is gonna be smoked out we also still want a line to the top of the the lid the smoky shadow isn’t quite a smoky also your still gonna line the inside wet tissue the eye with the light shade that’s kinda signatures her as well with the face we still want to highlight and Contour because that’s so much a part of her about what her look is about highlighting the forehead down the nose all this flat area of the face tip of the chin then we are going to contour those folds so that it it gives us that shape that were looking for for for the face Alright so just for reference here’s the colors that we used and we used a face cream shadow beige matte cream shadow first

for that inside corner then we used a Mac cream and a shimmery I mean a matte beige and a shimmery beige as the highlight then a darker beige for her brow bone and then that we used a very almondy ocher Mid tone because her skin tone is nice and rich and dark then we used and a very metallicy coppery contra shade to create the smoky eye in lining with black and then of course a very beigy nude lip little bit of peach on the cheeks as well now we’re gonna go away taker her hair down make her more Kim Kardashian esk and can come back with her final look