New Year's Eve Glam Tutorial Featuring the Revlon Eye Art!

with them ladies welcome back to my channel so in this video I will be showing you how I got this beautiful New Year’s Eves glam if you would like to know how I got this book please keep on watching Oh what I use for the glitter just in case so I always mess up my intros this Revlon this is photo ready I art I didn’t use this side I only use the glitter and I have to say the glitter is absolutely amazing it’s good for drugstore good later and I got it yeah so if you want to know how I got this look please keep watching let’s start with a base on our eyes what I will be using is my Mac prep and prime 24 hour extended Ivies I purchased this recently and I’ve used it a couple of times and I must say I like it for a base in my eyes I’m going to go in with my Tarte lip palette and I’m going to use flour child’s right here which is nice it’s a nice like beige color I’m just gonna place it all over my lips next I’m going to use my Mac Shadow and the first thing I’m going to put into my eye is saddle this is going to go in my crease right here in my crease should always keep your eye open when you’re putting color in your crease because this is like your brown this is like your brow bone and this is the beginning of your crease so if you keep your eyes open you could see where the product is going next I’m going in with brown script also now that I’ve warm up my brow bone I want to go in with a nice chocolate dark brown smokey eye and the glitter too just so now with mine what is this shutup Couture by Anasazi I’m gonna go in with that fudge right there and this is like a small tapered blending brush start at the end here bring it out and have it go in right there just halfway up so it’s going to meet like the arch of my brow and that’s exactly where I’m going to stop with a nice light color here and then going with the glitter Thank You thing I’m gonna go in with my Mac shroom right here which is a nice light color I just want to use this to map out where I’m going to put all the glitter you how nice that looks now I want to blend this before I put the glitter on

this trusty blending brush a Mac I’ve had I want to say for about seven years this 224 that’s not failed me we just learned pretty so because when I put my head down this part of my eye folds over onto my lip lip onto my lid a little bit give my head back so my lips are stretched so that can dry and won’t stick up there I have like tiny hooded lids and they’re wrinkled according to Tina which is one of the youtubers that I follow she has wrinkled eyelids too time to admit some people have wrinkled eyelids and I do too so I want to put two coats so i’m going to put one coat now let it dry and then apply another coat all right so it’s now dry and when I look at it I don’t think I need anymore right okay great now we need some liner because it’s glitter I’m gonna take my Kat Von D this is a sample size that I got I have the big one this is the trooper tattoo liner it just can’t find it I’m just gonna go and right here in the corner and get it nice and lined up I even stick into the glitter but I know where my liquid liner at I can’t find it can’t find my NYC one and I can’t find my next one so I’m going to use my Inglot because that Kat Von D is not sticking to the glitter that I please for my eyes and it’s kind of annoying so I’m not gonna talk because putting on gel liner is not my best friend I work very hard at it trying to come up out so let’s try this Mac 208 and my eyes are wings and I am my mess is on we’re gonna continue with the face and first I already prepped primed everything that I needed to do with my lovely little face we’re gonna go on foundation foundation that I have is Mac water weight right yes what it was a foundation interpreters back my hands and I’m also going to mix it in with my makeup forever Osia HD take a flat kabuki brush now that the foundation is on I’m going to contour and what I like to consular with right now which has been my favorite thing to

use or nothing for products it’s my la girl and this is in beautiful I can’t find my contouring brush because every time I do a video I’m very unprepared because I just wing it I’m going to use my g3 that type of concealer just my naked skin I always used it I’m almost done my tapered kabuki and I’m going to Pat this out so now this part is a little tricky because I used this one Japan in my concealer I have a dry one to use to set it so I have to bang it out get this up one hit this one up with the powder so I could set it you don’t want any creasing so you have to set it really quick geez take one Pat it out cuz if you put powder while you’re trying to take the creases away the powder is gonna seep right into the creases and you don’t want that I’m going to go into the tightly and bloom pad the one that I started it off with first and put the base I’m going to take me like an angled brush or something and I think I’m going to take my pencil brush from Sigma and going with activist you see activist Lee hits third it’s the fourth row but the second darkest one and just go right here at the edge and come up just to deepen that a bit more give it that so trailer my trusted friend cleaning her off just to make sure she doesn’t have anything on her when I blend and then just blend it out right mm-hmm or contour contour my baby shade and light this going to take take my fan brush I’m gonna dip it into these two right here one and two maybe a little bit of number three and just get right up in there you want to do anything too deep because my hair is pulled back and you don’t want it to show too much make sure that they look even take it this lovely lovely female right here it’s another one take this and just swipe it off any excess then you can blend any harsh lines lick it take my trusted blush brush and my cantaloupe from Mac it’s a pro blush for my highlight I’m going in with my fish she is a lover champagne pop check

with him you did good take good girlfriend I know how many so I’m gonna tell you but mm-hmm anyway right here right on top of you see that right there just right there see that right there ah you know but this time he’d say that’s a whoa now you do it lipstick I have to do something under here I have to but you can’t just leave it like that so I’m gonna take activists and a brush and get under there and as a liner I’m gonna use my Mac naked liner it’s not white I feel like white sometimes comes off a little too harsh and it’s just a bit much but to open up my eyes a little a bit more even though I like my eyes I’m gonna put naked there just to open them up a bit more not too much okay now that’s done pretty much this look is almost complete for the lips I’m going in with Mac’s boldly bare lip liner for the color of my lips I’m going in with cream corset it’s a collab that Samantha did a youtuber here with lip man and it’s such a pretty new deep pink and since the eyes are like the attraction you don’t want something so overbearing my lips you can do it but since eyes of glam let’s go little this is such a creamy lip color I love it and I don’t love it just because Samantha media I like it a lot because of the way it feels on my lips and this is like a pink that really looks good on me and I’m not just saying that but sometimes it’s hard for me to find a pink that a lot of fair-skinned girls wear and it doesn’t look good against my skin tone the topic or I am going to put a gloss I know isn’t that crazy I hate gloss I really do but since my hair’s pulled up and there’s no wind blowing so the wind won’t blow my lips I’m going to throw in a glass you can alternate ultimately leave it just like this with this cover and everything but I do want oh mac love nectar any gloss is good but this is like it nice it’s like a creamy it kind of matches Samantha’s cream course that but I used this love nectar with like my news and stuff right to a nude lip and I want a gloss he was love nectar the guy who sold it to me like ten years ago I’m exaggerating said it was like the JLo gloss so he sold me on it all right so I got the lips on everything looks great I’m going to put a nice little jewel right here that right there that I just put is makeup forever glue that came with the eyelashes and supposedly you can put on your skin and then put on the eyelashes on top of it instead of putting it on the lashes first now the little tool that I have is a Swarovski I guess jewel did they put on nails way back one when I try to do my own nails I purchase some now I’m going to use it to stick right in here and there we go ladies my final look see

how sparkly my inner corner of my eyes so this ladies is my New Year’s Eve glam I hope you enjoy it if you do recreate this look please tag mana on Instagram Instagram name will be listed below but if you don’t know it’s underscore Raja vash a twenty seven underscore yeah I want to see if you recreate this I would love to see it you can hashtag Basha or you could tag me whatever you decide I have that look in my eyes I really really like it so once again thank you for watching and I will see you in my next video