Hello Neighbor – Entire Full Game Play Through! (Saturday Supercut 🔪)

– [Annoying Orange] It’s time for you to put a lid on it (laughs) What the, whoa, ah, ha, ha, ha, ha! (upbeat electronic mUsic) Hey yo, it’s AO , back again with another game video, and here it is Finally, you’ve been asking for it, Hello Neighbor, the final game Oh yeah, we’re gonna start a new game It’s our creepy, peeping, butt-touching weirdo, oh no I don’t know how this is gonna go, we’re gonna try and play through the whole game Oh no, we’re having a ball (laughs) Oh, what’s happening? The story of a ball He likes to hang around, about Uh oh, are we running away from something? Oh boy, boy Oh no, are you running away from the creepy butt-touching weirdo? He wants to rub his mustache on you Oh, you do it just for the kicks (laughs) Oh, oh, I’m controlling it Running and gunning and having some fun and I got legs, and I know how to use ’em (laughs) Wait, how do you use ’em? (laughs) Uh oh, cut scene What’s gonna happen to the ball? Uh oh, what’s he gonna do? Oh, fail, fail-wail (glass breaks) Wow, what was that? Uh oh, creepy, peeping, butt-touching weird Although that doesn’t look like his house Uh oh, yeah, it’s totally him He’s rubbing his mustache on somebody Uh oh, there he is, what’s he doing? Ah, somebody punch him in the mustache Oh, eh, uh, creepy, creepy peeping What’s going, uh oh Oh, now I’m creepy peeping No, don’t creepy peep but there, he’s gonna grab you and rub his mustache on you Oh, he doesn’t understand, I can’t let him know Ooh, hands are handy, uh oh Argh! We’re having a screaming party Oh no (laughs) Ooh, he doesn’t look like he’s very happy Uh oh, I think he saw me No! No, no, run away, argh (giggles) No! What’s going on, uh oh, what’s happening? Oh, it’s the key to my heart (giggles) Or the, ooh, screaming meemies, or the key to my fart, (farts), juicy Oh boy, what’s going on? Scary music, oh Oh okay, I see Aw, he threw me out of the house, I’m on the outside Is this my house? Huh, I wonder if they just redesigned the whole house or what’s going on, because that doesn’t look like the old neighbor’s house Okay, can I go in my, oh yeah, I can go in my house Hey, alright! Ooh, what’s on TV? Ah, I hate this channel (laughs) It’s the snow channel (laughs) Lights on, lights off, lights on, lights off You got any Maroon 5? That’s not Maroon 5 The radio’s broken (laughs) Oh, don’t box me in Cool stuff in here, ah, I can’t take the stuff Box is kinda blocking my vision a little bit (laughs) Better turn the water on, there we go Oh yeah, sweeping up the competition (laughs) Ooh, can I turn this one on, too? Oh, okay, good, I’m gonna leave all those faucets on Anything in there? Nope, no secrets in the toilet, we’re good (laughs) That’s usually where I keep my secrets Almost forgot about this one, gotta turn that one on, too It’s important to keep all the water running in your house all the time, all the time It keeps the water fresh, you guys should know this (laughs) Uh oh, I see him Okay, you just threw that, like, two inches Hey neighbor, there’s a new trend sweeping the nation, it’s called (buzzes lips) You hear me (laughs)? Hats off to ya, buddy (laughs) Yeah, I just gotta find him now Okay, it looks like this is the kids’ room or something, maybe just a spare bedroom I don’t know what’s going on here, can I go under the bed? Oh ho, I can, good thing to know What’s go-, oh, what’s this? Oh, now we’re having a ball (laughs) Uh oh, I can’t get in there, I don’t have a key I need the key to my heart Ooh, okay, there’s the basement That’s what I need the key for Oh boy, what’s over, okay, you got a TV right there Don’t go in there, what’s in here? Uh oh, ooh, where is he, where is he? Oh, look it here, oh, he broke something, get me out of here No, ah, he threw something at me (laughs) Were those tomato seeds? Did you throw a tomato at me? It was a drive-by fruiting (laughs) Okay, I need to find the red key I think it’s upstairs, but I’m not quite sure We gotta get that red key so we can get down to the basement, figure out what’s going on I actually wanna beat this game, wow, that’s, I wanna go up there Uh oh, uh oh, where, where? You’re breaking your own windows, buddy What are you, the Kool-Aid Man? You could use a door like a regular person See, I’m not on your property, I’m not on your property Hey, hey, I’m not on your property, I’m on somebody else’s property Okay, see I’m on the road, you can’t touch me That was close Oh yeah, don’t you fold your arms at me Yeah, we’re taking out the trash Oh, you like it (laughs) Knocked him over, first bounce Uh oh, (laughs) Oh, I’m outta here, I’m outta here Okay, pick it up, pick it up Okay, I got it, aw! Not fair, you snuck up on me, creepy, peeping, butt-touching weirdo, you’re always grabbing me What’s one more broken window, right? Uh oh, ah, he didn’t like that

Okay, apparently only you can break your windows I can’t break your windows, huh? I’m getting so sick of you chasing me off your property, here, taking out, (laughs), right off the noggin, and it sticks to the roof (laughs) How do you like dem apples? You don’t, because you’re an apple (laughs) Hey buddy, its time for you to put a lid on it (laughs) What the, whoa, ah ha, ha, ha I’m going in your house now Oh, he angry, whoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, he’s angry He is throwing tomatoes at me What are you doing? You can’t be throwing tomatoes at me Oh, come on Oh, that was so awesome I hit him with a lid and he flew across, whoa What is this? This is one, I wasn’t here, this isn’t my house I wonder what happens if you throw something bigger at him and hit him, geez Uh oh, was that him? I think that was him Uh oh, what’s he do- Hmm, someone’s laughing But that wasn’t him laughing Whoa, wow, car crash, the tire came through the window It was crazy What’s going on? Oh no, uh oh, but there he is, there’s the neighbor, what’s going on? What is this, is this like a flashback or something? Is this happening, is this real life? Uh oh, he got in an acci-, I think he’s crying Ah, creepy, peeping, butt-touching weirdo, why are you crying? Is it ’cause your mustache fell off? Ooh, that was weird, what is going on here? Okay, can I get out of here, is this it? Go into the light, go into the light! Oh, well that was weird, what even happened? Dude, I just wanna go through your house and ruffle through your things, what’s wrong with that? You don’t like that, huh? Take a chair, oh, hey (laughs) If we would’ve been playing dodgeball, we both would’ve been out You keep throwing tomatoes, where are you getting all these tomatoes from? Okay, that’s it, I’m going up, I’m going in, I’m going in, I’m going in There he is, there he is Okay, let’s see if I can go up through the window He’s crawling through your windows and stealing your stuff, better hide your kids, and hide your, ah (laughs) Get in, get in, whew, that was close Oh, he found me Okay, just be very quiet, it’ll be fine Ah, you don’t see me, you don’t see me, ah, you grabbed my nipples (laughs) Thank goodness I don’t have nipples in real life (laughs) I want out of here Wait a second, look at that bookshelf, the way it’s kinda leaning there, I wonder if I could scale that and get onto the roof Okay, don’t box me in, bro, just keep going, and then let’s see, let’s go up here Okay, I’m up here, can I, oh, it’s just a little too far Okay, I think I’m gonna need a couple boxes or something, time this just right I’m gonna jump and then slap the box down Yeah, it worked, nice Oh, there’s the roof, yeah Orange is crawling on your roof Okay, we could just grab that, and then we’re gonna come over here Don’t get in front of your window, and I might just break, oh, that was close, okay Got it, got it, got it, and, break it I mean, I didn’t break it, it was like that when I got here, I totally found it that way I just happened to be on your roof, don’t worry about it Okay, I’m in guys, I’m in, I’m in it to win it Okay, we got levers, and we got cords, we got all kinds of things here What’s going on, oh boy? Ooh, he’s angry, he’s angry, where is he? Ooh, he’s growling at me Ooh, what’s this lever do, does it make a Pikachu pot pie? No, no Pikachu pot pies? It doesn’t do anything, it’s broken Ooh, I wonder what this fan is hooked up to I’m a fan of fans What is going on, what am I even doing here? I don’t know what’s going on Okay creepy, peeping, butt-to-, what the what? I can’t even get out of here, it’s a room with no door What, it doesn’t go anywhere Uh oh, what’s that? Hmm, I gotta figure this out I’m gonna have to put a bunch of boxes, see if I can get up there, flip that switch, switch that witch, witchy woman I got 99 boxes and they’re all problems (laughs) They won’t do what I want ’em to do Okay, I just need one more, then we’ll put it, no, don’t tip up now (laughs) I had my tower balanced Okay, so the fan goes over there, and that goes over there, what the, how do I even get in here, though? Okay, if I just drop, there, I got it, hoo, can I flip it? Can I flip the switch? Flip that switch, switch that witch, yes, I did it Wha, what is happening? Excuse me, oh, ooh, it’s a trap door Uh oh, now he can get to me Oh, that was a terrible mistake Why did I even do that? I didn’t know that’s what it would do I instantly regret my decision (laughs) I was fine in that room all by myself (laughs) Uh oh, uh oh, no, no, where, where, I don’t see him Where, where, underwear, where is he? Oh, throw the box Yeah, ha, ha, ha, that’s what you get No, oh no, I’m stuck in here I thought the window was broken Ooh hoo, he’s rubbing mustaches on me Uh oh I’m somewhere different Where am I? Uh oh Ooh, I don’t like this What’s he doing?

Uh oh, he’s digging a grave, or something, or did he put it in? I don’t know what’s going on, why? Don’t do it to me Uh oh, I see a door I see a red door and I want to paint it orange Oh, I’m orange sized Why you angry? No, no, no, I’m not down here, don’t come down here No, no! Book ’em, Danno Oh, (laughs), good thing it was a hardcover (laughs) Whoops, terrible throw Alright, if you didn’t already know, it’s Hello Neighbor once again We gotta get inside that house, figure out what is going on Gotta get in that basement There was some screaming in there, at least there was last time If you’ve seen any of the episodes of Hello, Neighbor, you know this guy is up to something weird We don’t know what it is, we gotta figure it out Are there any oranges in here? I gotta save ’em, I gotta save my fellow oranges Uh oh, he saw me, he saw me, okay, going in the closet Yeah, can’t find me now No, I said you couldn’t find me now No, my nipples Why, why do you always do that creepy, peeping, butt-touching weirdo? Rubbing mustaches on me What are you doing leaving takeout all over the place? That’s not using your noodle (laughs) Okay, he didn’t want it, he didn’t want his takeout Ah, you hit with me a, okay, that’s it, that’s it Yeah, oh, what the? I hit him in the nipple, how do you like it? Yeah, you got hit in the nipple with some takeout Stop leaving your trash laying everywhere Yeah, you’re gonna get this (laughs) Hey, did you have a nice trip (laughs)? Ow So it’s gonna be like that, huh, we’re just gonna throw things at each other He didn’t like that That’s too bad, later (laughs) I’m in your house Just you try it, just you try it, I’m gonna take out the trash Don’t even do it, don’t even do it Oh, there he is (laughs) That’s what you get, throwing tomatoes at me, you crazy Okay, now we’re gonna dish up some pain Oh yeah, oh yeah, you’re plate crazy Oh got, what, he got me I got him, no, come on Ooh sweet, I’m gonna pick this up What is it? Oh, it’s a bowling ball, alright, time to get the ball rolling with this thing (laughs) I’m keeping this Maybe I could call 911 or something Oh, uh oh, no, 911, creepy, peeping, butt-touching weirdo, ah They didn’t respond Now, I didn’t mean to do that What, whoa, where’d it go? Where’d the bowling ball go? Argh, I didn’t mean to make it go flying Argh, pooper scoopers Okay, look at that platform, it’s hooked to some rails, that means it goes up and down Oh, and there’s an electrical cord going in there I wonder if that lever controls this I bet you it does Ah okay, see I need to get up there, ’cause I gotta get that key Luckily I opened this thing up over here so I can just go right up here, yeah I’m back Alright, now what do I gotta do to get in this room? Let me in, let me in, I want in there Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, what’s this? Whoa, oh cool, I didn’t even know that was there Totally, well I meant I- I hit that picture with my booty Whoa, keys Yeah, got the key to my heart Unlock it, yes, very nice Okay, now what do I do? Uh oh, no, leave me alone I’m doing things in here I’m rummaging through your stuff Okay, there’s a switch right here, so if I hit that, what does that do? Okay, it’s on I’m gonna follow the cord and see where, ah, it goes to the fan Okay, can I turn that on, what do I do? Yeah, I can, okay, now we’re getting somewhere I don’t know where we’re getting Oh wait, wait, wait, wait, the lever and the fan, it’s all connected, there’s something going on here I don’t think there’s anything else in this, wait, wait, wait, wait, oh there is something else in this room, what is this? Come on, give to me Oh, I think I got it, it’s another key to my heart There’s a lot of keys to my heart apparently Looks like a car key, but it’s not doing anything It should be automatic, come on key, please What, I’m just running through your gar-, what are you doing? Hey, blah, you hit me with that tomato You’re gonna pay for that Oh, what the Yeah, you better run Otherwise, I’ll slowly lob another box at ya So maybe the key isn’t for the car, maybe it’s for something else Woo, I think I heard him Where is he? I don’t know why he doesn’t like me running through his house Ah, no, no, he didn’t see me Ah, he saw me Stop rubbing your mustache on me I’m not a mustache cleaner (laughs) You better not come in here, or I’m gonna throw this toothpaste at you I will, I will hit you with this toothpaste Don’t do it, oh, you’re gonna do it Oh, oh, oh, that’s right, I am the leader of the plaque (laughs) Get out of here I was shining a light on his mustache Shine bright like a mustache (laughs) I’m never gonna figure out what’s in there Do you think this could be for the trunk? Wait, I think I, it was, it was for the trunk (laughs) Yeah, I can magnet some butts, I love magneting butts

as long as they don’t magnet my butt That’s not a positive thing (laughs) Let’s see it if it works, wow, (laughs), that’s cool I like this thing, it’s pretty attractive (laughs) Get it, ’cause it’s a magnet Okay, let’s flip this switch up, and then see if the fan, okay, so I wanna put something up here so it blows the fan, and, ah, come on, and it hits the lever, but it gives me enough time to go outside And then I could jump on the platform and go out Okay, apparently the box is too heavy, it must have too many burping kazoos in it Maybe a milk carton? Whoa, that really works, okay, okay, we’re onto something Uh oh, no, don’t come up here, I’m doing things, I’m rummaging through your stuff, it’s cool (laughs) Okay, so that might be a little too light We need something in the middle of a box and a milk carton (gasps) Wait, we’ll, wait, I wonder, I wonder if the bowling ball would Work Oh no, but I can’t, I lost it Oh no, I gotta go find the bowling ball Here ball, oh there it is, I found it Bowling, bowling, bowling down the river I thought you were gone forever bowling ball, I love you so much, (giggles), I missed you I didn’t want to think of you being gone That would mean my mind is in the gutter (laughs) I can’t get up here He’s sleeping, so I don’t wanna disturb him Just gonna crawl around on the roof, here we, uh oh, did he wake up or something? Flip that switch, then we’re gonna put this right here, let’s see if it works Wow, it worked Ah, but it missed the switch Try here, come on, come on, you can do it, you can do it, yeah, that’s it I figured it out, you guys Celebrate good times, Orange Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey Oh, no, no, put it up there Now we’re having a ball (laughs) Okay, so now I’m gonna go over here, grab what, no, no, leave me alone, leave me alone I got the box so I can break the window if I can get to the platform in time Uh oh, I think he’s coming Okay, I’m gonna turn it on now, come on, come on, come on, come on, we gotta make it to the platform, quickly, quickly, quickly, run, run, run, run, run Whoo, I made it Yes, it worked, it worked, I did it Orangey did it, yeah Broken window, sorry buddy I’m all up in your business Yes, it’s the key to my heart Oh wow, this is the key, this is the key to the basement you guys Alright, we gotta get down there fast We got no business, whoa, hey, what, what, what, Rubik’s Cube? Who put a Rubik’s Cube here? I want that, I want the Rubik’s Cube Can I solve it? Ah, I can’t do anything with it It’s useless I guess I could throw it at its behind, then it’s not useless (laughs) Okay, here we go, here we go I don’t think he’s here, I don’t think he’s here Okay, we gotta get down to that basement, I’m so excited, I wanna see what’s down there Okay, he’s not there, yes, unlock, here we go No, no, ah, you got me, creepy, peeping, butt-touching weirdo grabbed me at the last second Okay, let’s try this again, see if I can in there with the key I don’t think he’s there Ooh, it’s already unlocked Oh, I’m going down Yes, I did it, I beat the game, I got in the basement What is it, what’s in the basement? Is it gonna scream at me? Is it gonna rip my face off? If it is, I don’t wanna see it, ooh Okay, this is creepy What’s going on, whoa? What is this? What am I supposed to do here? Weird, oh is that a basketball? We’re having a ball, apparently not Whoa, what’s this? Whoa, oh, holy trap doors Batpan What was that? Okay, I think I better grab something This would make a good weapon (laughs), bounce it off your face Okay, ooh, looks, what, what, what, what is this, what is this, what is this? I see, there’s nails here Uh, oh boy Are you in there, creepy, peeping, butt-touching weirdo, what the? Okay, there’s a, it’s a nice room, with a bed, and all kinds of sodas You drinking some Zoom, is it Zoom? What the? Hey, I can see behind, that, wait, these aren’t, these are just pictures in front of the windows What is even happening here? I can see, there’s something, what is that, what is that? Ooh, that’s creepy Oh, I’m so confused Okay, this one over here had a little bit more area where you could see behind it, whoa I didn’t even mean to do that, that was crazy, I just took that right off the wall Put that, owie Ow I didn’t break that it was broken when I found it Whoa, oh, oh, it’s like a tripod thingy with a light on it Oh, I see, make it look nice That means they’re, oh, this is creepy It was a room, he was keeping somebody in here Was the person that was staying in here, was that what was screaming, is that who it was? Weird, this just keeps getting creepier and creepier, and weirder and weirder Now what am I supposed to do, where do I go? Do I do it? Okay, I did it Ooh, the gate is up Now what? Okay, nothing’s gonna rip my peel off, is it? Please don’t rip my peel off, I like my peel Okay, we’re good, we’re good, nothing’s getting me Everything’s locked, this is crazy Oh boy, I’m gonna have to go exploring, aren’t I? Oh man, whoo hoo hoo, creepy That’s a terrible TV show, stop watching that,

it’ll melt your brain Okay, I’m stuck down in the basement still, I’m trying to find out where I’m supposed to go, what I’m supposed to do And now the doors are locked Ooh, is there anything good in the fridge? Argh, it’s empty I really wanted snacks, you guys Can I reach my hand in (laughs)? Hopefully it’s not a deadly fridge, bite my hand off Ooh, what’s that? Oh, oh, okay, it’s like a mannequin dummy thing Definitely don’t, ooh, ooh, ooh, it’s alive, it’s alive, it’s a-, okay, oh, it’s not alive Ooh, it’s glitchy, that’s what happened Don’t do that It looked like he was dancing, dancing a jig, the deadly jig Okay, that door opens What’s in here? Um, okay, just a bathtub on a dirt floor, kinda defeats the purpose of a tub, doesn’t it, if it’s- okay, it’s just a shoe If you have a dirt floor and you’re going to go to the bathroom, to go to the bathtub, and then you’re just gonna get yourself dirty again Okay, I didn’t know what I picked up (laughs) Who put this chair in here? Oh, is that why all the doors are locked? I betcha that’s it Yep, that’s it, there’s chairs in front of all the doors, weird Looks like you were chairly there (laughs) Ooh, I haven’t seen creepy, peeping, butt-touching butt butt butt, you know who I’m talking about Get these chairs outta here I see a light coming from over here, oh, it’s another one of these rooms, and a flashlight, ha ha ha It’s an enlightening experience Get it, light? Uh oh, it’s another door Ooh creepy Guess I’m gonna go over here, nope, that one’s locked, too Why are all the doors locked? Creepy, peeping, butt-touching weirdo, not in here, good Oh, what’s this room, the cage room We’re gonna have to have a cage match I’m gonna go mango to mango (laughs) Ooh, okay, that’s that room Where am I supposed to be going, what am I doing? Ooh, that one opens, what’s in here? Is it a farting hippopotamus? Nope, definitely not a farting hippopotamus That would’ve been awesome if it actually was Ooh, I don’t think I’ve been this way Woo, creepy Oh, long hallway Cracko Mnnkey McGee, ee, okay, nothing in here either More creepy TV Why do you guys always watch the snow channel? What’s that? What’s that? Ooh, it really sparks my interest There’s something going on over there, it’s sparky, quite electrifying if you ask me I’m assuming I gotta do something with that Hmm, okay What you sparking for, should I touch it? I should touch it, shouldn’t I? (buzzes) Ha, ha, ha, just kidding, I didn’t touch it Oh wait, okay, oh, oh, oh, okay, there’s a cord going over here, ah, it goes in that, wait, what’s this? Ooh, can I do something with this? Whoa, I can take the bricks right out? It’s a brick, wall, and I’m taking it apart Brickity brack, bric a brac bricking Yeah, bricking it, yo, brick it I wonder how many I’m gonna have to take out of here before I can, wow, oh, so I could just, ah, I could’ve just Kool-Aid Manned it Oh yeah, break through the walls (laughs) Uh oh, where’d I put my flashlight Oh no, I lost my, oh there it is (laughs) That was close, okay Ah, it’s locked, are you kidding me? Now what, what, chicken butt? What’s the point of all this? I’m not sure where to go, what to do, how to get there Where we going? Have I been in this room? Oh, oh, oh, oh, creepy, peeping butt toucher, I wonder where he came from I’m behind here, you can’t get me when I’m behind here It got me Oh, you surprised me, I didn’t think you were there anymore Seriously, I was walking around that room for, like, 15 minutes and nothing Uh oh, now it’s dark B-b-boy, b-b-b-boy, boy, boy Alright, through the window again I can do it, I can’t, there we go Okay, I think this, yeah, okay, that’s how you get through there Oh, there’s the snippity, snappity, the crispity, crunchity, the electrifying Uh oh, oh, that’s why the door is locked See, I don’t know why you got chairs in front of everything Here we go, now we’re back to where we, okay, now what do I do? Okay, we gotta get through this door apparently, can I just flick that switch, flick that switch, switch that witch, oh Yeah, that’s why, it’s connected to the thingy, the thingy that’s doing the switchity swatchity, the crunchity munchities What happened to it? Uh oh, oh, I thought was somebody I thought that was creepy, peeping butt toucher I thought he was creeping up on me Okay, I don’t know what to do Excuse me, get out of the way, I’m trying to get through here I don’t want you, that’s what you get (gasps) Go the other way, go the other way No, no, go through the Kool-Aid Man wall Ah, how’d you get me so fast? Creepy peeper, stop, don’t rub your mustaches on me Oranges are not for rubbing mustaches on, you should know that by now Oh wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait Okay so if that, hold on, hold on Let’s see, can I can get up there Uh oh, there you go, that’s how you do it You gotta get up and over that fence Okay, I need some boxes, and some chairs, and some other stuff, stat Uh oh, I think I heard him Oh no, oh no, I think he’s coming through the door, quick, quick, quick, put it back (laughs) He was, he was on the other side of the door, I did it just in time

How you like dem old chairs? You don’t, do ya? (giggles) Now I wonder if I could just rotate this over here, lean it up against the wall, and then maybe what, what, no, no, no, wait, ah, no fair, you snuck up on me I was doing stuff, very important things I was working on, and then you just come in here and interrupt me, how dare you? You’re a meanie Okay, now just let me go over there and do my thing Uh oh, whoa, whoa, he’s so fast, where’d he go? You’re so fast, did you get faster? What’s going on here? I think I’m gonna need a bunch of chairs, so I’ll just put that one out What, no, no, no, no I’m not having a ball Are you having a ball, I’m not having a ball Uh oh, what’s this? Boy, b-boy, b-boy, boy, boy Ooh, okay, he’s so fast I swear he’s faster than he used to be I don’t know where I’m going (laughs) You can’t grab me Don’t grab, no, don’t rub your mustache, ah, he grabbed me by the nipples, ah, he did it again You’re making me so angry Let me do the things I wanna do, quit stopping me to stop, stop, don’t go through the window, go through, I can’t go through the window, I’m so angry (laughs) Apparently, I need more chairs, which is funny ’cause I don’t even have a butt to use ’em Are you seriously behind every door Come on, (laughs) No, you’re making me angry Wait a second, oh, boxes, even better Oh, I didn’t have boxes, okay, there hasn’t been any boxes in the level, so this is the best thing to use Okay, just need to build my box fort Yeah, how do you like that neighborino? Making a box fort, making a box fort What the, Paul Bunyan farts, no Hey, I put that chair there for a reason No, you can’t do that, that’s cheating, (laughs) He kicked the door, how, how? I put the chair there for a reason, to stop you from opening the door I spy with my little eye, one broken camera (giggles) That’s how he keeps seeing me, okay, there we go, now we’re good Building my box tower of power (laughs) We just gotta jump, and them time it real quick Yeah, did it, is that enough? Oh, I think that might be enough, come on, let me over, yes Ha, ha, ha, I did it Yeah, hit that button Uh oh, now what, uh oh Am I stuck in here? Was I supposed to throw boxes over here so I could get out, oh, wait, wait, wait, I think I can get out right here Oh, whew, I can, that was close Oh man, I thought I was gonna have to start all over again Here we go, just time it just right, yes We did it, now we can get through that door Yay, oh, what the, what? Double mustaches across the sky, so intense, and butt chunky Yeah, don’t be a butt chunky Now I gotta go all the way back Okay, okay, okay, I think I can make it, I think I can make it Is he anywhere? I don’t see him Make a slow, mad dash Here we go, uh oh, what? Where was that? Oh, not again, let me go, let me go Oh no fair, you killed me right away, I didn’t get a chance to run Oh, we’re gonna keep doing this until I run Okay, now time to run (laughs) I’m running, and gunning, I’m having some fun and see you later, hot pota-ter Please don’t touch my bum (laughs) No, no, that’s a lot of locks That’s Lego locks Oh no Was he supposed to catch me? Was that part of the game? Am I dead? Did I rip his mustache off? That’d be pretty cool What happened, oh b-b-boy Ooh, I made it to act two Woo, ah, that was good I got skills, yo Uh oh, am I stuck? Oh, those are my feet Whoa, holy moly, look at those socks, and I do mean holey I need new socks Oh wait, oh, is that a cracker? Oh no, it’s just a button on the mattress I thought it was a cracker (giggles) What’s happening? I hear crashing This door isn’t gonna just be open, oh, it is Please don’t grab me Please don’t grab me What is that, weird Ooh, is that a voodoo doll of the neighbor? Aw, I was hoping it was gonna be a voodoo doll and I could stick him with a pin, and maybe fart on his face a little bit, and then he’d be like it, ah-hoo, I smell farts for some reason It’ll be like, yeah, ’cause I farted on your voodoo doll (laughs) Ew, this is creepy Little red, little red, it’s okay What’s this? Is that a ladder? I think there’s a ladder over here Okay, I guess we’re going up, up, up, and away, I hear birdies Woo, hey, we’re out, yes! Well that wasn’t too hard Uh oh, why is there a fence everywhere? Oh no, I’m trapped, aren’t I? I can’t go back down Yes, I’m trapped Ah, what do I do? I guess we’re just gonna see if we can get out of here Nope, nope, there’s fences around the whole thing, there is Boy, boy, boy, boy, boy, no, no, you creepy, butt-touching weirdo, don’t touch, no, stop throwing glue at me Who throws glue at me? You throw glue at me, I throw poo at you How you like dem apples? No, no, oh, he’s so much faster than me (laughs)

I’ve worked all that time to get down to the basement, now I’ve broke out, speaking of break things, break a window (laughs) Ooh, he didn’t like that, he was standing right there You watched me do it What’s that, what’s that, there’s something in the corner Is that a pillow? Don’t come near me, I’m gonna hit you with a pillow, pillow fight I’ve always had a soft spot for pillow fights (laughs) Ooh, bouncing pillows, yeah Alright, the house looks pretty similar But there are some changes, ti’s weird, I don’t know what’s going on We spent all that time getting in the basement, now I broke out, and now I’m trying to get out of this place and back to my home Ooh, go to the ladder, they can’t catch me, I’m all the way up the ladder I’m up the ladder, can’t get me Okay, I guess I’m gonna have to go in that room, wow, there’s less windows there How did you change your house so much? I don’t understand what’s going on Oh no, I can’t get in there I need a hammer, a crowbar, or something, or maybe an air horn, an air horn would be great It probably wouldn’t take the nails out of the board, but it would definitely be awesome to blow it in the guy’s face You’re like, hey, what’s going on Mr. Neighbor (honks) I’d do that all day I guess I’m just gonna go through the front door Ooh boy, boy Nothing there, okay, oh, you got a couch in front of the basement door now I didn’t want to go to the basement anyways Locked, argh Okay, how do I get in the bathroom? And why is the bathroom locked, are you using it? No, you can’t come in here, you can’t come in here I’m pooping in here Since the bathroom’s locked, I gotta poop in the closet Ooh, give me that, no, pick it up, there we go An enlightening situation This is pretty cool, I’m taking this, it’s mine Just kidding, I’m gonna leave it here Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey Ooh no, you came out of nowhere I didn’t even know you were there Not fair, well at least it’s light out now, I can see a little better Is that a ketchup packet? I think I got a ketchup packet (laughs) Something like that Oh, I see, there’s pipes everywhere Whoa, what’s this? Oh, can I, can I flip that Wait, wait, wait, okay, I flipped that switch Ooh, there’s water flowing Oh, I see you, I see you I’m gonna hit you with this ketchup packet, you just try it, just try it Yeah, yeah, what the, you juked and jived Grabbing nipples Stop rubbing your mustache on me Why do you always gotta be doing that every single time, I can’t make it out (laughs) Okay, let’s try this again No, you can’t do this, I’m just Oh, you hit me with tomatoes Tomatoes are my friends, and you’re throwing at me You’re throwing too many things, stop it I’m going inside, please, no, come on (laughs) He got me again Ah, it’s dark again So creepy He’s climbing in your window, ripping your mustache off, rippin’, rippin’ What the, see, this whole room changed too, whoops Oh, I didn’t mean to throw that Oh, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap muffins Oh, he knows I’m in here How’d you throw a tomato through the window and the window wasn’t even broken yet? Oh yeah, you like apples, you’re the apple of my eye Come on, come on, you want some, you want some Yeah, that’s what I thought Yeah, I’ll hit you right in the face with an apple, you like that? Gonna have to go check all of the drawers in here, and then I’m gonna have to go check, whoa Hey, a wrench Who puts a wrench in a freezer? Ah, excuse me (laughs), but I got your wrench, hey, hey, hey What a gut-wrenching experience for you (laughs) Hey, hey, hey Now what, what do I do with the wrench? Ooh, can I unlock this over here? Let’s try, just gotta aim it right Yeah, look at the Orangey Orangey making moves, knows what he’s doing Climbing the ladder Now I’m into new heights What the, I heard somebody scream Screaming jeans, are you wearing your screaming jeans? Whoa, what’s in here? Whoa, I heard Growly, why are you all-y growly, don’t came cally, don’t do it Lights off, lights on (giggles) Going up the, okay, no, I gotta go to the other side I knew that I’ll be climbing up the ladder when I come, I’ll be pooping on the floor when I come, because, the bathroom’s locked again What the, what’s that sound? Oh, okay, oh, uh oh, wait, wait, wait, what, oh no Oh, I remember this from the demo game It’s the room with the water And the shark, that’s not very finny (laughs) Oh, okay, wait, wait, that bites, ha, ha, ha, ha Okay, where do I go, what do I do, how do I get there? Okay, no, that one’s locked It’s locked, argh Okay, so I can’t get through there, and I can’t go through the water, oh I know what I, I betcha I know what I have to do I have to drain all of the pipes, I have to turn all the pipe thingies, and then I gotta drain it You know, the water room Wat-er they thinking by making a water room? That’s crazy, who did that? Creepy, peeping butt toucher, that’s who’d do it Who wants an apple? Eat it, it’s delicious (laughs) Wow, I think he did (laughs) It’s for the fruits of your labor Oh, I don’t know where he is Argh, there he is, flash the lights, you can’t grab me, aw, the light was on you, the spotlight was on you Uh oh, what’s this? Dlub Yaitsy? Those aren’t words Dlub Yaits, um? It kinda looks like a funhouse or something, only without the fun,

and more creepy eyeballs everywhere Where are the creepy eyeballs? Ah, I see what you’re doing there with the creepy eyeballs, trying to creep me out Uh oh, um, this ride looks like zero fun Yep, definitely 100% creepy Okay, do I get in the car? I guess, that’s what I’m doing Here we go Oh, I was already in the car, why do I have to get in the car again? Oh boy, boy, b-boy, boy, boy Uh oh, oh no Oh no, this game really went off the rails, guys Get it, train jokes Okay, I’m in the neighbor’s house, and it’s not creepy at all (laughs) It’s fun Who can they, giggly, no, no, excuse me with this table here It’s a bipolar coaster, it goes from happy to creepy in no time flat Don’t open the door You don’t need to open the door, creepy eyes Uh oh, he’s on the ceiling See, went from laughing to crying, who crying? Ooh, I don’t like this, no Okay, is that the roof of the house It kinda looks like the roof of the house Um, and there’s like UFOs painted on the walls and stuff Okay, yeah, look at that body You’re looking good Orange is good, he’s got a body Somebody once told me that Orange has got a body, and it’s the coolest body in the shed Hair was looking kinda dumb because he didn’t have a body, if Orangey had a body, it was cool Hoo, hoo, hoo, where we going? Ooh, ooh Argh, excuse me, coming through, look out What, uh oh, uh oh No, no, no! This is creepy Am I de-, what the? What the heck is with those cut scenes, they’re so weird They make me lose my train of thought (laughs) It was ’cause of the roller coaster, train, but that doesn’t really work, ’cause it’s not a train, it’s a roller coaster, so it’s whatever I’m just a little freaked out right now Okay, so do we have to futz with those things? Oh, we do, there’s more Oh, okay, so I have to go, blah That didn’t work, uh oh No, no fair I’m gonna go up here, I gotta go up here You can’t touch me, can’t touch me, I’m gonna go up here Sweet baby monkey nipples Great, now I gotta do everything in the dark, thanks a lot, neighbor Hello, neighbor, nice mustache, I’ll rip it right off your face Okay, here’s the pipey thingy-mcjiggy I just gotta go and jump, and, stay, stay, stay, don’t fall, yes! Flip that switch Yeah, water you thinkin’? Yeah, I can hear the water flowing, okay, okay Need to find some more Uh oh, I see him, I see the butt toucher He’s climbing up, oh, he’s climbing up here I’m going down here if you’re going up there, later Whoa, I broke it Oh, it’s broken, what’s that? Whoa, wheel of something, that I don’t know what it’s for, it’s for that thing, but can I use this? I must be able to use this, I’m taking a bath Uh oh, uh oh, I see the neighbor Don’t follow me, oh, oh, oh, he sees me No, go up the ladder, go up the ladder Ah, ha, ha, I’m stuck, I am stuck, I can’t move What, no, no! Not fair, I was stuck, I couldn’t move, you’re such a cheater cheater pumpkin eater Man, you and these cameras everywhere, there you go, how do you like dem apples? Nah, you don’t like ’em, ’cause they’re oranges, ha, ha, ha Uh oh, uh oh, I see you, oh you goin’ get hit in the face with a cup You wanna get me, have a nice frosty glass of regret Ah, yeah, ah come on Oh wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, I saw something, I saw something Oh, I bet I can use the wheel there Yeah, you can’t get me, I’m on the roof, ha, ha Uh oh, no! (laughs) His mustache was waiting for me Come on, his mustache is not a trampoline, don’t jump on top of it Okay, this thing has nozzles all over the place Oh boy, boy, okay, stop making noise If I could just get to that water, I can hear you slamming over there, slimmy slammy Just do some tightrope walking, here we go, okay now we need the wheel of something Here we go, hey, look at that, ha, ha Then take up our turn, no don’t take it up, put it back on there What are you doing? (laughs) There we go, oh yeah, waterfalls Now we’re getting wet and wild I’m gonna take the wheel with me, because I think there’s other ones that I need to do, too ‘Cause there’s one over there, definitely gotta do that one Yeah, that one, that one, right there I just need to jump on top of it, but creepy peeper’s down there I don’t wanna drop on top of his mustache C’mon, no, come on, just, no, just fall down there Onto the pipe, onto the pipe, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run! Okay, we’ll go again, it’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine, go, go, go, (laughs) We’re all good, we’re all good in the neighborhood Wanna sweep the leg Ooh, that was close, he’s trying to get me No, no, no, no, put it back, put it back Okay, put that there, yes, wheel of draining your pipes Okay, there we go Okay, I’m gonna take this back now, gimme that, no, gi-, no, stop, stop Gimme that, it’s mine And I’ve got the wheel of something,

still haven’t figured out those stairs Hey, why are you putting all those, you don’t need those cameras Why do you need 15 cameras, creepy peeping up on me Oh boy, okay, if you saw last episode, we’re trying to use the wheel of something to drain all the pipes so we can get rid of the water up here, water you thinking I’m just coming up here to check and see, whoa, it worked, yeah! Now we’re talkin’ (laughs) Woohoo, what is this? Whoa, that’s the shark, okay, I’m not gonna touch that, ’cause I don’t want it to bite me in the behind Open, open sesame seed Oh, what is this room? Woo, I’ll take that The key to my heart, or this lock (laughs) That works, too Alright, now I feel like we’re getting somewhere, get out of here, lock What’s down there? I can hear him, he’s angry Yep, I’m pooping on the floor up here (laughs) I wonder what that room is down there, okay Okay, nothing over there, nothing over there, okay, I guess we’re going in this room Oh wait, no, that’s the same room Argh, what the? What did I do all that for? I drained the water out of the pool so I could get to the same place I went (laughs) It doesn’t make any sense Maybe I could grab the shark, should I grab the, I’m gonna try and grab it Okay, no, okay, I gotta put something down What do you mean I can’t hold infinite things? Wow, cool Oh yeah, gonna bite some booties with this shark now Ooh, what’s that, oh, okay, that’s where the water comes in Whoa, hey, wait, wait Oh, I see, I dig this, it’s a shovel I got ya, I got ya, now I can go dig in the backyard Hey neighbor, I’m gonna make so many holes in your backyard, it’s gonna be awesome (laughs) I feel like I’m figuring this out Oh my god, I was gonna drop down and kill myself Don’t wanna do that Okay, I can’t, it looks like I’m going down there Argh, I’m stuck on my underwear Ooh, there we go, hey, what’s going on? Whoa, what is that? Uh oh, there’s creepy peeper No, you didn’t see me, you didn’t see me, creepy peeper Argh, I hit him, I threw it Aw, it didn’t do anything, he fell down, but he grabbed me, whoa, whoa, whoa, what is this? Where am I? Wait a second, what is happening? Uh oh What is even happening? Uh Oh, hey, sir, you okay? Do you need CPR? Okay, well you didn’t want CPR anyway, ’cause that’s candy poop receptacle (laughs) I think I hear something, help Medic, medic! I don’t even know what’s happening I guess I’m going in here Oh, hello, uh oh, that’s the neighbor Oh, he’s angry I think his mustache is dying (laughs) Can I throw, no, I can’t pick any of this stuff up, aw I was gonna toss something at him I guess I’m gonna leave, I don’t know what’s going on Ooh, glowy door, my favorite What the, oh okay, we’re starting over again, ’cause I got caught, and then I had to learn about his, I don’t know what’s going on What is even happening, why were we at the hospital? What happened to him? Okay, I got my shovel, and I’m ready to do some digging Who’s a dirty birdie, you’re a dirty birdie Hey, oh, I see something Ooh, I feel sick, I can’t stop, coffin (laughs) Whoa, a key, what’s that doing in here? And it’s got a bow tie on it Weird, who puts bow ties on keys? Ooh, it’s sparkly Huh, well what is this key for now? It’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma, weird No more creepy peeping on me, broken (laughs) Fixed it, it’s better, it’s better broken Broken is fixed here Okay, I tried all the car doors, I tried all in my house and his house, and I can’t find, boy, oh boy, boy Uh oh, uh oh, no, no, no, you can’t tickle my toes, no tickling my toes Oh wait, oh there is Oh, that’s what it’s for Oh, whoa, it’s like a mock-up of your house or something Ah cool Wow, well what was weird He made a sound, oh, oh! I wonder if these doors open the door in the house because they were locked before Oh, I’m gonna go try it It’s really nice that you made a toilet for your dolls, ’cause dolls have to poop, too, you know Ooh, I heard him rumbling and grumbling What does this thing do? Oh, it’s got another nozzle Do I have, I do have the wheel, I thought I lost the wheel Okay, wheel of something Oh nope, go that way I don’t even know what I’m doing Really, I’m just hoping that this pipe leads to a confetti cannon, or glitter cannon, so that way whenever, uh oh, b-boy Okay, so that way if he’s watching TV or something and the glitter cannon gets turned on by the wheel, then it blows in his face, and that’d be awesome, ’cause then he’d be covered in glitter, he’d be all sparkly, he’d be like a vampire (laughs) Who put this here? Get this out of the way, I gotta open the door What’s up with the loudness? Oh, hey, I’m gonna grab the, hey, no, no, ah (laughs) At least I grabbed the flashlight before he got me, you creepy, peeping butt toucher

You’re weird, your mustache compels you to do strange things, Mr. Man Okay, let’s go back in and go back up here, and let’s see if the doors that I opened in there correlate to the doors that I opened in the dollhouse, ’cause that seems like a thing, right? Well geez, how many cameras do you need, buddy? Okay, going back down there and (gibbers) (laughs) I don’t even know what happened What is this, did I find something secret? No, not unless dust bunnies and fart burgers are a secret This is where you store your fart burgers, isn’t it, neighbor? Okay, let’s keep going, let’s try this What’s this do? Can I flip this? Flip that switch, flip that switch, switch that witch What, I don’t even know what I’m doing, I’m just flipping switches and turning wheels Ooh, what’s that? Oh, I already got one of those, I don’t need that Let’s see if we can get down to the bathroom Geez, neighbor, you have so many cameras Everywhere, wow, you have four cameras on one wall? Geez, it’s almost like you’re paranoid or something, that somebody’s gonna break in, wow, there’s even more (laughs) How many cameras does one person need? (laughs) That didn’t work Orangey for the pitch, yeah, (laughs) Should I try it again? I’ve been smashing all your cameras, all the live-long day (laughs) Smashing all your cameras, here we go Oh, this is gonna take me forever Ah, forget it, I’m just going (laughs) I say nuts to your cameras Oh b-boy, anybody there? There must’ve been a flash sale on Amazon for bear traps, ’cause you got lots of bear traps in here, bear traps and cameras No, no, okay, just let me go to the bathroom, I’m just gonna go in the bathroom for a little bit, I just gotta poop, aw (laughs) No touching booties, what’d I tell ya? Don’t do that I’m climbing on your roof, pooping on the ceiling (laughs) Uh oh, I hear him, he’s grunting down there, he’s angry, he’s so angry, all the time Let’s go over here, okay, looking okay You’re doing pretty good, okay, he’s not coming after me Alright, I think we’re okay, just gonna drop down I’m gonna run over there Actually, I wonder if I could run on the roof, do you think I can? The roof, the roof, the roof is so slippery Ah, I can’t do it, I can’t (gibbers) Okay, that doesn’t work I’m moving around, it’s okay, it’s okay, we got this, we got this Alright, I know he’s down there, but I gotta go, I gots to go Hey neighbor, somebody’s pooping on your front doorstep It isn’t me Oh, hey, hey, hey, you throwing stuff at me while I’m sitting on the ceiling, uh oh, uh oh Okay, okay, okay, I guess we’re gonna wait and see Oh there he is, there he is, okay Going over here (laughs) Dropping down, alright, yes Now I’m gonna run, run, running and gunning and having some fun and I’m gonna go in your bathroom, you can’t stop me Here we go, you’re busy back there, you’re farting around Okay, okay, okay, okay, going to the bathroom, whoa, what’s this? Oh, okay, you put, do you always put toys on the toilet? Is that a thing you do? Do you play with dolls, pretend that they’re pooping in the toilet? That’s crappy (laughs) This is a pretty cool action figure, I kinda want it, well I do have it now I wish I had it in real life, it’d be pretty cool Now what do I, should I go back to the, where’s the doll, oh there, here Oh there it is, yeah See it was on the, whoa I can do that, that was awesome But what does that do? Is that supposed to go in there? Uh oh, you put another bear trap up here Yo, how many bear traps you need? 10 ga-billion Okay, so maybe there’s just more stuff in the bathroom that I have to put in the dollhouse, whoa Hey, wait, wait, can I grab that? Whoa, oh that’s cool I wonder if I can get out of here now Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me I need out of here, stat No, can’t go right there Oh, where’s the exit in this place? No, can’t do that one Oh b-boy, b-boy, hey wait, can I do this? Yes, I can, let me outta here, argh I nailed it (laughs) Okay, come on, quick before the neighbor comes and touches me in the booty I need it, I want it, can’t have it Come on, come on, come on, come on Is that it, can I leave? Is that it? Oh, yeah! Run, buddy, run Creepy, peeping, butt-touching weirdo’s gonna be coming right, there he is, run away Ha, ha, ha, ha, I escaped your mustache He’s not happy with me Woo, ho, ho, we are on act three, alright Now we’re kicking some booties Hey, what do you got on TV there? You guys got any Fartin’ to the Oldies, what is this? Can I put this in the VCR? I want Fartin’ with the Oldies, Fartin’ with the Oldies (laughs) Ah, it’s broken Is there any fruits in here? Oh there are, whoa, what’s this Oh, that doesn’t go in the sink Toaster does not go in the sink It goes in the trash compactor, duh (laughs) Ooh, pear, I’ll save you Oh that’s not a pear, that’s an apple, ew (laughs) Wait, I think I hear knocking, and that’s no yolk (laughs)

Alright, I’m coming, I’m coming Okay, hold your horseradishes Oh, whoa, whoa, hey, you throwing things at me? Ooh, a letter, what is it? Uh oh, cut scene It’s a cut scene with jellybeans Ooh, it’s a letter, what does the letter say, you gonna read it? Read it to me! I’m pretty sure it says more than hmm (laughs) Okay, just sitting with your apple friends, huh You trying to be an apple, be one with the apples? That means you’re an apple Oh, taking some books, blech (laughs) Are we moving? Are we moving and grooving, what are we doing? Hiding some skeletons in your closet? Okay, there’s another apple, what is it with you and apples? Yeah, you always keep apples in the freezer, that’s cold (laughs) What is it with him and apples? What are you doing? You’re just gonna leave that projector running, huh? Okay, that’s cool (laughs) Uh oh, well now what? So it looks like I’m older now All that stuff must’ve happened when I was a little kid What did that say, calwon? Excuse me, calwom cot wayron croobs Huh, well Fartburger McGillicuddy to you, too, buddy (laughs) I love gibberish signs, they’re for the birds (giggles) Where are we going, what are we doing, how are we getting there? Okay, can I drive? I got my license I stole it from a mime Okay, that house is pretty dilapidated, there’s nothing much left Whoa, okay, is this my new house? But it’s the same house, wait a second Okay, so now that we’re older, we’re moving back home Now the neighbor’s house is gone We must go deeper, woo, what’s this? The key to my heart, that’s it, uh oh Telephone’s ringing Answer your telephone Okay, no, no, no, no, open the door, don’t look through the keyhole, that’s weird Okay, I’m gonna, go, hold on Yeah, the place needs a little bit of work Yeah, I think you need four billion Annoying Orange posters for the walls, that’ll definitely help Whatcha lookin’ at? Is that, what was that? What the, what was that noise? Oh b-boy, b-boy, boy, boy, boy, okay, the telephone’s ringing again? What do you want? Pick it up It’s ringing, you should take your phone to the pool, ’cause then you’d have phone wading, ha, ha What’s happening? Is he having flashbacks? Yeah, I’d probably have flashbacks, too, if I had to deal with a butt toucher Oh, that guy just disappeared, he was in the window, did you see him? There was somebody in the window, and he just disappeared Creepy, peeping, butt-touching, disappearing weirdo in the window (laughs) What, uh oh Uh oh, things are getting real What the, wait, what’s happening? Uh oh, oh! Whoa, it’s a flying chair He has a deep-seated fear of those What’s happening? Oh, it’s the basement all over again Uh oh, oh no What the? What is even happening? Whoa, okay, what the? But I just moved here, and now my, and, but? I am so confused Well at least my house has lots of stuff now, that’s pretty cool Oh yeah, that’s definitely the neighbor’s house, this is from the beta build, I remember this Okay, okay, I get it, I get what we’re doing, where we’re going, what we’re doing Yeah, this is totally the same house, okay Oh yep, that’s locked, okay, okay, this is good, this is good, I remember ‘Cause I played the beta and the alpha version, so this is really similar Okay, so I should know what to do at least a little bit Wait, what’s that, what is that, is that a lever? What does that say? Can I flip that lever? I wonder if I can throw something in there Let’s see if I can find something, wait, wait a second, is that the neighbor? He’s just chilling out on the stairs Hey, what’s going on, buddy? You maybe wanna be friends or something? Maybe you stop being a creepy, peeping, butt-touching weirdo, just a, ah! Oh b-boy, okay, he doesn’t wanna be friends, doesn’t wanna be friends, doesn’t wanna be friends Hey, guess what? You’re the chairman of the board (laughs) He didn’t like that Oh yeah, oh yeah, you’re gonna love this Lines it up, winds up, oh, you got apple booty I bet that hurts down to the core (laughs) Oh yeah, oh yeah, you’re chairly there What the, it just bounced off your face Well that was weird An apple hitting you in the butt knocks you over, but a chair thrown as hard as I can to the face, just bounces right off, good to know, thanks for telling me Okay, oh yeah, we gotta get down in that basement Oh, where, where, where, where? I don’t see anybody, argh (laughs) He grabbed my nipples Why, why does he always do that? Weirdo You know what’s great, grabbing a plate Would you leave me alone? Taking out the trash

Oh, he didn’t like that Oh yeah, I forgot to give you the lid for the garbage can Do you want me to just hand it to you? (laughs) Bang it off your forehead Okay, he’s not happy, he’s not happy, he doesn’t like me throwing me things at his forehead He’s really un-, ugh Why are you always throwing my friends at me? That’s not nice What’d I tell you about taking out the trash? Whoops, broken windows (laughs) I didn’t do it, the trash bag did it You broke it, you brought it You broke it, you gotta buy it It touched you last Oh, a lawnmower, I know what those are great for You know, mowing the windows (laughs) Later Yo, put a lid on it (laughs) It never gets old Okay, if I could just throw it in the hole, ah, almost We can do it, Orangey Come on (gibbers) Binocular butts Oh yeah, I almost forgot to turn on all the water It’s good, it helps the water air out, you know? You gotta do that in your house, just go through, turn all the faucets on, it helps the water Okay, here we go, here we go, here we go We got some smaller things to throw through the window, it’s gonna be good So delicious, argh So depressing, argh, googly Soda butt, butt farts, so dastardly, soda nuggets, binocular butts No, it’s cool, I’ve just been throwing things through the, no, oh, did I get it? I think I might’ve got it I couldn’t tell, though, ’cause he squished my nipples Okay, forget about the stupid lever, I can’t go to the lever, ’cause every time I try to go to the lever, he keeps grabbing me Okay, I’m gonna sneak upstairs, hopefully he’s not waiting for me Yep, I remember this So that’s new, is that an elevator? Oh wait, that looks like, oh wait, that’s on the other side Oh, so does that lever control, oh, maybe that opens the door Okay, yeah, I remember this from the beta build and the alpha build Wait, is there a gap? It looks like there’s a gap in the fence, ’cause before I used boxes to climb over the fence, but it looks like there’s a gap I wonder if I could jump over there Let’s see, lemme try The power of motorboat compels you Yeah, nice, here I am Oops, spiking plates on the ground Okay, flip this, uh oh, uh oh, b-boy, boy, boy, boy, boy I heard him, I heard him, I heard him Whoops, oh no, I keep throwing things Apples, I hate apple pictures What the, whoa Oh, that was cool Did that make a pathway? Do these other pictures do anything? I want a burping kazoo Come on picture, give me a burping kazoo, that’s what I want They’re not doing anything Okay, I suppose I better see where this goes, whoa Oh, it’s a whole other area, I’ve never been here before, this is cool This guy loves pictures of his self, like his mustache and his teeth It’s really weird, and apples, blech (laughs) I feel like I’m stuck in a maze right now I wonder how far this goes up Lots of junk in that one Oh, creepy peepers, creepy Justin Biebers I think we’re gonna have to enter this guy on Hoarders Yeah, you definitely have way too much stuff, I can’t even get through there Oh b-boy, okay, I guess we’re gonna go this way No guns, no guns allowed, unless it’s a space ray laser gun that shoots mustaches, that’s what I want (laughs), disintegrates mustaches Okay, what, whoa, what Is this? It looks like a pipe, but it also kinda looks like a tuba, a tuba toothpaste, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha Whoa, what is this? Okay, it’s a key in a cage You gotta lock up your keys, they’ve been bad I punish you, key Okay, I guess the wire goes through here Open up the door, oh b-boy, b-boy, boy Stuff on the, ooh, can I grab that? Oh, no, can’t grab that Hey, if the shoe fits, grab it and take it with ya Get this out of the way, no, I just moved that way out of the way, get out of the way, chair, nobody wants you there Underwear, what is this? Okay, this door just drops down into another room Man, this is crazy If I go down there, am I gonna get stuck? Oh, I’m wa-, wait, what’s that? Sparky, Sparky McSparkles What’s in here? Ooh, crowbar Should I touch it? Yeah, I better touch it (buzzes) Ay! Oh no, I’ve lost a crowbar forever (laughs) Oh boy, okay, I’m just gonna go back around this way Hey, how’s it going? Don’t mind me, I’m just gonna go out here and see if I can hit that stupid switch Oh no, oh, he saw me Okay, he’s going the long way around Come on, come on, come on, here we go, winds up for the pitch You can do this, Orangey Oh, I did it, book ’em, Danno, here we go, yes, I did it I can’t believe I actually did it finally I only had to do 400 things in that little room If you ever, whoa, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey now What are you doing throwing things at me? That’s not what we’re doing here It was a hardcover (laughs) Have another, that one didn’t, (laughs) late reaction Hey neighbor, I got you this book about birds, it really flew off the shelf (laughs) And off your forehead (laughs), yeah

What’s going, oh wait, it’s open Oh, but I’m going up here I gotta see what’s up here first Oh b-boy, boy, boy, boy, boy Please stop following me, please stop following me Okay, yeah, all good in the neighborhood Whoa, what’s this? What does this do, weird Think I can just press these? Oh cool, now which ones do I, do I press ’em all, what do I do? Is it like an elevator, you just press everything? Ah forget it, you know what I’m talking about, you go in an elevator, you Just hit all the buttons, that’s what you’re supposed to do You snuck up on me, I was trying to move the chair and get out of here, creepy, peeping, butt-touching weirdo I don’t know why he doesn’t leave me alone, get out of my business, I’m doing things Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, flying chair alert (laughs) What, I warned you, I told ya, flying chair alert, happens all the time Stephen Curry for three Oh, off the head (laughs), delayed reaction again I love it Here we go, here we go Oh, off the windows, is he gonna go up there? Yes, he’s all angry now Well then I’m gonna go over here Okay, while’s he’s up there, I’m gonna smash the window and go in through here Actually better, yeah, there we go Whoa, uh oh, he didn’t like that, he didn’t like that (laughs) You don’t like anything, buddy Don’t worry, that window was a pane in the glass (laughs) Yeah, two puns for the price of one That’s it, I’m going in, I’m going in You gotta go, I gotta figure out what’s going on in that elevator Oh wait, it’s not an ele-, oh, there he is Going up, wow, whoa Well cool, is he still following me? Yep, he is, he’s climbing the ladder, too Oh, we gotta get outta here, gotta get outta here Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, boy, boy, boy What’s this? Oh, another lever Flip that switch, flip that switch, switch that witch Whoa, oh, the train tracks come right through here, cool I wanted train tracks Uh oh, uh oh, oh, is he still coming? Oh, I guess we’re going down here, looks like the only place to go Oh, what’s this do? What the, whoa This place is crazy How did you ever get a permit from the city to build this place, there’s no way! Nothing in this house is up to code (laughs) Oh, he’s angry, yeah, you’re probably lost in your own house, you weirdo Okay, I think he’s gone, I think he’s gone Oh boy, that was crazy I don’t think there’s anyplace else to go I guess we’re going up, up, up, and away What, whoa Yeah, electrical wires going into the water, probably not a good idea Should I touch it? Should I touch the water? Is it electrified? Am I gonna get electrocuted? Will it spark some good ideas? No, (laughs), okay, I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna do it Okay, nothing, weird (blubbers) Wow, okay, there’s just a bunch of junk in here, wires Oh, they’re all connected to those things I don’t even know what’s going on But I’m thinking I need to get over there, but I can’t get over there, because the water isn’t high enough, ah, weird Water you thinking, a room full of water, that’s definitely not up to code I’m telling you, there’s no way you got permits to build this house (laughs) Is this a button, can I touch it? I love touching buttons underwater with wires going into it, sounds like a great idea Don’t do this at home Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh, he’s angry I’ve peed in your water room Oh, I got him, yeah, see you later, hot pota-ter Uh oh, uh oh, oh, now I’m trapped Okay, no, no, no, ah He’s angry ’cause I peed in the water room (laughs) I don’t even know what I’m supposed to be doing right now Uh oh, hey, wait, there he is, there he is Uh oh, up, gonna hit him in the booty, hit him in the booty (laughs) I hit him in the booty, he didn’t even flinch I’m touching your booty (laughs) Uh oh, uh oh Ha, ha, ha, delayed reaction again That was amazing How do you like de-, blah Hey, you throwing tomatoes at me? Hey, I was gonna use that You goin’ get it, you goin’ get it How do you like these oranges? Oh, that was terrible (laughs) Uh oh, here, oh, it’s kinda, what, why is the? Ow, hey Okay, I guess we’re gonna, where is he, where is he? Gotta get in the window, get in the window Ah, come on, how’d you even get back there? You cheater, you’re a cheater with cheating mustaches Don’t do it, don’t do it Here we go, here we go, hey, oh, for crying out (laughs) Another bear trap What are you, Santa Claws (laughs)? Come on, every time I try and go anywhere, you’re already there (grunts) Let me smash your windows, they deserve to be smashed Uh oh, he’s coming Okay, running away It’s so hard to see in here, it’s so dark I gotta get better at my ladder skills, I gotta step it up (laughs) Where’s it at, okay, there it is It’s kinda hard to see in here Come on, go up it Okay finally, I didn’t think I was ever gonna get there Okay, we’re going over here, and then we’re gonna go down here Uh oh, boy, boy, boy, boy, boy I wonder if I can make that jump Do you think I could do it? Think I could jump on the tracks? Oh, I made it

Whoa, what’s down there? Only one way to find out, here we, whoa! Good landing, oh cool, I don’t know what that’s for, but that’s creepy Whoa, is that a control room? Oh, maybe it controls the infinite donut dispenser, that would be awesome Give me powdered donuts What does this do? Yeah, big red buttons, I’m gonna push ’em and what does it do? Uh oh, did I break it? Where’s my infinite donuts? Whoa, what’s that? Whoa, I think I started the train Why is this locked? Ah, I guess I’m going down the hole, huh Does that do anything, no Does that do anything, no Where’s my infinite donuts? I just wanted a bearclaw (lauhgs) Owie Oh yeah, cool, check it out, there it is Oh yeah, the cart’s a-moving I wanna ride in the cart, that’d be awesome, oh yeah On a roller coaster of love I’m gonna call 911 I’m calling 911 Your refrigerator’s running, you better go get it Uh oh, oh, no, no Yeah, take that, ah (laughs) You’re throwing tomatoes at me and then grabbing nipples, what are you doing? That’s illegal That’s illegal in 52 states And as of this video, I know there’s only 50 states, but that’s how illegal it is, it’s even illegal in the states that don’t exist yet Okay, I wasn’t going in your room, that’s fine, it’s fine, I wasn’t going in there, what are you doing? Hey, wanna see what’s on the boob tube? Extra emphasis on the boob (laughs), that’s you What you angry, what you angry about? I’m just gonna go in here, ah, you put another, uh oh, run this way Yeah, that’s right, you’re tricking me to go, no, (laughs), I was gonna trick you You were supposed to go through the house Be kind, rewind (laughs), exactly What, you angry? You don’t want that VCR, huh? Well, it’s on your property now, it’s yours Ah, you broke the window, you touched it last (laughs) Off your head, through the window (laughs) So technically, you broke the window, buddy I’m sorry, that’s how it works, you touched it last, so you broke it, you broke it, you bought it You gotta pay yourself 50,000 payments of 42.95 Now how am I supposed to even get in there? This is stupid Just gotta throw things at it, huh, is that what we gotta do, we just gotta throw things Whoa, whoa, that actually worked? Whoa, it actually worked, that’s crazy It’s the red key to my heart, that was awesome, I didn’t even know that would work (laughs) Okay, I don’t know what the red key’s for, I’m gonna take this to throw at his face in case, oh hey, whoa, the crowbar The crowbar down there, it’s not on fire anymore Alright, I bet it got caught enough times, and enough time past, it finally cooled down (laughs) Nice, hmm, what’s this lever do? Oh, I see, it controls that platform over there I wonder what’s up there What’s this room? What is this doing? There better not be any creepy, peeping, butt-touching weirdos in here, or any relatives of creepy, peeping, butt-touching weirdos in here Oh weird, four lights, but they’re just constantly going on and off Huh, weird, what am I supposed to do? At least it, whoa, hey, it went down for a second There’s a globe over there, am I supposed to get that? Where in the world is Orangey Orangey Orange Orange (laughs) Something tells me I can’t get over there right now Hmm, another piece of the puzzle, so many questions and no answers But, did I do that? I don’t think I did that I think something else controls it There’s probably another room with a farting hippopotamus or something, you gotta time the farts right or something (laughs) That could be a puzzle, right? I better grab the umbrella, ’cause I remember from the betas and the alphas that the umbrella makes you float, whatever floats your orange It doesn’t rhyme, but it sounds much better, yes Now, we’re floating Hmm, I wanna get up to the door up there Oh, I see the platform, oh, okay Okay, so I wonder if I move the platform to the ground, and then throw something and hit the switch Okay, floating boxes up there, that’s crazy Don’t box me in, bro (laughs) Okay, just put this right here, and then I’m gonna throw it at the switch, argh, okay, get out of the way, lamp, I’m trying to throw stuff over here Just go over there, you’re not very enlightening No, not in the hole, what are you doing? I can’t see anything if you don’t, just stay right there There, good, great Ooh boy, b-b-b-b-boy Oh I heard him, oh, it’s the neighbor Okay, quickly, okay, aim, and fire away Yes, ti worked, oh my goodness, I got up here Whoa, what is, get out of the way, box Box, you’re a real square, Whoa, whoa, what’s going on? Did I beat it, did I beat the game, forever and ever? Probably not Uh oh, what’s this? Whoa, shopping cart, cool Okay, I guess I gotta go forward then, whoa The sign says, if you stand, you see, if you duck, you don’t see What does that mean? This game just gets weirder and weirder Did I hear somebody sneeze? Is there somebody sneezing around here? Gesundheit Okay, I thought I heard somebody, okay, I guess we’re just going What the heck is going on here? I don’t even understand anything Okay, I guess I’ll grab the cart No, cart, come back Oh, my shins I can’t get it to work Broke it I really don’t understand what I’m supposed

to be doing here Oh, hey, a flashlight Cool, what’s that noise? Oh, whoa, whoa, oh What the, what’s going on here? Hey, what are you shopping for? Can I help you? There’s a blue light special on burping kazoos, you want some? (laughs) You’re doing it wrong Come back, don’t run away from your feelings Ah, fine Oh, wait, when I duck Oh, does that mean if I duck then I’m invincible? Oh, that’s cool Whoa, I think they’re gonna need the Jolly Green Giant or something to stock those shelves, those are some really high shelves Okay, let’s see with the track coming, what the, what’s with the creepy sounds? What does this have to do with the game anyway? I don’t even understand Okay, I’m at the checkout What’s up buddy, how’s it going? Can you let me outta-, whoa, no, you killed me! What the, what the secret panel in the floor’s going on here? Okay, maybe he’s angry I didn’t go shopping Maybe I have to go shopping for stuff Okay, let’s see Ooh, pulpy goodness, it’s orange juice I’m juicy and I know it (laughs) Alright, if I put this in the cart and he doesn’t let me through, I’m gonna give him a piece of my rind (laughs) Actually, I won’t, because then that’ll be gross to give him a piece of me-, what the, what, what, what? I died, what even happened? Oh, these guys are attacking me Oh, I didn’t know that Okay, get away from me, you creepy, butt-touching robot weirdos You guys must be relatives of the mustache man, creepy, butt-touching weirdo mustache man I don’t get it No, leave me alone, stop Okay, gonna put a jar of Godzilla barF in there, and then a hat Ooh, that’s good, I like that Maybe one more Orangey juice, yay! Cart, what are you doing, you just leave without me? Alright, I’m gonna check out now I’m gonna take my Godzilla barf, and my hat, and my Orangey juice, and I’m gonna get outta here, okay Alright, okay, do I, did I do it right? Ah, oh, no, no What, what? Are those robot farts, what’s going on? Oh wait, what’s that? Oh, okay, so five things, I got-, oh no! Okay, so I had a couple of things right, I think I betcha that’s what it is Okay, but how do I know? How do I know which ones are the right ones? Oh no Do I have to just put random combinations of stuff in my cart, and just hope that I win That doesn’t make any sense Hopefully, when I put this hat in there, it doesn’t capsize (laughs), get it, cap, hat Alright, I got a lot of good stuff in here I don’t know if I’m picking the right things or not Okay, let’s get some milk, that’d be good, maybe a couple Milk it does a body-, but no, no, no, no We’re not shopping for oranges here Orange is not an item you put in your cart Whoa, traffic jam Hey, that was my cart, what are you doing? Creepy, butt-touching robot weirdo, I’m outta here I’m going, I’m outta here At least my cart isn’t a golf cart, ’cause if it was, then it would sound like this, putt, putt, putt, putt, putt (laughs) Get it, putt? Oh no, oh no, I got some wrong Hey, I got one right Oh no, now I got one wrong No! I only got one right, I don’t even know which one it is How am I supposed to figure out which ones I, oh This is the worst shopping experience I’ve ever had in my life Gonna dropkick your robot face Oh, wait, wait, I can duck, I can duck Oh, I totally forgot, I got so mad I forgot that I could duck, because you know, in real life, I don’t actually have legs, so I can’t duck, that’s not a thing I can do That’s just a little confusing to me Okay, I’m just gonna try a couple items at a time Okay, one was right, one was wrong, oh no, not the robot farts That’s never a good sign Ah, robot farts killed me I’m gonna be stuck in, wait, wait a second He had stuff in his cart Oh, wait a second I wonder if you can only put the stuff in your cart that the other robot thingies, whatever they are, that they have in their carts So you have to shop for the same thing that they’re shopping for Okay, so I got that one No, you get away from me, no touching me, no touching me I’m a very thrifty shopper It’s the cart that makes the farts (farts) I’m going crazy Okay, I think I have all of the same items that all the robots have in their carts Uh, that took forever I’ve been playing for like 15 hours I really am gonna shop ’til I drop If this doesn’t work, I’m gonna scream I’m gonna pull the game out, and I’m gonna smash everything Orangey smashy Let me through You’ve heard the expression, the customer’s always right? Well I am, I am, I’m, okay Yes, that’s two Yes, that’s three, come on Yes, please, yeah! Orangey did it, he did it Yeah, get me out of here (pants) Orangey going crazy, (sighs), okay Achievement unlocked, baking Mmm, baking, I’m baking in the heat Okay, did that actually do anything for me? (laughs) I don’t know what’s going on That’s an illegal use of a chair, you’re fined, you’re also penalized 10 yards (laughs) Wait, what game are we playing? Ooh, switches, I Love switches Flip that switch, yo, yo, flip that switch, switch that witch, yeah

Oh, what, huh? I heard him Hey neighbor, you smell like stinky cheese (laughs) Hey, how’d he hear me? Ooh, okay, no, no, no, no, locked doors Oh no, he rubbed his mustache on me (laughs) What is going on? After all that shopping, well, either way I got the crowbar now, just taking these nails right out of here (giggles) Yes, oh, oh, I can’t get in there, I need a keycard Oh, we played chicken, and I lost (clucks) Okay, put that right there (laughs) Okay, I have a key, what should I do with the key? Unlock the key to my heart Hmm, okay, whoa, hey, what the, you were just waiting for me Come on, go do something else Like go take a walk, don’t you need some exercise? Ooh, you can’t catch me, I’m going over here Yeah, alright, we’re going all the way to the top, yeah Oh, that’s right, didn’t I start the cart? The cart, the farty cart (laughs) If you ride in it, you gotta fart, those are the rules Okay, I guess not I don’t know what to do, oh, whoa, wow, there it is, I see it Alright, this train’s really gone off the rails (laughs) Okay, let me in Alright, where we going? No, no, get in the cart, there we go No, no, hey, come back, I wanna ride inside of you I wanna ride in a cart, come back, please Okay, it’s stopping Whew, that was close, okay, now let me in the cart, geez No, stop bouncing, hey! Stupid cart, always leaving without me, I don’t know what it’s doing What was that? I saw something, whoa, what’s that? What the, wow, cooL Oh no, whoops, oh no, I died I should’ve timed my jump better What was even, wow, hey! What the, do you not realize this is a residential area? There’s Orangeys crossing the road all the time, what are you doing? You can’t be driving 10,000 miles an hour, that’s what I’m trying to say Can’t drive so fast, slow down Gonna punch that cart in the booty Oh wow, that was close Okay, now let me in, please Here we go, yes, I made it inside Geez, you gotta do it just perfectly apparently Ooh, does that switch do anything Well that was weird Okay, I’m pressing it, it’s not doing anything Whoa, what the? What just happened? Why are we screaming? Are we having a screaming party in here, that’s cool? I’m pretty good at those (screams) Is this the radio? Do you have any Nickelback? Maybe some Bruno Mars? The radio’s broken I don’t understand this cart, it doesn’t make any sense, it doesn’t do anything that I want it to do Well alright, I guess we’re gonna keep on going then What? It just killed me Did the cart eat me? I don’t like it when carts eat me No, leave me alone, neighbor Okay, maybe if I get the umbrella I can jump over to that thing Here we go, here we go, here we go One, two, three, four, go! Unleash the beast, no, oh, I missed it, grab the rope, grab the rope, no, ah, soap on a rope More like dope on a rope Oh, man, well that’s kinda cool, though Orangey in the hole, I don’t know where else to go This is like the only, oh wait, wait, oh, hey, look at that, look at that, look at that Yeah, I can make me your behind now Yes, I remember this from when I played this level on the beta version So I gotta go to the other side, and then I can make, no, not throw the magnet, I was gonna use the magnet to get the other key Oh, where’d it go, where’d it go, where’d it go? Yes, jumping, oh, look at Orangey’s skills Here we go, here we go Yes, oh, giving it to me, yeah I got that key, give it to me Alright, look at that, now I got two keys Two keys for the price of one Yeah, butt toucher, what are you gonna do? Oh yeah, I got a magnetic personality, yo (laughs) Going over here, oh no, uh oh, no, no, no, no, can I get in the, no! No, neighbor, neighbor, neighbor, don’t touch, ah, you’re rubbing mustaches on me, grabbed my nipples, too, gross (laugh) Try that again Okay, aim it just right Here we go, here we go And, two, three, jump What the, how’d you know I was gonna be here? Ah, creepy, peeping, butt touching, ah, mustache weirdo (laughs) How’d you know? Stop it I’m sick of this garbage, get out of the way, excuse me (laughs) Yeah, that’s what I think of your lamp Oh no, he found me I keep getting caught right away Okay, we’re fine, we’re fine, we’re doing good, we’re great, we’re grand, we’re wonderful Yeah, what the? Is that another key? I think that’s another key (laughs) Look at that, lookie, lookie, who got a cookie Uh oh, okay, I gotta get rid of something here Okay, I made this his butt, so I gotta wash that off, ’cause that’s gross (laughs) Yes, now I got, no, I don’t want the box, I want the key Give me the key There we go The key to my heart, yeah, key to my farts (farts) Gassy! That’s illegal use of a chair, you’re going to butt-toucher jail Uh oh, uh oh, I heard him, I heard him, no Gimme that, don’t drop that on the floor Okay, let’s get out of here Ooh, that was close, once again I don’t know what to do

I’m lost Okay, check out this sweet collection of keys I got going on here, yeah, colors of the rainbow, and I got some cake, too, yeah, delicious cake Sliced to meet ya, cake (laughs) Hey neighbor, did I tell you that you’re the apple of my eye? Uh oh, (laughs) It morphed into a tomato Yo, put a lid on it, neighbor Yeah, I’m gonna bounce that right off your house, yeah, that’s what you get (laughs) How am I the only one that cleans up your stuff in your yard? I’m going up here, ’cause it seems like a good idea I don’t know why it’s a good idea, but I don’t know what else to do (laughs) I’ve been farting on the neighbor, all the live-long, whoa, no, no, no, no, no, ah How’d you know I was gonna be there? Creepy, butt-touching weirdo, you should just let me creep through your house, you shouldn’t make a big deal out of it I already beat this level, so I don’t know what to do I don’t know where to go Wait, wait, what’s this? Whoa, oh, I didn’t know you could actually go in here Oh, now we’re talking, what do we got going on, what’s cooking in here? Better not be any of my friends or oranges Whoa, what is this, what are we doing here? This is crazy Ooh, that’s cool, we shooting apples over here, nice (laughs) Yo, it’s the apple of yo’ eye Weird, I don’t understand Okay, so they’re hitting those things, and the wire comes out here Wait, can I go out on the ledge? Uh oh, uh oh, it’s an orange on a ledge, look out Uh oh, where’s that go? I can’t see Whoa, hey, what’s that? Ooh, can I turn this? Oh yeah, what’s this doing? Am I winning the game? Whoa, water you thinking? Whoa, give me that, I want that That’s mine, I gotta have it, yeah! Collect ’em all Ooh, what’s that thing? Oh, what, whoa, gimme, gimme, always gets Cool, it’s a toy truck I’m gonna keep this, it says video game on it, weird That’s so meta Yeah, we’re trucking it now Okay, I still don’t know what we’re doing here Ooh, maybe if I put stuff in front of this, it’ll (blubbers), okay, you broke it, you broke it, you bought it, I didn’t buy it, you gotta buy it, it’s $100, 15 payments of $100 Okay, that’s not really working, let’s try it again Five billion payments of 14.95 Okay, stop breaking the chair (laughs) Ooh, can I take those, oh, I don’t the crowbar with me, son of a monkey Sweet baby monkey nipples, I can’t do it Yep, I can, oh, ooh, I wonder what that is One of these days, I’m gonna put it all together, okay I wanna get up there, so I gotta get these boxes, I gotta stack some boxes, then I can do some jumps, yeah Kris Kross’ll make ya jump, jump Orangey will make ya jump, jump Okay, here we go, here we go, got this Yeah, okay now go forward No, what are you doing? I’m not standing on anything, I’m floating Okay, if I could just move a little bit up, that’d be great (grunts) Cheesy Parcheesi Oh come on, get up, no, stop falling I got this, I got your number, it’s four-three-six-nine-two-niner-butt niner Whoa, yes, I’m in it I’m in it to win it, yo No, come on, yeah, get out of the way, boxes I’ll push you right over Okay, it’s radiating some goodness, that’s what radiators do, right? Okay, got some electrical stuff over here, that’s pretty cool Okay, now, that does that Oh, what’s in here? Whoa, spin it to win it, cool What does this do? Oh, what’s that, what’s that, I see something, I see something, another key I want, give me the key Oh no, but it’s magnetized How do I stop this from spinning? That’s what I gotta do, I gotta stop it from spinning and then I can get the key But I really don’t want another key, I have so many keys, I don’t know what to do This is making me dizzy (laughs) Help me! Okay, this is my sweet collection of stuff, I got keys, I got cake, I got toys (laughs) I got that thingy, I’m just putting it all in here in case I need it Check it out, umbrella farts Yeah, that’s what an umbrella farting sounds like (laughs) Here’s what an orange farting sounds like (farts) Oh, hey, how’d you hear that? (laughs) He heard me, he heard me My farts penetrated inside the game He actually heard me Sorry I’m such a pain in the glass Oh, what’s that, broken window I didn’t do it, it was broken when I got here Yeah, that’s right, you wanted it, you got it What the, no, hey, what the, okay, okay Well, I might have deserved that one, maybe, maybe (laughs) Roller coaster of love Can I actually just move this thing? Whoa, did I do that? No, I think it actually did that on its own No, stop moving Excuse me Uh oh, uh oh, am I gonna die again? This is not good Alright, I’m outta here Ah, see ya later, hot pota-ters Bye Mo-tato (laughs), mo-tato Ooh, ooh, hey, wait Whoa, hey wait, there’s a door over here Can I get up, gotta climb the mo-tato plants Get up, come on You can do it, put your back into it, you can, yeah Look at that, lookie, lookie who’s got the cookie (laughs) Uh oh, hole in the floor

Is that where we go to the bathroom? Hopefully, the neighbor’s not down there Actually, hopefullY he is (laughs) No, go down Hey, it’s that guy, the guy looking out the window, the creepy, butt-touching robot weirdo What you doing, buddy? What you looking at? Okay, this place doesn’t seem to do any-, whoa, what is that? There’s a safe down there or something, safe door Uh, what can I do? Boy, b-boy, b-boy, b-boy, what are you doing? No, don’t do it Don’t do it, you creepy butt-touching robot weirdo You got so much to live for (laughs) If I could just find the wrench, then I could get in here, and then I could go up there, and I bet you that’s how you shut off the swirly-whirlies, and then I could get the other key, the key that I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with it (laughs) This is the weirdest map ever Peedo, Tower Moor, Deenvleen Sounds like Lords of Rings names, what, whoa, no, no! Uh, squishy oranges I wonder if I can jump in that window Here we go, oh no, I timed it just a little wrong We can do this, we can still do it, put your back into it, that’s all you gotta do Uh, uh, fly back in, no, I missed it Well that was cool Alright, let’s try this one more time One, two, three, yeah, look at that, lookie, lookie Oh, we’re in a different area now What’s all over here, what we got going on? Excuse me, don’t box me in, bro, you got all these boxers everywhere We shouldn’t be putting boxes, what’s up with the boxes? Ooh, ooh, what’s that? Excuse me, one more box There we go What is that? (laughs) Boxes, what are you collecting boxes for, so many boxes Oh, that goes down there Okay, I see, it’s all connected Orange is getting it Now what’s going on in this place Oh weird Wow, cool, check out the picture Wait, this is a picture of the room Right, it looks exactly the same Yeah, it’s totally the same I bet you there’s something to this, isn’t there I bet you there is Maybe I gotta put everything back in the place I found it Or not the place that I found it, but the place in the picture, the picture, that’s what I’m talking about picture (laughs) Owie We want a picture, not a belly itcher Yeah, oh, I heard it, it made a sound, I think I’m onto something here Yeah, you know what’s going on, you know what’s going on Put the giant marshmallow right there (laughs) Just kidding, it’s not a marshmallow, it’s a pillow Just call me Skate the Great, yeah Put that right there, okay, that did not work very well Put that right, come on, we can do this Yeah, winner, winner Yo, hat’s off to ya, here we go, got that one Now we just need the guitar (vocalizes) Where’s the guitar? Excuse me, I’m starting to fret, because I can’t find the guitar (laughs) Let me guess, it’s hidden somewhere Sweet baby monkey nipples, what’s going on? Okay, now I’m here, nope It’s somewhere else in the house Why can’t everything be organized? Yo, check it out, I’m Mary Poppins, yo Floating back home (giggles) I love the umbrella Whatever floats your boat, right? Alright, get my stuff, we gotta start getting these keys figured out here Oh, he’s angry again, oh, not again Where am I going, where am I going, where am I going? Okay, I know there’s a lock, a key, a door, and things No, no, no, not here, not here Where is it? That’s another illegal use of a chair You’re fined, do not pass go, do not collect 200, go directly to jail, misuse of chair jail, that’s the best place you need to go Okay, here we go, I found it Woohoo, yes, where are we gonna go? Oh, come on, that was seriously, oh no, we’ve already been here, it did nothing for me Okay, well guess there goes that key Good, one less thing to worry about (laughs) Oh yeah, oh, uh oh, no No, neighbor, neighbor, neighbor, neighbor, we’re friends, we’re friends, remember? Remember how we are friends? I was telling you the other day, we’re gonna go out, get smoothies No, stop throwing tomatoes at me I know you want smoothies, I’m not gonna share any smoothies with you Oh no, no, I’m trapped Oh, mustaches Mustaches in my nightmares What’s this, oh, hey, where we going? Ooh, oh no, I just threw my umbrella That’s mist-defying (laughs), get it, mist, I threw my crowbar Alright, I’m coming in you butt-touching weirdo Don’t you creep up, no, no (gibbers) He touched my butt on the ladder, weird Oh, you like touching butts, huh? Yeah, well here’s what I like doing Oh, book ’em, Danno (laughs) Later, hot pota-ters I’m getting real tired of this garbage, huh Yeah, alright, I’m outta here Going up, hey, what the, how’d you get in here? Bounce a tire off your head and you stilL, what, he got me? Alright, it’s cool, I got this, I got this, I gotta figure out how to get that one key, that key that’s stuck to the magnetized, it’s magnetized to the thing, I want that key

Alright, going down here, and then, what, whoa! You just dropped out the ceiling like Spiderman? What the, where’d you get the, oh, he grabbed my nipples Gotta be a-, wait, what? Oh, oh, I figured out how to control it Oh, finally, oh, you just press up and down, you should’ve told me that Oh, man, all this time I could’ve controlled it Okay, I wonder if I could jump on top of this thing and then get up there Yeah, we’re gonna try it, okay Okay, first you’re gonna jump on the pipe, it’s a pipe dream, oh no, no, no, no! It’s cool, I totally wanted to climb the ladder again, totally wanted to go all the way back up here Okay, now it’s a pipe dream, what the, no, hey, gorilla poops Cool, just showing you guys what not to do, yeah, that’s exactly what I’m doing Alright, third time’s the charm No, no, third time’s a Justin Bieber apparently Cool, I like doing this, no I love doing this 4,000 times, it’s really fun Jump back over on the other, no! Not again Leave me alone Oh yeah, you always act so surprised whenever you see me in your house How many times have we done this now? You should be used to me As much time as I spend in your house, we’re practically roommates (laughs) Yeah, orange roommates If I fall back down this time, I just might crack, I just might crack, I just might do it You wanna see an orange crack, you wanna see it? You don’t wanna see it Okay, here we go, come on No, yeah, I did it, I did it Hello, Neighbor makes me jump, jump Whoa, lookie, lookie, Orangey got the cookie Oh yeah, then we can go down the stairs, I wonder if I can open it from this side What, oh, the wrench is on this side Okay, why would you put a wrench on the inside when you need it on the outside? You make it impossible, you guys are crazy Well, while I’m here, I might as well unlock it, so then I don’t ever have to worry about, what the, ah! Really threw a wrench into the situation Yeah, boxy butt, how you like it? Box meet butt I’m gonna put the kettle to the metal Oh, right off your head How you like dem apples? Yeah, ha, ha, ha, ha, see ya later, what what There, let’s see if we can do this without falling Yay, we did it, fine, good, great, wonderful, awesome I’m climbing on your roof, farting on top of it, fartin’, fartin’ (laughs) Whoa, this is cool, what’s going on up here? Very nice Hey guys, I’m really branching out (laughs) What, I’m hopping on trees, just leaf me alone What do we got here? Oh, it’s got an exclamation point, that means I gotta open it Whoa, look at all those gears Sorry, but my time is all booked up Oh, that’s how you do it, that’s how you stop the spinning wheely thing mcbobbers So then it’s not magnetized Now I could get the key, I bet ya, yeah! Ooh, I wonder if there’s anything over here Well that looks, whoa, hey, I wonder if I could get to that floaty thingy I guess it’s not floating, it’s suspended by wires, which really seems kinda dangerous Okay, let’s see if we can get there Whoa, I am Mary Poppins Wow, that was awesome, cool Definitely doesn’t seem very sturdy, though Oh, hey, red key, do I have the red key with me? I think I do actually Here it is, the key to my heart, also the key to my fart (farts) Whoa, who shut out the lights? Uh oh I went into the broom closet and something happened Did I break the game? Whoa, what’s going on? Whoa, well what is this place? Whoa, whoa, fireworks, yes, I’d love some fireworks Give me some fireworks Whoa everything’s really big Creepy eyes, creepy eyes Creepy peepers Now you guys know what it’s like to be an orange, ’cause it’s about the same size that I am actually, everything is– Did I hear some secrets? Is somebody whispering secrets? I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, where I’m supposed to go I guess I could go up this ramp here, this shelf, I guess it’s a shelf Oh, goes to another shelf Okay, I think I can make this jump, let’s do this Wow, yeah, I got parkour skills, guys, yeah Where are we going, this place is huge Am I actually in the closet that I walked into, and then it got big? This is so weird I mean not so weird, because like I said, I’m an orange, so this is about the same size that I am, so it’s not that weird, but it’s weird Can I get on the radio? Got any Bruno Mars? I want some Bruno Mars (laughs) Where am I supposed to go with this thing? Whoa, hey, ah! What put a crack there? Ooh, I feel down the crack Beyonce, Matchbox 20, come on, give me something (laughs) I don’t wanna listen to staticky butt toucher I don’t like that song Maybe if I could just jump to the other side, whoa Hey, I made it, nice Ooh, that’s looks fishy, ha, ha, ha, get it? ‘Cause they were sardines, fishy sardines for me I can’t get up here There we go, book ’em And jump, yes, we got it Whoa, what we got going up here? Cool, okay, can I pick that up? Whoa, I can pick that up, sweet Excuse me Whoa, whoa, whoops, I broke it Oh, I think I was supposed to break it Hey, I didn’t break it, it was broken when I got here You broke it, you bought it, you gotta pay, you gotta buy it, I didn’t buy it, you broke it (laughs) 5,000 payments of 18.95 I hate to break it to ya Hey, now that’s what we’re talking about

Yeah, Orangey’s cooking now Oh, don’t cook me, I’m not delicious I’m not edible Okay, we’re going over here Can I go up here? Hey, is that the exit? It sure looks like an exit, so let’s go to the exit, yay I wanna leave, come on Ah, do I have to jump in the toaster? Oh, but I don’t wanna be toasted I’m an orange, you don’t toast oranges, that’s weird You toast marshmallows I’ll ask Marshmello to come in here and play (laughs) What, what happened? Whoa, I got toasted What the? Well you just put me on this one, that’s not what I wanted Now I’m stuck You put me on a shelf that goes nowhere, why’d you do that? Oh wait, it goes up Alright, I gotta try and jump the toaster again One more time, let’s do this, toaster buddy Whoa We want a toaster, not a roller coaster Wow! Oh, that was cool, hey, it bounced me up here, sweet This is actually where I wanted to go Okay, get outta the way, fishies I’m coming through, Orange is coming through, you gotta give me room Whoa, oh cool, a dartboard, whoa, yeah, sweet Oh, hey, can I grab those? Whoa, I can I’m takin’ ’em all Silly, I’ll take this one, and this one, you get the point (laughs) Get it, ’cause they’re darts, they have points Wow, can I ride these? These look like rides Oh, they look super fly (giggles) Whoa, I can actually fly ’em Whoa, sweet, uh oh Where we goin’, where we goin’, where we been? Yeah, oh, is this where I wanna be? Uh oh, oh no, I think I want, okay, maybe I can go up here, yes Yeah, yeah, yeah You guys only have staticky butt-toucher music on the radio, I want some good stuff What you got, you got nothing See, you got static on everything Okay, I wanna get up there Okay, get that thing, yeah, okay Okay, it’s the darts that makes ya farts (laughs) Oh no, how do I get up here? Can I, I wonder if I can throw this Oh, I got you figured out Yeah, we just climb our way up there using our fart darts (farts) Much better (laughs) Okay, here we go, here we go, we can make this jump Oh, yeah, are we there, are we there? I think we got this Oh, lookie, lookie, Orangey got the cookie, now where do I go? Can I get up there? I can’t get over the pillow, I don’t know where to-, oh (laughs), that’s ’cause you don’t go over the pillow, you go over here, whoops Yeah, I knew that, totes, totes magotes Okay, big arrow wants me to go this way So do I just jump? No, can’t, no You light up my life, no Okay, I guess I’m jumping then This better be right, I’m not climbing all the way back up here I will literally quit this game if that happens Here we go, please, please What, okay I made it, yeah, I did it, what’s in here? There’s nothing in here? There better be something in here It’s crazy, there’s nothing in here I’m climbing the walls and everything Why did I even do that? (laughs) For realsies, there’s nothing in here I’ve looked, there’s potato chips, I don’t want potato chips Actually, potato chips does sound kinda good right now (laughs), I’m still angry Well, I guess while I’m here, I better get that key and see if it’s unmagnetized, not magnet my butt Okay, there we go, wow, hey I still have the disappearing power Oh, I wonder if you do those mini games and then you get special powers for them Oh, maybe that’s it So maybe I did get something, I just don’t think I did Ah, yeah, give me the key It’s the key to my heart, the key that farts (farts), right into the microphone (laughs) Yes, floating through the air, feeling the air on my derriere (laughs) Now that I got the key, I got to open up that other room and see what’s going on in there Uh oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, bear traps, bear traps, bear traps from Amazon That’s where you get all your bear traps, isn’t it? He grabbed my nipples again Why, creepy, peeping, butt-touching weirdo My nipples are not for grabbing Thank goodness I don’t actually have nipples, that’d be weird (laughs) Uh oh, no, go the other way No, go through the door, oh no, ah, bear traps Ah, he grabbed my booty Okay, I’m just gonna grab this tape of old reruns of Saved by the Bell Pepper, and then I’m gonna show those to the neighbor, okay? (laughs) Hey buddy, hey buddy, I got you a new tape (laughs) That’s how you do it THat’s what you get for grabbing booties Get over this, come on, get over, get to the key, come on Yeah, you can’t lock me in Uh oh, oh no, it’s another room to do stuff in Oh man, what’s this one gonna be? Whoa, what is this? Looks like a locker, oh, a bunch of lockers, weird Can I go in-, oh yeah, I can go inside, nice But why would I have to go inside? Do I have to hide from things? I bet I do, don’t I

Oh b-boy, b-boy, boy Let’s see what we got going on here Okay, looks like, what now, what’s that thing? That scared me What was that? It’s like those weird robots from the grocery store level Okay, I really don’t like this level, this is definitely my least favorite level of all times, okay I’m safe, I’m safe, I’m safe Oh, he got me Okay, I take it I gotta hide in the lockers from these guys Let’s see if I can get to this locker He sees me, he sees me Ooh, that was close Ooh, hey they froze, can I come out now? Yes, okay, let’s keep going, yeah, they’re frozen, frozen in time I don’t know how long it’s gonna go until they can, oh no, no, don’t go (gibbers) Get in there, oh, they got me Okay, so I think I figured it out, every time the bell rings, that means, okay, they’re frozen now So every time it rings, they freeze, and then when it, oh wait, no, no, no He is definitely not frozen I saw one moving around Okay, I thought they were frozen Okay, no, they’re moving again See, they were frozen, I don’t understand, okay, there was one moving, though Wait for it, okay, there’s the bell Okay, they’re frozen, and now There’s that one moving again Go around and get, (laughs) Yo, I got this, you can’t stop me No, I went too soon Don’t worry about it, don’t worry about it Definitely gonna get it this time, no Okay, I think I’ve figured it out Wait for the bell, see, there’s the bell Then we go out (gibbers) Okay, I get it, I think it’s like a school So every time the bell goes, all the students freeze, and then the teacher goes And then when it rings again, the teacher freezes and the students go So I think I got it It’s like school, yuck, I hate school Okay, there’s a bell, that means, okay, all the kids are running around now Now when the bell goes off again, all the kids’ll freeze and the teacher runs around, right Okay there, yep, I got it, okay, here we go Okay, now teacher, uh oh, I think I hear the teacher Okay, okay, maybe if I get up on here No, I missed it, missed it Okay, we got it, we got it, don’t worry, don’t worry, don’t worry (gasps) Oh, come on This is just reinforcing that school is the worst, you guys, you don’t even know Okay, I think we’re good He scared me, a little puff came out on that one Okay, I’m just gonna go right in the locker, I think, right away Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep Wait for it, okay, here we go Running and gunning and having some fun and you can’t get me, up onto the books Okay, here we go, can I get a jump, yes I made it, you guys Yeah, you can’t get me (laughs) Woo, now this is creepy Woo, oh, there’s teacher Way off in the distance, I saw teacher, I saw teacher over there, trying to teach me things It’s so fast, ooh, I don’t wanna go yet You’re kind of in the way, I don’t wanna Okay, here go the students, okay, I’m waiting for it to freeze, and then I’m gonna make a run for it So here we go, here we go, yes, running and gunning and having some fun and we gotta get out of here I got stuck on one of the students Hurry, hurry, ooh, hoo, hoo, hoo Oh I made it, uh oh, he’s right outside Oh no He must’ve saw me come in here Ooh, ooh, okay, creepy teacher I don’t want any math, no math, no chemistry, E equals MC butter squash Maybe E equals MC Hammer, that works out, right? Okay, maybe I’ll go in the next one I think we’re gonna make it We’re gonna do it, guys, it’s gonna be so good Okay, here we go Oh no, he’s right there, go, go, go, go No more papers, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks and touching me in the booty, ’cause that’s weird Can’t get away from him Ooh, b-boy, can’t touch me Ha, ha, ha, can’t touch this Can’t touch this Here we go, oh, why is the teacher right there? Why are always putting the, oh, I’m never gonna beat this level You know what I say to the teacher? Yo, I’m gonna school you (laughs) Oh no, there’s the teacher again No, keep putting him right there This teacher really droned on (laughs) Get it, ’cause he’s kinda like a drone, I don’t know, robot It sounds corny if I say the teacher really robot-ed on That sounds weird actually, inappropriate Yo, the math teacher, they had a slice of humble pi Get it, pi? Where, okay, then they’re gonna stop, and then where’s the teacher? Where’s the teacher, where’s the teacher, where’s the teacher, where’s the teacher? Oh, teacher’s right there, standing right in my way Okay, robot teacher, you’re losing all your class (laughs) Okay, I’m going, yeah, oh yeah, right at the bell, right at the bell Okay, make sure the students don’t get me Yes, are you kidding me, I made it, I can’t believe I made it, whew Yeah, I think this teacher’s cross-eyed, ’cause they can’t control their pupils (laughs) Yes, we’re doing this, okay, oh, we gotta get

to another locker, okay, ooh, quickly (sighs) That was close, that was close You know, when teachers point their finger at me, they’re just asking a lot of pointed questions (laughs) Yes, let’s go! Okay, making a run for it Oh wait, is that the exit? I think that’s an exit, I’m gonna go in here first, though, just in case, gotta play it safe not sorry Whew, I wonder what that heart says It probably says I love not getting my butt touched (laughs) Wait for it Okay, on the run, we can do this, we can do this, put your back into it, put your rind into it, come on Yeah, uh oh, b-b-boy No, teacher Teacher, how’d you get in there? Ew, please don’t kill me Your qualifications as a math teacher don’t add up (screams) Whoa, (laughs) Have a nice fall (laughs)? Yeah, he took a real nice trip, didn’t he? (giggles) Woo-ee, we beat it Oh my goodness, oh goodness gracious Oh, well don’t box me in, bro Oh wait, oh wait, no, I better go back in the room, because I didn’t actually explore in there and see what’s going on Woo, key to my heart, huh? No, it’s just a room with a key Okay, gimme the key, the key to my heart Grab it, grab it with your hands Okay, where we going? Oh, it’s that door Wow, crazy Okay, I beat all of those levels now, this is nuts Okay, definitely don’t eat that key Alright, got my umbrella, let’s go Oh, you guys, I think I get it Okay, so this, you can only go through this door when it’s dark, oh yeah, so you can’t open that door Oh, and then this door you can only open in the daytime, I bet, yep, it’s locked Okay, so I need to put something in front of that door so it doesn’t close Okay, you got the box there, and then I’m gonna put a chair there, now everything’s in the way Yeah, you can’t close now, can ya? And now we need to make it daytime, so Owie Yo, I got some chicken fried rice for ya, right in your, oh no, oh Whoa, whoa, I can actually stop him Oh, that’s awesome Yeah, I got the superpower from beating that level, I bet I betcha that’s what it does, yeah Okay, so every time you beat one of those levels, you get the superpower, that’s totally what it is Nice, yeah Try and grab me now, butt toucher, you can’t, I can push you down (laughs) Orange has got superpowers now You guys don’t even know, I’m so happy, creepy, peeping, butt-touching weirdo, can’t even get me anymore Yeah, I can just push him down Ooh, cake, my favorite (laughs) I’m gonna put that down so I can get some sweet, tasty cake (laughs) Okay, just go through here Oh, what’s this? Ooh, weird Let’s see what’s going on in here Whatcha got, whatcha got? Excuse me, coming through, look out, geez Close on me, door, geez, come on, what are you doing? Whoa, bear, whoa, hey, it’s the guitar Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, I need to find that one room, maybe I can put the guitar into place Open sesame seeds (laughs) Alright guitar, don’t string me along The guitar goes up here Perfect, ho, that’s looking good Okay, almost a perfect recreation Okay, skateboard goes over here, oh yeah, come on Yeah, doing some wheelies, watch my kick flip, I wanna ollie, watch me ollie Okay, so now the cord goes out here, and then down to that generator over there Oh boy, oh, yeah Okay, let’s see Yeah, it goes to right there Oh boy, okay, can I hit the button Woo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo I hit the button, okay, what does that do? Okay, let’s follow the wires Follow the wires, where do the wires go? Okay, the wires go all the way down here in through this door Okay, through here, where’d it go? Oh, to the fridge, well what’s this? Whoa, hey, there’s something in there Is it, it is, it’s melting, ’cause I shut it off Oh boy, what’s in there? Oh b-b-boy, ice to meet ya Don’t give me the cold shoulder, give it to me, ha, ha Okay, what is it? Whoa, oh, is that the keycard? Yes, I think I can get down here Oh b-b-boy, excuse me, excuse me No, no, that’s not where it goes, ha, ha, ha, ha Okay, put that here, yes, it’s open Open sesame, get out of the, who put these boards here? I’m sick of these boards, get ’em out I’m bored of these boards Ooh, cake I’m very excited, ooh, yeah, we made it, you guys We made it downstairs We’re downstairs, we’re in the basement Oh, it looks a lot like it did last time, only that pipe should probably not be pouring stuff, okay, whatever, that’s your problem I’m not calling the plumber, you gotta call the plumber Bummer, you need a plumber (laughs) Okay, if you guys haven’t watched the previous episodes, you gotta go watch ’em We finally did it, we made it through the third act, and we’re down to the basement Maybe this is still the third act, I don’t even know Ooh, do I have to go through the window? That’s how I did it that first time Oh, no, maybe not Where do I go? Creepers, peepers, where’s the creeper peep-, oh wait Oh, hey, it’s a different room Oh, what the? Well, that was weird Okay, can I, ooh, is there something in here I can hit? Hey! Oh, no, I want that up, I wanna get through there (laughs) I’m sure he can probably find something better on TV,

Dancing with the Starfruits or something, you know You don’t always have to watch static, it’s the worst ever That’s locked I guess I’m going through here Ooh, sparklies, don’t touch the sparklies Oh, creepy leaks Okay, creepy peepers, don’t touch me What’s that sound? Okay, whoa, I see a light What is that? Wow, what is that? What the? What happened? Did I? Is it to the next level or something? Oh no, I started over, what? Did I die, I must have died What even happened? Okay, okay, where is it? Okay, I see it It’s a weird, creepy thing with glowy eyes, I don’t like it Oh there it is, there it is, I’m gonna hide back here Does he see me? Did he get me again? Oh, come on I don’t like your creepy peepers, I don’t like ’em at all Okay, just go past, go past me, you don’t need me, I can’t go back Who put the gate down? Who put the gate down? Wait, you guys, I got it, I got it, I got it Okay, maybe I have to duck down You know, like I get, yeah, I get invisible That’s why I get the superpower, ’cause I beat that one level, the grocery level I’m not a grocery, don’t put me in a basket, I’m not edible Okay, I’m invisible, you can’t touch me You can’t touch me, I’m invisible Is he coming or is he? I think I have to move forward a little bit before I can move forward? Okay, and invisible Don’t see me, please don’t see me Please don’t scare me What the heck are you? B-b-b-boy, boy, b-b-boy Okay, ooh, ah, he got me (laughs) Yeah, I don’t think I stayed kneeled down long enough Okay, I’m still invisible Okay, go forward, yes, yes, no Okay, we good? I think we’re good Okay, okay, okay Yeah, yeah, we did it! Ooh, that’s not good, that’s a leak, that is a crazy leak something’s going on there I think that’s a gas leak, don’t light a match And don’t fart, definitely don’t fart (laughs) Ooh, b-b-b-b-buh-boy Okay, I don’t see any creepy peeping butt-touching weirdos in here No, no, no, I definitely need to get in there Don’t block me in here, okay Going in, okay, there’s a door out Okay, can I go through, owie What’s going on in this basement, you guys? What’s even happening? Ooh yeah, that’s a lot of leak, okay, there’s gas leaks, and then you have a fire going? Yeah, this house deserves to blow up (laughs) Just not with me in it, please, okay? Okay, going through, wait, wait, wait Oh yeah, a brick wall, is it time to do the Kool-Aid Man? Let’s see, oh yeah, we’re doing it, it’s Kool-Aid Man time, oh yeah (laughs) I got you, I got you, brick wall, I got your number Okay, so check it out, check it out Yeah, okay, there’s a gap above there Okay, so if I can put this down here, and then jump off that, yo, I can do just parkour style, just jump right over this fence You got it, bro Alright, we were chairly there (laughs) Alright, jump for joy, oh, oh I totally thought that was gonna work What, well now what? Maybe there’s something about the fireplace? Oh wait, that’s right, I can do double jumps, I almost forgot, that’s another one of my superpowers, yeah Super Orange! Okay, double jump in action, here we go, double jump, yes, we did it, you guys! Oh my goodness Okay, where does this go? Crazy (mumbles) butt-touching weirdo, no touching butts, no touching butts, get out of here Yeah, (laughs), lookie, lookie, Orange got the cookie Whoa, what are we doing? Whoa, oh, okay, it’s still going Oh, uh oh, I hear creepy people butt-touching weirdo noises Come on, come on Whoa, this is getting weird Should I just run? Maybe I should just run Okay, where we going? What’s this door? I don’t even know what’s going on What the? Oh, okay Did I die? Did something grab me? Hello? What’s happening, the suspense is killing me (gasps) Act finale, wow We’re at the end, you guys I don’t know what’s in, okay, maybe Do I need to use the basketball for something? Do you wanna have a ball? Wanna maybe shoot some hoops, play some horse? Who wants to play? Okay, weird cardboard cutout kid, what do you want? (Orange gibbers) Giant creepy, peeping, butt-touching weirdo, ooh, he’s angry He’s angry I don’t like this, you guys, I don’t like it Ooh, ooh, ooh, why is he angry? Is he angry ’cause I pushed him? (screams) Let me out, let me out, let me out, let me out, let me out, where am I? What is even happening? Yeah, yeah, we’re having a ball Yeah, you want this, don’t you? Yes Okay, didn’t even, did it hit him? No, it didn’t even hit him, wow

Super secret surprise groin shots (laughs) Yeah, bouncing balls over here (laughs) Didn’t do anything I don’t think that works Okay, so the giant creepy, peeping, butt-touching weirdo is not affected by groin shots apparently Ooh, what are you doing, what are you doing, what are you doing? What the heck is even going on? I don’t even know what I’m supposed to be doing here This is so weird Maybe, double jump, double jumpin’ come on Here we go Double jump it, yeah, double jumps are awesome Man, I wish I could double jump in real life, that’d be so cool Maybe even a triple jump Yeah, tightrope walking up here Ooh, I see a but, okay, here’s a button, here’s a button What happens when I press the button? Yeah, oh, something’s moving over there Look at that cart, it’s moving I wonder if I have to get in that cart Okay, that could be cool Whoa! What the heck? You just blasted that, wow, okay That was weird I fell Wait, okay, hold on a second Oh, wait a second Okay, it’s saying umbrellas up there Up there, where? What was that? Was that a late reaction to my groin shot that I gave you there, buddy? I wonder if I could hit this light switch You think I could do it? I betcha I could do it, hold on I got super skills, yo Oh, I just missed it, I got this, I got this, don’t worry, you guys So I wanna aim for just a little bit lower than the actual, yeah, look at that, second try, that’s how you do it Put your butt into it Okay, now what? Okay, it looks like the cord goes around here Let’s see what’s over, oh, okay, it’s a giant toaster, we’re gonna roasty toasty our buns Oh, b-boy, no Okay, double jumps don’t work I think I gotta use the flashlight You light up my bun, whoa (laughs) Go double jumping, yeah, that’s how you do it, put your back into it, that’s how you do it, put your rind into it Tightrope walking all the way to the top, we can do this Ooh, that was close Alright, now I’m gonna jump in the toaster Are you ready for this? Oh boy, and a one, and a two, and a three I’m toasty Yeah, ha, ha, ha, toast my buns, that’s how we do this Okay, we’re gonna go straight up it looks like Whoa! Whoa, check out that air, yes Okay, what am I supposed to be doing? Uh oh, no, no, no, no, no, no No, no, no, no, ah, ew, right on my groin That’s not good Let’s try this again Roasty toasties, toasty my buns Yeah, catching some air Oh okay, maybe I have to land on that platform Here we go, oh yeah, oh yeah, come on, steer it, steer it What? It killed me? Ah, ha, ha, ha, crushing defeat Maybe I gotta jump in the other one Ooh, ooh, ooh, that was close Okay, going up, ooh, here’s another platform Have I got it, have I got it? Yes, I did it, hoo, what’s this do? It better give me free grilled cheese sandwiches Yeah, grilled cheese sandwiches for everybody, woohoo Oh, it’s a platform, cool I bet I needed to get on that platform (laughs) Okay, try it again, where we go Ooh b-boy, boy oh boy Okay, there’s the platform, quickly, quickly, quickly Jump, double jump Oh yeah, Orangey going up in the tube You know what they say, this is just a pipe dream here (laughs) Okay, what’s up here? Woo, whoa, weird Um, hello? Maybe do I have to take this? Whoa, wow, oh, I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do here I guess maybe smash the window? Yeah, it’s a real pane in the glass Ay (laughs) Alright, I guess I’m going in Oh, I see another switch in there Oh yeah, flip that switch, flip that switch, switch that witch, yeah Oh, wow, whoa! Wowzers, that was so many umbrellas But now what? Oh my goodness But now what, oh, it’s raining umbrellas, hallelujah, it’s raining umbrellas, hallelujah Oh yeah Lookie, lookie, Orange got the cookie And look, fireworks, ho, ho, ho, ho, that’s my favorite Oh, I wonder how I shoot fireworks at him I need to find a lighter or something, hmm Well, when all else fails, just go up, up, up, up, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah What you got on the radio? Got any Blink 182? All the orange things, fruit cares, fruit brings (laughs) That’s my favorite song, don’t you know? Oh, yeah Orangey makes you jump, jump Ah, I guess there’s no way to go but down Whoa, hey, there’s a platform right next to him Hmm, yeah, that’s what I’m saying, hmm (laughs) I wonder if I should go on the platform Just don’t fly in his mouth, I’m not tasty Yo, look at the platform, gimme platform, yeah Ooh, hey, whoa, whoa Hey, I can go, that house,

it’s got a wall open Yeah, I definitely need to get up there Hmm, alright Well, I’m gonna make a jump for this house down here, since that, the giant explosion earlier blew out the sides and I can fly right in Hey, are those candles? I think those might be candles Ooh, and cake, my favorite I’m gonna have my cake and explode it, too (laughs) Yeah, can I grab this? Yes, I can! You guys, I got fire Oh boy, we’re gonna set off some fireworks, yo You know what they say about setting off fireworks, it’s a blast (laughs) Here we come, oh boy, you don’t even know what’s coming at you, buddy Fire away Is it gonna go? Oh, there we, whoa, it did, it start, it lighted, yeah, whoa Uh oh, oh, fireworks all up in your face (laughs) He didn’t like it That’s what you get for grabbing my butt (laughs) Okay, let’s see if we can jump onto that shelf Here we go, I saw some stuff over here, yes Oh, we gotta go get those balls I think we’re gonna try and push it into that ball machine Hey, buddy, mind if we drop in and have a ball (laughs) I like to move it, move it I like to groove it, groove it Oh, oh, uh oh, uh oh, ball goes in the hole Hole in one, oh, ho, ho, ho, ho! We want a pitcher, not a belly itcher (laughs) Alright, now what? I wonder if the house is low enough Wait, was it that? Another platform, it doesn’t hurt to go check it out, right Oh yeah, there’s something over here Whoa, is that a crossbow? Ah, sweet It’s very arrow-dynamic (laughs) Uh oh, another string, hmm Can I, no, I can’t untie that I wonder if I use my candle, do you think that would work? Worth a shot, let’s do it Fire it up, baby, you, whoa, light up my rope (screams) Oh, it went out Do I have to try again? Let’s try again You, whoa, ooh (laughs) Took him downtown, James Brown Oh yeah, he’s a little bit lower Oh yeah, I think I could get to it this time Okay creepy, peeping, butt-touching weirdo, it’s time to feel the air on my derriere Oh yeah, I could totally reach that Look at that, it’s totally reachable, I got this, I got this, yo Oh yeah, oh yeah, I’m just gonna drop right in, buddy Whoa, you know me, I’m feeling pretty fly (laughs) Yes, come on, land, land, oh, ooh, I almost fell Yes, I did it, I did something What happened? Achievement unlocked, I have no choice Oh, uh oh, simming, does that mean swimming? Does it mean missing? Either way, this guy leaves quite a paper trail, huh? Oh, ho, ho, creepy eyes Ew, creepy eyes, what is it? What is it, what are you? Don’t look at me Creepy peepers Oh, there he is, he’s hanging up one of the swimming signs Ooh, what’s that? What is that? Whoa, what is that? It’s creepy, he’s got creepy peepers, it’s the creepy peeper guy Ooh, he’s got creepy lights for eyes I don’t like it Okay, I think this is the exit Should I go through it? I’m a little afraid to What’s happening, what’s happening? Who turned out the lights? I hear music, whoa Whoa, hey, is that, that’s me, or well, you know, there was a guy in the beginning of the game, remember, kicking the ball He’s having a ball, hmm What are you doing, buddy? That looks like a fun game you’re playing Oh, b-boy, b-b-boy, b-boy You might wanna turn on some lights in here, it’s a creepy house What is even going on? I don’t know, I don’t like it Hey, you left your plane behind, kid, that’s plain crazy (laughs) Don’t you like playing with your plane Uh oh, whatchu looking at? Whoa, whoa, whoa Oh, it’s a creepy peeper Wow, he’s giant Okay, I’m gonna follow you, where are you going? You show me where to go, I don’t know Whoa, he’s got creepy peepers I don’t like it, I don’t like, ooh He’s so creepy Okay, I’m gonna sit by you (screams) He destroyed the building Creepy peepers, what are you doing? Kid, we gotta get out of here Creepy peepers, he’s trying to hit you Okay, you don’t have to run into me, it’s not a mosh pit I’m trying to help you here Kid, where you going? I want to help you Ooh, ooh, okay, maybe you’re helping me (laughs) Tell me where to go, it’s creepy Okay, what, hey, hey, I can’t fit through there Hey, kid What am I supposed to do? Okay, well now where do I go? Whoa, what the? What the screaming meemies? What’s with the screaming meemies, what happened? Uh, kid, where you going? Oh no, creepy peepers, yo Oh, I must have did something wrong It started all over again Whoa, you’re so creepy (screams) He slapped me in the face You got shadow guy slapping me in the face, you got creepy, peeping butt toucher slapping me in the butt What the heck’s going on here? Okay, last time I stood right next to you, and then (screams) Okay, okay, I think that worked Come on, let’s go down here, kid Yeah, okay, so since I can’t go down that way,

oh yeah, that’s what it is, I gotta go this way Alright, where’s he at, where’s he at, where’s he at? Kid, where are you at, yo? Are you coming out this way? I bet you you’re coming down this way, aren’t ya? I think I’m actually protecting him, or I’m supposed to protect him That’s my job, I’m protecting him from the giant shadow monster, creepy peepers Okay, okay, stand in front of you Yes, oh that’s it, whoa, did I get bigger, wow? Am I turning into the Jolly Green Giant? Cool (laughs) The Jolly Orange Giant, that is (laughs) Where you going, kid? Kid, where you going? Uh oh, oh no, he went through a little tiny door again No, I gotta go the other way again I’m stuck Oh yeah, I gotta go this way Where you at, kid? Oh, you went up the ladder Come on I will save you No, argh! Try this one more time Okay, stand in front of you, and then, oh, slapping butts Okay, now I’m big Now I’ll go over here, hit that ladder, yeah Gonna get a step up on the competition (laughs) I hate you, creepy peepers Where do I go? Oh, hey, whoa double jumping action, yeah Where do I go? Come on, oh, hey, kid, where you going? I found you Come on, come on, come on, run Oh, no, no, no, gotta stand in front of you, quickly Oh, that was close Wow, I’m so tall now I’m like the opposite of Midget Apple (laughs) I don’t know where to go I guess we’re going this way I’m kinda slow, the bigger I get, the slower I go I’m kinda running in molasses (laughs) Green Giant, Orange Giant Oh yeah, that’s how you get over it, you gotta get tall Uh, where do I go, where do I go? Kid, where are you? He’s gotta be, oh there he is, hey, I found you, where you going, kid? Where you gonna go? No, no, no, no, oh, hey, right there, nice Oh, ho, ho, saved you again Okay, I guess I’m going over here I don’t know if this is the right way to go, but I’m just assuming so You can’t stop me, creepy peepers All the orange things, fruit cares, fruit brings Am I stuck? Oh, I’m really hoping he comes through that doorway Oh boy, hey, he did, wow, that was awesome Stand in front of you, yeah, whoa Achievement unlocked, no more fears Oh yeah, I’m taller than you, bro Guess what’s coming next? I have no idea (laughs) Come on, what’s gonna happen? Wow, he splodied! Whoa, where am I? I’m like in a white void Is that an exit door? Am I supposed to go through that? Oh boy, okay, well I guess I’m going through Whoa, hey, what’s that? Well I’m gonna go check this out first I didn’t think there was anything else here, but I guess there is Oh, I think he’s in there Creepy peeper, are you in there? Oh no, it’s creepy, peeping, butt-touching weirdo I’m not helping you Is there someone else in there? Someone’s slammin’ on the door No, it’s creepy peeper Well he’s trying to get into that room, and the neighbor’s trying to get, well, is he hiding from him? Well, that’s kinda sad actually Oh, I don’t know what’s going on Neighbor, did you steal his Snickers? Well, I guess I put him in weird jail (laughs) I don’t know what’s going on You could say it’s foreshadowing (laughs) Get it, ’cause he’s kinda like a shadow monster Ooh, creepy peepers, yeah, I’d keep that neighbor, I’d keep that door locked, ’cause that guy, that guy is possibly creepier than you, and that’s saying something Alright, well, I’m gonna go through the door now (laughs) Okay, exit What’s gonna be through here? White light No butt grabbing, no butt grabbing, no nipple pinching, okay Are we good, please? Ah, I’ve got hands Whoa, oh So that was all a dream I like dreaming about volcanoes, it’s the lava of my life (laughs) Okay, the neighbor’s house is gone now Definitely gonna need a new paint job there, guddy Definitely gonna need to fix that door, because doors are not supposed to rotate that way (laughs) Hey, what’s up, buddy, you waving at me? I’d wave back at you, but I don’t have hands (laughs) Uh oh, uh oh, is something creepy gonna happen? Tentacles gonna grab your booty Look out! Oh, oh, okay Why do I keep expecting for something to jump out right now I think I played too much Five Nights at Freddy’s (laughs) What are you doing? Looks like he’s just moving in He likes to move it, move it He likes to groove it, groove it You know how it is, what what Oh, wow, that’s it I beat it, you guys, I beat the game! I beat the creepy, peeping, butt-touching weirdo, yeah! Alright, wow, that ending was weird Well, I guess it was a happy ending, right? Kind of, well for me, anyway (laughs) What does it all mean?

What do you guys think, let me know, okay Alright, well, make sure you do everything you can to spot this video on the internet, ’cause it’s so good, he’s famous, yeah ‘Til next time, later hot pota-ters, yeah (upbeat dance music)