Rising for the Resistance – This is Only a Test 538 – 2/13/20

for Thursday February 13 2020 welcomes you this is only a test the official podcast of tested dot-com hello and welcome to yet another duo cast we’re doing a dance where you in cash or podcast and then you and me podcast Jeremy Williams here on the show today looks like three to me norm three yeah you’re watching the video we do have a special guest an unnamed character has appeared well I come back first of all from Disney World and I brought back a friend but we’ll get to him in a moment I was of youth just listening to the audio kasher is out this week we’re gonna try to do what we did last week which worked amazingly yeah I thought so or so I’m told from everyone who watched the show well done you little video guys of a FaceTime call to me on location and courts today is on location up in the Seattle Washington area visiting a friend that’s right front of tested so these are yeah well we’ll hopefully FaceTime him in at an appropriate time and get a little bit of a a chicken but a lot to go over thank you guys for covering last week you’re welcome post Super Bowl I here was good your life interesting oh no the pot cow the discussion of the super rule the super bowel hmm sorry San Franciscans 49er fans out there it was rough it was rough rough week that’s why I had to be on vacation to to get away from it all you know that said my team League pinball League team won last night our match so it’s kind of it’s all okay I mean it’s kind of I mean there’s not the same following one of the most popular sports in the world the biggest global event with hundreds of tens of millions of people watching versus the local pinball League versus nobody watching it it’s about emotion it’s about my feelings emotional investment and things are an imbalance in balance and you guys won we well we won this match yes yeah that felt good gotta go home meet your son that’s right so we’re gonna get to Picard episode 3 at the end of the show much like last week you guys did Picard episode two spoiler talk spoiler talk that’s what we’re doing we’re recapping Star Trek Picard episode 3 we gave you guys a week to watch it I think that’s fair I think totally fair and we put it at the end so if you don’t want spoilers is easy to catch I completely agree but we’re gonna kick this show off with a little bit of a vacation show and tell we don’t have music for that we don’t know III would love music for that because we often go on travels in fact in fact I’m going another week-long trip next week and we want to come back and you know we considered you out there are our extended family and much like when we return from trips in the days of your family gather round the carousel the the projector or the slide projector and let’s talk about the family vacation as we travel into America in this case to Orlando Florida I’ll go back yeah from Walt Disney World a long way away from our more local Disneyland no you went to the much larger Disney war yes well a second time there and you know I’ve talked about extensively on the podcast last time I went I also once Universal Studios we had a lot to talk about what about the rides there difference between the Disney approach to dark rides and also the universal approach to rides using projection systems with 3d glasses motion control simulators but obviously Walt Disney Imagineering has their roots in audio animatronics and their cast of Disney franchises and characters with no channel not only the classic Disney characters but also now Pixar and Marvel okay and Star Wars but let’s talk about the big reason why when oh well I was meant for rise of the resistance but you could have done that here but the lines here Jeremy lines were insane well I want to hear all about it but I don’t want to hear any spoilers okay so this is up this is the one ride I’ve ever anticipated look forward to where I know where I am so excited for it I don’t want it to be spoiled I haven’t watched the ride throughs that are on YouTube oh if you want to see the ride you can you can absolutely there are people who make it their thing to get the highest quality of low light cameras sometimes stabilized and they film oh wow the entire ride and pizza together they’ve done it not only for new rides but they also have done it for older rides have

since been retired or to document a ride in a certain point of time before an upgrade happens and these are hardcore not only theme park enthusiast but Disney fans as well I I love what they’re doing Disney actually doesn’t stop you from filming right unless you’re of course on a roller coaster and even then it’s on you I mean you keep your hands in the right at all time so if you lose your phone yeah of course do the water or somewhere you know as long as you’re hurting someone that’s that’s on you they’re not going to pick it up necessarily but that’s a long way of saying the rise of resistance ride which open in Orlando late last year it’s the the e-ticket the big ride at galaxy’s edge yeah I thought maybe it was the Falcon because that’s what it opened with that’s what I thought too I mean who wouldn’t have thought that being in the crew of the Millennium Falcon in your own cockpit with six folks each person having a different role with a completely interactive ride which we’ve talked about in the show well that’s got to be the flagship ride know everyone know you’re right that’s the be rise right that’s insane so if you’d watch Disney the Imagineering story on Disney Plus which we both learned and binge you got probably the most you want to see out of probably more than you want to see about rise the resistance the last episode gives I think of the way a little bit too much in terms of when they’re showing the technology they are giving away parts of the ride that I wish I had not known about waiting for some of those moments well credit to them it’s why I want to ride it so badly yes and III think they did a good job with some of the press previews and describing building of anticipation because you know you know and it’s not a spoiler to say this is a long ride it is unlike a rollercoaster so one way to think about theme park rides is the onboarding time so if when you have a ride like Pirates of the Caribbean that is a high capacity ride right you can pack like I want to say 20 people on that boat Wow and you don’t need to have restraints on them you’re literally sitting in a seat even though there’s a little bit of on the Disney Land version with pirates you have a little bit of the tip as you go down and it’s not it’s not the right there’s nonstop that’s coming by you’re on them you are going and going and going and so their throughput per hour and it’s got to be in the up to thousands per hour if they wanted to right at capacity a roller coaster so I’m gonna be exact Belov in hollywood studios to maltese world there’s a Toy Story land now let’s open and slinky the slinky dog has a rollercoaster ride that is a low ass low capacity ride because not only is a rollercoaster so you got to wait till the entire roller coaster goes through before you load the nesic next set of people on but it takes time for them to onboard to make sure all the restraints are on yeah you know you got to make sure the the safety bar is locked in and it’s also you know only about a dozen or so people on that roller coaster at a time maybe the number is wrong but it’s low number of course on the we’re talking about extremes Falcon we talked about the smugglers run we should call it the official name the million falcon ride is more akin to a roller coaster ride in that you you are limited by the cockpits right the number of cockpits you have and of course they’ve built this elaborate carousel system where the cockpits shift and so you’re kind of onboarding as many people as you can at a time but it you are still waiting and they design ways in the actual line itself to make the line entertaining whether it’s the waiting room of the inside the collectively Millennium Falcon when you walk on board or the actual line itself they have a lot of theming they’ve plussed it up to to make that up to two hour wait bearable if if you’re waiting the full two hours more bearable yes rise of the resistance is more akin I think to the pirate style and that they’re they’re people are moving through because it’s such a long ride so again not a spoiler let’s say it’s about a 17 minute experience crazy but that’s split into several sacks I want to call it 17 minutes from what point from when you see this is tough this is tough to explain this I know if some of you out there either written the right or watch the videos well sometimes there’s a ride and sometimes there’s like a pre part of the ride like when you go to the Haunted Mansion you actually go into everyone’s the element room and you start to go to I will consider that side of the ride but then after that you actually walk through a hallway it takes and then you finally get into the actual dark ride seat yes I would say the the 17 minutes includes the rise of the resistance equivalent of the elevator okay where you have done the formal line waiting process of going through a narrow queue which itself is pretty pretty interesting pretty cool because there is stuff that’s decked out lots of theming you see you are in the resistance base on to the planet that galaxy’s edge is on right the resistance has built up there bunkers and you see the ruins of an ancient civilization

that formerly inhabited by – and the whole idea is the resistance is using some of those cavernous spaces and kind of making and making a makeshift base this is so Rises the resistance takes place in the land of galaxies edge yes is the actual fiction yes that’s interesting that’s right I think the malkin also the whole planet is Batou yeah yeah right and that too is supposed to be or it’s in the outer rim right it’s it’s in its the idea is that this is an outpost that’s kind of beyond the reaches of the main star war but where the first order the resistance are fighting I say and where you have the marketplace in galaxy’s edge or you see these like these relics that people have brought in from the main battles that’s why you see stormtrooper helmets but it’s not like stormtroopers aren’t necessarily walking through there right that’s the main area with the shopping area in the Falcon okay but there is like a more relevance or a first-order presence area yeah and then there’s also the part of the base that’s more resistance focused and the merchandise actually reflects those areas so the the part of galaxies edge where you see that giant I don’t think it’s a TIE fighter it’s like kylo ren’s Tie striker whatever it’s called that’s the more Imperial area and then the rise of resistance area where the merchandise is actually more rebel and resistance focus now that’s the that’s the Batou base that they’ve built up are both galaxy’s edges mirror images of each other are identical adaran not i dental and layout it’s not identical because of the way they had to design galaxy’s edge around Disneyland so Disneyland because of the real estate that real estate they basically took it uh I think it was an employee parking lot interesting a park parking lot that was right outside Disneyland and so galaxies at you if you look at a map it wraps around the outside the north end of Disneyland Park and Anaheim it’s like the furthest they actually took down the burn to make galaxy’s edge possible do you remember the burn here the burn is one of the things that that makes Disneyland magical he had to move the Train didn’t they they had to move the Train like this what is it 10 15 foot tall mound of Earth that was where the train rides around it’s what hides the park from the outside world a little reason and vice-versa and vice versa some of the reasons when you’re in Disneyland Park it doesn’t feel like you’re in Southern California right as opposed to California Adventure where you can see the powerlines you can hear the freeway are they approximately the same size though both galaxies edges they think because of the layout it’s bigger location a physical square footage-wise it’s bigger in Anaheim okay some of the connecting areas are stretched out a little bit more but they have all the same facilities got it the other the Falcon I think is like slightly tilted you know 10 degrees offset because of the way they arrange the space you know minor minor difference right like the Disney hard core could be able to see a photo and say okay that’s that’s Anaheim or that sort of land oh okay but otherwise it’s they made two of two of everything essentially so a 17 minute ride I will say and starting from when you and your group go through these doors which is how big I’d say about the again that’s as I try to choose my words care about it it’s about 30 of the 32 Wow three people yeah in your group in the group do they all get in the same car no okay so that’s the point that were might be spoiling yeah yeah okay so there was there’s a whole I think of like again the Haunted Mansion example you know your car the N is three people or at most right we people chain people but the group that goes down the elevator is like my people yeah so there is a whole process huh and that storytelling process that takes you from that first initial boarding group yeah call it that and is that that group is a part of the same story process yes interesting and where you end up in your the car group because it is a car you are in a motion simulator yeah vehicle I’ve seen the concept art I’ve seen the car seen the car that’s like six people okay right I my numbers might be fudging a little bit that is a whole part of the story huh so I think it’s fair to say what the story is you are and being enlisted in the resistance cool and you are being sent on a mission right by familiar characters that you may have seen from the new Star Wars trilogy okay because it is first its new trilogy its sequel trilogy it’s not prequel trilogy it’s it’s JJ kylo Ren yes you know it’s it’s a really it’s it’s all those characters first order versus resistance and you know the thing that most surprised me about this ride was that it reminded me of the best parts of the Star Trek ride Star Trek from Syria Vegas from which I never saw which was it if you’ve listened to this podcast yeah it’s one of the best things I’ve in in terms of ambition and of its era you know I’m not gonna go through the whole description

you can listen to the dubstep intro you know and suddenly to enterprise-d that experience is fully there in in rise of the resistance it’s combination of motion simulator combination of I’m choose my words carefully interactive exhibit a combination of all sorts of trickery from what I understand they have incorporated aspects of technologies from different rides that already exist in Disneyland yeah in world now I do want to spend some time talking about how to get on this ride some pro tips oh man cuz that’s that’s the problem a lot of people have had here in Anaheim is that you show up at 8 o’clock you still might not get on the ride so it’s not a Fastpass system eventually they’re they have a fast past line and eventually they may let you do Fast Pass once the man goes down and that’s one of the reasons we decide to go to Orlando’s because in Anaheim it’s just absolutely packed you know the first in in Orlando also turns out absolutely packed it’s all app based so the reason I call boarding groups is that’s what they call it as well you have to sign up via the app which is tied to your ticket and it’s geofence to a boarding group I actually heard it’s not geo-fenced all they do is check whether or not you’ve been admitted to the park really you can admit yourself to the park go back to your hotel and it’s still in there well you without that would be hours too late because at the moment you’re mid to the park right if you don’t do it you’re not making that boarding right and so the people I’ve talked to who worked with Disney and and I would love to hear from people my dm’s are open if you want to send me information about how the ride may work I’m guessing right now they’re not being very transparent about the capacity of the ride right if I did some back of the napkin math I’m assuming maybe they’re gonna get like 500 people an hour through this right if that’s up storm number out there and if you do the math and it’s open for 12 hour day 8 a.m. to 8 p.m you’re gonna get a couple thousand people through this ride let’s said most 10,000 people through the write if you’re lucky yeah that is a small fraction of the capacity of the potential capacity of a park so it’s unfortunate thing that even if you’ve spent over $100 hundred $20 to get into the park there is ZERO guarantee you’ll get on this ride and many people would get turned away and so to accommodate that they’ve done this boarding group system where yes people are waiting outside the park before doors open and the moment they check in like you said it’s not geofencing but I use an app they don’t want your ticket which is tied to the app is aged in mmm you tried to apply for a boarding group and there becomes almost like a lottery or you’re mashing the button it’s like buying a mondo poster it’s like buying concert tickets you’re saying get me on to the boarding group yeah and they’ll say if and that the number the boarding group you get I don’t know how many people are in the boarding groups again I’ll soom it’s like a couple hundred well how many group how many boarding dupes are there there’s almost 100 of them are there the day I went boarding capacity was limited to 63 sporting group groups so once it hits 63 boarding groups were no longer guaranteed hmm a spot and there’s a waitlist okay now I will tell this story we woke up we traveled to baby we travel tiny Avery I wish I had some dramatic music for all my kid I need this therapy yeah okay and why you’re only one who you know takes time to get ready we’re also in we do we planned it out so we arrived you know it’s been a full weekend Orlando we knew there’d be jetlag we needed to acclimate him so we did not plan to go to Disney Studios until later in the week until he was gonna be ahmed to travel a little bit older it’s yeah and we had gone through the the ritual of getting up morning known what it would take to to get him to get ready to get out into the world good I will say there are members of our party who take longer than others to getting ready so we had to make sure with the plan light before a way to throw a ‘very under the bus exactly so we knew let’s say the park opens at 8:00 we knew way to get there by 7:00 a.m the shuttles to take you from the resort the hotel it’s don’t run until an hour before the park open so our options were we call you can call lifts right you mean while taxi Wow pay twenty bucks you said go you know a couple miles and they even have a new lift service they called the minivan solid sand polka-dotted no yeah it’s minivan we were gonna do that we’re gonna ride the shuttle so we need to be there and we didn’t make the first shuttle and you’re jet-lagged and we’re Jet Li yeah so we planned up we woke up that day at 5:30 a.m. that’s to get ready that’s disgusting 5:30 in the morning after and and that you know 5:30 Eastern Time feels like 2:30 Pacific time a.m. might as well done the all-nighter yep God Avery up got everything together going on and

there was in and the bus stop packed full people oh my god they all had the same idea everyone’s same idea everyone have their phones out ready to do the boarding groups everyone in that resort like and this is down season so the second bus comes at 7:15 and you’re stressed there with the oh I’m if you look at my Apple watch yeah and my heart rate okay it’s peaking it’s like it’s it’s it’s not happy Daniken baby get on the party who our friends were there with god on okay I had to collapse the stroller we brought our stroller for Avery yeah and I collapse the stroller and I get to the front and the bus driver goes sorry you can’t come on I put my baby but my baby the doors closed and I goodbye to my friends Dannic and the baby this is not Disney magic and in that moment you know what I felt I felt like you know I’m not gonna make light of like terrible flights that happen in the world but I’m like this is that movie part of this is what happens in those movies when families are taken away and you want to get your family on the train and the father is left behind or the parents are left behind oh boy and I said I’m okay my family made it my family made it let the world take me I have except I’m come to peace as long as they can right as long as they contain resistance get to the front of the line as long as they can get onto the boarding group and make it offworld I’ll be okay I’ll see you on the other side yeah Avery I’ll see you on the other side take your time yeah yeah what a moment yeah not all fathers get their story told not all fathers get so you caught the next of us or you stir you bran the you get our different buses you call the polkadot minivan no no I considered it I’m like okay it can’t be more than 15 minutes for the next bus and there are different buses for different parks and Epcot bus comes by a Magic Kingdom bus comes by okay Animal Kingdom what part are you waiting for Hollywood studios that’s where it is REM caught buses come by that would have been good people are not happy other people have built up and they there those are people who now are there at the bus stop who’ve missed two of the buses and they’re still holding out hope Wow third bus operator I’m thinking you have seniority here but you don’t there with people who’ve missed two buses well I guess no no you have new buses – no I’m saying those those are people who’ve maybe woke up late and miss buses arrived or the bus stop playing I do have seniority I was the last person that was the first person to I hope you’re asserting yourself at this point and I have it I mean I’ve gotten so I got looks because some people are like who is this dude with a stroller where’s your baby you’re taking it where’s your baby you’re taking up space and I’d most ready to tell them my baby is waiting for me yeah at galaxy’s edge on the other side on the other side we get off this bus and I’m texting thirty minutes go by with no bus at this point it’s 7:45 I the bus finally arrives I get on the bus this bus is full of people who are in denial mm-hmm who are trying to come up with ways searching through Google there are people who went to all Hollywood studios earlier in the week in China okay I made that to a waiting list you know and there people are asking sure how long does it take before the boarding groups fill up we were told by our friends it fills up in the first three minutes right three minutes yeah if you’re not mashing a button and get off the bus you’re gonna get into the park which is a line through security check and you’re hoping the app doesn’t crash that whole time because right it has happened to it that absolutely so I get off the bus I deploy the stroller I make my way over I’m getting text Park is open it’s pat it’s 8:05 you’re running with an empty stroller tardy stroller toward the front gate I’m good I’m going through the motion how am I gonna empty my backpack I’m gonna get through security as fast as possible yeah which’ll I enjoyed shoes I’m in constant text communication with them they’re in they didn’t even get in that early they got in at basically when I got off the bus now I had to go through security can they even enter the queue without you in in the park so they created a group excluding me and they created a four-person party without me to apply for the boarding groups and they got born in group 90 whoa the non-guaranteed son guaranteed for that day and I think they adjust the guarantee like it’s not like I don’t know think it’s 63 yeah I was like number I think it depends on like how they feel realized on the run a and as there’s some computer magic algorithms are working to make it all work I get into the park I make it to group 122 I’m not feeling good that means like twice capacity either people right like if you’re waiting if you’ve gotten there at 7 a.m. you’re gonna be I’m thinking like you’re gonna be waiting the whole day to

get on the rise the resistance right and maybe there are people who decide to skip it maybe the waiting list yeah thins out but even if the waiting list stems out the people have waited all day in waiting lists boarding group 8090 hundred they’re committed they’re pod committed they’re gonna stay the whole time so born in group 122 not very likely well see I know the end of this story norm I know you got to ride the ride how did that happen so they give you AB updates and there are signs posted for wait times for other rides as long as as well as the boarding groups and so we’re looking and immediately of course when the park opens they go through boarding Group one to ten one to fifteen amelie going because you get to yeah and you have an hour essentially once your boarding group is on that’s non the screen you have an hour to get there get to the part I get to the the entrance now and then you’ll get to wait in another queue a small tangent once you get there how long until you own the park on the five minutes no that’s good yeah okay it’s like a 65 minute wait they’ve got it and and then and they’ll slow down the boarding group numbering to make sure it’s only about like a 20-minute wait got it in that queue after you you Gump you you enter they and they talk about you so did you join somehow join their smaller group we we switched magic bands you can oh we switch match you can do that yes I negotiated with our friends Wow and our friends thankfully had done rides the resistance already in LA yeah yes so they do be very very gracious and they’re good people and they’re good people thank you they’re good people they graciously I swapped so we were keeping tabs on it and here’s here’s the positive thing on a good day we were there in a good day was running efficiently yeah they got to boarding group 63 which was the guaranteed capacity they got there by 4:00 p.m. that day oh good and so there was a good four hours after that you can track that okay right so even if you’re on the waitlist all hope is not lost there is hope in the galaxy for you rebellions are built on it absolutely now give you a pro tip this is the one magic thing that you out there listeners a podcast will get well this is a trick that may get you the ability to write it twice without having to wait and in one day maybe you should wait till I ride it to share this unfortunately it requires having a baby oh alright and you don’t have a baby nope not anymore we thought Avery was gonna be a burden for this trip he was definitely difficult to handle he we knew going to Disney World with a baby yeah it was very different than the many times we’ve gone to Disney parks just as you know solo or as a couple right because we were there on his schedule his nap schedule his feeding schedule his attention is exactly and he’s he’s a good baby he could ride he Road pirates no problem he did hot a mansion no problems impressed but he can be fussy and and a lot of people go to Disney parks with babies and it’s it’s tough I understand that we also realize that you know a lot of it was for him we wanted him to meet some characters and we’re taking full even lease not gonna remember it ain’t nothing for him at one-year-old okay sure it’s it’s in the same way that when I’m you know we’re thinking about him down the line right so he can look at photos and remember us okay right he’s like my parents took me Disneyland they were good people they like me I love them when they’re gone I see so it’s for future a future you’re you’re building seeds that you’re a guardian who never gets excited that’s an event right well done right so the benefit of having a baby at Disneyland is they allow you to do something called child swap you need I think it’s called child swap like if you don’t like your baby you know know it I know it sounds like you can swap the babies and that’s the end all seriousness I hear there is like Disney parks there’s some child trafficking that happens there that’s really fucked up dude yeah I don’t talk about that yeah but you can read news articles uh-huh about that anyway the child swap policy assumes that maybe you have a group with like three people right plus a baby maybe grandparents right sure it’s not possible for everyone to ride a popular ride together if someone needs to watch the baby yeah because baby can’t come on the ride exactly and so typically you designate maybe one person right the dad yeah the grandma they’re good the grandpa to watch the basil how you do the ride so one person has to wait in this long line yeah and then you to the front you get some sort of pass and so you go to the very helpful folks at guest services and they have these people waiting it all in front of all the lines you said we want to do a child swap and what they’ll do is and you can use this with a fast pass or you can do this if you’re you know if you wait in the line they will mark you as saying okay you’re you’ve gone to the front of the line you are gonna watch the baby but we’re gonna let you when your friends come out go cut the line to get

to the front because you sacrificed your time to watch a baby is that the fast pass line fast pass line okay you have to go in the fast pass along yeah right makes sense yeah now the benefit is they don’t want the person who’s deprived himself of going on experience with friends who watch baby to go alone if I stay out and I do rise the resistance by myself and I watch the baby I don’t want your eyes a resistance by myself okay fun with with friends so how’s our with your family well the person who gets to wait it with the baby and gets to bring up to two people with them to go through the ride and it can be two people the same party right so okay but still there’s they don’t watch the baby for you know the nose so let’s say let’s say I’d say that’s three men and a baby that’s why which cashiers here I had a hole through and a baby thing all planned answer really clever sure Jeremy and me we’re watching Avery again and that’s say okay you know what I’ll watch Avery Jeremy you and cash or do you rise of the resistance okay alright we’ve waited in line I’ll watch Avery so we check in they’ve badged me as I’m the baby watcher you guys do rise or sits in stand you guys all is awesome yep and then they’ll it’s my turn yeah right okay and I’ll watch the baby cuz sure and you can go ride together because shortcuts to write it twice now I get it that’s cool that’s cool I don’t think they don’t like you need a baby I think you just need someone who’s too short for the ride oh because I’ve done that at Disneyland yeah when my kids were too too small so it’s the wrong way of saying this child swap policy lets you ride rights twice if you’re in a big group if you’re just two people no it doesn’t do any good no you need a minimum of three yep and we were a four yeah that’s good and so I got to ride rise of resistance Oh No one and a half times it broke down it broke oh wow and this is an interesting thing so I’m super glad because I already we were talking about okay they got through 63 boarding groups early yeah there was a chance that I could ride in boarding Group 90 with the party with a magic band swap and I could do it by myself again when a group 122 and write it twice yeah I got do it forward I’m talking about on the podcast that’s important yeah right but we didn’t have to do that because we did the child swap yep and so we got to do it again but halfway through the ride and now the right experience 17 minutes and I’ll say this is before the part I got into those cars oh wow yeah right before I actually wish it was when I was cars or halfway through the ride Samsung or we give him too much away no no that’s interesting heart part of the way through before I got in the cars they had to evacuate everyone from the ride it wasn’t like an emergency right no so I think there’s obviously it’s a ride that’s relatively new they’re working out the kinks but the cars if you watch the Imagineering story the technology of the cars and we’re going back to tech coming full circle tech podcast is it’s a motion simulator that’s not on a track right so if you talk about the look at the history of Disney rides you have you have things like Indiana Jones which is the first time we’ve had you have the the first Star Wars thing Oh sir sir Star Wars we just motion simulator right lockdown motion simulator right so it’s it’s a has it’s a home things on hydraulics but it definitely has money degrees of movement everyone’s right runway is exactly but doesn’t actually physically move linearly right through space it just tilts and angles in different directions Indiana Jones was one of the first rides that actually put that on wheels put it on on on wheels but the wheels on a track yeah and I think the dinosaur ride and what Kingdom does the same thing it’s basically a neo Jones small and then they got to a point where the technology was that they can have this multi degree axis motion simulator on basically actually on wheels and have it go through pre-program movements off track and it but it seems like I don’t know if I’m wrong but it seems like it’s not just on wheels if they can go in any direction their army direction yeah that’s awesome yes and they first tested this with a ratatouille ride in Disneyland Paris and then they of course brought it to rise the resistance yeah now the part of the failure part of this in this complicated mechanism is that because you’re running and this is one of the ways they can get the ride at higher capacity and you think is because you can have these cars non-stop emptying out and bringing a pirate style running through the sequence they’re not on Rails so a failure in one is it’s bad in one of these vehicles okay I mean it would be a pure on reverb rails too right yeah but it’s especially bad because you don’t know what’s wrong with it necessarily and you’d have to stop everyone right and the things that can cause a failure or more unpredictable than let’s say if you were on Rails like let’s say for example some what I’m on the ride and I

drop my taking picture and I dropped my cellphone if I drop my cellphone in the spot where another one of those cars behind me is supposed to go over and hits that car the car doesn’t know it it has to take extra precaution because it’s not on Rails it might think it’s bumped into a person okay that would stop the ride okay so you’re saying it’s a more complicated ride and they’ve ever built before and there’s more points of failure and it’s I’m saying that for a massively complex system they didn’t think about the exhaust port what what there is that there’s a tiny weakness you don’t know someone dropped their cellphone and that’s what broke it down I’m saying that if they stay on target yeah and you hit those photon torpedoes you can break the ride for everyone at the end of the day well I’m sure the ride is nothing compared to the power of the force for sure that’s right stay on target unfortunate I think something like that happened so I only got to go through one and a half part of that ride without spoiling I will say it makes great use of animatronics it it again I’m gonna bring back the Star Trek experience analogy in that it’s not just ride it is experience deputies immersive you don’t wear 3d glasses do you you do not wear 3d glasses all right it’s the Star Trek experience but with Disney money it’s like they could do it this big but we have Disney money let’s go even bigger one of the themes of I’ll talk about two more things because I know we’ve gone very long on two more I know two more things one big theme of Disney in terms of Technology and imagine here’s what they’re using is projection mapping it’s everywhere now it’s all over rise of resistance okay they used a really great effect for blaster fire so much of the prop and I think you see if glimpse of this in the Imagineering story when they show the rooms the rooms without the projection mapping or much more bare than you would think and one way you can know even this notice this is if you take photos of the ride the projection map stuff looks slightly off because the lighting though it is light so bounces off yeah the surfaces that’s her projected mapped on different then if it was painted but allows them to animate all sorts of things and the evening shows the fireworks shows at Magic Kingdom where the Hollywood studios were their projection map on the castle and on the big facade that’s me it’s some of the most gorgeous and most magical things there mm-hmm well worth saying at the end just to see that stuff that’s one two I’m not gonna go through everything we did there but just what happens for the avatar land of Endora yeah is awesome okay so that that’s something I’ve never seen either and I saw from the Imagineering dock that there was some architecture that looks physically impossible like that yeah they built these swooping hovering lands yes that are actually held up by steel yeah yeah yeah but but it’s all embedded in a way that makes it look impossible in much the same way it’s enormous earth much the same way you there are collectible statues that you can buy from a sideshow collectibles where it looks like it’s gravity-defying it’s because you know the actual material that it’s made out of is maybe concrete or plaster but they have new material science that have very light weight external materials and yet very strong rigid internal structure and so you can do essentially what look like floating mountains so on camera like on video it’s hard to get the sense of the scale but when you’re there in person is it is it pretty impressive well it’s impressive in both that it’s actually smaller than what it looks like because they like they do another there’s an parks it’s all forced perspective yeah it’s if you if you had a 3d model of it and you kind of pan around you know that’s actually much smaller than what that mountain looks like but in person they have small mountains in a distance and can’t use a lot of tricks visual tricks practical tricks to make it look like there are massive massive map is there a VR ride in the inland there are two rides one of them has a giant animatronic which the weight is usually two hours long this is a knobby river ride yeah not worth it okay animatronic wasn’t there down for maintenance replaced with a hologram oh no replace it with a screen that’s like the peak technology of animatronics yes the giant Navi yeah shaman not there okay totally not worth it sorry the other ride maybe for me maybe better and risers just to shut up is that the view all right that is the soaring style ride yeah and this one is 3d glasses oh it’s not VR it’s not VR okay because I couple people when I because I talk about VR yeah a lot they say oh yeah I’ve done the aims of the avatar ride Disney World and they’ve said that like videos of them yeah yeah flight of passages name it’s using the technology of Soren Soren over California which is that kind of adventure interesting which has a basically if you’ve done the Back to the Future ride it’s kind of like that there’s a giant hemisphere screen yeah it’s almost got a giant IMAX screen and

they put you on a motion simulator that dangles in front of it and does light drops and turns but you’re harnessed in with like a group of you know 20 people as well and in multiple areas now you are wearing three glasses so there is a kind of a sweet spot saurons not 3d swords out there so this one is 3d interesting and it was incredibly thrilling hmm I mean it’s not like stomach dropping like a real roller coaster but in terms of making you feel like you’re flying on a banshee and you’re in this five minute fight through Pandora it is really good and they did do some good 240 effects you know the quote-unquote 40 effects were you are air and stuff air and also haptics you have havoc feedback because your the whole idea the conceit of it is that you’re in a human facility you’re being linked up to an avatar and the way the link due up is that you mount this motorcycle like see and they press against your back brace I’d have a back brace and they have these knee braces and they do these little pulsating effects make it feel like you’re being connected to your avatar and then they plank you in and suddenly you’re you’re on a banshee and you can feel breathe you can hear it well win in your face that’s a good idea and I rode that one twice as well again using the child swap trick light hack so good I love love love that ride better than rice though it bread probably not better than rice way more technology of course love Star Wars more but I was maybe more impressed by because my expectations for that matters and I had such high expectations Verizon and they’d met them to be sure the first time the first time the second time it was I really wish I was on the actual car itself yeah yeah broke down be fun I had the lights come up and see everything I mean the whole evacuation procedure we had to go through basically the back doors and offload by the crew of the staff area the cast member area and it takes about you know at least now our I heard that to reset and by then it just we couldn’t reset they gave you a fast pass they could use anywhere else but like we weren’t gonna go back to Hollywood studios the next day right yeah yeah one shot if you had one shot don’t throw away your shot you didn’t you made it very good hopefully didn’t go to my spoilers into the ride for you no no no no I can’t wait to ride it I don’t know when that’s gonna be what we talked about maybe going there this month don’t think it’s gonna happen la la time yeah I don’t know we’ll see we’ll see I keep hearing good things you know I can’t wait till the ride is unpopular because I don’t think it’s gonna happen anytime soon unless Star Wars gets unpopular and even then yeah so there’s so much I could say about Walt Disney World I had a wonderful time great way to fresh I brought back this guy if you’re watching the video it’s a banshee it’s a baby banshee yeah it’s from the Rookery and better than that better than the Navi hologram probably better yeah much better than the the hologram that was in places he’s moving his head oh look at that he opens now looks around his wings move up and down yeah he could be better mounted on the shoulder but for my 50 bucks it’s pretty good yeah yeah you should be very proud of that purchase norm yeah this is the Oh everywhere with you now I’m thinking about it I could be that guy that guy in San Francisco walking around with a man chi much weirder things yeah I still get with the peacock top story this week well my trip my vacation at Disney was not the top story so let’s talk about the Oscars I didn’t actually get a chance to watch them although I did follow the winners and do a surprise surprise yeah parasite won Best Picture four weeks you have been saying watch this film why does this one Jeremy have not watched the films this gonna convince you to watch the film it was already convinced I just didn’t have the time because nobody in my family wants to watch it right probably shouldn’t I mean complete so it’s like I’ve pitched it like but no one has taken me up on it definitely on a kids movie so now I just have to make time for it I can’t wait to watch this film because given the city not only the success here but you guys have been telling me about have you watch his previous films no um you should watch snowpiercer he might like that one too I mean the fact that a foreign language film won best picture is precedented absolutely huge yeah yeah the last time that this was even possible that I can remember was Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon it didn’t want to didn’t win it was nominated there was sure yeah won Best International Film ah also nominated didn’t win right yeah it’s so very recent I mean what is it about this film that that makes it the best perhaps like if you’re looking at it for like films that have been nominated but haven’t won and now this one did what is it about this film or is it a matter of just a time a sign right right right moment right year four at the momentum so much about this so much of it is about the momentum because it’s so very political you know you want the Oscars to be this bastion of excellence and the final authority for quality but it’s not right right it’s just like any other or Zordon issue it’s just the one that has the

highest profile you know the one that charged that it’s most exclusive in terms of its memberships like you see the gold globes that’s voted for by the Foreign Association whatever the the the the foreign international movie Association whatever it’s not even right it’s like it’s you got to look at the criteria who’s actually voting for this stuff and I think the momentum for parasite moved it up in the weeks leading up to the release of the Oscars and it was a surprise because I think a lot of thought 1917 would be a safe bet 17 definitely got its recognition for cinematography cinematography and special effects and it’s exactly and the other big contender is you know the Irishman and once upon Tyne in Hollywood I think split the votes putting East Coast and West Coast voters and this felt like a feel-good movie a feel-good story what parasite parasite not the movie itself but the story of Bunker Hill yeah and it just has likeability it felt like no shape of water being Guillermo de toros big achievement it’s I don’t think it’s his best movie by far but I think that it’s call you know it’s a recognition of him as the director I think it’s a great movie I think this had that momentum of going before people wanted to root for this movie because does it resonate with an American audiences for some resonance the matter American audiences it’s don’t vote for the Oscars right but most of the members are American you know it’s a it’s also feel-good Hollywood liberal Hollywood you think – that is a factor I think that is I think that’s definitely a founder I mean that’s a lot of people you know joining hands and feeling good to get in this field that’s great because it’s a fantastic movie and I think it and I would have been happy if 1917 won cuz I think that’s a achievement in filmmaking that you look at the criteria achievement in filmmaking I think both those movies are up there and as like if you and that’s the problem with the Oscars cuz then it’s it’s almost like you treat it like the the Super Bowl you treat it like the NBA Finals where people only remember the winners and that sucks and you look at this the list of the hundred years of the Oscars or whatever it’s 80 years of the Oscars that we’ve had so far just whatever it is and you look at and you look at the one movie that’s identified with that year and people hold so much to that and that discounts all the other cinema that’s been released that year and it’s not indicative necessarily no winner is indicative of what the culture and what the landscape for movies were like that year and we do have stories like okay Saving Private Ryan losing to Shakespeare and love or films like you know and losing to green book last year right and that’s fine I’m glad the accolades are there but if you were gonna rail against green book winning last year the you should also take the parasite with a grandson again super happy for Bunker Hill I’m glad he won I’m glad the film won but also watch other movies is my point I mean it’s the fact that it one speaks to how many people actually ended up seeing it like it wasn’t just a movie that had some buzz with a few people like actually everybody went out and saw it and voted for it and the best thing I think to come out of this is hopefully the wrecking the hope that people who did not have interested in watching it to go watch it and also water kettle III mean I mean would make that in the RAM it make the time yeah a good time to watching that and hopefully it gets a wider release and hopefully it lets him have his pick of whatever his next project wants to be sure he will yeah anything else Oscar related you want to talk about yeah and we have a call to make we do yeah I just got a text message so we do that should we do that now I think we should we need to all right well we’re gonna go check in with our men in the north to show Hari and well while Jerry does that I’m gonna talk about the I’m gonna reminisce more about Walt Disney World unfortunately we’re there right before the new Cirque de Soleil show open that’s in the dizzy Springs shopping area of the Walt Disney World Park and apparently that supposed to be incredible incredible technical achievement it is a Disney themed Cirque de Soleil show so really hope I have the opportunity sometime in the future to go back and check that out Animal Kingdom remains in my favorite parks I think some of the best theming spend a bunch of time at Epcot unfortunate didn’t get a chance to say hi to some folks I want to say I know how much people reached out but of course I was on baby schedule but thank you for those of you who did come up and say hi it’s really nice to meet some of you and I just got to say if you have the opportunity to stay at a Disney Resort even some of the budget resorts there it’s well worth staying there for all the convenience of I’ve get into the parks and I’m a big fan of the Disney meal plan so you say I’m not Hawking the DVC Wow vacation club I’m just saying kickback come on I’m just saying if you wanna it is a good value if you’re gonna be at the park all day and gonna enjoy the the restaurants

because it can be quite expensive the each of those restaurants alright are you getting face time I should be momentarily at for some reason shores an Android phone how are we doing that I know I think he’s using his laptop what um for some reason like I think because how does this work what’s going on it it’s a dead air dead air well whatever he he should here we go okay okay I should be and we were reading a signal from the shore we’re getting a signal one do it here oh you’re blinking the blinking is happening oh my goodness working over there my goodness gracious let me look through my pictures to see what else I can talk about hold on oh sure oh yeah we had technical issues uh at Disney springs I also rode on the m5 Akkar it was a little bit of a treat we spend ourselves for 125 dollars to get 30 minutes with your own captain on a small vehicle that is a vintage car but also goes in water and I think there are only like 70 of them left in the world and the Disney park has eight of them and it’s if it’s nice weather I highly recommend it really fun to take the family out on the water get some good sites take some good photos they have done oh I do want to mention and if you listen to my recap of Walt Disney World a while ago last time I went I could not stop gushing about the circle vision this is that vintage camera system that they built when they open Walt Disney World with it was basically you know the equivalent of 10 GoPros but it was ten thirty five-millimeter films cameras that they rigged together and put on helicopters and put in cars and drove around the world and to create these mini documentaries about going into China about going to Canada the Canada one is new and I will say the Canon one I think they shot some new stuff using digital cameras not as good as film and as much as I love Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara narrating this new version of the Canada one I missed the old far and wide Canadian tour okay and this French one is still the best impressions difference psyche sure hey hey where is kishore right now can you turn your phone sideways or are you not on the phone I’m not on a phone well that works you weren’t a big hat Kishore what’s going on we’re a big hat because I’m here who sees Jeremy’s hand because he’s going through there he goes up and hang out with bill how you guys doing fantastic so we we hear that first visit to the punish props home base yeah I haven’t haven’t even been there can you give us a little bit of a tour sure yeah I’ll film bill walking around I’m wearing one of bills pirate hats that he made was it last year the video before for Dragon Con and this one bill and Britt were obsessed with Microsoft Xbox Pirates game okay so for rebuilding this area over here all my sanding tools my one of my pan sauce we have a dust collection and paint over here by the by the big door so that we can get ventilation out and then over on this side is storage in the air and the material storage I’m actually very proud of all the material storage labeled the biggest one is this big thing of EBA foam right here use a lot of that there’s a lot more EBA foam hiding just in corners everywhere keep your eye out like it goes without saying this is one of the neatest shops ever created and like I think we’re shaming Adam somehow in this video this is incredible how organized everything is that’s awesome yeah we do our best to make sure everything is accessible so build and film as quickly as possible more storage over there that way with just assorted things we use for making I see some smooth on specialty so this is all paint the next one is finished molds the next one is unfinished kits yes my unfinished kits get an entire shelf nice what’s the disaster area back there is that unfinished business or is that that is our employees workbench machine page but the messiest part of the shop is for what question do you want to see some props yeah I see some props and please the descriptive for the audio listeners out there yeah well I so we’re going to

we’re gonna start with sweepy who’s here Wow and like let’s go look at some weapons yes like the wall of weapons there is a hole oh my gosh alright that’s a whole wall of weapons I’m gonna start with one of these has anyone seen this yes well it’s someone bill modeled this is the kit that that bill made and then which translated into the actual punished props version right here nice all blue yeah oh this one I am a big fan of this kit that he made from Harrison over it well let me get in frame from SKS props which is an amazing Vulcan props I almost said I got it wrong he and Bill hand-carved the handle on here that’s uh from hell boys bullets that light up nice nice I’ve been following Harrison’s work on on the Hellboy scalp organs mass it’s very chill spike that is a definitely as massive wall of weapons swords blasters did build make all of those no Brittany made a lot of them too well no but I’m not in the shop yeah I love this describe this Lego sword in a giant human size a lego sword you’re holding holding a Lego toy Wow nice called arm I would not have recognized that that’s awesome oh wait bill actually has a lego hand is it fold is it to scale because of course he does oh that’s fantastic that’s great Bill’s wearing a glove the yellow glove that looks like Lego for adult hands so I think the message from up here is that Bay Area has to step up it’s like cosplay prop game and definitely display for sure that’s a yeah I think we don’t have nearly enough weapons down there yeah completely agreed that’s great you having a good time – sure I’m having a great time so far I’ve only been in Seattle like an hour and I’ve held like 18 weapons ouch is about the ratio I’m looking for that’s a good start very cool I wish you could join us for the Picard spoiler talk but I I feel like it was a bit too early in the show for that yeah well enjoy it was a good episode there’s my spoiler free review ok well thanks for checking in cash or of safe travels bill it’s good to see ya always good to see you bill yeah and we’ll see you I’ll see you next week all right adios amigo bye bye bye bye bye that’s what the droid says and Star Tours at the end bye bye at the end of the right the right okay yeah also my thermal detonator I brought back the cocaine TSA went through my suitcase my luggage I use one of my snack points to get this diet coke there is even and I cook version residual but two diet coke inside Oh from off how did that get through security maybe that’s what triggered their uh their opening of my bag alright right right okay let’s move on to the next segment what are we on now pop culture news all right we’re gonna continue on with some of the Disney news this broke while I was at the park and definitely people were chatting about especially in the Epcot area there’s a whole preview projection mapped preview what Epcot will look like as they revamp that for the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World but this is what I’ve been waiting for this has been my excuse why I haven’t gone oh then you got long ways away it’s what’s two years even a year now Star Wars galactic star cruiser will let you start booking reservations later this year so this is the immersive hotel yeah where you will basically go to hotel and essentially not leave the hotel you’re gonna be or close two days there building a hotel right now and not only the hotel The Clique has no windows because why would it have windows no hey this is Disney’s dream to be able to encapsulate you in their own world in merchandise and and just turn off the outside consume they do not rely on whether they don’t rely on sunsets to make it look beautiful this is basically their own little nucleus and you are inside it so there are some pictures that they’ve some concept art that they’ve shared of you know the load-in area which all looks very much like a rebel base there’s your it’s supposed to be a star cruiser so you’ve got a thought you got to get onboard the star cruiser somehow what they what they announce is they are taking reservations this year yes you’ll be able to make

reservations this year for next year they have not released or revealed pricing yet as far as I know but it’s going to be expensive so don’t expect it to be a few hundred dollars it’s gonna be three thousand so I was in fifty thousands per person and it’s multi-day but they did also reveal a couple things that we didn’t know which is that when you arrive yeah you the first thing you’ll go into is will you’ll drive through this little like port okay and then you’ll enter they don’t have it in the website but if you watch the video you’ll see it you enter into a little space capsule yes which yeah it’s not quite like the thing that artoo and c3po rode in the beginning of Star Wars but it’s it’s kind of that scale you go in and you apparently like to pull a lever and you lift off like your this is your departure from Earth and there’s a screen above you that will show you basically entering orbit you’ll see the stars above you and then you’ll see the star cruiser and you’ll approach it and this is the whole fantasy of leaving Earth and entering the star cruiser and then supposedly I would think that door opens and now you’re on board of spaceship that’s right and you’re there living for I believe two nights three days in which they have activities if weird thing is they say two nights in two days so I’m not sure how that works but yeah I don’t know how that works either yeah and they have built-in sin it’s gonna be like a two day play yeah there’ll be sequences of events kind of on repeat every two days yeah and the some sort of story is told absolutely every person who’s a member who’s gonna be a guest it’s gonna get a tour of the bridge well you’ll get a basically a sense of how all of the systems work that I you would think you have to then use an employ in order to win some kind of some sort of space battle what I want to know is like how does every single person in the hotel get involved in that fiction at the same time I bet you just have scheduled I mean let’s talk about hotel capacity if they’re talking about a couple hundred rooms a couple thousand people over two days you can absolutely schedule enough time so everyone on their shifts gets to go to you know the bridge sometimes I get that but I don’t understand the fiction of the battle or whatever’s gonna happen there can’t but I don’t think it’s gonna be like your room you’re in your hotel room and the room starts to shake exactly the battle must happen on one of those pleep pre-planned right right if you’re going to York if you’re if this now is your tour of the the bridge you know a three-hour journey through our tour then it’s a part of that through our tour you’ll get to the part where I don’t som something engagement half this video made it sound as if that’s sort of a training phase and then something else happens later on what’s also interesting is they do do an excursion to but to the galaxy’s edge and house I excursion work it’s must be dedicated one well no it is another enclosed transport right but that enclosed transport must be on a rail system fine but in monorail it just gets you there but it’s totally closed very much at the Harry Potter train you don’t know when it’s gonna be all screens again it seem like you’re transporting back to earth and then you will disembark Ian galaxy’s edge Hogwarts Express it’s a perfect analogy in Universal Studios they have a train that takes you from one Universal Studios Park to the islands of adventure and you’re on you board in the hidden train station get on the train and it is a real train tram that goes to park the park but you are in close and you see screens and shadows that effect to make it feel like you’re actually going somewhere it’s interesting Diagon Alley it’s definitely cool I like I was wondering they said there would be some kind of exclusive access to the park from the hotel and I didn’t want to walk out the door and go you know walk into a world that no that I didn’t like that would you don’t want to walk out the front door and walk into yes it’ll be a backdoor entrance to Batou to galaxies and but but the fictions never broken is my point like you never feel like you’re walking out of a hotel they’re gonna make it feel like you are transported on some sort of shuttle if I’m paying essentially thousands per night for this you must get guaranteed ride to Rises resistance if they’re making a bet rips about you an excursion to that – it’s a lot of people it’s expensive you’re right if you’re paying that much and you get to go to bed – and you don’t get to ride riser assistance yeah that feels like a ripoff yeah then the fictions broke in 100% yeah I don’t know it sounds fun it sounds it sounds great and what’s interesting is that it’s it’s fantasy fulfillment for adults because we’re the ones that grew up with Star Wars so this whole idea of going and taking part in a Star Wars story and being on a spaceship that’s not meeting princesses and meeting woody like that this is fantasy fulfillment for people who are the parents it’s good I feel like it’s a lot like the cruise experience and that you’re an enclosed and they have like you know the big group events my question is are they encouraged people to dress the part – Disney bound right essentially and and maybe not trust like that’s a phrase that means something like that is not pure cosplay because they don’t allow

that it do they don’t but they allow you to have clothes that maybe share some color yeah molarity anesthetic similarities and you walk a fine line yeah as long as you don’t you can’t get confused with being an actual cast member exactly but part of the immersion I would hope is that everyone on that hotel Disney bounce so they feel like they’re not just tourists from San Francisco and tourists from New York right and tourists from it you know in an hour do you know that’s not gonna happen that’s there’s gonna be five people that cosplay and there’s everyone else is gonna be in t-shirts t-shirts shorts cuz it’s Orlando its shorts I guess yeah but I’ll be enclosed like they see wouldn’t it be awesome if they like set aside dates fur for dressing yeah picking your clan it’s required and if you don’t show up in costume you have to rent one like that’s how it would work at the that’s like that’s because it’s exactly a Marathi etre yeah right and in West world you know when you gotta pick your hat at West world so why not have a whole thing yeah you rent it or part of the or you could buy it if you want and but everyone has to wear your your your bad 90 sci-fi 80 sci-fi generic extra clothing mm-hm he likes like Star Trek next generation this jumpsuits yeah I don’t know how it’s gonna work I don’t think they’re gonna force people but he’d be nice yeah yeah I mean I don’t think so either but it would be a cool idea to do a weekend like that too or bits of pop culture news also Disney related so just me related Doctor Strange to is looking for a new director and the rumors are that they may have found one in Sam Raimi how do you feel about this cuz I know you like the spider-man movies yeah I like old-school Sam Raimi well how old because Evil Dead is old I like you all dead Sam Raimi that’s that’s his lifetime past for me the fact that he did Evil Dead 1 & 2 yeah I’m not dark not the army Darkness fanboy that a lot of people are but the first two Evil Dead movies he has done some great stuff recently sue there’s he has not his last three movies or that have not been either they have not been both critically acclaimed and audience beloved the last three movies were spider-man 3 no he hasn’t done more than 2 movie since he was his third ago and then Mike that he did like a scary Iraqi to hell that was great that was really great was not beloved doesn’t matter it was it was a return to the roots and then ahhs Wow Sam Raimi hasn’t directed a movie in seven years I’m talking about now even the spider-man he’s like the second one was both critically acclaimed in audience beloved but the other or not the third one was the word and that was studio intervention is the the word on the street they wanted that venom in there and simmered Anissa I want to get venom in but you even watched the first spider-man movie it was critically acclaimed but not an audience loved if you check the Rotten Tomatoes scores so I’m just saying like he he doesn’t have like a perfect track record he just you know he has a lineage what’s interesting is that he does have true horror film roots and that was what we heard about Doctor Strange to was that it was gonna have horror elements so I’m wondering if that’s the thinking he’s I mean having done those films if it’s the case he’s definitely a capable director you know it’s almost like the Ron Howard equivalent who brought in to to work on solo and this feels like that’s what’s happening really where it’s a it’s a director who’s capable who’s worked with big budgets but also is a team player and will will kind of follow the studio’s lead won’t talk back to Kathleen Kennedy or in this case Kevin Feige right for Doctor Strange yes and III think it’s safe even it’s it’s weird to say Sam Raimi’s a safe bet by to think it’s a safe choice if they if they do it you do yeah I’d be happy I really want to see Sam Raimi ask weird elements what does that mean that’s a good question means so we different things now because you don’t see that stuff and spider-man really I think the most you saw was of in spider-man 2 with Doc Ock with like the him becoming the dog off part and people screaming in the streets but yeah yeah it’s unfortunate I wish that Scott Derrickson god chance to to direct it and but he’s gonna be involved as executive producer so we’ll see okay last bit of pop culture news also Oscar related now I didn’t watch this so I didn’t see the joke but apparently oh you didn’t there was a joke at the Academy Awards I’m making fun of the movie cats and putting the blame and the butt of the Judy was the visual effects artists existed this did not occur to me when I saw the joke happen it just seemed like a the Academy people who do presentations who our presenters often poke fun at people and it’s just in good fun that they two people got up there what’s his name Corbin James Corbin yeah he’s in the movie yeah they both are okay and and I forget the woman’s name I’m no good with names you can but they get up there they’re in there in cat costumes and they said no one appreciates good special effects as much as people who weren’t cats it was it was a it was a little it was good fun it was good fun and then they presented the award mmm I’m so the visual effects society released a statement condemning

this yeah saying that you know it’s not the visual effects that were actually let’s read this quote because last night in presenting the Academy Award for outstanding visual effects the producers of the Academy Awards chose to make visual effects the punch line and suggested that bad VFX were to blame for poor performance of the movie cats which is certainly a narrative you’d fight on Twitter rebel Wilson is I’m in social media and here’s here is the quote the best visual effects in the world will not compensate for a story told badly damn that is putting the blame squarely on the director where should well on the filmmaking process I mean it was the producers and whoever approved that art direction and yeah and this this approach now I is this because there was a re-release of the film with improved effects this that could be they did do that I haven’t seen cats at all but yeah now were they like atrocious and then fixed is that what the joke was that some looking completed some of the I don’t think that’s what the joke was I think the reality was that that yeah the release there are some bits that were clearly unfinished that had to be fixed yeah but the joke was that they look at the moving the reason that people panned it on social media that was due to the visual effects really and that is I think the via yes is right it’s that’s on direction our direction and production design right not so much on effects and the same thing you go back to Justice Lake right people made fun of it because of the quote-unquote bad visual effects will the Superman the the chin that was that’s a fault of the production timeline and the reshoots required because they just didn’t have enough time and as much money as you can throw at visual effects it’s nothing give you the time to actually get the animation right and rendered properly and design the face to look right I wouldn’t try to patch up something in post honestly when I saw that they had made a statement I thought oh my god they thought 1917 was a bad choice oh no I think they would be the first people to say the 9:17 is a perfect example of great visual effects because it is not obvious it’s not an if it’s not endgame it’s like it pushes filmmaking forward and yes it does what visual effects supposed to do which is make the world feel believable and real and not be right and not wave the flag of visual effects so that’s some of the best parts of watching those behind the scenes vignettes where the video effects companies put out the before and afters but so much of scenes yeah our visual effects like you don’t even think about love it’s not just the backdrop but so much things care people get moved there’s a lot of parallax happening there’s so many things that happen they could tweak from shot to shot and some of the best visual effects and some of the most clever sways that these these people are innovating are about hiding those or it’s stuff that’s in the background that you’re not focusing on that just set the stage yeah yeah yeah that does it for pop culture news because we are running a little bit short on time but before we move on to our next segment I wanna let you know that this is only a test this week is made possible with support from thankful high-paying careers in software engineering data analytics data science and product design are vital to our future to take place in the world’s next workforce you need the right tech skills need an education that leads to a career you need thankful thankful is a better way to learn all their courses are taken completely online with full-time and flex options so you can commit 100% or keep working thankful also offers an unmatched level of one-to-one support on day one you’re paired with the personal mentor who is always on hand as well as an expert career adviser who can help you put together the perfect resume and organize mock interviews to ensure you’re hired within six months of completing the course and the best part if you don’t if they don’t help you get a job within six months tuition is fully reimbursed no wonder thankful graduates have gone to work for companies like Google Amazon IBM and Boeing it’s time to take your place in the world’s next workforce with thankful go to think fall dot-com / only a test to start building the future you want again that’s thi NK ful dot-com / only a test you know what I was just thinking about this because we had a laser cutter running next door during the first half of the show and I wonder if you’re gonna try to remove those that that sound from the from the recording if not no big deal but I was thinking if you did it would be similar to something I learned about recently I learned how the Amazon commercials don’t activate the echo devices right you know it’s the the they

they have background noise no there’s a frequency cut there’s a range of frequencies it’s very specific in the low end of the human what we can actually hear that they cut from those from every adjustment or every cut every Amazon commercial that you that says the word the activation word and so when a device here’s like a vise ignored or you know listens for that frequency range and if it’s not there it won’t activate it so it’s anybody can do this I used to think that they would seed you know some database with every commercial yeah and they would recognize it and ignore it because they would know that commercial you’re telling me is that there’s a market for a voice modulator that takes what your speech is and outputs it it is something that sounds like you – yeah that frequency yeah to go to be a ghost that’s right and so the Amazon devices will never hear you that’s cool yeah I’m very very cyberpunk and any you know if you wanted to be a podcast that used that word a lot and not annoy people you could filter that frequency range that’s not true yeah I’m not gonna do it but I don’t have the frequency range okay it’s really cool yeah very cool um somebody else I guess kind of cool I went to the Samsung Galaxy unpacked event yesterday this is their big annual on of their flagship phones new Galaxy smartphones it’s been eight years or so I went to the very first one event I believe it was at Mobile World Congress also in Orlando where they announced the Galaxy S and so it’s kind of a nice coming full circle 2020 LEM announcing the galaxy s 20 and Iran in the Simone there it’s cool to see us Mon this was all this was in Orlando this is in San Francisco okay Palace of Fine Arts atcha so they announced two phones essentially the galaxy s 20 which has two lines of phones galaxy s 20 has three phones in there she has twenty GS 20 plus and GS 20 altra they are small medium large with increasing capabilities and features they all start at ace price for the GS 20s $1000 which i think is interesting because apple this goes back to my theory the Apple bumped up this is a long long game Apple bumped up the price of iPhones expectations over $1000 other manufacturer faults suit maybe didn’t do so well and then Apple undercut themselves and introduced the entry-level price with the iPhone 11 previously the what was it the rules one before the 11 that was never in the 10s 10s was it 10s well yeah there was the 10 and the 10s and 10 are 10 are oh the town was that’s what you exactly they did the 10 are and then they said it’s called the 11 and they kind of shift they they they they played some nomenclature games on you and then the rumor of course is Apple’s gonna have an even more entry-level quote-unquote entry-level phone in March but the GS 20 ultra $1400 those are four lenses on that there are yes four cameras on the back so more than Apple there’s an ultra wide camera which is fine okay there’s a telephoto which is fine there’s the standard camera but I’m saying they’re fun because they’re not remarkable right okay there are two cameras on this error remarkable oh they’re worth talking about and the reason that anyone would want to spend fourteen hundred bucks on a Samsung phone you know of course has lots of RAM 16 gigs of ram do me 16 gigs of RAM starts at 12 goes to 16 I would venture to guess most pcs don’t have 16 gigs of RAM I I would agree 500 gigs of storage with a micro SD goes up to 1.5 terabytes of storage if you have a dude if you have a terabyte SD micro SD card which Santa sells and maybe Samsung sells but their primary camera the one that you would think of as the main camera yeah on this phone a hundred and eight megapixels you’re kidding I’m not kidding now how that’s why I need that terabyte hard or solid-state drive in there a hundred eight megapixels but it shoots and does pixel binning so it takes nine pixels and combines them the one the best image quality and down samples at to a 12 megapixel image which is the same size as you would yeah an iPhone I say okay but it’s a hundred a makers I mean it’s worth mentioning worth discussing because we’ve I thought we were done with this megapixel war wait can you get that 108 mechanical image and also get the hundred 80 megapixel Wow yeah it does it was we’ve been trying to preach this for a long time it’s not just about the megapixels also about sensor size it’s about lensing and the average from the lenses so it does have a very wide aperture 1.7 aperture lens on this and it’s also a relatively big sensor so it’s actually a bigger physical sensor than last year’s phone last year I believe they had a 64 megapixel yeah this year the pixel of

the same size they just increase the sensor and made a bigger interesting and then does they done this pixel bidding of course then to get you a better quality image we’d have the best lighting conditions it wasn’t able that I can offload the images so we couldn’t really test on location but that’s something to worth noting they really want to up their sensor game because Sony makes the best class in class smartphone sensor is right now and they want to really take over that on the Samsung side the other camera worth discussing is the one that’s on the bottom you can see that it has no camera next to it the squarish one it’s a squarish one exactly okay it’s squares and it has nothing next to it is because that is a periscope camera look what it means that the sensor is actually on to the right of it and of the width of that bump is the lens and it hooks around and it’s a long lens what are you like with a mirror like a right angle with a right angle mirror what on a small scale and it’s a periscope lens it’s not the first one I think Huawei has a phone that’s done this but its first from the US for sure yeah but gives you 10x optical zoom optical zoom 10x optical zoom with 10x digital zoom multiply that together what do you get Jeremy a hundred hundred x space zoom now how is it there’s there’s an actual moving component yeah yeah what in the periscope buy lenses shift that’s crazy in there so it’s incredible technical achievement the 10x optical look really good needs stabilization of course they have to chill stabilization the hundred X is ridiculous images of garbage I was in the press demo area did 100x it looks like there’s so much it’s like anything al any maximum I mean you’re doing digital then you would never use that image it’s more so if you want to use the phone as a telescope to see something that’s happening but not necessarily you can of course shoot the video and take the picture no you’re never gonna be printing those pictures right and you might be sharing my social media say I saw this that far away but 100x zoom image quality is gonna be kind of garbage does it work like that like are people gonna be using this at concerts or operas but instead of binoculars oh I got I got Thea I got the you know uh it’s a nosebleed seats but I want to see what’s happening on the front court well then I’m gonna why not use my 30x zoom or a hundred x zu what’s neat though is when you’re in past the optical zoom in your individual zoom there’s a little picture in picture that still shows you what the full image looks like and shows you which part of the zoom you’re in that’s interesting so which part of the frame you’re in you know kind of move the camera to frame around a little bit not just stuck in that massive massive zoom hmm there it feels like it’s a technology and search for it’s a solution and search for a problem I don’t know how many people want much more than 4 X 5 X oom their smartphones TEDx I think it’s gonna be nice but it’s gonna be shaky as hell yeah I don’t know I mean I just want something I can use the photos from yeah at all that’s the band from what I saw anything in the past 10x not really usable in the sense that if you’re talking about archival archival purposes yeah the other hardware they announced also interesting is the galaxy Z flip and the flip phone it’s the phones back number we talk about the Motorola RAZR yes weeks ago it uses a foldable screen OLED screen they’re bringing a gold one this one also has a gold one and it also has a full screen it I think also my impressions are that is a solution in search of a problem it’s like we now have foldable screens let’s make foldable phones and hope people will buy them but it collapses down to a fairly compact size almost like a square alright it looks like half a big iPhone yeah and the aspect ratio when it’s unfolded 22 by 9 so more than 2 by 1 mm-hmm and it’s seamless so it is a foldable screen they also say that they say it’s glass but what its class Jeremy what is class anyway at this point well right what do you mean what is glass it’s not they say it’s not plastic its glass granted edible glass screen bendable glass I know it’s not brittle or anything but they’re I think it’s their their way of using material science of fudging the lines and saying it’s it’s resistant it’s like scratch resistant and it won’t peel you don’t need that protective layer which the Galaxy fold needing they lap you’ll accidentally peeled off the protective layer yep the hinge is there very proud of it it’s rigid so it can stay open to whatever hinge you you know the angle you want em hmm it’s easy for me to flip out with one hand or close and claps with one hand rated for 200,000 opens and closes for your damaged screen according to

them also $1400 $1,380 my guess is interesting from a resilience standpoint to because if it is closed and you protect the screen its protected your you know no need for a case now it’s a really good point I like when it’s closed that it’s easier store in like a short pocket or back pocket you know it’s a little bit thicker but like the compactness of it I think is gonna work well for people who want to put it in their purses look at their clutch bags no yeah like you have a clutch bag and you don’t want to put a giant note phone in there right you can have a 6 point 7 inch tall phone that’s collapsed and you can put it you can also there is a 1.1 inch OLED screen on the front oh that’s displays passive information like time notifications or you can actually use it to see yourself and take a selfie with the outward cameras outward facing camera is a like taking selfies people like taking selfies and Google is partnered with them so they’ve developed 2 apps that make use of split screen so if you have YouTube open for example your video will play on the top half if you’re in using the folded hinge mode and you get the comment section on the bottom half as opposed to being one continuous that’s interesting webpage okay same thing with duo the their hangouts equivalent in their their FaceTime equivalent that’s interests that people are thinking about those makers so I think we’re gonna see a lot maker that at the Google developer conference IO encouraging developers to maybe make apps compatible with this otherwise you’re dragged literally tracking Windows you’re gonna know yeah filling up half screen that was like the tracking window isn’t filling up half the screen and half the screen but I also like that’s really tall you know I’m a big fan of narrow and tall phones over the iPhone 5 yeah I’m the I’d love that for in fact I love how all those screens are and it’s great for social media or web browsing reading you know single column pages on the Internet you hold one yeah I got I have a video out today does it feel fun to open it yes does it look cool it looks like a fashion item it’s a mirror finish so it’s very smudgy but they’re 100% position you do this like I did no one had to flip open back in the day yeah like everyone in the matrix phone because yes no Nokia phone it was cool people wanted flip phones because it was compact and look cool like are we still there do we still want novel phone you know design I wonder I think that that if you look at their marketing materials all the photos of the people the lifestyle photos there 100% positioning these four women as fashion accessories really has you have your purse if you open up it looks like a makeup piece like a makeup yeah right like you’re putting powder in your face or something and the colors they have shiny black shiny rose gold shiny in a pink shiny gold like it I think they’re appealing to that part of the market so I wonder if Apple will follow suit yeah you know follow Samsung’s lead I don’t think so and do a foldable phone I don’t think there’s a gap was encroaching that you didn’t know you had hmm and I think people had a problem with their phones not being able fold it’s nice to use i satisfying to open that hinge and I hope they’ve solved the problems of the galaxy fold I highly doubt it was 66 degrees on February 11th I think this photo might have been doctored dad wise it seems too cold or too warm rather then right there they got the weather report right on the screen I may be may be whatever API they’re tapping on to improve what’s wrong speaking of split screen phones and split screen devices Microsoft remember they announced the surface duo last year vaguely at their September event once been spotted in the wild always being used in Seattle there’s a Vancouver sorry and someone on Twitter spot a person with a prototype and took a spy video of it being used and it shows that there’s LED flash next to the camera also she’s like slightly different ID differences from them was shown at the event but they were using it as intended as kind of a little notebook almost like a field notes flip out and unfortunately the performance didn’t look so good so you can see I mean it’s a process nightmare yes it’s a prototype so you know it I think they’re they have a lot a lot of time to fix the software and get working good I don’t think I mean it’s so weird that they would have they shared this at the event a full year before they said is gonna be available mm-hm because I think by the time doesn’t speak highly of what they have available for this year for that I’m it’s such a different it’s a different product it’s it’s like a research I don’t know why they did it I’m not I’m not sure what oil is supposed to Telegraph to investors or the consumer worth forward thinking yeah felt like the only benefit of doing that was testing the waters it’s like when Apple came out and showed off the new Mac Pro but they don’t but that’s different that replaced the

existing line with something that people they knew people wanted and it got those people but it wasn’t ready for a while right but it got those people who are waiting and wanted to spend money then on the new Mac Pro not jumping ship this product doesn’t it doesn’t address anything right now mm-hmm I just says we’re in we’re in the the ultra portable phone you know we’re still in the phone game that’s what it says Mobile World Congress is in two weeks that’s a Barcelona and exhibitors are backing out this is the world’s big biggest telecom event and because of oh wow new update as of today Mobile World Congress is canceled canceled holy smokes that’s a big deal yeah a lot of people had plane reservations Wow global concerns regarding the corona virus outbreak travel concern made it pause impossible for the GSMA to hold the event and this followed the story that we were gonna talk about which was that Sony Amazon LG Ericsson and Nvidia had canceled their plans to be there that is a big freaking deal holy smokes Wow okay that’s breaking news folks no MWC I know companies had planned on announcing things at MWC happens every year yep so I’m really curious what those launch plans because there will be ripple effects of this cancellation I mean it’s there’s not enough time to they can still go forward well there’s honest ones I’m sure briefings have already happened for some of these products but they usually won’t get the same type of international coverage I don’t know I don’t know as with all of these centralized events they’re becoming less and less important given the you know the visibility of the Internet and people to have their own digital events and just the press is a you know desire to its surface whatever information press release has come through yes for enthusiasts press by think for some there’s a definitely a classic consumer who gets the information if you watch the evening news and they they get it not from the blog because they don’t follow you know the verge and Ars Technica you don’t need that they’ll cover you know releases if they didn’t have the event as Mobile World Congress but the reporters are they can’t cover as much like CES like we don’t care about see as much but there’s definitely people who do care at CES also breaking news essential products annie Reubens startup you know they made the essential phone should you sees business sees operations they’re shutting down so hard right now it’s today Wow they raised three hundred thirty million dollars of funding to create a Google Android smartphone so compete with pixel and and galaxy but and it was evaluated a billion but it didn’t sell well and you know they also had the prototype of those long long phones right and I guess there’s no clear path to deliver this product to the consumers that’s super sad yeah I was curious about that that that phone again were you to per tall narrow from a distance you’re an iPhone guy now I’m open-minded are you I’m open-minded something comes around that’s better I’m happy to happy to try it out fair enough I don’t know I feel like there’s that whole ecosystem thing I’m stuck on iMessage something I’m also curious try out is chibi this is that subscription service by Jeffrey Katzenberg short-form subscription-based five dollars a month ten minutes are shorter and they’ve got a bunch of people working on content Chrissy Teigen the Russo brothers I want to bring this up because remember at CES they announced that they had this their proprietary technology that would let video be watch landscape or portrait and we’d kind of recrop in a pan and scan right now is curious how that would happen and there’s an article on protocol profiling their CTO it was Tom Conrad she officers are ACPO chief product officer who actually I worked with back in Pandora he was also previously at Apple Wow but apparently all chibi shows are shot square 8k oh yeah and then edited in separate and landscape and portrait versions whoa for this turnstile feature so it’s not all most so it switches between the two so switches dynamically between two versions of the show that zoom tech must be really cool because if you should be seamless that’s what has to be you can’t be loading a new video right but I’m saying that nice if you switch latitude the black yeah that would ya be neat cuz you’re at some point you’re not in either portrait or landscape you’re at an angle and at what point does it well I’m actually fill up those extra pixels even if it’s like a binary moment where it has to switch it would need to know where to zoom in the frame yeah in order to feel that you know for it said not

only other even being shot at a K but they’re edited there’s two separate yeah I get you right this knee so that that timestamp they would have the point of the frame and you would hope that whatever is centered and frame gets smooth in I want it to be work no matter how you rotate the phone it so you see the extra pixels it just uses the accelerometer yeah yeah yeah exactly it’s a big square yeah and then kind of moving it along that’s part of chibi I’m the most curious about yeah that part of the tech and speaking of streaming services the most relevant consumer news in tech this week is that Netflix has allowed you to turn off the autoplay preview feature unbelievable you thought it would never have the menus why did it take so long yes oh but here’s the deal I tried to do it on my Apple TV couldn’t do it you got to go to the website you log it on the web go to your profile turn it off you’ll be a happy camper shaking my head here shaking my head alright that does it for technology news let’s move to the VR minute virtual reality this week all right what we got here in VR have you played the half-life 1 and B are you I have not on the oculus quest no haven’t it’s easy to do yeah especially now because you’ve got half-life for free in your steam account yes so you just because you have a vibe yeah um is that for everybody or only everyone that’s in great that’s crazy so half-life 1 and 2 so it’s called lambda 1 VR it’s on side quest it’s easy to find and you’ve been able to do half-life 1 you’ve been able to do blue shift and now you can do opposing force Oh which was not something you should have taken for granted because the the source that they were using did not support opposing force so the massive effort has been put forth now you can’t do it opposing force is I think I might have even reviewed it for PC gamer it is phenomenal as I recall you play as the military yeah yeah yeah and it really was like reviewed very highly by all the outlets it is a world one worth one worth playing and you got the whole thing they added a new technology for doing sniper scope that’s great very cool yeah steamvr has a new beta interface and a new dashboard so previously anyone who’s used steamvr knows that the interface in headset is basically an ad adapted version of big screen big screen mode big picture mode sorry big picture mode sorry big screen and steamvr now has a new dashboard which in the beta that’s actually a little bit reminiscent of the oculus quest interface well I think that the curvature and the dimensions and yeah and the bar at the bottom yeah so it’s a floating gray menu floating behind that there are kind of like northern lights background with the that’s in red you get they do that yeah exactly but that’s what you usually only see that when stuff’s loading curved curved interfaces have they look good in be armed yeah what do you think about this insistence on people to do two-dimensional interfaces Villar is it is it the best solution like a mouse pointer you know they’re pointing to like ask a stray write like a laser pointer with a two-dimensional interface in a 3d meant you know realm I mean if there’s text and yes you need a surface for the text then the rendering power and the pixel resolution isn’t high enough that you can have that text on something that you could have any angle but isn’t the power of VR it doesn’t it doesn’t become like really immersive and you have those aha moments when things are near field and you can actually touch things yeah you know it’s it’s you next I know this right it’s a GUI or you know it’s it’s you know Tom Cruise in Minority Report using things moving things around like I just that’s a more immersive I think the studies have shown that people don’t want to be exhaust their arms like that Minority Report it’s great if you’re watching someone else do it for a montage in a movie but if yes and we are spatial like this the spatial aspect of grabbing things I think there are people working on their you eyes in sandbox games that do a great job with that it’s also stuff at sutter job but it’s also limited to this arbitrarily sized polygon that probably fits within your field of view I have a whole world around me I would like to fill it with again with my my stuff yeah it goes to how much strain you gotta put on people well look at strain and arm straining look restraint look at the home the home does it goes against all of what you just said like their whole home idea and to be fair like I don’t think a whole lot of people like you know to launch the games yeah yeah and then that it and I could see them adapting home oculus their home thing is

in a place where you still use a menu it just as a place to be in well you’re in VO to build your space and to build it out but once you’re there you don’t use it to like grab a thing and say like now I’m jumping in this game or now I’m using you know pulling this lever here and do that you can you put your game cartridges out and and put them into the console and don’t do that no you’re right yeah you you want the quick access I mean yeah honestly the quickest way is to press the button on your desktop put on the headset and be in the game okay thanks right it’s true it’s true I really I don’t mind it I just wonder now we’ve been we’ve had vr4 you know what six seven years and it’s it’s been the same style of interface and I just wonder what what’s really what does VR capable of that we haven’t tried yet mmm I feel like it might be that I mean this is just basically a desktop interface that’s macro that’s like we’re not yep it’s matte that’s huge because we want to make things easily touchable I would love to see because like big screen allows you to your big screen if you’re in the theater you hold up basically a palette and you have you hold your menu can place it anywhere and I like that I would like to see it being going back to the foldable phone like a hinge interface where you have a menu but you can also scroll down in front of you so you can look down so it is go let’s go near-field right you know if the Star Wars scroll but scrolling toward you yeah it’d be cool so you have something where your hands naturally are and you can interact and poke at things there but then it once you look further out into the curve menu the laser pointer pointer yeah I mean rec room has an interesting solution where that’s definitely near field yes and it’s a menu that you’re touching and you can go to the next and imagine how much better that’s gonna be once they’re hand tracking support yeah definitely because right now it’s finger pointing is not necessarily as precise as we want to be the wands guys have been posting some updates on their hand tracking experiments and it looks a lot like the game that oculus is developing the magic and all yeah what’s the wizard yeah yeah is that what it was that we try to no no that that’s but I’m talking about yeah like those like that yeah and it looks really cool like they’ve got water physics and everything you’re moving your hand to it my hand tracking is coming I mean it’s you can try it now but there’s no apps that support it well and also there’s an update so the quests were automatically detects and hand tracking isn’t a toggle it just right it turns on once you if you don’t see the controllers in field maybe yeah that’s a great idea yeah yeah last bit of VR news the there’s a humble bundle for VR right now home oh no of course you can support at various degrees if you want just pay a dollar you get two titles cosmic trip and smash box arena but the best thing to do is to pay 15 bucks yeah there’s really no question here there’s no question you 14:05 you get Gorn budget cuts in space power trainer which are great if your as entry-level things that get in the VR 19 15 bucks 75 cents more moss and super hot yeah and no question yeah so seven games in VR no brainer for 15 bucks and you get them in steam and I think this is going for another 12 days or so so if you’ve got a new quest headset if you want to use oculus link and do some desktop VR or ivory yep rift desk whatever you got on the 15 bucks no question these are some great games my shoulders hurting Jeremy yeah the weight of this guy is it really it’s really sore so do you want to reveal how that guy has stayed on your shoulder this whole show he stay on my shoulders by balance and with magnets I’m if you’re listening to audio I have a banshee on my shoulder and he has a little crook on the back of him which is a shape for a shoulder and underneath my shirt I have a piece of steel that sticks to a magnet oh that was painful well what angle is sore my shoulders sore from holding the Banshee up yes this little weight to it wow I love this little thing best thing I got from dissing you need a whole costume to go with it do holdren and everything and a lot of makeup last segment we have another segment oh my god we’re ready for it this will be relatively quick alright we need this we need a musics we need to use music all right let me see let me get to set up we’re gonna start our spoiler segment if you haven’t seen picard episode 3 and you care about it you’re gonna want to say goodbye now boom this soon we’ll see you next week but now we have the spoiler alert up on the screen make it so engage you have heard you have been warned spoilers okay episode 3 I confess Jeremy okay haven’t watched it since I watched it three weeks ago with your name plastered on the screen the hold up watermark yeah because I got the review screener and my excuse I was on holiday but I do remember most of what happened in the episode um what did you think cuz it starts off with a flashback and we are introduced not only to Rafi but as she is the current day but her relationship

with the Picard and what happened with the collapse of the rescue operation for Romulus does it start with it because I okay I we do meat wrap because it picard calls her in the end of this of the second episode true is this don’t hang up don’t hang out so clearly they have a history yep and and thank goodness it’s the old combadge he’s the Voyager comp that’s right yeah oh is it yeah Voyager and it’s you know introduced in first contact interesting so he calls us Adam and then um you you beat on who’s she is at the end of it no or do we no no he goes to her camp and he says and she’s very angry with him shots I think that’s the beginning of this up is I don’t think so I know that’s the end of the second regardless and then you know they okay I’m leaving but there are Romulans undercover here might be infiltrating Federation here’s some for Ardmore and could vintage and then he gets invited let’s vape so now so now now you can really get to meet her yeah she’s she’s you know doing the what a 23rd century 24th century equivalent of vaping and yet she’s not happy with Picard yeah now I gotta tell you all things considered it’s a good episode I am NOT okay with anybody calling him JL every time I was like you can’t keep doing that jean-luc its jean-luc it’s like calling a four-star Admiral buh-bye it’s some sort of pet name you don’t do it okay it’s John Luke it’s it’s Picard it’s whatever its captain it’s admirable or Admiral you know whatever you want to do but have respect I don’t I don’t buy that they had this such a deep friendship more so than anybody on the enterprise had with him to give him a pet name maybe that’s a story there maybe there is a story there where you know he was annoyed by it and then it became endearing because of some bond they had and became this quirk where only she gets a Calm Jael and maybe she doesn’t to needle him they haven’t indicated that that’s the that’s the canyon I thought something he had he has needed to get on her good side so maybe he’s let it pass exactly maybe you’re right exactly well we do see in the flashback what caused Picard to leave the Federation yeah 14 years prior yes something I was kind of disappointed by this cuz he called it his final gambit right this was the thing that he had up his sleeve his threat his the threats were design and felt like a desperate and sad way to go and maybe it’s intentional that’s not a sign of the times where you know as great as a captain as legendary as a captain as he was you know the politics and the bureaucracy of Starfleet but a federation yeah had moved past it and that’s indicative of like he’s no longer the flag to captain the flag ship right and you know like his even though he’d devote his entire life to Starfleet they cast him aside essentially and but it seemed like obviously wasn’t triumphant I was I hope he gets the moment of triumph later on in the show because it was really sad to see that that was his and but that was how his tenure with Starfleet ended well now he’s the underdog he has never been the underdog before and now he is and you root for it will root for him even more and I’m sure he will be on some level triumphant and that will that will feel good I also did was not a fan of the costumes which ones like all the whole show no no the flashback costume knew the Federation uniforms of the extra stripes okay color scheme I like but I think the cut of them yeah yeah not not a fan no not a fan I probably won’t use them more than that that flashback by the ugh by the end of this episode well don’t jump all the way we got it full spoiler talk man yo man I just figured we can go wherever we want we can jump to the end okay middle okay I was just gonna say but by the end of the episode he’s got his crew he’s got a crew he’s got it for not his and we can talk about who joins him the scientist joins him yes and that was the highlight of the show for me cuz she’s great she’s my favorite character I think so far she’s so nerdy that like I feel like I can relate to her and a lot of Trekkies can relate to her she’s you know matter-of-fact but she’s also like this terrific fanboy not at the car but it’s of the science you know have you ever seen the West Wing of course you know the West Wing there was an episode in the West Wing season four where they make fun of an intern at the White House it was a Star Trek fan and she wears a and she gets reprimanded or having a Star Trek paraphernalia yeah in on her clothing or something probably the same time here miss Trekkies came out and there was the person who wore her start with uniform to jury duty I think that’s probably a riff on that yeah it looks really good I didn’t know that but to Britt but you know Bradley Whitford makes fun of her and then talks about how it’s about professionalism and he’s a fan of Star Trek – right but you know it when you’re the White House there’s decorum and you can’t be a Star Trek fan which is super silly I don’t think that that would actually be a real thing that happened in let’s say the

Obama White House okay right and Lenore NASA or especially right but the that character who’s the the Trekkie is the same character I think is Alison Pill and in terms of this they cut from the same cloth like is that the scientist yeah that’s the scientist like they are when you say she is us yeah like that’s who I think of is that you know the Star Trek fan that’s that was on that West world character or the West Wing opposite I love her I love that she knows she doesn’t have people skills but she’s got the skills and she wants to be on board because she wants to see this thing that she has devoted her life to so they’ve got her that they’ve got a captain who interesting this is a evolution of sorts of kind of not a federation ship of course it’s a I think it’s not it’s here what is no it’s just captain of his own ship you can have you can grab your own ship and not be part of the Federation okay yeah but but he but he is Federation like he is some sort of he acceleration former officer yes and he like Picard has had bad relationship with Starfleet yeah but his crew are Holograms yeah he’s got a doctor all grams of himself yeah so that that’s kind of Voyager esque right like you don’t know at first that the that the doctor is a hologram but it’s the first time we’ve seen a hologram be played by the same actor basically representation of the captain of the ship yeah as opposed to its own distinct right look and played by the director obviously we have the technology now with motion control cameras to film two scenes you have the acting challenge the actually loved you part I’ll going to pay double for playing that both those roles but that’s really neat does that to speak to his egotism the characters maybe or it’s definitely a look into a psyche it’s almost like what did someone say it’s like a inside out you know it’s like the different versions of hair maybe different angels on his shoulder yes on his shoulder I hope we learn more about that like like he hates it like maybe that would be interesting if he really hated like that was the only way he could get the Holograms to work was to make them images of himself but he very vain well yes but maybe it was a technical quirk and he actually doesn’t like it you know what I mean I think it’s gonna be less complicated than that I think it’s gonna be more like the hat on a hat like they are representations of his psyche like his better halves and as you know and yeah and but did he do that like yeah you want to know the story or maybe that’s the option you buy the package where you can have a crew right and you know the easiest way to populate that is with your memory engrams you know I don’t know it’s also they have this new trim replicator telekinetic technology it seems like it can make things anywhere it put like you don’t have to do it inside the closet anymore right like on the bridge you know you need medical stuff you got a glass of wine you got it yeah it’s just a gif holographic projectors everywhere previously riot doctors can find the sick bay for the hall jack and now it can be anywhere since you like the transporter tech seems I can go where I want that takes extra power I think less reliable than having the the beacons huh yeah that’s why you needed the tripods in next-generation right the pattern enhancers right yeah so what is the name of the character that calls him jail Rafi Rafi so I what do you think of Rafi she seems like she’s gonna be a spark eager yeah she and I think that she is gonna be a foil for she’s gonna keep him in check she does it she she seems very selfish and mopey like she’s very remote be the angst eNOS I’m not a fan of this thing that happened 14 years ago she can’t sympathize with Picard’s plight which is clearly bigger than her own like she got fired and she says angry about that for 14 years and I know that’s probably a emotional threat to the show like they’re there yeah overcoming that I feel like it would have been a role that could have been played by someone who was on next generation yeah maybe like I kept waiting for Jerry Ryan to show up I thought she was gonna be on the cruise but I bet she’s not on all the episodes well yeah I would have thought cuz there was always this like would have been interesting if it wasn’t gonna instant row Lauren Michelle Forbes but it was it was like someone if you know it was someone we recognize for next generation and then a rift cause and you and because then you have more emotional investment mhm as fewer x’ on that character I don’t know why they have to walk a fine line they have to walk that balance beam of fanservice and you and hooking the old crowd as well as it exciting they’ll haven’t seen right Kirk the young and new still haven’t seen someone seen the yeah Harry has he directed any of these three next two episodes no character by Jonathan Frakes okay the other part of the show obviously he’s going off ship so his tell she are friends dude they’re the best I love this was a fantastic scene and it just makes me wish more and more that they were on his shit I know I really hope it’s not last when we see them because they’re not just like his his caretakers in his like last chapter

of life like his the you know the people on the farm know the vineyard right but they’re also bad asked they’re his bodyguard Rican bodyguards and they’re also his advisors and and they over their life to him yeah yeah I love those characters I don’t want to see more of them yeah and then we have of course on the Borg cube you have this whole conspiracy torille story of the sister and who has powers she doesn’t understand so we got you we got a lot of hue hue hue we did what we’re was Hugh was Hugh that dude who is lives like gave her access to do yes that’s the same character that’s the same at church did she call him Hugh no but you’re supposed to know that that’s Hugh Wow Oh Jeremy you got to rewatch the opposite of that that’s really interesting now that’s Hugh Wow okay so Hugh Hugh was is a special Borg who he was the first one that was liberated by the by left alone and and sent back to the collective and then as a weapon is it’s essentially as a virus right unintentionally yeah but to their hope was to encourage individuality yeah it did and then splintered off basically a bunch of pork which were then committed by lor in the sent part 1 and 2 didn’t data have a like a fraternal relationship with you wasn’t there there’s a bond understanding yes yes but it’s another one of like data you know Picard surrogate children and the fact that he’s part of operation in command of some part of it for the covering in rescuing Romulans were previously Borg they’ve this whole kind of ward right where wouldn’t he have had to have been I mean I was decades ago you know like he was on that Borg ship no no no I think that he probably has the expertise and the seniority as being someone who has been rescued by the Borg of rescued from the Borg and understands the plight that these people are going through and psychologically mm-hmm and there’s a lot of like you know ominous literal fortune-telling in this episode yeah and yeah so we’ll see there’s like literally tarot cards yeah exactly so that was I thought a little bit overwrought but I’m that’s part of show aside from Hugh that’s the least interesting to me well I keep wait and like it was filled with tension it was filled with when is she gonna start to discover her abilities right and unfortunately we didn’t get nearly anything as exciting as the first episode when her sister discovers her you know Jason Bourne abilities yes she basically just found out that she knew things that she didn’t know yeah she knew which what is that what is that like I could not almost understand reflex abilities being activated but how do you suddenly know that you know things what’s the plan to memories it’s on your DNA I don’t know yeah it’s all mmm and then what triggered a fake science fiction well there’s also the the she had the the to call with her mom the obviously is not her mom exactly is clearly in on it and but it I don’t even think it’s real person I think that’s a I or so I think it’s it’s a false grave ideo maybe by Maddox as a way to trigger and put her into you know huh three states she does pass out when she’s having a phone call exactly huh I thought maybe that that actor whoever that is he was pretending to be your mom would then suddenly that would be a plumber real a plot thread where she would know that she knew something and then they’d have to like look into why hmm no no I think it’s complete constructed yeah and these phone calls and that’s again part of her fabricated identity so the show the first act is technically over of these 10 episode and that’s what I was gonna say is by the end of the show we are at where I expected to be at the end of the first episode it’s taken three episodes to leave the plane that’s not to say the first episode didn’t move quickly like a lot of stuff happened early but he’s finally offworld we were finally on a ship and you get the Star Trek theme a little bit of it that’s right as they warp off yes yeah into the stars onto the mission so now we go into unexplored territory as next week we have not seen that episode yet see I’ve done the smart thing and saved him week to week so I have not had to wait three weeks I’ve enjoyed my my pacing out my pleasure delaying and I’ll actually be again off site next week oh my gosh so we’ll figure something out but you and kishore can do cast so we’ll get someone in the chat about it that does it for this week’s episode a lot of talk a lot of it rise of resistance talk I can I’m still kind of going over in my head yeah a lot I mean great ride technology great projection mapping great sense of scale great animatronics great Holograms I’ll say well the projection mapping stuff you mean yeah yeah yeah go Pepper’s Ghost effects yeah yeah yeah and really

yeah that’s all settled the Haunted Mansion stuff yeah it really feels like a culmination of all the imaginary technologies I mean it’s gotta last for a long time that’s the thing it’s like they’re not using Arduino xand like little servo motors they’ve got to make something that runs several times a day Oh hundred hundreds of times a day and lasts for decades yeah Wow yeah I mean that’s that’s an achieve your cellphone yeah don’t break the ride and get on the bus yeah and get it get on the bus that’s a lesson don’t fold that stroller get on the bus all right we have an outro this week I’m sure we do let’s see weekend one yeah we got one week any whoa all right I don’t know let’s try this one not oh wait this is not really an outro let’s go with this one length matters by at Kearns is this gonna work I’m gonna pump up the volume it’s more flexible than I expected to be lived with 10 foot 115 foot 1 it’s thicker than I imagined it is but still very very flexible you don’t want to flex that too much well if I’m saying it yes it’s not like yeah flex it until you hear the crack I think the length really does matter like I have a friend who’s put just a 10 foot wouldn’t do it not if you fight if you can find a 15 foot you you will have done with no one on ready that’s really funny we were talking about a link cable yeah yeah it’s definitely when we were talking about alright see you next week bye