The BEST and WORST Laptops of 2019!

20:19 is coming to a close and after reviewing almost 70 different laptops on the channel this year it’s time to separate the winners from the losers let’s set the scene by covering the new hardware that was released throughout 2019 right at the start of the year in January Nvidia launched r-tx graphics for laptops and although ray-tracing in itself still feels like early days all this time later the 2060 2070 and 2080 represent the higher end of the market by late April the GT x16 series had also joined the lineup filling in the mid range while the 1050 remained at the lower end around the same time in late April Intel also launched their ninth gen mobile CPUs and although the i5 9300 H and i7 9750 H weren’t offering much extra compared to the 8th gen this did move the i9 options up to 8 cores 16 threads AMD also launched some new mobile chips this year in January and although they seemed to have a bit more of a presence compared to last year I was still only to get my hands on a couple of Verizon 737 50h laptops this is their best mobile CPU at the moment although it gets beaten in most cases by the last gen i 5 8300 H there are rumors that AMD will have some interesting new laptop parts at CES 2020 in a few weeks so make sure you’re subscribed to the channel as I’ll be heading there to cover all the new stuff otherwise AMD also launched the 5500 M just recently and although it fills the big gap between the GTX 1650 and 1660 Ti it’s not currently available in many different models and the ones that are available aren’t that competitive in terms of price alright with that quick 2019 Hardware recap out of the way let’s get into what I thought with the best laptops of 2019 this video is largely going to be based on my personal opinion after my experience testing out almost 70 laptops this year everyone has unique preferences and different requirements so what I’m saying here are by no means definitive answers so definitely let me know your favorites or what you’d pick differently in the comments let’s start off with the best value gaming laptop basically here I’m considering laptops that have a lot to offer for the price that are still able to handle pretty much anything the lenovo Wi-Fi 40 is a strong contender although it’s going to depend on your region in the u.s. there are cheaper options however here in Australia and other regions it’s priced extremely competitively and definitely worth checking out despite being around the 1200 US dollar price point we still have the option of disabling optimists to increase gaming performance and with a more professional-looking design that doesn’t scream I’m a gamer it’s a good option for a lot of people if you’re willing to deal with its massive power brick for most people though I’m going to give the win of best value gaming laptop of 2019 to the ASA Helios 300 in the US it launched at around 1,200 US dollars but can now regularly be found for under 1100 US dollars on Black Friday it went on sale for 930 u.s. dollars which is honestly a crazy deal for a laptop with an i7 9750 H CPU gtx 1660 TI graphics and dual channel memory the Helio sis tuned well out of the box – it’s under volted has an above average CPU power limit and enabling turbo mode also overclocks the graphics you can of course make these tweaks to many other laptops with the same specs for similar results but for the majority of people that just want to turn on their laptop and game I think the Helios 300 was the best option for 2019 for the money shout out to the clever NH 58 rcq which is sold in Australia through meta box like the Wi-Fi 40 it’s hundreds of dollars cheaper than the Helios here and in many other countries the same chassis is resold around the world under different brands and definitely worth a look at as it offers some of the best cooling and performance for the money if you need extra features then the electronics mag 15 or vapor 15 from aftershock which I reviewed is a solid choice you’re paying more to get Thunderbolt big battery SD card slot and mechanical keyboard so it’s not quite as good in terms of value compared to the cheaper helios with same specs from a pure game perspective but if you also do other tasks alongside gaming then there’s a lot of value on offer in that package otherwise if you really need g-sync the Lenovo y7 40 is worth a mention as it was on the lower cost side at around fourteen hundred US dollars compared to other g-sync laptops I tested in 2019 the beast mode category is for the heavier thick boys that offer the best possible performance at any cost

the Alienware 51m is a strong contender with AI 9 9900 k cpu RT x 2080 graphics g-sync and it promises future upgrade ability although it’s yet to be seen how that will go until we have next-gen hardware available overall the 51 M is a powerful gaming laptop but unfortunately the software experience alone was enough for me to not want to buy this laptop basically the Alienware software was a nightmare to work with to the point where it was significantly reducing performance apparently some issues have been addressed with updates so your mileage may vary however I still get comments on the original review of people with the same issue so for those reasons it’s out the MSI gt70 6 has the same I $9.99 hundred K and RT X 2080 and while a fairly impressive machine it has no G sink or muck switch meaning you’re stuck with optimist and as a result lower gaming performance for the amount of money you’re paying I think that’s a bit of a kick in the guts but if you can get past that I’d certainly prefer it over the 51 mm the RS 17 was impressive it’s got an I 999 ad HK and RT X 2080 graphics but is noticeably smaller in size compared to the others while being 400 to 500 dollars less in some tests it doesn’t quite perform as well as the others but it’s also a fair amount cheaper it’s got a mechanical keyboard 240 Hertz 1080p screen and the important MUX switch so you can swap between optimist and gsync the assess mothership also offered extreme levels of performance with an AI $9.99 a thk CPU that comes with liquid metal and RT acts 2080 graphics it’s unique in that it has all the heat generating components based behind the screen allowing it to more easily pull in air keep cool and perform better compared to a traditional laptop design I guess technically it’s not a laptop and more of a desktop replacement still a worthy mention but given its around $2,000 extra for not much difference in performance it’s out the clever piece 775 TM was one of the first laptops I tested in 2019 and it’s another with a 9900 K and r-tx 2080 it’s a little hard for me to fairly compare it with the others as I tested it more than six months earlier and I changed my games over time but just to look at the price it’s around 2700 US dollars a thousand dollars less than the Auris or 1400 dollars less than the GT 76 yet still with g-sync and a similar difference with the 51m but without the software headache so this is the winner of the beast mode category also shout-out to the clever P 750 TM which is the smaller 15-inch version for a similar price thin and powerful laptops typically come at an extra cost compared to slightly thicker options however many people are happy to pay more money for a lighter laptop that can still perform well enough so let’s see what 20-19 had to offer in this category I think the first one I tested was the asou Sepphoris SGX 701 and this really set the precedent for a while with i7 CPU up to RTX 2080 max-q graphics and a MUX switch so you have the option of swapping between Optimus and gsync the gx7 r1 was one of the best performing gaming laptops I tested all year this was all while running on the cooler side and being just one point eight seven centimeters thick the key downsides include that it’s got some memory sold it to the motherboard so upgrades are more limited and despite being a larger 17 inch laptop they only managed to fit one MDOT 2 slot inside the keyboard is also pushed right to the front with the touchpad crammed in on the right this is part of the trade-off for the good cooling as air is pulled in above the keyboard it’s also missing thunderbolt when you consider the price tag I think many people expect all the bells and whistles next up was the razor blade Pro 17 another 17 inch laptop that’s a little thicker than the Zephyrus it has the keyboard and touchpad in the normal spot I tested the 27 MX q model but found it very interesting that razor are running it seemingly out of Nvidia spec at 100 watts which results in seriously impressive performance for that level of hardware beating up many 28 Emacs q machines the cooling here is also a little unique at the expense of battery they’ve included a couple of extra fans down the front the smaller 15-inch razor blade could also be an option however the power limit of the graphics isn’t boosted like the larger pro model so performance is down even with a higher-end GPU the msi gs70 5 was another thin and powerful 17 inch gaming laptop that I tested this year with the 28 Emacs q graphics at just under 1 point 9 centimeters thick only a little more than the GX 7 or one the build quality wasn’t quite as good as the previous 2 however at least the internal space is useful as MSI offered 3 m2 slots here if you want to upgrade them memory or anything else though you’ll need to remove the motherboard as it’s

upside-down which can make some upgrades a little tricky there’s also the smaller 15-inch version the GS 65 however I didn’t get the chance to test that out this year there’s also the ASA Triton 500 thinnest of them all at one point seven nine centimeters thick unfortunately I only had the 2060 configuration to test but it’s similar to the GS 6 5 mgs 75 in that it’s got an upside-down motherboard making upgrades annoying the higher-end models do have g-sync though the build quality is nice and it’s got thunderbolt so could be worth checking out I’ve got to give the winner thin and powerful to the asou Sepphoris SGX 502 not only is it a smaller 15-inch laptop but with our TX 2070 machspeed graphics it’s outperforming the other options it’s got a Mach switch so it can swap over to the Nvidia graphics from Optimus for increased performance ng sync unlike the GX 7 or 1 which was only ever so slightly thinner it doesn’t suffer from front keyboard placement to be fair this extreme performance in a small space does come at the expense of higher temperatures but it’s undeniably offering excellent performance for the Shires if thermals are a priority then be prepared for a larger 17-inch machine like the GX 7 or 1 the new gigabyte era 17 also deserves a mention it’s a little thicker at two point one centimeters but unlike the other options mentioned so far it can be SPECT up to an eyeline CPU which would give it an edge in multi-core performance it also had significantly better battery life than the others and only the error and razor blade offered Thunderbolt out of these options people get triggered when the word budget doesn’t meet what they can personally afford given entry level gaming laptops tend to start around the 600 to 700 u.s. dollar price point this is what I’ll be considering unfortunately I haven’t tested too many budget gaming laptops out this year so choice is limited most companies seem to send out their better options but hopefully as the channel grows next year I’ll just be able to buy more of these myself in future I was initially interested in the new Dell g3 when it was announced at Computex in German however in order to keep it cool enough they’ll run it with a lower CPU power limit at the time I reviewed it there were cheaper options that would outperform it however I had quite a few comments saying that there have been good deals on the g3 so it’s probably worth a look at when I bought the Lenovo l3 40 just to review it I was sad to find out that it only had single channel memory despite this it’s still able to play most games at lower settings without issue with the 1650 config I tested and it goes for around seven hundred and twenty dollars eighty dollars less than Dells g3 for that spec if you’re willing to step down to the 1050 you can still play less demanding games no problem then you’re looking at closer to $600 the Acer nitro 5 has some good options granted this one is a refurb but for 550 US dollars it’s looking okay for the money compared to the others the new options are a bit more though you could get a g3 with the same specs as the Nitro 5 for $40 less but when the l3 40 is so much less than both with similar specs even without the dual channel memory I think I’ve got to give the win to the l3 40 as much as it pains me it also doesn’t look like a gaming laptop which I’m also a fan of if you’re happy to go for a refurbished machine though the Nitro 5 at new egg with option to go dual channel for 550 dollars but same CPU and GPU as the entry-level l3 40 looks like a good pick out of these limited options there are of course cheaper laptops that can still play lightweight games ok I just haven’t had the chance to test any this year to discuss 20:19 also saw the introduction of invidious studio laptops for content creators at Computex in June at first I was a bit skeptical and thought we’d just see existing laptops rebranded with the studio sticker stuck on and well for the most part that’s exactly what we got with that said though I think this category has at least pushed many companies towards considering content creation more so I’m hopeful we’ll see some good options next year we also saw the rise of 15 inch OLED panels this year which i think is a great option for creators due to the high color gamut brightness and contrast ratio I personally use the gigabyte error 15 X for 4k editing when I’m traveling however it’s definitely not without its flaws including running height and an annoying to press keyboard I was happy to see that gigabyte addressed these problems at Computex 2019 with the new OLED model the cooling was greatly improved and the keyboard redone all the same key features I need is still there including Thunderbolt 3 UHS 2 SD card slot and large 94 what our battery with the addition of an early screening easy win for me but that wasn’t the case the Intel Tom fan chassis sold us the mag 15 by

electronics in the u.s. vapor 15 by aftershock here in Australia or fusion 15 by xmg in Europe also has a lot of these key features granted without the option of an OLED screen however it does have a mechanical keyboard the SD card slot also isn’t UHS 2 like the error but based on the raw performance in games it’s generally a little ahead and in RAW CPU performance at stock it’s ahead 2/3 by under vaulting and boosting power limits they were quite close with an edge to the error I’m probably going to get some hate for this but I wouldn’t personally consider the Dell XPS 15 when there are more powerful options like the mag 15 and error 15 for less money similar features and more power overall the XPS 15 has a high level of build quality is available with oled screen like the error and Thunderbolt 3 Lodge battery and SD card slot which both the error and mark have unfortunately the XPS 15 maxes out with GTX 16 50 graphics while the others start with 1660 TI and that’s around 50% faster during multi-core workloads the cpu in the XPS runs at 15 watts while the others have no issue running beyond 45 watts basically you’re paying more for Less performance with the XPS 15 the assertion book per doer was another very interesting option as it’s got two screens with up to I $9.99 a thk CPU and our TX 2060 to back it up if you need a touchscreen you can just draw on or more screen space then the pro duo could be what you’re after personally I prefer performance over things like a second screen I could always bring a portable external screen and have it off to the side without paying the 2500 US dollar entry price for the pro duo if you’re after something wider the msi prestige 15 impressed me with its new 10th gen CPU putting it ahead of the I 790 750 H in many tests however as a result of the finish I see it maxes out with the gtx 1650 max q graphics so it depends if that’s adequate for what you’re doing I’m having a hard time picking a winner out of the mag 15 and error 15 it’s super close the key differences that the error is available with our LED screen and FASTA SD slot but I personally prefer the design and build quality of the mag I could really go either way but I’m going to give the win to the mag 15 it’s not a big deal if I need to spend a little longer copying files off my sd card and I’m still not sure I like the reflective PWM or LED panels though the colors and contrast were amazing both machines are great and I can happily recommend either however the error does cost 100 to 200 dollars more so depends how much you value or LED I also wanted to spend some time looking at the new things different companies are trying out it’s always interesting to see new ideas rather than the same old designs with small refinements the most interesting laptops for me in 2019 in this regard with the asou symbol Pro door and the non perversion both of which have two screens the seuss have moved the keyboard down and used the extra space to include a touchscreen which runs along the entire length of the laptop HP also have a dual screen laptop and although I haven’t had the chance to personally test it yet it seems to have a lot of wasted space on the left and right-hand sides this n book duo uses all available space and is one of the few options that offers extra screen real estate next up is the a sous mothership sure it’s crazy and something only the 0.1% will buy but I’ve got to give the design props the unique design of pushing the hot components behind the screen to improve cooling is an interesting idea and one that already seems to have trickled down to other a sous laptops from their Pro Art Series I’m interested to see if more laptops incorporate this in the future as it can offer much better cooling the asa triton 900 has an interesting hinged screen design and although i’m still in the process of reviewing it so far I haven’t found it to be too practical it’s still an interesting idea aisa also have the Helios 700 with keyboard that slides down to improve cooling and while they haven’t sent one over to me yet it looked promising based on my time with it at Computex earlier this year there wasn’t much else that stood out to me this year that I’ve tested I’ll give a quick mention to the new Razer Blade stealth which I’m currently reviewing as it’s a 13 inch thin enlight laptop that still manages to pack GTX 16 50 max-q graphics while this isn’t anything crazy in the past 13 inch laptops have been limited to MX 150 or 250 graphics so this was a nice change for those that are willing to pay more for ultra portability in terms of a product you can actually buy today and is likely to have the most use I’m going to give the win of best innovation to a soos for the Durer series laptops with two screens as out of these options I think it will be of most use to most people and there

implementing it well today a best laptops of 2019 video wouldn’t be complete without some acknowledgments to the losers unlike last year there was nothing that really stood out as completely terrible so I’ll just highlight some of the disappointments a quick shout out to the Dell g5 the Bing a furnace it’s not too bad overall for the price but man it ran up to a hundred degrees Celsius on the CPU under CPU workloads ouch the msi alpha 15 also needs a mention don’t get me wrong i really like that there’s finally a new gaming laptop that offers an all AMD solution for those that want it the main problem I have with it is the price at eleven hundred US dollars you can get an ASA Helios 300 which will easily outperform it in all regards so it just doesn’t make sense that said it is currently on sale though which is nice but I think it still needs a price cut for the level of performance on offer I am however happy to report that with the new Radeon 2020 software the driver issues I experienced when updating have been fixed I was disappointed by the lenovo l 340 opening it up after buying it to see single-channel memory cut me pretty deep that simple change could have made it so easy to recommend at its price point it was almost the chosen one despite that door for the price compared to the competition it doesn’t look too bad I guess we can’t have everything in life for the most part it seems pretty difficult to buy something that’s going to completely suck in 2019 at least out of what I’ve personally tested it mostly comes down to price and how much different laptops cost compared to others that’s it my picks for some of the best laptops 20-19 had to offer I’ve only picked from the laptops that I’ve personally had for testing unfortunately I wasn’t able to get my hands on everything make sure you let me know what your favorite laptops of the year were in the comments and if you’re new to the channel you’ll definitely want to get subscribed for my upcoming CES 20/20 coverage where we’ll get a first look at the new laptops we’ll see you next year