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hello it there and everywhere this is hien Aloha at this time I am going to do a makeup collection and storage well updated makeup collection well this one is requested to me by assisting the ISIS if you’re watching well just a disclaimer to everybody I’m not doing this to brag him via for you I don’t have a lot of makeups compared to other beauty gurus here on YouTube and I’m not also a pretty girl I just love make up some if you’ve watched me before I i said in my blog that I am a makeup and so she is not a makeup artist and so ah maybe this could help you maybe you guys can help me too but mommy mafia for me I mean you know you get something out of my house for my makeups and stuff and maybe you can help me how to organize them because I don’t really organize them I just put them that look that way that this way is it and whatsoever I am going to show you an overview of my vanity in a few well this is where I basically store my makeups this is basically my vanity I call this one my vanity because I don’t really have a real vanity I have a big mayor over here and I don’t have a mirror on my table because i only put that this one and i like using mirrors like this and i only use two layers of this cabinet on a drawer this second layers for lip products all of those are lip products and the third layer is I’m just basically face products and at the top I put a lot of foundations and stuff there I put all of my single eyeshadows are mascaras and eyebrow pencils and this is where I store all of my brushes me here is where I put all of my palettes let’s start from here these are eyeliners I don’t really know where to put them so I just put them there these are gel liners and I have for liquid liners I have this one this one is from nichijou and then i have to lal lal eyeliners liquid eyeliners in um what are your shades it doesn’t want a focus at all but it’s dark brown and black black but yeah there that’s basically it and another one from for you to this is for you to this is black eyeliner as well okay okay let’s just start with this um container I got this container from sm I don’t really know what the brand is but it belongs in the storage section I have essence soft touch moose my shade is number to mat based this one is my favorite foundation of all time this is real on colors they whipped 24 hours my shade is 220 nude uh-huh and then I also got the Maybelline Dream at moose my shade is honey beige medium for I also I this is my first revlon colorstay web palau my shade before is warm golden door short young and then I epilogue contain another this is where I put young manga Gilligan make a toga mostly ok back to this is Max Factor seconds in foundation my shade is 0 70 natural yep and then marry gay I love love love this one come up happens in your all of my foundations are Matt can say I really have oily skin okay this one is from mary kay timewise Matt very liquid foundation my shade is based to if i’m not mistaken oh yeah my shades page 2 and then i also have the sorry amateur tube yacht but it’s max factor face affinity all day flawless three in one foundation my shade is golden 75 i love this one Paula como poppin sugimoto business and then revlon colorstay the foundation I shadiest natural beige oh but I’m focus vista its natural beige there and then let’s move on to the other container uh yeah these containers are accurately containers oh this is my favorite annabella primer before caso major poll booster shot so Jonathan legacy will endure some abakaliki wait not a pic a long time okay moving on to my another container I’m in the next container this is where I pole I put I put mostly of my prime ministers primers and BB creams

and I’m some foundations that I don’t really use that much I have this sand Sun HD concealer my shade is beige there oh and this one I love this essence so much this is essence they all day 16 hour long lasting makeup my shade is 30 soft sand and I also have the LA girl perfecting liquid makeup I don’t I don’t think it has to say oh yeah it’s natural and then this is what I used for contouring before this is l’oreal true match in mahogany there and then back and then let’s go to my BB creams this is Lori a loose end magic BB cream I don’t think it has a shade at all I don’t really know must i an i love that one so much capacity negate moshe it’s white but once you put it in your face it’s um what do you call this one it matches your skin tone and this one I like this one Shadia I oriental it’s a yellowish if but if you put it in it blends your skin tone as win and then I don’t really like this one this is from Sevilla BB cream my shade is 0-1 there and then i’m done with the BB creams and let’s go to my face primers at all quick effects no shine mattifier I like this one so much I don’t think it has a shade at all it’s just like the Maybelline Baby skin pore eraser it’s really good for people with oily skin and then my favorite essence all about Matt oil control make a base I thought at this this one is my first face primer ever this is the first face primer that I’ve ever used this is Maybelline Baby scheme for every sir I thought actually maganda to a casa necedah a physician to cappadocia next sale this is also from SN so this is one hundred fifty pesos UV pc on so bug storico song and hugging in the nagas a pelican see the Asha it’s called a purple and then let’s move on to oh I love this one this Scism from Nick’s or filler I’m not so sure from cannabis taeyeon pop was I also have the actually partner to normal and honey now yo face affinity the max Papa this one partner Silla this one is are the primer face finiti primer yeah there and then I also have it i’m gonna pinky’s collections I’ll show you Nico shinigami it’s not sealed Pasha that one and then for my eyelid I use this one elf shadow lock eyelid primer there let’s move on to the another container on this container I keep all of my eyeshadow palettes I don’t really have big pallets this one is from my uncle and my aunt this is lipsy london i haven’t used this one yet but this one is really pretty this one is my eb ever bill ended when I shadow 24 shades of vitamin E I don’t really like this one because um hindi siya para para ano pasado putana super de la Garza salides included on colors yeah and then i have this knitted oh true colors this was given to me by my brother’s girlfriend as a birthday gift because i love makeup so much there you go hindi competent examined in a thanks watch nah i love that color green right there again shah mat’ the Canadian border is naturally and then this one I use this all the time this is from ELF little black beauty book this was given to me by my sister-in-law and I use this a lot cuz it yum colors I’m sorry I measure to kill very own colors now that they are very neutral and makanda there and then this is the first one that I’ve used this was my mom’s this is from Nietzsche toe I think yeah this is from the cheeto but I’m the cedar knows it or not gonna walk away I just saw this on your makeup table London I quinoa but I don’t really like this one because it’s full of shimmer shimmers and then some this is this is given to me this was given to me by my friend Stella this is scary like nicol nicola guinea gamut a gets a

machine machine is really into simmer simmer and then i also have this show bill this was also given to me by my brother’s girlfriend it has a blusher sale allium this one is 002 how do i open you there mishima shimmered in Tepito city babylon from a shimmer shimmer and then there is a blush on right there and a millimeter wearing you could see yourself there but it’s really really it has really a lot of shimmers in it there and then i have the laura mercier this was given to me by my sister-in-law as well this is big i think this is it’s baked I’m not so sure because I start wait I’ll let you see there sorry mejor de que si ma glitter sha I think you manoj shadows neato they’re good cup of oil in method and damn it there and then I have the next I just bought this one recently this is love in Paris want to be thinking at all before but there I’m nothing else I put a new tries the air yarn and then oh sorry and then i have to NYX jumbo eye pencils the other ones in milk and the other one is in what’s the shade is black black bean there um let’s move to the second drawer okay I know it’s a lot better a coke when toi on your parade you know when you have dry and chapped lips um lip balms ur must have I have the lip balm from Martin Spencer this is heart-shaped day wait long shocking raspberry at in slavery I it melted now but I love the one this is yeah this is shocking raspberry lip balm oh my gosh and then i have the eos this is strawberry sorbet sorbet but slightly on this is here is this this is from my sister iata if you’re watching but he hit the sack I know and I birthday glad that and then I also have the Maybelline Baby Lips there an enemy to the final flavor again become una silla and then i have the Nivea this is a med protection Yin super que la manana and then i have the beauty 360 I’m flavor NATO I cookie dough something like that this one is from my theta n states in the States yeah Beauty 360 this one is a shop in eyes lip balm and flavor NATO I strawberry Atta mmm yeah but sherry not so sure if it’s cheerier whatsoever and i also have the baby I call this on the baby um lip balm it’s really cute chap I stop an ice Lingam brania and uncle yang Amoy Anton young flavor or scent is watermelon and then i have the dino paint from miners this medics this is pink grapefruit and cherry okay when I ain’t got on Benito Santiago capara madeli I have the LA girl lip paint the glaze the paint’s this is ben up pinup kenapa yeah in a um feisty your face the earlier we thought that I want to focus see you yeah there and the baby doll I each other it’s whimsical whimsical not the baby doll I don’t have the baby doll one and then I have them I have to lip tints from a night tony moly oh here I have to lip tints from tony moly I don’t know if they’re on the same shade but they’re too yeah I like that so much then I have the mono mala um lip tint or lip tattoo and share it share it then i have i have this one from show wheel actually that nut away I saw this on my pocket and Selena there I have three lip glosses from show wheel and 08 um 0 6 and 0 4 i also have to lip dance from face shop the face shop this one is the juicy cherry juice it sherry and this one is the to see red it’s more dark

it’s darker sorry it’s darker than the other one and then i have this one it slipped and flip and checked in from resist vanity or ian brown and then I have some lip glosses over here I have this that looked away from my son Spencer’s in where’s the other one where must I and assist some from Marks & Spencer what these are and then i have the lip gloss from revlon at the tattoo favorite khatam lip gloss Satori this one is hot pink pen hot pink I’m not social camara pasilla minion this one is given to me by my friend Carla this is um vs beauty rush they’re hot cocoa not but I ergonomic for booze and hot cocoa not oh sorry embankment in school and then I also have this one from elf cosmetics liquid lipstick yeah um I have a lip gloss from with Lord as well these is um what’s your shade babe this is big pop and say it with pinkpop say it with affair and then I have this one this is from Revlon as well midnight swirl this is just a regular a gloss whatever and then I also have the mix gloss make me shade but though but side yard and then i have the Revlon just bitten matakana time again Tony I know a patch on there and wait okay it’s just a marks and spencer kareena and then i have i think it is fashion 21 oh yeah it’s fashion 20 why it sherry there and then i also have this one is the body shop I’m not so sure with this one came from I I think this is also from my friend Stella this is the body shop and then I have an elf gloss just playing applause and then the covergirl lip slicks yawn here i have the elf blush a GD HD blush I’m so sorry this one is diva at the gift us a final birthday go and then i have the f dental em COI this one is l this was given this was also given to me by stella this is pink lemonade and in the end and then over here your mama big nough bombs and bombs things and stuff like that like it is much easier there this is from revlon exhales at a tip at all this one is 0 25 my gosh will happen in a video for this is sweetheart valentine my favorite one and then i also have this 10 15 cherish devotion and then this one is 0 0 1 in honeydews yeah honey do’s I have a tall spare no honey dos and then this one is number 30 smitten a price and then the red one is and what you call this romantic this one is from Revlon sir and then I also have this one this is these are from LA Colors lip chunk chunky lip I’m so sorry are the other shade is um I’m not so sure about the shades but they’re yeah they’re like that oh this one is coral coral and the other one is deep red it’s what I’m wearing right now and then let’s move on to my lipsticks I have them this one is from Maybelline Maybelline in 255 my mahogany maybelline also pink freeze um maybelline also cover luster i think this is also maybelline yeah maybelline water sign pure Envy m31 i like that so much and then l’oreal narada pasa but this one is called a rich peach dream at ian’s color you have yeah peach dream and then I am not so sure about this way oh this is every

banana in peppery pink and then let’s move on here this is from into it in French rose i also have color moods i no no no this one is what i call its Rimmel from rim number 10 dizzy I think these are the column boots I have to color boots from fashion 21 yeah fashion 21 in deep carnation and fire a pitch and then I have what do you call this one says fruit punch from Maybelline yes sand Sun and then what is this this is from into it peachy I also have what you call I think these are wet and wild oh yeah these are wet and wild in there Oh retro pink & Noble pink there and then yes and son I have within wild I another breath in wild and then I also have what is this oh I like this one this is from into it pink alarma actually I let’s get electrified by only on your own lipstick still opinion and then this is also from wet n wild I think special Maybelline so well so will I marry gay wedding wild again um what is this Oh maybelline what their shine and what their sign I don’t know lip polish also from Maybelline Maybelline I only have one mac lipstick I swear I only have one this is um craving amplified and craving and other one so much and then the like you know nominal lipsticks go rimmel rimmel Maybelline and then let’s move through this side this is where I put all of my oh so sorry I put my brushes and pencils at the back portion of this one and this is from Daiso as well as this one is from DICE oslo and then i put all of my mascaras here i have the show wheel maybelline the falsies / on the back but that once the falsies and then i love this one so much into it and then Maybelline again now hyper-girl volume mascara and then i have the essence the lash curler as this one is essence as well all about curl and then i have the eyebrow mascara eye brow gel this is from nichijou and then i have lash curlers over here so they measure the god this one is from FS the other one is from this one is from what so it’s the purple ones from watson and this one is from fanny serrano cosmetics and then i have the single eyeshadows in here all of these are from mary kay i have the amber rose oh no no it’s tickled pink Ambrose I’m so sorry they cook pink and then sorry huh and then amber blaze there you go um Jade um Oh what is this metal blue blue metal and then I have I na kaha raha pelota I have the gold coast and the honey spice and then I have also this one this is these are from covergirl take a lickin and suckin I’m not so sure with the oh it’s purple purple or silver and blue in the column amanha shade syllabus the end they gotta be NASA I have this sunshine the earth brown my mom got this for me for me from her stance and this is where I keep all mostly of my brushes I’ll show you guys that one well mostly of my clean brushes and sponges are here I keep them there and get there let’s go to my last drawer this is where I pull it I mean keep all of my powders powder foundations two-way cakes and the light oh this is uh huh so many girls rave about this one this is s sense all about match-fixing compa uh

yeah now happily now hope finally there I have the what is this fashion 21 perfect stick with tea tree oil in milk tea their tea and then i have the obits okay consider this is L’Oreal True Match concealer my shade is warm there it’s warm okay and then i have the Sun Sun concealer it’s not in HD but it’s son’s son concealer this one is beige I use this to highlight my under eye area and then I have cake foundations summer cake from kakuyu this are summertime and sunset pan I don’t really know why I bought that the commercial I long I’m and then a pinkish collections now cream foundation and then fashion 21 my shade is number 0 60 just six there I don’t shade net or I I don’t really know f01 Diane’s from pinkies I have the Benelux a banana powder the Mary Kay Mary Kay and shade ivory to there and then the elf HD something now it’s rosie bass bass up out there and then the net cheeto find out other in ivory glow I have the for you to dream girl powder there and the neat chido know it’s fashion plan no yeah it’s fashion 21 fashion 21 there my shade is number two and then there’s a wheel compact powder there this this one is this one is to vacate them and then to into it’s me Bella bond into it now ok bong she does it away the other one is one and the other one is two and then I also have the Sun Sign pressed powder I keep two of my kabuki brushes in here the other ones nichijou and the other one is from landmark I don’t think it has a name at all and then I have what is what are these refills Peter semana into with netta and then elf golden bronzer al all in sugar brown bronzer qui on and then the fs in raja i love that so much and then i have the FS in rosy pink but I don’t really know Oh sugar pink it’s sugar pink sugar yeah sugar pink doesn’t wanna focus now and then i have the healthy glow bronzer elf healthy glow bronzer in i think this one is warmth on oh yeah its warmth I’m mahasabha not focus oh my gosh I’m he’d open before sankar metaphor they’d smarm pan and then i have the essence son club it has shimmer shimmers in it may wrong choice and then I have two blushes from Mary Kay their strawberry cream and shy blush then i have this show will about it actually in 05 my powder powders and then i have the net chido oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh make it our own blush on I’m in tomato then i also have bichitos over here in peach glow and sun kissed and I think this one is oh yeah blushing pink and then I have two of these brushes from pinky’s collections this is Bo five and the other one is B bo3 and then I have the eye I take a lot of these um eyebrow powders I’m from fashion 21 I have the one from into it and I have the one from NYX so there there you have it that’s all now you’ve seen mostly of my makeup products and i hope that you guys enjoyed or if not i hope you could help me and I hope that it helped you in some way de ba pero aha i like I am definitely not bragging this was just requested to me and you know one for long shot and there thank you guys for watching if you have suggestions please just comment down below or if you have anything to say please just comment down

below I am Hannah Lola once again and I thank you all for watching my video and please subscribe and I hope that we could help each other out I mean I get cinema Nene and I repeat I am NOT a makeup artist I’m just really into makeups and I am a makeup as lucy has just that’s just it you know yarn and you lamb thank you for watching I hope if you like it please do I hit the like button and if you want to be friends with me on facebook I will be linking all my social is down below thank you guys again for watching and I hope that I’ll see you again on my next video like Aloha